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Prof. Dr. S.V. Zagraevsky


Notes on Aron Buchs paintings


 Aron Buch. Self-portrait.


The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




In the 80 years of the twentieth century, Aron Froimovich Buch (1923-2006), as they say, began as all and wrote everything. Born in Berdichev, in 1926 he moved with his parents in Moscow, military youth (worked with radioactive materials at a defense plant, wanted to go to the front as a volunteer is not taken), in 1947 - the end of the school named 1905 (teachers - Kvon and VNISI), in 1957 - entry into the Union of Artists, in the 1960-ies - trips to farms with the aim of approach portrait "heroes of labor", in 1971 - the first personal exhibition, in 1984 - one more (in Soviet times, the last one)...

In short, the usual way of a regular member of the Moscow Union. There were thousands - accustomed to compulsory public procurement, to paid sick leave, to travel to the home of creativity, to participate "in the rank" in all-Union, urban and other exhibitions. These were the same, which Andrei Makarevich, wrote: "He was like everyone else, and swam like everyone else, away from the steep banks".

However, in the works of this time Aron Bukh was traced sprouts of what later turned it into one of the greatest Russian artists of the "informative" smear, "spread out" color, boldness and unexpected song... But these "sprouts" there were many (remember the wonderful early sketches Laktionova!), and then, with age and many years "away thumb on the road", it all disappeared, and the artist has turned into a "model of socialist realist".

In the quoted lyrics Makarevich there are such words: "do Not cave in to a changing world - one day he fall under us". Only there we are ready to welcome and not to miss the moment when the world caves in us?

Aron Buch was ready. Metamorphoses happening to his work and himself at the end of the eighties, just amazing. When he suddenly "liberated" and became the Buch, which now does not need any representations, he was already over sixty.

The country seethed, any germ was ready in the shortest time to flower and produce the most magnificent fruit. As mushrooms, began to grow commercial galleries. And gallery owners Buch noticed - could not fail to notice. His "new" work was so unique that and take it to any of the known areas was not easy (impressionism? post-impressionism? Fauvism? realism?), and really find any replacement is even harder. Want to attract customers bright, juicy, cheerful, unique and it is quite figurative (we can even say - realistic) painting? Without paintings Buch will not do.

Buch "sample eighties" did not work on the market and walked toward the market. The market came to him and began to work for him. Who of us can be sure that awaits him comfortable retirement? And the software - their own work! Yes, and what - beautiful!

Don't know about you, but I Aron Bukh envy. Meet live life, left a rich artistic heritage and to work literally until the last breath - no higher than happiness allotted to man on Earth?

Leon Trotsky once wrote: "Poems of Pasternak read - clear the throat, breathing to strengthen, update light: these verses should be healing from tuberculosis". These words can be rightfully applied to paintings by Aron Bukh.

Moscow, 2007.


Sergey Zagraevsky


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