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Ekaterina Safonova, Elena Serova

Sergey Zagraevsky’s way to success



Published in Russian: Журнал «Планета Красота», 2000 г


Sergey Zagraevsky New Jerusalem

Sergey Zagraevsky. NEW JERUSALEM



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Every human life is good and different. Good - before the crisis, different - after him. Good Life prosperous banker and businessman Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY ended August 17, 1998. The bank collapsed. Business collapsed. However, nothing particularly tragic, as it turned out, did not happen. Just ZAGRAEVSKY it is time to do his favorite thing - creativity.

            Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY graduated Road Institute and Ph.D. at quite melancholy theme: "Improving transport planning commodity cargoes. Then, a good business sense allowed him to quickly organize your company. In the thirties he became director of a subsidiary of a large metropolitan bank vice-president of a solid company. The work to wear, a huge responsibility, the business risk. "Most young businessmen preferred to after a hard day at work relax in a nightclub, - says ZAGRAEVSKY - as I drove home to three in the morning draw." Sergei created a funny and good cloth with houses, fir trees, rainbows. It is not a naive businessman himself as an artist - "naivist.

            When the crisis broke business activity ZAGRAEVSKY, he gladly switched to fine art. Throwing out old business cards, ordered the other, where instead of the previous posts solid wrote proudly: "Sergey ZAGRAEVSKY. Artist. Now, when the service will not need to go, painting swallowed him whole. Easels, brushes, paints, rich creative work. ZAGRAEVSKY creates his own world. He still hopes that he will be able to create a new, but a truly creative union of artists, not to "lose" a talented young people.

            What remains after us? Money? Villas? Renovation? Who will remember the current businessmen in a hundred years? A ZAGRAEVSKY leave their paintings. And perhaps, in the third millennium will see the guests naive painting. "Who designed it?" - Ask them.
Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY - Artist ...