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Liz Goldner (USA)

About Sergey Zagraevskys art


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I have looked at Sergeys paintings, and I find them fascinating. I agree that they have primitive aspects. Yet, they are different from the type of primitive artwork that is prevalent in the west. Many of his pieces have strong influences of and references to Russian art and architecture, going back several centuries. His fanciful paintings of the Kremlin, in particular, are intriguing for their combinations of primitive and landscape aspects, along with Russian iconography. I also see elements of the paintings of American painter of light, Thomas Kincade (not my favorite painter) in his work. Yet Sergeys use of light is more subtle and appealing.

I dont know where Sergeys oeuvre fits in with mainstream contemporary Russian painting. But I suspect that his work is more experimental and intuitive than most of the academically oriented Russian paintings being created today.