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In search of art of soul warmth



Editorial. Published in Russian: , 51 (89), 1998 .


Sergey Zagraevsky  Winter in Kiselevo


Sergey Zagraevsky. WINTER IN KISELEVO



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As an artist Sergei Zagraevsky whenit became known after two Persiannational exhibitions, which were submitted in the Central House of the journalistsheet and in the Central House of landscapeka. Such a creative upsurge Sergey obliged nor anything else... herededicated to the economic crisis. Asthey say, was not a blessing in disguise. Attention! 1990 , he headed a number of commercial structurestour in recent years - a subsidiary company of one of the Russian banks. After the collapse of the Bank in August at Zagraevsky have the opportunity to give painting all my free time. Amazing how this strong manof the century, has reached considerable heights in businessnes, where, as is known, there are "their" laws, preserved childish opentoe Sunny and clear perception of the world, made from childhood, where were the summer house in Abramtsevo "overgrown pond and amazingore frogs", the village of zagexploration for a child by the name of "ChereNaya Mud", a huge slope to the sea at the Twelfth station of Big Fountain in Odessa. Draw Sergei began to 4 years under the guidance of artist Tatyana Mavrina and father of the architect. In General, family Sergei lucky: my grandmother, grandfather, father, mother, and everyone - complex, dramatic fate. Such people - a real character. Of the CEfamily, he brought discipline, the ability to put in the life of swierzawaChu. And, according to S. Zagraevsky, "money can only be a tool for achieving certain goals, but notas not an end in itself".

People are tired of "blood, eroticism and jellyof Zabelina". But, says the artist, eachDogo the viewer is left in his heart "at least one pure, uncomplicated area". It is up to him and turned creativity of the artist Sergei Zagraevsky. In his works he gives the viewer "a grain of soul warmth and peace", the TEPLa, which today we all have is not enough.