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Sergey Zagraevsky


Poor Knight Templar

(protocols of sittings devoted to consideration

of the report of Templar Mathias on his mission in Russia in 1145-1157 A.D.)



Published in Russian: Ñåðãåé Çàãðàåâñêèé. Áåäíûé ðûöàðü Õðàìà (ïðîòîêîëû çàñåäàíèé, ïîñâÿùåííûõ ðàññìîòðåíèþ îò÷åòà òàìïëèåðà Ìàòèàñà î âûïîëíåíèè ìèññèè íà Ðóñè â 1145–1157 ãîäàõ îò Ðîæäåñòâà Õðèñòîâà). Ì., 2013. ISBN 978-5-94282-699-4 





Annotation to the set of historical novels "Mysteries of Vienna library"


The historical novels of Professor, Dr. Sergey Zagraevsky are written on the basis of real chronicle, architectural and archaeological data, and are dedicated for a wide range of readers interested in history and architecture of Ancient Rus and Medieval Europe.

The plot of all novels of the set "Mysteries of Vienna library" are the documents, allegedly found the by author in this library and translated into Russian. Genres of the novels are different – from a detective to a romantic poem. All the novels of this set have a common storyline – unsuccessful attempts of Catholic Church to establish its power in Russia. But the actors and specific plots of the novels are not linked, and these books can be read in any order. In any case the reader gets the whole picture of life, politics, wars and architecture of Ancient Russia.



Annotation to the novel


The protocols of the sittings of the Board of representatives of the Emperor of Holy Roman Empire, the Pope and the Order of Knights Templar, held in Regensburg in 1157, were found in Vienna library/ They were devoted to the consideration of the report by Templar Matias from Passau on the implementation of his twelve-year mission in Russia.

Knight Mathias was, saying in modern language, a well trained and experienced "diversionist and agent of influence". The Knights Templar Order had sent him to Russia for a secret operation with the goal of bringing of this country under the domination of Catholic Church. Mathias found himself in the epicenter of the big civil war of 1146-1154, waged by Yuri Dolgoruky, Izyaslav Mstislavich, Svyatoslav Olgovich, Vladimir Volodarevych and many other Russian princes.

In Suzdal Principality, where Knight Mathias had arrived under the guise of a German bricklayer and searched for deposits of white stone, he met Petrila, a princely official, who was collecting taxes...

Historical a novel of Professor, Dr. Sergey Zagraevsky is written on the basis of real chronicle, architectural and archaeological data and is dedicated for a wide range of readers interested in history and architecture of Ancient Russia. The book provides historical reconstructions of the main battles of the civil war of 1146-1154 and the organization of ancient church building.




The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.





From filing of the Vienna library


The name of the unit storage: protocols meetings, devoted to consideration of the report Templar Matias on the implementation the mission in Russia in 1145-1157 years.

Document type: compilation of the 4 protocols.

Storage: XII-21, acts of the XII century.

The document number for the library's inventory: XII-21-8357/P.

The source and date of receipt of the document to the library: archive of the Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg, 18 Jan 1745 year.

Dating document: 16-20 July 1157.

The volume of the document: 214 sheets of parchment high quality.

The preservation of the document: it's good.


Note translator. Despite good stability and high quality of parchment, translation and editing of the text was very time consuming. The so-called protocols actually represent transcripts, written in Latin cursive. In this regard, the translation had to abandon symbols abbreviations, omissions and deletions, because there would be too many and the text would be unreadable. In many cases, were able to convey a General sense of a statement participants in the meetings.

For clarity shows a map of the principalities of Ancient Rus in the XII century.








of the Council of representatives his Imperial Majesty, his Holiness the Pope and the order of the poor knights of Christ and Of the temple of Solomon on consideration of the report of the knight of Matias of Passau on the implementation of the mission in Russia in 1145-1157 years from BC

(Room on the inventory of the Vienna library: XII-21-8357/P-I)



In the name of God, the will of his Imperial Majesty Friedrich, his Holiness Pope Hadrian and the Grand master the order of the poor knights of the Temple, Bertrand de Plansfor held this meeting under strict secretly in the Imperial Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg in the sixteenth day of July 1157 from BC



Chairman of the Board – count Wilhelm von Veldhoven, Vice-Marshal of the court of his Imperial Majesty.

Member of the Board – Bishop Tybalt Surminski, the legate his Holiness the Pope.

Member of the Board – knight Henry of Angouleme, commander of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon of the order of poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon.

The Secretary of the Board Alfred from Bamberg, a monk of the Imperial Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg.


The Council reports knight Matias from Passau, a member of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.



Count Wilhelm. Power, by the grace of God given to us his Imperial Majesty and the Holy father, we begin meeting our Council convened to consider the report of the knight Mathias, members of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon of the order of poor knights of the Temple, of a journey to Russia and run there, ' he orders.


Bishop Tybalt. In the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy spirit, bless us begin a good deed and help us safely complete it with the assistance of Thy grace. You dedicate all the hard the efforts that they have served for the benefit and salvation of our neighbors.


All participants meeting. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. I ask the distinguished members of the Council to sit down. Knight Mathias, do you have any questions, requests before meeting?


Knight Mathias. Please forgive me, your Excellency, but I don't understand the reasons why I appeared before such a high Council. Upon returning from Kiev, I wrote a full report about his mission and sent him the Grand master of the order of the Temple, through the commander of the order of the brotherhood Germany Stefan von Lyskirchen.


Commander Henry. My brother Matthias, we have all read your report. But new circumstances arose, forcing us to revisit your mission and to ask you to tell about all its intricacies.


Knight Mathias. My brother, I'm not at liberty to talk about their missions to anyone except his Holiness the Pope, his Majesty the Emperor and his the order of the chief, i.e., commander of the brotherhood, or the Grand master. You it should be well known.


Commander Henry. But do you know, my brother Matthias, who I am?


Knight Mathias. I see that you're my robe Templar brothers.


Commander Henry. I – knight Henry from Angouleme.


Knight Mathias. I have heard about you and I know that you have a high position in our order.


 Commander Henry. By the grace of God I am the commander of the order of military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon, to which God and you are worthy to belong. I took this position after death knight from Henri de Toulouse last year. At this time you were doing your mission in Russia and could not know that brother Henri went to the Lord and his place by the will of the Grand master appointed me, sinful and unworthy knight Henry.


Knight Mathias. Eternal memory to our brother Henri, Yes rest his soul with the Holy saints.

Humbly kneel before you, my brother, and the Lord, and all thy powerful hand decorated commander ring brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon. Obey every word equal to me divine revelation.


Commander Henry. So be it.


Knight Mathias. I'm sorry, my brother, my Lord, but what happens is still a mystery to me. Accompanying from Kiev to Regensburg, Embassy of the Russian Prince George (Yuri Dolgoruky – approx. transl.), I, like prescribe our order's rule introduced the commander of the German brotherhood of the knights Templar Stefan, got shelter and food in the Abbey of St. Emmeram, wrote a report to the Grand master of the order of his stay in Russia, gave a report from brother Stefan and waited for further instructions.

But it has been almost three months, and guidance is still not received. Now it turns out that for the consideration of my humble deeds convened such a representative Council. Could not would you like me to explain what's going on?


Commander Henry. My brother Matthias, the reasons for the convocation the Board you'll know in due time, but now such knowledge may affect the accuracy and impartiality of your narrative. So bless you for detailed and sincere story about your mission in Russia. Give you the right not to conceal from the Council, all members of which is duly authorized by his Majesty and his Holiness to review your report and take solution.


Knight Mathias. I hear and obey, my brother, my Lord.


Count Wilhelm. Dear knights of the Temple, all of you discussed? Commander Henry, ready knight Matthias to answer our questions?


Commander Henry. Yes, your Excellency.


Count Wilhelm. Are you ready, my son Matias, to take an oath on the Holy Bible?


Knight Mathias. Ready, your Excellency.


Count Wilhelm. Lead knight Matthias sworn I ask the Bishop to Tybalt.


Bishop Tybalt. My son Matias, put your hand on The Holy Bible and repeat after me the oath.

I am humble and sinful servant of Christ Matias from Passau, knight of the order of poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon, before this high Council, gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Of Christ and blessed his mother, the virgin Mary, solemnly I promise to answer all questions openly, frankly and truthfully. If I will hide from this high Council, may befall me deserved the punishment as the sky and on the ground. Amen.


Knight Mathias. I am humble and sinful servant Of Christ Matias from Passau, poor knight of the order of the Temple, before this high Council, gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessed virgin Mary, solemnly I promise to answer all the questions truthfully, openly and candidly. If I something to hide from this Council, may befall me deserved the punishment, in heaven and on earth. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. Now, knight Mathias, what Protocol your name, age, birth place, origin, rank.


Knight Mathias. Matias from Passau, in Bavaria, the son of the free master stone Affairs Hans, was born forty-four years ago, 1113 Christ, baptized in the true Holy Catholic faith in twenty-first day of September of the same year. In 1144 knighted.


Count Wilhelm. When you joined the order of the Temple, knight Mathias, and what rank you had in the order of the brotherhood?


Knight Mathias. In the year 1131 I made pilgrimage to the Holy Land, took monastic vows and joined the order the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon. First was a novice, then a Sergeant military order of the brotherhood of tyre and Sidon. Then was transferred to non - the military brotherhood of Jerusalem, then – the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon.

For their modest merits before the Holy Church was knighted, being in the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon. As I just said, it was in the forty-fourth year.


Bishop Tybalt. Why you moved from Jerusalem to Gaza, my son? You something wrong?


Knight Mathias. It was like the Grand master order, and not for me to discuss his orders.


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, I'll answer your question. Faults nothing to do with it, its members combat brotherhood with necessary, punishes itself, and does not humiliate other brotherhood translation there guilty. Just the fact that the combat brotherhood of Jerusalem deals first of all, an open struggle against the infidels Palestine by the Saracens, and the brotherhood Gaza and Ascalon performs secret mission of the order throughout God's world.

I hope that you will keep this knowledge secret, like everything else that you will hear during the work of our Council.


Count Wilhelm. Commander Henry, you are missing just to remind his Excellency, that the knights Templar severely punishes those who gives out his secrets. Please remember. Bishop Tybalt is a member of Council as you, and similarly gave a vow of silence.


Bishop Tybalt. I think, commander, that the rank of legate his Holiness Pope is a serious guarantee of safety and much more important secrets.


Commander Henry. Excuse me, your Eminence, but I had to warn you about the necessity of strict secrecy, it's my duty commander of the order of the brotherhood.


Count Wilhelm. Maybe then I warn?


Commander Henry. Are you kidding me, your Excellency. I never dared to inform the head of the secret service of the Holy Of the Roman Empire.


Count Wilhelm. You flatter me, commander. I lead not all of the Imperial secret service, and the only one that knows the Affairs of other States. But I digress. Knight Mathias, when you got an assignment to go to Russia?


Knight Mathias. The task to go to Russia after annual vacation at his home in Bavaria I got in the forty-third year, while in Baghdad.


Bishop Tybalt. And in Baghdad, how did you get my son?


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, it was related to my previous job, and I'm not sure whether me about it to tell.


Commander Henry. Tell us briefly. I know the job, you performed brilliantly in the fortress of Alamut, and I have no doubt that the story of it will make a favorable impression on the high Council.


Knight Mathias. I hear and obey, my brother, my Lord.

I suppose his lordship and his grace heard of the brotherhood of assassins. Is it worth it detail to dwell on its history?


Bishop Tybalt. I admit, I would be interested at least briefly acquainted with her.


Knight Mathias. After the death of godless Mohammed's followers created their faith disintegrated into two warring camps – Sunnis, who were the majority, and the Shiites, whom the Sunnis considered heretics.


Count William. And what the essence of their differences? Recall, please.


Bishop Tybalt. Main is that Sunnis believe the false prophet Muhammad the last mediator between people and God, whom they call Allah. Shiites believe that can to be and other intermediaries. Other differences are in some rites, reverence some books, and in vain questions like, who should to be the authority in Islam.


Knight Mathias. The Shiites, too not one hundred years ago, among them the Ismailis, and they can say, had a special faith. According to their doctrine, the world consists of two halves, mirror reflecting each other. And if in earthly life they were bad, they were oppressed, hurt and robbed, then in the hereafter everything should be Vice versa: they will to oppress, to hurt and Rob, not only infidels but also Muslims.

One of the Ismailis, Hassan Ibn Sabbah, at the end of the last century with his supporters captured the fortress of Alamut – this name is translated from Persian as "eagle the nest". The fortress is among the Caucasus mountains, not far from the hyrcanian (Caspian – approx. transl.) sea. There Hasan and founded their little state. Then he took several neighbouring fortresses, but its capital remained Alamut. By the time when I got there, Hassan twenty years as were in the hell fire, but his power was flourishing.

As Ibn Sabbah knew that his state was too small to contain great and strong army, it is the troops created in Alamut school of the assassins – the secret assassin ready to eliminate anyone, anywhere. The important thing is that instilled in this school, is indifference to his own life and disregard to death. Plus, of course, all the skills of killing and survival in any conditions. Selection into this school is very strict, take it not more than five candidates out of a hundred.


Bishop Tybalt. And where is the name of the assassins? Rumor has it that from hashish, which Hasan fooling their supporters.


Commander Henry. If the warrior constantly dizzy hashish, he will never master the martial and secret art.


Knight Mathias. Really this name means only Hasanov, i.e. followers of Hassan Ibn Sabbah. In Arabic it sounds like "hasanayn". And the pronunciation of the Christians this took the form of "assassin".


Bishop Tybalt. But hashish this godless Hasan use? I heard that he could at one stroke hands to get all the guards of Alamut to jump from the walls of the gorge. I guess people first need pretty intoxicating, so they all committed suicide?


Commander Henry. I think your Eminence, that is just rumors: hardly any ruler so unreasonable disposes of his detention.


Knight Mathias. Of course, it is only a rumor, similar to what Hassan-I Sabbah had a lot of doubles, which by his order drugged with hashish, committed self-immolation under the guise of the Hassan, and then he pretended that he rose again from the dead. Or the fact that the dish was placed allegedly severed the head of one of the brothers, and Hassan her "revived". All these fair tricks, maybe good for ignorant peasants, but in assassins accept experienced warriors, and deceive them thus, of course, impossible. In Alamut hashish was used no more than in other fortresses East.

More importantly, Ibn Sabbagh set for all, without exception, very harsh way of life, imposed a strict a ban on any manifestation of luxury, nullified the difference between the lowest and highest sectors of society. He gave his close personal example, until the end his days leading an ascetic lifestyle. Usually simple people respect to such rulers.

And, of course, Hassan was very hard even for Eastern standards. Once he ordered the execution of one of his sons only on suspicion of violation of the established laws equality.


Bishop Tybalt. Similar equality preach and our heretics-the Bogomils. I have no doubt that all they will burn in hell, like other enemies of the true Catholic faith.


Count Wilhelm. So be it. And what was your job in the fortress of Alamut, knight Mathias?


Knight Mathias. My job was to identify the most dangerous of cooking in Alamut hostile missions and its breakdown.

I got to the fortress in the the thirty-ninth year, and after a few years he became a disciple of the school of assassins.


Count Wilhelm. Judging by the fact that you, knight Mathias, told about strict selection in this school, it was tough.


Knight Mathias. Not easy, your Excellency. I came to Alamut as a lost and half-frozen traveler, he settled in the school of assassins first cleaner, then cook, gradually became acquainted with many students and mentors. And when I expressed a desire to study at school, and it was received kindly. I was twenty-eight years old, at this age in the school has taken.


Bishop Tybalt. So you, my son, gave himself for Mohammedan and did all the disgusting Islamic rites?


Knight Mathias. Yes, of course.


Commander Henry. Members of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon of the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon permitted sham the adoption of any false faith, and all these sins are remitted to us by indulgence his Holiness the Pope.


Bishop Tybalt. My son Matias, forgive my persistence, but the Mohammedans, as well as the Jews, when making their great God of faith are the rite of circumcision? Your deception could be disclosed in any bath, which in the East, as I know, a lot.


Knight Mathias. My brother, my Lord, may I to answer this question of his grace?


Commander Henry. I'll answer that. All members of our military brotherhood, preparing for special missions among Muslims and Jews, circumcision is done.


Count Wilhelm. I know, commander Henry, that you had been circumcised, so if you are someone that surprised, only the Bishop Tybalt and, perhaps, our Secretary Alfred. Tell me, knight Mathias, the representative of the people you claimed? Appearance you do not Arab.


Knight Mathias. A short, thin, blond a lot of people among the inhabitants of the Caucasus, among the nomadic Berbers, among others Mohammedan peoples. The school of assassins people with such an appearance,are particularly appreciated, as if the man looked like an Arab, it is difficult to perform the mission in the Catholic countries.

I pretended to be in Alamut for a Turk-Anatolia, whose mother was a native from the North Caucasus.


Bishop Tybalt. My son, you are such an excellent know the Turkish language, which can masquerade as a Turk?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Eminence. I say Turkish as spoken by the natives of Anatolia.


Count Wilhelm. And what other languages do you speak the same excellence, knight Mathias?


Knight Mathias. Arab, Arabian reprimand nomads. After a stay in Russia – in Russian, with the accent of the inhabitants of any of two principalities: Pereyaslavl and Suzdal. Also speak Persian, in Hebrew and Greek, but not so completely to impersonate indigenous Persian, Jew or Greek. And, of course, in one degree or another multilingual Catholic countries.


Count Wilhelm. Knight Mathias, you forgot mention your native tongue and the Latin which, as I see it, well say.


Bishop Tybalt. Well, this education deserves respect.


Count Wilhelm. Continue with his story, the knight Mathias.


Knight Mathias. After the school of assassins about two years and finally having gained the confidence of its leaders, I learned that preparing group sending assassins to the king of France, Louis the Young, to rip prepare a speech on a crusade.

I was able to learn the day the departure of these assassins from Alamut, left the fortress after them, and overtook them and destroyed.


Count Wilhelm. And how many were there?


Knight Mathias. Five, your Excellency.


Bishop Tybalt. You could single-handedly destroy five killers, trained at the school of the assassins?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Eminence. It was possible due to the fact that they went under the guise of simple peasants in a cart drawn by mules, and of the weapons they had only axes. So when I caught on the fine horse, which I managed to get from the stables of the head school two I was able to shoot from a bow.


Commander Henry. And bow and arrows where did you get brother my? I read your report about this glorious act, but it does not remember.


Knight Mathias. Took killed me guard fortress.


Bishop Tybalt. My God, how much blood shed people in our imperfect world.


Commander Henry. Suppose, your Excellency, that the murder of a guard brother Mathias not shed blood, and applied the technique "Look back". I guess, my brother?


Knight Mathias. Yes, my brother, my Lord.


Bishop Tybalt. And what is the reception?


Commander Henry. To the person sneak up behind him, cover for the neck and jerk back and to the side. Neck broken, and the head is unable to control the body. Man can neither move nor to shout nor breathe. After a couple of minutes from lack of air in his mind go blank and he dies.


Knight Mathias. Due to the fact that the person still lives a couple of minutes, but already doomed to inevitable death, the assassins called this technique "Deprivation of hope."


Bishop Tybalt. Sounds even more inhuman.


Commander Henry. And the remaining three of you, my brother Mathias, as I recall from your report, killed by the sword?


Knight Mathias. Yes, my brother, my Lord. In school assassins pay much attention to the secret ways of killing, and much less – fencing and other techniques noble knight fight. In this sense the level of training in the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon much higher.

However, with the sword I killed only two. I managed to disarm and to learn from him the missing information about the impending murder of the French king, and also about the organization the assassins in the Holy Roman Empire and other Christian countries.


Count Wilhelm. And I heard that the assassins are not given their secrets even under pain of death.


Knight Mathias. Depending death your Excellency. If the caught assassin knows that he is dealing not with some of the Imperial executioner, and with a knight of the Temple, choose not slow and painful death under torture, during which he still will tell, and instant death from a blow with a dagger.

So this killer told me everything he knew, and received a deserved reward in the form of an easy death.


Bishop Tybalt. Are you saying, my son, that if you place this assassin, you too would have revealed the secrets of their order?


Commander Henry. We, the Templars, understand that there is torture, which cannot move anybody. Not because it is impossible to sustain pain itself, but because sooner or later a person in pain goes crazy and unable to control himself. Sometimes a man starts to kiss the hands of his tormentor, pleading not even on the termination of torture, and the protection and patronage.

I believe that if you your Eminence, subjected known to torture you too would have given all mysteries of the Holy see.


Count Wilhelm. Commander Henry, you re forgotten.


Knight Mathias. I'm sorry, my brother, my Lord, but I also try to give an answer to his grace. The duty of well-trained and highly experienced knight of the order of the Temple – not to surrender alive, and to kill a immediately see that the prisoner is inevitable. The assassin not did he paid the secrets of your brotherhood.


Bishop Tybalt. Thank you for the clarification, son Mathias.


Count Wilhelm. Valiant knight Mathias, and why after so laudable deeds you went to Baghdad?


Knight Mathias. These assassins were soon to meet their accomplices, and I knew that they will be missed, connects their disappearance with my escape from school, and then after me will hunt the best forces of their brotherhood.


Commander Henry. The head brother Matthias was assigned to the small reward.


Knight Mathias. That is why I went not to the West and the East, directly through the mountains. I decided that there, in the heart of Baghdad Caliphate, look for me no one will guess. The going was hard, passes was snowy, and I was weakened by the wound in his shoulder, received in battle with assassins. But I, with God's help, managed to reach Baghdad. There I was, as expected, found the commander of the local secret brotherhood of our order, received shelter and food, wrote the report and was waiting for a new job.

Knight from Henri de Toulouse, the then commander of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon, was pleased to resolve that while I'm looking for assassins, among the Mohammedans I do not work. So it was decided to send me to Russia, after giving an opportunity to the course of the year to relax at home and finally to heal his wound.


Bishop Tybalt. And if it was not severely from the the chiefs of the knights Templar – after the hot climate of Palestine send knight Matthias to Russia, famous for its frosts?


Commander Henry. We, the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple Solomon, are obliged to serve the Holy Church in all conditions, from the Arabian Sands to the North of snow.


Count Wilhelm. But the road to Germany from Baghdad all still not escape from Palestine. You, knight Mathias, was not afraid to fall into the hands of of the assassins?


Knight Mathias. Of course, your Excellency, some the risk was, but couldn assassins carefully examine all the caravans, they were not enough people. Besides, I while in Alamut the school has grown a great beard, and in Baghdad shaved it off, and get to know me was it is not easy. So I hired a muleteer to German merchants, who traveled from China along the silk road, and reached Regensburg.

I was knighted, and I was given a sabbatical year that I was able to spend at home in Passau near my elderly father, who was very glad of my arrival. For my modest merit order generously gave me money, and I built for my dad a large new house.


Bishop Tybalt. Unless permitted poor knight the order of the Temple to own a house?


Knight Mathias. Of course not. But I have built house for his father. After his departure from the earthly life I this house will inherit and will give the order.


Count Wilhelm. And, father, you said that dedicated in the knights? It would probably be this happy.


Knight Mathias. No doubt, your Excellency, that it was making him happy. But the late commander Henry has been pleased to decide that before the trip to Russia my knighting was to remain a secret for all. And this decision was wise, as in Russia, I had to play the role Mason.


Commander Henry. And what did you tell him how where did you get the money?


Knight Mathias. I told him that earned them engaging in the Holy Land and construction contracts, and my father was very happy. I believe that ensuring a dignified old age for parents is the duty of every Christian. I have not seen their parents for thirteen years, and knew that I soon will have them again for a long time to leave, so tried to be thoughtful son.


Count Wilhelm. A laudable veneration parents, knight Mathias.


Commander Henry. Some falsely assume the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon consists of soulless warriors, not know any warm feelings. This is not so. Not only the order of the Hospitallers, but the knights Templar contains hospitals, hospice and an orphanage, generously distributes alms, do not leave without care of the aged brothers.


Bishop Tybalt. I am moved by the true Christian the relation of the Templars to the poor, the elderly and orphans, but I know that on the orders their orders bosses they can't kill that poor, elderly and orphans, and their parents.


 Commander Henry. Your Excellency, can you tell us at least one case of murder Templar their parents?


Bishop Tybalt. I specific cases is unknown.


Commander Henry. Then I ask you not to talk about you do not know.


Bishop Tybalt. Well, then I ask the question knight Mathias, who is under oath and must tell the truth. Son my Mathias, if commander Henry ordered you to kill your father, you would did it?


Knight Mathias. I'd done my duty.


Bishop Tybalt. Order or FILIAL?


Count Wilhelm. Thank God, need to kill the honourable Hans from Passau and, I hope, will not arise, and without necessary, commander Henry, of course, such orders not to give will. So please stop the discussion of abstract questions and return to the report of the knight of Mathias. As I understand it, valiant knight, on Russia you need was to go be a Mason?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. In the spring of forty the fifth year I was invited to Landshut, where at that time was the commander Henri, and got the job. In the centre of Speyer (another version of the Russian spelling the name of the city of Speyer. Approx. transl.) during this time he studied Russian master-builders, and I had to meet with them and go with them to Russia.


Bishop Tybalt. But as Russian masters were in Speyer?


Knight Mathias. The great Imperial Cathedral in Speyer – a role model for the Church builders from all over the world, and there often come to study masters from different countries. Besides, the Cathedral is not built completely, and masters can be trained directly at the construction site: completed side naves, portals, arches, surrounding buildings, among the Bishop's courtyard.

Therefore in Speyer and came to work and share our experience in the construction of Russian masters led by architect Savva Nazirovich. Sent them the Prince of Suzdal earth George, nicknamed Dolgoruky. The one who now reigns in Kiev, there is not just a Prince and Grand Duke.


Count Wilhelm. Was. Let it be known, knight Mathias, Grand Duke George gave up the Ghost two months ago, in the fifteenth day of may.


Knight Mathias. This is news to me, your Excellency. Am I allowed to know the cause of death of Prince George?


Commander Henry. You'll know it at the time, brother my Mathias. Yet, your debt is detailed and accurate story.


Knight Mathias. I hear and obey, my brother, my Lord.

What in Speyer worked Suzdal wizard created for me a great opportunity to get to Russia with them, not hiding the fact that I'm German, and not trying to pretend a Russian before studying in the perfection of the Russian language. So I had to meet and make friends with these masters, and when they will return to his Principality, to go along with them, pretending to be going there work on the construction. In fact, I had to spend in Suzdal the ground only the time necessary to study the General situation in the country, habitsthe Russian people, and the main thing – the Russian language, to such an extent that easily to pass for a Russian. After that, I had to move to Russia.


Bishop Tybalt. My son, do Suzdal the Principality is not in Russia?


Knight Mathias. It depends on where to watch. If the Holy Roman Empire, and Suzdal, and Kiev and Novgorod, and Pereyaslavl and Chernigov – Russian city. But if you look inside Russia, actually Rus called only the oldest land in the South – Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Pereiaslav Principality, sometimes even only Kiev Principality. And Suzdal is located in Zalesie over the dense forests on the North-East of the country, so it is commonly called Rus, Suzdal, the title of one of the oldest cities.


Commander Henry. Similarly, the Arabs call us all the Franks, regardless of whether it is French, German or Italian.


Count Wilhelm. Clear. But since we're look out Empire, then still, let's call Russia, the country as a whole, and to think that Suzdal is located in the North-East of Russia, and Kiev in the South. Otherwise we will get confused, where Russia where not Russia.

Knight Mathias, you asked you define the job that gave you the late commander Henry.


Knight Mathias. I was ordered to meet by Prince Iziaslav Mstislavich, who then ruled in the city of Pereyaslavl (now Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky – approx. transl.), in two or three days ' journey from Kiev. I had to do Izyaslav I contribute to its enthronement in Kiev, and he, if successful, invites to Russia legate his Holiness the Pope leads the country to the Holy true cross.


Count Wilhelm. Why you are told to do such a proposal is Pereyaslavl Prince Izyaslav, not to Suzdal Prince George?


Commander Henry. Your Excellency, on this issue can I answer as a sign that preceded the mission of brother Mathias at Russia.

We knew from our representative at the court of the Polish Prince, Izyaslav Mstislavich ready to rapprochement with the Holy Catholic Church, and one of the officials of Pereyaslavl Prince led the negotiations with the Chancellor of Poland.

There were indirect evidence of the readiness of Izyaslav to accept the true faith. Prince Of Poland Boleslaw Curly married his niece, the king of Hungary Geza – his sister, kinship Izyaslav had with Vladislav, Prince of Bohemia (the Czech Republic – approx. transl.). In addition to family ties, Izyaslav were allied relations with Poland, Hungary and Bohemia.

And George at that time was seen as a serious contender for the throne of Kiev. It was Prince to the far North-Eastern edge of Russia, and the work of his master in Speyer has created a good opportunity to visit the Russia of knight Mathias, no more.


Count Wilhelm. But George was the son of Kiev Grand Prince Vladimir Monomakh.


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency, but one of the a younger son, a child having received from the father in the reign of marginal Suzdal. The Monomakh had many children, and when I was going to go to Russia, was still alive, one of his older sons, much older George, – Vyacheslav. He reigned in the small town of Turov.

Izyaslav was although not the son and grandson of Monomakh, but a descendant in the senior line, his father Mstislav Putin also ruled in Kiev, Izyaslav age and George was about the same, and so Izjaslav could have become of the Kiev Grand Duke.


Bishop Tybalt. And who reigned in Kiev when you came to Russia?


Commander Henry. For five years there reigned not Monomakhovichi and II of Kiev – Vsevolod.


Count Wilhelm. Then why didn't you do that the proposal Vsevolod Olgovich?


Commander Henry. Vsevolod became Grand Prince of Kyiv, if I am not mistaken, in the thirty-ninth year, and soon in Russia was sent the Embassy headed by our brother He from Caesarea, a member of the The General Chapter of the order of the Temple. The aim of the Embassy was such offer Vsevolod. But the Grand Duke refused to knight he is in the audience and ordered the Embassy to immediately leave Russia.

Therefore, we made the decision to secretly send to Russia brother Matthias, as it is not in this order so prominent, as the brother Arnulf, and experienced in covert acts.


Bishop Tybalt. Dear knights of the Temple, will ask you to tell about the genealogy of Russian princes little more, for I am not wise With the Lord in it. Monomakhovichi – clearly, a descendant of Vladimir Monomakh. And Ol?


Commander Henry. The son of Oleg Svyatoslavich, cousin Monomakh.


Knight Mathias. Let me tell you, as before going to Russia, I studied the history of this country.

Russian princes have their the origin of the Norman Rurik, who lived three hundred years ago. But perhaps it makes sense to start with the deceased a hundred years ago the great Prince Yaroslav, which the Russians called Wise, and in which Russia was included into number of the strongest States in God's world.

When Yaroslav died, after he left several sons. According to the customs of Oriental despotism, all of them, except older, had to be killed, not to create strife.


Count Wilhelm. According to the customs of enlightened monarchies, all the sons of the ruler should be with his father, under his vigilant supervision, and after his father's death under the supervision of the eldest brother, and only the most trusted of they can be sent to other areas of the country, not rulers, and governors.


Knight Mathias. But in Russia, your Excellency, all it was different. Izyaslav, Svyatoslav and Vsevolod, the sons of Yaroslav, during the life of the father got their own Principality, which gradually became their hereditary possession.

Father Vsevolod II Of Kiev was Oleg, son of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich. Father of George Dolgoruky, and his grandfather Izyaslav Mstislavich of Vladimir Monomakh, son of Vsevolod Yaroslavych.


Bishop Tybalt. How did monotonous Russian princely names. Entirely Izjaslava, Vsevolod, Vladimir...


Commander Henry. Yes, and almost all the sovereign princes. Almost all of them claim to special principalities for their children.

Yaroslav, dividing the country among his sons, has commanded that Kiev was owned by the eldest in the family, and the rest the princes obeyed his Supreme authority. But his descendants, the Lord gave a rare fertility: three – five sons and many daughters – here it is normal. And the sort of Yaroslav gradually so multiplied, and was divided, that if in the first generation was still possible to clearly identify older, then there was great confusion, generating an endless fragmentation of the country and internecine war.


Bishop Tybalt. During the war even undeniable seniority rarely respected, dominates only strength.


Count Wilhelm. I wonder why so short-sighted Prince Yaroslav remained in the memory of descendants with the nickname Wise.


Commander Henry. This can only guess, your Excellency.


Bishop Tybalt. But Vladimir Monomakh, as I I remember that was the sole ruler? Or am I mistaken?


Knight Mathias. Monomakh, indeed, gradually conquered a Russian Principality, but not for long, not fully. For example, ruled in Chernigov land, the descendants of Svyatoslav Yaroslavich, although he admitted his Supreme power, but not fully obeyed him.

After the death of Vladimir Monomakh in 1125, Grand Prince of Kiev became his son Mstyslav, the father of the Izyaslav, to which I was directed. When Mstislav Vladimirovich in Russia had been more or less calm. Died this Prince, if I am not mistaken, in the thirty-second year, and in Kiev began to rule his younger brother Yaropolk, and Izyaslav Mstislavich Pereyaslavl received one of the largest and oldest cities Russia.

But soon Yaropolk, in the avoidance of displeasure of the brothers, took Pereyaslavl Izyaslav, and gave him two a small town Pinsk and Turov. In the town of Turov was transferred Vyacheslav Vladimirovich – the son of Monomakh, the younger brother of Mstislav and Yaropolk, the elder brother of George Dolgorukiy. But he did not long remain there and returned to Tours, expelling Izyaslav. Devoid reign, Izyaslav went to Novgorod, where the rules his younger brother, Vsevolod Mstislavich, and from there they entered into the possession of his uncle – Dolgoruky. George in the battle on the mountain Ganoi repelled their invasion, but thenThe mstislavichi together with Vsevolod and Svyatoslav Olegoviches attacked Pereyaslavl and Kyiv.

Yaropolk was forced to cede and transfer Izyaslav Vladimir Volynsky, a large city in South-West Russia.


Count Wilhelm. Not tired yet, your Eminence, from the vicissitudes of Russian strife?


Bishop Tybalt. In any case, your Excellency. Knowledge of the knight of Mathias in the history of Russia deep, the story interesting and fascinating, and in this regard I recall the words of Scripture: "If the Kingdom is divided against itself cannot stand that Kingdom". And you can specify why Prince Vladimir was surnamed Monomachos? There was also a Byzantine the Emperor...


Commander Henry. Yes, your Eminence, and Prince Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh on the maternal side was the grandson of the Emperor.


Bishop Tybalt. And George Dolgorukiy why got this nickname? Remember the so-called ancient Persian king Ahasuerus – for the craving for profit.


Knight Mathias. George got his nickname, when I was in Russia, and was originally the Prince is so called precisely of the thirst for profit, when he ruled in Kiev and was mercilessly besieged Kiev taxes. However, then the approximate George made up less offensive interpretation of what he, ruling in Suzdal, fought for Kiev, that is, as if stretched out his hands in southern Russia.


Commander Henry. All right, brother Mathias. And I still add to your story that Yaropolk Vladimirovich died in the thirty-eighth, and soon Kiev was captured Vsevolod II – as you know, the representative of another branch of the descendants of Yaroslav. George Dolgorukiy tried to speak out against Vsevolod, but to no avail. Soon the great Prince Vsevolod reasonably lost Izyaslav Mstislavich Pereyaslavl, and in Russia, finally, to establish peace.

In the forty-fifth year, when Russia was sent to the knight Mathias, there was still calm. Further the events he witnessed, and not only witnessed but also a party, and he will tell you better than me.


Count Wilhelm. Please, knight Mathias.


Knight Mathias. Before going to Russia I met in Regensburg with the knight He from Caesarea, our noble brother in Christ and a member of the General Chapter of our order. Brother Arnulf in opportunities have prepared me for the trip, telling what he knew about this the country during his stay there. I have read and I am devoted to Russia,the work of Tamara, Bishop of Merseburg. The main conclusion, which I then made for myself: half a century ago, at the Kiev Grand Prince Vladimir the Baptist, the father Yaroslav the Wise, the Holy Catholic Church almost didmissionary work in Russia and made her baptism in the Byzantine faith, and now it's time to catch up. Byzantium is now much weaker than in those times, and its serious interference can not be expected.

Then I went to Speyer.


Bishop Tybalt. You went to Speyer, then to Russia, under his own or under an assumed name, my son?


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, if you read carefully the report of brother Matthias, you could see that under his.


Bishop Tybalt. I have carefully read the report, but ask those questions that I see fit.


Count Wilhelm. It seems to me, commander Henry, that you again forgotten. I remind you that we need to check how exactly knight Mathias realized my job, how I did it, and how outlined the progress of in its report. To do this, we are forced to ask those questions, it would seem, has been previously received satisfactory answers. Otherwise it would not make sense in the work of our Council.


Commander Henry. I apologize to him grace.


Bishop Tybalt. Commander Henry, your experience for brother Matthias commendable, and not feel entitled for you to be offended, especially the Savior said, "judge Not, that ye be not judged". Go on, my son Mathias.


Knight Mathias. Indeed, it was agreed that the easiest way is not to invent for me a new name and origin, and I arrived in Speyer as Matias from Passau, a bricklayer and stone Mason's son. Had to invent only work on the construction in the Holy Land, but I am good enough I know there temples and fortresses and can answer any questions about them. I have said that at the time of my arrival the great Imperial Cathedral in Speyer was in General, ready, completed a lateral naves, portals and the surrounding buildings including the Bishop's yard. I was going to get to worka bricklayer. More precisely, pretended that he was going.


Bishop Tybalt. And this Savva, the second part of the name which I can't spell...


Knight Mathias. Nazirovich is a patronymic, your Eminence. The noble and respected people in Russia are named not only for its behalf, but on behalf of his father. Therefore, for simplicity, we can talk about it Sawa.


Bishop Tybalt. This Sava – the Abbot? We have almost all architects abbots or just monks.


Knight Mathias. No, your Eminence, a noble and sovereign Russian nobleman. In Russia such people are called "nobles", which can be translated as "great people". Savva occupied high public office of the captain, meaning "head of thousands".


Count Wilhelm. But if Sava – Russian sovereign nobleman and high-ranking government official, he certainly did not work directly on the construction site. How did you manage to make friends with him? Over come with him artisans?


Knight Mathias. Using the mechanics – the way is very long since in Russia the nobles have little contact with artisans. Moreover, become a friend of a craftsman means to discredit itself in the eyes of the Lord. So was necessary to make friends with Savva Nazirovich.

As you quite rightly noticed, your Excellency, Sava rarely appeared on the site: mainly, he studied the great Cathedral and received General skills building calculations from the abbé background Vertern, Speyer architect. Worked on the construction site only two who came with him artisans, but, as I said, I was not need. Needed Savva.

I had to resort to the reception called in our order of "Charge for rescue" and assassins "Mirage the oasis".


Bishop Tybalt. And what is the reception with such strange name, my son?


Knight Mathias. This salvation from the imaginary attack, your Eminence. I found out what time Savva Nazirovich usually returned to the Inn in the evening: he loved to go in pubs, then walked down the street in a strong drunk. I went to the outskirts of Speyer, found there are a few vagrants, paid them and persuaded to attack the architect, when he will return home in the evening, ostensibly to beat and Rob. Savva – the man is fat and short, so many vagrants were not required. They attacked, and at the right moment I stepped in, the attackers beat up and chased them away.

Savva was me immensely grateful, he invited me to his place, we drank and became friends. The following the day I showed him and his companions several techniques that facilitate the treatment stone, and they had finally filled me with respect. About a week we the architect visited each other, I told him about Germany, I – about Russia. It turned out that Prince George had sent him to learn from the experience of our architects and master masons, but the deposits of natural stone in Suzdal the land has not yet been found, and there were built only of wood or plinth, as almost everywhere in Russia.


Count Wilhelm. Plinfa? What is it, knight Mathias? In Greek this word means stove.


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, plinthite in Byzantium called flat brick, usually of irregular shape. Russia together with the Byzantine accepted the Byzantine methods of construction, and all the temples in all the principalities of Russia, except for the Galician and Suzdal, and now built or from plinfy or in mixed technique – with the addition of rough stone. To put it simply, cobbles.

Such construction very cheap and requires no searching quarries: a good clay cannot be found except in the mountains or deserts. And the skillful firing of the bricks is very strong, much stronger than many types of stone.


Bishop Tybalt. Then why Prince George at all decided to build out of stone? Would build of time, since it is cheaper and stronger.


Knight Mathias. I dare say, your Eminence, you could ask the same question to any of our Margrave or Duke, we, too, all the churches are built of stone. This is our Imperial tradition, established since the times of Ancient Rome. Of brick, different from plinfy only more precise moulding, we also build, but usually it is either household buildings or churches in the villages. For example, near my home Passau, in the village of Allersberg on a tributary of the Danube. the Church is built of such brick.


Bishop Tybalt. In my country, in Lombardy, and large temples built of brick.


Knight Mathias. But then either they are faced with stone, as the city's Cathedral in Modena, or the lining was provided, but for some reason not done or not completely done.


Bishop Tybalt. Yes, that's right. So it happened the Duomo Cathedral of St. Ambrose, and St. Michael Church in Pavia.


Commander Henry. How do you, my brother Matthias, profound knowledge in how built the Lombard churches?


Knight Mathias. In my youth, I traveled to Lombardy from father, and he told me about it in detail. I was always interested in construction the case, and if I, by the will of God was not a Templar, he would have become a bricklayer.


Count Wilhelm. As we build, of course. And Dolgoruky what was build out of stone?


Knight Mathias. Dolgoruky wanted to build the same as in the Holy Roman Empire, for it is the expression of the power and glory of his Principality. That's why he sent his masters study in Speyer, not in Kiev or in Byzantium. Pity, then, in the forty-fifth, it was still unclear. I decided that's just a whim of the small Northern chieftain. I confess, this error occurred my fault.


Commander Henry. My brother Matthias, this error was not only and not so much your fault. You before departure in Speyer consulted with the brother He from Caesarea, and it was he, not once been to Russia had to wonder if George accidentally sent in Speyer Sava and advise you to make George the same suggestion, what did you do Izyaslav. Perhaps, then, events would have gone differently.


Knight Mathias. Brother Arnulf little versed in construction and could not appreciate the importance the directions of the architect Savva in Speyer.


Bishop Tybalt. I'm glad my son Matias, are you ready to admit their mistakes and not trying to anyone to separate them. But I fear that it is not only one of the errors committed by you.


Commander Henry. To err is human, and do not mistake only he who does nothing.


Count Wilhelm. Not get ahead of ourselves. Tell in order, knight Mathias. You said that you became friends with Sawa.


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. And I learned from Savva Nazirovich that Prince George was going to be built from natural stone, but the stone he had not. Deposits of stone were found only in the Galician the Principality, and this is the other end of Russia: Suzdal is located in the North-East, Galich in the South – West, and between them not one week. Of course, to carry the stone from Galicia it was impossible.

Therefore, Russian the architect was very interested in how to find deposits of stone. But on the construction Speyer Cathedral, one he could not help: the quarries around the city appeared two hundred years ago.

I knew, as being the search for the stone and its production in Palestine, Sawa offered their services and immediately was invited to Russia. I was promised content Sotsky, and it is in Russia pretty important state and military position, roughly translated as "chief of hundred".


Commander Henry. My brother Mathias, and when you have time learn how we are searching for deposits of the stone in the Holy Land? Do you have had time to the quarry? After all, the duty Sergeant of the order of poor knights of the Temple is very cumbersome, and served you very different mission, not related to construction.


Knight Mathias. My brother, my Lord, I am the son a stone Mason and studied with his father until he went pilgrimage to the Holy Land. And then, in Palestine, the stone as such is not to be found, he comes to the surface almost everywhere. Difficulties arise only in the selection of good and bad types stone, and this requires a trial punching of the layers. But still it's all done near the building: the most remote of quarries I've seen at the Belvoir, in Galilee, there is a stone chapel was carried seven miles (15 kilometers – approx. transl.).

We in Germany look the stone is harder because it is not everywhere, and its deposits are hidden under the ground. But on the slopes of ravines sometimes you can see exposed layers of rock under opolska soil, and along the banks of rivers – screes, indicating that there deposits. All this taught me dad in childhood. However, the search stone in our country is simplified by the fact that the quarry has been spent already not the first hundred years, and the question is only in their extension and discovery of new layers. For example, around my home Passau under the high banks of the Danube is many quarries.

So show Sawa your knowledge in this area I was easy. I hadn't imagined how hard can it be to move from words to deeds and to find the stone in Suzdal. But then, in Speyer, it was unclear even whether there is generally in Zalesie but here I not only went to a calculated risk, but honestly warned architect about the possible failure of the case. For credibility, I even expressed fear before the possible wrath of the Prince Dolgoruky, if the stone can not find. On reality, of course, the Prince's wrath I fear it was not necessary: even if hedecided to put me in prison, I managed to flee.


Bishop Tybalt. You sound so sure, my son, that you managed to escape?


Knight Mathias. Yes, I can escape from almost any prison.


Bishop Tybalt. Aren't you arrogant? So ? Russian prison – okay, maybe they're not so strong, but ours, for example?


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, I said from almost any. Of course, the one who knows that it is a member of the military brotherhood Gaza and Ascalon, can create such conditions that I can't even think about escape. But from any prison, which put ordinary people, I will be able to run, there are many ways. That's why I felt no fear before the wrath of the Russian Prince.

But Savva Nazirovich believe in my sincerity, assured me of their support and promised more additional award in the case of finding the stone. And the salary of the Russian Sotsky was considerable and justified the risk to any other Mason, if he's in my spot. And soon we went.


Count Wilhelm. Driving you must be on Rus regular merchant way – through one of our Northern cities, Hamburg or Bremen then in the East sea (the Baltic – approx. transl.), then through a large Russian city of Novgorod, and from there to Suzdal?


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, your knowledge extensive, the path of the Holy Roman Empire to Russia, indeed, is used most often. It is not the shortest, but it does not go through any other countries that may be hostile.

But we have not gone North and South by the Danube and the Russian sea (Black – approx. transl.), since I was invited Sava and his companions to stay at my venerable parents in Passau. We still went worked in Speyer, the Builder of Galich: South path for him, too, was more convenient.

My father was very happy I'm going to work to Russia in the high rank Sotsky, told all that he knew about search quarries, and gave me a samples of building stone, so I can compare them with those who find in Russia.


Bishop Tybalt. And you're not afraid to invite to your home of the barbarians?


Knight Mathias. Excuse me, your Excellency, Yes what are they barbarians? Nice and friendly people. Savva Nazirovich well spoke Latin, and two of his fellow-craftsmen during his stay in Speyer, though not fluent, but have studied German.


Count Wilhelm. Suppose the architect Savva and his satellites, while in Germany, tried to behave the best way. But Russia clothing, manners, habits, customs isn't barbaric?


Knight Mathias. Certainly, your Excellency. Dresses there the people, in my humble opinion, not worse than in the Empire, and all the assumptions we have stories about Russian barbarians, dressed in raw animal skins, – the same, God forgive me, nonsense, as stories about living in China people with dog's heads. Very different from our only clothes and weapons local soldiers, and that's more due pointed helmets, which in our army no. About these helmets are incorrect in hostile areas Palestine.

Perhaps the only thing what looks different from the Russian citizens and of our Empire and the countries of the East, – the fact that in Russia the majority of people somehow has the faces very grim expression. Why it happened – don't know how to actually relationship simple Russian people are quite peaceful and good-neighbourly, if only they do not involve the princes in their feuds. Fighting there often occur due to of the Vice of drinking, this Vice is the cause of most murders.


Bishop Tybalt. Unfortunately, this Vice has place in our Imperial cities, and how often, or more often known only The Lord, as it is impossible to count.


Count Wilhelm. But if Russian princes have their the origin of the Norman Rurik, then, probably, the feasts they are in the spirit barbaric feasts of the tales about Valhalla?


Knight Mathias. Differently, your Excellency. I seen in Russia and is quite gracious and dignified feasts, and those where guests get drunk to the point that he could not get up from the table. In General, we have so and no barbarism I do not see here.


Commander Henry. Us martial brothers in Gaza and Ascalon, it is recommended to respect the peoples among whom have to work, even if it is heathen Arabs, Turks or Jews. Russian Christians, although the Byzantine style.


Knight Mathias. Yes, and customs are completely Christian. Of course, there are pagan traditions, but there is enough and among the peoples of our Empire.


Commander Henry. Respecting people quickly get used to its customs and its become in this nation. I am not a deep connoisseur The Holy Scriptures, but it seems that even our Lord Jesus Christ was talking about in the future there will be neither Greek nor Jew.


Bishop Tybalt. Commander Henry, a connoisseur of The Scriptures you really are not, for it was written by the Apostle Paul in The Epistle to the Colossians.


Count Wilhelm. Thanks for the clarification, your Eminence, but in General I like the reasoning of the knights of the Temple. Continue his story, knight Mathias.


Knight Mathias. Stayed three days at my venerable parents, we moved on, down the Danube. From Passau to Russia you can get short land route through Bohemia, but this way is through the mountains, and the merchants prefer to sail on rivers, especially in Russia still most of the roads and river, on dry land there is almost no travel, except the so-called winter – sled tracks on the ice of frozen rivers.

So we went with a large merchant caravan down the Danube to the town of Kiliya, and there boarded a marine ship and sailed along the coast of the Russian sea to the mouth of the Dniester, where is Belgorod.


Count Wilhelm. If my memory serves me, in ancient times the Dniester was a Greek city of Tiras.


Knight Mathias. Quite true, your Excellency. Now it is Belgorod. There was separated the Builder of Galich: he moved on to the merchant ship, going up the river Dniester. We Savva and two of Suzdal artisans sailed across the sea to the mouth of the Dnieper, where is the city Oleshshya. There we again boarded the river ship and on the Dnieper river rose to Kiev. This road at that time was safe.


Count Wilhelm. At the same time? And when it happens unsafe?


Knight Mathias. It depends on the steppe nomads owns the lower reaches of the Dnieper. Generally, merchant caravans they robbed, Yes it is not easy, as the Dnieper river is wide and deep, and shore to reach ships very difficult, the distance is too great even for archery. But on the river there are several rapids, and through them we have to move ship land – in Russia these places are called "roads". Around these roads usually there is a small settlement, and that they sometimes attack the nomads.

Yet, since the nomads come from the East, where there is a tradition of integrity merchants, they prefer to Rob trade settlements and the surrounding area of southern Russian cities.

Memorable Prince Vladimir Monomakh caused the nomads a number of severe defeats, and since they usually attack Russia only during the time of princely feuds, at the invitation of one or other Prince who employs them in the war against their relatives. But then, in the forty-fifth year, Russia was still.


Commander Henry. And sea and river robbers?


Knight Mathias. My brother, my Lord, such thieves are everywhere – and on the Dnieper, and the Danube river and the Mediterranean sea. But Kiev we went with a large merchant caravan, and they are afraid to attack. Their victims are usually single ships.


Commander Henry. But Savva was not afraid to go through Kiev? If Grand Prince Vsevolod II of Kiev was at odds with George Dolgorukiy, could he hold masters and get to work on yourself? Or even execute to deprive the enemy of the ability to build temples and fortresses?


Knight Mathias. Savva Nazirovich was well aware of the princely strife, and knew that at the time Vsevolod was with Dolgoruky although not in the best relations, but in the world. And, of course, the architect had all the necessary security certificates.


Count Wilhelm. By the way, about Kiev. His grace talked about the barbarism of Russian, you disagreed with him. In your opinion, Kiev is also not barbaric city?


Knight Mathias. In General – perhaps not, your Excellency, although there are traits that I would call barbaric. They there are both in Kyiv and in other Russian cities, where I had a chance to visit.

First of all, of course, for the fortifications, which in Russia is very weak. They are based on low and not very steep shafts, about five to seven cubits (3-4 meters – approx. transl.) height. Before the shafts is as shallow ditches, usually boggy. On the shafts is low, also five – seven cubits, log the walls, which consist of filled land of log cabins from the battle move upstairs. Sweep away from the shaft these walls with the help of a little bit of modern siege equipment is not difficult. Shafts inside the fortified wooden huts, but the defense it did not strengthen, as if the fortress walls are so weak, when siege to destroy the shafts themselves there is no need.

The gate tower in Rusi also wooden, except only a stone's Golden gate in Kiev. More no towers, useful for strengthening of defense, Russian fortresses there.


Count Wilhelm. Judging by your story, knight Mathias, fortresses look like the fortress of the ancient Gauls, who in many captured even the great Julius Caesar in the era preceding the Nativity Of Christ.


Knight Mathias. I don't have such a profound knowledge of history of fortresses, your Excellency, but I believe that this is so is. To me this is even more amazed, because in Russia I came after Palestine, which is already built more than a hundred stone fortresses, and about the same built. And what is the fortress!


Commander Henry. Yes, you can recall at least fortifications of Acre, which consist of a system of double walls converging the right angle, and components in terms of a rectangular triangle, the base of which is the sea. Each of the walls – a length of about a quarter of a mile (500 meters – approx. transl.), and has twelve powerful towers. At the intersection of Eastern and the inner North wall of the North-Eastern corner of the fortifications – is huge the round "tower of Henry." In front of the city walls, deep trenches and ditches, covering the message of the city with the outside world by land, are still towers, surrounded by its own moat. All walls are equipped with interior corridors loopholes. And all this, of course, stone.


Knight Mathias. And the Northern outskirts of Acre, Memzar, also double fortified stone wall with towers.


Bishop Tybalt. Honor and praise to our masters building so subtly even in Palestine – poor, desolate and uninhabited region, in constant wars with the Mohammedans.


Count Wilhelm. While the Russian residential construction looks as savagely as fortresses?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. In Russia almost all the houses are hidden behind high fences and the street is almost not visible, only from all sides are heard growling dogs chain. Bridge on the largest streets are not paved with stone as in our Empire, and wood. On the streets where no bridge, dirty, even in the summer, and what is happening there in spring and autumn you must can't even imagine.

The vast majority of houses and churches of wood. All buildings in the strongest way bloated due to the fact that almost all the huts have no chimney and are heated, as they say in Russia, "black": the smoke from the hearth escapes through small Windows under the roof.


Bishop Tybalt. And what is house?


Knight Mathias. Small one-storey log house with a gable roof. If the house has two floors or more, it is usually called tower.


Commander Henry. It turns out, apparently Kiev is still looks like the barbarian city.


Knight Mathias. So, my brother, my master, although all Russian cities it produces the most pleasant impression.

Kiev is very large, I it seemed that he is almost a thousand acres (approximately400 hectares – approx. transl.). It is located in the middle of the steppes with small copses on high the right Bank of the Dnieper river, separated by many rivers on big hills. Median part of the city is located on the Old mountain up to a height of one hundred and twenty cubits (about80 meters – approx. transl.). Other hills are also settlements.

- Building in Kiev built so that the city is split in two large fortresses, one so called "the city of Vladimir the Baptist" stone Desyatinnaya Church dedicated to the virgin Mary, the other "the city of Yaroslav the Wise" with the largest in Russia stone the Church of Hagia Sophia. Actually, I'm not a fan of the Byzantine shapes of buildings, but this temple is very large, the height from the ground forty cubits (29 meters – approx. transl.), and crowned with twenty five gilded domes located ledges. Such a pile of brightly shining domes impressive.


Bishop Tybalt. The temple dedicated to the Holy Martyr Sophia, mother of Faith, Hope and love, or Sophia – the Wisdom of God? In our The Holy Catholic Church, both of these cult not so honored to dedicate the largest city temples.


Knight Mathias. The wisdom of God, your Eminence.


Count Wilhelm. I guess the subtleties of Byzantine cults now isn't important to us. What's more, knight Mathias, you can tell us about Kiev?


Knight Mathias. Strengthening Kiev, as elsewhere in Russia, consist of ramparts and wooden walls. The height of the trees on the plain reaches seven cubits (5 meters – approx. transl.), above the cliffs shaft is much lower, sometimes none at all. In the city of Yaroslav are stone Golden gate, which I already mentioned. The rest wooden gate. Around Kiev in many monasteries, fortified with ramparts and Palisades, some even with walls and large stone temples.

At the bottom of Dnipro is the so-called Hem, reinforced only by a palisade. If in the upper town lives, mainly the aristocracy and rich merchants, the hem of artisans and poor merchants. There are also the Kyiv trade and monastery of merchants from different countries. There is even a small wooden Catholic Church. In General Kiev the buildings, as in other Russian cities, almost entirely of wood, although there are stone towers.


Bishop Tybalt. You said – "the stone towers", "stone temples". So, in Russia stone already built and in Kiev?


Knight Mathias. I'm sorry, your lordship, I it is said that the word "stone" in Russia is a generalization: construction of hewn natural stone was carried out only in the Galician Principality and prepared in Suzdal, and in all other Russian lands, including in Kiev, plinth is used, sometimes in combination with small boulders or fieldstone.


Count Wilhelm. How long are you, knight Mathias, stayed in Kiev?


Knight Mathias. Then, in the forty-fifth year – about two months since we Savva Nazirovich left of the Empire in the autumn, our way to Kiev took more than a month, on the rivers was about to begin ice on the road came the thaw, and we had to wait this time in Kiev.


Bishop Tybalt. What is the ice and slush?


Knight Mathias. The freeze-up in Russia is called the time when swimming in the rivers becomes impossible due to the occurrence of ice, but this ice is not so strong to be able to take the sled and go winter road. Freezing happens early – in early November, sometimes late in the beginning December, and at that time no one on the Russian rivers don't go. At the same time takes place slush – when driving on land roads turns into things torment because of of the mud.

So we waited the freeze-up and thaw in Kiev and with the onset of cold moved on.


Commander Henry. It was difficult used in the famous Russian cold, my brother?


Knight Mathias. Not more difficult than to get hurt, alone, through the snowy mountain passes of Alamut in Baghdad. To the same Savva Nazirovich knew that I had never experienced such cold, and very worried about my health, even bought me winter clothes. It was important to take me safe and sound as a person that could help with the search deposits of stone, and sometimes I was amused that he treated me like pampered lad.

However, the late Sava was much older than me, was nice to me and I was grateful for the imaginary salvation in Speyer, so that his concern was dictated not only by necessity, but good feelings.


Bishop Tybalt. Late?


Knight Mathias. Unfortunately, Yes. I had to...


Bishop Tybalt. I'm sorry, son, I remembered that in the report you wrote about the unfortunate need to take the life of this architect. It really was such necessity?


Count Wilhelm. In any case, it happened later many years. If I am not mistaken, a year ago. So let's not go that far forward. While we are talking about winter forty-fifth and forty – sixth years, when Sava was still alive and healthy.


Bishop Tybalt. Like many other honourable people who fell in Russia by hand valiant knight of Mathias.


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, I only fulfilled the duty of a knight of the Temple.


Count Wilhelm. We are here just for also, knight Mathias, to determine whether you are in a particular case understood his duty, and what the consequences were performing their duty.


Knight Mathias. Yes, of course. Can I go to the story of the Suzdal Principality, or the high Council are interested in some more details my way?


Commander Henry. In Suzdal you by Savva went on frozen rivers?


Knight Mathias. No, my brother, my Lord. Even with the time of Vladimir Monomakh of Kiev to Suzdal leads permanent land road, it is a much shorter river path, and we drove by it on the sledge. Monomakh in specially paved this road to bypass the major cities to its it was more difficult to cut hostile Chernihiv princes, but still it is not to called safe as vyatichskoe in remote forests on the border of Ryazan and Suzdal in passing often attacked by robbers. They attacked and us.


Bishop Tybalt. And what is this forest – veticka?


Knight Mathias. In these forests live Vyatichi – pagan tribes who owned these lands before the arrival of the South Russian the conquerors, led by Vladimir the Baptist.


Commander Henry. And a lot of you was attacked by robbers?


Knight Mathias. Little, seven people. But our sledge caravan was small, only five of the sleigh. However, there were eight of us – I, Savva, two masons and four Byzantine merchants, while in Suzdal land from Constantinople expensive clothes and jewelry. We all had axes, and the architect is also a sword. So we could just give thieves a worthy back. But when on the road in front of us fell a huge cut tree, and with all sides were heard the ominous whistle, my companions was frightened and fell down, begging for mercy.

Of course, I could take from Savva of Nazirovich sword and immediately to deal with the robbers...


Bishop Tybalt. And you think you do you could win in open battle with swords seven robbers?


Knight Mathias. I think that it would be no more difficult than to win a battle three assassins trained in Alamut.


Commander Henry. The fact that the robbers are usually little to nothing about military Affairs. Most often it is the peasants or artisans, which unjust way pushed poverty or injustice superior.


Bishop Tybalt. I think, commander, that you partially justify robbers.


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, understand and to justify different things. We, the Templars, we must understand what motivates each person, be it the robber or the legate his Holiness the Pope.


Count Wilhelm. Once again you forget yourself, commander.


Commander Henry. Sorry. I hope it Eminence already understood that should not pay attention to rude remarks heartless old fighters.


Count Wilhelm. Commander, I'm older than you, and can to assure you that not less heartless. But the work of our Council requires sensitivity and shutter speed, which I all call. I have a question for knight Matthias: why Sawa or Byzantine merchants didn't hire at least three – five warriors to accompany? I think seeing armed men, thieves actually dared to attack.


Knight Mathias. During the time that we had to spend in Kiev in anticipation of winter, Savva with his propensity for drunkenness was sderzhalsya so, that money was barely enough to hire the sleigh. And military support, the more at such a great distance, as from Kiev to Suzdal, is very expensive.


Count Wilhelm. But you went and Byzantine merchants. They also didn't have the money?


Knight Mathias. The money they had, your Excellency. Anyway, after the rescue, they gave me very generous. So I think that they just showed carelessness.

And so it happened that no one but me unable to protect my companions from the robbers. But once to join with the wicked in battle, in any case, it was unreasonable, as it was necessary first understand, do not hide in the forest their associates, which could be Luke and arrows. I didn't want to show his fencing art on the front Sava Suzdal masters, so as not to cause issues, where a simple German Mason learned to fight with swords. So I decided to wait. And then I fell prostrate and begged for mercy with all.


Bishop Tybalt. But it was risky, my son. Suddenly they all you immediately killed?


Knight Mathias. Usually, your Eminence, the robbers don't do that. They are either taken from the merchants product and let them go back home, or take them to the forest and tortured to see if they had another product, will pay anyone for a ransom, which the caravans going along this path, and stuff like that. Sometimes tortured just for fun.

However, if merchants released, in the winter it also usually means death for them, because are selected not only goods, but also stripped almost naked, because the clothes are too valuable. And naked man to pass through the frost a few dozen miles from the nearest habitation, of course, impossible.

Sometimes, merchants lucky enough to stay alive and be sold in the slave markets, but that is, if they are captured by steppe nomads or sea and river thieves. The villains are also in the midst of Russian forest with the slave markets are not connected. So my companions, not wanting to fight, hope to survive not was no, and I could only wonder at their cowardice, passivity and short-sightedness.


Count Wilhelm. And how did you manage to escape?


Knight Mathias. The robbers took us into the forest. Bind us as we did not resist. Five villains were under the reins of the horse harnessed to our sledges, and two customized us. Had to get between the trees, the sled often clung to the branches and stopped outlaws started to release them, and curiously, my companions helpful help them, vainly hoping for leniency and mercy.

When everything once again was busy with the release of the sled, didn't cost me anything to take a step to the side and hide behind a large tree. No one noticed my disappearance. After that I just had to miss the caravan by himself, to follow him and one by one to destroy thieves, starting with the one who led the last sled.


Bishop Tybalt. This technique without the shedding of blood? As he called, I forget...


Commander Henry. "Look back".


Knight Mathias. "Look back" I had to use one of those killed me robbers. After that I took the axe and sledge just cut their heads, one by one, crawling behind them. So four were killed, were the ones who went ahead with my companions, paving the way. I loudly asked them to surrender. The nearest of them rushed at me with a sword, but I easily dodged the blow and then killed the villain. My companions, inspired by my example and using numerical predominance, rushed to the robbers and disarmed.

Weak and cowardly people usually can't suppress my desire to show off on the defeated enemy, therefore, at the insistence of the Byzantine merchants robbers were stripped naked brutally beaten, tied to trees and left in woods to die from the cold.


Bishop Tybalt. May the Lord have mercy on them wayward Christian souls.


Commander Henry. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. And in the end you arrived safely to Suzdal – the capital of George Dolgorukiy?


Knight Mathias. Not exactly, your Excellency.


Count Wilhelm. You have been on the road yet something deserving of the story for us?


Knight Mathias. No, your Excellency, on the road no more adventures we had, I just wanted to clarify that about the city Suzdal is not quite true to say as the capital of Dolgorukiy. Capital in understanding, for example, Constantinople in Byzantium, Paris in France, St. city in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Kiev Rus, in Suzdal,no, it is in this sense more similar to our Holy Roman Empire, where Rome and Aachen are symbolic capitals, and his Imperial Majesty prefers to stay in Regensburg.

The ancient city Suzdal – Suzdal and Rostov. At the beginning of his Suzdal reign, and reigned there George almost from the beginning of this century, Dolgoruky lived primarily in Rostov. But then he built the princely courts in the Suzdal, in the village of Kideksha near Suzdal, and Vladimir. Vladimir courtyard he preferred the last years of his reign.

By the way, frequent moves George had created many difficulties for the princely officials, who also had to up to his master. Savva Nazirovich, for example, told me that he was not at home, in Rostov, for a few years: had it to be Dolgoruky in Vladimir, to ride with him in the Principality.


Bishop Tybalt. Your Excellency, may be the story of the knight Matthias about staying in Suzdal Principality better to wait until tomorrow, when we're less tired and more attentive?


Count Wilhelm. I agree with your Eminence. Let's take a break until tomorrow.


Bishop Tybalt. Lord, we, the unworthy, grateful for Your great blessings to us. We praise You, we bless, thank you, much praised and magnified Thy goodness, and with devotion and love You shout: Benefactor, our Saviour, glory to You!


All participants meeting. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. The meeting was closed. Thank you all members.





of the Council of representatives of his Imperial Majesty, his Holiness the Pope and the order of the poor knights of Christ and Of the temple of Solomon on consideration of the report of the knight of Matias of Passau on the implementation of the mission in Russia in 1145-1157 years from BC

(Room on the inventory of the Vienna library: XII-21-8357/P-II)



In the name of God, the will of his Imperial Majesty Friedrich, his Holiness Pope Hadrian and the Grand master the order of the poor knights of the Temple, Bertrand de Plansfor held this meeting under strict secretly in the Imperial Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg in the seventeenth day of July 1157 from BC



Chairman of the Board – count Wilhelm von Veldhoven, Vice-Marshal of the court of his Imperial Majesty.

Member of the Board – Bishop Tybalt Surminski, the legate his Holiness the Pope.

Council member knight Henry from Angouleme, commander of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon of the order of the poor knights Of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.

The Secretary of the Board Alfred from Bamberg, a monk of the Imperial Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg.


The Council reports knight Matias from Passau, a member of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.



Count Wilhelm. In the name of God, continue the hearing of the report of the knight Mathias, a member of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.


Bishop Tybalt. Lord, I ask that You grant me peace, wisdom and strength. Let me watch the world through the eyes of love, to be patient, benevolent, gentle. Protect my hearing from all slander, my tongue – from all condemnation. Be in my heart only good thoughts. Put me in Your beauty, Lord, so I radiate Your light and Your love.


All participants meeting. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. I ask the distinguished members of the Council to sit down. At the last meeting, knight Mathias, you stopped on that safely profit in Zalesie together with the architect Savva.


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. When we Savva came Dolgoruky was in Vladimir, and we immediately went there.


Count Wilhelm. And what a city Vladimir? It, as the name implies, was founded by Vladimir Monomakh?


Knight Mathias. About its base are different gossip: whether Monomakh, or even Vladimir the Baptist. Even the name is unclear: perhaps in honor of one of these princes, but it is possible – and in honor of the great the southern Russian city of Vladimir, the capital of Volhynia. In Suzdal earth in General are very common southern Russian names – Zvenigorod, Przemysl, Gorodets, Starodub, Mikulin, when I was laid Pereyaslavl Zaleski (now Pereslavl-Zalessky – approx. transl.) and Georgiev Opole (now Yuriev-Polish – approx. transl.). Apparently, the Russian princes, who built the city in Zalesie, lacked imagination for inventing new titles. Even some of the local river received the southern Russian names. I remember the Trubezh and Lybed Rpen. The last two rivers, by the way, flow just Vladimir.

Around Vladimir located fertile plains, and the city is on the mountain height, probably, sixty cubits (40 meters – approx. transl.), between the deep ravines and rivers Klyazma and Lybed Cenu. It turned out that strong fortifications nature itself, and the rulers used the benefits of the location, erecting over the slopes is low, two or three cubits tall (1.5–2 meters – approx. transl.), ramparts and walls on them.

But the benefits of its location at the mountain between the rivers and ravines created and inconvenience. The size of the city is quite large, the length of fortifications is more than a mile (2500 meters – approx. transl.), but he is cramped within the old borders, and extensive Posad, and extending East and West along the Klyazma, was separated from fortress and unprotected. Torg, located at the bottom of the river, is also not protected.


Bishop Tybalt. Posad? What's that?


Knight Mathias. I'm sorry, your Eminence, I forgot to explain that the Posad in Russia, called the urban development outside the fortress.

Two gates in hardwood the towers lead into the city from the West and the East. Deaf turrets in Vladimir no, as in all I have seen Russian fortresses. Between the Western and the Eastern gate is the main street, paved with wood.

Wooden churches in Vladimir slightly less than in Kiev, but the stone temple when I go there for the first time arrived, there was only one. This temple is dedicated to the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ and built by Vladimir Monomakh in the Byzantine technique – time.


Count Wilhelm. Interestingly, while the main tower is in Russian fortresses?


Knight Mathias. No, your Excellency. Architect Savva Nazirovich told me that at the end of the last century Vladimir Monomakh built a full main tower in the castle ljubech on the Dnieper river near Of Kiev, but this case remained the only Russian fortress construction.

In the fortresses in Russia the main towers in the siege clad in stone temples, if any. With the threat the attack of the enemy under their drums (here and hereinafter are modern architectural terms – approx. transl.) even arranged wooden decks, so they could shoot the archers.


Commander Henry. But the temples strengthen weak and unreliable, and no serious assault, no Church not stand: the besiegers, it is easy to sum up the battering RAM and knock the door, or to impose the building of brushwood and to strangle defenders smoke.


Count Wilhelm. But a certain reason to use temples as the main towers still there, and not coincidentally, many such examples in my native Germany: just remember the fortress Church in the See of Abbey.


Bishop Tybalt. And in Sirmione on lake Garda, the main city of my diocese, too, there is a Church embedded in the fortifications.


Count Wilhelm. In any case, if the enemy already were able to overcome the main town fortifications and capture the city, taking even the strong main tower is just a matter of a relatively short time. But at least a symbolic main tower of the fortress is still needed, because during the capture the enemy city walls, the military commander must be able to lock in any strengthening and, while the enemy is preparing for his assault, to arrange honorable surrender. And even the weakest of the main tower is a noble class enough protection during the uprising of the citizens.


Commander Henry. Yes, your Excellency, I agree with you.


Count William. Me by the way, always was interested in this. I heard that the Apostolic rules and definitions The Ecumenical councils forbid the monks and clergy to participate in military actions with weapons in their hands. But it happens very often, that example – if present here the knights of the monastic order of Christ and of the Temple Solomon. Same thing with using the churches as the main towers. Isn't there contradictions?

Bishop Tybalt – a profound expert on the sacred texts, maybe he will explain it to us?


Bishop Tybalt. There is no contradiction, your Excellency. Eighty-third Apostolic rule says: "the Priest, exercising in the military and wants to keep both, that is, the Roman the authorities and the priestly office, let him be deposed from the sacred rank. Because Caesar what is Caesar, and God of gods".

And the definition of the Fourth Ecumenical Council States: "Clerics and monks determined not to join any military service, nor in worldly rank, and dared to this, and not returning with repentance to that first chose for God anathema".

As you can see, both cases we are talking only about the ban for the monks and priests to combine the service of God with service in the armed forces of the earthly rulers or any other secular service.


Count Wilhelm. Your theological knowledge truly limitless, your Eminence. Thank you. And about the strengthening of Russian cities I would say very unflattering: what are strongholds, these are the main tower.


Knight Mathias. But fortresses from George was a lot, and the Prince built them, subjecting a single system: the distance between them should exceed two days, to catch up to the enemy, if he set out the fortress to get around. This system includes the Vladimir, Tver, Moscow, Ksnyatin, Dubna, Zvenigorod, Przemysl, Mikulin, Sochi, Starodub, Gorodets and mnonmany of the city, enumerating the names of which I do not want to bore the high Council. During my stay in Russia Dolgoruky built three: Pereslavl Zalessky, Georgiev Opole and Dmitrov. Have some of the fortresses of the Prince renewed strengthening.

I must say that I don't unable not to admire the activity of George Dolgorukiy, which transformed the hitherto unsettled pagan Suzdal region in a prosperous land, in which dominates the Christian Church, even if not the papal and Byzantine. And as I heard in the beginning of his reign on the squares of Rostov and Suzdal stood the idols.


Count Wilhelm. Yes, a worthy ruler, nothing say. Continue, knight Mathias, your story about the arrival in Vladimir.


Knight Mathias. In Vladimir we arrived in the eve The Baptism Of The Lord. From Savva of Nazirovich in this city was a big house, and he put me in one of the side rooms. The house was built, and a, we are happy to warm up immediately after arrival, and then soared almost on a weekly basis. Russians really love baths.


Count Wilhelm. What do you mean "steam"? To sit in the warm and moist a couple, as in the Palestinian baths? Forgot what they are called...


Knight Mathias. They are called hammams, your Excellency. But the Russian method of washing in a bath is very different and hammams, and our hot tubs. In the Russian baths the air is very hot and the hearth are large hot stones, abundantly watered, and this is a strong vapor. So in Russia, say – "steam bath". And in the Russian baths taken smacking each other with bundles of thin rods, and in winter is to pop up a steamed the cold and jump in the snow.


Count Wilhelm. And why was that?


Knight Mathias. I think to strengthen the body and spirit.


Bishop Tybalt. Strange way.


Count Wilhelm. I, however, think interesting. Somehow try to arrange a Russian bath in his castle Veldhoven. My friend, Duke von Oldenburg, have made something similar and highly praised.


Commander Henry. Since we are talking about baths, ask a question. My brother Matthias, shortly before the trip to Russia you were serious wounded in battle with the assassins, and you certainly left a big scar...


Knight Mathias. Yes, on the left shoulder.


Commander Henry. You've been hurt before. How much received in battle scars you had when you came to Russia?


Knight Mathias. God spared me: compared to the many of our other brothers of the scars I have are few, only six. Later in Russia I got another one, now there are seven.


Commander Henry. Yes, it's a bit: I eleven.


Bishop Tybalt. It's valiant of knights is considered a little?


Count Wilhelm. A little, your Eminence. I different times received fourteen wounds.


Bishop Tybalt. God, how cruel this world...


Count Wilhelm. Another world Lord we don't provided, have to live in it. Commander Henry, your question knight Matthias consisted only in the number of scars?


Commander Henry. Not only that, your Excellency. My brother Mathias, what do you think: when Sawa saw your scars, one of which, obtained under Alamut, was very fresh, not have arisen if he had suspicion, you're not who you say you are? For the knight you have scars, really not very much, but for the average Mason too much.


Knight Mathias. When Savva Nazirovich in the bath noticed my scars, he asked me where they came from. I answered him the same way answered and his father, who asked me the same questions: supposedly, when I worked construction in Edessa, the city was besieged by the infidels, I had to fight on the walls, I was severely wounded, captured and survived by a miracle. My father, and Russian architect not so well versed in military and medical, to understand that all my wounds were obtained at different times, and directly to them I never: would've died from the first three.


Commander Henry. And your circumcision Savva noticed?


Knight Mathias. Unlikely. He could know what it is. However, in this case I was ready to tell you that in prisoner was forced to accept Islam, and after fleeing the sin of apostasy was I released my Confessor as forced.


Count Wilhelm. Knight Mathias, who else in Russia could see your scars and circumcision? With whom you have soared in a bath?


Knight Mathias. Yes, perhaps, no one but The Petryliv Of Maravich.


Count Wilhelm. I wonder, I wonder. Tell us about him, please.


Knight Mathias. Petrila, or just Peter, – attracted me to work for the good of the Holy Catholic Church and baptized me in the true Catholic faith by a senior official of George Dolgorukiy. I Petrillo mentioned in the report written by me.


Count Wilhelm. The report we read, but we ask you elaborate Petrila.


Knight Mathias. Listen to and obey, your Excellency.

Petrila Maravich – almost my age, a year younger than me. It comes from a pagan tribe under the name "ves", living around the North of the Russian cities – Beloozero (located in the modern district of Belozersk – approx. transl.). At birth, Peter had been given the name of Anelim. His father, MERT was the ruler a small town nestled in the woods in a few days from Beloozero.

Around Beloozero lives only the whole, but Meria – also pagan tribes, pastoralists and agriculture. These tribes are much more powerful and numerous, lots of Mary and around Suzdal, Rostov and around. When from the South came the Russian invaders, they gradually subjugated and baptized in the Byzantine faith and meyrueis, and the whole, and Vyatichi, about which I have already described. But the tribe from which came Anelim, remained pagan in Beloozero Russian was still very small, and they out in the surrounding forest only to collect tribute.

Years seven or eight up to my arrival in Suzdal town, where rules father Anelma was ruined one of the Merya tribes. The ruler of the dead were killed in battle, the population was slaughtered or enslaved. Anela managed to escape, he wandered for a long time through forests and barely alive, came even to the Beloozero and Rostov, because the path to Beloozero were blocked by his enemies.

Prince George Dolgoruky, who lived then in Rostov, graciously accepted Anelma, acknowledged his noble origin, invited him to be baptized, himself became his godfather and granted a title of nobility: so here are usually did the leaders voluntarily conquer the pagan tribes. At the baptism of Anelim received the name Peter, in Russia it was called Petroleu. Some Russian when you leave the pagan baptism names, especially doing so the princes: for example, Yaroslav the Wise got the Christian name of George, Vladimir Monomakh – Basil, Izyaslav Mstislavich –Panteleimon, but still they are all called pagan. Petrila is not only was called by Christian name, but did not like when he was reminded that he was once Angelmom.

Father Petro, despite that was a pagan, gave his son a good education, so Petrila was immediately also employed in the princely Treasury.


Commander Henry. My brother Matthias, what you now told about the origin of the Petryliv, you only learned from him, or you had other sources of information? Or maybe you've been under Beloozero among there the Gentiles?


Knight Mathias. My brother, my Lord, I know that shall carefully check each of whom are attracted to work on good of the Holy Catholic Church. But to go to Beloozero and check that told Petrila, there was no way, as only the path to that the city takes several weeks, it is very far to the North. Distance from Vladimir beloozerov slightly less than to Kiev, and thus no a direct land route to Beloozero no, you long to sail on the rivers. To the same town where rules father of Peter, no longer existed, and look for itthe remains in the surrounding woods of course, I could not.

So I just had for those that asked about Petrila Savva Nazirovich. The architect told me about the same thing at different times told Peter.

I also knew that Wisata Nikiforovich, the Supreme Governor of Yuri Dolgoruky, who was in charge at court and search cases, checked all people taken to court. And since Petrila occupied a high position in the Treasury and was a gentleman, I decided that this is enough to read his stories about himself tested.


Commander Henry. Well, my brother, here to you unlikely to be claims. And what kind of position at that time held Peter?


Knight Mathias. He was one of the assistants the Prince's Treasurer and was in charge of collecting one of the types of taxes in Suzdal Principality.


Count Wilhelm. In Russia the position of tax collector is called the word "osmanic" or "volmink"? Am I pronouncing that correctly?


Knight Mathias. Your knowledge is deep, your lordship, and you pronounce these words correctly. Even their name is mytniki or publicans, but Osmaniye often.


Count Wilhelm. In addition, you, knight Mathias, drew Osmania Petrilo to work for the good of the Holy Catholic Church, you and he were friends?


Knight Mathias. You could say that, your Excellency.


Count Wilhelm. And what exactly was your friendship?


Knight Mathias. In the ordinary understanding of friendship. I stayed at his house, we went together to the feasts, have soared in the bath...


Bishop Tybalt. This friendship with Peter was called any emotional outburst on your part, my son?


Knight Mathias. Frankly, your Eminence, Petrila gradually became I cherish. But it all started with that friendship with anybody did not cause suspicions and eased my adjustment to life in Russia. Peter was my age, had, like me, non-Russian origin, we even look was a bit similar – both are slim, short, blond.


Bishop Tybalt. And you're ready to confirm under oath that your relationship with Peter was limited to friendship and collaboration actions for the benefit of the Holy Catholic Church, and there was no carnal relations?


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, members of our brotherhood in order to achieve the success of their missions allowed all carnal relations.


Bishop Tybalt. Including sodomy?


Commander Henry. Yes, your Eminence, and sodomy too.


Bishop Tybalt. No wonder they say that two riders on one horse is depicted on the seal of the order of the poor knights of the Temple, had a double meaning...


Commander Henry. I will ask no offensive hints your Eminence.


Count Wilhelm. Your Eminence, I think now it's your turn to apologize to the commander of Henry.


Bishop Tybalt. Yes, of course, I'm sorry and understand that any sin, including sodomy, can be accomplished by the Templars unless absolutely necessary, and they are pure as the robe of the virgin Mary...


Commander Henry. Wow, what a high opinion your grace upholds us, the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple Solomon.


Count Wilhelm. Dear members, maybe we still go back to hear the report of the knight Mathias? Or maybe better will be given me the power to adjourn the meeting of the Council and to ask his Holiness the Pope, and the Grand master of the knights Templar to send other representatives, as these incapable of quiet business discussion?


Bishop Tybalt. Commander Henry, again please me and you and the Templar order as a whole.


Commander Henry. God will forgive you, your Eminence. Now, my brother Matthias, when members of the high Council know about your law in necessary to enter into any carnal relations, don't be shy to tell the truth. There was a connection between you and Peter?


Knight Mathias. Yes, he had.


Count Wilhelm. Knight Mathias, keep up your the story of how you met Omnicom Petrilli and how you managed to bring him to work for the good of the Holy Church.


Knight Mathias. After a couple of days after arrival in Vladimir we Savva Nazirovich was taken by Prince Georgy Vladimirovich Dolgoruky on his yard. Prince's court is freestanding and Russian standards, strong fortress, it is situated on the hill dominating over Vladimir bargaining. This strategy is similar to ours: we have castles of chivalry, usually also located outside the cities.

The yard randomly built wooden towers, in total components of the princely Palace. At a reception in the great hall of the Palace was a lot of people, a hundred people, maybe more. The Prince was sitting on a bench on the hill and talked with one, then another official.

When Savva entered hall, George immediately saw us, stood with us, hugged Sava, and then warmly thanked me and he and the whole court already knew that I saved architect at first from German, then Russian bandits.

For the salvation of the Sava Prince has granted me the cloak from his shoulder, that Russia is considered one of the highest awards. He ordered to pay me the promised salary Savva Sotsky for forward six months and promised me if I will be able to find deposits building stone tripled the award and award to the nobles.

Then the Prince spoke with someone else and me began to approach his entourage, meet and thank you for saving Sava. Then came Maravich and Petrila.


Count Wilhelm. It Petrila you were approached, not Vice versa? Remember the good knight Mathias, it is very important.


Knight Mathias. Don't understand, your Excellency, why is it so important, but remember: he came to me and spoke in Latin, although with lots of mistakes. I was very pleased to hear the Latin, because Russian language I still knew very little and could not step to move away from Sava, who performed the duties of interpreter.


Commander Henry. And where Peter learned Latin? You asked?


Knight Mathias. Of course, my brother, my Lord. It was one of my first questions. He said that education, which his father had given him, involved study of Latin. Still, the father was the ruler though small and marginal, and pagan, but of the city.


Count Wilhelm. Wondered whether osmanica Petrila, as a German Mason, Matthias, supposedly even non-knightly rank, was able not only to beat and get rid of several vagrants in Speyer, but also to deal with seven forest robbers?


Knight Mathias. This has interested many. I explained this is because from childhood he knew how to fight, besides my father hired for me teacher of fencing in the hope that I'm ever very good a bricklayer, later an architect, and then I knighted. I told me that when he worked in Palestine, I had no time to join in the fight against the infidels.


Commander Henry. And your story believed?


Knight Mathias. Why not? Not quite believing, it seems that only the Supreme Governor Wisata Nikiforovich. The first time he even put me spies, which I immediately noticed, but made no sign. No interest in Suzdal I had, I was there only for in order perfectly to learn Russian language and go to Pereyaslavl to Izyaslav Mstislavich. So Vysata, seeing that I'm not doing anything suspicious, soon the messengers withdrew.


Commander Henry. But if you don't believe Wisata, maybe and someone else? For Example, Petrila?


Knight Mathias. I admit, I didn't think about it, your Excellency. No I slippery no questions asked, all I was praised and thank, I enjoyed universal respect, and even a couple of times was invited to the court, despite the alleged absence of noble title. In Russia such honor for the artisan – a rarity.


Bishop Tybalt. The test of honor is much harder to pass, my son Matias, than the test of adversity. Still of blessed memory king Solomon compared the abuse of fame, abuse of sweets.


Count Wilhelm. Indeed so, your Eminence. Knight Mathias, how long after Dating you attracted to Petrilo work for the good of the Holy Church and baptized him in the true faith?


Knight Mathias. Not at once, your Excellency. It happened during the search for deposits of the stone.


Commander Henry. But Peter was Omnicom, that is collected taxes. What he had to do with the search for the stone?


Knight Mathias. Actually no, my brother, my Lord. But let me tell everything in detail, if the high Council so interested in my relationship with Petroleu Moravicum.

The search for the stone construction in Suzdal was very difficult. The fact that it the Principality is very large: it is more or less populated portion of a size not less Bavaria, along with Northern forests around Beloozero is almost bigger the whole of Germany. And stone there never was extracted.

Because I knew deposits of stone makes sense to look first under the cliffs from the rivers, the first thing I did last winter, at the beginning of the forty-sixth year, he commanded workers, which the Prince provided us with the Sava order, to dig from the side of the river Klyazma inclined course under the hill, on which stands the city Vladimir. Frozen clay first had to break the crowbars, but then went nepromesa, and it became easier.

If such excavation was carried out, for example, from the Danube under my mother Passau, we would probably immediately stumbled on a rock. Under Vladimir was also made about a dozen excavations, and stone was not even in the depth of several tens of cubits. In the end, all excavations instead of stone ran across some sort of grey rock, similar to the Packed clay and disintegrated upon impact, not even with a crowbar, and shovel.(Apparently, Mathias is talking about the geological deposits of the Jurassic period. A white stone is calcareous deposits of the Carboniferous period, that is far more ancient and because it is better Packed, i.e. more solid – approx. transl.). We tried to delve into this gray rock, but in some places it did not end even on great depth and some of its thickness was only a few cubits, and then again began the clay.

I asked Sava, what other city of Suzdal are above the high cliffs. He said there are many cities, but just high breaks even more. Then that same winter we sent workers to Suzdal, Kideksha, in several places in a pair of triple days from Vladimir up the Klyazma and the Nerl, a tributary of the Klyazma. Workers did the same excavations and returning from the same: stone construction, there is only gray rock, and in some places it is not only clay.

Excavation was more and more, they were farther and farther away from Vladimir, and still inconclusive. Was even looking at Rostov, although there the terrain is flat and swampy, and almost no breaks.

In principle, for me the success or failure of searches of a large stone did not matter, I still don't was going to stay permanently in Vladimir. I had to learn in perfectly speak Russian, and then go to Izyaslav Mstislavich. So I planned in the beginning of summer "play snake" and under a new name to appear in Pereyaslavl.


Bishop Tybalt. What to play, my son?


Knight Mathias. Excuse me, your Excellency, I did not specify that we have in order of the "game adder" is called creating visibility of his death.


Bishop Tybalt. And why so?


Knight Mathias. Because this snake does so in the moment of danger. Assassins this technique is called "to live among houris".


Bishop Tybalt. Thanks for the clarification, keep going my son.


Knight Mathias. All this time I lived in the side the room of the big house Savva of Nazirovich in Vladimir, but by the architect we see infrequently: he was in a permanent move to distant fortresses, usually along with Prince George, and I went around to arrange to inspect the excavations.

It's March, on the rivers the debacle began on the road – slush, drive around the Principality became it is impossible and we with Savva during this month of forced break in work began to think what to do next. Long did not invent anything except almost hopeless continue test excavation.

But once Sawa went Petrila Maravich. He went in its Treasury business, it was about the allocation of funds for some of the distant fortresses. It seems to Tver.


Count Wilhelm. Petrila he went in, or called him Savva?


Knight Mathias. Don't know, your Excellency, they told me about this is not told. I was at home, and Sawa invited Petrila, and I to have dinner together. During this time I began to speak well in Russian, and could to keep the conversation going.

Peter asked, as we Savva case, we told him about the difficulties of finding stone for construction. He wanted to know what all the signs are deposits of stone can to be, in addition to high cliffs. I said scree below the cliffs. Then Petrila offered to send the cities heralds and announce a reward to anyone who will find and bring to Vladimir a stone chip, suitable for construction, and can reveal where there are still a lot of debris.

Us with Sawa this idea loved it, and Sawa to celebrate even offered Petrila Maravich warm up with us in the bath.


Commander Henry. When you soared, for the first time Peter I saw your scars and circumcision, my brother Matthias?


Knight Mathias. Yes, my brother, my Lord.


Commander Henry. And he asked from all of this?


Knight Mathias. No.


Commander Henry. And then asked?


Knight Mathias. And then not asked.


Commander Henry. And wasn't it strange that he asked nothing?


Knight Mathias. I have realized that my report to this high Council had something to do with Petroleu Moravicum, and I hope sooner or later to find out what it is. But then no suspicion of the behaviour of Peter I is not caused. The usual princely official, related with sympathy for the foreigner and who wants to brush up on acquired in childhood knowledge of Latin. The fact that he saw my scars and circumcision was not to ask anything that could be caused by a simple delicacy.

He is generally very sensitive and educated person, I Templiers even rude sometimes felt uncomfortable with him.


Bishop Tybalt. To me you seem to be quite delicate, my son, unlike your commander.


Commander Henry. Indeed, I sometimes too harsh, your Eminence, but this is primarily due to the fact that accountable member of my fraternity, and I feel quite natural concern. And his brother Matias have in front of the high Imperial Council so, of course, he closely followed every word.


Count Wilhelm. In General, he drinks, and swears, as Templar? Recently I heard this saying.


Commander Henry. It is not so, your Excellency.


Count Wilhelm. You mean the saying or about habits knight Mathias?


Commander Henry. And about that, and about something else. Your Excellency, in the order of the Templars, comes a lot of different people, they do a variety of cases and have very different habits. For example, the behavior and habits battle-brothers, whose duty is the protection of the Holy cross in the battles against the infidels in the deserts of Palestine, very different from the habits and the behavior of members of a secret brotherhood designed to easily adapt to any conditions and to establish friendly relations with different people.

If brother Matthias will to fulfill its mission in the tavern with the fishermen, he will behave like a fisherman. If he will need to fulfill its mission to wear a collar, celebrate mass and to confess the parishioners, he will behave like a Prelate.


Bishop Tybalt. And in fact, what knight Mathias?


Commander Henry. It does not matter for the order of the poor knights of the Temple, your Eminence. Members of the brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon when you join the brotherhood to renounce their habits, attachment, personality traits, and anything else that may hinder the success of their missions.


Count Wilhelm. I believe that it doesn't matter for this Council, so back to the report. So, knight Mathias, you Omnicom Petroleu warm up in the bath, he didn't ask about your scars and circumcision, you tell him anything about them did not speak... And he has the scars were?


Knight Mathias. There were a few old scars. Peter later told me that he got them when he went on military campaigns with his father – the ruler of the town.


Commander Henry. And he was circumcised?


Knight Mathias. Of course not. North pagan peoples circumcision is not carried out.


Count Wilhelm. Clear. And helped in the end method search of deposits of stone, proposed Petroleu?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. Prince heralds announced a reward to those who bring in Vladimir the chip suitable for the construction of a stone the size of at least a fist, and point the place where there is still such stones. And after a couple of weeks to the house of Sava reached the people. We were carrying a variety of stones from all around the Principality, but most often they were either too hard like boulders and fragments of boulders, or too soft, similar to the gray rock, which lies under Vladimir. To may in the yard Sava grew large pile of rocks, and the need for constructionall was. All this time continued test excavations. Near Rostov found nothing, and then got even to Yaroslavl, and also found nothing.

I already spoke Russian in perfection, though still with a foreign accent. But this reprimand too quickly was missing and I had thought about that soon will need to "play snake" and go to Izyaslav.

But one day the courtyard Sava came to artisan from Moscow, a small town in the far South-West the outskirts of the Principality, two hundred miles (400 kilometers– approx. transl.) river way from Vladimir, at the border vyatichskoe forests. He brought a small stone chip similar to the one that lies around our Imperial cities of Regensburg and Straubing, only even lighter, almost white. This stone is perfectly suited for construction. Moscow the craftsman said that around his town of such debris along the river lying many, in some places the shores are literally covered with them.

Of course, I immediately gathered in Moscow. Petrila Maravich heard about my trip, offered to go together as he was in Moscow on some business for the collection of taxes.


Commander Henry. That is, to go along suggested namely Petrila, not you?


Knight Mathias. Yes, it is. I would never came to offer him a ride to the far outskirts of the Principality, I didn't know about it tax matters.

We went water by. Savva Nazirovich did not go with us, but sent a few employees that on the way, had to paddle, and the place to do the excavations. Wisata Nikiforovich in request Sava gave us a few warriors to follow as the path was far and ran dangerously close to vyatichskoe forests, where we the architect was once attacked by robbers.

We sailed in a big boat about a week – first up on the Klyazma river, nearly to its source, then rummaging moved to the Yauza, a tributary of the Moscow river. Around stretched the boundless Suzdal earth, and I thought that it should not be discounted in the performance of my mission in Russia that Dolgoruky – a strong and prudent ruler, taking care of the prosperity of his Duchy, and that in case of failure with Izyaslav Mstislavich you can try to rely on George Vladimirovich.


Count Wilhelm. Well, it is a sensible idea.


Knight Mathias. Thank you, your Excellency. And then I thought that it will be necessary, leaving in Pereyaslavl Izyaslav to leave in Suzdal someone who could monitor local events and to maintain contact with me.

Then I caught sight of Peter and me this look seemed caring, sincere, even in love...


Commander Henry. Did you think that he'll just studying, says, couldn't see before?


Knight Mathias. Hardly, my brother, my Lord: I well versed in the expression. besides, I knew that we could not see before, I have an excellent memory for faces. That's why I became convinced that I was him care it like a man.


Bishop Tybalt. And you already were the experience of carnal intercourse with men, my son?


Knight Mathias. I would not like to answer this question, your Eminence.


Count Wilhelm. Knight Mathias, you have my permission not the answer, as this question is not relevant to the topic of our meeting. Even if if you were a virgin, could feel the concerned looks, that's enough.


Knight Mathias. Yes, that's the look I felt, thought osmanic Petrila well suited for the work of the Holy Church, and decided to use it, since he feels so warm feelings. Mutual sympathy is the first step in attracting supporters.

I remembered that Petrila – former pagan Anelim, which adopted the Byzantine faith recently, only a few years ago and so is unlikely to have been deeply religious. So I started gently check his attitude in the faith, saying at every opportunity and awkward case against the lazy, fat and corrupt priests the Byzantine Church. Then he began to talk about the benefits of true the Catholic faith, and it seemed to me that my message falls on fertile soil.

Of course, I am not an experienced missionary, but my conversations with Petroleu Moravicum began to bear fruit: he started a lively interest in the Holy Roman Empire and the Holy Catholic the Church, especially since he never in his life did not leave Russia, and knew little about us. I risked nothing: if Petrila suddenly decided to tell you about our conversations Wisata Nikiforovich or even to Prince George, in my actions it would be impossible to discern anything wrong. For a German it is quite natural praise their country and faith.

Sensual views of Peter I was catching up increasingly and one of the nights on the way to Moscow, I used a technique which assassins called "Luring in your seductive", and we have... Sorry your Excellency and your Excellency, I am not very comfortable saying it.


Commander Henry. I say. This method, in order Templar is called "the Bed we have green."


Bishop Tybalt. This is from "Song of Solomon"? Such blasphemous use of the words of Scripture says it yourself. You, my son Matias, joined with Peter in carnal relations?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Eminence.


Bishop Tybalt. I suggest that the order of the rename this is not "Sodom and Gomorrah", it would be more accurate.


Commander Henry. We'll think over your offer grace.


Knight Mathias. How would this method not called, he gave the result.


Count Wilhelm. What was it like?


Knight Mathias. It was already near Moscow, when we sailed down the river Yauza and landed on the shore to rest and sleep. I his companions sat around a big fire. It was a warm may night, bright the moon is shining. We with Peter exchanged glances, as if accidentally moved away from the fire went deep into the forest and there, on the still cool grass, surrendered love.


Bishop Tybalt. The strange use of the divine the word "love". It may be more correct to say that surrendered to the godless the sin of Sodom?


Knight Mathias. If I even for a moment made then such thoughts, your Eminence, I would not be able to seduce Peter and continue to use it for their own purposes.


Count Wilhelm. Are you sure that is not Peter seduced you and used for their own purposes?


Knight Mathias. It's now hard to remember the details of how we came into that his grace is fair calls sinful relationship. Now I'm not sure of anything, if the high Council so interested in Petroleu. But then it seemed to me that everything went fine, and Peter filled me with warm feelings.


Bishop Tybalt. And you, Peter?


Knight Mathias. Of course, quite without it could not do. Otherwise, the people that are receiving "Box, with we – the greens", can feel false.


Commander Henry. This is the risk that reception. The one who uses it, may be playing in the rough feelings and not notice that the game stopped being a game. But judged strictly brother Matthias, many years of carrying out a dangerous mission far from home, I wouldn't, even if his feelings for Peter were stronger than they needed to business. Let him cast Matthias stone he who is without sin.


Bishop Tybalt. Commander, if you remember turned to the sinner the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, remember and what the Lord said next: "Go and sin no more". And sodomy knight Matthias, I understand that continued after that night. Am I correct understand, my son?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Eminence. Then we Peter would be alone every night on the way to Moscow, and return to Vladimir.


Count Wilhelm. And your companions as this treated? Or they didn't notice?


Knight Mathias. We waited until all asleep, and since workers and soldiers were tired of rowing, they fell asleep quickly. We're with Peter from rowing was free, and we had a lot, enough for a long and stormy classes. Then together we bathed in the river in the moonlight.

But even if someone from satellites and noticed what we were doing, it would not have produced a stunning impressions: such relationships are not uncommon among ordinary Russian people, often commute to work in other cities, and even in other principalities, and separated with families for several months, and even years. For example, in the same connection consisted of two riding with us, warrior.


Count Wilhelm. But the stone in the end you found between rapid classes and swimming?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. We arrived in Moscow, a small town on a hill near the confluence of the Yauza river in Moscow. Thanks high position Petryliv at the princely court, we were well taken old Moscow Governor Dmitry a Yakunovich, located in a large house, warm up in the bath, and the next morning went to look for stone.

Found it right away. Any the excavation under the hill on which stands the town, and above and below on the river Moscow then rested in the powerful layers of magnificent bright stone. Directly under the stone town lies a little deeper, and a pair of triple miles, up and down the river is very close to the surface. Even dig almost not necessary.

To finally to understand what was happening, we sailed down the Moscow river about a dozen miles, and had a look there. Dig did not have, the stone was barely covered with soil and sometimes even visible from the surface of the river.

Still had to check how whole layers, there are no cracks in them, would it be possible to break them larger blocks. Workers took crowbars and started to go deep inside deposits, and it turned out that we are dealing almost with the monolith from which it was possible to obtain blocks of any size. I checked, this stone lends itself to treatment, everything was excellent. It seemed to me that these deposits much better what I have seen in Germany, and is comparable only with Palestinian.

We took out a few blocks of stone were loaded into our boat and sailed back. On the way back did a few test excavation under the banks of the Yauza and Klyazma, but stone was gone.

Sawa was thrilled seeing brought us blocks. The next day we were taken by the Prince George, who was also very happy though and noticed that it would be good to find the stone closer to Vladimir and Suzdal, as in Moscow, he did not going to build. Sava promised to make more excavations between Vladimir and Moscow, and if the stone are good, if not then closer to Moscow no. Dolgoruky said that even if other occurrences are not there, then call from Moscow, nothing to worry about.


Count Wilhelm. Dolgoruky and fulfilled his promise and gave you a noble title?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency.


Bishop Tybalt. Did the Prince suffered his nobleman – Catholic?


Knight Mathias. No, your Eminence. I took the Byzantine faith in the day when I was granted nobility. My godfather was Savva Nazirovich. My patron Saint during the Byzantine baptism remains of the Holy Evangelist Matthew, and in Russia it sounded like Matthew. And because dear people there are referred to by first name, I became Matthew Gancevichi.

He spoke in Russian I that time in full perfection, so that could be considered that the entering into this the country was successful.


Bishop Tybalt. Here you are, the Templars, the Byzantine about accept the faith, the Mohammedan, the Jewish...


Commander Henry. Only feigned, your Eminence.


Bishop Tybalt. But you at least repent then?


Commander Henry. Of course. Each of our brother continuously and constantly exalts the Lord penitential prayers for their unintentional sins.


Bishop Tybalt. I mean given to us by God the sacrament of confession.


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, we, the humble members of the order of poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon, Holy father this the right not to tell in confession of our acts. Besides, brother Mathias, as Templar, are particularly important, secret and risky mission, has a full papal indulgence for all his past and future unintentional sins, except a sin the betrayal of the interests of the Holy Catholic Church and the order of the Temple.


Count Wilhelm. By your words, commander, do you think that none of the Templar never in my life doing no one free of sin. But let's leave theology and continue the hearing report. Knight Mathias, you found the stone, became a Russian nobleman, and what you further work proposed by the Prince and Savva? Not a bricklayer to work the gentleman...


Knight Mathias. No, your Excellency. I was the proposed work of the chief quarries.

But it was time to start essential mission and go to Pereyaslavl Izyaslav Mstislavich. So I took a week of reflection and time have convinced Petrillo to promote The Holy Catholic Church and baptized him in the true faith.


Count Wilhelm. And how did you get him?


Knight Mathias. I told him that I will not accept the proposal of the Prince, and soon will leave Vladimir. He got upset and began to ask me not to go. I said if he wants me back, should I to help. He expressed willingness to assist me.


Bishop Tybalt. And what did you tell him about yourself and his mission?


Knight Mathias. I'm a Catholic Prelate and missionary, and my mission is the establishment in Russia of the true faith. Petrila said he was ready for me to help. Then I asked him to take our faith, and he agreed.

I secretly baptized him in The Klyazma is the same warm, clear night like the one when we first were together.


Bishop Tybalt. Very touching, my son. How you baptize him? You know the prayers accompanying the sacrament of baptism in the true the Catholic faith?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Eminence.


Commander Henry. All members of the brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon have a strong Foundation of knowledge, which, if necessary, to serve the Liturgy and prelutsky perform other duties, including baptism.


Bishop Tybalt. But, of course, is what baptism is not could be true...


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, I wonder your ignorance of the fact that there is a secret bull of his Holiness the Pope, sanctifying baptism committed any of the knights of the Temple in special circumstances, in the absence of the Prelate and Bishop.


Bishop Tybalt. I remind you, commander, that about baptism can be not only in the case of improper the Baptist, but in the case of improper relationship of the baptized to this Holy Ordinance.


Count Wilhelm. Dear members, it is not necessary to start a theological argument. Knight Mathias, you, when baptized Osmania Petrila, haven't opened him being a Templar?


Knight Mathias. In any case, your Excellency. If I father't have discovered that I am a knight of the Temple, so Peter...


Commander Henry. No doubt, brother Matthias, what do you perfectly know the rules of our order of the brotherhood and know how to keep secret. And how you left Suzdal? "I played a snake"?


Knight Mathias. No, it turned out much better. At first I was refused the post of chief of quarries under the pretext that Moscow is so far uninhabited outskirts of the Principality, for me to live and working there is like being buried alive. I was advised to assign there the head of someone from the local inhabitants, he also expressed a desire to work on stone construction. I already knew from Petryliv, that such construction of the Dolgoruky had no money, and so far it was only possible a little to extract the stone. So I was sure that the work of George donwill receive, and he and Sawa will feel sort of guilty. So happened.

Savva asked me if I want, there is no opportunity to build in Suzdal, to go along with him in the Federal Suzdal to Galich, where he was invited to hone skills architect: despite the frequent wars, in Halychyna did not stop the stone construction. But I said that he did not want to risk, and not Sawa suggest: at this time of the Kievan Grand Prince Vsevolod II of Kiev fought with Galician Prince Vladimirko the Volodarevich and were besieging Zvenigorod, one of the cities of Galicia of the earth.

I expressed a desire to exercise the right of free gentleman to go to any Prince, and showed an invitation from Izyaslav mstislavovitch – search stone for future construction in Pereyaslavl.


Count Wilhelm. And when you managed to get such invitation?


Knight Mathias. I did not received, we Petroleu eve made it to taken from the Treasury of parchment, which princes used for their documents. A certificate signed by Izyaslav Peter found somewhere in the Duke's archives, and we've carefully redrawn the stroke of his pen. However, no one carefully our forgery had not considered, I just waved it before the Prince and Sava, and it was enough.

Prince Dolgoruky offended that I'm going to work to his foe. But the war between George and Izyaslav this time they even had a common enemy – Vsevolod II of Kiev, so he could not have me to deny it. But left me cold.

Savva, when I left, walked me to the gate of his house, said, that just gets me, hugged me and kissed him goodbye, and promised at any time again take me in Suzdal.


Commander Henry. Of course, this departure was better than to play his death and then appearing in Pereyaslavl with some invented the story of his life, and even change the appearance.


Knight Mathias. Absolutely true, my brother and Lord. And keep in touch with us Petrilli in this case it was easier. About our relationship many guessed, and Vichate Nikiforovich it must have been known from his informants, so Peter could send each other letters carriageways with any merchants using our real names, and no one our correspondence would not have caused suspicion. I just explained to Peter simple the rules of secrecy of letters.


Count Wilhelm. For example?


Knight Mathias. For example, no mention in the letters about we serve the Holy Catholic Church. Or, for example, if there is urgent business and we need to meet, then write: "Come, I missed you".


Commander Henry. Yes, this is normal for relations with converted to the true faith assistants.


Count Wilhelm. Drove you to Pereyaslavl without adventure?


Knight Mathias. Because the Prince was mad at me or something, then an escort of soldiers he's not singled out, but I didn't care. I could to stick to any merchant caravan, but it was already June, I was in a hurry to Izyaslav and didn't want to lose a few days in search of the caravan, and then leisurely journey. So I went to Pereyaslavl alone, the same by land, which in the winter we went with Sawa.

Since I was already Russian nobleman, was riding in full armor, with sword and shield, good armour, on a fine horse, bought at auction Vladimir. I drove without adventure, except that in the end vyatichskoe forests lure of supposedly easy prey, I was attacked by five robbers. I his frisky horse could easily gallop away from them, but because to hide their the workmanship was not of whom, with pleasure hacked them.


Bishop Tybalt. With pleasure, my son?


Commander Henry. Brother Mathias, of course, exterminated villains exclusively with the Christian feeling of regret and forgiveness, and the pleasure received from just that could perfect their highest combat mastery, blunt during work in the Suzdal Principality.


Count Wilhelm. I have no doubt that knight Mathias had meant exactly that. Tell me knight, do you do not prevented safely drive to Pereslavl?


Knight Mathias. Not interrupting, your Excellency. I they arrived in June of the same forty-sixth year, he stopped at the Inn, toured the city.

I must say that The town seemed only a pale shadow of Kiev. Its strength is very low as size, length of fortifications just over half a mile (1200 metres – approx. transl.), a area of not more than twenty-five acres (10 acres – approx. transl.). The walls of the wooden shafts of the low – five cubits (3 meters – approx. transl.). The city located on the plain, and the relief the defense is not assistant. Slightly increase the protection of the fortress only a small river, Alta and trubizh, on a promontory at the confluence of which the city is located. Extensive Posad, about two hundred acres (80 acres – approx. transl.), but protected only by a palisade. And this despite the fact that the city often exposed to the attacks of the nomads, as it is located in the South-East of Kiev, on the border with the steppes.

The main stone Church the city is built at the end of the last century, the Cathedral dedicated to Michael The Archangel. It is a large Church building, built in the Byzantine forms surrounded on three sides by galleries and several chapels.

Prince's court is located inside the fortress, it was built back Vsevolod Yaroslavich, the father of Vladimir Monomakh. Back I the day and went.

The Prince's Butler I had a free nobleman Matvey Hanovice who left the service of George Dolgoruky and wishing to enlist to Pereyaslavl Prince Izyaslav Mstislavich. Butler asked me what service I would like to do. I replied that I need to personally and secretly talk about it with the Prince. I was told that the Prince takes it personally and secretly, not knowing what that is the case, and if I want to just engage the service, you can contact Supreme commander, Swarna Leticia. I expressed confidence that the Prince isit will be important and interesting, and asked me to give him two names: the official Polish the Prince, with whom he negotiated the Ambassador of Izyaslav, and the name of the Ambassador.

Soon I was adopted Izyaslav. Had I told him the secret of the Imperial envoy, said that I am aware of his interest in the acceptance of the true Catholic faith, and said that I will be ready to make his Grand Duke in exchange for the promise of subsequent bring them to Rus ' to Holy cross.


Count Wilhelm. You he just said so? And he's not he was angry that you give it the conditions?


Knight Mathias. Not a bit angry. I it seemed that he was to become the Grand Duke soul to the devil sell.


Bishop Tybalt. Watch your words, my son. Izyaslav promised to be baptized into the true Catholic faith, and not to sell his soul to the enemy of the human race.


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, I just wanted to describe Izyaslav, and I never would have thought to compare Christ's baptism the sale of the immortal soul.


Commander Henry. Do not carp at words, your grace, it's unbecoming of a servant of the Holy Church.


Count Wilhelm. Dear Council members, I urge all for peace, though did not expect that it will have to do me, and more was hoping for the Bishop to Tybalt.


Bishop Tybalt. Let peace prevail. Knight Mathias explained that meant and this is enough for me, its commander could not rise to his defense. And why, my son Matias, you have developed this opinion about Sochi?


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, it is the opinion of the I did before meeting with Iziaslav. Pereyaslavl this Prince not settled, the Church building are not kept, people lived in Pereiaslav land much poorer than in Suzdal, taxes were higher, the army bloated: so many soldiers on the streets I have not seen anywhere else in Russia. And what Pereyaslavl, as I said, is located to the South-East of Kiev, and possible opponent Vsevolod II of Kiev went to war in Galicia, to the West. Nomads too long ago of the citizens didn't bother. So I immediately thought thatIzyaslav not resigned from his position of Prince Pereyaslav and going to fight for Kiev.

Well, the view that Izyaslav Mstislavich of Kiev for sell his soul to the devil, I had already a conversation with him. He not only immediately accepted my offer. He immediately, even without asking questions, how exactly am I going to build it on the throne of Kiev, asked in what way I will eliminate Prince Vsevolod Olgovich, and what he will need help.


Count Wilhelm. I guess with such people is easy to work.


Commander Henry. Something easy, your Excellency, and something and hard. Easy at the beginning. But such people usually try only to use us for their own purposes, without giving anything in return.


Knight Mathias. Then Izyaslav Mstislavich so happened. And then I told the Prince Vsevolod II of Kiev with my help give your soul to Lord, and Izyaslav need to be prepared immediately after death the Grand Duke to go with his army to Kiev.

And I asked Izyaslav learn through his informants, like those of Vsevolod going near Zvenigorod Galician, and does the Grand Duke to withdraw from the siege and to return with his army to Kiev. It is desirable to intercept it before return on a campaign to eliminate the Prince is easier there and the guards is much less than in the Palace. And if Izyaslav no informants at the court of Vsevolod, it is possible just to send a messenger to the Grand Duke for some reason, for example, some warning about the attack of the nomads or the collection of rati GeorgeDolgoruky, and the messenger in any case indicate where to find Vsevolod.

And while Izyaslav will be find out where Colette, I asked to instruct me to find deposits of stone, although in reality, of course, no one building in Pereslavl natural stone was not going to. But under the guise of searching I was able to pay, to openly live in this city under his own name, and to leave the city for some time: sort of went off to find stone.

Izyaslav Mstislavich from invited his Treasurer, and commanded to set me up on a salary of Sotsky and issue the letter that I am search for stone deposits for future construction. On this the Prince broke up.

I hired a small house in Pereyaslavl, a little settled down, and after a few weeks was invited to Izyaslav. The Prince told me that Vsevolod is going to lift the siege of Zvenigorod and to return to Kyiv.

I was asked to describe habit of the Grand Duke. Izyaslav, it seems, knew immediately that it would be about poisoning.


Count Wilhelm. Indeed, the first such people like Izyaslav, easily.


Knight Mathias. Very easy, your Excellency. Izyaslav Mstislavich told me that Vsevolod usually eats one all the food trying his servants. But when the princes Izjaslav and Vsevolod went on Vladimirka Galitsky a year before my arrival at Rus, Pereyaslav Prince noticed that the kitchen is the Grand Prince of Kiev almost not guarded.


Count Wilhelm. It is strange that if Izyaslav was so knowledgeable in the protection of Vsevolod, he is also before he not hired killers.


Knight Mathias. In Russia it is not so simple, your Excellency. Russian people are usually very open and sincere, and Russian people rather go to the robbers than in the secret killer. The sword there is much more use than the venom and a dagger.


Bishop Tybalt. In other words, customs in Russia so corrupted as ours.


Commander Henry. I believe, your Eminence, that it's not only in morals but also in the fact that in Russia there are no schools in which receive training comparable to the training of assassins or members of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon. And without such preparation even the weak protection may be an insurmountable obstacle for the secret killer. So there is nothing amazing that pereyaslavs'kyi Prince immediately decided to use the services brother Matthias for the poisoning of Vsevolod.


Bishop Tybalt. How unfortunate it is, after all, Izyaslav and Vsevolod – close relatives...


Count Wilhelm. Your Eminence, I have with sorry to see that the history of the Catholic world knows, too many unfortunate cases where it is not the relatives, and siblings each other grass.


Commander Henry. And I want to remind him grace that Vsevolod II of Kiev to Izyaslav mstislavovitch not so close relative: father Vsevolod was the cousin of his grandfather Izyaslav. So nothing particularly unfortunate, in addition to poisoning as such, I do not see. But it the poisoning was caused by the need to fulfill the mission of brother Mathias, and we, the Templars, all such acts have the indulgence of his Holiness.


Bishop Tybalt. About times, about customs!


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, on this subject there is a saying: don't try to be more Catholic than his Holiness dad.


Count Wilhelm. Dear members, I will ask you not to be distracted. I am because of your constant skirmishes already forgot what stopped knight Mathias.


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, Izyaslav not only offered me poison Vsevolod, but wanted to give the poison but I refused, as I wasn't sure how the poison of Prince Pereyaslav effective and after a time, kills. And here we're going to calculate accurately. So I said I prefer diamond dust, and asked him to give me some diamonds.


Commander Henry. Have you not been with him the poison?


Knight Mathias. Was of course, my brother and Lord. Around my neck always hangs a medal with an icon of the blessed virgin, and in hidden compartments behind the icon is the poison of two types: action and slow instant. But my mission in Russia was long, it was a bit of poison, he could need more times, so I asked Izyaslav diamonds. The Prince at once opened the box, gave me a few large stones, then even removed from his finger a precious ring, gave it to me and walked me with the words: "Poison him as the rat".


Count Wilhelm. As far as I know, rats usually poison and crushed glass.


Commander Henry. Man is not a rat, your Excellency.


Bishop Tybalt. Finally I hear a speech worthy a good Christian.


Commander Henry. I'm sorry to disappoint your Eminence, but I in this case meant not that the person is the image of God, and any murder is a sin. I meant that poison people the crushed glass is difficult: if the glass is crushed too finely, then the person swallow it without harm for health, but if coarsely crushed, you will feel his teeth and spit.


Count Wilhelm. I have no doubt that knight Mathias can crushed glass is not too small and not too large.


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency, so I have istoloch not all the diamonds a few stashed away just in case. The lack of diamond dust I'm made up for the crushed glass. And the next day went towards Vsevolod Olgovich.


Commander Henry. But you have always been in the South Russia only travel from Passau to Suzdal. How did you find the path that will to return to the army of Vsevolod?


Knight Mathias. I went to Pereyaslavl bargaining and hired a guide.


Count Wilhelm. And that the conductor knew about why you this way?


Knight Mathias. He hasn't asked just for good price led me to the right way between Kiev and Galich. We hid in the woods in a couple of days away from Kiev not far from this road and waited for a couple of days. And when the distance seemed the army, and I made sure that the great the Prince is with him, I killed Explorer.


Bishop Tybalt. And whether it was bloodshed?


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, no bloodshed was not, as I used a technique known under the name "Unexpected verdict" approached the Explorer from behind, threw him on the neck rope and strangled. This was a necessity as I had to prepare for the penetration in the camp is Vsevolod II of Kiev and the killing of the Prince, and conductor would have seen my preparation and could stop me. Or could then I issue.


Count Wilhelm. Knight Mathias, and was not risk that is, the conductor then miss in Pereyaslavl and will ask you where it is missing?


Commander Henry. Your Excellency, such a mistake probably not commit to even a novice of our brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon, and from one of our best and most skilled knights, it just should not wait. Brother Mathias must have hired a guide, changing their appearance.


Knight Mathias. Yes, of course. Before going on bargaining for a guide, I changed into Mohammedan merchant dress, hunched and tied the cheek, supposedly a toothache. And had not a nobleman Matthew Hanovice and spree Turkish merchant Abdel Latihan, which in Galicia are waiting for companions.


Count Wilhelm. I never doubted the abilities of the Templars, whatever they may perform. And like you, knight Mathias, entered the camp of Vsevolod II of Kiev and removed the Grand Duke?


Knight Mathias. It was easy, your Excellency. The rest of the day I wandered through the woods along the road. And when the army encamped on the bed, I passed the sentries, which were few, and found the tent of Vsevolod. Tent guarded well, and I don't think I could sneak in there. But nearby was another tent, the kitchen, and as I said Izyaslav Mstislavich, it is almost not guarded: around it there were only one guard. The Grand Duke was just going out to dinner, and between the tents scurrying servants.

It was almost dark. I crept to the kitchen on the opposite side of the guard slipped under the fabric and was inside. Hiding between the rear curtain of the tent, and some great chest, I watched, from which we obtain food are of a great Prince, and of what mechs poured the wine. I understand from the conversations of the servants that cooked on morning.

Then, when all works stopped, and the Prince Vsevolod and the servants went to bed, I poured in the wine, designed for Prince in the morning, diamond dust and crushed glass. I rubbed them and in the bread and smoked meat. Then got out again safely behind guard.


Count Wilhelm. But perhaps the Grand Duke was not afraid poisoning? Izyaslav was told that all of his food pre-tasted.


Knight Mathias. Tried, your Excellency. But diamond dust and crushed glass do not cause immediate death. Only through a few hours a person feels pains in the stomach, and only a few days die. To be sure, I added the wine a little bit of slow poison action of my little bag – just in case Prince would not drink to the bottom. Diamond dust is deposited on the bottom, and the poison dissolves well.


Bishop Tybalt. That is, together with Vsevolod II you sent to the other world and faithful servant, tried the food? And, perhaps other servants, who had eaten of his master?


Commander Henry. In my hometown of angoulême, where a lot the quarries, there is a saying: when you cut the stone, fly around debris.


Bishop Tybalt. Commander Henry, you have to be humane even in the shower.


Commander Henry. We, the Templars, the soul is very humane, only in life you can't always apply our rare humanity.


Count Wilhelm. I'm deeply touched arguments about the kindness of the knights of the Temple. But okay, let together with Vsevolod poisoned servants, but, perhaps even nobles or ambassadors, with whom that night the Prince could share a meal?


Knight Mathias. Perhaps your ladyship. But he died if any of the boyars or of the ambassadors, I don't know. Vsevolod gave his soul to God through three days after his return to Kiev. If I'm not mistaken, it happened in the first day of August.

And I'm left Hiking camp Vsevolod went to Pereyaslavl to warn Izyaslav Mstislavich, Grand Prince remained only a few days, and have urgently prepare the army. Thanks to this, the Prince spoke at a Kiev almost immediately after the death of Vsevolod.

The younger brother of Vsevolod Olgovich Igor and Svyatoslav went against Izyaslav only with their squads and a very small militia.


Bishop Tybalt. My son Matias, please explain what is the squad and militia.


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, the squad – permanent cavalry troop, which is every Prince. The militia – army collect from residents and, if necessary, and peasants. The guards – horse warriors. The militia – often on foot, although it can be and horse riding.

To clarify that the militia is divided into two parts. First in case of war, calls upon the Prince and arming on your funds. Second are volunteers, if the enemy is directly threatened peace of their towns and villages. These arming themselves, they usually have no armor, no swords, just axes, but instead copies of the spears and sharpened stakes. The team of Keeper of the great Duchy may consist of several hundred people, and the militia – a few thousand.


Count Wilhelm. It's like our knights and foot soldiers?


Knight Mathias. In General – Yes. Igor II Of Kiev trying to gather the militia, but the people of Kiev were reluctant in his army, he refused to displace the few unloved people, the officials in Vsevolod still somehow endured. If Igor had more time he could, of course, to round up people into its militia force, but Izyaslav Mstislavich him that time is not given. The position of Igor was aggravated by the fact that his own the squad was very small, and he led into battle a squad of the late Vsevolod Olgovich who is not accustomed to his command.

A battle between the forces Izyaslav and Igor happened near Kiev have Nadowa lake (located near from the present railway station of Kiev, now there is approx. transl.). In the battle itself, I was not involved and do not know its details, but heard that winning was the joy of his Eminence Tybalt, almost bloodless. Not only because of the great numerical superiority of troops Izyaslav, but due to the fact that the squad late Vsevolod moved to the side of the citizens immediately after the start of the battle.

The ol'govichi had fled. Junior brother Igor II of Kiev, Svyatoslav went to his Novgorod Seversky, a small town near Chernigov. And Igor himself several days hiding in the marshes about Kiev, then he was captured, brought to the capital and put in prison.

Izyaslav solemnly moved into Kiev in two weeks after the death of Vsevolod, maybe even a little before. (August 13 – approx. transl.). All property of the ol'govichi was looted.


Commander Henry. Why haven't you participated in the battle?


Knight Mathias. We decided Izyaslav Mstislavich, to avoid any suspicion that I'm doing something else, except searches of building stone under Pereyaslavl.


Count Wilhelm. And how did you communicate with Izyaslav?


Knight Mathias. He gave me an audience, ostensibly to reports on the search for the stone.


Count Wilhelm. Thank you for reminding me about the audience, knight Mathias. Forgive me, dear members, but tomorrow I will be an audience with his Imperial Majesty, and I have to it to prepare. Continue the meeting without me.


Bishop Tybalt. Your Excellency, without you the meeting will not only incompetent, but also pointless.


Commander Henry. I will add more risky, so as no one is constantly to act as a peacemaker. Maybe your Excellency, complete our meeting today?


Count Wilhelm. But tomorrow I won't be able to pay attention to the report of the knight of Mathias.


 Bishop Tybalt. Then we can continue tomorrow. I like Regensburg, and I happy to stay there longer.


Count Wilhelm. Well, I'll see you day after tomorrow at the same time. Today's meeting is closed. Your Eminence, not will you read us a prayer? Better than you, it will not work for anybody.


Bishop Tybalt. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty Who is, was and is to come. And may He be praised and exalted by us forever. You are worthy, o Lord our God, to receive praise, glory, honor and blessing. Bless all the works of the Lord, praise say to God, all you His servants, you who fear Him, the small and the great. Glory to the Father and the son and the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever and unto the ages of ages.


All participants meeting. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. The meeting was closed. Thank you all.





of the Council of representatives his Imperial Majesty, his Holiness the Pope and the order of the poor knights of Christ and Of the temple of Solomon on consideration of the report of the knight of Matias of Passau on the implementation of the mission in Russia in 1145-1157 years from BC

(Room on the inventory of the Vienna library: XII-21-8357/P-III)



In the name of God, the will of his Imperial Majesty Friedrich, his Holiness Pope Hadrian and the Grand master the order of the poor knights of the Temple, Bertrand de Plansfor held this meeting under strict secretly in the Imperial Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg in the nineteenth day of July 1157 from BC



Chairman of the Board – count Wilhelm von Veldhoven, Vice-Marshal of the court of his Imperial Majesty.

Member of the Board – Bishop Tybalt Surminski, the legate his Holiness the Pope.

Member of the Board – knight Henry of Angouleme, commander of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon of the order of the poor knights Of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.

The Secretary of the Board Alfred from Bamberg, a monk of the Imperial Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg.


The Council reports knight Matias from Passau, a member of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.



Count Wilhelm. I welcome all the participants, and again, I apologize that because of my urgent matters at court had to be postponed our meeting. In the name of God, continue the hearing of the report of the knight Mathias, member of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon of the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple Solomon.

It has become a good a tradition that his Eminence before the meeting reads parting prayer.


Bishop Tybalt. Soul of Christ, sanctify me, body Of Christ, save me blood of Christ, give me water from the side of Christ, wash me, the suffering of Christ, strengthen me. O good Jesus, hear me, in the wounds Your hide me, never let me be separated from Thee from the wicked foe defend me, in the hour of my death call me and bid me come to You to Thy saints praise Thee forever and ever.


All participants meeting. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. I ask the distinguished members of the Council to sit down.


Bishop Tybalt. Allow me, your Excellency, to ask a question knight Mathias. Remember, at the last meeting we focused on the fact that the Holy the Church in the person carrying out their mission Templar Matias performed their obligations to the great Prince Izyaslav Mstislavich. And started whether Izyaslav to fulfill its obligations to our Church?


Knight Mathias. When, two weeks after joining Prince Izyaslav in Kiev, I come to him and had an audience, he said that must be approved on the throne, and then will start execution of our agreement. In order to get closer to the Holy Catholic Church, it was necessary first to move away from Byzantine, first of all required to deliver to the metropolitans of the Russian priest, independent from Byzantium.

The previous Metropolitan Mikhail by the time he died, and Izyaslav was going to make the Metropolitan monk Clement The smolyatych, known in Russia theologian and spiritual writer.


Count Wilhelm. It turns out, everything was going well?


Knight Mathias. First – Yes. But after the failure Clement Izyaslav dramatically changed the attitude to me, and to bring Russia to The Holy true cross.


Bishop Tybalt. Why failure? Clement in fact, as far as I know, was put in metropolitans.


Knight Mathias. So I could justify their point of view on the ordination of Clement, I would like to talk about the events forty – seventh and forty-eighth years in order. I hope it doesn't take much time.


Count Wilhelm. Tell in order, knight Mathias.


Knight Mathias. Members of the high Council, of course, I know that right after Izyaslav Mstislavich in the forty-sixth year began the great Prince, began a large civil war that lasted many years. Fleeing from the battlefield Sviatoslav II of Kiev began to gather troops against Izyaslav, and attracted allies Georgy Vladimirovich Dolgoruky.


Count Wilhelm. And I thought that George was the initiator of the big civil war that he could not endure that his nephew Izyaslav became Grand Prince of bypassing seniority.


Bishop Tybalt. Knight Mathias, recall, please, how these relations are called precedence princely in Russia? Somehow figuratively, like stairs...


Knight Mathias. Absolutely, your Eminence, in Russia this word sounds like "ladder". And most internecine war, your Excellency, started from Svyatoslav Olgovich with his the desire to rescue his brother Igor, who had been in the Kiev prison. And this is Svyatoslav dragged George into the war. Dolgoruky, on the contrary, was always ready to negotiate with Izyaslav Mstislavich. Later, in the forty-eighth, he even offered Izyaslav a great Prince if he would give him Pereyaslavl.

But when Izyaslav only vanailla in Kiev, Sviatoslav was able to convince Dolgoruky to start a war, promising him in case of victory of the great Kiev Principality, and recognizing his seniority. Though in fact, Sviatoslav II of Kiev Georgy Vladimirovich – the same generation, their grandfathers were the sons of Yaroslav the Wise, Svyatoslav and grandfather were older.


Commander Henry. How do you, brother Mathias, information that Svyatoslav promised George not to claim the great reign?


Knight Mathias. It was not to anyone in Russia a mystery, indeed, Sviatoslav II of Kiev kept his promise and never claimed to reign in Kiev. But let me, my brother, my master, to tell in order.

At the end of the forty-sixth the year I moved to Kiev. As in Pereyaslavl, I pretended to be looking for stone order Izyaslav Mstislavich, and it looked logical: under Pereyaslavl not found, now looking for near Kiev.

In December the Izyaslav invited me to the Palace and asked to slowly eliminate Igor Olgovich, the benefit this should be easy: in prison, the Prince has fallen ill from the dampness, cold and malnutrition and very poor. I said that it would be a mistake to make him Martyr, moreover, even if it will die from the disease, his death still blame the Grand Duke. So I advised Izyaslav to treat Igor, to take vows as a monk and imprisoned in some monastery. Then, even if it suddenly run away from the monastery, the people will perceive it as his wild plan, andgreat reign, he is unlikely to qualify.

Izyaslav thanked me for the Council, said that will follow him, and went with his army North to fight with Svyatoslav Olgovich. Indeed, in early January, Igor cut in monks and imprisoned in the Kiev Theodorov monastery. I slowly checked out there is security, everything was fine.

Towards the end of January to Kiev came the news that Izyaslav Mstislavich in vyatichskoe woods defeated Svyatoslav Olgovich. Soon the great Prince triumphantly returned to the capital.

George Dolgorukiy in it time fought in the Ryazan Principality. Peter then told me that it Izyaslav convinced of the Ryazan Prince to attack Suzdal. But Ryazantsev was broken, and George even set to reign his son, although only a couple of years.

In April the forty-seventh year George Dolgoruki met with Svyatoslav Olgovich and concluded an Alliance with him. Arrived in Moscow and others who ruled in Chernigov land the descendants of Svyatoslav son of Yaroslav the Wise, Vladimir and Izyaslav Davidovich, Svyatoslav. It was then Svyatoslav II of Kiev just promised George the great reign, if he will support it.

However, when the end summer started another war between the princes of Chernigov and Izyaslav Mstislavich, Dolgoruky was slow to act to help their allies-Chernigov, who suffered defeat after defeat.


Count Wilhelm. Thanks for the detailed story knight Mathias, but the main question is: did Izyaslav Mstislavich their promises?


Knight Mathias. In the forty-seventh year, one of the promises he fulfilled: in July, the Council of Russian bishops elected Metropolitan of Rus The Kliment Smolyatich. Opinions at this Council were divided, and the debates were very hot, but in the end prevailed of the bishops of lands subject to Izyaslav.

But the victory of the Grand Duke turned out to be illusory.


Bishop Tybalt. You wanted to say – a Pyrrhic victory?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Eminence, Pyrrhic. And a Ghost too. Izyaslav Mstislavich hoped that the influence of Rome let him establish himself on the throne of Kiev, but the opposite happened: Klim keep a metropolis only through the influence of the Grand Duke. Metropolitan admitted only subject to the Supreme authority of Izyaslav of Kiev, Pereyaslavl, Volhynia and Turov. In Chernigov, Novgorod, Suzdal, Smolensk, Galich or the bishops, or the princes, or both refused to recognize the authority of Rome and all the Church directly communicated with the Byzantine Patriarch.Well, the Principality of Polotsk did not obey even Monomakh, not to mention Izyaslav.

It was the first Pyrrhic victory Izyaslav. Second – the murder of Prince Igor Olgovich.


Count Wilhelm. The one cut in the monks?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency.


Bishop Tybalt. And it-why to kill?


Knight Mathias. Apparently, Izyaslav Mstislavich for some reason continued to consider him a dangerous opponent. I do not know. As you remember, I told the Grand Duke from killing Igor.


Commander Henry. You see, your Eminence, sometimes and bloodthirsty Templars are against murder, especially senseless.


Knight Mathias. Moreover – are harmful. Murder Igor has led to the fact that in Russia to Izyaslav Mstislavich began to treat much worse, and for him as a violator of the Prince's ladder the attitude of the people it is much more important than for senior princes – George Vladimirovich and Svyatoslav, Olgovich.

But, nevertheless, the instigation of Izyaslav Igor was torn to pieces by a crowd of Kiev.


Commander Henry. Are you sure that it was done it was at the instigation of Izyaslav mstislavovitch?


Knight Mathias. Sure, my brother, my Lord. Of course, throw in the crowd thought that the ol'govichi to plot, was not so hard, and it could do not only a month, but any other Prince. It was enough to hire people who would be screaming about it on the streets, or went home and promised money for participating in the riots.

But who are the princes could it but Izyaslav? Chernihiv rulers? But Igor II of Kiev was the mother brother of Svyatoslav, cousin of Vladimir and Izyaslav Davidovich, and it is unlikely Chernigov went to the murder of such a close relative, even for direct the ability to capture Kiev. And only in order to put in Izyaslav bad – even more so.


Count Wilhelm. But Dolgoruky?


Knight Mathias. Too complex a plan for him and his Supreme commander Vyshata Nikiforovich. It is very serious training was required, and then take it from distant Suzdal was hardly possible. So only a month. Let's not forget that the name Izyaslav shouted the crowd, going to the Theodorov monastery, where he was kept Igor.


Count Wilhelm. Knight Mathias, you are considered the possibility that the weakening of Izyaslav and strengthening the civil strife Russia was beneficial not someone from the Russian princes, and some neighboring state?


Knight Mathias. Considered, your Excellency. But such a state would be in Kiev a large network of spies and spies, and it is unlikely it would have slipped from my attention.


Commander Henry. Well, my brother Matthias, even if your conclusion is wrong, all the same arguments in support of it you brought enough.


Knight Mathias. Yeah, I forgot to mention one important detail: just before the murder of Igor was disarming with shared kitchen and shared lounge monastery.


Commander Henry. How did you know?


Knight Mathias. I myself was in this monastery, when killed Igor.


Count Wilhelm. And how did this happen?


Knight Mathias. While living in Kiev, I tried monitor everything that is happening in the city, and there was no better place than Kiev bargaining at the hem. I used to spend there several hours a day, talking to traders with them and drinking a brew or home brew.

And once in the middle Sep forty-seventh year, I saw that Torg is literally buzzing on it, scurry some people cry that the ol'govichi had plotted the lime of the Grand Duke Izyaslav, and Igor need to kill, as all the threads of the plot are drawn to him. And I have to say that Izyaslav in Kiev really loved: becoming the Grand Duke, he generously spent on the people of Kiev their coffers replenished by cruel taxation of the citizens.

I knew that Igor does may not be the heart of the conspiracy though, because barely drags his feet, but still is under close guard. In fact, I could not intervene in this matter, but since the beginning of the year had on this topic with Izyaslav, and understand the murder of Igor will be extremely harmful for the Grand Duke, then decided to go in the Theodorov monastery and check how it is protected. Even the great Prince in this time was with the army somewhere in the Chernigov land.

What was my surprise when, on arriving at the monastery, I saw the gate open, and about them – not a single guard. Inside, too, there was nobody, except some monk, hurrying about their business. I asked him where to find the hermit Gabriel: so it was the monastic name of Igor. The monk pointed to one of the cells. I opened the door and I look inside. The Prince was lying on the bench and seemed to be asleep.

Then I went to look for Abbot.


Count Wilhelm. Who is this Abbot?


Bishop Tybalt. In the Greek Church so called abbots, your Excellency.


Knight Mathias. Going out into the yard in search of the Abbot, I saw the gates flew three riders, one of whom was very young, fifteen years old, in a scarlet cloak of the Prince. I recognized him: it was the younger brother Izyaslav, son of Mstislav Vladimirovich from his second wife. His name was Vladimir, and a nickname he had, Macesich, as older brothers he was the son of their stepmother.

Jumping off the horses, they rushed up to me and asked where the Abbot. I said I was looking for it too. Vladimir wanted to know who I am. I replied that my name is Matvey Hanovice that I Grand Sotsky, overheard on the marketplace that people are going to kill Igor Olgovich, and got concerned.

The Prince shouted that the crowd already coming to the monastery, and he doesn't know where security. The cries ran the elderly Abbot, and said with trembling voice that came before the messenger with command to remove the protection.

And outside the gate were already the noise of the angry crowd. The Abbot in horror and disappeared behind the door.

I realized that Igor Olgovich urgently needs to be rescued, and proposed to Vladimir Mstislavich plant the deposed Prince on a horse and take out from the monastery, and I and the two princes while the fighters tried to detain a crowd at the approaches to the gates. I was armed vigilantes too.

But the Prince said try to hold the crowd by force is too risky for me and the guards better he try to pacify the people of Kiev and Igor while we need to get to the Cathedral under the protection of the Lord. I tried to argue but it was useless. Then I went to target to close them, but the Prince cried out that this should not be, and that the crowd is even more angry.

In short, I had only to step aside. Vigilantes brought Igor out of his cell and took him to the Cathedral, Prince Vladimir was at the door of the temple.


Count Wilhelm. The courage of this young man, of course, it is hard to deny.


Knight Mathias. Unfortunately, your Excellency, the courage of Vladimir Mstislavich was reckless. As I expected, gates burst into the crowd of two hundred people were already angry enough that wide open gate of her monastery did not appease.

The Prince from the steps of the temple tried to appeal to the people of Kiev with a soothing speech. It seemed, initially, his listen: was allowed to withdraw to Igor from the Cathedral and take located near the monastery courtyard, Duchess, the mother of Vladimir. But I immediately realized that it it was only a trick of the instigators in order not to commit a terrible blasphemy: not to kill the Prince in the temple. I ran to Vladimir and shouted him that he in any case did not take Igor out of the Cathedral. But he me to unfortunately again you didn't.

As soon as Igor Olegovich accompanied by young Macesich and vigilantes came out of the temple, they immediately attacked the crowd. Vladimir and vigilantes closed Igor with their bodies, fought sheath and the handle of the swords. A tangle of human bodies was rolled out for the gate of the monastery and rolled into the gate of the courtyard of the Princess. It seemed that salvation was close.

But then Vladimir Macesich tripped and fell, he was almost trampled, the guards rushed to rescue him and I left Igor in the lurch. A few minutes later the crowd dispersed, and opened this picture: Vladimir miraculously escaped, bruised, supported by their guards also severely beaten, disappeared in the mansion Princess. But the bloodied body of Igor Olgovich dragging along the ground, dragged three Dynamo tied to the foot rope, a few walked around and viciously kicking a dead man.

Then the body was dragged to bargaining and dropped there. The next day he read the burial service in the Cathedral, Holy Sofia and buried in the Simeon monastery, on the outskirts of the city.

After a few days on the trade rumors about the miracles allegedly committed during the funeral service Igor Olgovich. About how the Prince began to speak about the great Martyr Simeon the monastery began almost a pilgrimage. And, by the way, three years later Igor was canonized. And since his death, all blamed only Izyaslav Mstislavich, Grand Prince was in the role of Svyatopolk the Damned.


Bishop Tybalt. And what kind of Sviatopolk?


Knight Mathias. Was in Russia this Prince, native brother of Yaroslav the Wise. He sent the killers to the two youngest brothers, Boris and Gleb, who was soon canonized as martyrs, Svyatopolk was called cursed, that is cursed. And when he, in turn, was killed by Yaroslav, then no it is not a good word recalled, and Jaroslav not cursed.

No wonder, after hearing about the death of Igor Olgovich, George Dolgoruky and the Chernigov princes immediately began to assemble troops against Izyaslav Mstislavich and his younger brothers. Then the war involved nearly all the principalities of Russia, even far Novgorod.

When Izyaslav at the end autumn returned to Kiev, I immediately requested an audience. It did not take me for a long time, two months.


Commander Henry. This attitude in itself speaks volumes.


Knight Mathias. Yes, my brother, my Lord. Only the beginning of the forty-eighth year, I was finally admitted to the Grand Duke.

Talked to me Izyaslav Mstislavich very rudely and angrily. Any of my thoughts on the consequences of the murder of Igor Olgovich he even didn't want to listen.


Count Wilhelm. He was in his own right: regardless of whose the orders nor Igor was killed made was not to return.


Knight Mathias. Of course it is, your Excellency. But when I spoke with Izyaslav Mstislavich that it is time to think on the direction of the Holy Roman Empire of the Embassy for negotiations on all Church enterprises and preparation of the adoption in Russia of the papal legate, the Prince began to yell at me and stomp their feet. In this angry I have never seen. All the Russian princes used to command troops, they have a powerful voice, and shouted Izyaslav so loud that I even thought that it will be heard in the street.

Izyaslav claimed reeling underneath the throne that Metropolitan Kliment Smolyatich rests only thanks to his great reign, and that in such a desperate situation any communion with the Catholic Church will only lead to the fact that Russian people just cast aside all of us stones.


Count Wilhelm. I guess he was not far from the truth.


Knight Mathias. Unfortunately, Yes. I had just to say that I would expect from him is good news, and be off.


Commander Henry. You told the Grand Duke to resolve his enemies as well as eliminated Vsevolod II of Kiev?


Knight Mathias. It was too late to do it. Against Izyaslav and his younger brothers stood not only George Dolgoruky, with all sons and Svyatoslav II of Kiev, but also cousins, Svyatoslav, Izyaslav and Vladimir The Davidovich and nephew Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich and his elder brother George – Vyacheslav, son of the younger brother George – Vladimir Andreevich, and then Galician Prince volodymyrko Volodarevych. Too many princes would have had to remove it would take many years.


Commander Henry. As we say in the brotherhood, ruler to kill – not a puppy drown.


Bishop Tybalt. As it is cynical.


Commander Henry. Against the rulers or to puppies?


Bishop Tybalt. Commander, it's not in the rulers and not in puppy. If you don't understand just how cynical the General meaning of this phrase, to explain it to you, I'm afraid I can't.


Count Wilhelm. Dear members of the Board, your attention, please. Puppies are here exactly to do with it. And what you decide to do knight Mathias, after this conversation with Izyaslav? It was not you thoughts to return to the Empire for the new regulations?


Bishop Tybalt. Why was the knight Matthias to hurry back? Lived in pleasure in Kiev, pretending to be looking for stone got good content. And in the Empire – again monastic way of life, but still it is not known where the order will be sent with the next mission...


Knight Mathias. The reasoning of your grace sound unfair and insulting to the poor knight of the Temple, giving all power to do God's mission for the establishment in Russia of heavenly power The Holy Catholic Church. I was very homesick and love to come back if let furnished. But on the spot, in Kiev, I was hoping to take a more accurate decision on further action.


Commander Henry. The knights of our brotherhood this broad powers to make decisions during the execution of multi-year missions away from the homeland.


Knight Mathias. And since already in February the forty - eighth Izyaslav Mstislavich decided to preempt his opponents, went to Chernigov and besieged it, I decided to wait for developments. My next steps in any case depended on who would win the war.


Count Wilhelm. And as the war went on?


Knight Mathias. With varying degrees of success. Siege Chernigov, Izyaslav was forced to withdraw in March, and was barely able to return to Kiev due to the spring thaw. The same winter, Gleb, son of George Dolgoruky, not just unsuccessfully besieged Pereyaslavl, which at that time was Prince Mstislav, son of the great Prince Izyaslav.

And in the spring on the side Izyaslav went the eldest son of Dolgoruky, Rostislav G., offended by what the father gave him in the Suzdal land, no cities to independent reign. Of course, this position George was right on point of view of the unity of his Principality, but the transition Rostislav was a heavy blow to enemies of Izyaslav mstislavovitch.

Later, however, Rostislav he returned to the father, and was received with joy.


Bishop Tybalt. The return of the prodigal son, very touching.


Count Wilhelm. It's really touching, but, maybe knight Mathias will go to the story about future relations with the Omnicom Petroleu?


Knight Mathias. Yes, of course, your Excellency. In the summer I received from the Petryliv the letter that he missed me, and asks arrive in Vladimir. The word "miss" meant that he learned a lot at the we are interested in both cases and needs to tell me that.


Bishop Tybalt. Given your relationship the word "miss you" was probably not only the secret, but a direct sense, and the desire to see you was mutual.


Knight Mathias. I will not hide, your grace, I was delighted with the letter of Peter.


Commander Henry. We, the Templars, the warm feelings are not banned if they do not harm our charity case.


Count Wilhelm. Damaged warm feelings of a knight Mathias his mission or not, we still have to find out. Keep your story, knight.


Knight Mathias. After receiving the letter of Peter, I went in Vladimir. I went there secretly, with a caravan of merchant vessels.


Commander Henry. Why did you go by river, and not land?


Knight Mathias. My brother, my Lord, I could not to come to Zalesie under your name, so I needed time to to change the appearance. That was easy: it was enough to grow a beard and make a rough winded, peculiar to simple Pereyaslavl carpenter Pron, who I was. I was hired as a rower to the boat in a large merchant caravan.


Bishop Tybalt. But it's black, heavy and thankless job.


Knight Mathias. Absolutely, your grace, but precisely this work I needed: river paths inside Russia, it any experience is not required and is for the poor development fees travel and food. It could not be better suited for a simple carpenter Pron.

The work of the rower really very hard: no rest except the few hours of sleep on the bare ground or bare boards with its own cap under the head instead of a pillow, tasteless soup for lunch, a piece of stale bread for Breakfast and dinner. But this work went good for me, as for the time spent in Pereyaslavl and Kiev, I a little flabby, my muscles weakened, my hands become less nimble. All this not only adorns the Templar, but in a pinch could cost him his life.


Commander Henry. And you're not afraid to impersonate carpenter? This task requires many skills.


Knight Mathias. My brother, my Lord, any Mason needs to know carpentry, and my father in childhood he was taught.


Commander Henry. And what were you told when you asked why Pereyaslavl carpenter Pron goes to Zales?


Knight Mathias. In Zalesie the common people lived better than in Pereyaslavl, and to seek happiness in a foreign land was driving many. So no I really was not questioned, all were clear.


Count Wilhelm. And you told Izyaslav mstislavovitch about his departure?


Knight Mathias. I thought for a long time, to notify or not. But there was a risk that Izyaslav forbid me to go, so I did not do that. Only warned the Grand Butler that supposedly go in search of building stone, and I won't be in Kiev.

About a week after the departure from the capital, up the Dnieper, we reached Smolensk, where knait Rostislav Mstislavich, the younger brother Izyaslav. I liked the city: it is very great, its territory reaches not less than two hundred acres (about80 acres – approx. transl.), the middle part is located on a high about seventy cubits (50 meters – approx. transl.), the hill above the Dnieper, and strengthen and extend on the adjacent hills. In the city are the stone Prince's tower and a large stone Cathedral, built in the beginning of our century by Vladimir Monomakh. There are stone cathedrals and the surrounding monasteries.

Then from the Dnieper we turned in the Vyazma river, were large and inhabited portage (now at this place is the town of Vyazma – approx. transl.), then for some small river got in Ugra, tributary of the Oka. From the Oka near the town of Kolomna, we moved on The Moscow river and has already reached the familiar Moscow. Then at least the familiar way made it to Vladimir.

In Vladimir, I lived in a small but neat hut on the outskirts, and told Petrillo of Maravich about your arrival. He's on the same day, secretly came to me, and our meeting was very joyful. We didn't speak each other words of love, believing such tenderness unworthy of male warriors. But mutual affection was strong, it is impossible to deny.

Since then Peter many times visited me, and sometimes even stayed overnight.


Bishop Tybalt. Wow, what a warm relationship the sodomites.


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, I do not think have the right to challenge you to a duel, since you are much older than me and consist in the spiritual rank. Therefore, only ask the high Council to protect my knight honor.


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, you have caused an insult to knight Mathias, and it is an insult to the more hard that he is informed in the execution time of the mission had to engage in carnal relations with women. There is a significant difference between the sodomite and man forced to commit sodomy for the benefit of the Holy Church.


Count Wilhelm. Your Eminence, you are a brave people, it turns out. I, for one, did not dare so easy to take and to insult a knight of the Temple, especially members of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon.


Bishop Tybalt. I sincerely apologize to knight Mathias. I didn't know he had during their charitable missions to enter into relations not only with men but also with women. Accept my Episcopal blessing, my son Matias, and go on with your story, not paying attention to grumbling old-fashioned Minister the Lord.


Knight Mathias. Well, your Eminence. Petrila told me that the Suzdal land came to Novgorod Bishop Nifont and had with George for a long period of negotiations. Suzdal and Novgorod had previously fought with each other, and at negotiations it was a question of the conclusion of peace, the exchange of prisoners, the return of the Novgorod town of New marketplace (now Torzhok – approx. transl.), but most importantly – the adoption by Russia of the Catholic faith in case of victory Dolgoruky over Izyaslav Mstislavich. Niphon dismissal of Kliment Smolyatich was to become the Metropolitan and immediately send for the papal legates.


Commander Henry. Yes, impressive story, first just respect the wishes of the Duke and the Bishop to receive the legates of the Holy dad. But how did Peter know all this? The negotiations certainly had a secret.


Knight Mathias. He said that he was able to bribe the Prince's bath attendant in the city of Suzdal, where he met George and Nifont.


Bishop Tybalt. And what does the attendant?


Knight Mathias. In Russia in the rich houses there is a bath, in the baths, there are bath attendants. Every attendant knows countersunk holes which can observe what is happening in the bath. Usually these holes are used by bath attendants are not able to indulge in adult entertainment, watching for example, as bathing the Lord with boyar and what they are at this time doing.


Bishop Tybalt. Not only obscene but also not a pretty sight.


Commander Henry. We, the Templars, in their work often forced to use the most obscene and ugly side of life.


Knight Mathias. Indeed. Petrila told me I bribed the attendant, who gave him the opportunity to eavesdrop on what was said George Dolgoruky and Nifont, the Bishop, when soared in the bath after the consecration The renovated Niphon the Suzdal Cathedral, built under Vladimir Monomakh. By the time they've almost all managed to discuss and clarify small details, but about the acceptance of the papal legate, the conversation was clear and unambiguous, despite the fact that both had pretty inflated Braga.


Commander Henry. And you checked what I told them Petrila Dolgoruky's readiness to receive the legates of the Holy see?


Knight Mathias. Was going to check, and thought how to do it. Indirect confirmation of the story of Peter I already had: the desire George to build in Suzdal hewn natural stone, that is our Imperial technique. Direct confirmation I could try to do Savva Nazirovich.

But then Izyaslav Mstislavich sent to me killers.


Count Wilhelm. Here's how! And as it was, and where did you know it was Izyaslav?


Knight Mathias. It was shortly after my arrival in Vladimir. That night Peter was with me and we fell asleep. I woke up because my neck was thrown over the loop.


Commander Henry. In your house was able to quietly come in? And quietly sneak up on you? How could this happen to a member of our the brotherhood, which while sleeping not even a mouse should be chosen?


Knight Mathias. It's my fault, my brother, my Lord, I was tired after the training with Peter.


Bishop Tybalt. As it turns out, sodomy is still harm?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency, I I agree and heartily sorry for having lost vigilance.


Bishop Tybalt. It would be better not to enter into a Sodom relationships than to repent in a loss of vigilance because of them.


Count Wilhelm. As the saying goes, what's done is done.


Commander Henry. And what did Peter at the moment when you crept?


Knight Mathias. Lay beside me, he also threw on the neck of the loop. All the attackers were three in the dark to distinguish their faces it was impossible. One I kept, one was a noose on my neck, one on the neck of Peter.


Commander Henry. And you couldn't escape?


Knight Mathias. Could not, as I immediately began choke, not trying anything from me to find out. Choked steadily and unstoppably. Make sudden movements and try to free himself – meant only worsen without that desperate situation, so I thought I "play snake". Slightly resisted, pokhriyal and pretended that I lost consciousness, that is fully relaxed and only occasionally passed over my body, cramps similar to the death throes.


Count Wilhelm. And at that time was Peter?


Knight Mathias. I didn't see since it was dark, to also had to roll my eyes to the plausibility of images of death. Heard only his wheezing. Apparently, he too was strangled.

Then I heard that one of the killers said that it's done, the Germans went to hell. Another asked what to do with Petroleu. And the third – apparently, their leader replied that the Grand Duke Izyaslav Mstislavich commanded to kill only the Latin, and Petrila, though a sinner, but good Orthodox, so let him live.

And finally, I got a blow with a dagger. Apparently, the villains wanted to make sure I was dead.


Commander Henry. But, as we see, you're not dead. Where did they hit you?


Knight Mathias. Labeled in heart.


Commander Henry. But do not hit the same once you were alive?


Knight Mathias. Missed. The dagger only slid along the edge and had me pinned to the bed.


Commander Henry. My brother Matthias, not did you suspect that you by accident strangled to death, and for good reason tried to finish so clumsy? Do you remember what "the Arrow flying by"?


Bishop Tybalt. And what is it?


Commander Henry. So we called trying the murder, which, as it accidentally, but deliberately ends failure. Used for different purposes, most often to intimidate.


Knight Mathias. Of course, I remember what it is. For assassins it's called the "False Cobra". But I saw no reason at Izyaslav which would be beneficial to intimidate me. So to kill to kill, time to end all obligations to the Holy Catholic Church. So I decided that these murderers were just not experienced enough.


Commander Henry. But if they were inexperienced so that you are unable either to stifle or to get a dagger in the heart, how they got to hunt down? Have you thought about that?


Knight Mathias. I thought about this and even suspected they are still in Kiev, were employed by rowers on the same merchant caravan, or even the same ship, with whom I was traveling. But check this, of course, could not.


Count Wilhelm. What if they do not Izyaslav sent?


Knight Mathias. Then who? Who would want to kill me?


Bishop Tybalt. And Petrila?


Knight Mathias. You mean what happened to Petroleu? He lay next to me and wheezed.


Commander Henry. And you didn't chase murderers my brother Matthias?


Knight Mathias. I wanted to rush, but first had to be released from the stranglehold, pull out the dagger, and yet free from the stranglehold stertorous Peter. During this time the villains are already out of the house. I was without clothes, filled blood, so to run like this on the street did not: I could be caught guard, and there would be too many questions why simple Pereyaslavl carpenter Pron the Prince spends the night a high-ranking official Petrila Maravich.

When I freed Petrila from the stranglehold, he gently hugged me with words of gratitude. Apparently he hasn't heard the killers spared him, and decided that this time I saved him. I did not to argue, as his gratitude was the key to greater loyalty.

The next day we it thought about it and weighed everything he knew.

Izyaslav sent to me the murderers, then, for his efforts in establishing in Russia of a true Catholic faith can not count.

George Dolgorukiy in conversation with Niphon talked about bringing Russia to the Holy Cross, no one forced to say it, so he wanted it genuinely. Besides Suzdal the Duke wanted to build temples of stone as in the Empire, it's too much meant.

Serious contenders in the struggle for the throne of Kiev, Izyaslav Mstislavich in addition, the George at the moment it was not, and he stood above the Prince Iziaslav on the ladder. Besides Izyaslav stained with the murder of Igor Olgovich.

That is, the position at Dolgoruky was strong, and we Petreley decided to elevate him to the great Kiev Principality. Then it required only one – to eliminate Izyaslav Mstislavovitch.


Count Wilhelm. And George knew that you chose to eliminate Izyaslav?


Knight Mathias. No, your Excellency. Peter said that Prince Dolgoruky – the implacable enemy fratricide, and no what it will not do. For us it was enough that he was in conversation with the Niphon unequivocally expressed its intention to adopt Catholicism.


Commander Henry. My brother Matthias, when you went to Russia, you had a job to assist Izyaslav Mstislavich, and do not eliminate it. Why are you in such a serious direction change your action is not put in order of fame?


Knight Mathias. What are you, my brother, my Lord, I not some young novice, to so flagrantly violate our order rules. Of course, informed. Immediately wrote three letters detailed explanation of the reasons. The letters have used our secret code. As required by the rules, set deadlines: if there is no response within three months, you feel entitled to act at their own risk.


Bishop Tybalt. And why three letters, son my?


Knight Mathias. To be sure, to be sure, came at least one. So we write letters of special importance. On the road with letters anything can happen.


Bishop Tybalt. A secret code could cause suspicion, if the letter read is anyone a stranger?


Knight Mathias. Hardly, your Eminence. For encryption uses verses from Scripture, and the letter looks like a set of theological dogmas.


Count Wilhelm. And how you gave the letters knight Mathias?


Knight Mathias. The wound inflicted by the knife, became inflamed, and I am two weeks was bedridden. Petrila treated me, taking care of me. So these letters I could not convey myself, and Peter did. He sent them from different merchants, which were upon arrival in the Empire send them the monastery's mail in our order's Abbey.

I waited in Vladimir much longer than three months, but received no response.


Commander Henry. It is not surprising. Did not reach us no from these letters. Or all three merchants for some incredible coincidence not drove to Empire, Petrila or not handed your letters.


Knight Mathias. He told me that he had passed, and I I was sure that it was true. But now I'm not sure of anything.


Bishop Tybalt. This is correct, the excessive confidence can grow in self-confidence.


Count Wilhelm. Tell me more, knight Mathias. You have to wait for your letters...


Knight Mathias. While I was in Vladimir, waiting for an answer, in the fall of forty-eight all Chernigov princes, headed by Svyatoslav II, frightened by the betrayal Rostislav Georgievich, made peace with Izyaslav, Prince of Suzdal was one against Kiev and Pereyaslavl.

At the end of the year, winter, troops Izyaslav Mstislavich invaded Silesia. Passed along the Eastern borders, army Dolgoruky was found, burned and looted several villages near Yaroslavl in early spring and went home.

Petrila told me that in the late spring or very early summer Dolgoruky will appear in the campaign below to strike back at the very heart of possessions Iziaslav – Kiev and Pereyaslavl. While waiting for the response to the letters has long expired, and I decided that it was time act. Because I knew that under my name to return to Kyiv impossible, we decided disguised as Pereyaslavl carpenter Pron hires the Kiev militia and in the war to eliminate Izyaslav mstislavovitch.


Commander Henry. And why in the course of the war?


Knight Mathias. Many times I have been in the Kiev Grand-Ducal the Palace and knew that there was very strong security. So it was easier to kill the great Prince or on a hike as Vsevolod II of Kiev, or if Izyaslav took into account the errors deceased relative will be on campaign are as careful as in the Palace, during the battle.

So I said goodbye to Petroleu and, once the ice flow, one of the first caravans of the merchant ships went to Kiev.


Count Wilhelm. Also hired a rower?


Knight Mathias. Yes, under the guise of the same Pereyaslav carpenter Pron who went to Zales to look for happiness in a foreign country and not found. And as soon as he came ashore in Kiev, he immediately enrolled in the militia.


Bishop Tybalt. In that arming the Prince, or the one that is arming itself?


Knight Mathias. At first, your Eminence. In other words, from the princely army. Unsuccessful carpenter who came in Kyiv simple oarsman, could not be neither weapons, nor money, so I became a mercenary warrior.


Bishop Tybalt. And in actual fact you have the money was my son?


Knight Mathias. Of course, your Eminence. On Russia, I almost always received a salary Sotsky, and with their modest the queries the most part was postponed, and then used for their needs, when there was no income. I had hiding places in Kiev, and Pereyaslavl and Vladimir. There well, by the way, I hid the diamonds that I gave Izyaslav Mstislavich.

These caches are intact, so if any of our brethren will carry out the mission to Russia, you will find them to take advantage of.


Bishop Tybalt. I wonder if there is a description of where these hiding places how to find them if necessary?


Knight Mathias. All the places geocaching was me reflected in the report that I wrote upon returning home. So demand our the order's rules, and I have fulfilled them.


Bishop Tybalt. I don't recall that in your the report, my son.


Commander Henry. Your Excellency, according to our the order's rules, report of the recesses is written on separate sheets and not applied to the main report. This is because clades often cause unhealthy interest even in people who are admitted to many of the mysteries of the Holy Church.


Bishop Tybalt. What you're implying, commander Henry?


Commander Henry. For your interest in this part of the report brother Matthias, your Eminence.


Bishop Tybalt. Commander Henry, I'm asking those questions which I think is necessary.


Count Wilhelm. His grace has the right to ask any questions. But the report of the knight Matthias about caches is not a topic of the meeting of our Council. Interestingly, and in Kiev militia to mercenaries paid adequately?


Knight Mathias. No, your lordship, paid very little, we slept on bare boards, we were fed bad – bread and soup. But promised a share of the spoils of war and almost every night generously watered Braga. Given a simple peasant clothes, armed only with heavy and uncomfortable battle axe, wooden shield and leather helmet, iron chain mail I don't got. But I did not ask more such weapons, I was quite enough. In training, which, like the ancient Roman gladiators, were wooden weapons, I cared about something else: how would avoid being carried away and not show your martial art.

He commanded our regiment Rate Ratio, the old combatant of Izyaslav mstislavovitch, who served during Vladimir Monomakh. It was evident that in his youth he was a very strong warrior, and if I met him in battle in his best years, I would not be sure a favorable outcome of the match. And I did not portrayed the awkwardness and ineptitude, as he tried not to stand out among the other militias ability to deal with weapons, Rate his experienced eye immediately spotted me and wanted to appoint a foreman. But I refused, so as not to attract undue attention.


Bishop Tybalt. And you're not afraid that you anyone recognizes Matthew Gansovich?


Knight Mathias. No, your Eminence. I took simple but reliable precaution: when portrayed Pron, had a beard and when was Matthew Hanovice, then shaved it. This change appearance for inattentive glances was quite enough. More attention in the form of a Pron I'm not attracted to, as being a rower on a boat, and a soldier in the militia, behaved quietly, with no one argued, and not fought properly perform its duties. Yes, and in General appearance I inconspicuous.


Commander Henry. We are trying to dial in order military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon is the people with such good looks like my brother Mathias, it facilitates their work.


Knight Mathias. Yes, my appearance never down. But I will continue, with the permission of the high Council.

In July, forty-ninth year Prince George Dolgoruky made in the campaign and came under Pereyaslavl. Sviatoslav II of Kiev again moved to his side.


Commander Henry. Behavior worthy is that whore.


Bishop Tybalt. I would not be so sharply expressed, commander. Still, Prince is the Prince, and if the interests of the people of his Principality demand to join a stronger ally, but the sin of betrayal becomes forgivable.


Commander Henry. I believe that the traitor is a traitor regardless of whether he is the Prince or Hiking militia. We, the Templars, often forced to use in their work the fruits of treachery, but not cease to despise traitors. What would on this subject may be said to the theologians.


Count Wilhelm. Again please stop the unnecessary dispute. Knight Mathias, we listen to your story.


Knight Mathias. Izyaslav Mstislavich with a team and the militia acted towards Mr. Putin. All the soldiers Izyaslav given blue ribbon we tied on helmets.


Bishop Tybalt. Ribbons and why?


Knight Mathias. To distinguish in combat from their strange, your Eminence.


Bishop Tybalt. And without ribbons it is not clear?


Count Wilhelm. When as. Generally speaking, signs the distinction is necessary because even a small army has several thousand people, and all each other know in person can't. And once in battle to look at the faces. When the troops join in the battle and shuffled, each a warrior must know who was there – friend or foe, and every warlord must watch for those who oppresses, and give the commands. If you fight between different countries and peoples, different troops and armor, and clothing, and weapons. And during the civil wars, you have to have all sorts of colored tape.


Bishop Tybalt. Why the Kiev army Izyaslav gave it blue?


Knight Mathias. This color was the coat of arms of Iziaslav Mstislavovitch. The troops of George Dolgorukiy was the red ribbons – the color of his the coat of arms. Many citizens, supporters of this or that Prince, too, wore such colored tape.


 Count Wilhelm. Just like Hippodrome party in Ancient Rome – "green", "white", "blue", "red". Only here, instead of horses, it turns out, was the Prince.


Bishop Tybalt. Your Excellency, here is correct it would be to remember Byzantium, where, until recently, also there are the party, which acted not only on racetracks, but also had an impact on many aspects of life. I wonder whether in Russia such parties.


Knight Mathias. Constantly – no, but if during princely feuds the city Council had to decide which Prince to serve, that such party appeared.


Bishop Tybalt. What it is the chamber?


Knight Mathias. The Council of citizens, your Eminence, like our municipalities.


Count Wilhelm. Yes, it's interesting. So, the knight Mathias, are you staying on that "blue" was released in the campaign towards "red".


Knight Mathias. I was going to eliminate Izyaslav Mstislavovitch on the campaign, but this proved impossible: the Grand Duke has taken into account the experience of the predecessor of Vsevolod Olgovich and took strict security measures and your camping tent, and food. Of course, most of all he feared poisoning, and its cuisine was closely guarded food was tried the day before, how to serve the Prince, then about the food stood guard, and before serving to the Prince table this food again tried. I even thought that Izyaslav know what I'm after attempt could stay alive and now will take revenge.


Count Wilhelm. And if at all he gave no attempt?


Knight Mathias. Then it could have alerted my the disappearance from Kiev, your Excellency. Anyway, I realized that have to remove the Grand Duke during the battle.

At the end of August (23 numbers – approx. transl.) under Pereyaslavl was a battle.

Before the battle George Putin offered Izyaslav Mstislavich the world, moreover, was willing to acknowledge its Grand Duke, leaving himself Zales and Pereyaslavl. But Izyaslav refused. By the way, when I learned about George Izyaslav, I remembered what he said Peter: what Dolgoruky will never go to fratricide and soon will give way the enemy, the great reign.

The troops of George and Izyaslav stood, separated by the river and the old ramparts, built in pre-Christian times for protection from nomads.


Count Wilhelm. Something like the great Chinese wall?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency, but on Russian lad – in the form of a low, gentle, fallen from the time shaft without walls them.

Then Izyaslav Mstislavich crossed the river, Georgy passed the old ramparts, the troops moved closer and another stood opposite each other. When the sun already began to fall into sunset, George used a deceptive maneuver: he pretended that he refused battle, and started to deploy the army. Izyaslav decided that Dolgoruky was frightened and retreats, and went after him. But the shelves of George, trained much better Izyaslavovych, immediately turned around again and hit forward. Neither Izyaslav or his soldiers did not expect.

Regiment of the Kiev militia where I was, stood on the left flank. Izyaslav with his warriors on the right. I saw that the Grand Duke is too far and kill him, probably not succeed. But I was able to raise a panic.


Bishop Tybalt. Really one person can lift panic, in General, the shelf?


Count Wilhelm. Even as you can. When the regiment tensely waiting for the approaching enemy, it is enough to shout: "Surround!" or "Treason!". I just experienced this, when led to battle their knights and Pesci. The main thing – right to kill traitors, alarmists and cowards.


Knight Mathias. Quite true, your Excellency. That is why for those who want to sow panic, it is important to cry out "Surround!" not too early that the generals did not have time to kill, and not too late when the troops are back together: then, in the terrible thunder of the battle, no one will hear, scream – don't scream.

It is difficult to sow panic when before the battle is a skirmish archers, and warriors are busy reflection of arrows. But in the battle of Pereyaslavl shootout was not, Kyiv the militia was already confused because of the sudden attack George, and my cry about the environment took effect.

So when Izyaslav Mstislavich with his mounted retinue hit on the right flank, pushed left flank George, and then looked back at his army, saw the troops almost no Dynamo in horror perivale his blue ribbon and ran, and behind them the rest of the Pesci. So Izyaslav had only to shout squad to fled as best they could, turning the horse and rush aimlessly.

So again please him Eminence Tybalt: George victory was almost bloodless, running no one pursued – apparently, Dolgoruky was forbidden to do it. Yes, and it was getting dark already.


Bishop Tybalt. Well as it turned out, my son Mathias, you didn't have to take the extra soul a sin to kill Iziaslav: he so lost the battle.


Knight Mathias. I can not agree, your Eminence. Would have killed – there would be far more bloody internecine continue war.

But then, of course, no one this still might not know. The Kiev militia after the defeat fled who where, Izyaslav Mstislavich disappeared, Metropolitan Kliment Smolyatich, too, fled, as all brothers, children and the nobles of Izyaslav. Soon George solemnly entered Kiev.

Again, I became Matthew Hanovice and returned to his Kiev home. Then to Kiev to great Prince Dolgoruky came from Suzdal and the architect Savva Nazirovich, and osmanic Petrila Maravich.

During the time that we don't see, Petrila have time to marry.


Commander Henry. You see, your Eminence, and you say sodomite.


Bishop Tybalt. Not a sodomite, just fallen if the fall of the knight of Mathias in your order is considered forced and forgivable, that nothing Osmania Petrila it does not to say.


Knight Mathias. If we consider the behavior of The petryliv from this point of view, I would say that he married not for love but for money. The bride was not young, not beautiful, but very rich, and most importantly – this marriage was made related to Peter Andrew, son of Prince George, and hence, by Dolgoruky.

Twenty years before Suzdal boyar Stefan a Bunch of owned villages along the Moscow river. Prince George executed a Bunch for some sort of insubordination, took away his possessions and laid on the banks of the Moscow river town, which has long been called Kuskowim, and then became just called to Moscow as Dolgoruky was unpleasant reference to this boyar. This is the city where I found deposits of building stone.

Children of George Bunch took with him in Rostov, raised them and married his son Andrew at the spotted Greenshank, the eldest daughter Piles. And now my husband and Agrafena, younger sister Greenshanks, became Petrila.


Bishop Tybalt. You're probably upset because of the marriage The petryliv?


Knight Mathias. I admit, disappointed. And my the disappointment was even more intense because Peter never told me the desire to marry. However, he explained that this marriage is for him arranged some sort of matchmaker quite suddenly, and it was so beneficial that it was necessary to immediately accept and almost immediately to walk down the aisle.

Agrippina I did not seen, she remained in Rostov, but about her appearance and character of the said little flattering. Petrila, indeed, immediately received a promotion to the position of the captain and superintendence of the Prince's Treasury collecting more than one species taxes, of all kinds, and not only in the Suzdal Principality, but in all the possession of George Vladimirovich. So Peter traveled a lot, and sometimes even secretly visited me, when I was in Kiev.


Bishop Tybalt. In what sense were you visiting?


Commander Henry. In the same, your Eminence. We already knew that you are an implacable opponent of Sodom ties, so calm down, finally.


Count Wilhelm. Yes, your Eminence, we will not wasting time on repetitive reading of morality, we are not children, except only the children of Christ. Knight Mathias, your personal relationship with Omnicom Petroleu understandable, but did it increase the success of your main business – to help bring Russia to the Holy true cross?


Knight Mathias. We Petreley decided that I will living in Kiev, to pretend that looking for a stone, and expect osmanica news. Thanks the hassle Savva of Nazirovich and support Peter for me was the saved salary Sotsky, as Georgy was going to grow roots in Kiev seriously and for a long time, and wanted to start the construction of stone temples in Suzdal earth, but in the Kiev Grand Duchy.


Commander Henry. And don't you think Petrila was too hard to influence the acceptance decisions?


Knight Mathias. He was a high-ranking Prince official, better than I've seen the overall situation in Russia, and I didn't have reasons not to trust him. In addition, all decisions were made together, and the last the word always was for me.


Bishop Tybalt. Well, as we say in the North Italy, docile wife – husband lady.


Commander Henry. Your Eminence...


Bishop Tybalt. Silent, silent.


Count Wilhelm. And I want to ask a question knight Matthias: did you know that Izyaslav Mstislavich after the expulsion from Kiev turned for support to Catholic countries – Hungary, Poland, Bohemia?


Knight Mathias. Such rumors to Kiev came, your Excellency. But I thought that such treatment is necessary and neither of which sincere desire of making the Catholic faith is not evidence. I said, what a month for great power would go all the way down...


Bishop Tybalt. Until the sale of his immortal souls to the enemy of the human race. Yes, we heard it, and it is not necessary to repeat in vain blasphemous words.


Commander Henry. I guess it's for knight Matthias not can be claims.


Bishop Tybalt. You mean enunciation blasphemous words, commander Henry?


Commander Henry. No, I mean that brother Mathias rightly did not draw conclusions about the desire of Izyaslav to take the true faith of his requests for assistance addressed to the Catholic countries. In our the time relations often appear and stop regardless what faith someone adheres to. For example, during the internecine struggle Izyaslav and George was a war between Hungary and Byzantium, where the Holy The Roman Empire was, imagine, on the side of Byzantium. As we say in France, in war as in war.


Bishop Tybalt. Yes, I remember this strange the Union of the two empires.


Knight Mathias. Moreover, on the side of the Empire were and George Dolgorukiy. Izyaslav stood for the Hungarians, that is against our The Holy Roman Empire. And then Dolgoruky entered into an Alliance with Vladimirka Galicia, who also had close relations with the Catholic countries. Then, already in the beginning of the next, the fiftieth year, George signed with the poles and Hungarians Union, and they left Izyaslav.

So I the desire could not make the military of the princely unions any conclusions about the desire or unwillingness to accept the true faith. It's still a princely feuds, and not the Crusades.


Commander Henry. Even in the Crusades alliances with among the infidels against other infidels – business as usual.


Knight Mathias. So I lived in Kiev, watching events and waiting will once again be able to influence them. But they have evolved so quickly that I did not have time to prepare any action, at least in spirit made with Vsevolod Olgovich.


Bishop Tybalt. That is lived for pleasure, have watched and not intervened.


Knight Mathias. Again hurt the poor knight Of the temple, your Eminence. And for good reason. You can describe what happened in Russia in the fiftieth year and at the beginning of the fifty-first, and the high Council let him concludes, I could to something to intervene or not.


Count Wilhelm. We will listen carefully, knight Mathias.


Knight Mathias. I will begin the story with that Izyaslav Mstislavich shortly after fleeing from the field of the battle of Pereyaslavl showed up in Vladimir Volynski. Began to collect troops and found allies – Hungarians, Bohemians and poles, about it we already talked. I was about to go to Volyn to eliminate it, but here in Kiev suddenly appeared Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, the elder brother of George Dolgorukiy. It messed up all my plans.


Commander Henry. Why?


Knight Mathias. Because if I killed Izyaslav mstislavovitch, it would be unclear who would become a great Prince, and not worked whether I'm in favor of not George and Vyacheslav, which then nothing was known, except the fact that almost all my life, with a few interruptions, he procmail in town Turov and, according to rumors, was not distinguished by any special abilities or strong character. But any Prince personal deficiencies can be replenished wise approach, so all the rumors about the weakness of Vyacheslav I took no particular faith.

At the end of the forty-ninth year, under the Christmas, Izyaslav Mstislavich made from Volhynia with all the army, including allies of the Catholics. In January George moved him meet from Kiev, Galich went to Izyaslav, Vladimir. Vyacheslav was in Kiev, in what position is unclear, because the Grand Duke anyway called Dolgoruky and power also belonged to him.

Poles and Hungarians joined in talks with George and left Izyaslav, this is what I have said. So George moved on to Volhynia. In early February, he laid siege to a small town Lutsk.

Defended Lutsk Prince Vladimir Mstislavich – the young man, Macesich who tried and failed to save from punishment of Prince Igor Olgovich. The army of Macesich went out to meet to the enemy, but was repulsed by George and his son Andrew. The basic forces Izyaslav Mstislavich was constrained by the Galician Prince Vladimirko. So Izyaslav was forced to sue for peace.

The peace Treaty was signed in March. George left the Grand Prince of Kiev, Izyaslav, the Prince of Vladimir Volynsk. They also agreed that George will return Izyaslav prey taken it army in the battle of Pereyaslavl.


Count Wilhelm. And is George away from his troops legitimate prey and gave Izyaslav?


Knight Mathias. Of course not. Apparently, it was one of the reasons that peace only lasted a few months.


Bishop Tybalt. No wonder greed is one of the the seven deadly sins.


Commander Henry. I think there were other, much more serious causes. Hardly Izyaslav pleased need to obey Dolgoruky and to settle for psychology.


Knight Mathias. Of course, so, my brother, my Lord. In addition to Izyaslav moved Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, resentful the fact that his younger brother, George not only became Grand Duke in the bypass of seniority, but did not even bother to invite him to peace talks.

And in may Izyaslav The great secretly made in the campaign, not George declaring war, at least in spirit Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich.


Bishop Tybalt. And what is the Prince and how he declared war?


Knight Mathias. He was the father of Vladimir the Baptist and grandfather Yaroslav the Wise. To his enemies he had sent messengers with the words: "Coming to you".


Count Wilhelm. It is in the spirit of the ancient Romans.


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. Izyaslav Mstislavich went to Kiev not in the spirit of the ancient Romans, but rather in the spirit brotherhood of the assassins. Crept quietly, and not from the West, not direct path, and bypassing from the South. The impact of the main forces was preceded by the actions of a small secret squad that dealt with patrols and guard at the castle gate.

So in the beginning of June Kiev at night the uproar, began to panic, and the next morning the people of Kiev found that the city was occupied by the army Izyaslav, and George with his sons and nobles fled unknown where.

However, Dolgoruky in Kiev, few people grieve.


Commander Henry. Why?


Knight Mathias. Kiev disliked him for what he overlaid them with taxes as even Izyaslav Mstislavich of the citizens not lined.


Count Wilhelm. But taxes in Kiev do osmanic Petrila, right?


Knight Mathias. You are absolutely right, your Excellency.


Count Wilhelm. It turns out that Kiev did not love George because of the Petryliv?


Knight Mathias. It turns out, Yes. At this time, by the way, the Prince and received the unflattering nickname "Dolgoruky". But Peter's work was so, tax collectors, and we have few loves.


Bishop Tybalt. Any work can be treated in different ways, my son. The Holy Apostle Matthew was also a publican, and our Lord Jesus Christ feasted with publicans and sinners.


Commander Henry. Humans are imperfect, unlike Of The Lord Jesus.


Count Wilhelm. Let's not only theology, please. Knight Mathias, you stopped on June fiftieth year, when few people in Kiev mourn for Dolgoruky.


Knight Mathias. Yes, very few. Dolgoruky was gone. It later emerged that he fled to the North, in horodets ' Osters'ke, a small town in the Chernigov Principality. Disappeared and Petrila: then I found out that he had that left in its Treasury Affairs in Vitichev, a town about thirty miles (60 kilometers – approx. transl.) from Kiev, and to return to the capital was not able to. Savva Nazirovich it the time in Zalesie.

I was going again pretend to be a carpenter Pronom and go to the Kiev militia, to keep trying to eliminate Izyaslav mstislavovitch. But there was no hurry: I needed to understand how will the relationship of Iziaslav and Viacheslav Vladimirovich, who at the result will be declared senior, and most importantly – it will do in the near future time to continue the war. Indeed, in Kiev, no one knew where George.


Commander Henry. And you feared that Izyaslav try to deal with you?


Knight Mathias. No, my brother, my Lord. I understand that Izyaslav in the first weeks and months of his great reign is not up to me, even if he somehow finds out I'm alive, healthy and are in Kiev.

They are unlikely long decide someone who has to obey, and in the end nothing is finally decided, as a month later came the news that George with all of your allies Vladimirka Galician and Chernigov princes – came to Zvenigorod.


Bishop Tybalt. Under Galich?


Knight Mathias. No, your Eminence, near Kyiv. Zvenigorod in Russia a few, one is in the Suzdal Principality. It the name comes from the word "ringing", that means that the city is Church. We in Germany also have a lot of Glockenberg, Pokedstudio, Glockenbergen and Pakendorf.

After learning that George went to Zvenigorod, I was going to join the Kiev militia to to continue the work begun on eliminating Izyaslav. But not in time. I had at least two or three weeks to grow a beard and Sotsky Matthew Gansovich to become a carpenter Pron, but those weeks I didn't have: Izyaslav with his army came out to meet George much faster.

In August, Zvenigorod the battle took place, almost exactly repeating the battle of Pereyaslavl, only this time the first ran is not Kiev, and the "black hoods" – Union Izyaslav nomads living on the border of the Principality of Kiev and steppes.


Bishop Tybalt. What has been will be, and that is done is that which shall be done: and there is nothing new under the sun.


Commander Henry. Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher, vanity of vanities.


Count Wilhelm. Left only me and the knight Mathias begin to demonstrate their knowledge of the Scriptures, and we do never finished our meeting.


Knight Mathias. In any case, your Excellency. But really, everything was back to normal. At the end of August George again came to Kiev. Kiev chamber tried to discourage him, but he threatened that will give the city to the plunder of the Galicians. The chamber he was afraid, and took Dolgoruky. Izyaslav Mstislavich again fled to who knows where.

Petrila came from Vitichev, briefly came to me and said I was waiting for news from him, and goodbye. Even for the night left.

So I lived in his the ' house waiting for some news from Peter. They were a long time.


Commander Henry. What do you want from him to know?


Knight Mathias. At least that is where Izyaslav.


Count Wilhelm. Maybe he knew, but not reported you, because not really wanted to end the war?


Knight Mathias. Think about where Izyaslav Mstislavich, did not even know himself George Armstrong. Then it turned out that Izyaslav fled to the Hungarians and poles, gathered an army, and again struck an unexpected blow in Kiev. You'll laugh, but again the same thing happened.


Bishop Tybalt. There's nothing funny, son Mathias, when shed Christian blood. Because all Russian Christians, though professing the Byzantine faith.


Knight Mathias. Of course, your Eminence. And all well, I confess, I was even funny when all the events repeated almost exactly.

At the beginning of the fifty - the first year Izyaslav Mstislavich with the Hungarians and poles spared troops Andrew G. and the vladimirka Volodarevich, extended to the West as a barrier, and unexpected the shot was captured Belgorod, a town near Kiev. Dolgoruky even tried to lock in the capital and wait approach Andrew and volodymyrka: his squad was too small, and dissatisfied with his rule Kiev refused to support him.


Count Wilhelm. Unhappy Kiev was still taxes, that is osmanica Petroleu?


Knight Mathias. Indeed, your Excellency. And March, George left Kiev and went to the same horodets ' Osters'ke. The Vladimir returned to Galich.

Peter also left capital. Before leaving, he sent me a birch-bark manuscript with the words the Holy Scripture: "That thou doest, do quickly." It was easy to understand what it was about elimination of Izyaslav mstislavovitch.

This time of the day the entry of Izyaslav in Kiev was known in advance. On the first day of April, Kiev was preparing a solemn meeting, and it was the perfect time to send Duke to the light. And I was finally able to move to action.


Bishop Tybalt. Finally.


Count Wilhelm. During the solemn meeting, perhaps it is best to get close to the Prince in the crowd and stab the dagger?


Commander Henry. Your lordship, the Prince was surrounded by a team, therefore, attempted to hit him with a dagger would be for me suicidal. A Temple knight is obliged to make self-destructive things only in order to save the life of his Holiness the Pope, his Imperial Majesty and your order of the chief, i.e., commander of the brotherhood, or the Grand master.


Count Wilhelm. I'm glad, commander Henry, that you ready to give such valiant knights, as Mathias.


Commander Henry. My knights know what I'm not hesitation, give my life for any of them.


Knight Mathias. So, my brother, my Lord. But if you go back to plotting the death of Izyaslav mstislavovitch during his the gala entrance to Kiev, I would say that try to hit him with a dagger was it is unreasonable not only because I would have been immediately killed by his guard. To stab so a skilled warrior sitting on a horse, generally very difficult. He could be in the mail that a dagger could not penetrate. By the way, then it turned out that it was in the mail. And to cut his throat, the Prince certainly did not give . So I just would have died in vain.


Commander Henry. When the commander solemnly enters the city, it is best to shoot him with a crossbow from the roof of any of of the houses along the street.


Knight Mathias. That's what I decided to do. The only mistake was that I chose the crossbow, not the bow. Crossbow beats more accurately and at a greater distance, but of archery I had to do two, and then three shots, and tried to get the Prince in the chest and in the neck or even in eyes. With a crossbow, which recharges longer, I could make just one shot, and I had to aim probably.

When Izyaslav Mstislavich, surrounded by a retinue and meet a joyful crowd of Kiev with blue ribbons on clothing, entered the Golden gate I've held the position for firing. In advance bought at the auction a crossbow, and on the day of check-in Izyaslav hid the gun under the cloak and climbed to the ridge of the roof of a large mansion on main street. Terem this I also advance looked after. It was empty: apparently, there lived someone of the boyars Dolgoruky, and the owner chose to leave Kiev together with his Prince. Or one of the boyars Izyaslav, still had not managed to enter the city. Because of the civil war, many the rich house was empty.


Commander Henry. And even the guards they were not?


Knight Mathias. There were some places not. In fact the house caretaker was, and I was ready, if necessary, to kill him, but at the moment it in the yard was not: apparently he came out to look at the entry of the Prince. Only huge dog tried to block my way.


Bishop Tybalt. And you kill a dumb creature of God?


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, I have one weakness: I love animals, and I kill people much easier than a dumb animal.


Bishop Tybalt. I heard that lonely and ill people often vent their unbridled love for our smaller brothers.


Count Wilhelm. What about the saying of the knights Templar, which recalled commander Henry: ruler to kill – not a puppy drown?


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, if need be, I and the ruler will be killed, and the puppy drown, but without will not need to do any one or the other. In Kiev I had to kill the Prince, not a dog, so I brought a big piece of meat and fed it to the dog in small pieces, while climbing over a fence with the back side of the house, crossed the yard and climbed on the roof. Of course, not every dog can be bribed in this way: other would and shoot. But it all turned out well.

I have been told that in Russian cities nearly all houses are not on the street, and in depth, in high fences. So the shooting distance was big, and to aim at the head or neck Izyaslav was useless, especially as the Prince looked on parties that somebody was nodding. It was possible to shoot only in the chest or when the Prince will pass by in the back. But the back of the Prince was covered with warriors, and I shot in the chest.


Commander Henry. And hit?


Knight Mathias. Got, of course. But Izyaslav took such precautions, I did not expect him. He put not only leather armor, round metal plates, but thick armor under them. Looks like under the armor still had the coat-padded armour. In short, the Prince dressed as if going to battle.

Arrow I let so exactly what she hit between the plates. But armor % only Izyaslav knocked from his horse. The Prince fell, but immediately stood up, pulled out the arrow stuck in the mail, and went on foot, surrounded by guards. In the crowd, few understand what happened, people thought that the Prince had just dismounted, to to be closer to the people.


Count Wilhelm. Strong man this Izyaslav Mstislavich.


Knight Mathias. A true warrior, your Excellency. That the Russian princes did not take away, they all are.


Commander Henry. And for you, I guess, immediately began hunting?


Knight Mathias. Probably started, but I didn't wait while the guards will know which side the arrow came from, and begin to comb the surroundings. I dropped the crossbow off the roof, fed the dog remains happy meat and went home, unnoticed.

Izyaslav again, once again, became the Grand Duke.


Commander Henry. And Vyacheslav Vladimirovich?


Knight Mathias. He came to Kiev, and he Izyaslav after long negotiations established difficult, but overall friendly relationship. I would like to briefly say that Vyacheslav also called the Grand Prince, but the Supreme power belonged to Izyaslav.


Count Wilhelm. Duumvirate, just like Ahmadov and Eurypontid in ancient Sparta.


Knight Mathias. Yes, but with the enthronement of duumvirate the war is not over. In April to Kiev came the news that George Putin, in Alliance with all the princes of Chernigov, except Izyaslav Davidovich, again goes to the city. I immediately began to prepare for admission to the militia under the guise of Pereyaslavl carpenter Pron, and this time managed.

At the end of may fifty the first year of the army Izyaslav acted towards George. I was in Kiev shelf.


Commander Henry. And nobody in the regiment not recollected, in the battle of Pereyaslavl you panic?


Knight Mathias. Some recalled. I justified by the fact that allegedly first appeared in battle and was scared. Fortunately, Rate Ratio was seriously wounded at Lutsk, and the regiment was commanded by the Polish commander Breslaw that in the battle of Pereyaslavl was not involved and did not want to stir old. So that I have sometimes looked askance, but no more.

George stopped in front of Kiev, the Dnieper, but to cross the river could not: interfere with a strong fleet of Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. Dolgoruky then still moved away from the city, found another the Ford and commenced crossing. The Supreme Governor of Izyaslav Shvarna, Letic, a small group followed the troops Dolgoruky of Kiev from the Dnieper, did not interfere with George and retreated so quickly that the troops even there was a rumor that the warriors Swarna chickened out, did not listen to the Governor and fled. But then it turned out that it was not an escape, and stratagem.

Then the "black hoods" pretended that left Izyaslav Mstislavich, Grand Prince retreated to the walls of the city. All this, too, was military cunning, to force George to believe that his enemy is weak. In fact, Izyaslav there was a huge preponderance of force.

Between enemies were negotiations in what have not resulted. George tried to attack Izyaslav, but was easily repulsed near the river Lybid. Our regiment stood in reserve, and I don't could neither affect the tide of battle or get to Izyaslav.

In the rear of the Dolgoruky there were "black hoods", he retreated from Kiev and went to Belgorod. Through a few days Izyaslav overtook him for the already mentioned old shafts built against the nomads. The March was hard, Hiking the shelf thinned. Even I felt a little tired.


Commander Henry. Well, even if brother Mathias tired March was really heavy.


Bishop Tybalt. I don't doubt it.


Knight Mathias. Near the river Ruth, inflow of ROS', George tried complex movements of the troops to avoid a battle, but it did not managed. And he built his exhausted warriors to meet at least exhausted soldiers Izyaslav.

Izyaslav ordered the army to take his example and with his cavalry brigade moved forward on the enemy. In Kiev the militia went after the squad.

Broke out the strongest carnage, I such even in Palestine, I do not remember. Had to show your military art in full force. Armed I was uncomfortable with the axe, but the first killed me the enemy took his sword, and the fight became much easier. I tried not to lose Prince Izyaslav and steadily approached him, beating blows tired of Pesci and George marking his way by dead bodies with red ribbons on the hats.


Commander Henry. Imagine a knight Mathias, making its way among enemies. You can consider me a heartless old warrior, but what a beautiful sight!


Bishop Tybalt. This time I say nothing because bloody Sich is hardly described in all the books of the old Testament.


Count Wilhelm. Even if the Bishop Tybalt decided to remain silent, then I will support the commander of Henry and also allow myself openly to Express admiration. And as the burning eyes of the knight of Mathias when he tells! Oh, if I was younger, would necessarily have caused it at the next joust for the noble bloodless fight with such a fighter would be fun to grab!


Knight Mathias. Win your lordship would doubtless your martial art known throughout the Christian world, and for his limits. And then, in the battle of the Rut, I realized that I walk in Izyaslav not to keep up, and I can lose sight of it: George's troops retreated, and the great the Prince fought far ahead. I jumped on the horse, remaining from someone the dead Prince's men, and continued to move forward riding.

And I soon saw that Izyaslav fell from his horse – dead, or wounded. I rushed to him to if you need to finish. But then, as luck would have it, on my way for the first time in the whole battle met a strong opponent.


Count Wilhelm. A mounted combatant?


Knight Mathias. Imagine just Hiking the warrior opposing the people of Kiev Chernihiv militia. Of course, I had immediately notice that all around him lay several dead horses and bloody riders, and to be careful. But, unfortunately, in the heat of battle I didn't pay it attention and made a serious mistake: we underestimated the enemy.


Count Wilhelm. If you see before you strong opponent, then it is not necessary to immediately close. It is better to apply an elongated hand, far off, a few light bumps deceptive, to understand what he can and what not can, and then reduce the distance and beat lightly.


Knight Mathias. Quite true, your Excellency. I was given the opportunity to choose any distance to the enemy: I was on horseback and he on foot. But I was in a hurry to the crash site of Izyaslav, Chernihiv the warrior stood in my way, so I immediately pulled up close to him and swung sword, to cut from shoulder to waist. But he saw my swing and easy and fast movement dodged the blow.

While I re-raised the sword, the enemy had time to strike his blow. I expected that this impact will be sent to me, and closed the shield. But he hit me and my horse. Right in heart. The poor beast didn't even stand up on its hind legs, and immediately fell to the side, straddling my left leg.

If I did not make a dramatic movements, the leg would remain intact, perhaps slightly stretched. But Chernihiv the warrior was pulling the sword for the next blow, and this time he was sent to me. My shield was also pressed against the horse, and to defend them I could not.

I realized that in another second and will be killed. Then I force twisted the leg, breaking the Shin, and clung to the carcass the fallen horse.


Commander Henry. And if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off, for it is better to die one of your members, and not all the body was cast into Gehenna.


Bishop Tybalt. If you decide to remember the words The Scriptures, commander Henry, do it at least accurately and to the point, and do not compare the great Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ with a momentary the need to survive knight in a bloody battle.


Knight Mathias. However, your Eminence, I also remembered these words when he was laying next to a dead horse, and prevailed against the severe pain in the leg.

CHernigovets did not expect that I will be able to pull away in the direction of the price of a broken tibia, and his sword whistled there where I was for a split second before. Perhaps the next time, he would have killed me. But he turned around, he saw that his companions retreated far away, and thank the Lord, didn't want to finish.


Bishop Tybalt. Wow, what a kindness.


Count Wilhelm. No special humanity not here. Knight Mathias with a broken leg, was for him no longer dangerous, and to finish on the battlefield defeated and harmless the enemy, especially fellow Muslims, not will no one experienced and self-respecting warrior. And the CHernigovets, according to the story knight was like that.


Knight Mathias. Besides, your Excellency, he decided not to risk it because he had to catch up with the retreating Chernihiv and Suzdal troops, and should not have to waste time. So he turned and ran after her.

Around me all was quiet, I released a broken leg and stood up, leaning on some piece of the lance. Place where Izyaslav Mstislavich fell from his horse, I had time to notice, there was a lot of bodies, living no one around to be seen. The battle has gone far ahead: the warriors George fled, the soldiers Izyaslav, led by the Supreme Governor Shvarna Letiche, pursued them.

And I hobbled to the place where he fell Izyaslav. The Prince lay motionless, bleeding, but alive and consciousness. It was splendid armor the Venetian work, and they saved him: kick axe went through his thigh, but the bone is not cut, just cut muscles. He was wounded in the arm, but the wound looked easy and harmless, though this is probably the shot threw the Duke from his horse. Near Izyaslav was lying a few dead and wounded warriors in rich armour, apparently all the guards of the Prince were killed in battle. And since the rest of the Prince's entouragewas fond of the chase, the moment to kill the Prince was perfect.

Izyaslav, of course, could not to get to know me: not only have I grown a beard, but the whole was flooded with someone else's blood. But my helmet was blue ribbon, and he decided that he was dealing with a friend, not an enemy.

Propped on her elbow, he shouted: "I am a Prince." I hit him with a sword, intending to cut the head. But Izyaslav was an experienced and skilled warrior, and despite his condition, managed to bend over forward and I hit him on the helmet.


Count Wilhelm. Indeed, we can see a seasoned warrior. Inexperienced recoiled, and knight Matthias would be easy to reach out a little ahead and get it.


Knight Mathias. Very experienced, your Excellency. I beat strongly, almost cut through a helmet. But the Prince was unharmed, lost consciousness and began to crawl away. I hobbled after him, raising the sword for another blow. From the it probably looked funny two cripples, one of which barely stands on one leg and the other can't stand, chasing each other.

Another one of my kick, too hit the helmet. The third strike to gave me back the princely vigilantes. Izyaslav again cried out that he was the Prince, took off his helmet, and recognized him. I nothing remained as soon as fall before him prostrate and beg for forgiveness, saying that allegedly did not recognize him, because he just said, "I am a Prince", not specifying what.

Around there was joy, Kiev rejoiced that he had found the Prince. (Old Russian Chronicles explicitly they say that Izyaslav was trying to kill a warrior of his troops, and in a similar way describe the environment, which is a confirmation of the story of Mathias – approx. transl.).

Izyaslav Mstislavovitch raised, bandaged his wounds, gave or water, or Braga, he came to yourself. He said that the killed Vladimir Davidovich, one of the Chernigov princes – allies Dolgoruky. Izyaslav asked, where lies the body of that Prince, told to bring the horse, the guards put him in the saddle, and he loudly cursing civil war, went to mourn slain brother.


Count Wilhelm. Yes, a true warrior. Although, of course, it would be better Izyaslav Mstislavich don't have civil war than then curse her, mourning a dead relative.


Knight Mathias. For the Russian princes, your lordship, generally characterized by a duality of conduct.


Commander Henry. Unfortunately, not only Russian princes, but for many Catholic rulers.


Bishop Tybalt. Who do you mean, commander?


Commander Henry. List the names of your Eminence? Themselves will record, or our Secretary in the Protocol will bring?


Count Wilhelm. Dear members, let's let alone the Affairs of Catholic countries, us, Russia missing. I think you tired of sitting, and it is better to postpone it until tomorrow when you're rested and will be calmer.


Commander Henry. I agree with your lordship. The more it's late, and we can ask the Bishop to Tybalt to read the sign reconciliation evening prayer.


Bishop Tybalt. O Lord our God, all I have sinned this day in word, deed and thought, You are as gracious and humane forgive me, peace and stay late, let me send an angel Your guardian, protecting and preserving me from all evil. For You – The guardian of the souls and of our bodies, and we praise You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and always and forever.


All participants meeting. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. The meeting was closed. Thank you all.





of the Council of representatives his Imperial Majesty, his Holiness the Pope and the order of the poor knights of Christ and Of the temple of Solomon on consideration of the report of the knight of Matias of Passau on the implementation of the mission in Russia in 1145-1157 years from BC

(Room on the inventory of the Vienna library: XII-21-8357/P-IV)



In the name of God, the will of his Imperial Majesty Friedrich, his Holiness Pope Hadrian and the Grand master the order of the poor knights of the Temple, Bertrand de Plansfor held this meeting under strict secretly in the Imperial Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg in twentieth day of July 1157 from BC



Chairman of the Board – count Wilhelm von Veldhoven, Vice-Marshal of the court of his Imperial Majesty.

Member of the Board – Bishop Tybalt Surminski, the legate his Holiness the Pope.

Member of the Board – knight Henry of Angouleme, commander of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon of the order of poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon.

The Secretary of the Board Alfred from Bamberg, a monk of the Imperial Abbey of St. Emmeram in Regensburg.


The Council reports knight Matias from Passau, a member of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.



Count Wilhelm. In the name of God, continue the hearing of the report of the knight Mathias, a member of the military brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. But first, as usual, prayer.


Bishop Tybalt. Our Lord, for all the gifts of Your love thank You. All our days bless the Lord, his glory to give, be always in us, o God.


All participants meeting. Amen.


Count Wilhelm. I ask the distinguished members of the Council to sit down. At the last meeting, knight Mathias, you in your story stopped on that field of battle near the river Ruth you were not able to resolve Kiev the great Prince Izyaslav.


Bishop Tybalt. Recall, please, when happened this battle.


Knight Mathias. In early June, 1151 from Christ, your Eminence. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly.


Count Wilhelm. Thanks to the joy of winning Kiev did you manage to avoid retribution for the attempted assassination of the Prince?


Knight Mathias. No, your Excellency. While Izyaslav Mstislavich was recovering, I tried to slowly disappear, but the terrorists and the militia did not give me to do it.

Arrived the Supreme the Governor Shvarna, Letic, and told him about the incident. He didn't believe my explanations, and this is not surprising: even if the Prince was a stranger, and not its what the volunteer mercenary will try to kill him, not take prisoner, to get a huge ransom? And, it was hard not to know Izyaslav mstislavovitch in rich armor, scarlet cloak of the Prince depicted on the helmet of heaven patron of the Prince – Saint Panteleymon, and most importantly – on the blue ribbon. She shots from the helmet Izyaslav fell off, but lay next.

And then there's someone from approaching Kiev militias remembered that it was I panic in battle under Pereyaslavl.

So I was on orders Swarna was taken to Kiev and put him in prison. Rather, put.


Count Wilhelm. And why put?


Knight Mathias. With a broken leg, which I don't could even attack, it was impossible to arrange an escape from prison. So I needed time the leg had a little bit to coalesce, and I was able to run. He a fracture of the tibia would not hurt me to interrogate, torture and execute, and I had to pretend to be sick with fever to delay the interrogation.


Bishop Tybalt. Is it possible to pretend to be sick with fever? Any physician would understand that the alleged sick-no fever sweat, frantic heartbeat.


Commander Henry. The members of our order of the brotherhood Gaza and Ascalon are able for a short time become more frequent blows of its heart, covered sweat, to cause body heat.


Bishop Tybalt. I guess this technique is called like something like "Hellfire".


Commander Henry. Your Excellency, this time you almost guessed. "Hell hour".


Knight Mathias. "Hell hour" helped me. The doctor went to the prison very rarely, and pay little attention to the condition of prisoners, and me this and we had. My "Hell" he believed and told the jailers that I you can't question until I recover. I am grateful to this doctor more and the fact that he skillfully set the broken bones of the leg and put a splint.

So I'm about a month lay on a dirty straw and healed the leg. She healed slowly because of the damp and bad food, but to heal. And I was on her neatly to come when I came, tied his hands and led him away for questioning. Of course, I kept that foot almost fused, and the guards dragged me almost dragging.

The questioning led in charge investigative cases Sotsky Gregory Patetic, the assistant Supreme commander Swarna Leticia. I was afraid that I will drag directly to Izyaslav Mstislavich, and he me know, but apparently Shvarna and Gregory decided first to understand, and then to report to the Grand Duke.

I began to tell that I'm a carpenter Pron from Pereyaslavl, but Gregory I immediately interrupted, saying that has no time to listen to my tales. It turns out that while I was lying healed leg, he was sent to Pereyaslavl his man, and he walked in the city all carpenters named Pron. They were few, and none of them came in Kiev the militia. One, however, recently left town, but he was about sixty years old, that is to go for it, I could not.

I refused to speak, and Gregory Patetic ordered to torture me. Summoned the executioner, who with two assistants he dragged me into the dungeon. Soon there came to Gregory's Secretary.

First, as expected, I showed the instruments of torture and offered himself to be honest with her.


Count Wilhelm. Just as we do.


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency, only guns torture is much more primitive. The rack, the whip, the fiery tongs and brooms, which light and rolled over the skin. Far from our "witch chairs", tensile machines and funnels for filling the stomach with water.

I again refused to say it was important, that they began to torture, then they would have to untie me to take off my clothes. It just happened.

With a sore leg I could hardly attack it is difficult for me to cope with five, but no one of them was not a weapon, and I could do it.


Commander Henry. I wonder how?


Knight Mathias. When I was made in a torture dungeon, I saw in the corner of the block and the axe: apparently, the executioner had more there is nowhere to store them. And when I was untied, I wriggled out of the hands of men jumped to the side and grabbed the axe. It was important for me to cut off the enemy from the door, so they can't get out and call for help, so I have time to kill only one of them, and with the other four started a game of cat and mouse: they tried to break the door, I drove away. One of the assistants of the executioner grabbed red-hot tongs and lunged at me, but this was his undoing: he was killed immediately.The other three huddled in the far corners.


Count Wilhelm. A scream, to call for the guards they tried?


Knight Mathias. Tried, but to no avail: the torture dungeon was deep, the guards were only upstairs, and cries to it is not heard. And if any sounds came, they would take for the cries of the tortured.


Commander Henry. And how you dealt with them?


Knight Mathias. I with a voice of thunder commanded them not to leave the dungeon for two hours, and went to the stairs, slamming the door behind him. Of course, they did not wait and immediately ran after me. But I got up immediately behind the door, and as soon as it opened, killed two more.

The only survivor Sotsky Gregory Patetic. He ran again into the dungeon. I offered him to change clothes and to make a clean break, not to chase him with a sick leg. He agreed on the condition that I will swear not to kill him. I swore. We changed, then I killed him, as he relaxed and approached rather close.


Bishop Tybalt. And even perjury.


Commander Henry. Unfortunately, it's business as usual when our hard work, your Eminence. In cases when it is necessary to break the vows, we are justified by the fact that our Lord Jesus commanded us not to swear, but simply to say "Yes" and "no".


Bishop Tybalt. Saint Gregory the Theologian said, that is very bad and give the oath, and to require it: in both cases the insult the truth. And St. John Chrysostom believed that if swear – it devilish then what punishment will expose us to the crime of vows?


Count Wilhelm. Your Eminence, I'm impressed your knowledge in the writings of the Church Fathers, but back to the story of the knight of Mathias.


Knight Mathias. Clothing Sotsky I passed the guards and went outside.


Count Wilhelm. But you could hardly walk due to legs, it really is not aroused the guards suspicion? And certainly a large beard overgrown, some of you could get a princely official, even in good clothes?


Knight Mathias. I used a technique which we have called "False alarm".


Bishop Tybalt. What's that?


Knight Mathias. Just a false alarm. In order the distraction of the enemy.


Bishop Tybalt. I thought you all have graceful names.


Knight Mathias. It's the assassins this technique called elegantly "the Flight of the moth to the light."


Commander Henry. And as you raised the false alarm?


Knight Mathias. Burning coals from the brazier torture I burned in the dungeon all that could burn, face smeared in soot, and when thick smoke, opened the door and yelled, "Fire!". The guards rushed down, the dungeon I'm in total confusion easily slipped past and went outside. But I knew that after a few minutes I will miss a run because of my leg not could. Could not even quickly to go.

But I was lucky: the street rode some rider, I ran to him as if for help, he stopped and asked what happened. I grabbed his hand, a sharp jerk pulled off the horse, jumped on her and rode. It was in front of passers-by, noise from the dungeon guardian popped up and soon me began the chase. But it was by day, the city gates were opened, I left the city and rode to the Dnieper.

Try to swim across the river it was useless: Dnipro high hills of Kiev can be seen at a glance, to also after a month spent in stillness, and with my sore leg, I was to overcome such a wide river.


Count Wilhelm. But you could swim across, holding the neck of the horse. I have not once had with his cavalry, so to overcome the river.


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, the Dnieper at Kiev times five is broader than the Rhine at Speyer or the Danube near Passau. And the horse beneath me was a stranger, and it was not known how he will behave, will I be able to get it to go in. So I went along the river: it was important for me for a while to escape from the eyes pursuers. As soon as I did it, I dismounted and hid in the reeds.


Commander Henry. The pursuers did not combing the reeds?


Knight Mathias. Of course, scoured, and how. But I used a technique called "breath of air".


Bishop Tybalt. What is it?


Knight Mathias. I am fully immersed in the water, and breathe through the torn up reed stem. I could find only stepping on me, and that could only happen when the biggest bad luck. A couple of times the pursuers had taken place very near, but, thank God, nothing happened. So I hiding until dark, wondering what to do next.


Commander Henry. Can you apply "Box we have greens"? Don't worry, your Eminence, in relation to women, not men. That is, to find a lonely widow to seduce her and stay with it until you stop searching and go limp.


Knight Mathias. My brother, my Lord, because of that in Russia the last years there was a civil war, a lonely woman could find only in the city, under the protection of fortifications. To the tenements, where ever there was a risk of ruin, settled only the most desperate, and they were all less and less. Russia in General has become poorer compared to the time when I got there five years earlier, and above all, it affected the villages and city Posada: some completely empty.


Bishop Tybalt. Indeed, as stated in the Holy Scripture, if a Kingdom is divided against itself cannot stand that Kingdom.


Commander Henry. You said, your Eminence.


Bishop Tybalt. Life-giving word of the Lord is not a sin and repeat.


Count Wilhelm. Then I repeat my request not fond of theology, and to listen carefully to the story of the knight of Mathias.


Knight Mathias. As rightly remarked his Eminence, divided Russia is bankrupt, the people began to move in city, and hope to find a single woman on the Kiev Posada was very weak. In the city I could not return the gate guard was constantly and carefully inspected all incoming, and my lameness was identified at once. I killed in the torture dungeon is not just Sotsky, and the person in charge of the great Prince Izyaslav mstislavovitch all search cases, the nearest assistant Supreme commander Swarna of Leticia.

So I decided to get to Suzdal, to George Dolgorukiy. Night found some fishing boat, crossed the Dnieper and went on a long journey. I walked slowly because of sore feet. Besides everywhere scoured the warriors Izyaslav, and I could walk only nights. Only to vyatichskoe forest path and it took me about a month.


Count Wilhelm. And than you this time he ate?


Knight Mathias. To steal food in the villages are not was it because of watchdogs: to disarm them I couldn't because of sore feet and the lack of weapons, to lure them was nothing. Managed only once to steal some food from the merchants camped for the night. So picking mushrooms and berries. Frogs were caught. In short, with God's help, to feed, albeit skinnier. However, after prison, where he was given only bread and water, tomati have much longer.

But I sooner or later be reached, of course. If I'm with a much more serious wound at the time got on the snowy mountain trails from Alamut to Baghdad, then certainly not doubt, came from Kiev to Moscow, the first of Zalessky town along the way. We, the Templars, can not overcome such difficulties. If the path found autumn cold – stuffed for heat dry fallen leaves under the coat, legs bark wrapped. There would be mushrooms and berries would eat herbs and cones.


Count Wilhelm. And the wolves and bears? I heard that Russian forests with many wild animals.


Knight Mathias. In August they're full, I walked along bustling trade routes, so they are at this time of the year for people not there attacked, they do not need to take the risk.

One time, however, early in the morning I was out of the woods a few wolves. But I was raising a lot of females, which in the beginning broke down and used it as a crutch, and went with them. They I felt that I was not afraid of them, decided that I was strong and armed, and preferred hiding in the woods. Now, if it was in the late winter or spring, they told me, of course, devoured.

However, I then still not came to Moscow: in the Chernigov land, in the beginning vyatichskoe woods, I grabbed warriors Izyaslav.


Commander Henry. How so? You were going secretly.


Knight Mathias. Yes, my brother, my Lord, was I very cautiously and secretly, still only at night, because he knew that Chernigov land some princes stand for George, some for Izyaslav, and whose soldiers had to meet, God knows.

But I could not imagine myself that Izyaslav and Shvarna guess to put in vyatichskoe forests is not just night patrols, and secret night patrols, not posing any fire, campfire or unified sound. One of these patrols on a clear moonlit night and I caught. Weapons I didn't have to run I due to sore feet couldn't, so I immediately grabbed.

I was bound hand and the legs, in the morning carefully considered. All the signs matched the growth medium, blonde hair, blue eyes, aquiline nose, thin, limping on the left leg. It was all clear. It turned out, for my head was a big reward.

And I threw over saddle strapped to horses and taken to Kiev.


Bishop Tybalt. I remember the first meeting you we was told that a Templar in any case should not surrender alive. How did you give up, especially knowing that you will surely face torture? And after failed attempts to eliminate Izyaslav in battle on the river Ruth you also gave to take himself in prison. Are there any contradictions in your story?


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, after the battle of Rute, I was sure that sooner or later will be able to escape if not from the dungeon, so under torture, which eventually did. The enemies didn't know how dangerous I am, and very carefully I was not guarded. Probably thought was a spy of Prince George, but such infiltrators warring princes to each other, send a lot. So no mortal danger, especially the danger of such torture that I don't would be able if necessary to withstand, I was not threatened.


Commander Henry. To withstand not too skillful torture teach in our brotherhood, and the brotherhood of assassins. The most important thing is to force yourself to love the pain and wish myself even more pain.


Bishop Tybalt. And what is it called, I wonder, the Templars and assassins at godless this method of achieving resistance to torture?


Commander Henry. We have to "go with the flow", and assassin – I don't know. Brother Mathias probably knows, after all he was trained in Alamut.


Knight Mathias. Yeah, I know. "To race at the mad stallion".

But when I grabbed vyatichskoe in the middle of a forest, all, of course, was much worse. I knew that the Governor Shvarna, Letics will never forgive me the death of Gregory Patetic, and I will have to wait particularly sophisticated torture and then a painful punishment – something like quartering or planted on a stake. Escape me too, most likely, will fail: since Shvarna threw such force into my search, and protection to me, he put most reliable. Most likely, I will not untie.

So, if I had a gun, I probably would've killed myself. But weapons were not. And the amulet of poison I did not have time to open I was immediately tied up.


Bishop Tybalt. I heard that in the secret brotherhoods there are methods of suicide without a weapon, even with bound hands and feet, – heart and breathing with an effort of will. As these techniques are called?


Commander Henry. They are not called, your grace, because it does not exist. To commit suicide by the heart stops and breathing with an effort of will not able to no one. Even with a successful stop in some point he loses consciousness, the will weakened, and the heart will again start beating, and chest – breathing. So such methods of suicide – just legends.


Bishop Tybalt. And smash my head against a dungeon wall?


Commander Henry. To break down, of course, possible, but death will not come, only poluchitsa consciousness. There have been unfortunate cases where someone who banged her head against the wall, went crazy and started to give out its secrets without torture. And we don't encourage our brothers to use this technique.


Knight Mathias. Indeed. So, when I drove through vyatichskoe forest, I could only pray to the virgin Mary, heavenly the patroness of our order. And, apparently, she has sent me salvation.


Bishop Tybalt. I'm glad that even hard-hearted soul Templar in difficult times visits, God-pleasing prayer.


Commander Henry. And how to you it the salvation of the blessed virgin, my brother Matthias?


Knight Mathias. In the form of a dozen foot soldiers, came out of the woods. It is the warriors, not robbers, it was clear from their clothes, arms, posture and gait.


Count Wilhelm. And how many of the guards carried you knight Mathias?


Knight Mathias. Five, your Excellency. When they stopped, came out of the woods yet half a dozen men blocked their way back.

No colored ribbons on their helmets no foot, no horse. But the leader of those who came out of the woods, a loud voice asked my guards, for whom they are: George or Izyaslav. The main guard said in Izyaslav. Then foot soldiers drew swords and offered to surrender. But the horsemen decided to try to break through. Four got a wedge in front, and the one who drove me to the middle.

The fight was short-lived. Pesci fought skillfully, and three riders galloped ahead, died, having to hit just one of them. But two, including the one to which the horse was is bound I broke.

Then I realized that I need to take salvation into their own hands. Made a sharp jerk to the side, and the horse stumbled. One more push, equally sharp, and she fell, crushed me under him. Rider managed to get out, wanted to hit me with a sword, but beating the horse he was interrupted. And back already ran up the attackers. His companion stopped, they sat down together on one horse and rode away.


Commander Henry. Just like the riders on the seal of our order.


Knight Mathias. Yes, my brother, my master, and then, when I lay there and recovered, I thought about that, too. But then I was not up to thoughts that what it looks like, as the horse I was not just crushed, and again I broke the same leg. Right in the healing fracture. The pain was so strong that I lost consciousness.

Woke up on the cloak, stretched between two branches. I was carried to the camp of the attackers.


Count Wilhelm. And who were these saviors? Warriors George Dolgorukiy?


Knight Mathias. Not exactly, your Excellency. Served Dolgoruky berladnika.


Bishop Tybalt. Who are they, my son?


Knight Mathias. Many in Russia consider them just robbers, but it is not so. He is an experienced mercenary, serving one the Prince, then another. As in the robbers, berladnika usually are those who committed any crime, has no means of livelihood or offended their seniors. But berladnika is a single organization with a center in the city Berlage (another version of the Russian spelling of the city Bârlad. Approx. transl.).


Commander Henry. Something like a brotherhood of assassins?


Knight Mathias. Not so, my brother, my Lord. Have berladnika, as far as I know, no school secret murders, it's just the soldiers-mercenaries.


Count Wilhelm. Berlad. I've heard the name. It somewhere in Hungary?


Knight Mathias. This is not true, your Excellency. This city is located between Russia and Hungary and no Hungarian king or Russian Grand Duke did not have any effect.


Commander Henry. Free city?


Knight Mathias. You could say that, but Berlad differs from our Northern free cities of Hamburg and Bremen, and from the Russian Novgorod, where although is ruled by the Veche, but in the military city subject to princely power.


Count Wilhelm. It comes out and it's not exactly, and that is not entirely true. And how is managed this strange city Berlad?


Knight Mathias. Robber, elected ataman, your Excellency.


Commander Henry. And groups of mercenaries being managed?


Knight Mathias. Also the chieftains.


Count Wilhelm. And these chieftains are elected, or all of them prescribed Burlada?


Knight Mathias. Unfortunately, your Excellency, is I could not figure out. I don't even understand exactly how to create these units do I need in order for them to join, visit Berlage or to be hired anywhere. With me because they are not very Frank: I was their a stranger.


Commander Henry. And what they told about themselves?


Knight Mathias. What are Matvey Hanovice, German by origin, by satsim George Dolgorukiy. Worked for the Duke in Zalesie, then Kiev, then accidentally broke his leg during the search stone, and before this time to leave Kiev when he left Georgiy Vladimirovich. Then Izyaslav Mstislavich allegedly tried to make me working for myself, I refused, then he decided to kill me, I fled from home, not had time to take any belongings, no money, and went to Suzdal on foot.

The commander berladnika did not have any questions because similar stories happened with many nobles Dolgoruky, for different reasons delayed in Kiev.


Count Wilhelm. And the leader was from Burlada?


Knight Mathias. Imagine, your Excellency, the leader was a Russian Grand Prince Ivan Rostislavich, a descendant of Rurik and Yaroslav the Wise, relative and Izyaslav, and George.


Count Wilhelm. And as a descendant of Rurik and Yaroslav got to vyatichsky forest?


Knight Mathias. Then, already in Moscow, told me his story. John Rostislavich was Prince of Zvenigorod Galitsky, the same, which then was besieged by Vsevolod II of Kiev. Galician Prince Vladimirka John nephew.

About a year before as I came to Russia, Vladimir went hunting, and John in his absence took Galich. The Vladimir immediately gathered the men in other cities Principality, besieged Galich, and John had nothing to do, how to break out the city to fight. He fled to the notorious Berlad and became berladnika.

Then he and his squad, retinue, was hired to serve the Grand Prince Vsevolod The Prince, after his death, to his brother Svyatoslav, and then to Smolensk Prince Rostislav Mstislavich, brother of the great Prince Izyaslav. And finally became to serve Dolgoruky. First, the team of John fought against Novgorod in the North the woods around Beloozero and after the conclusion of peace with Novgorod was transferred to South Suzdal Principality in the forests of the Vyatichi.

By the way, later occurred a curious story. When he died the Prince of Galich, Vladimir, John reiterated of law to reign in Galicia, Yaroslav, son vladimirka, demanded that George issue of his opponent. He, not wanting to argue with his son-and reliable ally Jaroslaw, put John in chains and when I'm in the fifty-sixth year leaving from Kiev, I was going to give. Issued in the end or not – I don't know.(Not issued: whether he, whether at the request of the Metropolitan changed his mind and sent John in Suzdal Principality. The path of Berladnika repulsed Chernigov Prince Izyaslav Davidovich, rival Dolgoruky, and the wanderings of John continued for another few years, until he eventually came to Byzantium – approx. transl.).


Commander Henry. But if this John fought at Beloozero, he could hear his father osmanica the Petryliv and devastated the town where is the rules? You didn't ask Prince berladnika about it?


Knight Mathias. No, my brother, my Lord, I do even in a head has not come. I doubt if Prince John could hear around Beloozero a lot of small pagan settlement, and the area is so vast that there probably could easily accommodate the whole of Bavaria, and then with Austria.


Count Wilhelm. What a huge country this Russia.


Bishop Tybalt. And how sad that did not manage to bring her to the Holy true cross. How much time our brave Templar was at berladnika instead of act?


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence once again in vain oppresses the poor knight of the Temple. I am not rested, and was on the verge of life and death, as re-fracture of the leg in the same place led to severe inflammation, almost to gangrene. Have Bereznikov was not doctors, and had to be treated yourself. I asked the soldiers to carry me through the woods and despite the searing heat, looking for grass. And yet the foot has grown together with the curvature, and I still, as you can see, limping.

Because I was a burden for Bereznikov, they soon sent me to Moscow. The Grand Prince Ivan Rostislavich gave me the horse and identified two cavalry escort that the road is maintained me from the sides, since I was so weak I could hardly sit in the saddle.

In Moscow already familiar to me Governor Dmitri the Yakunovich, seeing the state I'm in, called for the best healers, and even doing all that I in no way needed it: he felt obligated me for what I found near Moscow deposits of building stone and contributed to the prosperity of the city. Indeed, close to Vladimir stone never found.

Completely recovered I only by the end of November. Dmitri told me that Georgy after the defeat in the battle of Rute tried to resist at first, in Pereyaslavl, and then Horodets ' Osters'ke, but everywhere was knocked out and was forced to make peace with Izyaslav Mstislavich, leaving himself only Zalesie and in the South – small town Kursk. Back in September in Suzdal, Dolgoruky decided to build several temples, and he needed a lot of stone, so that the money from Vladimir flowing river, and the work in the quarries in full swing. Even the troops,freed up by the conclusion of peace, attracted by the mining and transport of stone.

Feeling quite recovered, I was going to go to Vladimir, but in the fifty-first year winter came late and had to wait the establishment of the ice road. While I was waiting, dmitr asked me to check how is the production of white stone.


Commander Henry. What is this white stone?


Knight Mathias. My brother, my Lord, this is the the building stone, which I found near Moscow. It really is almost white. Depending on the layer and the place of production it is a little lighter or darker with yellow, pink or even reddish hue, but its main color can be considered white. So it is in Russia and called as soon as mining began.


Bishop Tybalt. And the Russians were able to establish themselves work the quarries?


Knight Mathias. Could, your Eminence, Yes it is it was not very difficult. When I was in the forty sixth year, has refused to become chief quarries and was going to leave Vladimir to Pereyaslavl Izyaslav Mstislavich, the chief appointed the Prince of Yan Sotsky lukić. Architect Savva Nazirovich asked me to tell Yanyu, all I know about the extraction of stone, and I complied with his request. Yes, and Savva had been in our Imperial quarries and saw how to produce building stone.

Yan is not very happy when she saw me, apparently afraid that I may take his place. But I immediately said him that food in Vladimir and Moscow will remain, he calmed down and held me in all developments. Think about quarrying at Moscow is not worth it detail to tell the means of production in General are the same as those applied in our Empire.


Bishop Tybalt. I've never seen how stone, and it would be interesting to listen to.


Knight Mathias. Moscow extracted a white stone and for the cladding of temples, and filling of the thickness of the walls, and mortar. Development is conducted from the high banks of the Moscow river and its tributaries – so the and to search, and get to the good layers, and ship the extracted stone boats or sleds. The white stone is transported untreated, it otesyvajutsja or burn through on the lime already on the construction site.

Layers of stone are horizontally, and underground development is almost complete seizure. For support the ceiling is made of wood lining, but I told him to leave columns of nevermannia stone: so it turns out much stronger.

Behind the wreckage white stone neatly laid here in a dungeon, leaving narrow passages. The height of the Stopes and passages depending on the thickness of the seam ranges from two to four elbows (1,5–3 meters – approx. transl.). Saws in Russia are not used break the rock using pickaxes, crowbars and wedges.

Starting to work with monolithic wall, the miners first of all strikes the top of the wide cavity depth approximately to the elbow (a little more than half – approx. transl.) and such same width, in order to drive the crowbars and wedges. Punch cavity rough stone just crumbled. Then, by setting the width of the future units, punched vertically the entire height of the wall deep indent – more than half the depth of the block. Since white stone is very viscous, not used rare heavy blows into the monolith, and multiple and mild, mostly not chopping and cutting, that is not at right angles to the plane. Then punch and the horizontal indent, and it is already starting to break the blocks.


Bishop Tybalt. Indent – clear, as if they limit the size of the future block. A cavity-why?


Knight Mathias. Without this cavity impossible to break down the first block: it is necessary to get close to its rear surface, and indent too narrow. Generally speaking, the breaking away of the rear surface block is the most complicated and time-consuming work. First to the surface of the scrap do not pick, you have to hammer a wedge through this the cavity. It becomes easier only when broken for several blocks vertically: space is formed, into which you can shove crowbars.


Bishop Tybalt. I, frankly, still little is understood.


Knight Mathias. Quarrying to describe very difficult, there are many subtleties.


Count Wilhelm. Doesn't matter now, we don't going to get a stone. And if suddenly will meet, then call the special meeting, knight Mathias will tell us everything in detail.


Bishop Tybalt. Good joke, your Excellency. Imagine members of the high Council, overgrown beards, dressed in peasant shirt, extracting stone in the darkness, dampness and the cold, the uncertain light of the torches, or whatever the quarry highlights.


Commander Henry. Tough and heavy physical labor humbles the soul and strengthens the body, and all of our orders brothers must pass an obedience – producing stone, tilling fields, herding oxen, excreting skin, plotnica, performing other peasant and handicraft work.


Bishop Tybalt. Indeed, such work is pleasing Our Lord Jesus, before his Ministry worked as a carpenter, as the righteous Joseph, the betrothed husband of the blessed virgin Mary. But still every needs to do his own thing, and no wonder the Apostle Paul wrote in the Epistle to Galatians: "but let Every man prove his own work, and then shall he have rejoicing only in itself, and not in the other."


Count Wilhelm. Dear members, we first distracted by quarries, then moved to theology, and quite distanced from the theme of our meeting. Knight Mathias, we realized that in Moscow quarries the work went well. Continue.


Knight Mathias. He soon established a winter road, and I went to Vladimir with sleigh caravan carrying a white stone. Arrived at the Nativity.


Commander Henry. And what was the mood of the Prince Dolgoruky after the expulsion from Kiev? Changed something in Suzdal?


Knight Mathias. When I arrived in Vladimir, George was not there, nor did I Petrilo. But I found Savva Nazirovich. The architect was very happy on my return as I was worried that I could die in Kiev. And that's what told me Sawa.

Georgy, leaving Kiev, taking all of the funds collected thanks to the merciless taxation of Kiev taxes. And finally decided to start construction of the white stone temples. And since it was nearing the fifty-second year, and in Russia the people were very afraid the arrival of the Antichrist, Dolgoruky ordered at the same time to build a few cities.


Count Wilhelm. Wait, do not understand. Why Russian the people in the fifty-second year, feared the arrival of the Antichrist?


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, Russia lives on Byzantine chronology, and 1152 from the birth of Christ is 6660 year "from the creation of the world." Three sixes in a row.


Bishop Tybalt. In Byzantium, as I have heard, too, in this "number of the Beast" was panic.


Count Wilhelm. Now I understand, thanks for explanation. We have 666 year too was panic, just that, thank God, the distant past.


Bishop Tybalt. The panic we had in the year 1000 after Christ, and in 1033 – the Millennium of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ, and many times, despite the fact that the Savior told us not to try to calculate the time it The second coming, and to watch constantly, because the genus of the wicked and adulterous the unknown day and hour when shall appear the sign of the son of man in heaven, and all the tribes of the earth will see Him coming on the clouds of heaven with power and glory great.


Commander Henry. Like in the book of revelation some calculations cited.


Bishop Tybalt. Saint John the Evangelist in his great revelation said when it's coming millennial Kingdom of God that precedes The Last Judgment. Therefore, our Holy Church and does not encourage attempts to predict the time of arrival and the Kingdom of God, and judgment.


Count William. But in revelation, remember, was the word that the Lord is coming soon.


Bishop Tybalt. What is "soon" the Lord, your Excellency?


Count William. In theological issues here, you have no equal, your Eminence. But man is weak, the temptation to define the time of judgment is great and I'm not surprised that the Russians were so afraid of three sixes in 6660 year, especially after years of the bloody civil war.


Knight Mathias. According to the Byzantine chronology the new year begins on the first day of September, at the end of the year 1151, when I arrived in Vladimir, was the 6660 a year. Savva Nazirovich said that when George in September, ordered to build several temples, it was so suddenly that the architect did not even have time to make for each building a separate layout, the more detailed the drawing. And had to build almost the same temples for drawing that Sawa for a few years before did for Galich, where he erected the Church of the Transfiguration.


Bishop Tybalt. Rather than a detailed drawing is different from the layout? New layout, probably not for long.


Knight Mathias. As far as I know, the layout gives only a General impression about the future of the building, and then when it's approved by the Prince, required on its basis to draw the building in detail, with accurate calculation sizes, and sometimes even masonry porjadovki. When the drawing is approved, the architect feels safer, as it is already responsible for it the execution and does not depend on the possible whims and moods of the Prince. If the Prince suddenly want something significantly change, it must be prepared and approved by the new detailed drawing.

Furthermore, with such the drawing easier to work on the construction, as artisans can immediately see that what they have to do and don't need to explain every little detail and follow up their every move.


Bishop Tybalt. Yes, I know about these drawings on them we build large churches, but in Russia, probably could not do detailed drawings and after approval by the Prince of the layout immediately, keeping only the common features and proportions of the building. I think the layout could not to imagine and to explain that the new temple will be similar to one already built. Or even ask to take a word that the future of the building will be very beautiful.


Knight Mathias. You are absolutely right, your Eminence, in Russia the churches are often built without any drawings and layout as in our villages. But as the architect Savva Nazirovich studied not just anywhere, but in the Imperial city of Speyer, he believed that the level of work should be at the proper height. And it was hard to do without detailed drawings with the simultaneous construction of several churches in different cities: architect couldn't simultaneously be everywhere and all the time to indicate to the workman that it is necessary to do. And so he was able for a while to arrive at each and every construction project, give General guidance,leave the workman the drawings, and after a while come to check the progress the execution of the works.

So Savva preferred to build several, almost identical, but beautiful and reliable temples than different but ugly and unreliable.

And I have to say that temples of George Dolgorukiy was really beautiful and reliable though small: their size in terms of, in my estimation, thirty to twenty cubits (20 x15 meters – approx. transl.), that is much smaller and Sofia, and other stone temples Kiev. Savva built their churches in the same Byzantine forms, with one head and the four pillars inside. But such towering Church buildings with huge and heavy heads I have not seen neither in Russia, nor in Byzantium, nor even more in the Holy Roman Empire: the Basilica of our always kind of flattened on the ground and in the sky is looking towers, and the temples of George Dolgorukiy themselves are towers.


Bishop Tybalt. Weird. If the Prince spent so much effort to find the white stone and the build of the same material as in our Empire, why the churches did not look our way, and in Byzantine?


Knight Mathias. It's a reasonable question, your Eminence, and of course, I asked him to Savva Nazirovich. The architect replied that he I was glad to build such a Basilica as in the Holy Roman Empire, because it's much easier.


Bishop Tybalt. Why easier?


Knight Mathias. I too at first did not understand, so as are just a bricklayer, not the architect. But Savva explained to me that as in our Basilica, no heavy drums, the pillars of support only the arches which can be made not only from stone but also from wood. It turns out that our Basilica you can build almost any size, with any the number of pillars. In Byzantine churches the pillars under the weight of the drums strive to separate the sides, and this limits the size of the buildings. Is there still a lot of subtleties that Sawa not even tried to explain to me, knowing that I don'tunderstand. But overall, I think I caught the essence.

According to Sava The nazirovich, he tried to explain it to Prince George and introduced the layout a simple Basilica with a wooden roof on the rafters. But Dolgoruky said Nestor, Bishop of Suzdal, and refuse to bless such construction, and to serve a moleben for the founding of the temple, and to consecrate already built the temple. It turns out that Prince costed huge efforts to convince the Nestor at least that the temples were built in the Imperial material – white stone, and not in the Byzantine – of time.


Count Wilhelm. Did Dolgoruky could not affect your Bishop?


Bishop Tybalt. After we have blessed Concordat of worms of the earth, the rulers also not always able to influence on bishops.


Commander Henry. For anyone blessed, and for who and is not very good, your Eminence.


Count Wilhelm. Let's not dwell on such a long events in 1122 we were too young to directly participate in them.


Knight Mathias. I was a small child, your Excellency. In addition, the relationship between Dolgoruky and Bishop Nestor, you can immediately understand, without going into any theological subtleties and not referring to the decisions of the concordat of Worms: Nestor was a protege of Metropolitan The Kliment Smolyatich. Klim put it on the chair in the late forties, and not randomly for the location of the Episcopal chair was not chosen by Vladimir and not Suzdal and Rostov, situated on the outskirts of the princely estates Dolgoruky.

By the way, when George finishing in the fifty-fifth year the Grand Kyiv throne, got rid of Clement immediately – in the fifty-sixth – staged displacement of Nestor the new Metropolitan Constantine. Just sent from the Byzantine Greek Constantine, naturally, without the insistence of the Grand Prince would not have made such a hasty decision to depose the Bishop of Rostov.


Count Wilhelm. Relationship George and Nestor now everything is clear, but it is unclear other: if Izyaslav put Clement to independence of the Kyivan Metropolitanate of the Byzantine Empire, why Nestor was to prevent the construction of temples newidentity?


Knight Mathias. I attribute this to the fact that Izyaslav and Clement, even if it sought to gain its independence from the Church Constantinople, then in any case was not going to go into our the Catholic faith.


Bishop Tybalt. Maybe Bishop Nestor wanted to act against his Metropolitan by saying that you mentioned commander Henry: to be more Catholic than the Holy father?


Commander Henry. Probably still easier. Nestor a protege of Clement, ally Izyaslav, that the Bishop and let Dolgoruky everything that Prince did.


Bishop Tybalt. Yes, we can only guess, and divination displeasing to the Lord.


Count Wilhelm. And how many churches began to build George?


Knight Mathias. Five, your Excellency. Three in old towns – Vladimir, Suzdal and Kideksha, and two in new laid – Pereslavl Zalessky and Georgieva Opole.


Count Wilhelm. Well, it's a little, we only Cologne almost a dozen large Basil, and others are under construction.


Knight Mathias. But for Russia it is very much the more that the Prince ordered to build all the five temples by the end of the fifty-second year. And from Savva of Nazirovich, of course, there were difficulties not only with in the drawings, but also with the mechanics. Plotnikov was plenty, laborers, of course, too, but the masons almost was not – just a few old men, built under Vladimir Monomakh, and they were able to turn a stone and plinthite.

And, of course, was still the two went to study in Speyer, but they could only work one, and the second turned into a binge drinker. Latest with Russian, unfortunately happens quite often, and they call it "sleep". I it seemed that this is even the Sava, but, thank God, once treated.


Bishop Tybalt. In our God-saved Empire the dependence on intoxicating beverages is also, unfortunately, not uncommon.


Count Wilhelm. And as Sava was able to overcome these difficulties? I mean not the dependence on beer and home brew, and the lack masons.


Knight Mathias. Even in the autumn and winter fifty first, during preparation for construction, he used the most experienced masters for training novice builders masonry walls and Teske white stone. A month later the students under the supervision of coaches not only are well worked with stone, but was taught by others: such a quick absorption helped carpentry skills that the local people, as they say, in the blood. Thanks the same carpentry skills any difficulties with the installation of formwork and scaffolding for erection of arches arose. And for such a complex and demanding partconstruction works like putting "sails" – curved transitions from poles to drums and going to see Sam Savva.

Basic training took place in Vladimir, right on suburban the princely court, where he was to build one of five new churches. Then the master went through the cities, where they had to build, and instruct new masons on the ground. So Savva asked me to pass on all construction sites and check how is the training. I was allowed the same salary which I received during the search quarries.

And later, when in spring began the construction of temples, I was one of four top aides Savva Nazirovich. A rich merchant Yakov Osipovich was in charge of all deliveries materials, Sotsky Yang lukić had charge of the quarries, a young nobleman Miroslav Chudinovich recruited builders, and I checked as heads of construction sites do the work. I was a good reviewer, because I was impossible bribe: I was sent to Russia not with the aim of earning money.


Bishop Tybalt. My son Matias, are you in fact were sent to Russia and not with the purpose to build temples, right? What were your steps the fulfillment of the main task of bringing Russia to the Holy true cross?


Commander Henry. Suppose, your Excellency, the construction of churches in the Catholic stone technique in itself brought Suzdal Holy true Church.


Bishop Tybalt. This, of course, well, nobody argues. But the temples would be built without the knight Mathias, also from the construction white stone churches before the adoption of the legate his Holiness the Pope is still very far.


Knight Mathias. Your Eminence, I had first of all find Petrillo of Maravich and find out refused the Prince George from her desire to accept the true Catholic faith in the case voknyazheniya in Kiev. If with the mood and plans Dolgoruky everything was still, I could would calmly return to Kiev to continue the elimination of Izyaslav mstislavovitch.

But, as I said, the time of my arrival in Vladimir Peter wasn't there. Savva told me that osmanic returned to Suzdal from the South of Russia, along with Prince George, but once established Zimnik, Petrila went to Rostov to do some business and to see my wife.

At the same time Vladimir came the news that at Yaroslavl, Rostov are from just a couple days in the North-East, attacked the Bulgars.


Count Wilhelm. So we finally came to the Bulgars. Knight Mathias, tell us what you know about them.


Knight Mathias. Don't understand, your Excellency, why are you interested in these godless Mohammedans, but of course, I will obey. However, I know about this country a bit, in Russia, the Bulgars do believe hardly not savages.


Commander Henry. My brother Matthias, you're not better than me understand that the underestimation and poor knowledge of the enemy is one of the greatest errors.


Knight Mathias. Have mercy, my brother, my master, what our opponent is Bulgaria? Even Suzdal, where the Bulgars sometimes attack, do not consider them serious opponents. It's like for Kiev – steppe nomads.


Count Wilhelm. Not so simple, knight Mathias. So tell us about Bulgaria.


Knight Mathias. I first heard about it back in Alamut, talking about her as the most Northern country of the Mohammedan world. I at first did not understand what was going on, knowing only Bulgaria, which located on the Balkan mountains, near the Russian sea, and belongs to the Byzantine Empire. ( Latin Bulgaria and Bulgaria have the same name, and in the Russian language the difference is one letter is for clarification, what kind of country is it – approx. transl.). But it turned out that once in the steppes North-East of the Russian sea lived a large nomadic tribe of the Bulgars, and then it was divided: one part went to the West, the Balkans, the other settled in the middle reaches of the Volga river (in Latin the original ITIL. Approx. transl.). In the same century, when Russia was baptized in Byzantine Christianity, Bulgaria converted to Islam, and her rulers known as emirs.

City in Bulgaria small, though, say even with stone buildings. The capital and called the Bulgars. From Russia to this country has no common borders between them lie about one hundred miles (200 kilometers – approx. transl.) nobody belonging to the earth.

Strong government Bulgaria was never and all time of its existence, the Bulgars only bothered their raids the outskirts of Suzdal. Russian princes, such and George Dolgorukiy, also repeatedly went to the Bulgars.

And when the winter fifty first to fifty – second years, the Bulgars came on their ships on the Volga to the Yaroslavl, looted the area and besieged the city, in order to discourage them does not even need the fighting: when they hear of the approach of the squad George and Rostov militia, Bulgars boarded the ships and left, taking with him booty and prisoners.

So their attack was for Dolgoruky more than a mosquito bite. But for me it was strong impact: as it turned out, among the prisoners were Petrila.


Commander Henry. How Petrila, being in Rostov, he was captured by the Bulgars near Yaroslavl?


Knight Mathias. He then told me everything. Went in Yaroslavl on the Affairs of tax collection, not knowing that the city is besieged. Fought desperately, but was captured.


Commander Henry. Wounded?


Knight Mathias. No, but in the unconscious condition. He was subdued with a blow of the sword on the head flat.


Count Wilhelm. And someone was with him who could to confirm his story?


Knight Mathias. There were some satellites, and security was not alone riding such a high-ranking Royal official. All was killed, only he survived due to the fact that were richly dressed, and the Bulgars hoped to get him a large ransom.

However, I was not trying to find confirmation of the story Petryliv: not on purpose, he surrendered Mohammedans.


Count Wilhelm. Who knows, who knows. And then he escaped from captivity?


Knight Mathias. No, your Excellency. Prince George paid the demanded ransom, and Peter at the end of the summer he returned to Vladimir. Back with honor, as caught in enemy captivity in Russia called "inmates" and equate to the wounded in battle. Of course, our meeting was joyous, though only friendly.


Bishop Tybalt. Friendly? Do you mean that you met as friends?


Knight Mathias. So, your Eminence. As friends and colleagues, and more carnal relations was not involved.


Bishop Tybalt. Why?


Knight Mathias. Because he finally moved his wife from Rostov to Vladimir, and not able to share his love and affection between me and my wife. So he explained to me, and I had to admit he was right, as bad as they were.


Count Wilhelm. Well, as they say, it everyday. And something important for your mission he said?


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, it so happened unfortunate that shortly before his return Prince George went on a trip to Chernihiv, and Petrila to find out anything he could not. As I understand it, the purpose of hike Dolgoruky was the punishment of Prince Izyaslav Davidovich because he moved to the side Izyaslav mstislavovitch. To help George from Novgorod Seversky was made by Svyatoslav ol'govich, to help Izyaslav Davidovich – Izyaslav Mstislavich from Kiev. But the great war did not happen, George at the end of fifty the second year raised the siege of Chernigov and returned to its Suzdal.

So Petrila been able to clarify only in the beginning of the next, the fifty-third year. I had the entire fifty-second be ignorant and do have Sava The nazirovich the construction of temples.


Bishop Tybalt. But the churches you built with though Savva?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency, all five. Of course, these churches still have a lot to cover the arches lead dome – gold-plated copper, to make copper or tiled floors instead of the time wooden vygostky, to paint Church frescoes, to put icons and Church utensils. But it is left for the next years, as, it seems, Kiev money Prince George is over. So far, the vaults and the dome sheathed wood boards, and laid on the floor boards.

And we with Sawa Nazirovich built two fortresses in the new cities – Pereslavl Zalessky and Georgieva Opole. Savva asked me to look out for their construction, since he is everywhere no time, and I fully trusted. And I have to say that always justified his confidence.


Bishop Tybalt. Apart from the fact that few years you killed Sava, and, of course, justified.


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, the irony here irrelevant, because we, the Templars, does not get pleasure from killing those who love us and trust us.


Knight Mathias. One thing – the implementation of charitable missions in Russia, for the benefit of which I had to remove the Savva of Nazirovich, and it is quite another construction for which I had honestly earned salary. By the way, the salary is increased, as one of the two new cities named after the ancient town in the South of Russia, had in the future become the capital of Suzdal.


Count Wilhelm. Why Dolgoruky suddenly decided to move the capital from Vladimir?


Knight Mathias. It is not known, your Excellency. Even Sawa is not precisely known. And Vladimir, as I have said, the capital in the understanding of Jerusalem or Constantinople was not just in recent years George chose your yard Vladimir Suzdal, Rostov and Sochi, which is also were the princely courts. Most likely, Pereslavl Zalesskiy was chosen because what is located approximately in the middle of his Kingdom: to the South of this city located in Suzdal, Yuryev Vladimir, North-East of Rostov and Yaroslavl, to South-West of Moscow, to the North-West of Tver and Dubna, to the North – Ksnyatin.

Whatever it was, George Dolgoruky decided to build a new capital and started on a desolate plain near Kleschina lake (now lake Pleshcheyevo – approx. transl.)huge construction. Nearby, on a high mountain lake located at the old town Klein (now does not exist, in its place was only a shaft – approx. transl.), and the Prince called to work almost the entire population of this Kleschina, and even drove a lot of workers from other cities, surrounded by ramparts and wooden walls a huge area of one hundred and thirty acres (50 hectares – approx. transl.), and in the absence of this uninhabited edge enough of the population has become the power, the promises of privileges to relocate to a new city residents Kleschina.

But when I last time was in Pereslavl Zalessky in February of the fifty-third, inside the longest, much more than a mile (about2500 meters – approx. transl.), shafts stood only the white stone Church of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ, humble the Prince's wooden Palace, and very few scattered towers and the huts. It seemed especially modest because the Church of the Transfiguration is not in the middle of the city, and around the shaft: in the middle of the Prince were going to build a great Cathedral, and the Church to leave as the house.

By the way, in other cities Dolgoruky is also built of white stone churches in their yards or standing apart from cities like Vladimir, or was located outside the city walls with the river, like in Suzdal, Kideksha, Georgieva and Pereyaslavl Zalessky.


Count Wilhelm. Reasonable arrangement of the Prince's court. You can swim and sail on the river, not driving through the city without attracting attention and not disturbing the residents. In the case of the uprising of the urban population or the capture of the city by the enemy the Prince and his court can escape on the ship.


Bishop Tybalt. And in the middle of other cities Prince also going to build large churches?


Knight Mathias. In Suzdal and Vladimir was already these temples from the time of Monomakh, and in Kideksha and Georgieva – Yes, I was. In anyway, Savva Nazirovich told me about it. From George Dolgorukiy had big plans that went awry.


Bishop Tybalt. People make plans, but the Lord decides true or not.


Count Wilhelm. Importantly, the plans did not initially was unrealistic, and that the Lord is unlikely to help. Knight Mathias, you, by the way, didn't tell us about Suzdal, Kideksha and Georgiev. These cities deserve of our attention?


Knight Mathias. No, your Excellency, nothing special. Ordinary Russian city. Suzdal is one of the largest and oldest cities in Silesia, he stands in the midst of fertile plains, called Opole. Now, of course, in comparison with Vladimir Suzdal looks modest, but all still not impressed desolate. From here was a artisans on the construction of temples Dolgoruky. A local school of icon painting known throughout Russia.

The ancient fortress Suzdal, fortified by the length of a little less than a mile (about1.4 km – approx. transl.) takes a steep bend of the Kamenka river. The shaft is quite small height – no more than three cubits (2 meters – approx. transl.), the walls are old and rotten in many places, but strengthening enhances the river surrounding the city almost all sides. The castle has only one gate, from which begins the main street leading to the great plinthite Cathedral – the same one that was recently renovated and consecrated by the Novgorod Bishop Nifont. Yard George Dolgoruky is at the beginning of main street, from the shaft side of the river.

Urban development here much unattractive than all I've seen of Russian cities: the Palace quite little huts too little, as people got used since ancient times to live in is covered wooden roofs of the pits (pit-houses – approx. transl.), and lives.

Kideksha is near Suzdal, a couple of miles two or three (5 kilometers – approx. transl.). The town stands on the cliffs above the Nerl and flowing into it by the river Heater is by local standards a major fortress. The length of the shaft here more than half a mile (about1 kilometer – approx. transl.).

Well, Georgiev was laid simultaneously with the Pereyaslavl Zalessky. Trade routes away from him are, but is spread around corny Opole. Therefore, Georgiev, contrast Pereyaslavl, people began to arrive very willingly, and in a few years already being in Kiev, I heard that this city is growing and thriving.

And the St. George's castle in similar to the Pereyaslav stands on the plain near a small river Koloksha, slightly enhancing the strengthening the same as in Pereyaslavl reinforces them the river Trubezh. Shaft height five cubits (about3 meters – approx. transl.) for Russia wooden walls enclosed a large area – about eighty acres (30 acres – approx. transl.). That's all.


Bishop Tybalt. Indeed, Zalesskii city diversity does not differ. And when you went to Kiev, my son Matias? You said that in February, fifty-third year was still in that city, the name which is to say impossible. Where George was going to have a new capital.


Knight Mathias. In Pereslavl Zalessky, your Eminence. Yes, in February I was still there, but headed South soon, spring. Petrila Maravich I was told that soared in the bath with son George Dolgorukiy, and learned from Andrew G. that his father time and again mentioned about the convergence with the Holy Roman Empire and the Holy Catholic Church. Moreover, George told Andrew that if God will give again to varnagiris in Kiev, it will be one of his first cases.


Count Wilhelm. Is it Petrila was so friendly with the eldest son of George?


Knight Mathias. They're about the same age, Andrew over Peter the entire three or four years. And most importantly – they are brothers-in-law.


Bishop Tybalt. What is the in – laws?


Knight Mathias. In Russia the so-called those who married the two sisters.


Bishop Tybalt. But, in my opinion, even Byzantine the Church forbids to marry her sister.


Count Wilhelm. Apparently, knight Mathias has in mind what the in-laws are called the husbands of two sisters.


Knight Mathias. Quite true, your Excellency. Have executed nobleman pile had two daughters, one of them is married to Andrew, other Petrila. Therefore, the friendship of Andrew and Peter are quite natural. Yes, and the osmanic Petrila Maravich by that time was already so important to the Lord that Prince Georgy Vladimirovich not once feasted in his house. So everything told Peter, I trusted, and I had to go to Kiev to Izyaslav eliminate Mstislavovitch.

The award for white stone construction I were not such generous, as once detection deposits of stone near Moscow: after all, on the construction I was just an assistant architect. But I still gave money Petrila, I purchased a boatload of fur goods and went to Kiev.


Commander Henry. And Sawa how did you explain your departure?


Knight Mathias. I told him that since temples almost over, and new construction not yet in sight, I want to go to home Passau to visit elderly father. But at the same time want to earn some money, so buy furs that can sell in Bavaria. Through year I promised to return.

And I with my ship joined a large caravan going to Kiev, and in may sailed from Vladimir. After Kiev walked the path and in Passau, where I was going, so Sava no issues have arisen. At this time Dolgoruky of Kiev duumvirate Izyaslav Mstislavich and Vyacheslav Vladimirovich was no war, so the road through Kiev in the part of a merchant caravan was quite safe.

In the caravan I gave myself for the German merchant Mathias from Reisbach: this town is in Bavaria, not far from my home Passau, and I knew him well because in his youth he worked there on the construction of the Cathedral assistant father.

So, Matias from Misbaha, I arrived in Kiev.


Count Wilhelm. And like this time you changed your appearance, knight Mathias? Izyaslav Mstislavich know you as a nobleman Matthew Gansovich, without a beard, the Governor Shvarna – as volunteer Pron, with a beard. And when you become a merchant with a beard made? Repainted?


Knight Mathias. No, your Excellency, just trimmed your beard neat, on-kupecheski, dressed as a foreign merchant, did the kind that speak Russian poorly with a thick German accent. And settled in Kiev is not in the city of Yaroslav, and at the hem. That was quite enough. Kiev – a huge city, I live there, I thought, not less than one hundred thousand people that lost was easy.

Since I gave myself a German Catholic, who is and really, enjoyed visit available in the hem of the Catholic Church, and even confessed to there the Abbot Ferdinand in some small sins, all German merchant. The Prelate Ferdinand, by the way, also a Bavarian, of Landshut. But he never Ribbage was not slippery and questions about this city, I was never asked.

So I started the fifty-fourth year, was expected in Kiev Izyaslav mstislavovitch.


Count Wilhelm. Where was Izyaslav?


Knight Mathias. Punishing former allies Dolgoruky. First we went to Novgorod Severskiy Svyatoslav Olgovich on, then to Galicia, vladimirka volodarevich of. To go with the troops of the Grand Duke and try to eliminate it during a campaign or a battle I could not: entry into the militia was tantamount to suicide, I would be there immediately recognized. And, maybe I did not take the militia too much limping.


Commander Henry. And what were you doing in Kiev?


Knight Mathias. Traded fur goods the money purchased gold, allegedly intending to carry it into the Holy Roman Empire for sale.


Count Wilhelm. And why gold?


Knight Mathias. Because gold is really it was profitable to buy in Kiev and sell in Empire.


Bishop Tybalt. I heard that the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon is no stranger to money and profits, despite the name of their order.


Commander Henry. Absolutely, your Eminence. If you are going to the Holy Land, do not risk to take the money on a journey where they can be stolen or taken away. Better turn them in here the brotherhood of the knights Templar, will receive a personalized receipt, and that receipt you Palestine local fraternity will give all the money in full. Except for a small remuneration.


Bishop Tybalt. Thank you, I'll know. But how tie it in with the expulsion of our Lord Jesus Christ the merchants from the temple?


Commander Henry. Caesar's to Caesar, God – gods. So says the bull of his Holiness the Pope, who blesses the taking of our money for the benefit of the Holy Church. I have no doubt that in his diocese you, your grace, too, make good money from indulgences and the performance of the saints ordinances.


Count Wilhelm. Again, the theology! How can ask to do without him?


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, in Kiev, I do not thought neither about theology nor about profits, and gold was to buy not only because such action by a German merchant did not cause any suspicion. It was a more serious reason: the gold was easiest to hide in if I had to stop to pretend to be a merchant. What I then did.


Count Wilhelm. All the same hiding places, which is so interested in Bishop Tybalt?


Bishop Tybalt. Well, your Excellency, you heard it was, why repeat the unfounded allusions of commander Henry?


Count Wilhelm. Now it's my turn to ask pardon, your Eminence.


Bishop Tybalt. You, your Excellency, it is too a great honor for me. Actually I was not interested in hiding places, and actions knight of Mathias. Of course, not for accumulation of wealth, and Troubleshooting Izyaslav Mstislavovitch.


Knight Mathias. The ability to do this I have appeared only in the spring of fifty-fourth, when Kiev learned about the upcoming wedding of Grand Prince Izyaslav and daughter of the Georgian king. Mstislav, Iziaslav's son from his first marriage, went to Georgia to meet his future stepmother, he himself the Grand Duke was waiting for the bride in Kiev.


Commander Henry. Izjaslav was a widower?


Knight Mathias. Yes, my brother, my Lord.


Bishop Tybalt. But not too late Grand Duke decided to remarry? He certainly was already many years.


Knight Mathias. By the standards of the battle-hardened, a strong and prolific body of Russian princes – not too much, less than sixty. For example, George in the same year 1154 was born the son of Vsevolod, in the Christian the baptism of Dmitry, in whose honor the Prince called the founded city Dmitrov, which I seem to have mentioned. And it was in that year Dolgoruky hardly not sixty, he, too, was in a second marriage.


Count Wilhelm. So befits brave warriors. I also entered into a second marriage about the same age, and six months ago I the will of the Lord son was born.


Commander Henry. I heartily congratulate you, your Excellency. As it is written in the Scriptures, but will see he offspring blessed.


Bishop Tybalt. Your Excellency, accept my congratulations, just the commander Henry again incorrectly reported the words of Scripture. Have the prophet Isaiah said, "He shall see life eternal".


Count Wilhelm. In any case, thank you, dear the members of the Council. But I digress. Knight Mathias, you were at the point heard about the upcoming wedding of the Grand Duke.


Knight Mathias. And I finally figured out how lime Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. Mercury.


Count Wilhelm. Mercury? Remember, it's a special metal love our alchemists, although not know that they are from him trying to do.


Knight Mathias. I don't know how exactly use mercury the alchemists, but my mission this metal possessed two most valuable properties: it is liquid, and a pair of his poison.


Bishop Tybalt. About how alchemists use mercury, I heard mercury is considered as one of the original elements, and they are trying to use it for gold. It is unclear however, how profitable it is, because mercury is much more rare than gold, and so much more expensive. And it for something is used by doctors, but the Lord me spared to experience it myself.

But I didn't know that mercury liquid, and that it is able to evaporate. Is it the metals?


Knight Mathias. Therefore, mercury is special metal. She rolled into small balls, like drops of water, only thick and heavy, silver in color.


Count Wilhelm. But how were you able to get in Kiev such a rare metal?


Knight Mathias. This metal is not so rare, your Excellency. Extraction of mercury is accompanied by the extraction of cinnabar, used to make all known bright red paint.


Bishop Tybalt. I remember something about mercury mining in Spain, wrote Pliny the Elder.


Knight Mathias. Absolutely, your Eminence. Deposits of mercury is in Spain, and in Persia, Khwarezm.


Commander Henry. It's all you in Alamut learned brother my Mathias?


Knight Mathias. Yes, my brother, my Lord. Assassins often used mercury for secret murders. In our order of the brotherhood of Gaza, and Ascalon that are not yet trained.


Commander Henry. Now will train and we're brother Matthias, talk about this later.


Knight Mathias. I hear and obey.


Count Wilhelm. First let knight Mathias us all tell. So, if mercury is mined so widely, it is possible to just buy on the marketplace?


Knight Mathias. Exactly, your Excellency. Of course, not in any bargaining, but on the large, which attracts merchants from many countries. But Kiev is at the crossroads of many trade routes, and such a choice the goods I have not seen even at auction in the Northern free cities of Germany.

Merchants at Kiev bargaining already knew me as a buyer of gold, so buying me mercury did not cause no suspicion, only some joked that Matias Misbaha gathered to do alchemy.


Commander Henry. And how exactly did you use mercury for eliminate Izyaslav? It had something to do with his wedding?


Knight Mathias. Yes, it is. Russian weddings, like our own, in addition to the Christian wedding there many rituals and customs. Basically, these rites came from pagan times. For example, the bride and groom must sit at the wedding table along with married men and married women, but not allowed to touch the food and drink. In sign of prohibition of the bowl placed in front of them is empty, the spoon tie a red ribbon, bowls for drinks turned upside down. And the reason is that the bride and the bride is not entitled to take part in a common meal with married relatives,as to the wedding night can not be considered married, in spite of the fact that already married. And many other prohibitions in the same spirit.

It was important for me where the Grand Duke and Duchess will conduct the first wedding night. In Russia such place is always a cool place: a basement, a closet, a barn, sometimes even the barn or the sheepfold.


Bishop Tybalt. Do the first wedding night the Grand Duke took place in the barn or the sheepfold?


Knight Mathias. Of course not. For wedding Izyaslav Mstyslavych built a special hut. It was built high marriage a bed of flour sacks and sheaves laid on wooden flooring. Under the boardwalk put the poker, logs, branches, or Rowan, or juniper. It all also connected with some ancient superstitions, it is believed that the poker protects from the evil forces, ash is still something useful, sacks of flour and bundles – something logs too.


Count Wilhelm. Because among those present only I am not a monk, married and having weddings of their sons and daughters, then I will explain that Rowan needs to ward off evil spirits, sacks of flour and bundles symbolize wealth and prosperity, and the more under the bed to put logs the more children born in a marriage. In my native Swabia similar customs.


Knight Mathias. Thank you for the clarification, your Excellency. So I knew that the first night the newlyweds built a new hut.

I tracked what pub walks servant who washed the floors in the Grand Palace. Sat down next to him and said are allegedly officials of the Georgian king in charge protection from hidden forces, and my concern is the health of the Princess bride. And the servant promised good money, so he put a beautiful silver balls that are supposedly a talisman, under the bed of the newlyweds before the wedding. And that threw them into the cracks between the floorboards.

I asked the washer the sexes do not tell anyone, especially the guards Izyaslav mstislavovitch, as they have their own protection from the secret forces, their amulets, and they may not allow to put under the bed of the charm of the bride.

Then I met this servant in the dead end of a narrow deserted streets, gave a Deposit and the balls of mercury.


Commander Henry. And is the servant of the nothing in the first place?


Knight Mathias. Even if suspected, the they amount of money was fairly solid, and most importantly – he was promised so much after running an errand. Of course, I took the risk that he will break the protection the Grand Duke, and I the transfer of the second part of the money grab, but this risk was not very large: even if the members of the high Council never saw mercury, then so sweeping the floor in the Palace – even more so. In addition, heavy silver balls mercury looked very attractive.

So when this servant mopping the floor in the house for the newlyweds, he scattered under the bed these balls.


Count Wilhelm. But what was the point if it's a couch it was only on the wedding night, and then Izyaslav with his wife still slept in the bedroom of the Grand Palace?


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, the point of this was, to test this servant. At first I gave him quite a bit of mercury, and then, when the wedding night has passed, the hut was empty and the guards removed from it, I snuck in there and check. Mercury under the bed lay: sweeping the floor the trick did.

Then when I transfer the servant of the remainder of the money promised still the same, and then the same again if he will do the same in the Grand bedroom. And gave much more mercury. He did everything right.


Commander Henry. I hope when the last part of the money you killed him, so he suddenly changed his mind and was not given?


Knight Mathias. Of course, my brother, my Lord. At the meeting in the same dead end deserted streets I stabbed him with a dagger, took it the purse that everyone thought that it was an attack of robbers, and left. If even his death was alerted of the masters investigation, I still was sure inspect the cracks between the boards of the floor under the marital bed of the Grand Duke they will not conceive.

By the fall of fifty fourth year in Kiev, rumors that Izyaslav Mstislavich seriously ill. I haven't seen it myself, but in the trade told me that he grew thin, the complexion was unhealthy, the gait is uncertain, his hands began to tremble. Then he began to fall in fainting. Then stayed in bed: unfortunately for him, the same under which lay mercury.

And finally, the Grand Duke Izyaslav gave his soul to God. It is, if I am not mistaken, on the thirteenth day of November. Said he lost his hair and teeth, the body completely relaxed, and he's not could neither eat nor drink nor move, and then not be able to breathe. It should be when mercury poisoning: no wonder the assassins this technique is called "Premature old age".


Bishop Tybalt. A truly scary story. And the wife the Grand Duke?


Knight Mathias. She survived her husband, as was much younger, and the female body in General is less susceptible to poisons. But survived for a while.


Bishop Tybalt. Peace to the ashes of this unhappy woman.


Count Wilhelm. And the ashes of the brave warrior Izyaslav also, of course. But still remained alive second duumvir – Vyacheslav Vladimirovich?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. He not only alive, but also tried to create a new duumvirate with Rostislav Mstislavich, younger brother Izyaslav. The end of the fifty-fourth year arrived in Kiev from Smolensk.

It was necessary to remove and Vyacheslav. I knew that without him against George not to stand neither tourists nor another contender for the throne of Kiev – Chernigov Prince Izyaslav Davidovich. Dolgoruky would have been by far the senior and for the rest of the descendants Monomakh, and age, and the respect which he enjoyed in Russia.


Bishop Tybalt. My son Matias, please specify seniority for Prince the ladder, and then I'm confused again. With Rostislav Mstislavich all clear, he was the nephew Dolgoruky, that is a generation younger. But Izyaslav Davidovich was a cousin of Svyatoslav Olgovich, then, was on the same level with him on the ladder. It turns out, and on one level, with Dolgoruky. And if Svyatoslav, as you told us, not claimed to be the great reign, Izyaslav Davidovich, it turns out, claimed?


Knight Mathias. Absolutely, your Eminence claimed. But in Russia very intricate questions of law to great reign, a great role plays the so-called "paternal" – was great a Prince the father of the applicant. Father George, Monomakh, was, and his father Izyaslav, Davyd Svyatoslavich, never.


Commander Henry. But George seems to be not loved Kiev?


Knight Mathias. The mood of Kiev, I watched constantly, and in General they were in favor of the Dolgoruky as his predatory taxes are a bit forgotten, and order and peace like everyone.

And in the midst of winter, Christmas, Vyacheslav Vladimirovich has died. In the evening feasted, went to bed and never woke up.


Bishop Tybalt. And how did you kill him?


Commander Henry. I felt your Eminence, that you did not read the report of brother Mathias. Vyacheslav is dead himself.


Bishop Tybalt. I have an abundance of murders already so wearied in the eyes that I lost count.


Commander Henry. Not Christian as it sounds, your Eminence. Every living soul is sacred.


Bishop Tybalt. Well, now you want to be more Catholic than his Holiness the Pope.


Commander Henry. Don't compare yourself with him Holiness, your Eminence.


Bishop Tybalt. It's just a saying, commander, you yourself remembered.


Count Wilhelm. A good saying, by the way. I have never had to hear it, will have to remember. Knight Mathias, and how much old was Prince Vyacheslav?


Knight Mathias. More than seventy in any case it was time to move to a better place.


Bishop Tybalt. It is not for us to decide who must go, and The Lord God.


Commander Henry. So the Lord decided. Easy death all we would like this.


Count Wilhelm. So be it. Knight Mathias, and that was in Kiev after the death of Vyacheslav Vladimirovich?


Knight Mathias. As I expected, the next princely strife, but much smaller than those of Izyaslav Mstislavich with Georgy Vladimirovich. The Grand Duke remained Rostislav Mstislavich, and the war with him immediately began Izyaslav Davidovich. Chernigov from Kiev nearby, and soon the battle took place on the river Belous, a tributary of the Desna. Izyaslav with the help of steppe nomads broke and Rostislav vanailla in Kiev. Rostislav fled to your Smolensk.

I, like most Kiev didn't care who wins these princes – Izyaslav Davidovich or Rostislav Mstislavich. Everyone knew that Dolgoruky is much stronger than that, and the other, and his enthronement is only a matter of time needed to learn about what is happening and walk with his army from Silesia to Kiev.

Georgy Vladimirovich was in a hurry. In January, fifty-fifth, he put him to reign in Novgorod his son Mstislav, and in February went South. As he walked, he swore allegiance to Rostislav Mstislavich and Svyatoslav II of Kiev. Izyaslav Davidovich left Kiev without a fight.

In the twentieth day of March, Palm Sunday, Dolgoruky solemnly entered Kiev. He was met a huge crowd with red ribbons on their clothes.


Bishop Tybalt. Wait, wait, my son Matias! George settled in the same Palace, where previously lived Izyaslav?


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Eminence. Settled and lived until he was built a new Palace.


Bishop Tybalt. And Izyaslav Davidovich to him there lived? And Rostislav Mstislavich?


Knight Mathias. Yes, they are.


Bishop Tybalt. So there in the bedroom was full mercury! Not poisoned princes?


Knight Mathias. The fate of Izyaslav Davidovich and Rostislav mstislavovitch me, I confess, a little worried. But I think that if they and we breathed the fumes of mercury a short time in Kiev the Grand Palace, there is nothing wrong with them not happening.

Dolgoruky, of course, the case was different. I had immediately after his triumphant entry to Kiev toss in the yard of the Supreme magistrates Visati Nikiforovich letter without a signature. I wrote that are close Izyaslav Davidovich, but the secret well-wisher Georgy Vladimirovich, and I became aware that Izyaslav, wanting lime George before leaving Kiev ordered to soak the floor boards in the Grand Ducal bedroom the strongest poison that kills their fumes. And I was advised to gently collect and throw silver balls from the cracks in the boards under the Prince's bed, andeven better – to shift the floor in the bedroom, or better yet, move the bedroom to another the room, or better yet, do both, and third.

I have no doubt that Wisata heed my letter, when I a year and a half left from Kiev, George was God's grace is alive and well.


Count Wilhelm. Unfortunately, about Dolgoruky it is impossible to say. Tell me more, knight Mathias. You stopped at that George solemnly entered Kiev and settled in the Grand Palace.


Knight Mathias. Yes, your Excellency. Soon arrived and almost all boyars Dolgoruky, including osmanic Petrila Maravich, and the architect Savva Nazirovich.

A couple of weeks and I merchant Mathias from Reisbach turned into a nobleman Matthew Gansovich. Beard shaved, changed clothes, moved to hem in the city of Yaroslav. Came to Sawa The nazirovich, said that supposedly went to Passau, visited his father and already back to Zales, and on the way learned of the death of Izyaslav and the enthronement of George Kiev.

Savva, as always when my return, was very pleased. I was again assigned a salary Sotsky, and I continued the search for the stone near Kiev for future construction. However, to no avail: the stone was not anywhere. Even tested us in Suzdal method of declaring a reward to anyone who would bring can be used for construction stone, did nothing: we were carrying only the debris of boulders and cobbles.

In addition, I helped Sawa in the construction of two large Grand-Ducal palaces of time: one in the city of Yaroslav, the second – on the opposite side of the Dnieper. By the standards of Russia these palaces was very luxurious, and Kiev immediately called the first "red", that is "beautiful", and the second even "Paradise".

Petrila Maravich again became Kiev Omnicom, occupied a large mansion, mercilessly kicked out someone from the boyars of the late Izyaslav mstislavovitch, then moved to Kiev wife Agrippina. Dolgoruky, and the Vladimir, do not just come to his feasts. With me Peter met and talked very seldom: he didn't have time.


Count Wilhelm. Knight Mathias, but it's from The petryliv you heard about the conversation of Bishop Nifont and George that they will be allow the Rus to the Holy true cross in the case voknyazheniya Dolgoruky in Kiev. And then you heard that Andrew G. had allegedly led the same conversations with his father. And what steps in this direction have taken Dolgoruky became Grand Prince?


Knight Mathias. Unfortunately, the entire fifty-fifth year – no. However, this year has been hectic, George went to the steppe nomads, then suppressed the last napocensia his princes: in the Volyn region – sons of Izyaslav Mstislavich, in Chernigov, Izyaslav Davidovich. More Dolgoruky upset Andrew G.: that was given in the reign of Vyshgorod under Kiev, but it is against the will of the father left to reign in Suzdal.

But at the end of the year arrived, as they say in Russia, "silence across the land." However, no action on bringing the country to the Holy true cross, Dolgoruky still not taken. Petrila, which I have repeatedly said, promised to know what it is, but it does not work.

Later, in the early summer fifty-six, before me came the bad news: it turns out that a year before that George sent to Byzantium Embassy for Metropolitan. That Clement The smolyatich was deposed immediately after voknyazheniya George I, of course I knew. But what Dolgoruky will not re-convene a Church Council, not will insist on the election of Metropolitan Niphon, or even any of the Russian bishops, and will return to the Russian Church under the Byzantine rule, and I even imagine not until the Rus has not arrived Metropolitan Constantine, put the Patriarch of Constantinople.

In fairness I will say that, overall, Constantine obeyed George. He immediately after his arrival betrayed anathema Izyaslav mstislavovitch and Kliment Smolyatich, deposed the Bishop of Rostov Nestor. But still, placing a Greek on the Russian Metropolitan was the strongest a blow to my mission.

I figured that either George was only half serious with Niphon and Andrew's readiness to accept the true the Catholic faith, or have since changed your mind, or Petrila something wrong.


Commander Henry. Either this man do you deceived.


Knight Mathias. I confess, my brother, my master, I was having such thoughts. But I drove them away: deception on the part of the Petryliv would be for me too much tragedy. Nor could I just suspect the deception of his close friend and colleague was serious the evidence they have is still not there.

In any case it was necessary to decide what to do next. And I came up with a plan: to push Dolgoruky to the invitation of the architect of the Holy Roman Empire, and this architect has it would be easier to send to Russia the papal legate.


Count Wilhelm. This plan you have developed and carried out by themselves, without the Petryliv?


Knight Mathias. Yes. Didn't want to bother Peter Maravich from public Affairs.


Count Wilhelm. Therefore, this plan and managed to at least partially.


Knight Mathias. I don't quite understand your Excellency.


Count Wilhelm. Now you understand everything, knight Mathias. Just tell us more about your plan as you have it performed.


Knight Mathias. My amulet was still a lot of poison: I almost never used, only Vsevolod II of Kiev. And when I was in away from Savva of Nazirovich, spiked his Cup with wine is a slow poison. It was as an architect I fully trust. After a couple of days Sawa was sick, he had something like fever.

I played concerned friend and never left his bed, hoping that George Dolgorukiy decide to visit my sick architect. And happened: we met with the Grand Duke at the bedside of the Sava. I accidentally began to say that Savva Nazirovich thanks to his remarkable talent stood in some of the best architects of the world, and if, God forbid, happens irreparable, it will be no one to replace.

Actually, of course, Sava could not put in some of the best architects of the world, those beautiful but a small and monotonous, white-stone churches which he built in Zalesie. The more unremarkable Kiev palaces. But to replace Sava was really no one, since none of his assistants had no knowledge required to lead a building: Miroslav Chudinovich young and inexperienced, Yakov Osipovich – no more than the merchant-contractor, Yang Lukich does not make sense neither in the quarry, and I was a bricklayer, and left. Artcalculations and drawings none of us owns a shared vision of the future of the building too. Tricky Savva was always afraid that someone will take it away from him and is his place, and jealously kept their secrets of the architect.

A few days Savva gave his soul to God. After his funeral service at the Hagia Sophia I managed to approach George and say that I have the opportunity to arrange an invitation to Russia one of the best architects of the Empire instead of the late Sava The nazirovich. After a couple of weeks I had an audience with the Grand Duke in one from his new palaces.

I told Dolgoruky that I want to tell about something important, but before that, while he was alive Savva Nazirovich, make this could not, as it was inconvenient to the late architect. Allegedly, when we Savva was in Regensburg travel from Speyer to Passau, met with a high-ranking official in the Imperial court. He told us that if Russian Prince decides to send in the Empire's Embassy to invite any of the best architects of the Christian world, it will contribute to the success of this Embassy. Moreover, at court, his Majesty was ready to send to Russiaarchitect almost for free, only with the obligation to believe him at the time stay in the country for a decent salary.

Savva is supposedly kept in secret, because he feared that he was Imperial architect to push it to shadow. And feared rightly, as the construction of Empire is conducted in much higher level than in Russia. For example, I led Prince the dimensions of the cathedrals in Speyer and worms, temples in Palestine, and compared them with the size of any of the five temples built by Savva in Suzdal.

(The difference really large: the size of the Cathedral in Speyer – 130 x65 m the span of the arches –14 m; in worms – about 105 x36 mthe span of the arches –10 m. In Palestine, the Church of Holy The Lord is about 80 x55 m, the Cathedral in Nazareth – 68 x30 m, in the Dash is about the same, at Caesarea – "only" 55 x22 m. The size of the temples Yuri Dolgoruky average 20 x15 m. Approx. transl.).

And I assured the great Prince, what if the Empire will be sent to the Embassy with a request to send architect, I'll be ready to go to Regensburg together with this Embassy, to find that person in the court who proposed to me and Sawa, and then George will receive one of the best architects in the world.


Bishop Tybalt. And in fact, was a man at the Imperial court?


Knight Mathias. Of course not, your Eminence. But I was sure that the ambassadors of the Grand Duke would in any case received with honour, and some the architect is found, as it could to help bring Russia to the Holy true cross. Besides, I'm no risk: even if the ambassadors were not even accepted at the court of his Majesty, she would go home, do not worry. In any case, I would be grateful that I traveled to the Holy Roman Empire by the Grand Duke.

While preparing Embassy, George, inspired by the idea of the invitation of the Imperial architect, received the Metropolitan Constantine blessing decoration temples same stone sculptures of people, animals and monsters, as in our Empire.


Count Wilhelm. And why in the decoration of churches with statues we needed some special blessing of Metropolitan?


Knight Mathias. Not sure, your Excellency, it has something to do with the Church dogmas.


Count Wilhelm. May be, his grace to us explain?


Bishop Tybalt. The decoration of churches with statues, indeed, it is directly concerned with Church dogma, and not even at the level of Apostolic decrees, but at the level of the Second Holy commandment: "do Not create unto thee any graven image..."

About iconoclasm all present, probably heard.


Commander Henry. Heard. If I'm not mistaken, it was that in Byzantium four or five centuries ago destroyed icons.


Bishop Tybalt. It is indeed, commander. Seventh Ecumenical Council, convened in the year 787 A. D., had ceased iconoclasm and blessed the veneration of icons. But ikonopochitateljami the resolution of this Council nothing was said about the statues, and it happened what is the General anathema of all previous iconoclastic councils, based on the Second Holy commandment, for the statues have not been repealed. This has created dogmatic uncertainty that gives any Church the opportunity at its discretion and to allow and to prohibit the decoration of churches with statues of people, animals and monsters.

For our Holy the Catholic Church such ornaments, indeed, are something yourself granted, but the Byzantine Church did not approve, calling "idols".


Commander Henry. I must say that we have many decent people are opposed to this jewelry. For example, ten years ago I had the privilege of conversing on this subject with the late Bernard of Clairvaux, God rest his soul with the Holy saints. This great inspiration the Crusades and the establishment of our order believed that the unimaginable stone freaks with multiple heads and tails distract the monks from reading the The Scriptures, and was worried to explore the colourful world of stone images for many brothers is more interesting than thinking about the commandments of God.


Count Wilhelm. But nevertheless, in France and in The Holy Roman Empire, the temples are decorated with statues and, God willing, will decorate, and I love it.


Knight Mathias. Your Excellency, liked it and George Dolgoruky. But in the fifty-second year, when they built Suzdal white stone churches, the Byzantine Church has not yet allowed the Prince to decorate the buildings statues: I have been told, what difficult was his relationship with Rostov Bishop Nestor, not to mention the Metropolitan Clement Smolyatich. There before weaning George from the Church barely it never came, what there the statues.


Commander Henry. I think receiving a blessing from Metropolitan Constantine on the decoration of churches with statues can be considered a big success in bringing Russia to the Holy true cross.


Count Wilhelm. Big is success or not will be seen time. Finish your story, knight Mathias, we need to go to summarizing the work of the Council.


Knight Mathias. At the end of the fifty-sixth year the Grand Embassy was sent to the Holy Roman Empire. The head of the Embassy George appointed Lord Ratibor Borisovich, his old friend and colleague. Besides him, the Embassy entered another boyar – Procopius Cosmetic and two aides of the late architect Sava – I and Miroslav Chudinovich.

I said goodbye to Petrilli and promised that will soon return to Russia, and we will continue our work the establishment of the country of the divine authority of the Holy Catholic Church.

To Regensburg Embassy have reached without adventures. On the way up the Danube a few days we stayed in Passau my father-in-law, who, thank God, was good health and was infinitely happy to see my son after years of separation. More he was delighted when he learned that I was in Russia was granted knighthood. That I allegedly accepted the Byzantine faith, I asked Ratibor and other members of the Embassy, my father did not speak, as it might upset the old good Catholic Hans. Ambassadors have kindly kept the secret.

The rest, I think, the high Council knows. I brought the ambassadors in Regensburg, which was a member of the General Chapter of our order Arnulf from Caesarea. It turned out that they Ratibor was familiar from past missions knight Arnulf in Russia. So ambassadors were accepted with all the warmth, and together with his brother He started at the Imperial court talks about the direction of the architect to the Prince George Dolgoruky.

(And talks success: the Rus came the Imperial architect. Yuri Dolgoruky he did not have time to build due to the death of Grand Prince, but was adopted in Suzdal the earth Prince Andrei Yurievich. According to the largest Russian historian of the XVIII century V. N. Tatishchev, the architect erected the assumption Cathedral and Golden gate in Vladimir. Scientific research in recent decades showed that they had also built the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl and Palace-temple complex in Bogolyubovo – approx. transl.).

I told the Russian the ambassadors that allegedly received the news of his father's illness, and needs quickly to go to his native Passau and Russia will come to you as only a father by the will of God will recover or not God forbid, will go to the other world. Said goodbye to the ambassadors, then again met the knight He and had fully explained to him the situation in Russia. And finally, went to the Abbey of Saint Emmeram to write a report and wait for further instructions from your order.


Count Wilhelm. Well, I think it's time to tell the knight Mathias, why we were not satisfied with written report and convened this high Council.

The fact is, knight Mathias, we have a contact in Bulgaria. Not the one on the Balkans, and that on the Volga. Earlier this year he was fulfilling his mission, does not related to your gained access to the secret archive of correspondence of the Bulgarian Emir. Perusing this file, he stumbled upon a very interesting the letter five years ago, took it out of the archive and forwarded to us.

The letter is written in Arabic, I language is not strong, so please read the commander Henry. Because you, commander, well know Arabic?


Commander Henry. Of course, your Excellency. For we, the knights Templar, whose main activity is in Palestine, knowledge of the Arabic language is a must.


Bishop Tybalt. I will ask the commander immediately to translate into Latin because in the Arabic language I do not wise Lord, and our Secretary will be easier to strike that from the record.


Commander Henry. "Report of Khoja Abu-l-Sanidine Muhammad Ibn Tarkhan that Allah made them in Russia. Apply this the report in the camp of the troops of the faithful under the Russian city of Yaroslavl, the fifth day the month DHU al-Hijja, in the year 530 Hijri".

What is in our the chronology? You need to calculate.


Knight Mathias. 1152 A. D., about the beginning of the year.


Commander Henry. Yes, thank you, brother Matthias.

"In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate. Pasha Abdullah al-Hakim Ibn Palamu, the head of the brotherhood Hasanov in the great city of Bulgar, the pillar of Islam, the infidels storm, invincible warrior", and so on. The usual colorful Mohammedan appeal. And then more much in the same spirit.


Bishop Tybalt. And humanity – those whom we called assassins?


Count Wilhelm. So. Commander Henry, I I think that will be enough to read what relates to the mission of the knight Mathias.


Commander Henry. Yes, I'm looking for this place. Here it.

"Last fall George Long hand suffered a defeat in the South of Russia and returned to Zaleski the ground. Izyaslav, Mstislav, bin won, and even Mathias, the godless knight of the prophet ISA and the temple of Suleiman was not able to send him to hell, is for all infidels. Since George now has a mighty squad and no more disperses the forces between Zalesie and Kiev, the fear that countless troops our glorious and stored Allah Bulgaria would be better to withdraw immediately from Yaroslavl. Please, the great Abdullah al-Hakim Pasha, to convince hope andthe Comforter Muslims, our king and Lord".


Bishop Tybalt. Who convinced who we are?


Commander Henry. Apparently, the Emir of Bulgar. With your permission, read on.

"But I hope Mathias and I don't regret not sending him to hell as soon as I saw his scars and understand that it is the wicked spy-Templar, which we wanted for murder our righteous brothers-Hasanov from Alamut, Yes they will attain their deserved eternal bliss.

I am glad I blagostanje by the will of Allah, managed to convince Matthias in need destroy the great Prince Izyaslav to Mstislav Ibn. It wasn't easy. I I had to first make a disgusting Mathias "Luring in your seductive," and then to think that George Long hand and Novgorod Bishop Nifont allegedly move the Rus from one false belief, Byzantine, to another, Latin. Templar is immediately pricked up your fucking nose like a hound dog, smelling game. And after the "False Cobra roll", which I managed to holdname Izyaslav, Mathias and fell to my feet like a ripe fruit.

This Templar and sent it appears the Latins naive to think that it is to persuade or force someone from the Russian Grand princes to accept their beliefs as the whole of Russia from go to the Latin. They do not realize how deeply the Byzantine Church ingrained in the minds and hearts of the Russian people. The more that neither the Grand Duke has unquestionable authority in all the principalities.

But attempts to lead Russia to the Latin faith undermine and weaken this country, and I will again and again take advantage of this Templar order to sow discord among the infidels Russian. Matias stupid and narrow-minded, know nothing about the General situation in the country and world, but very skilled in combat and covert murders. He has successfully sent back to hell Grand Prince Vsevolod Ibn Oleg and I will not allow, so he stopped trying same Ibn Izyaslav to Mstislav. I have no doubt that the Templar is sooner or later it will, and then nobody can stop George becomethe Grand Duke. Then I again, if it is pleasing to Allah and become a collector taxes in Kiev, and will continue to Rob the people of Kiev, in order to awaken in them a dissatisfaction George.

The long hand of course clever and cunning, he will try to equip Kiev and strengthen it, but I fully trust, and his death I would be easy to arrange at any time. From the heirs of George worthy only Andrew, but he will not stay in Kiev after his father's death: in this city, greedy wolf's eyes are watching all the rest Russian princes. So do not doubt that Kiev will be devastated by civil strife and permanently weakened. And the weaker Russia is, the stronger will be our glorious Bulgaria, bless her Almighty God forevermore."

That's all that for brother Matthias.

On the assassin, we better call Petroleu because his real name too hard to say, asks not to hurry with the ransom for his mock prisoner and to give it a rest until at least the summer. Well, there's a lot of different things, and again the abundance of praise the godless Mohammedan rulers.


Count Wilhelm. As you know, knight Mathias, after receiving this letter, it was impossible not to convene the Council and not to hear your report.


Knight Mathias. Damn it! I swear the womb Christ, this malevolent dog was just pretending to is in the thrall of Bulgars, and in fact was just wasting time with your damn hosts!


Bishop Tybalt. I understand your feelings, son my Matias, but this is not a reason to swear.


Knight Mathias. Guilty, your Eminence, accidentally broke. But how could I be so wrong? Petrila wasn't even cropped...


Commander Henry. Have you forgotten, brother Mathias, what in the Koran nothing about circumcision does not say, for example, according to the teachings of Imam Abu Hanifa, the Mohammedans circumcision is desirable but not mandatory? Remember: when you he studied at the school of the assassins, were all circumcised?


Knight Mathias. Not all...


Count Wilhelm. Knight Mathias, there is another bad news. As we gathered our Council, news came from knight Arnulf of Caesarea, who is now in Russia together with the Imperial architect. This message States that George Dolgoruky died after feasted at osmanica the Petryliv. (This is confirmed by the ancient annals – approx. transl.).

You need to explain?


Knight Mathias. No need, your Excellency. Please again send me to Russia, I have to settle with shitty assassin Petroleu.


Count Wilhelm. It may no longer be alive. According to the report of the knight Arnulf, after the death of Dolgoruky of Kiev rushed to Rob and kill Suzdaltsev. The hated tax collectors in such cases die first.


Commander Henry. It is doubtful that assassin could not escape from the crowds. And if Petrila alive, it will be possible to get to work on The Holy Catholic Church is not hypocritical enough to threaten him that otherwise we will show his letter to any Russian Prince, and the assassin will be immediately executed.


Count Wilhelm. Yes, commander, it's a good idea. (Could or not the Templars to recruit Petrilo is unknown, but according to chronicle in 1174, one of the organizers of the conspiracy that led to the death Prince Andrey Yuryevich Bogolyubsky, was Peter, Kuchkov son – approx. transl.).

It is time for us to complete meeting, and I ask the distinguished members of the Council to Express opinions about how knight Mathias fulfilled its mission.


Bishop Tybalt. Well, your lordship, I favors.

Of course, assumptions about treason of the knight of Mathias the Holy Catholic Church cannot be considered confirmed, no treason here. There is a chain of serious errors consisting primarily in the fact that Mathias went on about their sinful instincts came into Sodom connection with the Bulgarian scout Petrilli, trust him, stopped supporting Izyaslav mstislavovitch and sided George Dolgorukiy, to protect which in the end could not.

The mission has failed miserably, twelve years have been lost in vain, in bringing Russia to the Holy true the cross we have not advanced a single step. I think that knight Mathias should be punished to continue to teach him was to join the cursed Lord Sodom relationships.


Commander Henry. In justification of brother Mathias ask question to your Excellency. Izyaslav I of Kiev in 1151 established in the Kiev throne and rules for three years. Sent if it has at least one an Embassy to his Holiness the Pope?


Bishop Tybalt. No.


Commander Henry. So were not going. And George Dolgorukiy was still hope, and in the end he Embassy of the Empire of the architect did send.

Of course, Bulgarian assassins Petrila managed to fool brother Matthias, but this error is forgivable for any Templar, as Peter, as we have seen, the enemy is very strong and threat. He almost immediately knew who this Mathias, and not directly opposed his mission, just gently and slyly pushed it in a certain direction. This technique is called "Drop wears away the stone." Not remember, brother Mathias, as it is called assassins?


Knight Mathias. Remember, my brother, my master, remember. "Quicksand". Could I imagine that in the sand I plunge the man I thought was my friend...


Commander Henry. Calm down, brother Mathias. Overall, I assume you were driving the correct line, but met with insurmountable circumstances – unfortunate and persistent failure of the Russian princes to take the true Catholic faith.


Count Wilhelm. I thank the Bishop of Tybalt and commander Henry for consideration. To summarize.

Guilty knight Matthias I not here, and the number of errors committed by them during the twelve mission in Russia, is small. So my high opinion of the abilities of the knights The temple remained the same.

But anyway, the results the mission is deplorable, and Kiev after the death of George Dolgoruky we've lost as anticipated Mohammedan Petrila. In Suzdal we have to try to establish relationships with Duke Andrei Georgievich, but it will have to do almost again. Some hope for the success of inspire started there George Dolgoruky white stone building received by this Prince of the Church the blessing of the temple statues and sending to us Embassy for an architect. But this is only the external signs of which are still very, very far from the treatmentRussia to the true Catholic faith.

On further work in this country we will think at another time and in another place.

As for knight Mathias, the grounds for punishment, I do not see, but also to reward him for that. One can say that the knight fought bravely, but the battle was lost.

There are objections from the members of the advice?


Commander Henry. No, your Excellency.


Bishop Tybalt. An evaluation of the knight Mathias – no. There is a General claim on the activities of the order of the Temple, and I will report his Holiness the Pope. I think the ruler of the Holy see would like to know about some methods used by the Templars in their work.


Commander Henry. Your Eminence, it is not only your right but a Christian duty to report to his Holiness that consider it necessary. The order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon has no secrets from the blessed one the Supreme ruler of the Holy see.

But I think his Holiness the Pope will be interested to know which house on the street the Church was visited by nearly every evening, the Bishop Tybalt during your stay in Regensburg.


Bishop Tybalt. Whore, commander Henry, too need to preach Christ. These are the lost sheep, the return of which is on the right path especially glad for the good shepherd.


Commander Henry. No doubt, your Eminence. But no doubt in the fact that his Holiness the Pope will ask the good shepherd of the lost sheep question of what funds were paid out to these lovely lambs award hearing the preaching of Christ, and why the money that the pastor had to convey to the rector of the Cathedral in Regensburg as a contribution of the Holy see when the temple was transferred by nearly half.


Bishop Tybalt. I have no complaints about the order Templar. I hope that the knights Templar understands that all the money for repairs Regensburg Cathedral was transferred in full, and that famous house on the street the Marienkirche never visited a single Bishop.


Commander Henry. Of course, your Eminence.


Count Wilhelm. That's nice. Maybe ask Bishop Tybalt to read goodbye to something befitting the occasion prayer? For example, "I'm not worthy"?


Bishop Tybalt. Prayer of St. Augustine of Hippo? I did not quite understand, your Excellency, what you are suggesting, but can't get refuse.

Lord, you know and I confess that I am not worthy that You loved me, but truly You are worthy so I loved You. Although I am unworthy to serve You, but are You worthy to serve the creature Your. For this grant me, o Lord, from Thy dignity, and I will be worthy from my unworthiness. Created by Thy will that I have left sins and have served You as it should. Make that when death came to me a dream with peace safety, security, eternity.


All the participants of the meeting. Amen.


Count William.Thank you you, your Eminence. The meeting closed, the report of the knight Matthias accepted our Council's work is over.




A list of historical figures mentioned in the book


Aurelius Augustine of Hippo (354-430) Bishop, philosopher, preacher, Christian theologian and politician.

Adrian IV (approx. 1115-1159) – Pope 1154-1159 in years.

Andrey (Yuryevich), nicknamed Bogolyubsky (C. 1111-1174), the son of Yuri Dolgoruky. Prince of Vyshgorod (1149 and 1155), Prince of Dorogobuzh (1150-1151), Prince of Ryazan (1153), from 1155 to the end of life – the Grand Duke Vladimir.

Artaxerxes I – Persian king, rules in 465-424 BC, but the Greeks called it Dolgoruky.

Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153), Abbot of the Abbey of Clairvaux, mystical theologian direction, spiritual writer, prominent public and religious figure.

Bertrand de Plansfor (approx. 1109-1169) – Grand master of the Templar order in 1156-1169

Boleslav IV the Curly (1120/21–1173) – representative of the Piast dynasty. The Prince of Mazovia (with 1138), Krakow, Kujawy, Gniezno and Kalisz (1146), Sandomierz (1166), Prince of all Poland (1146-1173).

Boris, baptized as Roman (approx. 986-1015) – Prince of Rostov (C. 1010-1015), the son of the Kiev Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich.

Vladimir Andreevich (?-1170) – Prince of Belgorod (1150), Dorogobuzh (1150-1152, 1156-1170), Peresopnytsia (1150-1152), Brest (1154-1156). Son Of Andrew V. Good (brother of Yuri Dolgoruky), the grandson of Vladimir Monomakh.

Vladimir (Vladimir), Volodarevych (1104-1153) – Prince of Zvenigorod (1124-1128), Przemysl (1128-1141), the first Prince of the Galician Principality, the founder of the first The Galician dynasty. The Son Of Volodar Rostislavich.

Vladimir Vsevolodovich, surnamed Monomakh (1053-1125), in baptism Basil, Grand Prince of Kiev (1113-1125). The son of Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich, the grandson of Yaroslav The Wise.

Vladimir Davidovich (?-1151) – Prince of Chernigov (1139-1151). Son Of David Svyatoslavich.

Vladimir I of Kiev ", Macesic" (1132-1171) – Prince of Dorogobuzh (1152-1154, 1170-1171), Vladimir And Volyn (1154-1157), Slutsk (1162), Tripolye (1162-1168) and Grand Prince of Kiev (1171). The Son Of Mstislav Vladimirovich Great.

Vladimir Sviatoslavich, also St. Vladimir, Vladimir the Great, Vladimir The Baptist and Vladimir the Red Sun (approx. 960-1015) – in baptism Basil. Knasi Novgorod in 970-988 years, the Grand Prince of Kiev with 978.

Vladislav II (approx. 1110-1174) – Duke of Bohemia from 1140 year, 1158-1172 years – king Bohemia (as Vladislav I).

Mstislavich Vsevolod (in baptism Gabriel) – Prince of Novgorod (1117-1132, 1132-1136), Prince of Pskov (1137-1138). The Son Of Mstislav Vladimirovich The Great.

Vsevolod II of Kiev (CA. 1084-1146) – Prince of Seversky (1115-1127), Chernigov (1127-1139) and Grand Prince of Kiev (1139-1146).

Vsevolod Yuryevich the Big Nest, the baptism of John (1154-1212) was the Grand Prince Vladimir with 1176. The son of Yuri Dolgoruky, the younger brother of Andrew Bogolyubsky.

Vsevolod, in baptism Andrew (1030-1093) – Grand Prince of Kiev in 1076-1077 years and 1078 of the year to the end of life. The Son Of Yaroslav The Wise.

Vyacheslav Vladimirovich (approx. 1083-1154) – son of Vladimir Monomakh the older brother of Yuri Dolgoruky. Rules in Smolensk, Turov, Pereyaslavl. Great Prince of Kiev in 1139 and 1150 years, with 1151 at 1154.

Geza II (1130-1162) – king of Hungary (1141) from the house of Arpad.

George (Iurii) Vladimirovich, nicknamed Dolgoruky (1090-e – 1157) – the sixth son of Vladimir Monomakh. With 1113 years (according to another version, with 1096 year) until the end life rules Suzdal Principality. In 1149-1151 years and 1155 until the end life – the great Prince of Kiev.

Gleb Vladimirovich, in baptism David (approx. 987-1015) – Prince of Murom (1013-1015 approx.). Son Kiev Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich.

Gleb Yurievich (?-1171) – Prince of Pereyaslav and Kiev. The Son Of Yuri Dolgoruky

Davyd Svyatoslavich (CA. 1050-1123) – Prince Pereyaslav (1073-1076), Murom (1076-1093), Smolensky (1093-1095, 1096-1097), Prince of Novgorod (1094-1095), Chernihiv (1097-1123). Son of Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich.

Igor II of Kiev, in baptism George and in monasticism Gabriel (?-1147) – son Oleg Svyatoslavich, Prince of Chernigov. Grand Prince of Kiev and Chernigov (1146).

Izyaslav Davidovich (?-1161) – Prince of Chernigov, Grand Prince of Kiev (1155, 1157-1158, 1161). The son of Chernihiv Prince Davyd Svyatoslavich.

Izyaslav Mstislavich, in baptism Panteleimon (approx. 1097-1154) – the eldest of the grandsons of Vladimir Monomakh, Grand Prince of Kiev (1146-1149, 1151-1154). Nephew Yury Dolgoruky, his main rival in the fight for Kiev.

Izyaslav Yaroslavich, in the baptism of John (1024-1078) – Prince of Turov (up to 1054), Of Novgorod (1052-1054), Grand Prince of Kiev (1054-1068, 1069-1073, 1077). The Son Of Yaroslav The Wise.

John Rostislavich (?-1162) – Prince of Zvenigorod and Galich (1144), the grandson of Volodar Rostislavich. Nicknamed Berladnika in the Moldovan city of Burlada.

Kliment Smolyatich (?–after 1164) – Metropolitan of Kiev in 1147-1155 years, protege Grand Prince Izyaslav mstislavovitch, after whose death has been displaced by Yuri Dolgoruky.

Constantine (mind. 1159) – Metropolitan of Kiev in the years 1155-1158. By origin a Greek. Delivered to the Department by the Patriarch of Constantinople at the request Dolgoruky, after the death of the Grand Duke was forced to leave the Department.

Constantine IX Monomakh, according to another account, X or XI (C. 1000-1055) – Byzantine Emperor (1042-1055). Gave his daughter or another close relative to a Russian Prince Vsevolod Yaroslavich.

Pile (heap) Stepan – Suzdal boyar, in the first quarter of the XII century who owned the area around Moscow.

Louis VII, called the Young (1120-1180) – the French king (1137-1180).

Michael II – Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia (1130-1145).

Mstislav Vladimirovich (1076-1132), in baptism Theodore, later nicknamed Great. The son of Vladimir Monomakh, the older brother of Yuri Dolgoruky, the father of Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. Grand Prince of Kiev (1125-1132).

Nestor– the Bishop of Rostov 1147 (according to another version, with 1149). Origin Greek. According to one version, a protege of Clement Smolyatich. A displaced Metropolitan Constantine in 1156.

Nicholas of Myra (CA. 270–about 345) was a Bishop of Myra, in Catholicism and Orthodoxy revered as a Saint, a miracle worker.

Niphon (?-1156) – Bishop of Novgorod.

Oleg Sviatoslavich (Gorislavich), in baptism Michael (approx. 1053-1115) – Prince Volyn (1073-1078), Tmutarakan (1083), Chernigov (1094, 1097), Novgorod-Seversky (1097-1115). Son of Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich.

Petrila – osmanic (tax collector). According to the Russian Chronicles, osmanica the Petryliv feasted Yuri Dolgoruky before death. Middle name Maravich – the author's fiction.

Rostislav I of Kiev, in baptism Michael (approx. 1108-1167) – younger brother Izyaslav Mstislavovitch. Prince of Smolensk (1127-1167), Prince of Novgorod (1154), Grand Prince of Kiev (1154-1155, 1159-1167).

Rostislav Yurevich (?-1151) – Prince of Novgorod (1138-1140, 1141-1142), Pereyaslavl (1149-1151). The son of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky.

Rurik(?–approx. 879) – the founder of the princely dynasty of Rurik.

Svyatopolk Vladimirovich, the baptism of Peter (CA. 979-1019) – Prince Turov (988) great Prince of Kiev (1015-1016, 1018-1019).

Svyatoslav (approx. 1123-1194) – Prince of Novgorod (1140), Turov (1142, 1154-1155), Volyn (1142-1146), Novgorod-Seversky (1157-1164), Chernigov (1164-1180), Grand Prince of Kiev (1173, 1176-1181, 1181-1194). The Son Of Vsevolod II Of Kiev

Svyatoslav (942-972) – Prince of Novgorod (945-969), Grand Prince of Kiev (945-972),

Sviatoslav II Of Kiev (?-1164) – Prince of Novgorod (1136-1138, 1139-1141, 1142-1144), Kursk (1138-1139), and Starodub, Belgorod (1141-1146), Novgorod-Seversky (1146-1157), Turov (1149-1151), Chernigov (1157-1164). The son of Prince Oleg Svyatoslavich.

Svyatoslav Yaroslavich, the baptism of Nicholas (1027-1076) – Grand Prince of Kiev from 1073. The Son Of Yaroslav The Wise.

Thietmar of Merseburg (975-1018) was a German chronicler.

Ulita Kuchkova – the daughter of a nobleman pile, the wife of Andrei Bogolyubsky.

Frederick I of Hohenstaufen, nicknamed Barbarossa (1122-1190) – Emperor The Holy Roman Empire from 1155, the king of Germany in 1152.

Hassan Ibn Sabbah (ser. 1050-x – 1124) was a prominent Ismaili leader (the Shiite branch of Islam), a founder of the nizari, known as the assassins.

Shvarna– known for the Chronicles of the Governor of Izyaslav mstislavovitch. Patronymic, Letic – author fiction.

Yaropolk Vladimirovich (1082-1139) – Prince of Pereyaslavl, great Prince of Kiev with 1132. Son Vladimir Monomakh.

Yaroslav, called the Wise (C. 978-1054), in baptism George, – the great Prince of Kiev (1016-1018, 1019-1054).

Yaroslav Vladimirovich (Vladimirovich), nicknamed Osmomysl (approx. 1130-1187) – Prince Halych (1153-1187). The Son Of Vladimir Volodarevich.


S. V. Zagraevsky (C) 2013



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