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Inna Zagrajewski


Search for childhood


To my son



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




Unseen, unheard,

Small step for the steps ahead

Alternate years

And childhood is gone.


Are you looking for him


wherever possible:

At work and at home,

In the living room, hallway ...


So you can lose

Or notebook ...

A Childhood -

not a thing,

To lose it!


And you are again looking for,

In the salons tusuyas,


what you write,

In canvas

that draw.


And somehow,

His search for interrupting

a moment,

To make a smear

You likuesh - you're a genius!

Now sleep ...

But no, not given to:

For Childhood


But where



Leta Having counted

           computer accurately,

You still find

Scraps, leaves ...

In vain, my son,

Go not astray in years,

After Childhood -

with you

It there

           where you are.


Look even eye

On his first drawing:

At pebbles -


Two wings, beak.

Chicken little one,

Child and child

How do you - for me ...

A summer -

let them fly!

August 2009



Sergey Zagraevsky


10x6, stone, wat. col.