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Sergey Zagraevsky


 ”Great Catholic Russia”

(the documents on the secret mission of Livonian and Templar Orders

in Russia in 1304-1316 A.D.)




Annotation to the set of historical novels "Mysteries of Vienna library"


The historical novels of Professor, Dr. Sergey Zagraevsky are written on the basis of real chronicle, architectural and archaeological data, and are dedicated for a wide range of readers interested in history and architecture of Ancient Rus and Medieval Europe.

The plot of all novels of the set "Mysteries of Vienna library" are the documents, allegedly found the by author in this library and translated into Russian. Genres of the novels are different – from a detective to a romantic poem. All the novels of this set have a common storyline – unsuccessful attempts of Catholic Church to establish its power in Russia. But the actors and specific plots of the novels are not linked, and these books can be read in any order. In any case the reader gets the whole picture of life, politics, wars and architecture of Ancient Russia.



Annotation to the novel


A compilation of documents, relating to the activities of Catholic military-monk orders in Russia in 1304-1316, is found in Vienna library.

After Batu Khan’s invasion in 1237 many decades passed, the Northern part of Russia remained under the supreme authority of Mongol Empire, and the South came under the control of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. And in 1304, Order of Knights Templar reported to the Pope that the Prince of Moscow Yuri Danilovich and Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytenis were going to conclude an alliance, with an aim to free Moscow Principality from the power of the Mongols, to unite it with Lithuania and to create a new powerful state under the title "Great Orthodox Russia". Grand Duke Vytenis was allegedly even ready to bring his state under Orthodoxy religion.

Papal office orders to Teutonic Order and its Livonian (Latvian) department, more commonly known as Livonian Order, to help the Templars to disrupt the plans of Vytenis and Yuri Danilovich. The secret mission under the title "Great Catholic Russia" is begun for that. But in 1307 the defeat of Templars Order by French King Philip IV and Pope Clement V starts, and it turns out that mission "Great Catholic Russia" was just a cover for cunning Templars venture...

In the center of those events there is young Mecklenburg Baron Franz von Narzling, who for the sake of career in Livonian Order took the monastic vows and left his girlfriend Hannah. But he can't forget his Hannah and begins a tender correspondence with her. And during a trip to Moscow, he meets another lady of his heart... Will it be possible for Franz to escape from this "love triangle" and at the same time to fulfil his Order’s duty? Will the friendship with the great poet Dante Alighieri, who was also involved in the events described in the book, help Franz in that?

The historical novel by Professor, Dr. Sergey Zagraevsky is written on the basis of real events and is dedicated for a wide range of readers interested in history of Ancient Rus, of  the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and of the military-monastic orders.


Moscow, 2016.

S. V. Zagraevsky (c) 2016



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




From filing of the Vienna library


The name of the unit storage: archive selection of documents on secret mission "the Great Catholic Russia", held the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon (better known under the name of the order of the Temple or Templars – approx. transl.) and the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia (better known under the name Livonian order – approx. transl.) in Russia in 1304-1316.

View of a storage unit: selection from expanded in chronological order 50 documents with applications.

Storage: XIV-09, acts of the XIV century.

Room storage units on the library's inventory: XIV-09-1743/T.

The source and date admission to the library: archives of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia, 30 November 1563.

The Dating of the documents: 1303-1317 years.

The volume of a storage unit: 304 sheet of parchment different the size and quality.

Preservation of the documents: satisfactory. Tears and fading in some letters, apparently, was caused by their delivery to the addressee.


For illustration shows a map The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and its vassals, as well as parts of the Grand Duchy Vladimir, the order lands and other States in the early fourteenth century. Border shown roughly. – Approx. pens.


Map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and its vassals, as well as the order lands, some Russian principalities and other States in the early fourteenth century. Lines are drawn orientirovochno.



Êàðòà Âåëèêîãî êíÿæåñòâà Ëèòîâñêîãî è åãî âàññàëîâ, à òàêæå îðäåíñêèõ çåìåëü, íåêîòîðûõ ðóññêèõ êíÿæåñòâ è äðóãèõ ãîñóäàðñòâ â íà÷àëå XIV âåêà. Ãðàíèöû ïðîâåäåíû îðèåíòîðîâî÷íî.





Document No. 1

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-I


The brave knight Godfrey von Rogge, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem (the order known as the Teutonic, or German order. The Livonian order was part of it and was its Livonian landmeister (Latvian section) – approx. transl.), from Baroness Margaret von Nursling, noble and pious widow.

It is written in the family estate Nursling that near Wismar, in the eighteenth day of may 1303 from Christmas Of Christ.


I salute You dear landmaster Gottfried!


He Writes You A Margarita the widow of the valiant Baron Heinrich von Marzling, fallen in battle against the infidels Mohammedans in acre (also Akko – approx. transl.), the last Bastion of Christians in Palestine.

I live in a modest but the glorious and ancient ancestral estate of Nursling around Wismar, in the Duchy of Mecklenburg, that is not too far from Livonia. And the people of our city well known and Your courage, and Your charitable activities for the benefit of the Holy of the Catholic Church. And recently I had the opportunity to hear what You, the valiant Crusader, many fought not only with Lithuanian, Baltic and Russian barbarians, but in Palestine, and twelve years ago he participated in the defense of Acre. If so, I hope that You remember my late wife. I would be veryglad if my hope is justified, because I dare to disturb You with my request.

Dear Baron Gottfried Yes it be known that my late Henry were born two sons – Charles and Franz. Carl Sr., he was already twenty-five years. He, like his father, – a brave warrior, had been in the campaigns, often travels to Wismar and the surrounding city participate in knightly tournaments. Franz sixteen, he is also trained all the arts and Sciences, including military case. I would be happy to leave it with him, he's my younger son, when his father died, he was only four years so I always spoiled. But it is necessary for the youth to find their way inlife, and order service is respected, combines piety and military valor. That's why I would like for my son to Franz joined Your charity order.

And I would say as the spirit: last year Franz I was deeply upset by the fact that I fell in love. No, nothing terrible in love the young men I see, but it's looking at who! Okay a girl of noble birth, but his lover Hannah, daughter of Sergeant bismarckia clothiers! It is certainly not poor, a dowry for her give good but it's not the money, we have enough of his and origin. I can't to even imagine that my son married the daughter of a craftsman! Here senior, as expected, married a noblewoman, he had two children.

However, marriage Franz speech, thank God, does not go, but he can say to me about it in any minute, and I'm afraid I won't be able to dissuade him. So I think that the best solution would be its entry into a military monastic order, against such charitable things will be difficult for him to argue.

Dear landmaster Gottfried, Franz will come to You with this letter. I humbly ask You to honor the widow and take my son to the Livonian order.

Thank You in advance I wish You and all the Livonian order, and defeat all the enemies of the true Catholic faith. The grace of God be with You and all Your brothers in Christ, let Your days be full of joy and success, bless You Almighty Lord. Amen.


Yours Sincerely Margaret.



Document No. 2

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-II


Gerhard von York, falliscono the commander (city Fallin is now called Viljandi. Commander – the head contorta, also of the commandery, the minimum administrative unit within military-monastic orders – approx. transl.) Livonian landmeister the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gottfried von Rogge, God's mercy Livonian landmaster aforesaid order.

Written in Wenden (now Cesis – approx. transl.) on the tenth day of June 1303 from Christmas.


Glory To Jesus Christ! I greet you, my brother Gerhard!


I received a letter the noble widow of Mecklenburg, Baroness Margaret von Marzling. She asks to take our order at her younger son Franz. I have the battles in the Holy Land remember her husband Henry. Brave was the knight, God rest his soul with the the Holy saints.

I talked with Franz. The young man seemed too thin, weak and brooding, but my question than it can be useful to the order and your skills, he replied that well knows three languages, in addition to his native German: Latin, French, and Russian. Last I was somewhat surprised, for Wismar, where you're from, Franz, is far from Russia. The young man explained that his teacher was born in kopor'ye and still a child were enslaved during the great war with Novgorod (apparently, this refers to Swedish-Livonian campaign against Russia in 1240-1242 years, marked by the lesions Catholics in the battle of the Neva and the battle on the ice – approx. transl.). This the teacher spoke to him not only in our native German language and noble Latin, but in Russian. A French boy was taught by the mother.

Knowledge of the Russian language – quite a rarity among our knights. Therefore, I believe that this young man will be more useful in your komfortu located closest to Russia. Send young Franz von Marzling to you in Fallin. I hope he will be a strong and brave warrior. Take it to the komfortu on any position you choose.

He may abide with you God grace. Amen.


Thy brother Gottfried.



Document No. 3

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-III


Gerhard von York, falliscono the commander of the Livonian landmeister of the order of the House of St. Mary Teutonic in Jerusalem, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Felline in the twenty-eighth day of June 1303 from Christmas.


Glory To Jesus Christ!


I, Franz von Marzling, the son of a noble Baron Henry von Marzling, please make me Tallinskoe the komfortu landmasters the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem.

I was born in 1287 the year of the Nativity in Marzling that near Wismar, Mecklenburg, in estate of my father, who died in the Holy Land during the capture of Acre by the troops of the infidels the Mohammedans.

Ready to serve Jesus Christ, healing the sick, protecting pilgrims and fighting the enemies of the Holy Church. I certify that I am not a member of another order, not married, do not have hidden physical disabilities, not the debtor, not land. Willing to fight for the establishment of the true Catholic faith in Palestine, Livonia, Lithuania, Russia and in other countries, care for the sick, to respect the Charter of the order, to keep secrets order, on the first call to do what they can.

Bring the vow to guard the innocence and chastity, to give up the property to be obedient The Lord God, the Almighty, the virgin Mary, his Holiness the Pope, the Grand master the landmaster of the Livonian and Teutonic knights, as well as all my other the order's superiors. Amen.

With humility and unceasing prayer,


the servant of God FR.



Document No. 4

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-IV


Gottfried von Rogge, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gerhard von York, by the grace of God Belinskogo commander aforesaid landmasters.

Written in Felline in the twentieth day of July, 1303 ad.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, esteemed ruler my brother in Christ Gottfried!


Let me tell you, what is recommended by your favour, the young Baron Franz von Marzling adopted me Tallinskoe a komfortu. This young man is of noble origin, well formed and as you already know, knows Latin, French and Russian languages not counting his native German. Any defamatory information about him we don't have. However, as you rightly pointed out, Franz is very young and you'll be weak bodily Constitution, delicacy, thoughtfulness, and even a love of poetry. Of course, I have nothing against poetry, and even in his youthhe wrote several poems, but for a member of the military brotherhood of such the tendency is rather a disadvantage than advantage. And the Baron Franz, unfortunately, has little gun, not very good in the saddle and quickly tired of wearing armor.

In connection with the foregoing, I decided to take the young Franz brothers of the order and ordain him to the order knights is too early. He was made a Sergeant and was sent to the teachings of one of our the most experienced knights, brother Mathias von Tatenhove.

Humbly beg to bless my decision.

The grace of God Yes be with you and all our brothers. Bless you Almighty God. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Gerard.


On the document is resolution:


The Landmaster Gottfried.



Document No. 5

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-V


The document has inscription:

Letters of Baron Franz von Marzling to Hannah from Wismar placed in the secret archive by the order the commandment of the Livonian landmaster of the Teutonic order, Gerhard von York, the twenty-sixth day of February 1317 Christ.

Gottlieb from Bernstadt, the archivist of the Livonian landmeister.

(Later three archival collections of documents – personal business knight Franz, Franz letters to Hannah and documents of the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" – were combined and laid out in chronological order. Who from the order of the archivists and for what purpose it was done is unknown. Approx. transl.).



Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Felline that Livonia, in the first day of August 1303 ad.


Dear my Hannah!


Don't even know what the words to find to explain what happened. I firmly believed that we we will always be together, but fate decreed otherwise. I want you to know that I he took monastic vows and entered into the Livonian landmeister of the Teutonic order, which is usually called the brotherhood of the knights Of Christ of Livonia, or simply the Livonian order.

I and had no idea that it happened. Mom learned that the current the Livonian landmaster Gottfried von Rogge fought in acre together with my late father, and wrote a letter to the landmaster. I thought she just wants talk, remember the past, and agreed to take and pass this letter, the more that I wanted to travel, not the same age was sitting in Arcline, leaving no further Wismar. And here it was necessary first to sail on the Eastern (Baltic – approx. transl.) the sea, then up the river The Gauja river, it's so interesting, especially in the beautiful summer weather!

And it turns out that in this letter there was a request to take me to the Livonian order. I of course, I guess that there is something similar, but did not think that all so seriously. Arrived in Cēsis castle, handed over the letter and was about to leave, but I was immediately invited himself to the landmaster Gottfried, began to ask about what I do know, then wrote a message, sealed it, gave a good the horse and asked to go to Fallin – to give this message to the local commander Gerhard von York.

I it was easy, and I decided to continue the journey. Came to Felinski the castle and the commander Gerhard asked me if I wanted to join the Livonian order, in order to serve the Lord. I wanted to say, what to think, but I like Eclipse found, and I said Yes. Wrote under the dictation of the commander's request for admission, and he announced that I am now a Sergeant of the order. Then came the knight Mathias von Tatenhove said what will my mentor and took me to my cell.

I asked brother Mathias, why a rite of passage so easy. He said that in fact, the sergeants of the order accepted solemnly at the meeting of the Chapter contorta, but there is at first asked many questions, find out why he decided to join the order, require to know by heart the Holy Scriptures, the Statute of the order and all sorts of things, until the preaching of St. Bernard "De laude novae militiae". When translated from Latin it means "Praise to the Holy host." And all it requires long, sometimes months of preparation, and there is no certainty,the Chapter will take a positive decision and send it for many years in novices. But since I'm the son of a Palestinian hero who knew the landmaster Gottfried, I have been accepted to bypass this procedure and just make a list of those who took Chapter.

So what I can say, lucky. However, while they took me not to the brothers order, but only the sergeants, who here still call "polurethane", but the knight Mathias said that for my age it's still quite an honor.

Say you frankly: although for me joining the order was a surprise, but now I think the order's career is very important to me. Who am I to Wismar? Baron – sounds good, but in actual fact I have even estate no: Nursling after his father's death inherited my older brother Carl and I were in it is something of a sponger. For a person of noble birth is just a shame.

I understand that if you and I are married, then your father would give good dowry. But not so good that we could live on it your whole life? Yes, and isn't living on his wife's money, especially if the wife is not of a noble family. What people say – that the Baron Franz von Marzling lives on the money shop clothiers? Now it tells me only my mother, and will tell the whole Wismar.

And career in order not only worthy of the Baron, but also gives the opportunity to live with dignity and comfortably without worrying about their daily bread. Of course, there are vows poverty, but I must say that my local cell is much larger and more comfortable the room in which I lived in Artsline, food and clothing better, and get me the content is much more than that, that I was singled out by the mother and elder brother. And it despite the fact that I'm only a Sergeant.

I hope, my dear Hannah, you will understand me correctly. I'm sorry that I failed you, and I would have done anything to take your pain away. I feel her always. I dream of your tears, and the guilt never leaves me. You are the best of the girls and I will never forget your gentle voice, your laughter, your touching, your tenderness and sweet kisses. Away from you I remember every moment spent together.

I cannot tell you soulless parchment condition of his soul. I have always been honest with you, so not fooled this time. Yes, we can't be together, but I never forget you. I want you to be happy, because you deserve it like no other. I constantly reproach myself for not being able to give you this happiness, and more than anything, I want you to forgive me.

Bye and take a look at this the message in the last times as I would look in my eyes. Would like subscribe "forever yours Franz", but I can't, for now forever belong The Lord.





Document No. 6

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-VI


Gottfried von Rogge, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, the grace of the Grand master as aforesaid order.

Written under the strict the mystery in Venice in the twenty-third day of June, 1304 ad.


Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever! I greet you, dear brother in Christ Gottfried!


I'll have you know I received a letter from the Apostolic office (the office of the Pope – approx. transl.), directly relating to your activities among the Russian and Lithuanian barbarians. I am sending you this letter and told to take it all necessary measures. Specific actions leave up to you.

Also I draw your attention to the fact that I still have not received report of your landmasters for 1303 last year from Christmas. I ask you urgently to send it in further more attentive to reports. Not for me to explain to you as far as your Teutonic brothers in Venice, it is important to know what is happening in Livonia, especially in the light sent you letters from the Apostolic office.

God bless you and led by thee, the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia. Amen.


Sincerely yours, Siegfried.



App document No. 6


Grand master of the order Teutonic house of St. Mary in Jerusalem, Siegfried von Fejhtvangera from Archbishop Papianus della Rovere, the grace of the Vice-Chancellor of the Roman Curia.

This strictly mystery in the Eternal city (Rome – approx. transl.) in the twenty-seventh day of may 1304 of the year from the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the tenth year the pontificate of his Holiness Pope Boniface (VIII – approx. transl.).


I, Archbishop Papianus, I have the honour, on behalf and by order of his Holiness Pope Boniface, servant of the servants Of God, to bring to the attention of his noble son Siegfried, the Grand master preserved by the Lord The Teutonic order, the fact that we have managed the Lord to learn from a man mishandled to Russia by the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon.

Prince Yuri (the original – George, but in Rus in the XIV century they were used more secular form of this name – Yuri. Approx. pens.), recently became ruler of the Russian city Moscow, entered into secret correspondence with Vytenis, Duke of Lithuania. These rulers, one of which holds about the Byzantine faith and has a substantial part of Northern Russia, and the second is a heathen and has a significant part of South Russia, planned to conclude an Alliance, to unite their possessions and join him the other Russian principalities, now, like Moscow under the yoke godless Tatars. Since a significant part of the possessions of Lithuania inhabited by Russian, Vytenis ready to make the state faith of the country Byzantinism.

In this case a state of false belief, which is one of the largest and the strongest in the world, almost as powerful, what was Russia during the great princes Yaroslav the Wise and Vladimir Monomakh. Hope this helped princes Yuri and Whiteny presumptuous to call their future state "great Orthodox Rus".

Who of the princes going to be the Supreme ruler of a single state, to the knights Templar still unclear, but there is no doubt that if this malicious the Alliance between Moscow and Lithuania will be concluded, the godly Teutonic order primarily the Livonian landmeister, will be very hard, and trust there will be only God's infinite mercy.

The order of the Templars on Russia is now very little of the people and the Livonian order, located near Rus and not just fought with this country, should be much more. Therefore, from behalf and on behalf of his Holiness Pope Boniface prescribe led by thee The Teutonic order and the Livonian landmaster to take all possible actions in order to thwart a malicious Union of Yuri and Vytenis and the ability to use knowledge about their conspiracy in order to strengthen position and strengthen the influence of the Holy Church, until the establishment in Russia and in Lithuania the true Catholic faith.

Yes helps says it all in this Apostolic letter the coming of peace The Lord Jesus Christ, and may all servants of God receive in him life eternal and before the onset of the universal Court to enjoy its benefits. Yes, descend the grace of God on you, honorable son Siegfried, and all the blessed Holy Pope Boniface knights of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem.

In the name of God Amen.


I, Archbishop Papianus, put the signature.



Document No. 7

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-VII



meeting the privy Council of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ Livonia


In the name of God, the will his Holiness Pope Boniface and Grand master of the order of the House of St. Mary In Jerusalem, the Teutonic Siegfried von Fejhtvangera held this meeting under strict Vengerskom mystery in the castle on the twenty-ninth day of August 1304 from the birth of Christ.



The President of the privy Council – the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem Gottfried von Rogge.

The members of the Council:

– the commander of Cēsis Heinrich von Erk;

– commander Wittgensteins (now Wittenstein is called Paide – approx. transl.) Burchard von Dreileben;

– commander Segevolde (now Segevold is called Sigulda – approx. transl.) Helwig background HELHEIM;

– commander Felinski Gerhard von York;

– commander Goldirevskiy (now Goldingen is called Kuldiga – approx. transl.) Arnold von Wrangel;

– commander Wesenbergii (now Wesenberg is called Rakvere – approx. transl.) Michael von Gilsen;

– commander Mitavskiy (now Is called Mitau Jelgava – approx. transl.) Dietrich von Kallenbach;

– commander of Dinaburg (now Dinaburg is called Daugavpils – approx. transl.) Gerd von Osterode;

– commander Kotegaeshi (now Kokengauzen is called Koknese – approx. transl.) Goswin background Fitinghof;

quartermaster landmasters Gustav von Meyendorf;

– chaplain landmasters brother mark;

Treasurer landmasters Peter von Baur.

Secretary of the meeting Dietrich of Brencena.


The Landmaster Gottfried. Power, by the grace of God given to me the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, I open the meeting of our the privy Council devoted to the consideration of the letter from the Apostolic office and to identify ways of execution of the contained tasks.

But first of all I want to inform everyone that on the seventh day of this month went to the Lord his Holiness Pope Boniface. Let us pray, brethren, for the repose of his soul.


Chaplain Mark. O our Lord, whose eternal mercy and forgiveness, humbly beseech thee about the soul great your Pope Boniface, the servant of thy servants, who have called you from the world. Warm his soul the warmth of your Holy spirit,

With boldness we dare to call upon thee, o Lord, for you are our trust and refuge. Kneeling before thee, poklonenie and glorify our Lord, and you offer prayer in our sorrows, and our sickness, in joy and sorrow, for you are our comfort, our joy, our treasure and our life the giver, from you comes every good deed and every perfect gift.

Preblagaja Lord, incline thine ear to our prayer, receive our prayer for blessed the soul of Pope Boniface. I believe that will not betray you this soul in the power of the enemy and will not forget her forever; but command thy Holy angels to take it and to enter in a heavenly abode, so that she, who believed in you and rely on you, got eternal bliss. Eternal rest grant unto her, Lord, and Shine her light eternal through Christ our Lord. Yes, not in vain will be our prayer. Amen.


The landmaster Gottfried. Amen. So, the Teutonic order received a letter from the Apostolic office, and the great master Siegfried sent it to us for the execution of those orders. Will ask our Secretary to read this letter.


Secretary Dietrich read a letter from the Apostolic office, dated the twenty-seventh day of may, 1304 ad.


The Landmaster Gottfried. I think everybody understood the importance of what is happening. We respect our blessed and mighty elder brothers the Templars and Express to them the gratitude that they so closely follow the Affairs of our modest Livonian province, but still would like to assess the situation and to understand whether a possible Alliance between Lithuania and Moscow.

My brother Gerd, do you know everything connected with Lithuania. What do you say?


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Say my brother, my master, that the attention of the order of the Temple, given to us through the Apostolic the office, very similar to the truth. Lithuania has repeatedly tried to adopt Christianity and true, the Byzantine style, and make alliances with the Russian princes, and with Catholic Nations.

Half a century ago, when Lithuania was still a small country, smaller than our Livonia, Lithuanian Prince Mindaugas established a relationship with his Holiness Pope innocent (IV – approx. transl.) and converted to Catholicism. With the consent of his Holiness Mindaugas crowned as king of Lithuania, thus this state has gained recognition as a full Kingdom.


Chaplain Mark. Scripture says: time to scatter stones and a time to gather stones.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Yes, it is another confirmation that the stones are then collected soon Mindaugas entered into an Alliance with the Russian Prince Daniel of Galicia, who also true faith and Royal crown.

But soon the time has come to throw stones. After a year in Lithuania began to kill our missionaries, Lithuanian Bishop began to complain of his Holiness the Pope that his castle is attacked by the infidels from among the subjects of Mindaugas, and then was forced and not to leave the country. And very soon the Lithuanians refused true the Catholic baptism. Mindaugas made a trip to the Polish city of Lublin and burned it.

Then everything it was even worse. Mindaugas broke the peace with the Teutonic order and supported the uprising the Prussians against the order's power. In 1260, from Christmas Lithuanian the troops took part in the unsuccessful battle for us on the lake Durbe when he died one hundred and fifty of our knights. A year later, Mindaugas entered into an Alliance with Russian the city of Novgorod.

Forsaken Christianity and peace with the crusaders, Mindaugas made some more devastating campaigns in Livonia, Prussia and Poland. So Lithuania broke up with Holy Church. Not in vain in the middle of the last century, his Holiness Pope Alexander (IV – approx. transl.) repeatedly declared in Poland, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic – approx. transl.) and Austria Crusades against Lithuania.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. The Lithuanians, like the Byzantine faith tried to take...


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Tried. In 1263 Mindaugas was sent to hell by the conspirators. In the state the struggle for the Grand buffet between his nephews – and Tavtigian Treinta. The latter managed to kill Cultivee and become a great Prince, but he was soon overthrown by Voishelk, the son of Mindaugas.

This Voishelk renounced the Royal title, invited Byzantine priests and founded the monastery for distribution in Lithuania this false faith. A couple of years he gave the title and power of Swarna, son of Galicia-Volyn Prince Daniel and son-in-law Mindaugas. But a year later Shvarna died, and the Union of Lithuania and Galicia collapsed. Galicia-Volyn princes concluded an Alliance with the Tatar khans and began to fight with the Lithuanians. It was the late seventies of the last century.


The Landmaster Gottfried. That's when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and refused the Byzantine faith?


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Absolutely true, my brother, my Lord. Lithuania once again plunged into the abyss paganism. After Swarna Grand Duke Traidenis became, then Dovmont, then Baligad, then his brother Buivid. Don't even try, brethren, to remember all these princes, for they were many and they ruled for a couple – three years, sometimes a little longer. At that time Lithuania did not attack good Catholics, but turned on the East, reunited Galicia and Volhynia and then gradually recaptured The Mongol Empire all the rest of the southern Russian lands – Kiev, Chernigov, Pereyaslavl (now Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky – approx. transl.), Pinsk, Turov and other. Some of these cities became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, some of them kept visible independence, but became vassals of Lithuania.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. Thank God, these southern Russian city so weakened by the devastation Khan Batu and the subsequent conquest of Galicia and the Lithuanians that can't provide The Grand Duchy of Lithuania more or less serious military support. Us it would be much harder to fight with Lithuania, if its troops joined Russian shelves.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Yes, Russian soldiers in the composition of Lithuanian troops is very small, and the Lithuanians belong to them carefully and do not welcome their appearance in their ranks. Still quite another people, another language, another faith. We, too, do not trust Balt the peoples living in the lands of our order, and very rarely restocked them our troops. The Gentiles, even baptism, can at any time to hit us back, if the enemy promises them freedom and a return to the false belief of their ancestors.

But I digress. I stopped at the reign of Bolivida, and then in Lithuania vanailla his son,Vytenis and reigns to this day, almost ten years.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski.Helpful my brothers in Christ, I am in Livonia for only three years, and I don't understand how this disgusting Gentile managed seven years ago to form an Alliance with the city of Riga? Not someone, and from the Riga Archbishop, that is, in theory, a good Catholic?


The Landmaster Gottfried. I guess the word "good" to the Archbishop Johann von Schwerin is not applicable. This was overcome by pride, the servant of the Lord imagine what you can take over control of Livonia, without the help of our charity of the order, and began to urge his congregation to banish us from Riga and other the Livonian cities. Even encroached on our locks. Needless to say, we were forced to defend themselves. And there is something wrong and Vytenis entered into Alliance with Riga, what made them really stressed.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. I I think the Union of Riga and Lithuania were agreed in advance. The Archbishop never dare to speak against us, if I didn't know what it stands for Lithuania.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. Sorry, my brother Dietrich that you weren't with us in the summer of ninety-eight in the battle under Marmoleum, when we, our landmaster Gottfried von Rogge with the help of the virgin Mary and in time approached the troops of the Teutonic order Vytenis defeated and expelled him from the order of our possessions.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski.Indeed sorry, but I hope that we together shoulder to shoulder, fight with our enemies.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. I I still regret that after the battle of Narmalina had to let go taken prisoner by the Archbishop Johann.


The Landmaster Gottfried. I, too, am sorry about that, but that's was the will of his Holiness the Pope.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Yes so, complain to the great Pope, Archbishop Johann was ready.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. And that invented this steeped in hypocrisy, the servant of the Lord! Supposedly we are fighting Lithuanians, repelled them from the Holy baptism. And he somehow never thought to put Vitany at the conclusion of the Union a condition to baptize Lithuania in the true Catholic faith!


The Landmaster Gottfried. But in the end, my brother Gerd, what is your opinion about what is stated in the letter from the Apostolic office? Can Lithuania go to the creation of a "great Orthodox Russia"?


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. I believe, my brother, my Lord, that can. During the last century Lithuania does not time showed that it doesn't matter what faith to accept. It is for the sake of expanding their possessions will go to the Union with anyone, even with the very enemy of the race human. And she will not refuse to join his vast Russian first the possessions of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, and then, if lucky, and the rest of Rus.


The Landmaster Gottfried. Sorry, you're right, my brother Gerd. So from Lithuania all very seriously. What do you say, brother Gerhard? Your Tallinskoe the komfortu close to Russia, and you have they know everything that concerns this country.

First of all, I care how strong Moscow now, can we talk about it as about an independent Principality, or she is completely subordinated to the Grand Duke Vladimir? And what it relationship with the godless Tatars? Tell in more detail, because we know much less than about Novgorod or Lithuania. We it has never fought and did not conduct negotiations, and I, frankly, always considered her one of the small Russian principalities.


Gerhard, commander Felinski. To recently, Moscow was indeed one of the small Russian principalities, but now it is not so. And how it is subject to the Vladimir or the Tartars, – the issue is complicated. So let me tell you in order.

After Russ 1237 Christ conquered the Tatars, the Prince's reign there remained. After a few years the Grand Duke Vladimir, Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, received from the Mongol Batu Khan, the so-called "shortcut" to reign. So since then, and conducted. Of course, I mean those Russian principalities, which remained under the rule of the Tatars and was not seized by Lithuania. I'm going to talk about them "Rus", because even I do not know now call themselves Russians in Lithuania. Maybe brother Gerd knows it.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. I also I do not know. No, Russians in Lithuania, and in Riga and in Rome Russian, but do referring to Russia, Kiev, Chernigov and Pereyaslavl, – that I do not know. However, it is for us now no matter.


Gerhard, commander Felinski. Yes, it doesn't matter. What is more important: Russia pays great tribute to the Tatars. It was so moved with the times the son of Yaroslav Alexander, who at one time fought with our order and even he won several victories, including on the ice of lake Peipus (lake Peipus – approx. transl.).


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. In the ill-fated battle involved my grandfather. He miraculously escaped, and the rest of his life called the battle of the Ice


Gerhard, commander Felinski.And before this, Alexander defeated our allies of the Swedes on the Neva river, for which he received the nickname Nevsky. Mongolian Khan in gratitude for the fact that Alexander defended by Catholics of his Russian possessions, gave him a shortcut to a great reign Vladimir and instructed to collect tribute from subordinate Khan principalities. Everywhere was a census, came to Russia a Mohammedan merchants, octopussie the Khan the right to collect tribute, and began what continues to this day: Russia is paying tribute to the Khan. However, tax farmers, which in Russia is called"bezimenni", was soon expelled, but the tribute is still going. This do Russian princes and the Tatars themselves, in order to intimidate periodically robbing Rus.

However, sometimes predatory raids of the Tatars caused by princely feuds. For example, the current Grand Prince of Vladimir Andrey Alexandrovich, the third son of Alexander Nevsky, originally owned just a small Gorodetsky Duchy of ten years ago got a shortcut to a great reign as the result of strife, caused the attack of Tatars to Russia under the leadership of Khan Dudina. Tatars then looted all major Russian cities except Novgorod and Pskov.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. And the constant Tatar troops in Russia not?


Gerhard, commander Felinski. No never was, although the Mongol rulers in Russia and called "kings", is "lead" – emperors. The dependence of Russia from the Tatars can be called a vassal, in our Catholic countries that takes place everywhere. Our the saying "the vassal of my Vassal – not my vassal" is right to apply to Russia.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. The Mongols, Tatars... How to call their state?


Gerhard, commander Felinski. Have the state is still wicked Hagarites is no single self. Most often they call themselves the Mongols and their country – the Mongol Empire, hence claim them Supreme rulers on the Imperial title. And the Tatars their called when they began to attack Christian countries.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. Tartarus, in Ancient Greece called hell. Clear. These fiends because in Catholic countries attacked, but they did not have enough forces to conquer us.


Gerhard, commander Felinski. Yes, but they attack a long time, even under Khan Batu. And in the middle of the last century this godless heathen Empire began to weaken, and part of it is called the Golden The Horde stood out as a separate state, retaining only vassalage the Imperial center of Mongolia. The capital of the Golden Horde is the Saray-Batu – founded by the same Batu city on the Volga (in the original translated documents of Volga is called ITIL – approx. transl.). These "Volga" the Mongols called Tatars more often than the others. It seems, they themselves have became so called. Apparently, they love it when you tremble before them as before natives of Tartarus.


The Landmaster Gottfried. In order not to get lost in these complex vassal relationship, I will say briefly: the Grand Duchy of Vladimir – vassal Horde, and that, in turn is the vassal of Mongolia. Right?


Gerhard, commander Felinski. Absolutely true, my brother, my Lord.


The Landmaster Gottfried. And Moscow is the vassal of Vladimir?


Gerhard, commander Felinski.Last forty years. In dobryanskoe time and under Yaroslav Vsevolodovich Moscow entered into the Grand-Ducal possessions and became an independent Principality, although there sometimes was ruled by the younger children of great princes. As a full Principality, whose dependence on Vladimir can be called a vassal, Moscow for the first time when the bequest of Alexander Nevsky went to his youngest son Daniel. This Daniel reigned for a long time, almost four decades, and died in the spring last year. Now it's ruled by his eldest son, Yury, precisely stated in the letter from the Apostolic office.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski. And the big this Principality?


Gerhard, commander Felinski. At the standards of Catholic countries all the Russian principalities huge.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski. And by the standards Russia?


Gerhard, commander Felinski. First Moscow occupied a very small territory along the Moscow river, which time and gave the city its name. Three years ago, Daniel broke the Ryazan Prince Konstantin Romanovich, took him prisoner and captured the city Kolomna, that is, gained access to the great river Oka, which flows into The Moscow river. Then after the death of Prince Pereyaslav Daniel joined Moscow Principality this city (nowadays Pereslavl-Zalessky, and in the future I will be talking only about him, not about Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky – approx. transl.).

And Yuri Danilovich immediately after voknyazheniya took Smolensk princes town Mozhaisk.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. It turns out Muscovy is constantly increasing?


Gerhard, commander Felinski. Yes. Growth and strengthening of this city due to its location at the intersection of trade routes. And before the arrival of the Mongols near Moscow quarried stone, from which temples were built in Vladimir, Pereyaslavl, Rostov and other cities. It is also accelerated the growth of Moscow.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski. I know that is not Moscow alone there powerful of the new kingdoms, there are still Tver.


Gerhard, commander Felinski.And that's right, my brother Dietrich. Tver Principality gained power a little earlier Moscow, under Dmitri, second son of Alexander Nevsky. This Principality also has a very advantageous location on the Volga trade route, in confluence with the Volga Tvertsa river. Then in Tver was established by the diocese, which in Moscow there is still no.

Now Reign of Tver Mikhail Yaroslavich, the grandson of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich. Turns out, he the older generation Yuri Danilovich of Moscow. In Russia, the seniority of Dukes, called it "the Prince's ladder", is still of great importance, and khans it is usually taken into account when the results of "labels".


The Landmaster Gottfried. In the letter from the Apostolic office and could overstate the importance of Moscow, but even if this Principality is not the strongest in Russia, it is certainly one of the strongest. By the way, what we have information about military power of Moscow? She's stronger than our eternal foes of Novgorod and Pskov or weaker?


Gerd, commander Felinski. Exactly I can not say, but here in Moscow there is its people, we used no value this town is not attached. But I believe that Moscow is in a military attitude can't to be weaker Novgorod and Pskov, because it's just a merchant Republic, and Moscow is a fast growing Principality has captured a lot of land and looks like it is not going to stop.


The Landmaster Gottfried. Yes, if Moscow will unite with Lithuania we have tight. Especially if on the side of Lithuania will perform in Riga. We will impose from all sides, and hope will remain only on God's mercy. So let's Express gratitude to the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon for a warning about the impending creation of a "great Orthodox Russia" and I think, how to act.

Is it possible to upset the Union Yuri and Vytenis from Lithuania?


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. With Lithuania we have a war. We have repeatedly sent to Vitino ambassadors with proposals of peace, but he does not accept them. So I'm afraid that as-that to affect the Grand Duchy Of Lithuania, that it has not entered into an Alliance with Moscow, we can't. Here Riga tear of Lithuania is in principle possible, and in this I hope assistance to the Supreme Pontiff, after all, and we, the residents, – good Catholics. But "The great Orthodox Russia" has nothing to do with it.


The Landmaster Gottfried. Yes, Lithuania, all clear, and yet the end of the war in sight, sadly. One of the brothers is thoughts on how to destroy created "the Great Orthodox Russia" by Moscow?


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. Maybe it makes sense to notify the godless Tatars that their back preparing such a Union, and they could lose the Grand Duchy of Moscow, and then and all Russia? Let them punish Moscow, as he did with the Russian cities many times.


Henry, commander Cēsis. We have no written evidence of negotiations Vytenis and Yuri, and it is unlikely that such evidence exist. And if the Prince of Moscow will call to the Horde, he would surely say that there was no negotiating. Khan, who will believe us strangers, or his vassal?


The Landmaster Gottfried. I would like not only to disrupt the impending Union, but also to strengthen the position and increase the influence of the Holy Church. As do you remember such a problem was also raised in the letter from the Apostolic office.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. Then, brethren, I propose a solution: use the fact that Yuri Danilovich looking for allies, and to conclude an Alliance with him, offering assistance against the Tatars in exchange for accepting the true faith. Muscovites must be our friends, not enemies. Then Novgorod and Pskov will be surrounded on all sides and also fall to our feet.


Gerhard, commander Felinski.If Moscow will be released from the power of wicked people from Tartarus for her no doubt, pulled and other Russian principalities. And it's not only want to be vassals of the Khan. I heard that the Horde is going to take Mohammedanism, farewell then, the Mongol religious tolerance. The Tartars it is always famous for the fact that I respect all varieties of belief and do not interfere with the conquered people have their own sanctuary. With the adoption of Islam is unlikely continue. And the Russians hold fast for their false Byzantine faith,they presumptuously called Orthodox, that is the only correct one.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. So if they cling for their false religion, how to convince them to take true?


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. Need will they explain that with the entry into the bosom of our Holy Church, they will begin a completely different life. In front of them will open the whole blessed Catholic world – Holy Roman Empire, France, England, Italy... They will get and powerful military allies, which they lacked when they were attacked by Batu Khan. Well, and the salvation of the soul, it is itself. Will they were promised papal indulgences...


The Landmaster Gottfried. It is not time already trying to explain. How many times have we suggested Russian unions, subject to their acceptance of the true faith? How many times have we sent to Russia ambassadors? How many times have you sent ambassadors himself his Holiness the Pope? But Russian barbarians persist and compel us to act with fire and sword.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. We're all friends here, so I will say directly and frankly: who needs all this talk the salvation of the soul, a powerful Catholic allies? If the Russians could all this to convince you, they would long ago have convinced. We even out on our of the order's lands the Semigallians, latgalu, Curonians, Estonians and Livs in any way can not convince. No need to act otherwise and to suggest to Yuri of Moscow and then all the other Russian princes, full exemption from tribute!


Gerhard, commander Felinski.True! Let them collect from his subjects what they want, and then dispose of it themselves. Who are the princes do not want to receive money now have to give the Horde?


Treasurer Peter. I also support the idea brother Arnold, but I want to clarify that it is only for provisional release Russian principalities from the tribute. Princes of course, we can't say, but they should remember that sooner or later the collection of money will resume, but he will already be in benefit not of the Tartars, and the Holy see. Well, Russian by that time it will be nowhere to go.


The Landmaster Gottfried. I agree. Are there other opinions? If no, I suggest to call our mission "the great Catholic Russia" – in opposed to "the great Orthodox Russia". If there are no objections, then let's think about specific steps.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. Scout would send to Moscow to try to learn more about the negotiations.


Henry, commander Cēsis. We have Moscow is not, but should be in Novgorod and Pskov. Can't you quickly transfer to Moscow? My brother Goswin, you know our secret Affairs tell me, is it possible?


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. My brother Henry, unfortunately, this is impossible, for we have in Novgorod and Pskov now also no one. There were three scouts, but we lost them during the last war, when five years ago, our valiant troops attacked Pskov.


Chaplain Mark. My brother Goswin, don't say that. We in the Russian city never attacked.


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. And what did the order last hundred years, brother mark?


Chaplain Mark. Well, let's say, performed with fire and sword your missionary duty.


The Landmaster Gottfried. Come on, my brother mark, we located at the meeting of the privy Council and not of the General Chapter, and shall to be clear and understandable, otherwise you'll have to ask again, and any the discussion repeatedly delayed. Go on, my brother Goswin.


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. Well now, brother mark hit me and I forgot what he was talking about. Yes, the scouts. When was the battle with the Pskov Prince Dovmont, one of our men were in the ranks Russian troops and tried to raise a panic, but was caught, then under torture given the other two. All of them drowned in the river great.


The Landmaster Gottfried. From Pskov we made peace, so focus your search for new spies, my brother Goswin.


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. I hear and obey, my brother, my Lord. But quickly these things are not done. Of German merchants in Russia travels a lot, but they're strangers, and Russian, ready benefit of the Holy Catholic Church, hard to find, and the more difficult find these Russian, so that worked for us, and was able to penetrate deeply into the secrets of the princely courts and troops. This is a business for many years.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. Well, this people have with our brothers of the knights Templar, and that is good. In principle, we know enough to send to Moscow to Yuri Danilovich Embassy our proposals on the conclusion of the Union.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. I think the Embassy to send before. Mission "the Great Catholic Russia" in the beginning must be secret, and the arrival in Moscow, our Embassy immediately recognize the Horde and all upset, and then executes ambassadors, with Tatars will become. Everything should be prepared, and Prince Yuri then he'll provide the secret negotiations with us. Let's send a messenger with a letter, which will contain our proposals on Alliance with the goal of creating a "great Catholic Russia."


The Landmaster Gottfried. I agree. Ask for a blessing the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" to the Grand master Siegfried, a letter to the Prince Yuri let her prepare the Secretary of our meeting brother Dietrich, and you, my brother Gerhard, order to pick up the messenger.


Gerhard, commander Felinski. Listen and obey. The messenger will pick it up. Even right now I can say that I have in mind there is one young Baron, Sergeant, my commander, knowing Russian language.


The Landmaster Gottfried. I do not whether the noble son of the widow of Mecklenburg?


Gerhard, commander Felinski. Absolutely true. Franz von Marzling.


The Landmaster Gottfried. Yes, I remember his father, we are together defended acre, and he fell on her walls. Well, as he caught a young man in your the komfortu?


Gerhard, commander Felinski. Hard to say. I just gave him our best guide, Matthias von Tatenhove, who trains him in fighting techniques, horseback riding, wearing armor and other things the intricacies of military science. I think all of us here are brothers you know Mathias.

Now, mentor is not very happy with French, says that the young man is too dreamy, maybe even in training. something to think about and miss the shot. With sash brothers Franz behaves very kindly, but not to say to someone friends, always by himself. Feeling that he with combat brothers are bored, they are mostly simple people, and he loves poetry, often speaks of the sublime. But not really devout.


Chaplain Mark. Yes, it happens with those who love poetry. And many poets, unfortunately, godless.


Gerhard, commander Felinski. I can you say about the French that he is not a coward, but to fight with swords and spears still not much, but with it brother Matthias no tinkering. But savvy, intelligent, different languages. I still use it on more's part, it is very he in the letter is strong. I relate well to young Franz, therefore, decided to send him to Russia, so he doesn't sit in our office.


The landmaster Gottfried. And you, my brother mark, remember this young man? You recently went to confess there Fallin brothers. Told Franz that his care can rely on him? Just don't start talking about the secret confession. We on the secret Council, and everything we say here is strictly mystery.


Chaplain Mark. God bless me and all my brothers sin violation of the secrecy of confession. The story of this young man I remember. He, entering into the order, broke up with lover, and all the way to letting go. Says, even in my dreams she comes to him.


The Landmaster Gottfried. As they say, it's young. I think in Russia, the French distracted and forget about the temptations of violation of the monastic vows. Send this young man, my brother Gerhard. More questions? If not, then declare the meeting closed. Pray for us we begin a good deed.


Chaplain Mark. In the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy spirit, bless us begin the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" and help us successfully complete it with the assistance of your grace. You dedicate all the hard work that they have served for the benefit and salvation of our others. Amen.


All participants of the meeting. Amen.



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Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, the Grand master of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gottfried von Rogge, the grace of Livonian landmaster the aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden for the fourth day of September, 1304 ad.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, esteemed ruler my brother in Christ, Siegfried!


I venture humbly to inform you, my brother, my Lord, that after reading we sent thee a letter from the Apostolic office with notice of the impending Union of the princes Moscow and Lithuania, we decided to start the mission "the Great Catholic Rus". Its essence consists in using the obtained information about the impending barbaric Union, to conclude an Alliance with the Moscow Prince Yuri Danilovich, offering him assistance against the godless Tatars in exchange for the adoption of its the Principality of the true Catholic faith. The main argument in our futurethe talks with Yuri should be the tribute he now pays Tatars, we collected in case of the conclusion of the Union to release him from this tribute. In any case, for the first time. Moreover, we have Prince Yuri continue to collect tribute from his subjects, but to write this tribute to yourself.

If The Blessed Virgin Mary grant success to our Union with Yuri, the Pskov and Novgorod will be sandwiched between us and Moscow and will fall at our feet. I believe that all the other Northern Russian princedoms – Vladimir, Tver, Suzdal, Rostov and others gradually will join our Union in order to free themselves from the Tatars and stop to pay tribute. Then will be established led by the us, the Great Catholic Russia. Against it are unlikely to survive and Lithuania, and we can only hope that these things are pagan the government then sued for peace, will accept the true Holy baptism and join the us.

Yes you will also it is known that in early August, died the great Prince of Vladimir Andrei A. Yes, Lord have mercy on his sinful and lost soul. He was not only our worst enemy, in Russia it is also not loved for what he did in his time began the civil war against his older brother Dmitri, to this the war attracted the Tatar troops, and just over a decade ago wicked Ismailovich under the leadership of Khan Dugena came to Russia at the invitation Andrew and plundered the country as robbed only memorable Batu Khan.

The death of the Grand Duke Subtitles can be useful for the mission "the Great Catholic Rus", for the Supreme power over Yury of Moscow is now only Orda Khan, which is unlikely to greatly disturb the internal Affairs of Russia. For Khan the main thing – that in time and in full has paid tribute. So, Yuri Danilovich now will be less constrained in their actions. But if after the death of Andrei begin feud, and this will help our mission, for the worse in Russia, the Principality rather it will go to the Union with us.

Waiting for your blessing the mission "the Great Catholic Rus", my brother, my Lord. Immediately after his receive ready to send to Moscow the secret messenger with a message about accepting our Plenipotentiary of the Embassy.

Take my brotherly bow, the Grand master Siegfried. Bless you, Lord God Almighty countless years, may your days full of joy and success. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Gottfried.



Document No. 9

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Gottfried von Rogge, Livonian the landmaster of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, the grace of the Grand master of the aforesaid order.

Written in Venice in the third day of October, 1304 ad.


Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever! I greet you, dear brother Godfried.


By the power vested in me Holy father, I bless the mission "the Great Catholic Russia." All the intricacies of this mission, trust you to develop yourself. All important news instruct to immediately report to me.

I want to tell you the news that our brothers accidentally heard from the merchants coming from Russian lands. The heir of the late Grand Duke Andrei Aleksandrovich has declared itself not only Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver, but his nephew, the younger line – Yuri Danilovich Of Moscow. Perhaps this is not news to you, but my order debt – you this report. After all, if Yuri really claim to great the reign of Vladimir, the Alliance with us can be a great help. Since he's standing in the Russian hierarchy below Prince Michael of Tver, then hope forlegal obtaining of the great Prince he is almost there. And in the case of an Alliance with us, it will support the whole enormous power of the Catholic world.

If now between Moscow and Tver will start civil war, it's even better for us. As you correctly noticed in your letter, the worse things are in Russia, the Principality rather it will go an Alliance with us.

I will constantly pray for the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" was a success. Bless God be with you on your godly path in the interests of our common Holy cause. Amen.


Forever your brother Sigfrid.



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Prince Yuri Danilovich, the Governor of the city of Moscow, from Baron Gottfried von Rogge, the mercy of God the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden fifth day of November, 1304 ad.


Peace to you and yours citizen, glorious and God-loving Prince Yuri!


I write to you with blessings the Grand master of the Teutonic order and all higher authorities of the Catholic world, until his Holiness the Pope.

It became known to me that are you dissatisfied with the Board and godless Tatars. This is not surprising, for you are good the Christian and sovereign Prince, forced to prostrate disgusting Ismailovich, and pay them great tribute. And it became known to me that Horde, practicing ungodly paganism, is going to take as ungodly Mahometanism, and then all the known Horde tolerance will cease, and you will also be forced to accept the teachings of false prophet Mohammed.

So I'm fine understand why you decided to conduct secret negotiations on the conclusion of Union with the Great Duchy of Lithuania and the establishment of the state under the title "the Great Orthodox Russia". As you can see, I know about these negotiations. But I want to ask you a question: why do you want an Alliance with the pagans, why don't you want become an ally, friend and brother for us Catholic Christians? In our with you religions there is a difference, we do not agree in some rites and in the matter of the origin of the Holy spirit, but still we are much closer thangodless idolaters, whether it be Horde or Lithuania.

I want to offer you make for the greater glory of the Lord is the true Catholic faith and to enter into unbreakable Alliance with our Livonian order. I promise to give you full support in the liberation from the yoke of the Tartars, until the arrival of troops in Moscow of our order, and if that is not enough, and the troops of the Teutonic order. Also I promise you the championship among the Russian and Lithuanian princes, who decide to join to our God-pleasing Union, which I propose to call "the Great Catholic Rus".

A tribute to you collect his Principality for the Horde, you get to keep, because we incomparably more rich and prosperous the Catholic world is not levied tribute from friends, allies, brothers and co-religionists.

Let your feelings and the mind directs the sad experience of the great Prince of Vladimir Yuri Vsevolodovich, who has repeatedly rejected the adoption of a true Catholic faith proposed to him by the Holy Pope, and so was left without a allies, and were easily vanquished the godless Batu Khan. Now you have the opportunity to remedy the situation and to restore Russia as a great state in the boundaries of the times of your glorious ancestors of Yaroslav the Wise and Vladimir Monomakh. Remember: any Catholic country was not captured nor Genghis Khan, norBatu, nor their descendants. Is it lack of proof that Lord is supportive good Catholics?

Waiting for your answer, dear brother in Christ, Yuri. Answer you can tell with the messenger who brought the this letter. With your consent you will arrive our secret Embassy reception which ask to provide.

The grace of God Yes be with thee, and all thy servants bless thee, Lord God Almighty countless years. Amen.


Your brother in Christ Gottfried.



Document No. 11

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XI


Gerhard von York, falliscono the commander of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia, from Franz von Marzling, By the grace of God of the aforesaid Sergeant of the commander.

Written under the strict mystery in Moscow in the fifteenth day of January, 1305, from the birth of Christ.


Glory To Jesus Christ! I welcome You, brave and highly sophisticated commander Gerhard!


As I was prescribed, came to Russia. A young Hanseatic merchant Franz of Mecklenburg studying Russia for possible earnings on there the goods, I began to give myself immediately on my arrival from Felina in Dobarsko (Dorpat – approx. transl.) the bishopric, and it helped me through Dorpat to Russia went a lot of merchants, and among them were mecklenburgs, while in Novgorod luxurious clothes. With them I reached Novgorod in a straight line land road, and even the sleigh didn't have to hire – they kindly gave me in their place, and for a rather symbolic fee.

The road from Dorpat to Novgorod now, in the frosty and snowy winter, perfect thumb. However, can't even imagine what's going on in the spring and autumn impassability of roads, because no paving this road no. Most likely, in spring and autumn ride here is impossible, and travelers have to use long the waterway through the Eastern sea, the Neva river, lake Ladoga and the Volkhov river.

I think it will be useful to inform You that in Novgorod after the death of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich haven't decided what Prince to obey, and the city is controlled by the Governor andreyko Klimovich. Just in case, to clarify that the mayor is the local position, corresponding to our chief burgomasters. The Council of eminent citizens, which then called "Veche", is already recognized as a great Prince Michael Yaroslavich of Tver, but a little rushed, because the label on the great reign of Michael from the Tartar Khan's not received, and this label claim, and Yuri of Moscow.

However, the life of the city these disturbances have no effect. To trade gossip about the princes, and all.

Novgorod is rich and extensive, lives in it, as I say, more than forty thousand people, all berths cluttered vehicles and littered with goods, and such a huge bargain I haven't seen even in his native Mecklenburg. But Novgorod building – hardwood, worn, represents a rather sad spectacle, the more after our magnificent Livonian castles. It's short, about five cubits (3 m – approx. transl.), bulk shafts with an equally shallow wetland ditch in front of them. On the shafts – low, also five cubits, log walls, consisting of log cabins, filled with earth, with the battle move upstairs.

Even if these wood-earth fortifications were newly built, still sweep away from the shaft these walls with the help of a little bit of modern siege equipment is not labor. As far as I know, Batu Khan thus at the time took all Russian city, only to Novgorod did not reach because of impassable roads, and next year need to take Novgorod had already occurred, because this merchant city showed wonders of heroism and voluntarily agreed to accept himself the Khan's vassal and pay tribute.

It is said that earlier in Novgorod fortress was only two gate towers, now four of them, and each there is a gate churches. But it's still wood. Suburban strongholds Novgorod is quite small, their territory does not exceed two acres (less than hectare – approx. transl.), and strengthened even weaker: the height of the trees – no more three cubits (2 m – approx. transl.), the trenches were so shallow, on the ramparts instead of walls are palings.

In the Novgorod and in the all suburban fortresses built all on one line the wood-land fortifications. The main towers (or citadels – approx. transl.) inside there, in addition to stone temples, although they strengthen the weak and unreliable, and it is unlikely at least one temple ever withstood a serious attack. In General I would put it about strengthening of Novgorod and its suburbs very unflattering: what are the strongholds, these are the main towers.

You commanded me to learn how is the construction of stone fortifications, founded three years ago. Can to say only one thing: nothing. (Construction laid in 1302 the stone walls of the Novgorod Kremlin began in 1330-ies – approx. transl.). And while the enemy proceeded to the walls of Novgorod for many centuries, such a careless attitude of Novgorod to strengthen hometown I was very surprised.

From Novgorod to Tver I drove on the ice of the rivers: direct land route between these cities exists, but has the form of unpaved forest trails, it can move only on foot and riders, and for a merchant sleds and carts it is too narrow and uncomfortable. I could to go, taking advantage of the so-called "Yam", the service peasants travelers horses, sleighs and wagons, which in Russia recently introduced Tatars. But he chose to live in Novgorod the Inn a few extra days, met with the German merchants from lübeck, while in Tver femalejewelry, and went with them. The fare is also symbolic – they needed a good conversationalist, and I can converse on any topic with anyone, from the commoner to count. I now write this not to boast, for the Lord teaches us humility, and in order to explain how I managed to save a lot given to me in the way of the order's money. A detailed report on the money ladies returning to Fallin.

From Novgorod there are three the main waterway in the upper reaches of the Volga, which is the territory of Tver Principality. The Northern route, the longest – on the river Msta. South river Field its tributary Siberie and lake Seliger. Average, very short, but impassable for large merchant ships – on the Field, its tributaries Avon, then on the lake Vella, via portage – into the river Libya flowing into the lake, transitional from. From this lake flows the river of the same name, which is a tributary of the river CNA. Of the last there are die Terzo, which, in turn, flows in the Volga.

As we drove along winter road, the width and depth of rivers for us was not very good and we have used the shortest route – in the Field, Avani, Libya, the Tsna and Tvertsa river, and after a few days arrived in the small town of Novy Torg (Torzhok now – approx. transl.), for that ends the land of Novgorod and Tver Principality begins.

In fact, Torg – he bargain, and nothing but a huge bargain in the New Torg I saw. Even a little bit serious fortress there, some charred and rickety the stockade on the hill. Stone temples in the city either, but a wooden Church stand on almost every street. However, wooden churches a huge amount in all Russian cities. Perhaps even more than we have chapels and chapels. And when this in Russia is not a chapel or chapels, namely the full temples, with the Liturgy and the clergy. It is not surprising that the clergy here, you can seeon the streets very often, much more often than we do in Livonia or in my home Mecklenburg.

Moving further on the ice The Tvertsa river, we reached Tver. This city is smaller than Novgorod, but the fortifications here are in a much better condition, but still are the same wood-land. Their length of about a thousand cubits (about700 m – approx. transl.). The city stands on a high hill above the river don, near the mouth of the Tvertsa, and the opposite side, near the confluence of the Volga and Tmaka rivers. From the point of view military science of these things more robust: if the enemy comes the Tvertsa river, you will not be able the surprise attack on the city. And on the spit of the Volga and Tvertsa built the monastery the unpronounceable name "First" of the post for the collection of duties from passing merchants.

Merchants with goods from Novgorod through Tver to Moscow usually do not go, because on the border of Moscow principalities they then have to pay a fee again. And bypassing the Tver Novgorod to Moscow is the road through the Islamic Portage (now Volokolamsk – approx. transl.), it is somewhat longer but has to pay only one toll – Moscow. But I felt it was my duty to inspect the Tver, in order to describe to You this city, so did not stop before paying the extra fees. However, Tver the tax was very small, for any goods I was carrying. I will reflect it in your report.

The mood of tverichi I would call not just upbeat, and joyful. Looks like no one here doubt that the Grand Prince of Vladimir Horde Khan will adopt them Michael. And they are very proud of built a few years ago the stone city the Cathedral, dedicated to the Rescue miraculous. Compared to Novgorod, and the more with our city temples it looks like a small chapel, its walls rough and uneven, the dome is only one. But this dome was covered with gold, and built the temple of the most prestigious in the Vladimir Grand Principality of the material – socalled white stone. And most importantly – it is generally the first stone Cathedral, built after Batu ruin.

From Tver to Moscow is river way – if from the Volga to rotate in the Dubna river, then its tributary the Sister, then via portage in Istra, a tributary of Moscow. But now winter, the shortest the land road is in good condition, so I went for it. Already not with fellow travelers, merchants, and "yamskie" sleigh.

The following "Yam", where travellers can rest and change horses on the road to Moscow is city Vertain (now the village of Gorodnya – approx. transl.). Another Vertain call The Holy virgin – the name of the wooden frame, of which in Russia are building fortifications.

This city is quite small, he stands miles in fifteen (30 km – approx. transl.) from Tver on a high hill over the river, surrounded by the usual for Russia ramparts with wooden walls. There recently was built little white stone Church, still less of the Tver Saviour the Cathedral, built from even more rough-hewn white stone. But still stone is stone, and why in such a small town had to build a very dear stone temple – it is difficult to say. Perhaps in order to show the wealth of Tver the Principality of those who enter it from the main rival of Moscow.

In Vertine I had stay for a few days, for a brutal Russian cold, from which the traveler can be saved with the help of warm clothing, replaced by equally brutal snowstorm when traveling, even on well-trodden road becomes impossible.

Big Yamskaya hut providing links to those who are resting and awaiting fresh horses, the Blizzard was overcrowded. No other coaching Inn in the town was not, so travelers who have had at least some free money, agreed on duty with the inhabitants of the town. I confess, I preferred to wait in the relative comfort wertinskoi hut to sleep on the floor in the common room "the pit". If I SIM broke the vow poverty and wasted the money order, it is ready to repent and accept the deserved punishment.

I am ready to repent and other sin flows into the temptation. The fact that in the house of a carpenter., I spent a few days living with his daughter, a young widow named Bagina. Her husband, Ostafi was a combatant, that is a warrior Prince regular troops, and was killed during one of the internecine wars. Baena, widowed, sold the Tver house of her late husband and returned to Pertain to his the elderly father, who also was widowed a long time and makes the fact that allow wait on travelers. And I confess that I could not look at this very beautifulblack-haired Bazenu to lust unworthy of a humble member of the monastic order.

And in the Blizzard the night before Bright Christmas Baena expressed a desire to do me favourable carnal mind, and this I frankly am deeply excited, though I I suspect that was not the first and not the last traveller, which it such attention has been willing to provide and certainly not just providing.

But you don't think anything bad, my dear commander Gerhard, I am carnal temptations did not yield, humbling the rebellious flesh in tireless prayer. I can say that this Bazenu somewhat disappointed, and even more surprised. I didn't want to explain to her that you are not a merchant, and a Sergeant of the Livonian order, ie a monk! But I found out: explained to her that in my country, in Mecklenburg there is a bride, which I keep loyalty. This seductive Baena winked his dark eyes, and said with infinite confidence that sooner or later I get tired of thisthe bride, or wife, or Mecklenburg, or Germany in General, and I come back to it in Vertain, for the very name of this city in Russian means "to turn", that is "to come back." Upon this we parted, for Bagena with a mysterious smile threw shawl on bare shoulders and walked out of my room. And the next morning the Blizzard stopped and I went on a bow only this far not inconsolable the widow good-bye.

No doubt, my dear commander, I will do everything in order to forget that Christmas night in Vertine. However, now I am forced to drive away not only a delusion of the enemy of mankind named Bajena, but another obsession – Mecklenburg, named Hannah. I told Bazine about the bride of Mecklenburg, thus opening up already started to heal old emotional wound, and now often think about Hannah from Wismar, his sweetheart, whom I left, joining the Livonian order. However, I believe following the example of St. Anthony of Padua to overcome allthese temptations and to fulfill with honor their vows of the order and your order debt.

Then off to Moscow no adventure was not, except that at the first Moscow military post about Senezhsky lake, I have a very long figured out who I am. Indeed, the Muscovites could not help but be suspicious that the young merchant travels to Moscow from Germany without the goods, with a small amount of money, and not through friendly Volok Lamsky, and through hostile Tver. I even threatened torture. But fortunately, fear not the German Muscovites and Tver spies, and I praise the virgin-intercessor, thought to speak Russian much worsewhat you say actually, and Moscow sentinel decided that German, hardly knowing Russian language, can scarcely be a spy Tver. One of them, well spoke in German, discussed with me the weather in Mecklenburg, I just complained about the dampness of the coast of East sea and was safely released.

I guess this once again suggests that relations between Moscow and Tver is now extremely tense, and in the air, as they say, palpable smells of war.

And finally, in the the beginning of the new 1305 from Christmas I with God's help arrived in Moscow.

Moscow fortress located on a high hill near the confluence of the Moscow river little river Neglinnaya, and smaller than Tver, the length of its fortifications, about 800 cubits (approximately550 m – approx. transl.). All the buildings and fortifications of wood, no the stone Church. But the Posada is very large, and the city is growing rapidly, is built many new towers, building new streets.

Below the mouth of the Neglinnaya in The Moscow river flows into another, much more long and full –flowing tributary Yauza, which is one of the major trade routes of the Grand Duchy Vladimir. Ships from the Moscow river Yauza in turn, rise to it to the portage to the Klyazma, and then on the Klyazma sail to Vladimir. It is unclear why the city of Moscow half a century ago was founded on a hill at the arrow of the Moscow river and Neglinnaya, which ships do not float, not the arrow of the Moscow river and Yauza. The hill at the Yauza no less high than the hill at Neglinnaya. Apparentlythe Builder of the first fortress of the Moscow Prince Yuri Dolgoruky, known, lived half a century ago, applied the same principles of fortification, and Tver the fortress was built not near the mouth of the Tvertsa river, and on the other Bank of the Volga.

On the opposite Bank The Moscow river is also fortified monastery dedicated to Daniel the Stylite, the patron Saint who founded his Prince Daniil Aleksandrovich.

Tatars and other Eastern people in Moscow is almost not visible, they can often be found only to trade. The influence of the Horde felt only in the clothes and weaponry of warriors on the streets a lot, much more than in Tver and especially in Novgorod.

This is the picture of this the city, which can be called the militant.

I settled on the German the courtyard outside the citadel, near the gate leading to the marketplace, in the direction of the Yauza. This farmstead is very clean and well maintained Inn the yard, where we stop our compatriots. However, the Russian people and residents of other countries there is also allowed, but for a much higher fee. In the result is a separate room on the family farmstead for the Germans is even cheaper than a room for two people – at the Russian Inn. Of course, if the Inn is as convenient because there are very cheap rooming house, butthey are too dirty and noisy, even gave vows of poverty humble Sergeant the monastic order. Them when absolutely necessary to spend the night, but to spend two months extremely difficult. The more that I want a quiet room, where it would be possible to write, without fear of prying eyes.

A letter from our blessed is the landmaster Gottfried Yuri Danilovich, brought to the hollow inside the statue of the blessed virgin Mary, I brought in the Duke's Palace immediately on his arrival in Moscow. The porter to pass it did not, had entrenched themselves possible a mysterious and important and said that they are a secret messenger of the brotherhood of the knights Of Christ of Livonia and unable to deliver the letter if not the Prince, one of his brothers, or Supreme commander, or the chief of the secret service, or to any of the most senior nobles.

After a few minutes I went to a young man, not much older than me, and had John, the second son of Prince Daniil Alexandrovich, a younger brother of George.

I bowed, truthfully say you are a Sergeant of the Livonian order Baron Franz von Narsinga, gave John a letter and warned that if the God-loving Prince Yuri deign send me the answer, I'll be easy to find in German farmstead, where I I live and wait for a response for another two months. Upon this I bowed. I hope I'm not in no way departed from the instructions given to me before leaving for Russia to You, my dear commander.

This letter I send with merchants – our compatriots. Found those who go from here to Livonia and will be driving through Fallin. Bargaining is big, a lot of merchants.

Blessed commander Gerhard, the grace of God be with You and all our brothers. Bless You Almighty Lord. Amen.

With admiration of Your courage, humble obedience and constant prayer for You,


the servant of God FR.



Document No. 12

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XII


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Moscow that Russia, in the eighteenth day of January, 1305, from the birth of Christ.


My favorite Hannah!


Don't know if you can forgive me for the letter in which I tried to deny our love in the name monastic vows, the data in the Livonian order. But time passed, and I realized: love is impossible to deny.

I write to you because I do not you can neither stop loving nor forget. From thousands of people your way etched in my memory, only your eyes and your smile makes my world brighter and lighter. I remember every minute we spent together, I remember how I was happy to be here with you, just to hear your voice, catch your every gesture and look.

True love is a gift that is able to earn not every. Truly this gift of heaven, which should be protected because it is in the heart, and having lost this gift, I lose heart. How can you live without a heart?

Of course, from the point of view of monastic vows my love for you is a sin. I'm ready to repent, but not ready to stop loving you.

You may have heard of a country like Russia. Remember, I went to your parent's house, and there was visiting a friend of his father Helmut, who just returned from this country and told me that it is in size almost more than the whole of the Holy Roman Empire, the strongest there in the winter cold, spring and autumn impassability of roads, and in the summer heat? And your father said that Russia is still dangerous for us, good Catholics, though, and captured a wild pagan Mongols. Why he decided that Russia threat – I do not know, because it is in Catholic countries never attack,rather it was the opposite. Anyway, my Livonian order attacked Russia more than once. However, our order of the authorities calling it attacks, and performing charitable missionary debt.

So, I am now located in Moscow, one of the largest cities of this country, with important and secret the order's mission. Helmut was right, the cold here in the winter are brutal. Suffering from the cold, but I warm memory of you and our love.

If you still remember and love I write. In the Livonian order it is impossible to write, because the local authorities do not recognize for his brothers, even for knights, not to mention the sergeants – no the right to own secrets and read all incoming mail. And in Moscow I will stay two more months, so if you make me happy by writing me a letter, I will have time to get it.

This letter I commit with Mecklenburg merchants, they just go to Wismar and promised to send it to you even not the monastery, with messenger, which is very nice of them. I know your parents have no right to keep track of which letters and from whom you get, so if you come into the house of a messenger with a letter for you, it is unlikely that them suspect. And two weeks, these merchants are going back to Russ, so if you decide to write me a letter, you will be able to pass it. The messenger will tell you where to find them. Or just look in the Wismar harbour merchants,going to Moscow, they are for a small fee would be willing to take the letter. Live I was in Moscow on a German farmstead, it's all they know.

I wish you, my dear Hannah, so many happy days as in the ocean water drops!


Forever yours French.



Document No. 13

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XIII


Gerhard von York, falliscono the commander of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia, from Franz von Marzling, By the grace of God of the aforesaid Sergeant of the commander.

Written under the strict mystery in Moscow on the fourteenth day of February, 1305 ad.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Welcome, brave and righteous commander Gerhard!

We hasten to inform You that to me yesterday on a German farmstead came the young Grand Prince Ivan Danilovich, which I'm more than a month ago sent a letter to our landmaster Gottfried for Prince Yuri. John said that his elder brother is not yet ready to answer The Livonian order and asked to wait another two or three months.

So I, with Your permission will still be here. I'm fine, do not you about me to worry.

Money on my accommodation in Moscow, too, do not you worry, because John Danilovich said as I linger here as if by the will of the Prince, and for my accommodation to pay the Prince. I had nothing to argue, and John handed me the money, which, no offence to our glorious order, three times more content due even the knights, not to mention modest sergeants. What same about Russian generosity I have heard not once, in Livonia, and in my native Mecklenburg. All these money will be reflected in my report which give return.

My dear commander Gerhard, that he may abide with You and all our brothers the grace of God. Bless You Almighty Lord. Amen.

With humility, admiration Your courage and tireless prayer for You,


Franz von Marzling



Document No. 14

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XIV


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Moscow in the twenty - the sixth day of March, 1305 ad.


My beloved Hannah!


You can't even imagine imagine how glad I was to read your letter and to know that you got me still love!

I received the joyful news from you in the first days of really warm spring weather. And although there say that again and again will bad weather, and even snowfall, it is still spring in my soul miraculously coincided with the spring in Moscow and it filled me so bright feelings that I'm incapable of words to describe them, especially in the parchment.

And admiring the spring Brooks, I realized that I'm not living but just existing. Me happy can only be done by meeting with you. I will be able to cross the mountains and cross the ocean, to see you. Thoughts of you help me in all endeavors, and under their influence, I become more confident in their abilities. You are beautiful, desirable and loved. Girls like you, nowhere.

What do you need to feel happy? This is a very difficult question, because everyone understands happiness in their own way. But now I know that for me happiness is to be with you next, hear your voice, to hold your hand and spend the life with you, enjoying every day, every hour and minute.

Your letter asked about Russia. I don't know what you may be wondering so I will describe only a few of their experiences, and all the rest gladly I'll tell you when we finally meet with you.

Externally, the Russian city very different from our own. Everything is wood, stone, building only temples, and then only in trace amounts. No, there's a lot of temples, more than in our area, but they are almost all built of wood. A Church and sometimes few, can be found on almost every street. Sometimes it is only high in public with a cross at the top, but more often very fussy, works of carpentry art, up to the largest temples, towering forms, surmounted by octagonal tents. And where many churches, there are many priests whohere name is the Latin way – priests, similar to our Holy father. On the streets priests and monks can meet more often than our German cities.

In Moscow, as in other I've seen Russian cities, a lot of new buildings, but as far as I understand, this is a consequence not a rich life, and frequent fires. Almost all the buildings surrounded by high fences and the street is almost not visible, only from all sides are heard growling dogs chain. The first night here I barking even bad slept. But then used to.

Bridge on the largest the streets of Russian cities are paved, but not stone, as we do, and pretty rotten tree, you need to watch his feet, so as not to stumble. On the streets where there is no bridge, the dirt is unimaginable, even now, when almost there is snow everywhere, how dirty will be here in two weeks, it is difficult imagine.

Worn local people simpler and poorer than in our Mecklenburg. Apparently, the effect of the Supreme the dominion of the Mongol Empire: Russia forced to pay tribute, and it's not lead to the impoverishment of most people. But all of us heard stories about the Russian barbarians dressed in raw animal skins, – God forgive me full nonsense. Just as we, in Russia, the garment can determine social class affiliation: it is the noble, merchant, artisan, soldier or farmer.

And about Russian women even not want to talk, although I know perfectly well that their beauty became adage. Don't want to say, because with you can't compare anyone Russian, Greek or Turk.

I'm sorry, my dear Hannah, I can't be with you, because I can't hug you. I look forward to our meeting. You take care of your heart only for me. You are to me the only, and I can't lose you. I do, but let's be patient a little longer!

I love you, kisses and hugs! WellEli you so many happy days, on how many buds blossoms in the spring!


Forever yours, tenderly loving Franz.



Document No. 15

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XV


Report of Baron Franz von Narsinga, the grace of the Sergeant of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ Livonia, performing a secret mission for the transfer of the letter of the landmaster of the Livonian order Gottfried von Rogge Prince of Moscow Yury Danilovich.

Written under the strict mystery in Felline on the tenth day of may, 1305 ad.


Glory To Jesus Christ!


Having Prayed To The Lord our three sign of the cross, I will proceed to report performing a secret mission for the transfer of the letter of blessed landmaster Gottfried Prince of Moscow Yury Danilovich.

On the fourth day of January this years I with God's help, has arrived to Moscow under the guise of a young Hanseatic merchant studying Russia for earnings on local goods, and the next the day brought in the princely Palace a letter of our blessed the landmaster Gottfried. Told the gatekeeper that you are a secret messenger of the Livonian order and have to send a letter either to the Prince or one of his brothers or the most senior nobles. Soon I left Prince John Danilovich, Yuri's younger brother.

In accordance with the instructions given to me by my brave commander Gerhard, I truthfully had the Sergeant of the Livonian order Baron Franz von Narsinga, gave the letter said that if the God-loving Prince Yuri will deign to send to me the answer, I'll be easy to find in German farmstead, where I live and to wait another two months. Upon this I bowed.

On the thirteenth day Feb German farmstead came the Grand Prince Ivan Danilovich and told me that his older brother Yuri is still not ready to answer the Livonian order and requests to wait another two or three months. Even John said that, because I'm late it is as though, according to the Prince, and for my accommodation have to pay the Prince, and handed me the money, which is reflected in the attached to this report the calculation income and expenses on the trip to Russia. (Such an application in the compilation document no: apparently, it was not appended to the compilation or swim – approx. transl.).

On the second day of April to I German farmstead was again John Danilovich and announced that Prince Yuri ready to accept the noble Baron Franz von Marzling, Livonian Ambassador order. I was somewhat surprised and said that they are in the rank of Ambassador, but only the messenger, and not ready to receive the Prince, I don't even have with him the sash of clothing. But John, it appears, foresaw it: he called came to him a servant, and he made in a room full knightly garb, including a cloak with the order's cross. I said I was not yet a knight, and only a Sergeant, but John said I shouldthink about the case, not the titles. So I took the liberty to put on the knight apparel, and I had it just right – it looks like it was made especially for me. My question is, where did you get this garb, the Prince answered that bargain. Don't know whether it's true or not, although bargaining is indeed very rich and extensive. However, all that soon happened, must have been prepared in advance, and the princely tailors could do to sew such clothes.

There was one servant and made a great sword, one of those which are frequently used in the battles of our brothers, only more ornate. I SIM girded himself with the sword, and we went. The horses of Prince John and his retinue were bound at the entrance to the German farmstead, was there a horse for me.

When I order garb traveled to Moscow, accompanied by the Prince and his servants, residents surprised looked after us.

In the Palace, I waited in a separate room for quite some time, about three hours. However, I don't needed, I even brought something to eat. Finally came the Prince John, politely apologized for the fact that I had to stay so long, handed to me earlier brought me a letter from the landmaster Gottfried and asked him to read it to Prince Yuri aloud. Then he came out.

The letter was printed. Since previously I've only seen him sealed, of course, did not read, and in any case, would not even dare to think about reading it. And then briefly looked, and in my heart burned the hope that the Union of Prince George with a few of the Livonian order will be signed if not immediately, then at least start its preparation. Not for nothing because I was dressed in full knightly garb, called the Ambassador and asked him to read the Prince's letter! As it turned out, these things really was not in vain, but not so as I imagined it had imagine.

Half an hour later was the Butler and escorted me into a large room that could be called a throne, if there was a throne. But there were only simple benches, and the wooden walls had almost no jewelry, only was covered with some kind of patterns.

On the dais sat the Prince Yuri dressed in the simple clothes of a Russian soldier next to him Prince John. Along walls is located slightly more than a dozen confidants, is also dressed very simply. Only one person stood out for its rich clothes, and it was Tatar, located next to Yuri and John, on the same bench with them. I believe it was the messenger of the Tartar Khan, or just high-ranking Tatar nobleman.

I entered, holding the letter in the hand took the most solemn and gave a ceremonial bow, which no one answered.

"Speak Russian, Ambassador?" – turned to me Prince Yuri, not standing, not saying Hello and not even nodding.

"Yes, God-loving Prince" I replied.

"Listening to you".

I loudly read the letter. When you are finished, again gave a ceremonial bow, walked over to Yuri Danilovich and handed him a letter in his hands. Then moved to the place where he stood before.

"You see," said the Prince of Moscow Tatar. What he meant is unclear. They must be earlier there was some conversation on this very topic.

The Tartar nodded.

Yuri stood up abruptly, turned to me and shouted, "All you supposedly know, is a vile slander, and here's my answer!" Threw the parchment on the floor and began to stomp. Then snatched from sheath the sword.

Of course, I was shocked and confused. He thought about protection, I reached for the sword that was me but back came the servants, firmly grabbed my elbow and took the weapon. So I have to rely only on the intercession of the blessed virgin Mary.

But the Prince, before to bring his sword for the death blow, turned to the Tatar and inquiring I looked at him. The broken Russian said, "do Not kill this young man, he is still quite young."

Then Yuri punched me in the face with the handle of the sword. I fell, stunned, and the rest I remember like a dream.

Prince released all close, they began to emerge from the halls, and almost everyone believed her duty to kick my leg like a mongrel dog, or spit on me. Then the servants drag me out into the street.

"German beat!"

"Death to the Latins!

"Do not spare the damned Teuton!" – cried the passers-by.

Immediately a crowd gathered. And under its hoot servants tore me knight's clothes and began to play me dirt, which in April on the streets of Moscow very much. Another the servants splashed me with mud. Their smell was so harsh and disgusting that I came to. And in time, for the servants stepped aside, and I was attacked the crowd.

I confess, I did not try to fight, for he was unarmed, besides I thought that if I die, no one can't tell the order about how Prince Yuri took the letter. So I fled. Staggering, I raced through the streets, and after flying stones and clods dirt.

Unimaginable dirty in tattered and stinking clothes, bruised, persecuted by the vicious crowd, I ran into the German compound. It seemed to me that Muscovites now rush there followed me and arrange a pogrom, but, praise to Almighty Lord, there was the clatter of hooves, to the compound arrived all the same John Danilovich and thunderous voice ordered to disperse. To disobey him, no one dared.

So fierce way we were humiliated my baronial dignity. But I, faithful to the sense the order of the debt, stoically endured all the beatings and abuse, continuously praying to the Lord and to the virgin Mary. And I have no doubt that these prayers were not in vain, for no more or less serious wounds I received and not even began to call the doctor. Washed his battered body and laid in bed, shivering in fever.

The next day I appeared to two of his servants and made a large chest, saying that Prince John Danilovich told me to tell the Baron Franz things that can be useful in the way back. I began to refuse, but the servants won't listen to me, left the chest and came out, but I was still too weak from the beating to stop them. In the chest was a sword decorated with even richer than selected before, a new knightly vestments, a large purse of gold, as well as a security certificate for signed by the Prince Yury Danilovich of travel of Baron Franz von Marzling from Moscow in Volok Lamsky through Livonia and Novgorod.

A little podlechil your the bruises, the largest of which was the one that left on my face the handle sword of Prince George, I left Moscow in the path specified in the Charter, is not hiding and not changing clothes merchant. Spring thaw by the time stopped, the weather was beautiful, so I soon with God's help arrived safely in Fallin. All the gold received in Moscow, I passed in tomtorskoe the Treasury, and the sword and armor in the Commissariat, because, being only only the Sergeant does not have the right to accept such gifts and to wear clothes knight.

On this I dare to complete his report. Amen.

With humility and tireless prayer


Franz von Marzling.



Document No. 16

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XVI


Gerhard von York, falliscono the commander of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ Livonia, Gottfried von Rogge, The grace of the landmaster aforesaid brotherhood.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden on the nineteenth day of June, 1305 ad.


Glory To Jesus Christ! I greet you, my brother Gerhard!


First of all I want to inform you that the Providence of God took place the election of his Holiness dad. Now the Supreme Pontiff Clement (V – approx. transl.), in the world of Raymond Bertrand de Go. He was about forty years old, he's, you can say, young. By origin he was of a noble Gascon. His older brother – Archbishop of Lyon, and the Clement was the Archbishop of Bordeaux. They say it supports the French king, Philip the fair (IV – approx. transl.), to whom the Pope obliged to cede five years ecclesiastical revenues in France and promised complete obedience, until moving from Rome to Avignon, close to the king.

But all this, of course, between the two of us. We know each other God knows how many years and can be honest with each other. In addition, in such deep secret I'll tell you how I feel from bad to worse, inevitably nearing the day of my departure to the Lord. And no one except for you, I'm the Livonian landmaster can not see. So, sooner or later the time will come when you yourself will have to delve into the intricacies of the higher power.

Still keep in mind that after the lesson, our victorious troops of the castles of Riga's Archbishop – Dunamunde, Excel, Mitau and Kirchholm – his Eminence probably will complain about us to his Holiness the Pope. So I have to accept papal legate, and to give them an explanation. Might even have to go with the explanations in Rome or Avignon. If I fail health, I think that will have to go you. However, all in God's hands.

Now on the mission "the Great Catholic Russia." I received a report of a young Franz that you sent me. The report is well written, he was not ashamed to send our great master in Venice. I have no doubt that brother Siegfried will forward this report to the above in the Roman Curia. At the next meeting of the privy Council of our order we can figure out how to operate in Russia further. But first I would like to know the opinion of the higher authorities – brother Siegfried and Apostolic office.

I must say that Sergeant Franz I am very pleased. I feel that in his veins flows not in vain the noble blood of the valiant Baron Heinrich von Marzling, which, as you you know, I remember at acre. Franz, I see a young man not only educated, but sociable and Thrifty, and reverent, and honest, and no coward. Bless his knighting and production in the brethren of our glorious order.

Of course, it would be necessary to give the young man some rest, but it is the case. Now a knight of the Teutonic order Peter von Duisburg leads in the PrussianMarienburg (now the Polish city of Malbork is approx. transl.) work on "Chronicles Prussia" is a historical apology of the order. As I understand it, the brother of Peter after trying saints Bernard of Clairvaux and his blessed "with Praise" to determine the role of a knight in the Crusades, an important field which are Prussia and its surroundings, that is, our Livonia. So this work is very important.

When I last was in Venice, the Grand master Siegfried asked me to send for help brother Peter Livonian knights, skilled in the business of writing. I believe that anyone better Franz.

By the way, about Marienburg: brother and Lord Siegfried informed me that he was going to carry there his residence from Venice. So there's a big moving: his Holiness the Pope in Avignon, the Teutonic Grand masters in Malbork. I consider the decision our brother Siegfried is correct, because Palestine is the will of God yet lost the main activities of the Teutonic order is now in Prussia, and manage all the martial brotherhoods of Italy extremely difficult. Finding great master in Venice was more or less justified, while nearby, in Rome,was his Holiness the Pope but if the Pope moving to Avignon, then in Venice generally, there will be nothing to do, except to listen to the mournful songs of the gondoliers.

He may abide with you God grace, God bless you. Amen.


Thy brother Gottfried.



Document No. 17

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XVII


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Felline in the thirteenth day of August 1305 ad.


My forever favorite Hannah!


Congratulate me, I became the knights of the Livonian order! A dedication ceremony was held in the main Church Vedenskogo of the castle, where I arrived the day before. All was very solemnly and truly unforgettable.

Me and some other young brothers from other comtort in the morning came to the temple in a wide nepodpisanija the clothing, which symbolizes complete freedom, which we have used before. Got on his knees. The order's chaplain gave each of us a lighted candle and asked question: "do you Promise to have a special concern for widows, orphans, helpless, the poor and the bereaved?" When we said Yes, our Comtur handed us swords, which we now have to protect the poor and orphans and defeat the enemies of the true faith.

Then the landmaster Livonia Gottfried von Rogge has hit each of us on the shoulder with his sword, saying, what this strike with the sword must be for the knight last.

After this ceremony celebrated a solemn mass and then the ceremony continued. We are entering in the order, answered the questions of the landmaster, whether we agree to obey the order of the authorities, not combined if married to any woman if debts, and so on.

After answering all the questions we each put the right hand on the prayer book and swore to observe faithfully loyalty to the order. Then as a sign of obedience to the order of the landmaster Gottfried we carried the prayer book to the altar and brought back. Then read aloud "father our".

But this rite has not yet over. The chaplain showed us the yoke, the scourge, the spear, the nails and cross and reminded the importance these items had in the sufferings of Christ, and what about now subjects must recall as often as possible.

And finally, present brother knights helped us to wear the order's garb, and each three times we kissed.

So now I'm a full brother of the Livonian order, and because he is landmasters the Teutonic order, it turns out that I now knight of the order of the House of the Holy Mary of the Teutonic knights in Jerusalem. Can be worn on the raincoat the red cross symbol brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia, or may black – as fellow Teutons. We have The Livonian order, as a rule, wear red crosses, in order to emphasize that we although one of the Teutonic landmeister, but separate and with own glorious history. Initially, in Livonia at the beginning of the last century wascreated a separate order of the Sword, and only much later, a little more half a century ago, it was converted into the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia and subordinate to the Teutonic order.

In the war I now will be put to the squire, but before the war yet far away, and my next mission unlike the previous, which brought me the title of knight is purely peaceful and not at all secret. I will be working in Marienburg, in Prussia, on Chronicles of the order: there was need of a knight with good knowledge of not only with the sword, and pen.

And when I heard about I will have to go to Marienburg, my heart trembled: Prussia is much closer to the Mecklenburg than in Livonia, and then I'm in first vacation can come to you!

Yes, I'm very far from you, but right now I still more often than before, remember that a wonderful time that we spent together in our home Wismar. I nothing is forgotten, all the events stored in my memory. Do you remember how we wanton laughed, just because they were happy together?

I have realized that my gentle and sincere feelings for you grew into more. I loved you with all my heart and soul and can't imagine life without you. You've become the air, the bright sun, crystal clear water. You gave me all the Essentials you need for a happy life.

I hope that you're far Mecklenburg also miss me like I missed you. I sincerely wish to it was so, because then our long-awaited meeting will be bright and joyous celebration. I wish that distance went in our favour and not alienated us from each other. Know that this desire is a sin for a knight of the military the monastic order, but still wish to continue.

Love you gently kiss and hugs. WellEli you so many happy days, how many leaves on the trees, how many blades of grass in the meadows, how many petals on the flowers.


Forever yours, affectionately you Franz.



Document No. 18

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XVIII


Gottfried von Rogge, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, Siegfried background Fejhtvangera, the grace of the Grand master of the aforesaid order.

Written under the strict the mystery in Venice the fourth day of November, 1305 ad.


Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever! Greetings, my dear Gottfried!


My brother in Christ, I sent your report on the mission "the Great Catholic Rus" The Apostolic office and got the answer that send it to you.

I'm very sorry, but we indeed, made a serious mistake. I'm sorry for her, because didn't pay enough attention to the aforesaid mission and took insufficient participation in her preparation. In this true repentance. I hope to be as sincere repentance on the part of the governors of the brothers of the Livonian landmeister.

Bless the virgin Maria you and led thee to the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia. Amen.


Sincerely yours, Siegfried.



App document No. 18


Grand master of the order Teutonic house of St. Mary in Jerusalem, Siegfried von Fejhtvangera from Archbishop Papianus della Rovere, the grace of the Vice-Chancellor of the Roman Curia.

This strictly mystery in the Eternal city on the fifteenth day of October, 1305 of the year from the incarnation Our Lord Jesus Christ and in the first year of the pontificate of his Holiness the Pope Clement.


The venerable son Siegfried I, Archbishop Papianus, I have the honour, on behalf and by order of his Holiness Pope Clement, servant of the servants of God, to Express my deepest surprise your actions pleasing to God mission "the Great Catholic Russia."

Surprised me that you suggested the Moscow Prince Yuri Alliance against the Tatars and the adoption of true the Catholic faith so openly.

Surprised me and your surprise, I'm sorry for such a turn of phrase, about the actions of Prince George in the letter and the messenger. I must say that me, humble servant of the Holy The throne, the actions of the Prince was not surprised. There is no doubt that Yuri in advance thought over everything that happened at the reception of the messenger, and it was nothing more than performance such as those often performed in the streets when stray actors. And it was this view for one man Horde nobles. I guess the Prince of Moscow wanted to demonstrate the godless Khan their loyalty to.

And maybe Prince even decided that a messenger was sent to us in order to incite the Khan on Moscow, which would be on the hand, and the main enemy of Moscow, Tver, and all the other Russian principalities, and even to the Livonian order. Do you think that Prince doesn't understand that the worse case from the Russian principalities, the stronger the position of the Livonian order?

So I was very I was surprised that you, honorable son, and your Livonian landmaster Gerhard is in order to make Prince of Moscow Union, sparked in him a distrust of A Saint of the true Church.

Surprised me, my son Siegfried, and the fact that you did not think to offer Prince George to take the order Ambassador for some other, much more minor reason – for example, to ask the Prince for assistance in the conclusion of peace with Novgorod, Pskov, or who now there is fighting your Livonian landmeister. Or even simpler – report any harassment of German merchants by the Moscow authorities. And already entered into communication with the Prince, you can try to find a common language with him and make him a friend.

Can't even tell you I am surprised that you have to teach the valiant knights of the Holy House Mary of the Teutonic knights in Jerusalem, so simple methods of secret Affairs.

But the hope successful resolution of the difficulties encountered is still there, and I was surprised that you have not noticed an important detail in the report of the messenger that the next day after the shameful expulsion from the Moscow princely Palace he was given security diplomas and precious gifts. This may indicate Russian hospitality and nothing more, but perhaps the Prince George thus gave us to know that ready for further communication. What exactly is still unknown, and it is to find out, but not your order, the purpose of which is to establishamong the Gentiles in the true faith first and foremost with fire and sword and the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon, in a position a lot more for covert missions.

I'm actually ordered you to do the mission "the Great Catholic Rus '" only because the thought that your Livonian landmeister available in neighboring with him Russia many spies. And since they are not, you shouldn't have and trying to do anything on their own. You should immediately report that I can't help the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, and the Templars would have addressed it in their work in Russia.

So, I on behalf and on behalf of his Holiness the Pope of Rome, servant of the servants of God, do not bless further action your order in Moscow. This how did the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon, has been let, and the Roman Curia he will contribute everything in her power. If again need the help of the order Teutonic house of St. Mary in Jerusalem, I you will be informed about it with the hope your more wise and successful action.

I also want to inform you, on the twentieth day of September this year in the Apostolic office received a complaint of Archbishop of Riga, Friedrich the actions of your Livonian landmasters seize by force the Archbishop's castles dunamunde, Excel, Mitau and Kirchholm. Require you within one month from the date of receipt of this letter to write an explanation now, unfortunate events, and send to me.

Yes helps says it all in this Apostolic letter the coming of peace The Lord Jesus Christ, and may all servants of God receive in him life eternal and before the onset of the universal Court to enjoy its benefits. Yes, descend the grace of God on you, honorable son Siegfried, and all the bless his Holiness Pope Clement the knights of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem.

In the name of God Amen.


I, Archbishop Papianus, put the signature.



Document No. 19

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XIX


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Marienburg that in Prussia, on the twentieth day of February 1306 Christ.


My dear, dear Hannah!


This letter to you, as everyone else, I write from the heart, which is increasingly pulsates and burns inside my body at the thought of you, the most beautiful and delicate creation on all white light. All that is written here are my sincere thoughts. Re-read these lines, when you're feeling sad and try to smile thinking about me.

I now live and work in Malbork, a huge castle – say, one of the largest in world. It was founded about thirty years ago, and the construction is not over. Built main building, also called "high castle", and the surrounding strengthening – the "middle castle." In the North wing is the most important premises, including meeting rooms. In the West the residence of the commander and refectory. In South workshops and stables. South-West put forward a huge the defensive tower, which offers wonderful views of the city andsurroundings. And, of course, there is the Church dedicated to the virgin Mary.

Together with several other knights and I here engaged in writing the Chronicles of the order. A lot of work, and yet I can't seem to leave and arrive in Wismar. But the thought of you inspire me to face as a writer, and thanks this is my local chief Peter von Duisburg me very happy. Now we together with another knight, Luther von Braunschweig, writing a Chapter about the Holy Barbara.

The history of this Martyr unusually touching. Beauty lived in Palestine in the fourth century from the birth of Christ. And you can imagine, the brutal father had imprisoned her in the prison, in order to preserve her virtue intact, and only occasionally produced on will. But it was enough for Barbara came into Christian community and became famous for his numerous good deeds. During the persecution of Christians she was sentenced to death, and the enraged parent himself cut off her head.

This head became a sacred relic, was kept in the Polish Pomeranian castle Bartovice, not long ago, our valiant knights took this castle by storm, and now this the relic we have. By the way, in taking Bartovice participated and grandfather of Luther's background Braunschweig.

Should you to say that brother Luther is generally very courteous and friendly person and I get great pleasure from communication with him. Its origin is the noble, he was the youngest of six sons of the Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, is second only to royals. Like me, he could not count on his father's legacy and joined the order. The rest of his brethren, except the eldest, who inherited Brunswick-lüneburg joined the Templars and the Hospitallers.

Here are me now friends here. But you just do not think, my favorite that work on narratives and communication with such notable people as Luther, distracting me from thinking of you. On the contrary, I have to say, my sweetest friend, what the desire to breathe the perfume of your love still owns me. I will overcome mountain, cross the sea and fearlessly meet mortal danger, if only to meet with you.

Sorry dear I can't still terse lines to tell you about their feelings, about my love for you, the one and desired to share with you their sincere and glowing feelings. I do not doubt that as soon as there the slightest opportunity, I'll take leave and join you.

Letters brothers here, unfortunately, checked hardly closer than in our The Livonian order, so don't write here, I'll write to you.

See you soon, love my! To new happy moments! Always remember that I love you! Let your life will be as beautiful and happy days, how many stars in the sky!


Forever yours, sincerely and gently loving you FR.



Document No. 20

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XX


Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, the Grand master of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gottfried von Rogge, the grace of Livonian landmaster the aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden in the nineteenth day of November, 1306 Christ.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, esteemed ruler my brother in Christ, Siegfried!


First of all I humbly to apologize to you, my brother, my Lord, for what I couldn't do myself to write you this letter and was forced to draw for this order Secretary, Dietrich of Brencena. As punishment for my grave and numerous sins I got sick, I have to take away the right hand and right leg, I was bedridden. But I use the best local doctors. They say that soon I will get better and will be able to write, and to keep the weapon, and ride.

Therefore, I'm not worried about his illness. The subject of my concern is the mission "the Great Catholic Russia." After all, the risk that Moscow and Lithuania still will make an Alliance and hit us on two sides, very large. It showed the latest developments in Russ, I want you to tell briefly.

Apparently, Yuri Danilovich is experiencing a severe offense due to the fact that "label" on the great reign got not he, but his main enemy – the Prince of Tver Mikhail Yaroslavich. No relationship with Moscow set Moscow does not want to recognize Michael the great Prince – too. In fact, Yuri shows direct disobedience to the the will of the Tartar Khan.

Novgorod acknowledged Michael as their Prince even before they receive "the label", but when Tver governors wanted to move to Novgorod, they were not allowed: Novgorod cleverly used launched Yuri turmoil and refused to obey Michael. And only when the Grand Duke solemnly promised to observe the ancient Novgorod's freedom, he given warnagiris in this richest in Russia of town.

The troubles started in the other the Russian cities.

In Kostroma came Boris, one of the younger brothers Yuri Danilovich, and wanted to varnagiris there, but Kostroma he was not allowed, was seized and gave Tver, where the young Prince now lives on the situation of the prisoner.

In Pereyaslavl happened on the contrary: the inhabitants sided with Yuri, tverichi approached the walls of the city, but came the army of John, brother George, and the battle ended in favor of the Muscovites, Tver Governor was killed.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the Council eminent citizens refused to submit to any of the princes, and conquered Michael only after the walls of the city came the Tver army.

Last year the Tver shelves, even went to Moscow, came to the city, but take it failed.

So we can say, between Moscow and Tver there is a war. Horde Khan in it yet intervenes. In this situation Yuri turns out to be more and more interested in Alliance with Vytenis and the creation of a "great Orthodox Russia".

There are still one ominous harbinger of the creation of such a state: the emergence in Russia of a single the Metropolitan, supported by Moscow.

Previous Metropolitan Maxim, who lived in Vladimir, and suffered there the center of the Russian Metropolitanate from Kiev, gave soul to the Lord last year. Somewhat earlier, Prince Galician Yuri L., unhappy that Metropolitan had settled in North Russia wanted to have their own Metropolitan, and to this end sent to Constantinople for consecration of Abbot Peter. But this time Maxim died, and Patriarch Athanasius approved of Peter, Metropolitan of Halych, and all Rus. Tver Prince Mikhail Yaroslavich disagreed and sent to the Patriarch of hisprotege – hegumen Gerontii, so that the Patriarch did of gerontius, Metropolitan of North Russia. But the Patriarch refused to bless. Unified Metropolitan left Galician Peter.

Where Peter would live – in Galicia, Kiev and Vladimir – is still unknown. But in any case, the refusal the Patriarch from the division of the Russian Metropolia in North and South is also important symptom possible creation of a "great Orthodox Russia". And the fact that Peter is unlikely forgive Mikhail Yaroslavich was the story of Gerontius, weakens the Tver and thereby strengthens Moscow.

All of the above reasons, my brother, my Lord Siegfried, you have to understand my concern. After all, if "the Great Orthodox Russia" will be created, possession of the Livonian order will be surrounded by bitter enemies from all sides, and hope will remain only on God's infinite mercy.

Do not deign you try to see how goes the mission "the Great Catholic Rus" business in Russia our Templar brothers? Really looking forward to hear from you, preferably good, it would help in my speedy recovery.

Take my lower bow, my brother, my Lord. Bless you, Lord God Almighty countless years, may your days full of joy and success. Amen.

Forever your brother in Christ Gottfried.


According to the landmaster Gottfried recorded correctly.

Secretary Dietrich.



Document No. 21

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXI


Gerhard von York, the Locum Tenens of the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, the grace of the Grand master the aforesaid order.

Written under the strict the mystery in Venice on the seventh day of December, 1307 ad.


Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever! I greet you, dear brother in Christ, Gerard!


We are all deeply saddened and still can't get over it. The truly great sorrow caused to us the death beloved brother of Gottfried von Rogge, according to the will of God taken away from the faithful his brothers. But human nature is created so that no one may extend his allotted time, therefore we decided to dry our tears, to pray The Lord Jesus Christ for the departed soul of our brother and serve the charity case our order.

Congratulations the election of a landmaster at the General Chapter of the Livonian order. Fully agree with the outcome of the election. I have no doubt that at the next meeting the Teutonic General Chapter you will be safely approved.

Needs to tell you, my brother Gerhard, you took the helm of landmasters in a difficult time. Let me briefly outline your major Affairs.

First of all I remind you that in September last year the Archbishop of Riga, Friedrich von pernštejn, supported by the magistrate of Riga, filed his Holiness the Pope a complaint the actions of the Livonian order seized the Archbishop's castles dunamunde, Excel, Mitava and Kirchholm. I'm still not sure of the correctness of action now the deceased's brother Gottfried, but, faithful to his order and fraternal duty, immediately sent to the Roman Curia of our Governor Dietrich von Losenhausen to protect our interests, as well as a letter listing all grievances andharassment caused by the order of Riga Archbishop. Our victory due the intercession of the blessed virgin was full: the Apostolic office rejected all claim of Frederick.

Then last year's insidious, the Archbishop himself went to Rome to complain not only on the Livonian order, but the Teutonic. While nothing about his there the intrigue is not audible, but you can expect any surprises. Be to them ready.

Get ready to new battles with Lithuania. Let you inspired by the example of our brother Gottfried, which after the invasion of the idolater Vytenis in the Livonian possessions and capture they Polotsk was able at first to upset the Union of Lithuanian Grand Duke with ill-intentioned locals, and then break it down under the walls of Riga. And because in this battle brother Gottfried he commanded the insignia of the army that was already terminally ill and could not even to sit independently on the horse, its two sides supported by squires. I have no doubt that if this brave brother our notwent to the Lord, he would be able to return to the order of Polotsk. And now it will have to do. The return of Polotsk – a matter of honor not only our order, but the whole Catholic world, and have to throw all my forces on it.

Please pay attention here on what: our brother, Gottfried, God rest his soul with the Holy saints, had one habit that inexpressibly saddened our Teutonic Treasury all those blessed years that brother Gottfried was led by the Livonian order. All our landmasters give us your reports the agreed time – until the beginning of April of the year following the reporting year, and only the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia each year delayed the report until the summer, and happened to autumn. I understand that the Livonian landmaster isa special situation, as our advanced detachment, continuously leading the war for faith with a variety of enemies, but still the order is the order. I sincerely hope that under your beginning of the Livonian order, finally, begin to take reports time.

Finally, I want to tell you the most unexpected news that I yet did not fully believe, for they are too amazing. Imagine, the French king Philip and the Holy Pope Clement began the dissolution of the order of the Temple. And this dissolution of the more like a defeat, because last month was published the papal bull "Pastersceae superiority" (more known by its Latin name "Pastoralis praeeminentiae" – approx. transl.), according to which all the rulersChristian countries are required to produce the arrests of the Templars within their States, and the name of the Supreme Pontiff to take custody of the property of the order.

We, the humble provincial Ministers of the Lord and of the blessed virgin Mary, these things are not directly apply, for brotherhoods of the order of poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon on our the lands there. Will apply only in the case if, God forbid, after the dissolution the order of the Temple will commence the dissolution and other military monastic orders. But we hope, that this will not happen, because somebody has to fight with the Prussian, Lithuanian, Baltic and Russian barbarians and carry them with fire and sword the true the Catholic faith.

But the dissolution of the order of the Temple in any way touches on the most important thing, the fate of which very worried the deceased's brother Gottfried, and you probably care too. We are talking about the mission "The great Catholic Russia", which was supposed to perform in Russia, the Templars. What will happen now with this mission, who will do it – any new order or renewed order of the Temple or the Roman Curia will re-charge it to us, – it is not clear yet.

Wait. Once get the text of the Bulla "Pastersceae excellence", will send it to you.

Yes keep the Lord and Blessed virgin Mary you and the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia. Amen.


Forever your brother Sigfrid.



Document No. 22

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXII


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Marienburg in the twentieth day of December, 1307 ad.


My tenderly beloved Hannah!


Finally I got vacation! Why the local administration finally decided to meet my request – I don't know. Whether because I threatened them that complain about the great the master, for working without a vacation for two years or more, if you count a dangerous mission in Russia. Whether because of my the commander Gerhard von York chose a landmaster of the Livonian order, and in the eyes of the order's brothers it has also increased my status. Whether because here now with all at all to anything, all the talk is of one thing only – the defeat of the orderof the Templars by the French king Philip and his Holiness Pope Clement. You're probably still not aware that according to the papal bullall the rulers of Christian countries are obliged to arrest in their States the Templars and their property. The Teutonic knights is, thank God, not concerned, but everything here is terribly afraid that the fate of the Templars will suffer and others of the order, and including ours.

On the background still worries all the brothers became so to me that vacation, I got not a month, as this is usually done, but two. So we, God willing, will be plenty of time for make enough to communicate and discuss our future.

My love for you – the one ray of sunshine that I was missing before I met you. It may sound naive, but I was afraid that he would never know that such true love. I always considered myself strong and able to think sensibly in any given situation. But I barely remember the first time I met your eyes and heard your voice, my heart, like a captive, begins to beat faster. And now I understand that to experience love only those who have suffered it, was through insults, humiliation and frustration. Love is a breath of fresh airit's inspiring wave, which is the world of dreams, that insight, which is fully changing lives.

Today I had a dream and you were in it. We walked with you on the wide field around us stretched Golden ears, and in the distance was a large wooden door. I was taken aback: where the field in the middle of the door? Approaching her, we stopped in confusion. But some unknown force told us to bend down and start to look for something on the ground. After some time our view fell on the key. We took him, opened this door and went down holding hands.

It was a good night's sleep, and I interpret it like this: the field is our life, big and interesting, and door – hurdles that together we will overcome by finding the key. I honestly believe.

I don't know what we you will feel when you finally meet. Maybe this is the confusion and awkward, because we have so many years apart. Maybe we'll just throw ourselves each other's arms? I accept it, because I love you!

In the end of this letter I wish us a speedy meeting, which I expect, nothing otherwise. I hope that it is mutual. My holiday starts from the first day of the future year, so in early January I hope to be in Wismar. One evening will come to your house and throw through your window a small pebble, as did once, remember? I have no doubt that you will hear and open.

Goodbye, my dear. Now good-bye Kiss and love!


Forever yours, sincerely and gently loving you FR.



Document No. 23

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXIII


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Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, the Grand master of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gerhard von York, by the grace of God of the Regent of Livonian the landmaster aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden fifth day of may, 1308 years after Christ.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, esteemed ruler my brother in Christ, Siegfried!


Show you my deepest respect and want first of all, to say that understand how it is difficult and you and the Prussian landmeister led by thee the Teutonic order. Even here in Livonia, away from Rome and Paris, because of the trials of the Templars, the citizens look at us askance because we also military monastic order! And constantly rumor has it that our fraternity knights of Christ of Livonia also dissolve and will arrest us all that we worship some idols and arrange some kind of godless orgies. Very, very it became difficult to run their Christian missionary duty.

So I want to Express admiration, that in such severe conditions your valiant army won Pomerania, even at the cost of the war with the Kingdom of Poland. But I have to say what a godless idolater Vytenis immediately took advantage of the fact that the West from its state of the Teutonic order busy in Pomerania, and with all your strength fell upon us, the Livonian knights. Especially since he now is in Alliance with the treacherous Archbishop of Riga, Friedrich, and even builds your near Riga castle called Lithuanian. Very difficult for us, but we with God's help, hold, and ourthe task is to tie down forces Vytenis, that you, in turn, could to release their forces for war with Poland. We're no stranger to war, for our order was created.

But we are now very, very concerned about the possibility of further strengthening Vytenis by Union with Yuri Danilovich Of Moscow. Maybe this secret Alliance has been signed and we are about it is not know? Maybe to this Union have joined some other Russian the Principality? May be joined and Novgorod with Pskov? Maybe "the Great Orthodox Rus" has already been created? Can you imagine what will happen to us if such the state, whose possessions surround us from all sides, overwhelm us all forces?

Earlier there was hope for the fact that the Horde after learning about the Union of Moscow and Lithuania, will try to upset him. And now I thought: does it still Tatars, allies of Moscow and Lithuania or not? The Horde known Roman principle of "divide and conquer" does not interfere even in the struggle of Moscow and Tver, and this despite the fact that Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver in this year again went to war with Yuri Danilovich again and reached Moscow, only was not able to take it.

I believe that for the Tatars the main thing – that it paid tribute. Therefore, there is no doubt that if Yuri promised tribute to the Khan even with Lithuania, the Horde will be "a Great Orthodox Russia" strongly support.

Of course, proud and wayward Vytenis will not pay tribute to the Khan. But if Khan would agree wait until the "Great Orthodox Russia" will not defeat the Livonian order, further tribute can not be charged with Lithuania, and conquered Livonia. Maybe to be, for the sake of the Horde even send their troops, that they fought against us together with Russians and Lithuanians. Will then the knights of Christ of Livonia any hope not to be dumped in the East sea? I think the answer is obvious.

Esteemed brother and Lord, I again ask you to contact the Apostolic office and try to find out what's going on in Russia from the knights Templar or their successors, as advancing the mission "the Great Catholic Russia." Maybe not so bad as I wrote above, the opposite – Yuri Danilovich has already concluded a secret Alliance with the the knights Templar, and now because of the defeat of this order also does not know what to do?

We could do try something out, but as you remember, in the letter to the Vice-Chancellor The Roman Curia from the tenth day of October, 1305 from Christmas contains outright ban on any action on the mission "the Great Catholic Rus" in connection with the transfer of all cases to this mission to the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple Solomon. But maybe this ban in connection with the dissolution of the order of the Temple is not work?

And I have another request to you, Oh great master. For almost a year I am the Commissioner the landmaster of the Livonian Teutonic order and await approval at the meeting The General Chapter, and because of all the events related to the Pomerania, Poland and the preparation of authoritative move your residence from Venice to Marienburg, the meeting again adjourned. Can you still to hold such a meeting, and if it's hard, just to make my statement in any Protocol post factum, as it has repeatedly done in this order? Inthe current dire situation it would be much easier to command over The Livonian order and to fight treacherous residents and godless barbarians if I were not a Locum Tenens, it is a landmaster. Believe in me said not pride, but the desire to best serve our overall the charity case.

Hope your help infinitely revered ruler of my brother. Bless you Almighty The Lord countless years, Yes there will be days your complete success and nothing overshadowed by joy. Amen.


Forever respectful brother yours in Christ Gerard.



Document No. 24

Room on the inventory The Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXIV


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Marienburg in twenty-third day of may, 1308 years after Christ.


My beloved Hannah!


I told you this is during my vacation time, now write, as I had a good time with you! When I think of you, it seems to me that you're near, I feel you stirring breath the heat of your body. Honey, you have no idea what you did to me! Now I live just for you! While you are on this earth, I do not scary, I will find a way. Every day I thank the Lord that he helped I find you among many people for our great tender love, I am sure, will never end.

I hope that by reading this letter you feel the same feelings for me that you miss. You have no idea how I want to approach you, to cling lips to your lips, and then to your beautiful chest, to kiss you all over, you can smell your gentle body. My beloved, dear! Believe in the sincerity of my words, because I never could say what you say. Why? Yes, because I've never loved anyone like I love you! I surprised at this, but can do nothing about. And I don't want! You're the best, youfavorite, you are the most dear to me, I'll go through fire and water! To the end of the world!

After between us, I found it very difficult to break away from you, away from Wismar to return to Marienburg and endless bored I work on the order's Chronicles. There is sometimes the longing is unbearable. I miss you, live patient – no mood, no appetite, no joy of life. Nights long to sleep, remembering when you touch. While asleep, see your face, red lips in a gentle smile, twinkling lights in the eyes, feel the fragrance of your hair, want to touch you and Wake up happy in the knowledge that you are mine!

You're the one for I overcame life obstacles, held hundreds of roads drove thousands miles in search of the real feelings! Native, infinitely dear! You tripped into my hitherto devoid of meaning of life and his gentle hand dashed past. I now only a shadow of their desires, I'm fluttering moth in a steaming hot Shine your charm, to your arms! Oh, how I wish to take you away from all fears and trouble in Paradise for lovebirds, where it's just you and me! Very I hope you will agree to go there with me! I will be worthy of your love!

Nothing can't help myself, I really like every day to see you, to hear your voice, to look into your eyes, to kiss your lips, hug your beautiful hot body. Remember our meetings and I envy myself!

Yes, I know that joining with you in carnal intimacy, I broke my monastic vows.Military orders do not require the removal from the world like a monk, you should only withdraw from "worldly chivalry". Even St. Bernard of Clairvaux opposed the knighthood of Christ, protected double armor of iron and faith, the chivalry of the world is empty, vain, greedy. But vows of chastity and celibacy required in all cases strictly to observe, and I often think about the sinfulness of our relationship. But is it real pure, sincere love can be a sin? Even if maybe it really surely forgivable!

I heard that soon the Church will visit new order's chaplain brother Sebastian will come to him to confession and repent, and do not doubt that he will release me this sin.

Thank you my angel, for the beauty of your pure soul, an immense heart, radiant smile and hot petting! Love you very much!


Forever yours, tenderly loving Franz.



Document No. 25

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXV


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, the grace of the Grand master as aforesaid order.

Written under the strict the mystery in Venice in the eighteenth day of March 1309 the year of our Lord.


Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever! I greet you, dear brother in Christ, Gerard!


Once again, I congratulate you approval by our General Chapter. We haven't even had time to really to celebrate, and you're left to itself in Wenden. However, I know that you have a lot of stuff, so I can only welcome such zeal.

And I was just the next day after you left, finally got an answer to my multiple requests in the Apostolic office and the Holy Inquisition about the mission "the Great Catholic Russia." Immediately send you this response. Maybe to be the messenger even will overtake you, and you will receive it immediately upon arrival in Sochi.

Since, as follows from this long-awaited response, the Roman Curia ordered our Teutonic order re-engage in the mission "the Great Catholic Rus" by the power vested in me Holy father, I entrust the conduct of Affairs to this mission of yours landmasters. Of course, I'll help you all I can. Your the parties are waiting for detailed reports about all important news. I will work very hard pray that this mission was successful.

As I told you, all our order's residence tomorrow begins the move in Marienburg, I three days also there are so now write and come back, the benefit of Prussia much closer to Livonia entrusted to you than Italy. I will always be happy you see, my brother Gerhard.

May the Lord bless you and gives you strength in fulfilling our order of debt. Amen.


Your brother in Christ Siegfried.



App to document No. 25


Grand master of the order Teutonic house of St. Mary in Jerusalem, Siegfried von Fejhtvangera from Archbishop Arnaud Nouvel, the grace of the Vice-Chancellor of the Roman Curia.

This Eternal city the fifth day of March 1309 of the year from the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the fourth year of the pontificate of his Holiness the Pope of Rome.


I, Archbishop Arnaud, have an honor in the name and on behalf of his Holiness the Pope of Rome, servant of the servants of God, bring to the attention of his noble son Siegfried, the Grand master preserved by the Lord The Teutonic order, the following.

Antoine de Ravi, head leading business in Russia, the Paris commandery of the order of poor knights of Christ and Of the temple of Solomon, was arrested and questioned by the Holy Inquisition, like many other Templars, who stood on a false path, dictated by the enemy of the race human. However, nothing concerning running a Templar mission "The great Catholic Rus" when the interrogations failed to learn, and the erring brother Antoine during the investigation were passed on to the Lord. The Paris archives of the order of the Temple carefully reviewed, but documents to this mission, unfortunately, was not.

Therefore, on behalf of and at the behalf of his Holiness Pope Clement prescribe led thee to the order of the House St Mary of the Teutonic knights in Jerusalem once again to do the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" to strengthen the position and influence of the Holy the Church, until the establishment in Russia and in Lithuania the true Catholic faith.

In order to study actions undertaken by the order of the Temple to this mission earlier, allow you and your trusted knights to use the archives of the Holy Inquisition and the knights Templar. And everything else that you may need to accomplish this mission, the Roman Curia will assist with your order of everything that in its forces.

Yes helps says it all in this Apostolic letter the coming of peace The Lord Jesus Christ, and may all servants of God receive in him life eternal and before the onset of the universal Court to enjoy its benefits. Yes, descend the grace of God on you, honorable son Siegfried, and all the bless his Holiness Pope Clement the knights of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem.

In the name of God Amen.


I, Archbishop Arnaud, put the signature.



Document No. 26

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXVI



meeting the privy Council of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ Livonia


In the name of God, the will his Holiness the Pope of Rome and Grand master of the order of the House of St. Mary In Jerusalem, the Teutonic Siegfried von Fejhtvangera held this meeting under strict Vengerskom mystery in the castle on the twenty-ninth day of April, 1309 year from the birth of Christ.



The President of the privy Council – the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem Gerhard von York.

The members of the Council:

– commander Wittgensteins Burkhard von Dreileben;

– the commander of Cēsis Leopold von Peterstadt;

– commander Mitavskiy Dietrich von Kallenbach;

– commander Segevolde Helwig background HELHEIM;

– commander Goldirevskiy Arnold von Wrangel;

– commander Wesenbergii Michael von Gilsen;

– commander Dinaburg Gerd von Osterode;

– commander Kotegaeshi Goswin von vietinghoff;

quartermaster landmasters Gustav von Meyendorf;

– chaplain landmasters brother Sebastian;

Treasurer landmasters Ilmar background Rasten.

Secretary of the meeting Heinz von Arendt.


The Landmaster Gerhard. Power, by the grace of God given to me the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, I open the meeting of our the privy Council, on the mission "the Great Catholic Russia." But before we turn to the topic of the meeting, I wish to inform all Bros that decision The General Chapter of the Teutonic order by the grace of God I was approved the position of the Livonian landmaster.

All greetings then, the great hall already set a festive table, and after the meeting we will give him tribute. Now, in my final statement I will remember late landmaster Gottfried von Rogge, according to which all we still constantly grieving.


Chaplain Sebastian. The Lord our, the giver of eternal mercy and forgiveness, humbly beseech thee about the soul of a slave your Gottfried, who has called you from this world. Yes, you're not betraying his soul in the power of the enemy nor forget her forever; but command thy Holy angels to receive it and enter the heavenly abode, in order, who believed in you and rely on you, she not subjected to the tortures of the Hells, but received the eternal bliss. Eternal rest grant her, Lord, and Shine her light eternal through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. Amen. While we haven't moved to the topic of the meeting, dare to ask the question relates to the mission "the Great Catholic Russia": my brother, my Lord Gerhard, you just got back from Venice, and can you tell us how you go trials of the knights Templar, what is it all audible? We are all extremely concerned especially those of us who had the order of the Temple financial Affairs.


Burchard, commander Wittgensteins. I join the request of my brother Dietrich. Money matters I thank God, the Templars had, but I worry about is whether the dissolution of the order Temple the dissolution of the remaining orders, including ours. And because you're now the landmaster, you should not allow worry in the knight's entrusted to you brotherhood.


The Landmaster Gerhard. All members of the privy Council I join the request of the brothers Dietrich and Burchard? If Yes, then let's tell me what I got.

We all know that October 1307 the year of our Lord living in France knights the order of the Temple, was arrested by soldiers of king Philip. The arrests were made the name of the Inquisition, and the possession of the Templars took custody of the king. At statement of his Holiness the Pope, the rumors about the state of Affairs in order long ago reached his ears – when he took the Holy see. He didn't want to believe that dirty stories, but it is because of these rumors the king of France arrested the Templars and took custody of their property.

Then the Grand master the order of the Temple, Jacques de Molay admitted publicly in Paris in mistakes and crimes, primarily that forced the knights to renounce Jesus Of Christ when joining the order, that was done at the instigation of the enemy of the race human. Then began to admit many of the other Templars around the French Kingdom.

On the basis of the still confessions of the great Pontiff issued a bull "Pastoral excellence". As there it is said about the order of the Temple, my brother Gustav?


Intendant Gustav. The bull "Pastoral excellence" they say: "that field of virtues and the light of faith that was the basis of the order Of the temple, were sown the seeds of the devil, contrary to our spirit, and our soul can't not to tremble at the wrath and indignation". Of course, this is bull the caveat that if it is proved that all these rumors and accusations are false, then the soul dad calms down and replaced the anger and outrage will come joy.

And his Holiness the Pope commanded urgently to conduct an investigation and reveal the truth. For that all the rulers of Christian States were instructed to "carefully and without fanfare," to arrest all Templars residing on their lands, as well as to take custody of the property of the order of Christ and of the temple of Solomon and make it detailed inventory.


Helwig, commander Segevolde. And is it possible to find out what exactly accuse the knights of the Temple?


The Landmaster Gerhard. Six months ago, we received abstracts the charges against the Templars, which the Roman Curia was sent out to dioceses and monastic orders. I thought all brothers did, but as you can see, not all.

Knights of the Temple was accused the gravest heresy – the denial of Jesus Christ, that they spit on the crucifix, kissed each other lewdly, practiced sodomy sin, worshipped at their secret meeting some idols. There was still a lot what, brother Gustav will remember.


Quartermaster Gustav. Remember, brother my Lord. The charges against the Templars numbered one hundred twenty-seven articles. Here are some of them.

When the order The Church took into its ranks a new member, so had to recant from the Lord Jesus Christ, of the blessed virgin and all the saints. He was required three times to deny the Holiness of the cross of Christ and to spit on him.

The Templars worshipped the idol Baphomet, which was considered a God. Did not fear the Holy sacraments. The order's priests omitted the words of consecration of the Holy Gifts during the mass. The dead brothers were cremated and put the ashes in a common meal.

Knights of the Temple believed, that the Grand master and other superiors of the order can confess and to let go of their sins, despite the fact that most of these chiefs had spiritual dignity.

The Templars were obliged to observe the vow of celibacy, but they are strictly recommended to ensure carnal need for each other by Sodom. Newly recruited into the order was made kissing all parts of the body of the coach, especially him, God forgive me, the ass.

Order meeting and reception into the order were held in secret, at night, under a strong guard. Punishment for any knight, which opened to outsiders what was going on such meetings were or confinement in prison, or death.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Imagine how it would look in this order, especially kisses back body parts of a mentor.


The Landmaster Gerhard. Don't joke, my brother Arnold.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Of course, not joking. For example, I heard that many knights of the Temple Holy the Inquisition used the most severe torture, and several hundred of the knights Templar was tortured to death in the first days after the arrest.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Under torture, why not just tell.


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. And torture is actually legal? It is clear that it is used everywhere, but still not to the noble class, such as knights of the Temple?


Intendant Gustav. In France, unlike England, Aragon or our Germany, torture was a lawful instrument of investigation. In the middle of the last century, his Holiness Pope innocent (IV – approx. transl.) allowed torture to be used in processes to identify heresies. Inquisitors generally endowed with extraordinary powers, operating outside the framework of the General legislation are not required to comply with judicial laws, carry out processes without the involvement of lawyers. So Templar interrogations tortured legitimately, and not surprisingly, arrested confessed of what they are accused.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. More . I have no doubt that the Holy Inquisition did it. Praise To The Virgin Mary, we in Germany and in the lands of Teutonic and Livonian order these things a charitable institution is not valid. And then we and our privy Council the word calm did not dare to speak, all looked to each other, who first rush to convey.


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. You're so vain, brethren. The Inquisition is trying to comply with the law, and without convincing testimony there was no one to judge.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Well, the witness is always there in anything, especially if they are to threaten torture. And if you promise a share of the property of the defendant.


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. Brothers, don't argue about how valid the Holy Inquisition, so it is possible far.

Maybe does anyone know what will happen to the money that many of us have invested in the order of Of the temple at a good interest?


Helwig, commander Segevolde. I'm afraid the money is, my brother Dietrich.


Treasurer Ilmar. But lucky those who took the Templars loan. Now you did not give, and can, and do not to give.


Chaplain Sebastian. Not think to give. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught: forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.


Burchard, commander Wittgensteins. Brethren, all of our loans and investments – a trifle compared with what the business was run by the order of the Temple. The Templars were the largest creditors of the Catholic the world in the number of their debtors were all – from peasants to kings and popes. Their monetary Affairs were so huge that the kings were often entrusted to the treasurers the order of the Temple, performing the functions of Treasurer of state. No wonder the Royal coffers are almost merged with the order's Treasury.


Quartermaster Gustav. Thanks a huge network of Komandorski, who numbered almost five thousand along with vassal castles and monasteries, the Templars could provide below small loan interest is not only the protection of their assigned values, but their transportation from one place to another, from the lender to the borrower or from a deceased the pilgrim to his heirs. The order had vast land holdings, not less than ten thousand manuarii (land plots with a size of 100-200 hectares, income which allowed the arming of a knight – approx. pens.). And what building the work was led by the order! His efforts built roads, temples, castles. For example, in Palestine the Templars belonged to the eighteen locks. And in Europe, the order built almost a hundred and fifty big temples.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Of course, the exorbitant wealth of the Templars aroused the enmity and envy kings, especially Philip the fair, who himself was a major debtor of the order and were eager to seize its wealth. And such privileges of the order, as the only jurisdiction of his Holiness the Pope, the withdrawal from the Royal jurisdiction, exemption from Church taxes – caused no less envy from the Church clergy, no offense to be this chaplain said to our brother Sebastian.


Helwig, commander Segevolde. The Templars must have forgotten that their original purpose was to fight the infidels in Palestine. And when the Holy Land was lost, they instead all the forces trying to return it was engaged in throughout Europe cash cases, incredibly rich, and therefore fancied himself equal with kings. And money, thank God, not everything in this world decide.


Leopold, commander Cēsis. They say the Templars had some secret mystical knowledge...


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. Well and what helped them the secret mystical knowledge? Defeated them along with their knowledge.


Chaplain Sebastian. Divination borders on witchcraft displeasing to the Lord and punishable by our Holy Church.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Yes so, burn witch, witches, the Inquisition much. And the Templars will soon begin to burn, no doubt. Alive from the hands of the inquisitors little who's out.


The landmaster Gerhard. Not so simple, my brother Arnold. During my stay in Venice, it became known that his Holiness the Pope temporarily suspended inquisitorial process, despite the insistence of king Philip. Then after much debate pontifex Maximus finally agreed to begin two trial investigation to determine the guilt or innocence of the knights of the Temple: one is will be implemented by the papal Commission, the second of the diocesan courts.

How I know dad wants to dissolve the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon only temporarily, labeling disgrace the perpetrators, and then restore it in pristine purity. And the king wants the scandal erupted stronger and process compromised the entire order that would have led to complete collapse and most importantly, bankruptcy.


Burchard, commander Wittgensteins. In the French city of Troyes is now loud worldly trial on the charges there the Bishop of witchcraft, sodomy, blasphemy, and usury. Apparently, king Philip wants to show his subjects that the Church has no right to judge the Templars, being convicted of their own sins.


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. But, in the end, made the Templars all what they are accused? Talking about this in Venice, my brother, my Lord?


The landmaster Gerhard. I heard from fellow Teutons not one attempt of explanation what was a Templar. First of all this concerns the rituals dedication. Say, if you want to become a knight of the order, show your fearlessness: spit on the crucifix and see whether will punish thee for it. If you become a member of the brotherhood, you have to fully belong to the brothers that prove kissing their ass and letting himself kiss back. And they say, that Templar was inclined to renounce Jesus Christ in order to see how they would behave if the Saracens had taken them prisoner. But in the last, I thinkgenerally there is no logic.


Leopold, the commander of Cēsis. I heard that the Templars of steel followers of the heretical sect of Manichaeans, who despise the cross, considering it the instrument of the suffering of the most high, and preach that we need to renounce the world and to abandon marriage and procreation. Hence, the sodomy of the knights Templar, supposedly committed brothers symbolically. In short, the story is dark.


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. What is interesting, for Baphomet?


The landmaster Gerhard. Perhaps we are talking about the false prophet Mohammed, for some the confessions of the Templars says that they were forced to pray to Allah. But it is also a dark story, for allegedly the knights of the Temple worshipped Baphomet as an idol, the Mohammedans of images of their prophet, do not worship.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Have we're all his, so let me be Frank: I think the Templar is actually not there was no idol of Baphomet or whatever, or kissing ass and other body parts, no spitting on the crucifix, or other equally absurd ceremonies, no polls widespread sodomy. All this even under pain of death, would not have been able to keep secret for nearly two centuries the existence of the order of the Temple, though some rumors would go. So everything is invented in the offices of the French king and the Roman Curia, and then the Holy Inquisition had put into the mouth of the Templars with the help of cruel torture.

Nothing surprising here no, because king Philip and his Holiness Pope Clement had not only to the wealth of the Temple, but also to eliminate dangerous rivals in business management the Christian world.


The Landmaster Gerhard. My brother Arnold, you repeat. too far. We are honest, the knights of the Livonian provincial modest of the order and our cause – the fight against the barbarians, and not a discussion of cases in the competence of his Holiness the Pope and worldly rulers of the Christian world.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. You right, my brother, my Lord Gerard, but what happens if our order will disband after the order of the Temple?


The Landmaster Gerhard. So, it is the will of God and not subject to discussion and appeal bull of his Holiness the Pope! Therefore, by the power By the grace of God given to me by the Teutonic order, I bless the continuation fruitless, harmful and dangerous talk about the trials of the Templars turn to the topic of our meeting – the mission "the Great Catholic Russia."

Received a letter from The Apostolic office. We were informed that the head of the led business in Russia the Paris commandery of the order of Temple was arrested and during the investigation gave soul to the Lord, but nothing on the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" at interrogations failed to find out. There are no documents in this mission are also not found.

Therefore, on behalf of and at the behalf of his Holiness Pope Clement ordered again to do the implementation the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" to strengthen its position and strengthen the influence of the Holy Church, until the establishment in Russia and in Lithuania true of the Catholic faith. To examine the actions undertaken by the order of the Temple to this mission previously, we were allowed to use the archives of the Holy Inquisition and the order of Templar. Well, and promised assistance if needed.


Leopold, the commander of Cēsis. For the promise of help, of course, the Roman Curia thank you, but I have a question: how can we be sure that the last time someone was engaged in mission "The great Catholic Rus"? Could this mission quietly die?


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Why would it stall?


Leopold, the commander of Cēsis. Well, at least because about the creation of a "great Orthodox Russia" for several years can't hear anything. And indeed we know about her just from the report Templar of the Roman Curia five years ago. But if no training "great Orthodox Russia", then they have nothing to counteract through a mission of "Great Catholic Russia."


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. How is it nothing? What we gave up hope on the baptism of Russia and Lithuania in the true Catholic faith? And even if I do not hear anything, how can calm down? If the "Great Orthodox Russia" will create a profound secret and attack us from all sides, will be too late to act, there will be only proudly sinking in the East sea with the name of the virgin Mary on the lips.


The landmaster Gerhard. I agree brother Arnold. And I want to say to all the brothers that in Russia – another feud, this time in Church. Metropolitan Peter moved from Kiev to Vladimir and took the side of Yuri Danilovich in his fight with Michael Yaroslavich. Tver Bishop Andrew complained for this on Peter the Patriarch of Constantinople, the complaint is now under consideration.

And any strife in Russia might play for us in the mission "the Great Catholic Russia."


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. But all it is the internal Affairs of Russia, and Yuriy Danilovich with Vytenis? The main thing – to learn this, after all, be the basis of the alleged "great Orthodox Russia" was it is the Union of Moscow and Lithuania.


The Landmaster Gerhard. Yes, this is important. What will be considerations for brothers?


Helwig, commander Segevolde. Let's again send the letter to Yuri Danilovich with the offer of Alliance and request make our Embassy. Maybe now the Prince of Moscow will be more friendly and accommodating.


Leopold, commander Cēsis. Enough once a letter had been sent. The late landmaster Gottfried said that in my life experienced more shame than when reading the opinion of the Apostolic office on the premise of the ill-fated letter. I believe that those experiences brought the untimely death of a brave brother Gottfried.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. No never send any mail without first understanding how the Templars have been and are now doing the mission "the Great Catholic Rus". I can be wrong, even worse than last time.


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. Maybe try to understand, from whom he could learn about the negotiations Yuri and Vytenis spy, smuggled to Russia by the Templars?


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. Yes from anyone. From any member of the family of Yuri, boyar, servant, clerk, messenger, cook, attendant... I will never figure it out.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. Then let's try to understand who can be this misdirected Rus Templar, and all will become clearer.


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. Too anyone.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. It is clear, that anyone, but he's somehow associated with my order? So, in the order of the archive could be preserved in his letters, some copies of the instructions he gave his superiors...


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. ...In between spitting on the crucifix and kisses ass.


The Landmaster Gerhard. Stop finally your jokes, brother my Arnold. If I appreciate so highly your courage on the battlefield and exemplary order in the komfortu entrusted to you, you would insist on your Church repentance.


Arnold, commander Goldirevskiy. Sinful I confess and keep quiet, my brother, my Lord.


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. I I would like to remind brother Michael that, according to the letter from the Apostolic office, in Paris the archives of the order of the Temple, any documents relating to the mission "the Great Catholic Rus'", not found, and the late head of the Paris commandery interrogations about this mission, too, is not told.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. And who asked questions dead under torture commander? Who have searched the archives for documents? The inquisitors? I will never believe that they somehow care about business in Russia, even the name of which they might not have heard. So if these documents even searched, it is unlikely that carefully. Should still look. To go to Paris and look.


The Landmaster Gerhard. I agree with you, brother Michael. And I even know whom to send in search of documents. This young knight of our Belinskogo of the commander, Franz von Marzling. He speaks three languages, except native German: Latin, French, and Russian. Was in Russia, knows this very the country, even met with the Moscow princes. That's even going to Paris at the the Affairs of the mission "the Great Catholic Rus", rummaging in the archives, there may be necessary documents on the languages that he knows. Now it works over the Chronicles of the Teutonic order in Marienburg, it is hardly there necessary.

By the way, my brother Sebastian, you recently traveled to Marienburg, were you at confession brother Franz?


Chaplain Sebastian. Was and, frankly, made very depressing. I was going to report this to his commander, but he is not appointed yet.


The Landmaster Gerhard. Tell me I have not had time anyone to transfer Belinskogo contorta, which led to the election of a landmaster. From members of the privy Council of the secrets, as you know, we have no. What to do against his brother Franz?


Chaplain Sebastian. Forgive me Lord for disclosure of the secrecy of confession, but the young knight on the mind of some women. One of them he met in Russia at some town with a name impossible to pronounce.


The Landmaster Gerhard. Remember, this town Vertain near Tver. Franz wrote in his report about the Roma there is the temptation from the enemy of the human race. But the young man seems to be overcome sinful desires and did not come with the seductive widow in carnal relations?


Chaplain Sebastian. Not come, but forget it not. And a woman from Wismar, who was in love in his youth, and which allegedly broke up after taking the order's vows, he might have entered, and recently, during his vacation. I believe that this sin deserves the most severe punishment, up to expulsion from the order.


Goswin, commander Kotegaeshi. Well, a woman is not a man. Sin, of course, but not so terrible, the more that the young man sincerely repent of it in confession. The knights Templar was far worse, if you believe the Holy Inquisition.


Burkhard, commander Wittgensteins. For if every such sin, which made the young Franz, chasing of orders, we half brothers missed.


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. My brother Sebastian, you in this order recently and probably still not used to being what brave soldiers, daily risking their lives, it is necessary to give some relief. Although we and the monks, but not the Benedictines and the Dominicans are not.


Chaplain Sebastian. But to somehow punish the young man have, in order to continue nepovadno was?


Leopold, commander Cēsis. If to punish the brothers for their recognition in the confessional, in the future they will not Frank in this Holy sacrament, and we know a lot really important things. You just have to take note that brother Franz women weak place, and in the future to have these things in mind.


The Landmaster Gerhard. You, my brother Sebastian, too strictly judge young knight. You know me better than the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: "judge Not, that ye be not judged" and "Who is without sin among you, first drop the stone." Just a young man sat behind a boring Teutonic Chronicles.


Michael, commander Wesenbergii. Yes really, these books – boredom is death indeed. I once tried to read one of them fell asleep while reading so hard that the book fell from my hands and painfully hurt my leg.


Intendant Gustav. To discuss here, in fact, nothing because we just have no one else to send. As far as I know, none of our brothers knows so many languages, precisely those that are needed for this mission.


The Landmaster Gerhard. I hope the change of scenery and the importance of the mission will go to the young knight of good, and to avert it from tempting thoughts and the sin of adultery. If there are no other objections sent to Paris with brother Franz.

Want to inform his brothers what he had learned in Venice: his Holiness Pope Clement sent to us in Livonia the two legates, which shall be in place to investigate complaints insidious Riga Archbishop. These legates is likely to come first to Riga, and then in Sochi. But can unexpectedly appear in any of our comtort.


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. And what do I do if my modest castle suddenly are legates of pontifex Maximus?


The landmaster Gerhard. Not to wonder and not to be lost, to show exceptional hospitality and take still legates as best friends, feed, water and otherwise courted. And immediately send me Venden messenger, I will immediately arrive.

There are still brothers questions? If not, then this meeting is adjourned. Let us pray for our order and for the success of his charitable deeds.


Chaplain Sebastian. Brethren, pray the Lord, that he promised the Holy Christianity by his grace and protected him from all evil.

Pray to the Lord for father our spiritual father, and for all ecclesiastical and secular Christian authorities, and the prelates, whom the Lord uses in his service.

Pray for the order our in which God brings us in order to grant us his mercy, the purity and the spiritual life, in order to deliver us from all that is unworthy of his praise and contrary to his commandments.

Pray for all the brothers, the princes in the order and our governing our land and people, that they served to order so, so as not to alienate them from the Lord.

Pray for all of our brethren, so that they can spend their days usefully and diligently, in useful and pious labours.

Pray for those who have fallen into mortal sin so that the Lord helped them in mercy, and they escaped eternal damnation.

Pray for our order of the earth, that the Lord came there with their wisdom and the power that faith in God and love could spread there and confront all enemies.

Pray for friends and supporters of the order and those who do good deeds, and eager to make them.

Pray for all those who have left us the inheritance or gifts, so that neither in life nor in death did not alienate them from the Lord himself.

Pray for deaths of our brethren, and let every soul remembers his father, mother, brothers and sisters.

Pray for all believers, that the Lord gave them eternal peace. May they remain in the world.




Document No. 27

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXVII


On the document level:

The archive stores a copy, the original is sent to the destination.



Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, the Grand master of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gerhard von York, by the grace of God Livonian landmaster the aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden in the seventh day of may, 1309, the year of our Lord.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Welcome you, esteemed ruler my brother in Christ, Siegfried!


In connection with the renewal action on the mission "the Great Catholic Rus" respectfully asking you to return knight Franz von Marzling leading work on the order's Chronicles, the order of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia. This knight needed to work with archives of the order of the Temple in which you want to find documents relating to the action Templars in Russia. Brother Franz knows three languages, in addition to his native German: Latin, French, and Russian. Four years ago, I traveled to Russia with memorable letter to the Moscow Prince Yuri Danilovich, that is familiar with this country.All this makes this knight truly indispensable for the mission, the importance of which we both understand.

In the case of your consent, esteemed brother Siegfried, I beg you to convey to brother Franz my email instructions what to do in Paris, and also to provide it with security certificates and the money for the trip at the expense of the Livonian order.

Bless you Almighty The Lord countless years, may your days full of success and joy. Amen.


Forever respectful brother yours in Christ Gerard.



App to document No. 27


Franz von Marzling, landmasters knights of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem from Gerhard von York, by the grace of God Livonian landmaster aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden in the seventh day of may, 1309, the year of our Lord.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, my brother in Christ Franz!


Inform you that you are now the knight is not Belinskogo seat and main residence The Livonian order in Wenden, you are in my possession and report in front of me. But now I require you to go from Marienburg, not in Sochi, and in Paris.

Did you read the letter the late landmaster Gottfried von Rogge wrote the Moscow Prince Yuri Kuchma on the fifth day of November 1304 from Christmas, and you know what while it might give the Union of Moscow and Lithuania called "the Great Orthodox Rus". The Apostolic office we were then told that the preparation to this Union learned man, smuggled into Moscow by order of the Temple. We decided to carry out its mission entitled "the Great Catholic Rus", first step which was to conclude an Alliance with Yuri provided the adoption by Moscow of the true faith.

After the sad story the award jury writing, when it was humbled by not only your baronial dignity, but the dignity of our order, the Roman Curia took us from conducting Affairs of the mission "the Great Catholic Rus" and gave all the Affairs of the Templars. Now, after known events with this order, we once again requested the fulfillment of this godly mission.

First and foremost find out what kind of man was smuggled to Russia by the Templars. According to a letter from The Apostolic office of the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" led the Paris commandery of the order of the Temple. In the archives of Paris any documents concerning this mission, not yet found, but serious searches no lead, and have to do it for you. In force and may still acting in Russia the scout of the knights Templar probably was associated with his superiors, so, in Paris the order of the archive could be preserved of his lettersany copies of the instructions given him something similar.

Now, as far as I we know, from the Paris archives of the order of the temple of the Holy Inquisition works, so that turn there. Refer to the letter to the Vice-Chancellor of the Curia of the Archbishop Arnault Nouvel Grand master of the Teutonic order from 1309 fifth of March of the year The Birth Of Christ. In this letter, particularly, says: "In order to study actions taken by the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon to this the mission informed, allow you and your trusted knights to use the archives the Holy Inquisition and the knights Templar".

The necessary security certificates, money for a trip to Paris and the semi-annual maintenance you'll get in the Commissariat and Treasury of the Teutonic order with the blessing of the great master Siegfried.

Remind you of the need for strict compliance with these thee monastic vows, first and foremost vow of chastity. Remember that according to our order's rules you have no right even to look at women, not to join with them in carnal

I, along with all of our brothers will pray that your mission was a success. Bless God be with you. Amen.


Forever your brother Gerhard.



Document No. 28

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXVIII


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Marienburg in the thirtieth day of June of the year 1309 ad.


My adorable Hannah!


I finish work at Marienburg, rent local business. Now I'm assigned to the main residence The Livonian order in Wenden, that is, and obey not the commander, and directly to the landmaster. However, in fact, little has changed, because my the chief continues to Gerhard von York, a former Felinski commander and now the landmaster whole of Livonia.

And this head instructs me to go to Paris with a special mission, to find the necessary Livonian the order of information in the archives of the Holy Inquisition and the knights Templar. This mission very important, moreover the interested in myself, for in due when I was in Russia, were hurt my the Baron's honor, and now I it can completely restore. Why my honor was hurt in Moscow, and I restore it in the Paris archives – don't ask, it's the subject of the strictest secrets.

Although, of course, respect mysteries in our order leaves much to be desired. I confessed at confession in our thee with tender love, as a chaplain of Sebastian, it seems, revealed the secret of my the order's head. In any case, the landmaster Gerhard, giving me written instructions on my mission, suddenly for no reason, no reason mentioned need to comply strictly with this I have when joining the order of the vow chastity and reminded that according to our order's rules, I have no right to even to look at women, not to join with them in carnal relations. And quartermasterThe Teutonic order Konrad von Nasen, passing me directions, Gerhard, and all necessary travel documents as something bad smiled and goodbye not even thanked for more than three years of work on Chronicles.

But I am a very warm said goodbye to the brothers by Peter von Duisburg and Luther von Braunschweig. Their upset that I'm leaving Marienburg, but we all understand that the order debt above all.

And for me, sadness from the parting with friends marienbergstrabe softens a joyous thought that here in Paris, you can travel not only by land but also by sea, i.e. by Wismar! And of course, I will choose the sea route, that is, can at least a few days to see you, beautiful lady of my heart, and we can not only to re-embrace each other, but to talk about our feelings and our future!

After all, putting your feelings parchment is like an angel to land and encumber his human concerns. Even while these words do not exist to convey the fullness of my experiences that arise at the mere thought of you, my love. But because the best explanation for the strength of my feelings will be associated with you mere mortal things I just can not imagine my life.

During our last meeting you expressed concern that we did not love, and just carnal relations. But it is not! This light feeling – love – with nothing comparable, I just think of you, and understand: here it is – love, and I'm happy! As often I feel hot flashes of tenderness, unexplained common sense! In such moments I feel the diversity and depth of relations between us!

Wait for me, my dear Hannah, in the middle of July.


Forever yours French.



Document No. 29

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXIX


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Franz von Marzling, the grace of the knight aforesaid landmasters.

Written under the strict mystery in Paris this sixteenth day of September 1309 the year of our Lord.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, my ruler brother Gerhard!


Please forgive me for what I failed immediately after I received your letter to go to Paris, but this delay was not my fault: due to the fact that still not all service of the Teutonic order moved to Malbork from Venice, making security certificates and the issuance of money was delayed for one week.

But here I am, finally, in Paris. In order not to spend money our of the Livonian landmeister, settled not at the Inn, and in the cell the Paris seat of the Teutonic order. However, a separate cell I, in spite of the knighthood, to allocate could not, but with I live a very pleasant and friendly young Inquisitor of the Dominican Vincent de Bryne from Troyes, in champagne. In Paris, the metochion of the Holy Inquisition all cells are occupied, and brother, Vincent, at the request of someone from inquisitorial authorities sheltered the Teutonic order. We hereby Dominicanwe get along perfectly, talk on various topics, and of course, in addition to secret Affairs, and for me this is a good opportunity to practice my French language I have not used and ashamed, began to slowly forget. Food in local komfortu is also free, though sophisticated it will not name. So I've managed to save money of our landmasters.

Full report spent the money, as usual, I will give in return.

Different rooms a large building occupied by the Paris Inquisition, I had to walk with bows and requests a few days, for the common blessings of the Vice Chancellor The Roman Curia for access to the archives of the order of the Temple was not enough it required special permission of the General Inquisitor of France. And only when I was finally able to convince the office of the General Inquisitor of the importance of their the mission I was given such permission.

I gotta tell you, brother my Lord, that in the archives Templa, the former Paris of the fortress of the order of the Temple, created such a mess that I can describe with just words, worthy very rude driver, not the noble knight. Not only that, here there are huge archives of the Paris Templars, in comparison with which our cēsis archive – like a bookcase in comparison with the library, so here also dumped documents of all the French commanderst the order of the Temple. Relative the order of inquisitors is supported by only the archives concerning the propertrials of the knights Templar. And that right there can be called a relative because the process is still going, and enter all new and new records of the interrogations.

Archivists of the Holy the Inquisition truly work up a sweat, and more work than they have, except that that of the inquisitors executioners. This is not a joke, for all the interrogation here still accompanied by acts of torture, despite the fact that the last six months, the process is underway not the Inquisition, and the diocesan courts, and in November to start work a special papal Commission. Poor tortured now by name, and fact – the knights of the Temple here, in the Temple, and their chilling screams can be heard from towers even here in the archives.

You might all already known, and if not, then let me be the first one who reported you about the that his Holiness Pope Clement began the transfer of his residence to Avignon. There it is, of course, will feel much safer than in hectic Rome, where there are constant conflicts between noble families. But the hassle associated with the transfer of the papal residence, order of the Holy Inquisition don't add.

By the way, I was surprised, met in the archives Tample his neighbor on his cell, the Inquisitor Vincent de Breen. He doesn't explain what makes here, as I said the mystery is a mystery and we're both fully aware of that. But once I by chance, passing through a long templestay gallery, heard his conversation with one of the guardians of the archive, too, Inquisitor: they were on the same gallery far behind me and talked, and the echo under the vaults denounced their words. It turns out that the Treasury of the order of the Temple, not stored in Cyprus (where he was the main residence order – approx. pens.), and in the Temple, disappeared. Paris commander Antoine de Ravi died under torture, but was not given her location, but then someone else from Templar, again under torture, revealed that shortly before the defeat order it was taken in the champagne, somewhere in the suburbs of Troyes. Now it's looking for and the Inquisition, and the Royal secret service, and in Paris on archival research possible the documents on which it would be possible to trace the export of the Treasury, was sent brother Vincent.

More no details I have not heard, but they are not interested in me, I have my own cases missing. I have a very very large and I'm afraid six months on it is not enough. However, it depends: on need documents I can stumble tomorrow, but can next year. Unfortunately, can and do not to stumble, because some of the documents of the Inquisition known only to her reasons takes away from the archive and returns.

But I inspired by the importance assigned tasks before me, do not lose hope and working with vigor, relentlessly praying to the virgin that need the documents were found, and as soon as possible.

Take my lower bow, my brother, my Lord. Bless you, Lord God Almighty countless years, may your days full of joy and success. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Franz.



Document No. 30

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXX


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Paris in the twenty-fourth day of October, 1309, the year of our Lord.


My tenderly beloved Hannah!


Inside me trembles when I am in the midst of the Parisian hustle and bustle suddenly remember the unforgettable days spent with you SIM summer in Wismar. And I have not forgotten your promise to leave the order given to you in a minute love. I've had time to think things through, and now I understand that you are dearer to me than all the awards in the world. Especially my career in Livonia now under threat, because I am sure that the chaplain Sebastian still, violated the secrecy of confession. Someone of the brothers had always warned me about excessive frankness on the order of the confessions, back when I was a Sergeant inFelline, but I, unfortunately, about it either forgot or did not think.

I'm sure leave the Livonian order, but first must fulfill his last mission. And it's not only the desire to leave with a clear conscience. Those who go, not having distinguished himself in a God-pleasing missions and leaving a bad memory, the order in further often prosecute, forcing you to compensate for all the costs of training, accommodation, food, clothing, weapons and everything else. This can be a huge money and in ten years not pay.

But if a noble knight returns victorious, fulfilling their duty to the order and The Lord, and asks for indefinite leave to him the attitude is quite different. He can even provide protection of life awards and the right to wear the attire of the Crusader. Sash patronage and the opportunity to go to respected by all of the knightly clothes with crosses would be a great help in our future joint life in Mecklenburg. I could, for example, apply to the magistrate of any city, maybe even the most Wismar, on the prestigious and well-paidposition. Not the clothiers do I have to go, no offense to be said these things you think the honourable father.

I have a dream, which must necessarily be true. I want us to have a strong family, we should love each other more and more. Want to have, favorite, there were many children, may they delight us will a sense of our life!

You asked me talking about Paris. With pleasure, although I'm afraid that the story will turn out too long and will bore you. It's such a huge city that it is hard imagine: he lives here, say, no less than three hundred thousand people!

The Centre Of Paris located on the Ile de La Cité in the river Seine. But on this island for several centuries ago, became crowded, and the townspeople began to settle outside the old the fortress walls. On the right Bank of the river in the last century began to develop crafts, on the place de Greve promenade, the harbour, and near a huge bargain Champeaux.

On the left the banks of the Seine in the nineteenth century was founded the famous University of Paris, which now occupies almost all the left Bank. However, there still around preserved fields and vineyards.

The Board king Philip Augustus, who died a little less than a hundred years ago, came true the heyday of the city. Philip was enraptured with the construction, when it was Paris paved the main streets and squares, who was previously in a terrible condition built the Louvre fortress, the new fortress walls and bargaining champeaux. Wall built at the expense of the crown and the city, defined the new borders of Paris and how would symbolized the protection of the citizens by the king, who was in crusade. On right Bank the wall height is only three cubits (2 m – approx. transl.), but on the left is ten cubits (8 m – approx. transl.). These semicircles of the walls have a gate facing in the direction of Rouen, Orleans, Sansa and other major French cities.

In Short, Paris – the most secure city in the Kingdom, but he's so beautiful! On during the XIII century was built a huge Notre Dame Cathedral, and about half a century ago, the Church was consecrated to Sainte-Chapelle. Quite a small temple compared to Notre Dame, but what a beautiful! And the Royal Palace on the island The sieve with the current king Philip was greatly enlarged and embellished.

When wandering around Paris, it is impossible not to marvel at the excitement in the streets, the flourishing of trade and crafts, widespread wealth and prosperity. I love to walk on the bridge Changed, along the waterfront goldsmiths, Rue SaintDenis, where located haberdasher & clothiers. Of course, a Large a number of meat châtelet, where I work knackers, have to cross, holding his nose. But there is relatively quiet and clean Lombard street – a place of big deals.

All these crafts combine about three hundred and fifty shops, and each of them, like our workshops in Wismar, has its own laws, customs and holidays. Because of the great abundance the shops here not a day goes by without hearing mass and discussing their Affairs, masters and apprentices were not going to the feast. Sometimes it's Hatter, sometimes swieczniki, tanners sometimes, sometimes fellow of your father – the clothiers.

In short, compared with Paris even the Wismar seems deaf province. What can we say about Marienburg, Wenden or Felline?

Perhaps my walks Paris was marred only once when, in the North-Eastern suburbs I stumbled upon a monstrous building called "Montfaucon". It was built years twenty years ago, with the current king Philip the fair. This is a huge three-tiered gallows on a stone Foundation, square in plan shape, with a side length of approximately twenty cubits (14 m – approx. transl.), consisting of the sixteen stone pillars on three sides of the perimeter, the height of the elbows fifteen (about12 m – approx. transl.) each, and three tiers of horizontal beams on which sentenced to hang. It turns out that at the same time Montfaucon can be hanged up to forty five, but sometimes in the same cell are two of the body, there are a number of concurrent executions can reach up to ninety.

Hanged post only three side faces of Montfaucon, the fourth side of this facility used for lifting doomed to death and descent of bodies. The bodies of executed usually left on the gallows to nearly complete decomposition, after which dumped into special stone well in the basement of Montfaucon, as in France it is forbidden to bury hanged in the Christian tradition. In the end the stench from this comes the gallows that compared to him even the evaporation of Large meat some seem fragrance.

No, our German cities are not uncommon and hanging out and the fires, which burned witches and heretics. In Russia I have seen and quartering – when put to death cut off first hands, then feet, and then the head, and the impalement – long, a painful and humiliating punishment, disgusting details which I do not want to embarrass your tender heart. But such a Grand Kingdom of death, as Montfaucon, I have never met.

Apparently, creepy the spectacle of a multitude of decomposing bodies of the hanged should impress on the subjects of the French king, and to warn against crimes. Not sure that this is effective, because if citizens heed this warning, then Montfaucon long would be empty. And it's almost full all the time.

But let's not talk about sad, on the contrary – we rejoice in the fact that we are alive, healthy, young, and we have the most important thing – love!

Since then, the first time I saw you in my heart lit a small spark. With every day it grew and became brighter. You're my perfect couple. In you have no flaws, you're perfect. I marvel at your beauty and sophistication and are proud to be the most beautiful woman in the world ... I drowning in the blue of your eyes in them so much tenderness and sincerity, they give me the warmth I so needed you. Your beautiful blonde hair so beautiful fluttering in the wind and then go to surprisingly delicate shoulders,as if caressing them. I always admire your light footed and attractive curves of your body!

I never cease admire your charming smile that makes me forget all the difficulties and disappointments. I want to smile with you always to be in a good mood. Even when you haven't open the window for me the shutters and not let me back in my bedroom, I can't stay mad at you. Is you just smile and the whole world becomes kinder.

WellEli you so many happy days, on how many ears of corn in a wheat field how many leaves on the trees in the big woods, how many hairs in your beautiful spit.


Forever loving you Franz.



Document No. 31

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXI


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Franz von Marzling, the grace of the knight aforesaid landmasters.

Written under the strict mystery in Paris in the twenty-second day of December 1309 of the year from the Nativity of Christ.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, my dear landmaster Gerhard!


Despite approaching the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, I worked tirelessly to Temple, in the archives of the Paris commandery of the order of the Temple. No joyful news, unfortunately, I can't tell you. As I wrote, the files are very large and extremely confused, besides, it is clear that before the dissolution of the order the Templars, they were not in perfect condition. The French did not different accuracy in cases, not what we, the Germans.

Difficulties the search adds that many of the documents are encrypted, and the keys to the cipher the Inquisition couldn't learn or didn't want. I generally thought that Templar trying to get a confession does not in monetary abuse and other cases that require serious study and collecting evidence, and in some strange ceremonies and orgies. Apparently, the inquisitors so easily.

Of course, not for me to evaluate the actions of the Holy Inquisition, but they, unfortunately, do not facilitate but rather complicate my mission, which eventually progresses with all my diligence is extremely slow: while I could see barely a fifth of archives of the Paris commandery. But two days ago, an event occurred which almost cost me my life, but it gave the opportunity to significantly accelerate archival search.

I usually stay at work in the Temple until late at night, and in one of these evenings I walked down Lombard street towards our Teutonic Paris of the commander. And suddenly from the corner I was attacked by three. They were armed with thin and light swords here are all of noble people, because these swords, as we have in Livonia is considered to be too heavy and will only be used in battle, when a knight dressed in armor and sitting on a horse.

I also was such a fine sword, I drew it and became defensive. But there were three of them, I – the thin fencing sword, I never specifically studied, and all the fencing skills had little to lose for the time that he spent first in Moscow, then in Marienburg, then in Paris. No, sometimes I practiced, but I confess, very little, and there was no one.

Remembering all, what I once taught my sash mentor brother Mathias, I retreated to the wall of the house, in order not to let the attackers from the rear, and began desperately to defend himself. But he knew that to live I have left less than a minute.

And then I suddenly saw three flashing before me, swords only one left, and two the attackers turned around and grabbed the some person, in whose hands had the same sword. And I was saved, for coming to my rescue turned out to be a great swordsman. After a couple of minutes one of his opponents lay dead and a second wounded, fled. Him and the one who fought with me.

I started to thank my Savior, but he said that now is not the time to talk, because one of the attackers killed at any moment may come the city guard, us you can take for the duelists, and if I don't want to be accused of, it is necessary to leave the corpse lying where he lies. And we left.

I invited his new friend to go to the pub and to dinner, he gladly agreed.

In a tavern in dinner we started talking and he told me about him. He's a legendary Italian name is it Dante degli Alighieri, he was almost forty-five, he came from Florence, were held there a very high position, even went to the control Board city of Pryor, but after some regular strife of local parties of the Guelphs and Ghibellines were forced to leave their homeland.

It first sheltered Verona, but then he had to leave from there, and after four years wandering around different cities of Italy a year ago, he came to Paris. Waiting for that before or later, if not Florence, then any other Italian city invite it to yourself. And yet he's got the money almost ran out, and he was starving in the literal sense of the words: feeds on bread and water. Still living in some creepy flophouse that it is unworthy of the noble man.

Affairs he no not here. Sometimes he is involved in academics and poetic debates in University, but the money for this, of course, do not. At home he was not only a prominent figure of the Republic, but also a famous poet, but even here can not write: there is no money nor ink nor parchment.

He saved me by accident: walked down the street, saw from afar that the three someone scout, then snatch swords and attack, and rightly found them to be intruders, especially that three one – in any case of little value. And he is an excellent swordsman, although for age and the constant malnutrition. About who and what was able to attack me, we we think with him in the coming days.

Dante – who is well educated, serious, knows many languages, therefore I decided that it might be very useful, and invited him to become his assistant and to work together with me in the archives of the Templars. Said assistants are paid money, albeit small, I'll try to arrange to have it placed in the Paris komfortu The Teutonic order.

Dante gratefully agreed, saying that although the archival work it was never meant to, but the archives of the order of the Temple are themselves of great interest. Here in the tavern he had written under my dictation a request for acceptance as assistants for a period year, make this request to the letter.

In connection with all the foregoing promise you, my brother, my Lord, that the rights of a knight, performing solo mission, I draw the noble Italian Dante degli Alighieri in their paid assistants. The money to pay for his work will take Paris Teutonic komfortu under its responsibility within semi-annual maintenance for squire, laid me on the knight status. Squire I don't have and never had, so let them at the time of my stay France will be the former Florence prior.

And since I was issued semi-annual maintenance in may this year, and now the end of December will take the liberty to take in the Parisian Treasury of the Teutonic commander also his chivalric the contents for another six months.

I ask you to bless these actions and inform the Teutonic order, that they took these costs at the expense of the Livonian order.

The grace of God Yes be with you and all our brothers. Bless you Almighty God. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Franz.


On the document is resolution:

Bless. Prescribe Ilmar Treasurer to notify the Teutonic order on the confirmation of expenditure's brother Franz and adopt them at the expense of the Livonian order.

The Landmaster Gerhard.



App document No. 31


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Dante degli Alighieri, the free and noble citizen of Florence Republic.

Written in Paris in the twentieth day of December 1309 of the year from the Nativity of Christ.


Glory To Jesus Christ!


I, free and noble citizen Dante degli Alighieri, please take me for one year as assistants Franz von Marzling, knight of the Livonian order landmasters Houses of the Holy Mary of the Teutonic knights in Jerusalem.

I was born in 1265 from the birth of Christ in Florence, currently living in Paris. Ready to serve Jesus Christ, healing the sick, protecting pilgrims fighting the enemies of the Holy Church. Ready to fight for the establishment of the true the Catholic faith, to care for the sick, keep the secrets of the order, on the first call to do what they can.

Bring the vow to be obedient to the Lord God, the Almighty, the virgin Mary, his Holiness the Pope, the Grand master of the Livonian landmaster and the Teutonic order, as well as all my other order's superiors. Amen.

With humility and tireless prayer


the servant of God, Dante.


On the document is resolution:

Bless reception in paid assistants of brother Franz.

The Landmaster Gerhard.



Document No. 32

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXII


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Paris in the third day of March 1310 after Christ.


My lovely, warmly and tenderly beloved Hannah!


I still work in the Paris archives. Now with his new friend, an amazing person and a wonderful poet Dante degli Alighieri. He helped me to be protected, when at me on the street was attacked by three intruders, and I almost perished in mortal combat. But don't worry, my dear, through the intercession of Of the blessed virgin Mary and the intervention of Dante I have not received a single scratch.

Will Of the Lord I am very lucky to have educated and friendly friends, and say no false modesty, that's probably because they see me as the same educated and friendly person, like them. In Marienburg – Peter von Duisburg Luther von Braunschweig, and Paris – Dante degli Alighieri.

Dante is much older than me, he was forty-five years, he's Italian, originally from Florence. He's there were in control of the town Board of the priori, but as a result of strife there the parties were forced to leave their homeland and begin to wander the world, and I arrived in Paris. I gave him as his paid assistant, and that he the money ran out, and he was forced to eat bread and water, and even to live in some creepy flophouse. Now he lives with me in the cell Paris seat of the Teutonic order, and we together go to work in the archives.

Work still very, very much. That's how hard and long was my last mission in the Livonian order!

A few days Dante told me the story of his love. I could not imagine what ever, but I had no reason not to trust the stories of others who saved me from certain death, and I listened open-mouthed.

He began his the story of what was the name of his beloved Beatrice, she also lived in Florence. He spoke with her only twice in my life: for the first time in childhood, when he was nine years old and she was eight, and it was on some occasion. In the second time she talked to him after nine years when I was walking down the street in accompanied by two elderly ladies. However, talk is too much it is said, for she just greeted him. At all events this an incredible love story ended, because five years later Beatrice married – of course, not for Dante. And three years later died of a fever.

Death Beatrice, according to Dante, struck him in such grief that many of his relatives and friends were afraid that it might end and his death. He did not respond no compassion, no consolation, no day passed without groans, without sighs, without tears. His eyes were two abilkasym sources so much so that many wondered where does he get so much moisture to nourish the tears. Constant crying and disregard all sorts of concerns about myself has given him the appearance almost of a wild man. He was terribly thin, had grown a beard and stoppedto be like his former self. Therefore, not only friends but also whoever it saw, looking at him, were filled with pity. However, during this life, full of tears, he appeared to very few people, except friends. After the death of his sweetheart, Dante began to write poetry, and writes them so far.

I confess to you, my dear Hannah, after telling Dante about his love so sublime story, I remembered our love with you and felt almost a Satyr, roughly trampled on the virginity of his beloved. I was silent, looked at tall, slender and beautiful Florentine, and tried to imagine how he could madly fall in love with a girl, you can say, almost not at all knew. Of course, and this story immediately struck me as odd and contrived, the more that Florence is famous for the freedom of manners along with Naples, but I couldn'topenly questioned the story of the man who saved my life!

Dante, too, was silent, clearly enjoying produced on me the effect, and then smiled and said, these are what poets will come up with something for the beauty of the verse and give the pure coin, and they all believe and think that it is an indisputable truth. No, a woman the name of Beatrice in his life was, but it was certainly all wrong.

Then I smiled and expressed to his friend: "I just thought it strange that a tragedy for you was only the fact that the girlfriend has died, not that she didn't marry you."

The poet replied that marriage of Beatrice did not become a tragedy for him because he really saw her a few times in my life and no special feelings for her had he just liked her as a beautiful woman. And their love the relationship started when she was already married. The marriage she was, as they say, under the settlement, the husband was much older than her and she didn't love him, and because he unlike her strict father was not watching her every move, she had the ability to have a lover, which she did.

Again, I questioned, this time about the fact that Dante could so cruelly to suffer for the death married mistress. But the Florentine explained his feelings over the death Beatrice was redoubled by the fact that the last time he was with her when she's already not feeling too well, but did not know that it is a fever, and he contracted, very hard and long was ill and only recovered by a miracle and after his sickness was really hard to know, so badly he looked. That's all history.

I, in turn, decided tell your friend about our love with you, because I was sure that he will keep secret. And Dante felt our relationship is much more lofty than those he was with Beatrice. He suggested that if he was with his great Florentine in such a long separation, that neither she nor he has not kept be faithful to each other. And what kind of fidelity you could say, if Beatrice only modified an elderly spouse with a beautiful and intelligent young men?

Dante said he is so touched with you our love story, which moves one of the his sonnets in German and bestow upon us, especially as he would like to practice the language which he once knew, but almost no used. We communicate with him then in Latin, then in French.

He did translation, I have fixed some bugs and send you this sonnet:


I've often thought with sorrow weary,

What I grim not their fault.

Spared himself, blazing like fire;

Kept saying, "So do not suffer more love!"


Oh, how many times, suddenly besieged

Cruel to God, in heart

I felt that the spirit one in me

Lives illuminated love.


Sought again the excitement to calm

In my powerlessness and exhaustion.

To be healed, to you I was slow.


Venturing a shy glance to raise,

I felt the concussion,

That seemed to me of living soul runs.


(Given translated by I. Golenishchev-Kutuzov – approx. transl.)


You see, sweetheart my Hannah, as really serious of our relationship with you. And maybe if would not our long separation, I never realized how much I need you. I know that we can still be together and will live a long and happy life. Have we are born of the little kids, and we'll tell them about how bad it was in separation, and you will remember this time as a nightmare. We have overcome all obstacles and be together always! You can't chase our love, she will not forgive us, and life without love is not worth of small coins. You know it.

Always remember that your life is the person who lives only for you. I love you and I promise you that when we finally be together, I'll do anything for your happiness. I heart to catch your every breath, every smile, because I you very much love! I'll give you happiness! I can do it, because you are my life! I believe in you, I fear for you, I love you and know that no matter what, I'll be there!


Forever yours, loving Franz.



Document No. 33

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXIII


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Franz von Marzling, the grace of the knight aforesaid landmasters.

Written under the strict mystery in Paris in the twenty-seventh day of may 1310 after Christ.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, saved by the Lord my brother, my Lord Gerhard!


Thank you for the blessing bringing Dante degli Alighieri as my paid assistant. Now he lives with me in the cell the Paris seat of the Teutonic knights, for brother Vincent de Breen finally got a separate room in the courtyard of the Inquisition.

Dante is a nice man and a great conversationalist and I enjoy talking with him. By the way, it is sure that the attack on me on Lombard street is due to my mission: in his opinion, the Templars learned that I was looking for in the archives something important, he was afraid, I can find something, and decided to get rid of me. Perhaps it do so, for I should be known to the knights of the Temple since the days of my trip to Russia, and they might think of me as a man who knows or can find out too much.

But if the attackers will venture a new attempt to achieve their goal, they will be much harder, for now they will have to remove not only from me but from Dante – beautiful swordsman. We are now with him and his pregnant wife together, wearing under clothes chain mail and holding swords at the ready. At leisure he sometimes gives me fencing lessons, for he is truly the master of this matter.

Let me report the results of archival searches, which Dante led into the Temple the last few months, and before that I kept one.

We found list of documents 1305 from Christmas, which includes eight letters and reports from Moscow, and the same inventory for the year 1306 where there is mention about eleven letters and reports. Seems to be just what we need, but, to our deepest the disappointment of the documents in the archive was not there. Almost all of the others documents of these inventories were in place, and of these none.

We turned to the architects of the Inquisition with the question, not whether they seized these letters and reports, but we definitely said no, because Moscow and Russia are not interested in them. It turns out, these documents were seized by the Templars before the dissolution of the order Temple in the autumn of 1307.

And in the beginning of this we have completed the review of the archives Templa. It became clear that the hope of finding documents on the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" no. I, frankly, was ready to fall into the mortal sin of despondency, but was rescued by the experienced Dante. He suggested contact the Abbey of Saint-Denis, through which in Paris is collegiate mail and look in the local archives indicate the letter for which the graph "where" is "the Paris temple," and in the column "whence" – Moscow, or any other Russian town. Of course, emails can not be there, for they weresent, but the descriptions can be information about the sender or even something useful. In short, I had to check it out.

And we checked. Got with the kind assistance of brother Vincent de Bryne identity, with the knowledge and on behalf of the Holy Inquisition are we allowed access to all the archives of France: in this the country is so great is the fear of the Inquisition that her name opens all doors. immediately. Presented this identity in the Abbey of Saint-Denis, he provided access to the archives, and we relatively quickly found the right listing.

Letters from Moscow to the temple in 1304-1307 years after Christ came a total of twenty nine, which is a lot, considering that many letters will not be sent monastic post office, and delivered straight to Paris messengers or anyone else. From other Russian cities of letters to the temple was not.

Unfortunately, no other information about letters in the lists was found, except for one thing: they all went through the Abbey of the blessed virgin Mary in feces. In principle, we could have guess because severomuyskiy the seaside town of Calais, as far as I it is known, is almost all mail in Paris and of all the Hanseatic cities, and of our Livonia: way to go by the East, then across the North sea – if not the most short, the most convenient, for it passes all boundaries of States and, accordingly, without duties. Hence, from the Russian cities it is the most convenient way.

The monastery's mail Russia is not, but the letters to France from Moscow, Tver, Vladimir and other major cities there usually is passed with the merchants traveling through Novgorod. Then The Eastern and Northern seas merchants arrived in Calais and from there either forwarded monastery mail, or carry themselves, if they continue on way.

So Dante thought that over and decided to go to Calais and look for those who brought the addressed to temple's letters from Moscow. Saint-Denis has told us that in inventories, stored in the Abbey of the blessed virgin Mary in Calais, should be the names of those who are these letters brought and paid for their shipment. So there is hope to find still, despite the fact that since the dissolution of the order of the Temple has passed two a half years. Most likely, the letters were handed over the merchants, not related to to this order, but if we find them, they can tell, looked like one who gave them letters to Moscow.

Dante and go to Calais tomorrow. Seat of the Teutonic order is not there, so I'm on the right knight performing solo mission with the help of an assistant, took under his responsibility in Paris Teutonic komfortu a regular semi-annual the contents for myself and assistant. There I picked up and money on the road from Paris to Calais. Please bless my actions and to inform the Teutonic order, that they took these costs at the expense of the Livonian order.

The grace of God Yes be with you and all our brothers. Bless you Almighty God. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Franz.


On the document is resolution:

Bless. Prescribe Ilmar Treasurer to notify the Teutonic order on the confirmation of expenditure's brother Franz and acceptance at the expense of the Livonian order.

The Landmaster Gerhard.



Document No. 34

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXIV


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written at Calais, in France in the thirtieth day of June of the year 1310 after Christ.


My favorite Hannah!


I continue the execution of the last mission in the Livonian order and now, on important business, associated with this mission are in Calais. Don't know if you heard about this seaside the city, located in the North of France. Talking about it is nothing special, because it's a small town, much less our Wismar. However, there is a big fortress there is a large Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-Calais, but the big cathedrals and castles we have in Germany enough.

The weather here despite the height of summer, is disgusting, all the time the North wind blows and drizzle drizzle. Next to the North sea, what can you do. We have much a warmer coast of East sea, the weather in late June is often the case yourself.

Dante arrived at Calais with me, we live in a modest Inn. It so happened that we with it free time here much more than in Paris, and he writes grandiose symphonic poem (the future of "the divine Comedy" – approx. pens.). To arrival in France he had already written several songs, but this is a small part of what it meant. The poem is conceived so huge that not even a tragedy it will either be Comedy, because there's a lot inspired by Melpomene, and Thalia, and Calliope. If you don't remember who they are, then clarify that it's not about lovers of Dante, and of the muses: Thalia – Comedy, Melpomene – tragedy, calliope – epic poetry. And beloved Dante called Beatrice, I wrote about it in the previous letter.

Writes Dante his poem not in Latin but in Italian of our time. This poem would be consist of three parts – "Hell", "Purgatory" and "Paradise", each roughly 33 songs, and all songs will be one hundred. Written poem is terza Rima – verses, consisting of three lines.

In the first part of the plan which is already fully matured, Dante will describe in detail the how he imagines hell. It I read the beginning already written an introductory songs, and since I am in the Italian language is not strong, then translated into Latin, and then, with my help, and in German:


Earthly life passed before the half,

I found myself in a dark forest,

Lost the way in the darkness of the valley.


He was, Oh, say,

The wild forest, dense and threatening,

Whose ancient horror in the memory of a bear!


So bitter is it that death is hardly not sweeter.

However, the benefit of abretti forever

Say about everything I saw in this more often.


(Given translated by M. Lozinski – approx. transl.)


And in this forest it was the great poet of antiquity Virgil, delivered him from the threat of attack three wild animals and a suggested journey through the afterlife. Dante boldly for him.

Hell Dante has the form of a huge funnel, the narrow end of which rested in the center of the Earth. The funnel consists of circles. In limbo are the souls of the void indecisive people. In the first round, where suffering is not yet inhabited by the soul virtuous pagans, that know not the true God. In the second round forever suffer the souls of those who indulged in unbridled sinful passions. I hope Dante in his poem do not fit in this circle we will be with you since he understands that the main thing in our relations – not just carnal passion and pure love with the most serious intentions to create a family.

The following the circles are the souls of the gluttons, misers, prodigals, heretics, tyrants, murderers, suicides, blasphemers, rapists, and many more who. One of them suffering in the flames, some from rain and hail, someone endlessly roll a huge stones, someone got stuck in a bog, someone turned into a plant, someone swims in streams of boiling blood...

I'm afraid to scare you such a horrible picture. Fortunately, all this is nothing more than fiction of the poet, and how to actually arranged our posthumous existence, known only to The Lord. The idea of the other two parts, "the Purgatory" and "Paradise" – is took shape, but Dante said that it will look as if he and Virgil come to the surface of the earth, and there, in the middle surrounded by an ocean of Islands rises the mountain – purgatory, with hell, with circles that constrict the closer to the top. Below are the sinners who committed anyof the seven deadly sins, and they gradually cleaned up. Upstairs are the gates of Paradise, where Dante met Beatrice. There will also be some circles, spheres, planets, whatnot. Dante is going to write, though in the end, once at the top, he was awarded a fellowship with the Creator.

Don't know how to view such a poem our Holy Church, and not hard to please whether at the Florentine court the Inquisition for blasphemy.

And Dante asked me what I thought about the symbolism of the gloomy forest in the beginning of the poem, where the poet got lost halfway earthly existence, and the three wild beasts, that it is this forest going to attack and saves him Virgil. I thought about it and expressed the opinion that the forest is a symbol of life and lynx, the lion and the wolf, three strong passions: sensuality, ambition, greed. In my opinion, quite clear interpretation. But it turned out that Dante is going to give SIM allegories completely different symbolic meaning: lynx, spots on the skin which signify the feud partiesGuelphs and Ghibellines, is Florence; the lion, a symbol of brute force, is France; greedy and lustful wolf is the Roman Curia. These animals are threatened unity and prosperity of his native Italy, which is now a gloomy forest of confusion.

I admit you that when I heard Dante would be so unflattering to portray The Roman Curia, is going to put in one of his circles of hell he hated his Holiness, Pope Clement, I was shocked at his folly, which I least expected to see in noble old Florentine Priore. To settle scores with the earthly rulers at all times was more dangerous than to Express their opinion about the world order.

I could not ask your friend a question, as he with such a hostile attitude towards the Roman Curia wrote in his request for admission to my paid assistants that brings a vow to be obedient to the Lord God, the Almighty, the virgin Mary, his Holiness the Pope Rome, the Grand master of the Teutonic order, and all order chiefs. He replied that honors the Lord and his Auspicious Mother, respects The Teutonic order, valiantly fighting for the establishment among the barbarians true the Catholic faith, but to the Roman Curia, indeed, is bad, becausethere are thriving simony – the sale and purchase of Church offices, clergy and sacraments, nepotism – giving privileges to relatives and friends, this and much more a story about what he doesn't want to confuse the soul of the young Crusader, that is me.

"But you're in your written request for the admission of assistants are obliged to be obedient his Holiness the Pope! It's not fair!" – I cried.

"As the Scriptures say, Caesar, God – gods. Besides, I pledged to be obedient but to love and sing not committed", – said calmly Dante.

I did not to continue the argument, although to me this answer seemed very tricky, if not immoral. Maybe if I didn't have the Florentine life and he's not was so need to do my order's mission, I would stop with him friendships, and even be informed about his plans and statements in the Holy Inquisition.

You don't surprised that I'm so honest with you? But I can tell you all that I think, to tell you everything and not be afraid that you will understand me wrong. After all, if you could see me now, this does not mean that you don't feel what I feel!

My dear, welcome, my love, I really need you to be near me always. If it was in my power I would give you the Universe, gave the sky, the moon and sun. It would be worthy of you, and you would understand how much I need you. Only happens once in a lifetime kind of love, when I know that she will never, never end.

To find each other among thousands of other people and not lose is a great gift, and I thank life for it! I'll do anything to never lose you! And I happy, because this love, sincere and true, in life is given only once. I care for you, love! I wish you so many happy days with me how many sun rays!


Forever yours Franz.



Document No. 35

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXV


Gerhard von York, Livonia the landmaster of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Franz von Narsinga, the grace of the knight aforesaid landmasters.

Written under the strict mystery in Calais in the fourteenth day of September, 1310 after Christ.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, my esteemed landmaster Gerhard!


I want to let you know that Dante degli Alighieri was able to learn and do in Calais.

Here we first just went to the Abbey of the blessed virgin Mary, located near the city's Cathedral. Presented in Paris obtained a certificate, with the knowledge and on behalf of the Holy Inquisition are we allowed access to all the archives of France. Us immediately, provided the ability to view the inventories of all that went the monastery email.

It turned out that there keep the inventory only three years, then thrown away. So we managed to explore documents last year alone, the existence of the order of the Temple – 1307 from The Birth Of Christ. And if we arrived a little later, our mission in General would have been a failure. But the virgin Mary saved.

As I've already said, our goal was to find out who in the feces of the monastery sent mail in temple from Moscow. We watched the lists for the 1307 year more than a month, for letters via this the Abbey is very much. Glory to the blessed virgin, there was mention of nine letters, and there stood the names of those who sent them and paid for shipping. Needs to say that the fee is quite small, in Moscow merchants, for the transmission of letters take three times more, and it turns out that still small hassle to log in Abbey and send a letter – they also make pretty good money. But it is nowno matter, they and merchants to make money.

So, we found the names those who were brought to Calais, letters from Moscow and sent them to the temple. Then we went to the Harbor and started asking if anyone knows of anything still. It turned out that three of them are well-known: Peter merchants from lübeck, Nicanor from Novgorod and Paul of Arras. They have large ships, they often go to Calais, carry away to Russia some goods, and bring out others. Now these merchants attrition – one in Boulogne, two to Russia.

So, it is necessary to wait still merchants that Dante and do. So we settled at the Inn around the harbour, daily visit there and ask, not profits or Peter, Nicanor or Paul. Wherever they can see – in the tavern at the Inn the yard, in the Harbor, we have agreed with the servants, gave them money, so when any of these merchants, we will inform you.

In the first days of waiting we have a question: sooner or later we, with God's help we will find Peter, Nicanor or Field, but what then? We need not they, but he who gave them letters to Moscow. They'll probably remember what he looked like, but then what? To go to Moscow with these merchants and walk with them around the city until they meet and do not recognise that man? Moscow – not so great the city, but still search it can take several months, and rich and free merchants will not do it, they have enough of their cases. Perhaps theyit would take a lot of money, but Dante has no such money. I believe that the Livonian order could not afford such costs.

"You could go to Russia with the portrait of a man who passed the merchants letters, and to identify him by this portrait," said the highly experienced Dante.

"How to be portrait?" – I asked.

"Draw with words merchants."

Here's a thought arose at my assistant. In my opinion, very sensible.

Neither I nor Dante to draw don't know how, but we turned to icon painting workshop, located in the same the Abbey of the blessed virgin Mary, and asked the local craftsmen, whether they to portray a human face on the verbal description. They said that in principle this is possible but they never did. We promised them good money, and they agreed, and it was evident that this task interested them, and they even suggested practice. Dante went to auction and remembered one of larechnikov, then came the painters and told in detail what he looks like. They firstpicked up the most similar image of a Saint, then modified it on the instructions of Dante – "bigger mouth", "brows up", "lighten the eyes", "head lower" and so on. Then the Florentine gave me the portrait, I went to auction and the next day identified is shown client.

Therefore, hope for success my mission is saved, and it now remains only to wait for the arrival we need merchants. The wait can take several months, because in the Harbor say that these merchants were last here recently. Besides the North sea will soon begin the season of storms.

So don't worry about me, my brother, my master, and if you will to me any instructions, then send them in Calais coaching Inn called the "anchor". This yard is very bad vengerskim even by our standards, but good yards near the Harbor of Calais not. To also Dante and refinement of habits are no different: I – in accordance with the data in our order vows of poverty, he, because during the years of exile accustomed to endure discomfort.

The grace of God Yes be with you and all our brothers. Bless you Almighty God countless years. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Franz.



Document No. 36

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXVI


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian Teutonic order, from Dante degli Alighieri, free and noble citizen of the Florentine Republic.

Written at Calais in twenty the ninth day of April, of the year 1311 ad.


Pleased to welcome You dear Gerhard landmaster!


Most likely, You known that I, until recently, was assistant to Franz von Marzling, knight Your landmasters. I write to You at the request of the knight Franz because he can not write due to severe injuries. Will tell You how did this misfortune.

You believe you know and the fact that Franz was waiting at Calais the merchants, who brought letters from Moscow to the Paris commandery of the order of the Temple. Finally, in January of this year there was one of them – Paul of Arras. We asked him to describe the man who passed him in Moscow's letters to the Paris temple. Because it was more than three years ago, to remember from he could not, he had no desire remember, because it is very hurry. Knight Franz threatened him with the Inquisition, and then the merchant miraculously remembered everything and went with us at the iconthe workshop and gave details how this person looks like.

According to the story the Fields were written portrait. In addition, it appeared that the man from Moscow was special sign: a small scar over her right eyebrow. He was dressed like a petty Prince official. Years he was about forty.

As a merchant, Paul would be mistaken or be untruthful, we have just in case decided to spend another a little bit of time, but to wait for one of the three known to us merchants brought letters. Next, in February, Nicanor arrived from Novgorod. He unlike Fields, was very helpful, immediately agreed to help us, and when icon painting workshop in his verbal description was composed portrait it turned out that he and Paul described man in Moscow is almost the same. All other signs also coincided.

On this mission in Calais we considered completed. We were holding the portrait of a man who in 1307 from Christmas passed in Moscow of the letter in the temple. Of course, it could not be himself a spy of the Templars in Russia, and his assistant, but this assistant had to know the spy.

Franz was going to go with the painted portrait in Moscow. He invited me with him, but I refused: stay in Paris and Calais, I was in correspondence with a number of Royal courts and the city magistrates, and finally received the invitation of the king of Rome Germany Heinrich (the future Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII approx. pens.), which is going to restore in Italy Royal power. He needs me as a man able to negotiate with Italian urban communes. Because a single government and a strong, nerazdavlennoy state fit to my beliefs, I gave the king's consent. Besides, I would be for Franz to Russia a burden, because they do not know the Russian language.

And we have all Franz it was agreed: he had to go to Sochi, I'm back to Paris and thence to the king in Luxembourg.

In early March, one of last evening, before parting, we sat in the restaurant facing each other. I back to the wall, Franz – in front of me with his back to the aisle. We, unfortunately, in Calais, forgot caution and stopped wearing clothes under the armor.

A man sat down at a table near us soon stood up and walked to the exit. When he became pass behind Franz in his hand, something flashed. I only had time to shout: "look out!" Franz heard me scream, caught my glance and started turn around, and at that moment the attacker struck the young man in the back fine dagger. He aimed at the heart. But due to the fact that Franz turned around, dagger got under the left and under the right shoulder blade. The young knight began to wheeze, began sliding sideways and fell to the floor.

While I was out due to the the table and snatched sword from its scabbard, the man went through the door and disappeared. I rushed behind him, ran out into the street, but the intruder had disappeared behind the bend the narrow streets. Then I chose to return to the Inn: it seemed to me more it is important to help the young man, whose work I had sincerely to love than to race across the harbour is not known for whom. I hadn't even to consider the face of the man. By the way, it turned out that the landlord and other visitors saw it for the first time, so I hope to find a villain not was.

I know a bit about medicine and knew immediately that the wound Franz heavy. He was broken right lung, so he immediately wilted from the sudden lack of air. However, if the dagger hit to the left, in the heart or lower in the liver, death would have been inevitable, and so the young man still had hope.

I did not allow either to touch lying the knight, nor lift, nor anywhere to wear, just ordered the innkeeper send for the doctor. Franz began to come around, but I told him not to move and not to talk, and he lay prostrate before the arrival of the doctor. I believe this saved him, because if he was making any movements, the blood completely flooded to the lungs. The young man was breathing hard, his lips made pink bubbles, but the scarlet stream from his mouth, thank God, is not flowed. The wound on the back not much bleeding, but her every breath was a release of pink bubbles. And happens when the affected lung.

Came the doctor, cut on the French clothing and bandaged the wound. We put the boy on a stretcher and took it to his room, again ordered him not to move and not to try to talk. I paid the doctor the money out of his savings, he began to use Franz herbal infusions, often do dressings, and the wound gradually began to heal. I've also performed their Christian duty to care for the wounded knight.

Franz spent more than months, now slowly gets up and walks around the room. Can speak, though in a whisper, but to write – not yet, because his right hand firmly perebintovany to body.

The other day he decided to go by ship to Wismar, to convalesce there in the estate of his mother, and then to go to Moscow – to search for the person depicted in the portrait. I tried it to dissuade him, believing that he still has time to sail on the ship, the wound may open up. But the brave young man replied that, as the weather is excellent, the journey going to be easy, and the mother he'd heal faster. According to him, we are with him and so held in the archives and waited in the Harbor for too much time, and can disrupt the performance of the important mission of the Livonian order. The details of the mission heI wasn't dedicated and I didn't ask, because it is not my habit to be interested in alien secrets, I like the prior of Florence his secrets enough. But You as blue landmaster, of course, understand what was going on.

Taking Franz's promise to lie in the cabin and not go out I took him on a ship departing from Calais to Riga with a stop in Wismar, gave him painted in the icon painting workshop portrait, and he warmly said goodbye. I'll see you again or not, knows only The Lord.

I say goodbye and Livonian order. In his request for acceptance to the assistants, I specified a period of one year, he a long time has passed, and I feel free from the order's obligations. Thank you the order for support in a difficult minute.

In conclusion, a message in December last year, the knight Franz went from Calais to Paris and took there the komfortu Teutonic order regular semi-annual maintenance for yourself and for me. His money was left with him, and I, as abdicate duties of assistant two months earlier six-month period, it is my duty to return the difference in order. As soon as you arrive in Paris, go into a komfortu and calculated. Behalf and on behalf of the knight Franz ask You to bless these money matters and to inform the Teutonic order, that they took the cost of the expense of the Livonian order.

God bless You and Your order brothers, are performing a difficult mission to bring the barbarians to the Holy cross. Amen.


Respect You and thank You Dante.


On the document is resolution:

Bless. Prescribe Ilmar Treasurer to notify the Teutonic order on the confirmation of expenditure's brother Franz and his assistant Dante and adoption still costs at the expense of the Livonian order.

The Landmaster Gerhard.



Document No. 37

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXVII


Brave knight Gerhard background York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Baroness Margaret von Marzling, noble and godly widow.

It was written in ArtLine that under the Wismar, on the eighth day of October, 1311, the year of our Lord.


I salute You dear Gerhard landmaster!


He Writes You A Margarita the widow of the valiant knight Heinrich von Marzling killed in acre in battle with Mohammedans infidels, and the mother of a gallant knight, Franz, seriously wounded dagger of the malefactor to Calais.

I was shocked when in my estate drove the wagon, and two stalwart sailor was brought into the house of my younger son punctured the right lung, in the terrible heat, almost unconscious. Immediately sent for my physician, and Karl, the older brother of Franz, he jumped on his horse, rushed to the Wismar and soon brought out another doctor – in his opinion, the best in Mecklenburg. And thanks to the intercession of the merciful virgin, to the efforts healers, tireless care and prayers of family, the French gradually came to himself.

When he was finally able to speak, then told that was wounded long ago, back in March. In Calais it well treated, it became better, but then the order of duty he was told that he needs to recover as much as possible quickly, and he decided that the mother in the family the estate will recover quickly, especially because Wismar is on the way from Calais to Venden. Being still very weak, he got on the boat and on the way from moisture and pitching he became ill. He hoped for good weather, but the Lord sent one of those spring storms on the Eastern sea, often in early may. WoundFranz opened and inflamed, and he started having a fever.

Fortunately, his friend Dante, who was with him at Calais, warned the captain that the young knight is wounded, and if he becomes bad, then I will deliver it right to Nursling. And additional money in excess of the fare paid for it. And my son was saved, because if it just dropped in the Wismar harbour, it is unlikely would have survived. So I now pray for the health of not only the French, but Dante, and the captain, who honestly performed their duty.

Now my youngest son is much easier, but to say he still can only whisper, and his right hand still perebintovany to the body, so to write he can not. It asked me to write to You that it is a portrait of the right person at the the Russian city of Moscow, and as soon as he recovers, then go there and do looking, for it is a matter of knightly honor. The details he said, referring on the order's secret.

I wish You and all The Livonian order to defeat all the enemies. The grace of God be with You and all of Your brothers in Christ, may Your days be full of joy and success, bless You Almighty Lord. Amen.


Yours Sincerely Margaret.



Document No. 38

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXVIII


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

It was written in ArtLine in the fifth day of January 1312 from Christmas.


My gentle and beloved Hannah!


Imagine how you worried, upon learning that I was taken to the Wismar wounded and barely alive. But glory to Almighty God and the blessed virgin Mary, I'm feeling much better, and I finally feeling able to come to you and be with you. Here's how was in a hurry to go home, so soon to see thee, and the wound nedolechili, in the way she inflamed, and eventually I'll see you in a few months later than I could. But I hope you will forgive me for the haste because I was driven by the most beautiful feeling – love!

No wonder the the main thing I appreciate in you is your soul that is so pure and innocent sometimes I find it awkward to engage in carnal love with this angel. But while you're so sensitive, you always understand my wishes, and your gentle the body welcomed them. I like to lie with you, whether talking or silently. I love to watch you when you sleep. Then in your air terms, your breath so much of openness and mystery that I want to enjoy thee forever!

For all that I love you, love tenderly and sincerely. Thanks to you I learned about love and happiness. I want to shout it to everyone, then quietly whisper to you ear.

In a week I'll be at you, my dear. We can long to be together because I can't continue the order's mission is not fully recovered, while full recovery is still far. Thank God, at least the right hand healers are not allowed to bandage to the body and I will be able to rise on your balcony and give you a hug. But to speak properly yet I can't, so don't be surprised. Sudden movements I also cannot yet do but we'll be careful, right?

Love you more than life and I'll love you forever.


Forever yours French.



Document No. 39

Room on the inventory The Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XXXIX


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Karl von Trier, the grace of the Grand master of the aforesaid order (Karl von Trier became the Grand master of the Teutonic order in 1311 after the death of Siegfried von Fejhtvangera, prior to this Carl was the Grand commander of the order, i.e. Deputy Grand master – approx. transl.).

Written under the strict mystery in Marienburg to the thirtieth day of April, 1312 ad.


Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever! I greet you, dear brother in Christ, Gerard!


I would first of all to inform you that nearing the completion of the work of the Council convened by his Holiness by Pope Clement in Vienne (now Vienne, a city in South-Eastern France, near Lyon – approx. transl.). Opened this Cathedral back in October of last year, as I have already reported you and the other landmasters of our blessed order.

Of course, the attention of the whole Christian world was riveted to the charges against the order Temple. They were put forward in 1307 from Christmas, right after the beginning of the arrests of the Templars. On the convening of the Council was announced in a year, but then it was repeatedly postponed due to the fact that the knights were admitted, declared his testimony invalid, and in 1310 almost six hundred the knights Templar came to the decision to secure your order, completely denying recognition made before the inquisitors in 1307-1308 and to bishops in 1309.

In order crush all more than the growing protection of the Templars, king Philip has taken stringent measures. The Archbishop of the city of Sens, a protege of the king began in his diocese investigation of the knights of the Temple and found that they are all guilty how to re-fallen into heresy. Handed them over to the secular court, resulting in the sentences of the Church courts, and soon fifty-four Templar was sentenced to be burned at the stake and executed in the outskirts of Paris. Thanks SIM executions were able to scare and force to return to its originalconfessions, almost all the recalcitrant knights, to resist continued only a few that are particularly resistant.

Hearing the Pontifical Commission in the matter of the Templars ended in June 1311. The same in the summer pontifex Maximus combined evidence obtained in France, with the materials of the investigation from other countries, and found that only in France and belonged to the lands of the Templars had made a confession of guilt. This no wonder, because the unlimited torture of the Templars was used only there.

In England, for example, it was different. For there the laws of the torture was forbidden, but Holy the Inquisition received the king Edward (II – approx. pens.) permission to torture of the knights Templar, and this resolution was called "ecclesiastical law". However Edward himself had grown up among the Templars, was knighted in their home the London temple, so long the Dominicans were not allowed to arrive in England, and when allowed, on the condition that they leave France all the instruments of torture. The inquisitors were allowed only "light" torture like eversion joints and willamalane fingers. However, torture was almost certain, for British knights of the Temple were warned of the impending violence long before the arrival inquisitors and had to leave the country.

And in Aragon, where the law does not recognize torture, Cortes did not have given permission for their application.

We have Germany measures applied to the Templars, entirely dependent on the relationship to them of the local authorities. Archbishop Burchard of Marburg, known for its dislike of the order of the Temple burned a few knights of the four monasteries. The Archbishops Of Trier and Cologne in 1310 gave Burchard of its powers in relation to Templar. But Peter, Archbishop of Mainz, incurred the displeasure of the Pope Clement for what is called the Cathedral, where the knights Templar presented evidence of his innocence: the Mainz commander himself appeared, resulted in twenty -their knights, they left their cloaks at the fire, and crosses on them is not burned. Not you know, a miracle, or it was prepared in advance of the circus action, but the Templars justified.

Holy Pope Clement, realizing that the initiated trials in the foreseeable future is not expected, finally decided to convene Vienne Cathedral and demand the abolition of order as to dishonor myself and have been unable to exist in its present form. They say resistance from the Council members was quite significant, even forced to keep silent under pain of excommunication. And this despite the fact that participants had about three hundred, including dozens of cardinals, archbishops and bishops.

In March of this years on the Consistory of cardinals held by Pope Clement, was made the final decision on the dissolution of the order of poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon. On the third day of April this was solemnly announced at the Council meeting. It was about the following: to condemn the order for the heresy it is impossible, but the Templars voluntarily confessed to errors, and it will turn away the faithful, who more will not enter the order. Thus, use order will not bring and have to be disbanded. In my opinion, my brother Gerhard, this approach is very reasonable.

Now part the Council members left, the part decides the fate of the property of the knights Templar, which seems to be going to transfer to the knights Hospitallers. However, not I doubt that the Dominicans, Carthusians, Augustinians and Celestine will also be able to make money. Maybe something will get us, humble Teutons. We order the superintendent Conrad von Nasinu a lot of work.

In addition, on Vienne Cathedral discussed the protection of Christian shrines in Palestine, and the Cathedral called of kings Philip and Edward to go on a new crusade in Holy Land. Even at the Council talked a lot about the need to strengthen piety among the clergy, and discussed some of the dogmatic questions. And yet the Cathedral was established at the universities of Paris, Oxford, Bologna and Salamanca departments of Jewish and Arabic with the aim of training missionaries. It is unlikely these issues are urgent for us, soldiers of Christ, the more thatwe aren't fighting Jews or Arabs, and with the Lithuanians, the Balts and the Russians.

The urgent question for us is that disgusting Lithuanian Prince Vytenis turned their attacks on the Prussian landmeister our order. Recently, he stormed the City, destroying almost the entire population of this city. Thus strengthened his Alliance with insidious Riga Archbishop Frederick, the latter even sent to Lithuania monks of the Franciscans.

A large part our troops busy in Poland, and we can't give Vitany and residents worthy back. Therefore require you immediately to attack Lithuania from the East, from Livonia and distract yourself as much as possible more enemy troops. Direction the main attack is via Dinaburg to Jurbarkas, distractions along the coast East sea. Show our enemies the power of the Crusader weapons.

I draw your attention, my brother in Christ Gerard, promiscuous idolater Vytenis in the unions with representatives of a particular faith. In this regard, I would like to know how advancing the mission "the Great Catholic Rus'", have you found the spy of the order Church in Moscow, are negotiations of Prince Yuri Danilovich with the Templars, and not concluded the Moscow Prince during this time, God forbid, a secret Alliance with Lithuania. We're still not convinced that the "Great Orthodox Russia" is not created and one unfortunate day your landmasters not be subject tothe attack at the same time Yuri – from the East and Vytenis from the West.

And yet I ask you to inform I was able to convince guests to you in the past month, legate of his Holiness Pope to waive the requirement for the transfer of the Riga Archbishop's castle and dunamunde the charges against the Livonian order.

God bless you and led by thee, the brotherhood of the knights of Christ of Livonia. Amen.


Sincerely yours Carl.



Document No. 40

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XL


On the document level:

The archive stores a copy, the original is sent to the destination.



Karl von Trier, Grand the master of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gerhard von York, by the grace of God Livonian landmaster aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden in the twenty-fifth day of may 1312 from Christmas.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, esteemed ruler my brother in Christ Karl!


I want to thank you for a story about Vienne Cathedral. For us, a modest provincial soldiers Of Christ, whose life of hard work and battles, it is very important so a detailed and impartial description of what happens in earth's highest spheres of the Christian world.

I hasten to report to you that the papal legate, the Bishop Etienne de Derain who came to us in March of this year and demanded that we give dunamunde residents safely departed to Avignon, abolishing all the requirements and clearing all the charges against us.

As you know, to convince to make it it was uneasy. Needed and direct costs, and I'm sorry My God, the threat of defamation, because this Bishop was big fan of the sodomy and at any moment were ready to break their monastic vows, which happened soon after his arrival in Sochi. Here only he has violated his vows, not with someone else, and known for its beauty and slut vengerskim boys Klaus. The hiring of this young man, too, cost a lot of money, but he was willing to testify about Sodom connection with Bishop Etienneunder oath, with all the details, which are so fond of asking any judges – both temporal and ecclesiastical. Besides, Klaus surcharge involved in godless svalny fornication with the legate of his two young friends, who was also willing to give detailed testimony under oath.

But no oath is not needed, because the Bishop immediately understood, refused all claims and charges, took the money and boarded a ship sailing to France. Nice to have dealing with smart people.

Hiking on malicious pagan Vytenis our valiant crusade of the Livonian army is sent already on the first day of June and the twentieth day of the same month respectfully asking you if not hit, then at least indicate the impact on the godless Lithuania for the same directions: to the Ariogala and along the coast. I believe, our action enter Vytenis into confusion and forced him to stop the offensive. Grant us the blessed virgin victory, because our cause is just and pleasing to God.

Now let me report before you on the mission "the Great Catholic Russia."

Moscow continues to increases. Last year Prince Yuri Danilovich took Nizhny Novgorod, where put on the reign of his brother Boris. And Yuri took the town of Torzhok, through which is the supply of bread and other food to Novgorod, at the time took the side of Mikhail of Tver. Novgorod, are severely affected, the price of bread there increased several times.

Metropolitan Peter openly took the side of Moscow, resulting in the Tver Bishop Andrew put on it the charge before the Patriarch. In the town of Pereyaslavl last year was held an ecclesiastical court, which recognized the charge Andrei slander.

But it's not evidence nor the conclusion of a secret Alliance between Moscow and Lithuania, or about the rejection of such a Union. To learn about the existence of such a Union or not, we I hope to scout at the time, smuggled to Russia by the order of the Temple, from which eight years ago and received information about the negotiations Yuri and Vytenis.

In search of this scout was sent to one of our best young knights – Baron Franz background Nursling. He went to Paris, then to Calais, has studied the archives of the order of the Temple in The inventory of the temple and monastery of the mail, and eventually he managed to figure out how to look people passed in Moscow of the letter for the Paris commandery of the order of the Temple, and even to his portrait.

Brother Franz was about to go from Calais to Moscow in order to try to find this person, but before his departure he was severely wounded by the attacker he plunged the dagger in the back. Considering that shortly before that in Paris for this knight was made one attempt that failed, there are reason to believe that someone very much does not want the Templar infiltrator in Russia was identified and began to work for us. Why – is unclear. Again, we I hope to understand it, we have found this man.

Now knight Franz has almost recovered from his severe wounds and soon will go to Moscow. He very well proved during the first trip there 1304-1305 years, when he was only a messenger, but he had to act as Ambassador of the Livonian order. He withstood persecution and torture he was subjected to by the Prince Yury Danilovich, who wanted to demonstrate their loyalty Horde Lord.

I am happy and the work of brother Franz in the Paris archives. Remember, the late landmaster Gottfried von Rogge was also very pleased with the Franz wrote to me that his veins are not in vain flows the noble blood of his father, the valiant Baron Heinrich von Marzling, fallen in the defense of Acre, and that the French not only established, but also communicative, and Thrifty, and reverent, and honest, and no coward.

Of course, this young Baron has shortcomings inherent in its twenty-five age, but as you know, youth is the only fault with time goes away. So if brother Franz will be able to fulfill its mission in Moscow, I think to make it in Comtur one of the new locks that we going with God's help begin to build.

Take my lower bow, my brother, my Lord. Bless you Almighty God. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Gottfried.



Document No. 41

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLI


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Franz von Marzling, the grace of the knight aforesaid landmasters.

Written under the strict mystery in Moscow in the sixteenth day of February 1313 of the Nativity.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, my esteemed landmaster Gerhard!


In fulfilling its mission, I arrived in Moscow. As in my last visit, posing as a young merchant Mecklenburg studying Russia for earnings on local goods, only this time the journey seemed not his name, but Christian. Being no longer a Sergeant, a knight of our order, I am much less short of money, therefore, in Dorpat and Novgorod was not expecting travel companions, and he hired a sleigh with charioteers.

God gave me the beautiful weather without snow, and the thumb of the winter road on ice frozen rivers were easy. However, it is hardly possible to believe so light the road, where for a few tens of miles can not meet no human habitation. Right forest, left the forest, and so many hours. Well, though the robbers and the wolves dispersed, and even before, say, plaguing them not was. But still alone few risks to travel, travelers going in caravans.

Driving through Novgorod, I learned that this town last year rebelled against Mikhail Yaroslavich of Tver and joined Yuri Danilovich of Moscow. Accordingly changed and the mayor: is Michael Pavlinich, a supporter of Tver, the city manages a supporter of Moscow Semyon Klimovich. The construction of stone fortifications, founded in 1302 from Christmas still hasn't started, and Novgorod wall still wooden, dilapidated even more than eight years ago, when I saw them in previous times.

This time I went in Moscow from Novgorod through Tver, and through a friendly and Moscow, and Novgorod Volok Lamsky – the city that grew up around the historic portage from the river, Lama river Wolosky. The Lama is tributary of the Shosha, which flows into the Volga river in its upper reaches. And Voloshina – one of the tributaries of the river Rusa, which, in turn, flows into the Moscow river.

Now, Volok Lamsky – an important trading point on the way from Novgorod to Moscow and Ryazan land. With the end of the last century this city was in joint control of Novgorod and Moscow, however, recently the Governor of Moscow Rodion Nestorovich expelled Novgorod, completely mastered the city.

Of course, it would be it is interesting to go to Tver and to see how lives this rival of Moscow, and that there changed over the last few years, but in Novgorod, I was warned that due to continuing many years of war between Yuri and Mikhail through Tver to Moscow do not let anyone, even merchants with goods, and merchant without goods just take for the infiltrator. As I was taking a portrait of a man of the knights Templar in Russia and had focus on your mission, to take the risk, I did not.

I'll tell you frankly, my brother, my Lord, to take the risk, I did not because if you would go through Tver, it is not passed to Vertain, and may not be able to overcome delusion of the enemy of the human race and not to look for the beautiful widow Bazine, a way which, I confess, sometimes still is me at night and expelled only by prayer and fasting.

Arriving in Moscow, I settled on a German farmstead, rented a room in the house of the tailor of Zechariah. The room can not be called spacious and comfortable, but I understand that searches can to take a long time, and if I want to keep them secret, then I will have to avoid Dating with compatriots and repeatedly change the housing.

And now, more than a month I go to Moscow, looking into the faces of people and try to understand who they depict in the portrait, brought from Calais. Moscow has a population of not less than fifteen thousand man, it is not so much as in Novgorod or Paris, so there's hope success is, if only the Templars after the dissolution of the order has not withdrawn its scout or replace it with another, or if the letters to the merchants are not passed on scout and any servant, during this time, changing job and left from Moscow. But I trust in the mercy of the Lord, which cannot fail to favorThe Livonian order and its charitable missions.

My brother, my master, if you want to give me any instructions, then send letters to Moscow bargaining for the shopkeeper of the ULEB in a bread line. I had a merchant of the year Mecklenburg and for little money agreed with the shopkeeper, that I would sometimes to go behind the letters. Write on the outside sheet of a letter: in Moscow, at the auction, bread row, ULEB for the year.

As befits a knight, performing solo mission in a hostile country, upon arrival in Moscow, I started a stash for special occasions. Tell you its location: under the bottom Board jamb of the North window is a large wooden Demetrius Church that The Borovitsky hill. There between the casing and the wall logs have a cavity protected from rain and snow. But we hope that through the intercession Blessed virgin, my current mission will take place without any incidents, and I don't will have to use the SIM's stash.

The grace of God Yes be with you and all our brothers. God bless you. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Franz.



Document No. 42

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLII


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, from Baron Franz von Marzling.

Written in Moscow in the eleventh day of April, 1313 ad.


My dear, dear, beloved Hannah!


For almost six months we separated, but I can't seem to get used that can't see you, can't touch, to hug, to kiss... Until you're not around, I always remember the time being with you, and I sometimes think that it was just a dream, then realize none of it was real. This is a feeling which does not pass and not to describe.

What happiness, that you I have! How nice to feel loved! Loving you, I became to understand the meaning of "fall into you". I used to think that this can not be, and now I do it dissolve. Can think about you and days and nights.

My dear, if you to describe all the feelings that gives me love for you, I would do it did you know that to do these things is impossible, because truly loves the person is unable to communicate his love through words.

Now you're not around, but I know you feel the warmth of my love. To teach people to dream is not given everyone, but you did it, and I kind of immersed in the story, inviting in the distance and frightening in its beauty. You are not just my desire, you're my opportunity to find himself. Only with the advent of you in my life I was able to be reborn to understand who I am. Because of you my heart has learned to tolerate not only the heat the intensifying of feeling, but the icy chill of separation. Passing through the sea of evil and the desert of suffering, I have found the light in the soul, their harmony.

Thank you for that you are in my life! Thank you for the affection, for passion, for the thoughts about me, your patience, for endurance. And most importantly, infinite thanks for your love! It the most valuable that can be in life. A love worth living! Love you have to fight! I no now you will not give up!

Wait for me, darling! I will soon finish the mission in Moscow and will come to you for good and we'll will not part. Without you I can't live, can't breathe, can't exist! God bless you for so many years, how many on the sea shore grains of sand!


Forever gently loving Franz.



Document No. 43

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLIII


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Franz von Marzling, the grace of the knight aforesaid landmasters.

Written under the strict mystery in Moscow the fifth day of September, 1313 ad.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, my esteemed landmaster Gerhard!


I hasten to tell you that in may this year I finally found a person who was transmitting from Moscow letters for the Paris of the Templars.

Earlier, I met two, similar to the image in the portrait, but none of them matched above the right eyebrow. However, just in case, I followed them. It was the indigenous people of Moscow with their families and many children, who lived in their own houses, so that coupled with the lack of scars I have concluded that it is not those who we need.

But marching down the street a man dressed as a princely official, I immediately caught the eye. The similarity with a portrait, age, scar, and even clothes – everything pointed to the fact that merchants in Calais meant it.

I started to follow the SIM man, that was easy, because no precautions against surveillance it I did not take. His name is Dragan, by origin he was a Serb. In Moscow it is more ten years, the Russian language is fluent in working in the Prince the Treasury in some small office. Family he has no close friends too. Live at the house of Basil the blacksmith near the Saviour gate outside the city walls, there is a house belongs to Vasily, this man is renting two rooms.

I found out all this, talking with an old carpenter by Yakuna, the owner of the neighboring house. Learned that jakun rents a room, introduced a German merchant Alfred, wishing take a room, and expressed concern trustworthy the people around you, will not be if the noise and the excesses that threaten my peace. Jakun told me about all its neighbors, including Dragan and Basil. And I really got the room in the house of Yakuna, because I was so comfortable to follow Dragan.

This Serb, as expected, goes to work in the Treasury. And it often comes in a large house near bargaining. In this house there is a workshop of Mustafa, the goldsmith, fifty-year-old Arab originally from Palestine. Then, where I came from Mustafa, I learned from the same Yakuna, explaining to him that I wanted to buy for his beloved Golden decoration, and it is important for me that the person was trustworthy and not cheated palming off instead of gold forgery. Jakun said Mustafa in Moscow for about seven years, and nothing bad about it, no one spoke. Only everyone who knows him,wonder why he has no wife and children, although the Arabs are known to tend to many children, and even to an ungodly polygamy.

And Dragan about once in two or three weeks sends a letter with the merchants, traveling to a variety of the city and the country. After he says goodbye to the merchant, who took him, and removed from the market, this merchant I. Meet, submitted meklenburgian Alfred, to ask what products it is better to sell and buy in Russia, and at the same time find out where this merchant is going to go now. For the time I follow Dragan, he took the letter to Theodore from Angouleme, EN route to Rome, Simeon of Rostov – Lubeck, Tybalt from Rimini inVenice, Juan of Castille in Paris, Bazille from Toulouse in Paris, William from Amsterdam – to London, Jerome from Zaragoza to Cyprus, and mark from Stralsund in neighbouring Riga. And there was a letter to Palestine, it was taken by the Genoese Giovanni.

Who is the addressee of the letter, to find out, unfortunately, failed because merchants securely store secret correspondence. But that modest Moscow Treasury official talks of almost all the world also says a lot.

And here's what I noticed: letters Dragan always comes out of the workshop of Mustafa. So if in Moscow there is a secret brotherhood of the order of the Temple, Dragan in it – like as the messenger, Mustafa, like the chief or one of the chiefs. Though maybe just the Registrar or the clerk.

And that such a brotherhood there, I was able to verify this by starting to follow Mustafa. On the most it is otherwise, and he is pretending to be an Arab as messenger for the Serb Dragan, but doesn't matter now.

Mustafa once every two weeks on Sundays, when almost all Muscovites of the Byzantine faith go to the temple to morning service, leaves the city. Goes he is always on horseback, always in the South side always on the road to Kolomna, it is always a large sum, for it is always running huge dog and he always comes back to the evening of the same day.

To track Mustafa was difficult, because early Sunday morning the road to Kolomna almost deserted. I already wrote in my first visit to Russia, which is far the distance here go mostly by rivers, and by land only travel Hiking and horsemen: for a merchant and sled and wagon roads are too narrow and uncomfortable.

So I followed Mustafa, in order not to arouse the suspicion for a long time, for several it country trips. Also sat on the horse, which took in a relatively a small fee at the city stables, but not followed Mustafa through the deserted the Kolomna road, and in advance chosen places farther and farther away from Moscow and waiting for the Arab there. Someday never came – went to meet him. Soon saw that from the main road departed small, and so Mustafa on it turned. The next time I was waiting for him already on the side of the road and no mistake. Thisthe road, or rather path, led me to the high Bank of the Pakhra river near the place of its confluence with the Moscow river miles in thirteen (about25 km – approx. transl.) from Moscow.

I here was not remember the good word of my order's mentor Matthias von Tatenhove, his time teaching me the techniques of secret surveillance! And you, my brother, my Lord, when he was commander Felinski gave me mentors not anyone but experienced brother Matthias!

At Pakhra Mustafa gets off the horse pulls from the bag of dirty clothes, changes clothes, takes a torch and goes down down the slope to the river, leaving the horse under the protection of the dog. Immediately to get a closer look to understand where it climbs Mustafa, because this dog was impossible even for in order to watch from a distance, we had to choose seats in accordance with the wind direction, so that the dog did not smell my scent. But I waited in the evening, when the Arabs went back, and realized where he was: about halfway slope is the entrance to an abandoned underground quarry.

I later found out from the peasants the surrounding villages that before the invasion of Batu Khan and here and in many other surrounding the quarries are mined for construction material, the so-called white the stone for the cathedrals of Vladimir, Pereyaslavl, Rostov and other cities of the great Duchy of Vladimir. But after the Mongol conquest in Vladimir, and surrounding cities of white stone churches were not built only of wood. So suburban quarries and abandoned. Farmers said that their along the Pakhra a lot, at least half a dozen.

On Monday, when the Arab he worked in his Moscow Studio, I came prepared with torches, dressed warmly and he went to the quarries. It's dirty, dark, cold, cramped. The quarry is not represent continuous space, they are almost completely filled fragments of stone, and there remain only narrow passages. Width still passages in on average, one and a half cubits (1 m – approx. transl.), height – two (1.5 m – approx. transl.), that is me with my growth to go in there hard, all the while having to duck and to follow, as if not to bump your head. And still a lot of times hit.

For a huge number debris inside the quarries, I can say that the surface wasn't taking out more than a tenth of the mined stone. Apparently, the requirements to the most expensive and prestigious building material in Russia was very high and the selection was carried out very carefully.

Accordingly, any underground quarry is not a hall, and a maze. I believe in Ancient Crete the mythical Minotaur, defeated the pagan hero Theseus, too, dwelt not in some special maze, and in an abandoned quarry. Only minokamo the maze is probably far from the quarries near Moscow, where the total length passages is a lot of miles.

A little bit similar to halls only those places in the quarries, where there is breaking of stone in this moment. Or was at the time when the quarry was abandoned. Then the length, and the width of the "hall" can be in the tens of cubits, the height can also be significant: three – four cubits, and even more. To support the ceiling in the "halls" are left the "columns" of stone monolith with a span of a few elbows. When active the extraction of stone, these "halls" as the development of layers gradually shifted, and the place where they were before, filled up the rubble and transform into the crowdnarrow aisles. Now, when the quarries are abandoned, these "halls" in them left a lot.

For the first time in the quarry, which went to Mustafa, I immediately realized that can get lost. It was possible unwinding of the thread tangle, as did Theseus on Crete. But Ariadne I didn't have to get the magic thread to me was not a common to end, clinging to every ledge of stone. So the Lord has umodel me to do more simply and reliably: to count how many times I turned on forks right, how much time is left, how many times has gone right. And so I did, gradually, day by day, moving further and further.

This quarry I studied for many days, but found nothing remarkable, except that on some stones symbols, reminiscent of the famous characters of early Christianity – the initials of our Lord Jesus Christ, image of bread and fish.

One day, while in the quarry, from a distance I heard footsteps, quickly put out your torch, hid at the fork in the passageways around the corner and saw passed by some people also with a torch. Look at his face it was not possible to follow him in narrow aisles, too, but it wasn't Sunday, so it was not Mustafa.

Then, in addition to walking quarry, I began to look outside its entrance. On different days I saw six people approaching or who came to the door, pereodevatsya, disappearing inside and appear in a few hours. Some of them were richly dressed and had servants, others looked like simple craftsmen. Sometimes they appeared by twos and threes, one day one of them arrived on Sunday together with Mustafa. Why are all these people climb in the quarry that are entered there and what endure, is yet a mystery, for if they are anything hiding there, find it in the endless maze I can only miracle, and the miracle The Lord has not yet deigned to srisaket.

My brother, my Lord, I you can keep track of all these people and learn who they are, but I guess it is already clear that we are not dealing with a single scout of the knights Templar, once someone learns about the impending Union of Moscow Yuri and Vytenis Lithuanian and branched, secret fraternity of the order of the Temple. In this regard, I do not dare to offer cooperation with the Livonian order, neither Dragan nor Mustafa or anyone else without first receiving your blessing.

Waiting for a letter from you. You might want to entrust the negotiations of Ambassador of a higher level, then ready to meet a Ambassador and I will be around to assist him. Write as before, on the outer sheet of a letter: in Moscow, at the auction, a bread row, ULEB for Michel. If to Moscow will arrive the secret of the order's Ambassador, too, let's go the ULEB, I will say that looking for merchant of the year, and tell us where he settled. I said to him coming soon.

Money on its content and accommodation before leaving I took in our Treasury for six months, are Russia for eight months, but for now I have enough money, because there prices are much lower than ours in Livonia, especially in Paris, and I live modestly here standards. In a pinch use the money given to me for emergency expenses, but before that it was very far away. So what about my content is not very well to worry. A full report on all expenses, as usual, I will give back.

The grace of God Yes be with you and all our brothers. God bless you. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Franz.



Document No. 44

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLIV


On the document level:

The archive stores a copy, the original is sent to the destination.



Franz von Marzling, mattersome (Mesotten is now called a four – approx. transl.) the commander landmasters the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gerhard von York, by the grace of God Livonian landmaster aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden in the twelfth day of November, 1313 ad.


Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever! I greet you, dear brother in Christ Franz!


Bet you were surprised finding under the outer sheet of a letter, which, as you asked, it was it is written: "In Moscow, at the auction, a bread row, ULEB for the year" (external sheets with addresses is not preserved on any of the letters in the collection – approx. transl.), the titles you commander Mattandkim. Perhaps even thought it a mistake. But it not a mistake, but your current insignia of rank. In the coming years will start the construction of a new castle in Mesotten (started in 1321 – approx. transl.), and you will lead it.

For the approval of your the title of General Chapter don't worry, I am commanded to make the decision on the establishment seat Mesotitsch and the election of Baron Franz von Marzling his commander in the minutes of the meeting dated the seventh of October this year. As you know, similar we have practiced in the order in special cases. If I remember correctly, you and the order was passed in this way. Then you became a Sergeant, and now, see, grown to a commander.

I congratulate you most warmly, my brother in Christ, and I have no doubt that the title commander will help you fulfilling your charitable mission in Moscow.

Also assuming you the rank of Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the order of the trust to hold secret talks with Moscow abolished the brotherhood of the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the Temple Solomon, as they now called themselves neither. The goal of the talks is to convince the governors of the members of this fraternity to cooperate with the Livonian order. And the first what they need to know – the "Great Orthodox Russia", at least in a secret Union Yury Danilovich and Vytenis, and if not, whether created at all.

Lead the negotiations with the who calls himself Mustafa, because he is clearly higher in rank than the messenger who calls himself Dragan. Completely honest with Mustafa, of course, you shouldn't be, but can to say that came to him via Dragan, portrait and signs which are received in Calais. Can even to the credibility to make the portrait. Promise Mustafa and all the members of his brotherhood complete forgiveness of sins, Holy father – I think using the Teutonic order we receive such indulgences. And, of course, promise money, military and other support.

And from Moscow the Templars, or whatever they are now called, will need to lead to Union with us The Grand Duchy of Moscow, and then and all Russia. No matter is created or not "The great Orthodox Russia", this brotherhood, branched and long-acting that is probably the powerful and influential, should be our ally in the creation of a "great Catholic Russia."

But be very careful. In any case don't tell the Templars, where they live and how to find you, set up these meetings in crowded places, watch carefully to to you no one approaching from behind, as it took place in Calais. By the way, I want to Express hope that your wound has completely healed, and the bad Russian weather it is not 've opened.

God bless you, my brother Franz, commander Mettersi, Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ Livonia. Amen.


Sincerely yours Gerhard.



Document No. 45

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLV


Brave knight Gerhard background York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Baroness Margaret von Marzling, noble and godly widow.

It was written in ArtLine that under the Wismar, in the twenty-first day of December, 1314 birth of Christ.


I salute You dear Gerhard landmaster!


He Writes You A Margarita the widow of the valiant knight Heinrich von Marzling killed in acre in battle with Mohammedans infidels, and the mother of a gallant knight, Franz, commander MASTERSKAJA.

You have no idea yourself, dear landmaster Gerhard, as I was glad to learn about the purpose of my the son of the commander. It is a great honor for any knight, and especially this young. However, the younger generation grows up faster, and maybe twenty seven years – not so young age?

And I'm, frankly, will soon be seventy, and I'm really bad. I will not disappoint You by listing its diseases, but they are indeed heavy, and my physician frankly told me to live only a matter of months.

Therefore I have to ask You: is it possible to send my son Franz to say goodbye to me? My eldest son Carl and his family are close, but Franz I was last seen when he was treated after being injured and not wish that time really was last.

Please my dear the landmaster, please respect the request of an elderly widow. I wish You and the Livonian order new victories and unfading glory.

The grace of God Yes be with You and all Your brothers in Christ, may Your days will be full of joy and success. Amen.


Forever grateful to You Margarita.



Document No. 46

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLVI


On the document level:

The archive stores a copy, the original is sent to the destination.



Franz von Marzling, mattersome the commander of the Livonian landmeister of the order of the House of St. Mary Teutonic in Jerusalem, from Gerhard von York, by the grace of God Livonia the landmaster aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden in the seventeenth day of January 1315, the year of our Lord.


Glory to Jesus Christ forever and ever! I greet you, dear brother in Christ Franz!


It's been more than a year of the receipt of your last letter, and I'm really worried about your silence.

Inform you that in order received a letter from your mother, a noble and pious widow Margaret. It writes that she was in ill health and she wished to see you, in order to say goodbye to you. Of course, God forbid that she was wrong and she was destined to many more years of life. All we, your brothers in the order, constantly pray for your mother's health. But still I wish her request was granted.

How is your Embassy the mission, my brother Franz? Why are you silent? Please immediately reply to this letter or to return to Sochi.

Bless you blessed The Virgin Mary. Amen.


Sincerely yours Gerhard.



Document No. 47

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLVII


Report of Radovatsa Fellini, baptism of Thomas, the grace of the Sergeant of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ Livonia, on the implementation of the secret mission to Moscow in search of different entities.

Written under the strict mystery in Felline on the second day of July, 1316 ad.


How I'm supposed to, arrived in Moscow under the guise of Zemgale peasant affected by the Livonian orders and seeking in Russia for a better life.

Went to a bread row in the market place. Found the shopkeeper of ULEB and asked about the merchant Michael. ULEB answered me that year, two years didn't visit him.

Then I went back in the house Basil the blacksmith near the Spassky gate, asked the Serb Dragan, but I said, he has been missing for more than two years ago.

Then I found the house about bargaining where there was a workshop of Mustafa, the goldsmith. It for two years is a workshop for repairing shoes, and told me that Mustafa has closed its the case and left Moscow in an unknown direction.

Then I found specified stash for special occasions under the North window casing Demetrius Church. There was a letter to the Livonian order, which I attach to this report.

Upon this all the prescribed me steps in Russia was finished, I left Moscow and with God's help back in Fallin.

I conclude my report. Amen.

With the humble prayer,





App document No. 47


Gerhard von York, the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Franz von Marzling, by the grace of God MASTERSKAJA commander aforesaid landmasters.

Written under the strict mystery in Moscow in the twenty-fifth day of December of the year 1313 of the Nativity.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, my dear landmaster Gerhard!


Thank you for awarding me the high title of commander MASTERSKAJA. I am sorry if my gratitude is so dry and short, but I have very little time, and I have time to write to you about many important things.

A week ago, the eighteenth day of December, I went to Mustafa in the Studio, choosing the moment to anyone but me, and it wasn't there. Inside as a precaution not passed. From the doorway spoke to him in Latin. Truthfully had Baron Franz, commander Mattandkim, Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the brotherhood of knights Of Christ of Livonia, and suggested the Moscow commandery order of the temple of the Union.

Initially, Mustafa did the kind that doesn't understand what it was about, and began to say something in a line Latin, that it was immediately clear that he deliberately distorts this language. Then I asked him not to waste time, showed a portrait of Dragan and said found Mustafa via this Serb, whom identified merchants in Calais as they passed the letters for the Paris commandery the order of the Temple in Temple. I said seen as she takes letters in the workshop of Mustafa and sends them to different countries.

"You're right, my brother Franz, do not waste time. My name is Renee d Earley, I am a knight of the order of Christ and of the Temple Solomon and pleased to meet you, noble Livonian commander. What what are the proposals of your order?" – in fluent Latin, asked the alleged Arab straight bent back and somehow even changed.

I, like you ordered me, promised him and the members of the Moscow commandery indulgences his Holiness the Pope, money, military and other support from the Livonian order, and if our support will not be enough, and from fellow Teutons.

"What do you think is required order from us?"

I explained to him that his brotherhood need to lead the Grand Duchy of Moscow, and then and all Russia to the secret, and possibly in the future, and to open Alliance with the Livonian order. In other words, to fulfill the mission "the Great Catholic Rus", which they certainly the time was heralded by the Roman Curia. But first of all we would like to know are there secret negotiations Yuri Danilovich and Vytenis, and the "Great Orthodox Russia", which at the time the order of the Temple reported in The Apostolic office.

Rene-Mustafa said he needs to think and consult with his brothers, and asked me to log in the beginning of January, because soon Christmas, and he won't find anyone: everyone will be relax.

Of course, I said about the Christmas holiday did not believe, but gave no sign. And bearing in mind recommended thee precautions, warned of an imaginary Arab that to go in his shop will not, but if he and his brothers decide to cooperate with our the order, let them in early January will write a letter and give it to the merchant Helmut through the butcher shop Mikita's.

As you can see, my brother, my Lord, I didn't tell the Templar about the shop and ULEB agreed in advance with butcher Mikita, called already is not the year, and Helmut. Of course, the Templars could set an ambush and at the shop Mikita's, but detect enemies I would much easier than if they decided to kill me in next coming into the workshop of a goldsmith.

Rene-Mustafa agreed on my condition, and we parted, shook hands.

I do not doubt that after my arrival in the Studio all of the Templars are troubled and will be very careful about possible surveillance of them. But neither of them I no longer tried to follow, because he was sure that the main meeting Moscow commandery order of the Temple is an abandoned underground quarry near Pakhra.

Why was I so sure? Yes, because shortly after writing you my last letter found in the quarry is a real meeting room, hosted in one of the far the halls where once was stone breaking. Of stone blocks was made benches, before them stood the rise – obviously for the President.

And I was sure for discussion of the proposals of our order, the Templars will gather the morning after The Birth Of Christ. It was the most convenient for their meeting time, for in the day after the Christmas services almost no one in Russia does not work, almost never before arise, and members of the secret order of the brotherhood were probably ready for a little enough sleep, in order to discuss a particularly important case.

In Moscow now stand strong Christmas frosts, and on duty near the entrance to the quarry I hardly could without the risk of freezing to death. But inside, in the courtroom, part space was littered with rubble stone, and I dismantled them so that I have a small camera, and then laid the entrance is the same wreckage. Sitting in this cell, I could feel relatively safe and at the same time observe what is happening in the room through the cracks between the stones. Of course, safety is relative, for if the Templars occurred beforea meeting to tap all the "walls" or allow the well-trained dog and command him: "Look!", I would have been immediately discovered. But the Lord has saved.

So on Christmas the night I broke into his chamber, laid him over stones and waited. Even stocked food and drink, because he knew that sitting there will have a lot of hours. Freeze I was not afraid in the underground quarries all year round the same temperature, roughly equivalent to mid-spring or autumn (7-8 degrees Celsius – approx. transl.), in the summer there seems to be cold and warmth in winter. And in winter clothes even hot.

In the morning the servant came, hall lighted many torches, and there was the meeting. Just hall sat seventeen of the knights Templar, among them were Rene-Mustafa, Dragan, and an older man in military clothes, whose face I immediately looked familiar. I soon remembered where he had seen: when I was eight years ago was passed in the Palace Yuri Danilovich with a letter from the late landmaster Gottfried, he was among princely nobles. I remember him because when I was ignominiously driven from the throne hall, he struck me a painful blow and shouted something so rudeI don't have enough knowledge of the Russian language in order to understand it. Now this the nobleman took part in the meeting of the knights Templar and spoke excellent Latin, as and all present.

After everyone came in and stood on the presidential dais unfamiliar middle-aged man in clothes simple craftsman. Apparently, commander, but neither his name nor his position in the time of the meeting never called.

He was greeted by a standing ovation but he motioned for all to sit down and began with, officially opened the meeting the Moscow brotherhood of the order of poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon, likening the himself and his brothers of the order of the first Christians gathered in the catacombs, there is such as underground quarries.

All said a prayer, then the Chairman announced the topic of the meeting was relations with the Livonian order. Because recently in the Moscow brotherhood of the Church there are many new members, it is for them to briefly tell the story behind the Livonian Ambassador the workshop of brother Ambroise: so he called imaginary Arab Mustafa presented I like Renee d Earley.

It turns out that the Templars in the beginning of this century, already foresaw that in the coming years the mighty French the king is satisfied with the defeat of the order and try to take possession of his Treasury, and decided that if you hide the Treasury in Russia, neither the king nor the Pope nor the Inquisition it there for sure don't get it. Yes, and as a refuge for knights of the temple of Russia is perfectly located for is a Christian country, even if not true faith, and inhabited by people same appearance as the vast majority of Catholics. That is, in Russia the Templars easy to get lost and not feel among the heathen.

And negotiations between Moscow and Yuri Vytenis of Lithuania with the aim of creating "great Orthodox Russia" was only a fiction of the order of the Temple, trying in this way to convince the Roman Curia of the need for more active work in Russia and the creation of powerful and influential secret tamplierov commandery in Moscow, then still a small but growing city, where visitors due to their of the multiplicity of special attention is not attracted. The choice of Moscow was also due to the presence near the city is a huge abandoned underground quarries.

 "Good thing we managed to take the Treasury of the order somewhere in champagne, where the Roman Curia is still looking for her, and in these quarry. Here, though damp, but very comfortable and to meet secretly, and to keep the coffers," he heard a voice.

The President nodded, then he remembered a bad word of Papianus, the late Vice-Chancellor of the Roman Curia, decided to involve in Russia the Teutonic order and the Livonian landmeister and thus almost ripped the idea of the order of the Temple.

"But, fortunately, stupid Livonian provincials with the mission failed, and our peace of mind in Russia nothing violated", I remembered his words.

"But now it turns out, Livonian what these provincials are not so stupid, just came to brother Ambroise", – said one of the participants.

"This is surprising, because they are so scared of creating a "great Orthodox Russia", which started as they say, to dig the earth. Especially after the defeat of our order when they left to rely on their own strength. But if not for brother Bartholomeus, they never found my brother Ambroise," he heard another voice.

"What does brother Bartolomeus?"

"He, passing letters merchants, too lazy to change their appearance and have been identified, and then it was easy to trace his frequent visits to the workshop of a goldsmith".

"It's true, my brother Bartolomeus?" – asked the commander.

"True, my brother and Lord. I confess," replied a trembling voice, the one who gave himself for Serbs Dragan.

"I think you deserve a more severe punishment than repentance. Do you think brothers in Christ, what?" – asked the Chairman to the audience.

"Death. Not so difficult was his duties for the secret sending of letters, and he not with them managed. We can easily find a replacement for him" – I heard words familiar to me princely grandees.


"Death!" were all unanimous.

"So be it!" – proclaimed commander, waved his hand, and immediately the servants, who stood behind the knights, grabbed screaming and kicking an imaginary Serb and dragged into one of the aisles. Squeal some more time and came, then came to an abrupt end.

Everyone stood up and made the sign of the cross. The President has sustained a significant pause, and said, "Yes , Lord have mercy on the soul of our lost brother. Amen. Ask all to sit down. Tell us, brother Ambroise, what were you offered the Livonian Ambassador of the order".

Mustafa, who is Rene, or Ambroise, truthfully and without reserve passed all our suggestions.

"We need an Alliance with The Livonian order? What are your opinions brothers?" – addressed the audience the Chairman.


"Why do we have to share with these provincials?"

"We have no help, not need, except the blessed virgin!"

"After the Livonians and The Teutonic order's here, and then the Inquisition!"

"We without papal indulgences will live!"

"The Roman Curia is not the soul our wants to save, and for our Treasury to impose a paw!"

"Yes, let Russia remains with the Byzantine faith, we care, we're not doing missionary work!"

"We need calm asylum for the Treasury of the Temple, and if Russia will make an Alliance with Catholics – goodbye calm!" – cheers rang out.

I thought, my brother, my master, what if the voices are separated, I will be released from his cell and he will address the meeting. Of course, it would be a deadly risk, but I managed to convince the Templars? But, unfortunately, no one spoke for the Union with us.

"I am also against Union with The Livonian order. Let it be so, – concluded the President. – Ambassador are we going to do?"

"Remind me, brother Ambroise, what's his name" asked a princely nobleman.

"Baron Franz von Nursling, commander Mettersi".


"Young, in his twenties five."

"Tall, thin?"


"So this is the the insignia of the Sergeant, who, seven years or eight years ago, came with a letter from his landmaster for Prince George and was banished!"

And another Templar added:

"Three years ago this Franz background Nursling searched for the information about us in the archives Templa. I was the Paris secret brotherhood and I well remember the story of this knight. Our commander in just in case, decided to remove it and sent him three performers, that they attacked him on a dark street in the evening and killed. And recaptured some the Italian, an excellent swordsman. Then Franz went to Calais, something there, too sniffing, he eventually tracked down, stabbed and reported to the commander that he's dead. And it turns out he is alive and well! Still late brother Bartholomeusmanaged to find! Remarkably stubborn young man. Well, commander already rose".

"Such stubborn usually and buck," laughed someone.

"Failed to remove Franz in Paris and Calais, so will remove in Moscow. He in early January will come at the butcher Mikita's shop to ask about the letter from us, then we'll track him down," said another one knight of the Temple.

"Franz is clearly intelligent, and not nothing has refused to schedule another appointment in the workshop of his brother Ambroise. Certainly take precautions. For example, send the letter some Rover. And crowded in the butcher row, and in the shop from Mikita's usually the crowd of people. There will be difficult to track down," he replied.

"Really not worth it wait for the beginning of January, and that this cunning Livonian, God forbid, even something about we'd turned around, a princely nobleman. Today evening I will go to Yuri Danilovich and told that in Moscow there was the same Baron Franz von Marzling, which a few years ago, came to the Prince with letter of the Livonian order, was banished, and has now arrived as a spy, under a false name. I have no doubt that the Prince will be furious and ordered the secret service to throw all forces on search of the most insidious the German. In recent years, Franz for suremuch has changed, but you, brother Ambroise, describe its present appearance, and butcher Mikita describe. In the secret service will be portrait, it will multiply, distribute the city guards and merchants to trade, send all of the border, primarily in Volok Lamsky, Senezh, Kolomna and Mozhaisk".

"To catch this the Livonian commander, even his portrait is not necessary, just come to all tall and lean young men of his age, and about something to ask: German pronunciation will be given by Franz immediately. He even says in Latin, so that once felt Mecklenburg origin," said the alleged Arab Mustafa.

"Not a hindrance, can a portrait be on the streets to young people to come. It will be necessary to check out all the houses, inhabited by Germans. In Moscow, the secret service established good and I have no doubt that she will do the job, especially as so simple. Franz quickly find it under torture will show that an enemy spy, and is to be executed", – confirmed commander.

"And if he is still able escape to your Livonia?" – asked someone from the audience.

"Sooner or later will find him there. The one who knows too much about us, the more we interfere, never still did not escape retribution," – said the President and appealed to imaginary Arab:

"Most likely, this Franz already told you in your order about you and your shop, brother Ambroise. You have to leave Moscow. I'll think of who to replace in the Affairs of our Moscow brotherhood you and the deceased brother Bartholomeus, and what country you translate".

"It's a wise decision, brother my Lord, – said Mustafa-Rene-Ambroise. – I believe all members our brotherhood is desirable in any case to change'. Extra measures precaution never hurts".

With this all agreed, and upon this the Chairman closed the meeting. The Templars prayed to the Lord and left. After an hour left the shelter and me.

So, my brother in Christ Gerhard, from tomorrow on I will start to hunt the secret service of Prince George, and even the city guards, the garrisons of the frontier fortresses, and God knows who. It's not considering themselves the Moscow of the Templars.

Of course, my portrait verbal description Mustafa-Rene-Ambroise and Mikita's will be difficult for I in recent months, grew a beard and long hair, and so I saw Mikita. And going into a goldsmith shop, I beard shaved off, leaving only mustache, and hair pulled back under a hat. Now shave and moustache, and hair cut short. But, as correctly stated by pretending to be Arab, I will be easy to calculate and without a portrait, for although I well know Russian language, but from his Mecklenburg a reprimand was never able to get rid of. But if I'm playing dumb, it will cause even greater suspicions.

I finish this letter, because night had already fallen and I must gather my things and early in the morning to leave home The yakuna and its neighbors, and the city guards have long known that he rents a room a young German merchant, and his house will check in the first place. Where and how to hide, all I got so far, but I'm leaving for another few hours. I hope the Lord to make wise.

As from tomorrow the day I start to look at the marketplace, and the river harbour, I don't say these things letter from merchants, because it would be not only dangerous but foolhardy. Leave letter in the stash for special occasions. If through the intercession of the blessed virgin I will be able to escape from his pursuers, then he will take the letter from its hiding place and bring in Venden. If not, then I say goodbye to thee, and the letter sooner or later you will find one of our order of brethren, whom you, no doubt, went to Moscow in search of.

Thank you for everything dear brother and master. The grace of God be with you, and Yes bless you blessed virgin Mary. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Franz.



Document No. 48

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLVIII



meeting the privy Council of the brotherhood of the knights of Christ Livonia


In the name of God, the will his Holiness Pope John (XXII – approx. transl.) and Grand master of the order Teutonic house of St. Mary in Jerusalem, Karl von Trier, is this meeting under the strict mystery in Vengerskom the castle in the thirty-first day of August 1316 years after Christ.



Chairman of the Board – the landmaster of the Livonian order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem Gerhard background York.

The members of the Council:

– the commander of Cēsis Leopold von Peterstadt;

– commander Dinaburg Gerd von Osterode;

– commander Mitavskiy Dietrich von Kallenbach;

– commander Segevolde Helwig background HELHEIM;

– commander Wesenbergii Johann von Wald;

– commander Wittgensteins Wolfgang von Tefillah;

– commander Felinski Hans background Ginsburg;

– commander Goldirevskiy Werner von Brinkle;

– commander Kotegaeshi Waldemar von Manga;

quartermaster landmasters Alfred von Darth;

– chaplain landmasters brother Sebastian;

Treasurer landmasters Ilmar background Rasten.

Secretary of the meeting Adolf from Mengkofen.


The landmaster Gerhard. Power By the grace of God given to me by the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, I open meeting of our privy Council, on the mission "the Great Catholic Russia." But before we move on to the topic of the meeting, let's pray for the Holy Pope John, elected by divine Providence the seventh day August of this year.


Chaplain Sebastian. Great God and incomprehensible, saving the lost, gives life to the dead, all the doing of the will of thee, and thy wondrous Providence all Manager! Incline thine ear from the heights your and accept from us, lowly and unworthy of thy servants, heart and mouth give you this prayer for the health and blogospere great Archpastor John. You, Lord God, gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and true, the truth holds, and showing mercy, strengthen pontifex Maximus and grant his victory over the enemies of the Holy true faith. Give himspiritual and physical strength in the work of pastoral Ministry in the vineyard of Christ for many years. Bblagodarstvennoe these prayers, confession and praise bring to thee, o God. Amen.


Johann, commander Wesenbergii. Amen. They say his Holiness the Pope ignoble origin?


The landmaster Gerhard. Before The Lord all are equal, but pontifex Maximus John, indeed, the son of a shoemaker from some little French town. His name in the world – Jacques d'huez. I'm talking about he heard it when he was Archbishop of particularly distinguished in the Affairs of burning witches and wizards.


Leopold, the commander of Cēsis.And he of the Templars, I wonder burn?


Dietrich, commander Mitavskiy. Apparently not, as still alive and even became Pope.


Werner, commander Goldirevskiy. I don't quite understand, my brother Dietrich. Why he wouldn't be alive if burned the Templars?


Dietrich, commander Mitevski. You heard about the curse of Jacques de Molay?


Werner, commander Goldirevskiy. I even, frankly, can't remember who it was.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski. Here it is, today's young people. Knows only his komfortu, and what is happening in Paris and Avignon, not even interested in. Jacques de Molay – former Grand master the order of the Temple, burned at the stake a couple of years ago, and before that spent many years in conclusion.


Werner, commander Goldirevskiy. Oh, it's one that before he died he cursed his tormentors, especially king Philip and Pope Clement? Well of course I did. And his curse, it turns out, true?


Leopold, the commander of Cēsis. Yes there could be a curse? Jacques de Molay behaved so inconsistently, if someone could fire curse except himself.

Can imagine my brothers in Christ: first, de Molay confessed to all the sins attributed to him the order, then a year ago took testimony and gave a fiery defense of the order, began to defend his purity, has even reached direct threats to his accusers. A few days later he wrote a very confused letter in which he stated that he is a poor knight, the Sciences are not scientists and could make a mistake, and listed the achievements of the order of the Temple, by that time already outdated: charitable activities and the military services in the long-lost Holy Earth, and so on.

Well finally, in March last, 1314 birth of Christ took place public papal court at which de Molay and several of the leaders of the order Temple was sentenced to life imprisonment. But the Grand master was abolished the order was hotly defended his innocence and the innocence of their brethren, stated that his order remain pure before God and men, and the knights Templar committed only one crime – the betrayed Temple of cowardice. To Jacques de Molay joined one of landmasters – I think of Normandy.

King Philip immediately demanded a condemnation inconsistent stubborn as fallen into heresy again, and that evening they were burned on one of Islands of the Seine.


Waldemar, commander Kotegaeshi. You never know how did Jacques de Molay during of the investigation. Prison and torture and these people broke. But at the stake he shouted curse the king and the Pope, and they came true, can't argue with that! A little more than a month later, gave his soul to God his Holiness Pope Clement. Said to have died from bloody diarrhea, horrible cramps. And in November of the same year, king Philip nor with this in hunting fell from his horse and went to heaven. Or hell, it how the Lord will judge.


Hans, commander Felinski. And as Grand master of the order of the Temple cursed the whole race of his persecutors to the seventh generation, died and the son of the late Philip Louis (X – approx. transl.). We last month remembered.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Well, we agreed to the fact that temporal and spiritual rulers, one after the other die from someone else's curse.


 Waldemar, commander Kotegaeshi. Not someone else's, and Grand master of the order of the poor knights of Christ and of the temple of Solomon.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Grand master – after all, not his Holiness the Pope or even a cardinal. Besides, as far as I know, the Holy Church does not recognize the destructive power curses. Right, brother Sebastian?


Chaplain Sebastian. You are absolutely right. The curse hurts first of all, the one who utters it. The Lord God takes indiscriminately all the whim of the people, and a Christian would never utter a curse on the other man, even if he is a finished scoundrel. Moreover, the curse always back to whoever said it, because it turns out that this man like the court took the Creator, and he administers. That is, what God is punishing. So what, brothers, do not be afraid of curses, on the contrary – in accordance with the covenants of the Lord Jesus Christ bless those who curse you.


Johann, commander Wesenbergii. I agree with the brothers Gerd and Sebastian. I still can not admit that the Holy Pope Clement, king Philip and his son Louis fell at the hands of assassins sent the knights Templar, but the curse could not believe though, because if it were that simple someone to kill by curse, then the world would not remain one living person.


The landmaster Gerhard. Power By the grace of God given to me by the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, I stop these abstract conversations and I want to tell my brothers that,Vytenis Grand Duke of Lithuania, recently traveled to long for him hell. The reason his death is still unknown, and it is unlikely we ever will know for sure.


Chaplain Sebastian. Yes , Lord have mercy on a sinful and lost person of the servant of God Vytenis.


Waldemar, commander Kotegaeshi. I wonder if I said otherwise, "Yes God will punish the godless soul Gentile" – it is not Christian?


Chaplain Sebastian. Not Christian, for our Lord Jesus Christ said: "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you."


 The landmaster Gerhard. I again command you to stop abstract conversations, there is more that there are other important information: after the death of the ungodly Vytenis Grand Duke of Lithuania became godless Gediminas, his younger brother. No unrest in Lithuania in this did not happen, no superiority of Gediminas is not challenged.

You think, my brother Gerd, can we expect any changes to the image action Lithuania?


 Gerd, commander Dinaburg. Hardly, my brother, my Lord. As far as I you know, Gediminas always and in everything agree with Vytenis, and that he commanded the troops, who took ten years ago, Polotsk, and in the past year Berestie.


The landmaster Gerhard. Yes, to my deep regret, any improvement in our relations with Lithuania are not expected. And with Riga we have things so-so. We are only with them reconciled, and they treacherously attacked dunamunde and ravaged its suburbs. Need to prepare for the next papal court.


Waldemar, commander Kotegaeshi. It is difficult for everyone because of widespread famine (apparently, this refers to the so-called "great famine" 1315-1317 years – approx. transl.). And all trying to improve their business at the expense of others. Here and the Riga Archbishop Frederick wanted to plunder.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski. My brother Lord Gerhard, if we can go to the main topic of the meeting? And then all of us many other things, much more important than once again to stigmatize shame the treacherous locals or discuss vague the curse of the Templars. About the death of the enthronement of Vytenis and Gediminas, and so we would know. We are not to do this came from our comtort on the privy Council?


The Landmaster Gerhard. Of course, I haven't, and for discussion of the mission "the Great Catholic Russia."


Werner, commander Goldirevskiy. And is this the mission has not stopped itself? For a very long time about it nothing was heard.


The landmaster Gerhard. That's it, what have not heard. No about her or her performing the knight Franz von Artsline, which we recently made in MASTERSKIE Comtur.

More than three years ago, brother Francis was sent to Moscow in order to find a spy sent to Russia with the order of the Temple, which at the time, and received information about the negotiations of Moscow Yuri and Vytenis of Lithuania on the creation of a powerful and hostile state, under the title "the Great Orthodox Russia".

Before brother Franz went to Paris, then to Calais, has studied the archives of the order Temple to Temple, and the inventory of the monastery's mail, and in the end he managed to figure out how look man, passed in Moscow of the letter for the Paris commandery Templars, and even to his portrait. With this portrait he went to Moscow. There he showed their best side, and having found a messenger, passed in Moscow merchants letters for Templar to Paris and many other cities, and have which the messenger received these letters.

Then brother Franz were awarded the titles of commander and Mesotitsch Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Livonian order, and he had to start negotiations with Moscow knights Templar, to offer them the Union and find out whether they work on the mission "the Great Catholic Rus" – that is, the creation is "great Orthodox Russia" as powerful but the Union state true faith.

However, better I instead paraphrase will ask our Secretary to read two letters, received from Moscow from his brother Franz.


Secretary Adolf read letters MASTERSKAJA commander Franz von Marzling, dated by the fifth day of September, 1313 and the twelfth day of December of the same year.


The Landmaster Gerhard. After that brother Franz had disappeared and no more mail in the order sent. Being very concerned of his destiny and fulfilling your order and Christian duty, I told brother Hans, the commander Falliscono, send to Moscow a man who knows Russian language, so that check all addresses specified in the letters of brother Franz, and the hiding place prepared mattandkim the commander for special occasions.


Hans, the commander Felinski. I sent Sergeant Raduates, baptism of Thomas, who speaks Russian, because by origin half-semhal, half Russian. Raduates checked all addresses found in the cache a letter to his brother Franz, and brought in Fallin.


The Landmaster Gerhard. Going to ask brother Adolf to read report Belinskogo Sergeant and the letter of the commander of the French.


Secretary Adolf read the report of Sergeant Belinskogo contorta Raduates, dated the second day of July 1316, and a letter MASTERSKAJA commander Franz von Narsinga, dated the twenty-fifth day of December, 1313.


The landmaster Gerhard. So. Brother Franz wrote that the hunt for him, and disappeared. Since then it has been almost three years. What are your opinions brothers?


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. The Lord is infinitely merciful, but I fear that the young commander Franz died.


Werner, commander Goldirevskiy. Kingdom his soul, but he died not in vain, because thanks to his insight and perseverance we now know where the Treasury of the knights Templar! Vienne Cathedral announced that the order The temple no longer exists, and this Treasury is kind of like a draw, and we can to pay in favour of our of the Livonian order!


Leopold, commander Cēsis. For in order to turn it in our favor, it is necessary first to find her. We now know it is kept in an abandoned suburban underground quarries, but it not enough. Remember, as the late brother Franz described these quarries. They huge, and lots of them. Besides Templar, of course, after Vienne Cathedral like as not, but the Templar remained, and certainly vigilantly guard their treasures.


Waldemar, commander Kotegaeshi. I have homeland in Bavaria have often been in the underground quarries. There's even to focus extremely hard not to find something.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. If, God forbid, the Moscow brotherhood of the Templars finds out we're behind it Treasury, and it will begin to hunt for our people, and the Prince's secret service will call for help. We lost my brother Franz, we will lose another brother, and treasures Temple is unlikely to find.


Johann, commander Wesenbergii. Why do we have to risk finding these treasures, if we don't even know how they are great? Can be there and fight-not for anything, and the risk will be unjustified?


Treasurer Ilmar. My brother Johann, did you forget how huge and powerful was the order of the Temple to defeat? For sure and the Treasury had a huge.


Johann, commander Wesenbergii. Maybe so. But what would this Treasury was not knightly is the case for other people's money to chase.


Hans, commander Felinski. I the Templars never liked, but I think that if they do not interfere with us, and we don't disturb them. Let them do what they want, especially in distant Moscow, to which we, in General, little things.


Quartermaster Alfred. The Templars we have caused much anxiety for his fiction about the "Great Orthodox Russia", but God will judge them. Now, thanks to information received from departed to the Lord commander Franz, we are sure that the Union of Moscow and Lithuania, was signed during the life of Vytenis, and therefore, it is unlikely that such Union will be concluded and when Gediminas. And more us dealings with the order of the Temple and there was not.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski. If we will start to do something against the Moscow commandery of the order of the Temple, not whether we will suffer their revenge, or a curse, as you want to consider? Not will go if we follow his Holiness Pope Clement, king Philip and his his son Louis? Personally I after an exit from this hall forever ready to forget all heard here, and I advise my brothers to do the same.


The landmaster Gerhard. Let it be so.


Quartermaster Alfred. Then still single question: will introduce the Grand master of the Teutonic order with the latest a letter to his brother Franz?


The landmaster Gerhard. If there was alive brother Siegfried, I would not doubt that he should open the whole truth, but brother Carl, I will take good care. He now has a very strained relationship with the General Chapter of the order, because many members of the Chapter believe that the Grand master has in excess of erudition and eloquence, but the lack of military prowess, no less necessary to the heads of the military orders.

And I, as you know the attending brothers are one of those members of the Chapter who insist on the dismissal of the brother of Charles from the office (dvalid in 1317 Grand master Karl von Trier was deposed by the General Chapter of the Teutonic order – approx. transl.). So I'm not sure that the esteemed great master will keep our secrets and use them to enhance his position.


Waldemar, commander Kotegaeshi. If the Grand master Carl will not retain the mystery of the Moscow brotherhood of the knights Templar, these secrets sooner or later will be known of the Roman Curia and the Holy of the Inquisition. Moscow Templar the trouble starts, and revenge his they will draw primarily on the us, the Livonian humble servants of God, for we were the first who found out.


The landmaster Gerhard. A Sergeant with complex Zemgale name, who brought the last letter to his brother Franz, – a reliable person?


Hans, commander Felinski. Sergeant Raduates brought a letter sealed and hardly dared his secretly open, and he was too simple and illiterate to do this, even your a short report on the trip to Russia he was three times rewritten. However, I remind you he is the order's duty to secrecy, and then produced the knights, in spite of base Zemgale-Russian origin. I am sure that after this happiness he won't even remember that he took a letter from the Moscow stash.


Johann, commander Wesenbergii. If, God forbid, still remember and will tell you about it, then our order able to punish talkers no worse than the order of the Temple.


Leopold, the commander of Cēsis. On let's think about how to justify if our brother and Lord Carl von Trier somehow finds out about the last letter to his brother Franz and ask us why we did not put him in the loop.


Gerd, commander Dinaburg. It easy. For example, the late brother Franz could be something to hear about the Treasury the order of the Temple. The Templars could be talking about champagne, which is still going and he decided that about Moscow. Yes, and he wrote his last letter in great haste, thinking is not about accuracy of presentation, but about his salvation. So we decided not to send our brothers in the Teutonic order of unverified information, so as not be in a stupid position.


Dietrich, commander Mitevski. Better let us blame, even punish the great master of the Teutonic order, than us will begin to hunt the Templars. I hope none of the brothers can not blame me of cowardice, but in desperation I also have never been seen.


The landmaster Gerhard. Let it be so. Left to decide the fate of the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" on the basis of all that we know now.


Quartermaster Alfred. For the fate of this mission is necessary to consider whether it is feasible. I believe that impossible. My people in Moscow we have, the local Templars hostile to us, Prince Yuri Danilovich at the time expelled in disgrace our Ambassador, by the way, that brother Franz. Of course, we can once again offer this Prince of the Union, as well as Mikhail of Tver, and Gediminas of Lithuania, but I'm afraid it doesn't result. Even his Holiness the Pope just wrote a letter with the proposals of the Union and Russian and Lithuanian princes, but they did not wish to accept the true faith. So my opinion is: the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" must stop.


Werner, commander Goldirevskiy. If Russia is not going to Pact with us, it mit may and should draw in true the Catholic faith by fire and sword!


Gerd, commander of Dinaburg. Yes, but we do that too much. We even Pskov can't win, not to mention Novgorod. And don't forget, my brother Werner that Russia is Horde.


Hans, commander Felinski. By the way, about the Horde. In a letter sent late landmaster Gottfried Prince Yuri twelve years ago, it was said that the Tartars, professing godless paganism, are going to take an equally godless Islam, and then the Horde tolerance may be stopped, and Russia will be forced to the adoption of the teachings of the false prophet Mohammad.

So, actually this was true only half: three years ago, Khan became a Moslem Uzbek, and the conversion of the pagan Horde Islam has already started, but Russia it is unlikely to affect. On the contrary, Metropolitan Peter recently went to the Horde, the Khan received him with honour, confirmed all former benefits of the Russian clergy and added a new one: the whole Church clergy in all disputes and charges, including the mundane, was subject to the court of the Metropolitan. It turns out, and this side of Yuri has nothing to fear.


The landmaster Gerhard. If brothers there are no other opinions, I accept this decision: the mission "the Great Catholic Russia" to stop all the works on it to put into the secret archive of the Livonian order.

In the near future time will send the Grand master of the Teutonic order with the request to bless these things solution.


Leopold, the commander of Cēsis. And is it possible to do without the blessing of the Grand master and to end the mission the decision of the Livonian landmaster?


The landmaster Gerhard. This mission – impossible, because for its implementation should be in the Teutonic order, and The Apostolic office. But I hope that our Secretary brother Adolf will prepare the text of the request so that we avoid unnecessary questions.

In relation to Russia will continue our usual activity is to weaken and undermine. Russia sooner or later should become a Catholic, but not great, and fragmented and submissive.

Brother Franz, commander Mesotitsch, we assume heroically died while performing the order's charitable mission and always remember our order's liturgies among the martyrs for the true faith.


Chaplain Sebastian. I remember brother Francis there was sin violation of the monastic vows of chastity. Is it possible to remember him along with the martyrs for the faith?


The landmaster Gerhard. Of the dead or good or anything, my brother Sebastian. And then, we're not asking The Roman Curia reckon brother Franz to the saints, right? All of his voluntary and unwitting sins in the past, like his short but heroic life. I was sincerely attached to this young man, who began the order of service a Sergeant in my the komfortu, and I never will to mourn his death. So I ask you, brother Sebastian, to be not too strict and to think that brother Franz has atoned for their sins feats for true faith. Agree?


Chaplain Sebastian. I agree, dear brother in Christ Gerard. Let us pray, brethren, for the repose of the soul noble and brave God's son Franz.

Our Lord, whose eternal mercy and forgiveness, humbly beg of thee the soul of thy servant Franz, who has called you from this world, but do not betray her into the power of the enemy and not forget her forever; but command thy Holy angels to take it and to enter in a heavenly abode, in order, who believed in you and rely on you, she's not suffered the tortures of the Hells, but received the eternal bliss. Eternal rest grant unto her, Lord, and Shine her light eternal, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Hear us, o Lord, hear us sinners praying to you. Amen.


All participants session. Amen.


The Landmaster Gerhard. This meeting is adjourned. All the brothers free.



Document No. 49

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-XLIX


On the document level:

The letter returned to The Livonian order with resolution of the Grand master of the Teutonic order.



Karl von Trier, Grand the master of the order of the Teutonic House of St. Mary in Jerusalem, from Gerhard von York By the grace of God Livonian landmaster aforesaid order.

Written under the strict mystery in Wenden in the thirtieth day of November, 1316 ad.


Glory To Jesus Christ! Greetings, esteemed brother in Christ Karl!


Forced to tell you the sad news. Our brother, Franz von Marzling three years ago has gone missing in Moscow during mission "the Great Catholic Russia." As his last letters, he managed to find a few people associated with the order Templar. I ordered him to offer these people an Alliance with the Livonian order, and in order to achieve a higher status of negotiations conferred on him the title of commander Mesotitsch and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the order. After that brother Franz had disappeared. There is every reason to believe that the Templars refused an Alliance with us and in orderto cover their tracks, killed the brave young man that we all now constantly grieving.

Sent in July of this year in Moscow the Sergeant of our order Raduates checked all identified brother Franz 'but these people have not found. Apparently, they then covered their tracks. Find them not possible, and it is not our business to do find the secret fraternities of the order of the Temple. After all, we were looking for a spy of the Templars on Russia only in order to learn, concluded the Union of Moscow and Lithuania under the name "The great Orthodox Russia".

But against this Union we already have full clarity. We believe that information transferred at the time the order of the Temple of the Apostolic office, was either a mistake or intentional misrepresentation in order to create the impression of a wider activities, than that which the order of the Temple lead really.

This belief based on the fact that since the transfer of the Templars is still information in the Apostolic the office has been more than twelve years, and the Union of Moscow and Lithuania still does not found, and we have no reason to believe that he find yourself now, when a deceased idolater Vytenis changed idolater Gediminas.

I also want to remind you that Prince Yuri Danilovich in 1305 after Christ was humiliated and banished our Ambassador. Of course, we can once again offer this Prince of the Union, as well as Mikhail of Tver, and Gediminas of Lithuania, but I'm afraid it doesn't result. Even his Holiness the Pope repeatedly wrote letters with suggestions Union and the Russian, and the Lithuanian princes, but they did not want to stand on the God's way of making the true Catholic faith.

In connection with all of the above, I decided to complete the mission "the Great Catholic Rus" as a wasted robs us of strength and taking to the Lord our best people. I beg you, my brother, my Lord, to bless this decision.

In relation to Russia we will continue our regular action for weakening and loosening. Now we, unfortunately, do not get to tear the Horde a single Russian Principality because it would entail a major war, and we are not ready for it, all our forces are busy the struggle with Lithuania, Riga and Baltic States. Yet we, despite all our efforts, are unable to pay in the true faith, even small and close to us Pskov, not to mention Novgorod. But sooner or later our charitable efforts and with God's help, Russia should become Catholic, but no longer the great and humble and fragmented.

Also, please you bless my decision for eternal remembrance on our order's liturgies among the martyrs for the true faith of the servant of God Franz von Marzling heroically who died while performing charitable mission of the order.

Take my bow, excellent Grand master Carl. Bless you Almighty God countless years, right are your days full of joy and success. Amen.


Forever your brother in Christ Gerard.


On the document is resolution:


Grand master Carl.



Document No. 50

Room the inventory of the Vienna library: XIV-09-1743/T-L


The main the head of the Livonian order of Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar.

In Wismar written on the seventh day of January, 1317 Christ.


I keep silent any longer about the Baron Franz can't have the truth to tell! He's supposedly love for me was to leave the order of his and marry me he promised, and I sincerely and with all my heart love and waited years for. And he's still of the order is left, to some secret mission referred to. I thought he loves me and didn't push it, after all the order's mission is charitable.

Now, let's see I have a letter from him received! This insidious traitor, it turns out, me and loved at all, I needed him only for carnal pleasures while he is in his order buck behaved well-behaved monk. And then he left me, and the order, and changed their faith!

I do not believe the excuses Franz about the hunt for him a terrible secret brotherhood, about an emergency marrying his alleged Savior! Just fell in love with Russian and left with her. Of course, let us humble German women, to Russian, which at the all the world goes the glory how about the beauties?

And I, unhappy and thrown thirty soon! And who needs me now, especially devoid a maiden's honor? Guess I'll have to forget your dreams about big and happy family and in the monastery to leave.

And so I send and this is all the other letters of Franz in your Livonian order that you all saw is vile your vaunted knight! Well, at least Margaret, his mother, not he lived to such a disgrace.

Yes, the Lord will punish the wily Franz! Rest wish you all the best. I apologize for the spots on parchment, they tears.





App to document No. 50


Hannah, daughter of Hans, the foreman of the shop clothiers in Wismar, Theodore H. brewer.

Written in Tver, which is Russia, on the first day of August, 1316 ad.


My dear Hannah!


My mission in Moscow at first went very well and my sash, my boss even gave me the title of commander Mesotitsch and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Livonian order. But then it so happened that I became a hindrance to one powerful secret brotherhood and it began for me the most authentic hunting. To hide in Moscow impossible, and I have fled to neighboring Tver Principality whose boundary passes just about thirty miles (60 km – approx. transl.) from Moscow. Boundaries principalities much further.

Of the Moscow Principality I with God's help, drove safely, because was able to beat the messenger, carrying on the border the order for my arrest. But at the entrance to the Wedge, the first city of Tver Principality, I had been detained for suspected that I'm not a merchant, whom you say you are, a Moscow spy. Between Tver and Moscow for many years is war, and then suspicious of all travelers, especially if they say that the merchants and products they have. And my question is, why Moscow scout, a German, not a measure of vigilant Tver warriors I was told that this isthe trick Muscovites: German should be less suspicious.

And the most horrible in my the situation was the fact that tverichi decided not to waste time figuring out who I am so and why you come and take me back to Muscovy. And there I waited the arrest, torture and death.

And then the Lord contrived I remember that during my first visit to Russia in the town of Vertine, that near Tver I met a widow named Baena, which was what was allowed in his house to wait of travelers. She was to me like a woman favourable, although no carnal relations with her did not happen. And I said, detaining me in the wedge tverichi that Mirtazine me waiting for the bride Baena, and she can confirm that I am not a spy, but an honest merchant. Then two the soldier escorted me to Vertain, since they are still going to Tver, and it's on the way.

Thanks To The Virgin Mary Bajana in the nine years since our first meeting her, did not work married and after his father's death lived alone, still earning a post. She immediately remembered me and warmly welcomed and confirmed my words. Warriors more questions for me, they congratulated us and left.

But the question immediately came Bazeny. She looked me in the eye and asked what I for merchant, if this is the second one in the Tver Principality, without explanation.

I could pile up mountains lies, but after this the widow had saved me from certain death, I do it seemed ignoble. And I told her the truth – that actually I'm a knight The Livonian order, fulfilled an important mission in Moscow, prevented one a powerful secret brotherhood, and now it hunts me.

"This fraternity Moscow?" – Baena asked another question.

"Highly influential and Moscow, and throughout the Latin world."

"And in Tver it also has the impact?"

"As far as I know no".

"They're safer you can either be in the Horde, or somewhere in China or here in Tver Principality. In Moscow and other Russian principalities and the Latin countries in this brotherhood can get to you. And Tver to Moscow is constantly at war and this is not will be given, on the contrary, to defend, if you are an enemy of Moscow and the Latins", – it is reasonable signed Baena and suggested that I think about it, if I go somewhere far away to the East or stay with her.

As you know, I thought not for long, because there is no other way besides marrying his wise Savior, I was not.

Before the wedding we Bozena decided that since we are going to live in the Tver Principality, it may be easier for me to accept Christianity than it is Catholicism. Now I Orthodox, and my name is Fedor, or Fedor H., for respected people here name is patronymic. A dear man I am because soon after the wedding we Bozena left Vertain to Tver and I hired a Manager in a large brewery. The Germans-the management here is very popular, especially in my native Arcline was also a brewery and this craft I know firsthand.

My wife sometimes says with a smile that it is better to be a prosperous brewer than heroically the dead knight. And I immediately remember, as my old friend Dante degli Alighieri: "Better to be a live donkey than a dead doctor." The poet-Florentine somehow preferred this Italian saying famous words of Ecclesiastes about the living dog and dead lion.

Dear Hannah, you may not understand everything said, because you're so vulnerable, so defenseless in their experiences. But life decided our destinies in his own way, and our paths now split up, sadly. So let our past feelings, our past loving relationship will remain the same a wonderful memory among the dull and hard life, as an oasis among the dead the desert, as a beautiful green valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains! To keep bright and good sense is much more complicated than bad and evil. But to be above the petty squabbling and hypocrisy – that's the crown of human relations!

I beg you, let it a visitation will be forgiven, the beginning of a new way in which past experience only will help you to be happier, nicer, kinder. We all deserve that and not only because we are good and kind people, but also because we touched the greatest miracle of all time – love.

Forgive me, dear, and don't wait for me anymore. Believe that you will find happiness in devoting themselves, if not family, the Lord.


Forever remembering you Fedor.


On the document is resolution:

The archivist brother Gottlieb.

Place sent Hannah letters in the secret order's archive.

Chaplain brother Sebastian.

The apostate anathema. But in order not to tarnish the Livonian order and not to cause misunderstandings in our temples anathema to Franz not to proclaim, just less and less to remember him among the perished for the faith, and then to stop the commemoration. And wittingly or unwittingly, made Franz his sin of apostasy, the judge let Lord.

The landmaster Gerhard.





List historical figures mentioned in the book


Alexander IV (approx. 1185-1261) – dad Roman in 1254-1261.

Alexander Yaroslavich, called Nevsky (1221-1263) – Prince of Novgorod in 1236-1240, And 1241-1252 1257-1259 years, the Grand Prince of Kiev in 1249-1263 years, the Grand Prince of Vladimir 1252-1263 in years. The Son Of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich.

Andrew A. (approx. 1255-1304) – Prince of Kostroma in 1276-1293 and 1296-1304 years, the Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1281-1283 and 1294-1304 years, Prince Novgorod in 1281-1285 and 1292-1304 years, Prince Gorodetsky in 1264-1304. Third son of Alexander Nevsky.

Anthony Of Padua (1195-1231) is a Catholic Saint.

Arno Nouvelle – Vice-Chancellor of the Roman Curia in 1307-1316.

Athanasius I (1230-1310) – the Patriarch of Constantinople 1289-1293 in and 1303-1310. Canonized.

Baty, also the baht (approx. 1209. 1256) – Mongol military leader and statesman.

Bernard Of Clairvaux (1091-1153), Abbot of the Abbey of Clairvaux, a prominent public and Church figure.

Boris Danilovich (mind. 1320) – Prince of Kostroma, Prince of Gorodets. The Son Of Daniel Alexandrovich.

Buivid, also Pukuver (mind. 1295 approx.) – Grand Duke of Lithuania.

Burchard III – Archbishop of Marburg in the early fourteenth century.

Buthad (mind. approx. 1290) – Grand Duke of Lithuania, brother of Bodywide.

Boniface VIII (d. 1303) – Pope 1294-1303 in years.

Vytenis (mind. 1316) was the Grand Prince of Lithuania 1295-1316 in years. The Son Of Bolivida, the elder brother of Gediminas.

Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh (1053-1125), in baptism Basil, the great Prince Kiev in 1113-1125. The Grandson Of Yaroslav The Wise. Nicknamed the Monomah on the generic name of the family of the mother who supposedly was the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomakh.

Voishelk (1223-1267) – Grand Duke of Lithuania 1264-1267 in years. Son Mindaugas.

Gediminas (CA. 1275-1341) was the Grand Prince of Lithuania in 1316-1341.

Henry VII (CA. 1275-1313) – the count of Luxembourg from 1288, king of Germany (the Roman king) 1308, Holy Roman Emperor from 1312.

Gerhard von York (PA. 1322) – Felinski commander of the Livonian landmeister The Teutonic order to the year 1309, the landmaster of the Livonian Teutonic order in 1309-1322.

Gottfried von Rogge (mind. 1307), the Livonian landmaster of the Teutonic order in 1298-1307

Daniel Aleksandrovich (1261-1303) – Prince of Moscow in 1263-1303. The younger son Alexander Nevsky.

Daniel Galitsky (approx. 1201-1264) – Prince Galitsky in 1205-1206, 1211-1212, 1229-1231, 1233-1235 and 1238-1264 years, Prince Volyn in 1215-1229, 1231-1233 and 1235-1238 years, the Grand Prince of Kiev (1240 approx. years), the king of Russia with 1254.

Dante Alighierialso durante degli Alighieri (1265-1321) great Italian poet. The Creator of "the divine Comedy".

Dmitry A. (1250-1294) – Prince of Pereslavl, Novgorod, the Grand Duke Vladimir. The second son of Alexander Nevsky.

Dovmont, in baptism Timothy (d. 1299) – Prince of Pskov from 1266 to 1299 years a descendant of the princes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Canonized By The Russian Orthodox Church.

Dovmont (mind. approx. 1285) was the Grand Prince of Lithuania, who ruled, perhaps in 1282-1285 . Some historians believe his identity with Dovmont Pskov.

Duden, also, Tudan or Tunakan, – Horde Prince and warlord who lived in the end The XIII century. Known as the leader of the "dyudenevoy rati".

Jacques de Molay (1244-1314) – Grand master of the order of the Temple in 1292-1307.

Siegfried background Feihtvanger – Grand master of the Teutonic order in 1303-1311.

Ivan (John) Danilovich, surnamed Kalita (1283-1340 approx.) – Prince of Moscow in 1325-1349 years, the Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1331-1340 years, Prince of Novgorod in 1328-1337. The second son of Daniil Aleksandrovich.

Innocent IV (C. 1195-1254) – Pope 1243-1254 in years.

John XXII(d. 1334) – Pope 1316-1334 in years.

Johann III von Schwerin (d. approx. 1300) – the Archbishop of Riga in 1295-1300.

Carl von Trier (1265-1324) – Grand master of the Teutonic order in 1311-1317 and 1318-1324.

Clement V (1264-1314) to Pope 1305-1314.

Constantine R. (d. 1306) – Prince of Ryazan in 1299-1301.

Louis X, nicknamed Grumpy (1289-1316), king of France 1314-1316. The son of Philip IV.

Luther (Lothar) von Braunschweig (approx. 1275-1335) – Grand master of the Teutonic order in 1331-1335.

Maxim (mind. 1305) – Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia in 1283-1305. Canonized The Russian Orthodox Church.

Mindaugas (approx. 1195-1263) – Grand Duke of Lithuania, since 1253 king of Lithuania.

Michael Yaroslavich (1271-1318 approx.) – Prince of Tver in 1286-1318 years, the Grand Duke Vladimir in 1305-1318.

Papianus della Rovere Vice-Chancellor of the Roman Curia in 1301-1305.

Peter – Archbishop of Mainz in the early fourteenth century.

Peter von Duisburg, or Doesburg, brother-priest of the Teutonic order, who lived on the turn of the XIII and XIV century.

Peter, also Peter Rachinskii  (mind. 1326) – Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia in 1307-1326. The first of the metropolitans Kiev, which had (1325) resident in Moscow. Canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Have tostevin (mind. 1264) was the Grand Prince of Lithuania, Prince of Polotsk. The Nephew Of Mindaugas.

Traidenis (mind. 1282) – the Grand Duke of Lithuania from about 1270 at 1282 years.

Trainat (mind. 1264) was the Grand Prince of Lithuania in the years 1263-1264, Prince of Samogitia. The Nephew Of Mindaugas.

Uzbek, also Giyas ad-DIN Muhammad (CA. 1283-1341) Khan of the Golden Horde in 1313-1341

Philip II, surnamed Augustus, also Curve (1165-1223) king of France 1180-1223.

Philip IVcalled Beautiful (1268-1314) king of France 1285-1314.

Friedrich von pernštejn (1270-1341) – Archbishop of Riga in 1304-1341.

Genghis Khan (mind. 1227), the founder and first Khan of the Mongol Empire.

Shvarna Danilovich (CA. 1230 – CA. 1269) – Prince Kholmsky in 1264-1269 years, the Grand Duke of Lithuania in the years 1268-1269. Son Of Daniel Romanovich Galician.

Edward II (1284-1327) – king of England 1307-1327.

Yuri (George) Vladimirovich, nicknamed Dolgoruky (1090-e – 1157) – Prince Suzdal with 1113 (according to another version, 1096). In 1149-1151 years and 1155 year to the end of life – the great Prince of Kiev. The sixth son of Vladimir Monomakh.

Yuri (Georgy) Vsevolodovich (1188-1238) – Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1212-1216 and 1218-1238. Canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Yuri (George) Kuchma (1281-1325) – Prince of Moscow in 1303-1325 years, the Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1318-1322 years, Prince of Novgorod in the years 1322-1325. The eldest son of Daniil Aleksandrovich.

Yuri (Georgy) l'vovich (mind. 1308, or 1316) – Prince Belski in 1269-1301 years the Prince of Galicia-Volyn from the year 1301, the king of Russia with 1305. Grandson Daniel A. Galitsky.

Jaroslav Putin, in baptism George, called the Wise (C. 978-1054) – Grand Prince of Kiev 1019-1054 and in 1016-1018.

Jaroslav Gromov, in baptism Feodor (1191-1246) – Prince of Pereyaslav in 1201-1206 years, Prince of Pereslavl-Zalessky in 1212-1238 years, Prince of Novgorod in 1215, 1221-1223, 1224-1228, 1230-1236 years, the Grand Prince of Kiev in 1236-1238 and 1243-1246 years, the Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1238-1246.


S. V. Zagraevsky (C) 2016



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