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Dr. Sergey Zagraevsky


Artist named Tube

(notes on the Gallery of Peoples Artist of the USSR A.M. Shilov on Znamenka street)



Published in Russian: . ( .. ).  -, 29 (60), 1723 2000 .



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




Was this a children's book - "the adventures of dunno and his friends". And was among the "kids" (friends Neznaika) artist named Tube.

Let me remind those who in childhood did not carefully read this book: when the balloon with all the "kids" was cast in the city "Babes", the Tube there was demand portraitist. And since all the "baby" required to make their eyes bigger, smaller mouth, and eyelashes longer, then finally cut the Tube template with the desired characteristics, applying it to canvas and painted on it. They had only to give the hair and eye color you want, and the portrait as a whole - at least the similarity, and all the clientele were satisfied.

Convenient, right? It is a pity that the method of the artist's Tube is a temptation for many of today's "masters". And example - gallery Znamenka.

Its owner and sole author, Alexander the maksovich Shilov, followed the path of a Tube, only further. Tom lacked "Babes", and Alexander the maksovich writes "kids". He even gave his eyes a color, and Alexander maksovich obvious attraction to chernoochene - apparently, he believes that so expressive. In the eyes of all the characters get century-old grief Eastern peoples, whether mayor Luzhkov, prefect Bryachihin, disabled the Chechen war or a poor old woman.

And the rest is all as it should, at the highest level. In gallery Shilova Znamenka beautifully recreated the atmosphere of old style mansion, with European-quality repair. On the skillfully painted portraits all the folds of a garment. Magnificent design rooms, play soft music, and guides penetrating broadcast to crowds of "walkers" about what is written on a particular canvas. Besides Alexander the maksovich personally walks the halls and talking to people, and he knows how to do it brilliantly.

But the paradox is that the personal gallery completely ruined Shilov as an artist. In a scale of one picture he is still the master, though salon. School Laktionova Alexander, author of the famous "Letter from the front, makes itself felt. But I see a lot of work Shilov, an Association with the Assembly line of the Volga automobile plant.

Indeed, the portraits are as different from one another, as cars "Zhiguli", and also differ in color and the number of "deficiencies". There are instancesspetssborki"is "substandard" - with abnormal proportions, volume and perspective... Nabout all the "brand" - dark eyes and a slight turn of the head. It's obvious - wrote Alexander Shilov, people's artist of the USSR!

Note - not Russia, and the USSR. Even the President of the Union of artists of Russia Valentin Sidorov, too, people's artist of the USSR, the lack of tact appear at exhibitions of the national artist of Russia, but the Shilov... Tabout whether emphasizes that he is an artist with the earlier time, now there are no" (as said the old man Panikovsky). Either longs for the days of the USSR - then tried to criticize people's artist!

However, Alexander Frolov complain. Preparing a decree on awarding him the title of honorary citizen of Moscow. Note that before the revolution the title of honorary citizen freed from corporal punishment, so that no one would have a right to flog Mr. Shilov on Sennaya square. In our time this title is absolutely ephemeral, which cannot be said about other gift mayor Luzhkov - a quarter of Znamenka. So, Shilovsky templates will be covered walls several magnificent mansions in the center of Moscow.

Given the works of Alexander maksovich in most homes influential officials, the scale penetration of the follower of the artist's Tube in Russian life becomes all imaginable limits and is becoming a national disaster. It's time to call on the help of the emergencies Minister, Sergei Shoigu, but I'm afraid he, too, hangs a portrait of the Shilov...


Moscow, 2000.


Sergey Zagraevsky


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