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Dr. Sergey Zagraevsky


How to conquer the world

(advices for young creators)



Published in Russian: .. ( ). . , 3 (79), 2011, . 20-22.




The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




May I speak with you "you"? We're with you colleagues, if not by profession, then in spirit. And whatever you years - entering into the mysterious world of art, you go with me on the same path. Therefore my duty to exchange experiences with you.

You are an artist - painter, graphic artist, sculptor? Or writer? Or poet? Or photographer? Or architect? Or composer? Or create works of art in some other region? Or just going to do the work? You're waiting for fame, fame, fame and all the good things of life associated with these words? And maybe more important for you grateful memory of posterity? Or maybe you just want to do what is art, even if you do not bring anything except for moral satisfaction?

If you can answer Yes to at least one of these questions, let me give you some advice.


1. Remember the truth: all of the creators was hard at all times.


2. Make this truism logical conclusion: if you decide to do serious and professional creativity, you must be ready for the challenges and not be surprised when meeting with them. Easy life you can not wait.


3. Let's be honest and each other, and ourselves: although creativity is not a business, but all the same we create a "product" - works of art, and want this "product" was the response and demand in the world. It may be that behind this desire will blame Pushkin's words:

Blessed is he who himself concealed

Soul highest create

And the people, as from the graves,

Not waited for the feeling of judgment!

Blessed is he, who in silence was the poet

And, by the turn of fame is not covered,

Despised Cherniy forgotten,

Unnamed the light left!..

But we remember Pushkin same answer to these words:

Lord Byron was of the same opinion;

Zhukovsky had the same message;

But the light learned and snatched

Their sweet creations.

So let's face it: our challenge - to the world came back and snatched" our work, even after our death. A Frank and open the task is much easier to performthan a veiled.


4. Do you want to do, but do not feel inspired? Somehow illogical turns. Maybe not so, and you want to do? Would like to really-it would be an inspiration. So don't worry about it, and remember that ne you're the first, not the last you face such problems. Pushkin and because of this situation, wrote:

Until requires poet

To the Holy sacrifice of Apollo,

In vain worries light

He cowardly shipped...

Listen classic and immerse yourself while in everyday life. They surely you have enough. Not only forget all the time to listen to me: if you do not need Apollo?..


5. You're not sure, do you have a generally talent? First of all , try an unbiased look at their work (and if they do not, projects and plans) and ask yourself the question: are they original? Did someone do this to you or not? If in our time, when it is very difficult to create something new, you do it - then everything is in order.


6. Talent is a good starting position, originality is a necessary minimum. Still need a professional. Personally, I like most is its definition: the ability to use necessary means to achieve their creative goals. Someone will tell you that it needs special education, and will be in his own right. Someone will say that there is a talented self-taught, and also will be in his own right. Some would say that the creative skills most effectively transmitted by the personal training from some of the famous wizard, and also will be in his own right.


7. Your works of art are talented, original and professional, but for now I know that only you and a few friends? Then it's time to start expanding circle of friends and colleagues, and some art. Listen to everything they say and advise, but with caution: do not envy them a direct? Does not an ideological rejection of your work? For example, at all times, "academics" cursed "innovators"and Vice versa. So just get your colleagues and critics of the information and findings to make your own.


8. Remember that one of the most difficult steps that have to be overcome when choosing a creative profession is when people tell you something like: "Why do you?" "You're not right", "It's not yours". If you can get this to overcome this stage then it will be easier to at least morally.


9. If you are praised - it is better to treat it with indifference, but if you praise pleases, nothing wrong with that, it's just a little forgivable weakness. If you criticize - remember the words of Dale Carnegie: nobody beats the dead dog. Most importantly - always pay attention to what exactly you are praised or criticized, and draw conclusions not from emotion but from the point. Let the praise, abuse and help you form an opinion about his work.


10. Remember, that in the end, the main measure of your creativity - your own opinion about it. Again I will refer to the authority of the classics:

The poet! not cherish the love of folk.

Enthusiastic praise will minute noise;

The court will hear the stupid and the laughter of the crowd cold,

But you just remain solid, quiet and sullen.

You're the king live one. By the way free

Go where brings you a free mind,

Improving the fruits favorite doom,

Without awards for noble feat.

They are in fact you. You have a Supreme court;

All stricter you do know how to evaluate their work...

But remember that overconfidence also hurt, the more if it goes into impudence and insolence. You can, again, I remember the words of the classics - this time not by Pushkin, and Ryleeva?

Ah! better hide himself in obscurity simple,

Than, with low passions and wicked soul

Themselves, for their strict citizens of sight,

On the court to put them, as if for shame!

In short, all necessary middle ground, and your self-esteem is not an exception.


11. So, personally, are you sure your "product" is original, professional, talented, is generally good. Then you have time to wonder: how to convince other people - a huge and endless world? Can you put the question straight: how to conquer the world? Do not be shy to ask this question and he himself constantly, at every step.


12. If you think that the world is hostile to you - you flatter yourself. The world on you just don't care. People are so busy with themselves and their deeds that they have neither the time nor the inclination to carefully assess the Affairs of others. And even when you think you're surrounded by enemies - in fact you are surrounded mainly indifferent. But it gives you a chance, because to convince adults, who have their own opinion, almost impossible, but to convince those who have this view has not happened, is quite possible.


13. Not align with the artists, pop-music, photo models, and all other who do not have another "product", but their appearance and ability to use it. Bloom appearance is usually very short, and this determines the specificity of show business: it gives the possibility to achieve (or completely lose hope to achieve the popularity very quickly. Our own "product" - works of art. As a rule, they yield less immediate benefit, but it can "work" for many centuries, if not forever. Remember this and never envious of the bright "one-day butterflies".

14. If you managed to find like-minded people - good, but remember that if you withdraw into their circle, then sooner or later you have with them a situation will arise from the fable of Krylov: "the Cuckoo rooster praises for what he praises the cuckoo". In other words, lost the "feedback", and you will cease to develop as a person. And to establish this feedback is needed not only by friends but enemies with whom we have to fight, and indifferent, which need to be convinced.


15. If you feel the strength to conquer the world alone, without allies and like-minded people, " do it, but remember, all your problems and difficulties you will have no one to share, and to live you will be very hard. But the success is not necessary to be with nobody to share. So you choose.


16. We don't know whether jokingly or seriously, Boris Pasternak said Viktor Ardov: "You could impose a period of much greater extent." But to think that's a. It seems that era really a need to "impose". Speaking in a modern, it is necessary "to PR".


17. "Imposing a period", remember that your "creative product" is to live for hundreds of years, and can be, and eternity. So let your motto the words of Joseph Brodsky: "no need to fawn, pants, hurry."


18. Our creative field influential parents, rich husband, father or even sponsor can be of little help. They will not add nor talent, no inspiration. The best they can do is to create an enabling you starting conditions. But we start not particularly important: we speak, not sprinters (as in show business), and runners, and even if you first kilometer get a lift by car, the remaining 41 kilometer still have to run yourself.


19. Not tesh hope that if you as the Creator, no one knows when life, people will stumble upon your work after his death, and praise you as the "genius of all times and peoples". In theory, such a chance, of course, there is, but in practice it is negligible. And if you bring a textbook example of a recognized posthumously van Gogh, then carefully re-read his biography: he moved to Paris circle of impressionist and was "widely known in narrow circles". So keep in mind that unrecognized and the unknown is not the same thing. So, your task is to have time during the life of his claim. Do not be lauded as a genius, even criticized as "incompetent", - the main thing to know.


20. The information age provides many opportunities to Express themselves. This and the media, and the Internet, and public activities, and exhibitions, and concerts, advertising, and "salon party"... in a Word, the whole set of "PR-instruments". And the main thing - not to be lazy and not be shy. Over the years, he will begin to feel some of these "tools" is more suited to you and your creativity, some less, and some unsuitable. But in the beginning grab for anything that will turn up. If you make a mistake, it is not much.


21. In our time, the identity of the Creator and for art historians, and journalists, and to the public no less important than creativity itself. Therefore continuously working on the fact that public relations is called "the legend" and "image". Your "image" may not be positive, the main thing is that it was solid. Then he will support and promote your work.


22. If you have the organizational skills - "impose on ourselves age" itself, if not - do everything possible to find the art Manager.


23. Even if you praise and art critics, journalists, and colleagues, and the public - albeit from "dizzy with success," warns line Nikolay Dorizo:

The popularity noisy and changeable,

By nature it is.

Only the glory - reliable woman

But she is not the wife, and the widow.

And the popularity of our creative field to get very difficult. Do not expect that after some large and loud PR activities on the following day at your entrance will be a crowd of fans and ask for an autograph. To "impose a period of" at least at the level of popularity, needed for many years, even decades of hard work.


24. If you cannot live creativity - podrabatyval. What will be the ability in this part-time job is the question of the individual. Someone who moonlights as a boiler operator, someone-the Director of the firm, someone-a housewife. Just remember that work for you initially, but everything else is secondary.


25. Making money "on the side" does not leave you time for creativity? And you do a simple calculation: any work - an average of 8 hours a day, an hour or two on the road, 8 to sleep, another 4-5 for all other business and concerns. You have left at least two hours daily. Plus the weekend. At a certain discipline that is enough.


26. Does it make sense to emigrate? Even your "creative product" is not connected directly with the Russian language " but you will lose many years, until he learns perfectly the language of their new country, not settled there and begin again to feel like a complete person. And the older you are at the time of emigration, the shorter will be your new life there." Do you have time "there" to achieve what could reach "here"? Will the "there" more favorable to the fate of your works? I am not sure.


27. There is a famous phrase attributed to Korney Chukovsky: "Russia should live long". If you chose a long and thorny path, as creativity, to you this phrase refers in the first place. So lead the healthy way of life, do not drink, do not smoke and be a good family man, lots of fresh air, in sports...


28. Do anything to keep their works of art for future generations. Published at every opportunity will be placed on all possible sites in the Internet, send their books to libraries, write their works in durable equipment... it would be a Shame to disappear from the memory of mankind "for technical reasons".


29. You are desperate to get to the public and want to quit work? Well, that's your business, but remember that this artist p.elementi profession as difficult as to change the soul, and a refusal to exercise their abilities can lead you to personal self-destruction.


30. Try to relate to his job as a creative debt to God, mankind, the country or offspring. This is good because if we still have to suffer and endure hardship, so at least with a sense of duty.


31. If you believe in the eternal value of art - don't be shy of that faith. And may you will be called an idealist and dreamer, " remember that in fact, this belief is quite pragmatic: if a person believes that his life is in some way connected with higher goals, it is easier for him to endure any hardships.


32. Not nervous of failure, not turned into a harrowing psychopath, not fear old age and death. No matter how your destiny in life, you leave your descendants works of art. So, you have your eternity.



  Sergey Zagraevsky



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