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Sergey Zagraevsky


Cyrils tales about Israel




The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.






Kirill small boy, a son of the artist Sergei Zagraevsky. Looking at the picture of her dad, dedicated to Israel, and listening to his stories, Kirill decided to invent tales about this beautiful country. Just fairy tales turned twelve - as much, how many months of the year.

The book is intended for children of preschool age.

Moscow, 2014. 


I am an artist, and my son's name is Kirill. He lives in Moscow, and in kindergarten and yet never was in Israel.

And then once he saw my paintings dedicated to Israel, and asked:

- Daddy, you been in this country?

- Yes, of course.

- Many times?

- A lot.

Because Kirill now teaches the names of months, he began to ask:

- In January " was you up there?

- Yes.

- And in February?

- Yes.

- In March?..

Realizing that Kirill will not stop until you reach of December, I asked him:

"Look at my picture, there Israel just depicted in each of the months. And I'll read the captions of these pictures.

But Kirill said:

- No, just a signature is boring and uninteresting. You have in the paintings everything is so fabulous, so let for every picture is not signed, but the whole tale.

Then I suggested to him:

"Come, I will talk about what is depicted, as you've already invent stories.

Kirill agreed. And the next day we started: I - to show your pictures and tell about Israel, Kirill is to create fairy - tales about this beautiful country.





On this picture, Kirill, shows Jerusalem, when it was snowing. Jerusalem - the main city of Israel, located away from the sea amongst the low sloping mountains. It is a beautiful city, especially its Central old part, where are the temples of the major world religions.

"What is religion? asked Kirill.

Is when people believe in God and pray in the temples. And because people believe differently, and religion are different.

For Kirishi questions of faith in God still too complicated, so he asked:

- You, me, dad, once said that Israel is hot. Why is there snow?

In Israel there is hot, and cool places. In summer and in winter there are also different everywhere weather. For example, here in Jerusalem in the summer is very warm, and winters are cool. And in January, the coldest month, almost every year there is snow falls.

- Falls and lies until spring, as we do in Moscow?

- No, in Jerusalem, the snow melts on the following day. A maximum of a few days, may remain.

- How is the snow, probably hurt so quickly melt - decided Kirill and told the tale.


Jerusalem snow disturbed that lies only a few days, and envied Moscow snow, which can lie all winter and not to melt. And Kirill said to him:

"Don't fret! The main thing that you fell when Jerusalem was my dad is an artist. And he managed to you to draw. This means that you will remain on father's paintings - and not only until the spring, but much longer.

And the snow immediately calmed down. So, Kirill and his dad helped Jerusalem snow.





- This painting is called "the Yarkon River in tel Aviv". Tel Aviv is situated at the Mediterranean sea, which flows into the Yarkon. Tel Aviv is a big modern city with lots of new high - houses skyscrapers, " I said to Kirill.

- The skyscrapers are called so because scratching the sky? "asked the son. - And the sky is not ruined by this?

- No, of course. I once explained that the sky is infinite, and no houses before it can get. So skyscrapers are called so only for fun.

- Of course, dad. Then I will tell you a story about a great big skyscrapers in tel Aviv.


In tel Aviv many different houses - large or small, and high and low. And here were built most of the most high, called skyscrapers. All other houses thought that the new skyscraper will be really scrape the sky, and they were unhappy that the sky above tel-Aviv will be scratched and ugly.

But time passed, all new skyscrapers were built, and the sky was still clear. And somehow in February, one of the little house said skyscrapers:

- And can we make friends?

- Yes, we don't mind, " replied the skyscrapers. - Let's be friends, to our common city of tel Aviv was beautiful, and it was cozy and comfortable.

And all the houses in tel Aviv became friends.





On this picture, Kirill depicted Judean desert, beginning from Jerusalem.

The son looked at the picture and asked:

- What a desert? Desert must be empty, and there so many flowers!

Is this in the Judean desert is only one month a year. Usually in March. At this time in the desert bloom many colors. And then begins the heat, the flowers fall, dry herbs, and there are only stones. And so until next March.

Kirill at first did not like that in the desert almost the whole year only stones, but he thought about it and said that's what fairy tale:


Once in March of flowers in the Judean desert decided not to wither and stay for the whole year. But the desert is said to them:

- But how? I will then cease to be a waste!

- So what? Will be called something different. For example, "Tzvetina".

"No, I like my name. And like that whole year I was empty and lifeless, but the month when everything blooms, is a real treat! So odcvicite, flowers, and I'll see you next year!

And flowers have done so.





When Kirill saw my April picture of the Israeli flag on mount Shlomo above Eilat, he immediately asked, what is this star on the flag.

- Six point star of David, the emblem of Israel, " I said.

"Who is David?

- In the long ago days in Israel was a king, and his shield was exactly six-pointed.

- And five-pointed stars are there?

"Yes, " I said, and drew such a star.

- And seven?

- Yes, and this draw.

- And eight?.. And nine?..

Kirill such as: don't stop for anything. When I had to draw for him ten-pointed star, I finally said:

"Enough about the stars, let's better I'll tell you about the Eilat. This is the southernmost point of Israel, there is always a very warm, even in winter, when in Jerusalem snow. The red sea, which is Eilat's also very warm, which is why people from all over the world go there to relax all year round. Near Eilat, the big Negev desert, rises above the city Shlomo mountain - the highest of the surrounding mountains...

But Kirill still more interested in the stars, so he is not listened about mountain Shlomo and began to tell the tale.


The stars are the five-pointed, a six -, seven -, and so on. Even a ten-pointed. And king David could not choose for your shield any of them, because he was afraid to offend the others. And he, that no star was hurt, drawed them all to pieces, and then closed his eyes and randomly pointed to one of them. And had the six-point. The king was very glad, as it is such a star he always liked. So since this star and remained on the Israeli flag.





"And this is drawn ruins of an ancient fortress Arsuf, " I said to Kirill. - Once in ancient times, this castle was taken, and then destroyed, and it so happened that the walls of the fortress fell into the sea. So they have since there and lie about them is broken surf.

- And in what month it was?

- I wrote this picture in may.

"I don't mean the picture, and about the destruction of the walls, " said the son.

- No one knows, it's been too long. Even a year is unlikely to accurately known, but it is now a month - and even more so.

- How is that nobody knows? - thought Kirill. Is it bad when no one knows. Have a tale to tell about it.


There are a lot of unknown. Now even the Pope, who knows all, many things doesn't know either. But people want to know more, and for this study. I also learn a lot and read, and write, to draw, to play the piano, and many more things. And maybe when I grow up, I'll know more than my dad. And even, perhaps, know what I mean, nobody now knows. For example, in what month destroyed the Israeli wall of the fortress Arsuf.





- Netanya is a city on the Mediterranean. In the city centre - Independence square, next to a fountain. This fountain in June and I drew. And because that Israel is very narrow, Netanya are not Jewish and Arab cities. See the picture lonely lights in the distance?

- See. Why are these cities - Arab? asked Kirill.

- Because in these cities live people, who are called by the Arabs. And in Netanya, as in all Israel, the majority of residents - Jews.

- And why the lights from the Arabs so little?

- Because their cities are not as bright and beautiful as Jewish Netanya.

I thought, Kirill will ask another, "why", but he immediately began to tell the tale.


Fountain in Netanya works day and night, without ceasing. It highlights the multi-colored lamps, and he is so beautiful as the picture of my dad. And all they admire.

And Arab cities around the gray and boring. And once Kirill asked his friend the good witch:

- It's not fair when in Netanya there is such a fountain as in Arab cities - no. Can you wave a magic wand and make these fountains were and the Arabs?

"I can't, " replied the sorceress. - Do you, Kirill, the Pope was explained that if the magicians will be to do everything for the people, people will fail and become lazy?

- He explained.

- Let the Arabs themselves make their city as beautiful as Netanya. And when you do, and they will have beautiful colored fountains.





Is, Kirill, view of the sea of Galilee from the surrounding heights, called the Golan. The lake is in a deep depression, and in the summer, especially in July, there is no wind, and very hot. I actually love and well deal with the heat, but once on the sea of Galilee even to me it was hard. And the Golan heights remind about wars between Israel and neighbouring Arab countries, " I said. - These countries together attacked Israel several times, and that every time he won. And at these heights in all wars there were severe fights.

- Can I tale about the war will come up with? asked Kirill.

- Tales should be kind, and war is evil.

"And I'll try to think up a good story.

- Well try.

Kirill for a long time thought, and then said:

"No, I can't think of a good story about the war. Let's talk about the heat.


In summer in the sea of Galilee is very hot. And then one day in July of my dad when he wrote picture on the lake, said the heat:

- Can you be weaker? And just unbearable.

And the heat asked:

"You have told many times to his son Cyril, that this man should be patient?

- Many times.

- Well, be patient now, since you're a real man.

And dad suffered.





- Petah Tikva is a big city near tel Aviv. This town is famous for its huge market where they sell a lot of different fruits. I drew. In August.

- And what is this strange inscription on the picture? asked Kirill.

Is my name in Hebrew. And the year when I wrote this picture.

The son already heard that in Israel speak the language of Hebrew, but still asked his next "why":

- And why the language spoken in Russia, is called in Russian, and in Israel is not Israel and Hebrew?

Because that's the name of this language. He called Hebrew or just Jewish. All languages everywhere are called differently. In France speak French, UK - English, German - German, and in the United States - English, as in England.

"It is difficult, " said Kirill and invented a tale.


There are many, many different languages. Their language is, every country, and there are countries where several languages. And very many people know several languages, without this it is difficult to travel to different countries. When I grow up, too, will know different languages.

And in the forest by animals same thing: the Fox speaks its own, Fox language, hare - hare, bear on the bear. And if they want to understand each other, they also teach languages. Bear, for example, said on Fox and wolf. And the hare he does not say, as the spot for him too little about what to talk to him? And the hare but we speak the language of bees, because friends with bees and often goes to visit them. And the language of the butterflies he knows well. And so on. If all the animals to tell who is friends with whom and who their tongues knows, you get too long.





On this picture, Kirill, represented a huge valley Sharon in September. When they say that Israel is dry and desert, that's wrong. Valley Sharon, for example, is located in the heart of the country, and it is very moist and fertile, here is cultivated with many fruit and vegetables. In this valley before there were even swamps. Actually, that is probably my favorite place in Israel. Not the city of Jerusalem and tel Aviv, namely the Sharon valley.

- And what is so special in this valley, that you love her like that? asked Kirill.

- Nothing. Just love, because long lived there and all its traveled by car, by bus, by Bicycle. Still remember all her paths and alleys. And in General, isn love for something? Now you, Kirill, I love not for something, but simply because you are my son.

Kirill long thought, then said:

"Then I'll tell you a tale about love.


Daddy loves me because I am his son. And Sharon valley he loves, because there are long lived. And Moscow he loves, because he was born here and lives here now. And to draw pictures he likes, because it is his work. And walk in the forest he loves, because it's his rest. And yet he who and what he loves. I also many who and what is love - to the father and the mother, and grandmother, and our cat, and toys, and candy, and to walk in the yard.

And one day a delicious candy, which I love very much, asked:

- And whom, Kirill, do you like - my father, mother or me?

And I answered:

"Dad explained to me that such issues even cannot set! Love to Papa, love for the mother and the love of sweets - is quite different!





- At the Dead sea all quite differently than in other seas. There's even water so that the sink is not: too thick, because it very much salt. And all the shores of this sea covered with a coating of salt. So there's no life there, for what it called the Dead sea and. His lifeless beach just pictured on my painting.

Quite no life? asked Kirill.

- You can say, no. Neither fish nor waterfowl, nor any other living creatures.

"But you, dad, swam in the sea?

- Yes.

- And other people there bathe?

- Yes, of course. A lot of people. Salt of this sea is very useful for health.

"Then what is it dead? - surprised Kirill and told the tale.


The dead sea is very offended that his so called, because actually no it's not dead. And once in October, it asked my dad when he was there and wrote his picture:

- How to make so that I was not Dead, but Alive?

"I'll ask Kiryusha, when you will return to Moscow, his father said.

And now my dad and I think that advise the sea. On the one hand, to be called Dead really hurt. On the other hand, everyone is already used to the fact that the sea is called, and to install new name difficult. So far, my dad and nothing came up, and offered now to think all readers of this book: how to be called this sea - Dead or Alive?





Bahaism is a strange belief in God, I don't even quite realize what it is, " said I to the son. "But around the main Church of this faith, which is located in Haifa, a city in the North of Israel, is a very beautiful gardens. Even in November, when Moscow snow, in these gardens more blooming exotic trees and flowers.

Kirill, like all boys of his age, not quite understand what faith in God, and to the Baha'i faith in him, frankly, a little. But the tale he told.


Gathered together a lot of trees and flowers, and they began to think where they would grow. And they liked the gardens in Haifa.

- Only called these gardens strangely, " said one of the trees. Even pronounce the word can't.

- It is also some kind of faith, what it is, too, do not understand, " said another tree.

And one intelligent flower they replied:

- What's the difference, what is faith and what's the name! The main thing - gardens good. So let's all together there to grow and to please those who arrives!





- In the North of Israel there are real mountains, which are called Hermon, - I showed Kirill its December picture. Israel is a country seems to be quite small, a thousand times smaller than Russia, two times less than even the Moscow region, and see how many interesting things. And three sea - Dead sea, the Mediterranean and the Red, and the desert - the Jews and the Negev desert, and mountains - Hermon and Solomon, and the main temples of the major world religions, and many old fortresses...

- This can only be in a fairy tale, " said Kirill and concluded:


The main tale of Israel - Israel itself, and everyone who comes there, gets into a real fairy-tale. And when I get a little older, you will go to visit the tale. It's great when the tale not only hear, but also see, and not on the screen, but for real!


*    *    *


Israel is a very beautiful and interesting country. And if the country is interesting, and stories about her interesting. And every one of you, dear children, can create fairy-tales as Kirill, and to draw to them the same kind and joyful pictures, as Kiryushin father was an artist!


Moscow, 2014.


Sergey Zagraevsky


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