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Sergey Zagraevsky


The song about a beautiful Pskov maid

and about love of three noble and brave knights for her

(a medieval dramatic poem describing the events of 1240-s A.D.)



Annotation to the set of historical novels "Mysteries of Vienna library"


The historical novels of Professor, Dr. Sergey Zagraevsky are written on the basis of real chronicle, architectural and archaeological data, and are dedicated for a wide range of readers interested in history and architecture of Ancient Rus and Medieval Europe.

The plot of all novels of the set "Mysteries of Vienna library" are the documents, allegedly found the by author in this library and translated into Russian. Genres of the novels are different from a detective to a romantic poem. All the novels of this set have a common storyline unsuccessful attempts of Catholic Church to establish its power in Russia. But the actors and specific plots of the novels are not linked, and these books can be read in any order. In any case the reader gets the whole picture of life, politics, wars and architecture of Ancient Russia.



Annotation to the novel


A manuscript of medieval dramatic poem, previously unknown to the public, is found in Vienna Library. The poem is dedicated to the adventures of three young knights two Germans and a Russian, and to their love for Olga, the beauty maid of Pskov. The story happens on the background attempts of Sweden and Livonian Order to conquer Novgorod lands in 1240-1242, and on the final loss of Jerusalem by the Crusaders in 1244.

"Historical poem" of Professor, Dr. Sergey Zagraevsky is a fascinating romantic story, written based on real chronicle and research data, and sheds light on a number of the most interesting world events of 1240-s.

The book is dedicated for a wide range of readers. It shows the historical reconstruction of the battle with the Swedes on the Neva, of the "Ice Battle", of the conquest of Jerusalem by Muslims.

Moscow, 2014.



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.





From the filing of the Vienna library


Storage Unit Name:. "The Song of the beautiful Maid of Pskov and love to her three noble and brave knights"

Document type: manuscript.

Storage: XIII -16, Acts of the XIII century.

Document number for the library inventory: XIII -674-398 / A.

The source and the date of receipt of the document in the library: the imperial archive outgoing 342-75894 on 19 April 1867.

Date of document: between 1273 and 1278 years.

The volume of paper: 215 sheets of average quality parchment.

Save the document: satisfactory.

The main document language: Middle High German.


The Christians, blessed,

victorious Rudolf von Habsburg,

Holy Roman Emperor and King of Germany!

We humbly bring to strict court of Your Majesty

this very song about the beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and I ask to pay my humble work

Your highest attention.

Let it be known to your Majesty,

that this song was written after

I ran into one of her heroes

and I heard his story.

Yes, and I myself, being advanced in years,

well I remember the time

when at the beginning of the 1240s the birth of Christ

our valiant knights fought with Russian prince Alexander

** near the East Sea.

I remember I was unfortunate for any good Christian

forty-fourth year,

when Jerusalem was lost to the Warriors of the Holy Cross -

hopefully not forever.

All this and much more

This is reflected in the lyrics of the beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights.

I wish Your Majesty countless years of reign,

bless you almighty God and the Holy Virgin Mary,

yes they nisposhlyut you victory over all enemies,

especially over Otakar, malicious king of Bohemia ***.

May your days be full of joy and great achievements.

I remain forever your faithful servant.


* In the manuscript across the sheet of dedication written resolution: "His Majesty Rudolf familiar with this song and was very displeased, because our gallant knights, Russian barbarians and lovely lady is not shown as it should. Distribution is prohibited. "

Probably, this resolution was the reason that the manuscript was handed over to the imperial archives, then got into the vault of the Vienna library and hitherto remained obscure.

The author's name "Songs" could not be determined: apparently, it was on the front page of unpreserved.

The date of writing can be roughly determined based on the fact that Rudolf von Habsburg, who is devoted to the "Song", became Holy Roman Emperor in 1273, died in 1291. Judging by the fact that in the dedication mentioned a hostile emperor Czech King Premysl Otakar II of, who died in 1278, you can narrow the dating to the 1273-1278 period.

(Hereinafter - translator's note).

**Baltic Sea.

***Czech Republic.


After praying to our Lord Jesus Christ

and thrice Sign of the Cross,

with God's help we begin

a song about the beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and immediately we encounter the first hero of our songs -

Werner von Endorf, a knight of the Livonian Order.

Baron Werner was born in Bavaria,

in a small and modest ancestral castle Endorf.

Even in his youth he devoted himself to the Lord

and he joined the monastic brotherhood of soldiers of Christ,

better known as the Order of the Sword Livonia *.

Baron has repeatedly participated in the battles

with Livonian and Estonian pagan tribes

and he proved himself a skilful and brave warrior.

And when the will of the Holy Father of the Sword Order

was transformed into the Order of Livonian Knights of Christ,

which is often referred to simply as the Livonian Order,

Werner is due to their prowess, education and intelligence,

even before reaching thirty,

He became komtur Zegevoldskim ** and have in subjection

several tens of noble knights.

And the first time we meet with the provincial commander von Endorf

Zegevold not in the castle, and in the glorious city of Riga -

the capital of the Livonian Order,

and a small, but fast ship,

racing on the East Sea to Riga

from Swedish capital Sigtuna ***.

April 1240 from Christmas

by the will of God he was warm,

and no snow or ice is gone.

At the prow stands and looks into the distance provincial commander Werner -

tall, well-built blond, handsome,

dressed in a white cloak with a red cross and the sword -

symbol of the Order of Livonian Knights of Christ.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about how the beginning of this voyage,

no signs of trouble.

* Today Latvia.

** Komtur - head komturstva, an administrative unit of a number of religious orders, which included the castle and surrounding area. Zegevold - Castle of the Livonian Order, now in the city of Sigulda.

*** Not far from Stockholm.


East Sea in April insidiously,

and the captain of the ship * knows and looks anxiously at the sky,

although a clear day, and blowing a light breeze passing.

Then the captain comes to the provincial commander Werner

and he says, bowing low:

"The noble knight, is the storm."

"Why do you say that?

The sun is shining, the wind is very weak. "

"Yes, the wind is weak, but it blows from the north.

Do you see that little cloud?

I have long been following him, it grows and moves here.

At the north wind in the East Sea

it is a sign that there will be a storm.

Soon we pass the mouth of the Narva River,

and we must take refuge in him.

Now these things belong to the mouth of the Russian, but we have peace with them,

so if you meet them and that's okay. "

So says the captain. But provincial commander replies:

"We are in a hurry, and no time to lose.

The Lord is gracious, and hopefully,

that the storm will pass side.

Veli rowers to increase the pace. "

The captain tries to say something,

but the knight turns away from him,

indicating that the conversation was over.

Yes, the provincial commander Werner risking much,

but our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about right or wrong was Baron von Endorf

when he refused to stop at the mouth of the Narva.

We use the word "captain" "chief navigator" for simplicity - * In the original.


We should note that provincial commander Werner

It has every reason to hurry.

Shortly before he took a letter

Swedish King Eric

Master of the Livonian Order Dietrich von Gruening.

These are two Christian ruler - Master and King -

linked long-standing and close ties of friendship

and the unity of the true faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now Baron von Endorf lucky to Riga king response.

These things hidden letter on his chest,

and he was with him for a minute does not leave.

He does not know what is written there,

but no doubt that we are talking about a future war

neighbor Livonia and Sweden - Rus,

a huge country, which adopted the Christian faith,

not only true Catholic and Byzantine-wing.

Once And this country was united and strong,

but then broke up into many

almost independent principalities,

mired in bloody strife,

and two years before the events described here

it easily captured the godless Tatars

led by Khan Batu.

But the invasion of Batu remained intact

a large Russian city of Novgorod,

and Novgorod land just on the border of Livonia and Sweden.

Werner believes that to take this city

simultaneous attack from both sides would be easy,

even if the aid comes Novgorod

Vladimir neighboring Grand Duchy:

Duchy of these things recently devastated Batu,

and serious strength it is not him.

And the Batu Khan are now fighting in the south of Russia,

and it is not far to the north of Novgorod.

So turn this city with fire and sword

the true Catholic faith is quite possible,

and it is unlikely Khan, has won many Russian principalities,

He wants to start due to major war Novgorod

with the Livonian Order and Sweden,

and even with all of the Holy Roman Empire.

That such thoughts full of Baron,

and he understands the importance of a letter, hidden on his chest.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of thinking about the Baron von Endorf future war.


From Werner distracting reflections sharp gust of wind,

then another and another.

Soon the wind and the waves are so strong,

it is no longer possible to stand on the deck,

not holding on to the mast or rigging.

"Rowers do not rake against the wind,

us is the mouth of Narva "- shouts the captain of the provincial commander.

"Well, well, we're going to hide there."

"In calm weather would have taken refuge,

and now we shall be at the behest of the wind and waves,

and it is unlikely we will be able to enter into the river,

past the sharp rocks near her mouth! "

"Let them try to rowers' -

calmly responds brave provincial commander Werner.

Of course, the rowers are trying,

and because they themselves want to live,

but against the raging elements of God

people are unable to fight.

Blow terrible crash - the ship hit a rock.

Icy waters of the East Sea April

roll over its deck,

sweeping away everything and everyone in its path.

No one on the ship did not stay, all washed overboard,

and all waiting for imminent death -

if not from the blows against the rocks, then the cold.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about the ship wreck in the East Sea.


It is time to meet with our second hero of the song -

young Russian Boyar Gavrila Aleksic.

It is necessary to clarify that Aleksic - no middle name and surname,

Russian patronymic called the most respected people.

Growth Gavrila below Werner, broader in the shoulders,

his hair darker, coarser facial features,

but it can be called handsome.

Twenty-five years to him,

origin - the most noble,

because he called Boyar,

which translates from Russian as "a great man".

According to our notions of it belongs to the knightly class.

Gabriel was born and raised in the Grand Duchy of Vladimir,

in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky *.

Already in his youth he joined the squad, that is, the Guards

Alexander, the son of Grand Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich.

When Batu Khan came to win

Grand Duchy of Vladimir,

there rules elder brother Yaroslav - George Vsevolodovich.

George was killed, his army routed.

Jaroslav reigned at this time in the southern Russian capital - Kiev.

Having learned about the arrival of Batu, he immediately went to Vladimir,

He pleaded vassal khan

and he was entitled to a great reign.

Son is his Alexander Yaroslavich

he had previously sent to reign in Novgorod:

This merchant city governed by a board of eminent citizens,

modeled on our famous commercial cities of Bremen and Lübeck,

and invites to his princes, just as the generals

and the judges.

When Alexander went to Novgorod,

He took with him his squad, including Gavrilo.

The prince gave a lot of effort to strengthen the city,

and Gabriel in this highly contributed to it.

Soon, Alexander granted Gavrila Aleksic

Sotk title, meaning "Head of hundreds"

and sent him to command an important military post

at the mouth of the Narva River.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and we will not talk too much detail

Life now knights before they are by the will of God

We met each other.

* Today Pereslavl.


When the ship provincial commander Werner von Endorf carries rocks,

Gavrila Aleksic is located -

his tent in a camp on the bank of the Narva River.

Bad weather shakes and shakes lightweight tent.

Gabriel with a few fellow warriors

going to eat and drink home brew,

and then enters one of his men and said,

in the sea the ship in distress Livonian Order:

apparently he is trying to get in Narva, but hit a rock.

"Flown - and ran, and the road to the Latins" -

says a friend of Gavrilo.

"There and expensive, but can somebody survived,

we must go and see - rumors lord.

All they wear coats and come ashore,

shivering from the icy wind.

"Look, there's the sea threw the dead body"

"There's another, and another."

"And it seems to be a knight, and not the last, judging by their clothes."

"Look, my lord, he is still alive, but unconscious!".

"Of course, the unconscious - a swim in the icy water!

Probably the rocks and broke.

Come on, drag it to our camp and get warm by the fire, "-

Gabriel commanded Aleksic.

"Yes, let a Latin is dying!

One infidels will be less! "-

Gavrilo say his supporters.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than rough and hard-hearted like the simple Russian soldiers,

moreover, to be honest, and our simple soldiers

There are no less rude and cruel.


Gavrila Aleksic repeats his order, and the terrorists,

grumbling that it is necessary to tinker with the "gentile"

received warm komtur background Endorf,

but he did not regain consciousness.

On his chest are surviving,

although sodden letter the Swedish king

to the Master of the Livonian Order.

Gavrila nice to know Latin,

For a noble origin

and as a child he studied all the sciences,

like any of our knights.

Seeing what these things written in the letter and to whom is addressed,

lord commanded to hot prepared his ship,

he will go to Pskov - the closest city of Novgorod Land,

and there, along with the city voevoda Gleb Lukich

decide what to do with the knight and sim sim letter.

"So die the Germans along the way,

in a vehicle fire razvedeshsya not "- say Gavrila soldiers.

"Never mind, put it under warm blankets,

Akim and Groin, undress and lie with him,

warmed him with its warmth.

The rest - on the oars "

Grumbling and swearing, Russian soldiers carried out orders,

and that's an easy river boat rushes up the Narva.

With rivers and lakes ice has gone, because the spring was early,

and travel is not obstructed.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of the waterway from the East Sea to Pskov.


Along the way, the soldiers whispering,

that Gabriel did not just rushing to Pskov,

and it's not just the letter and Livonian knights:

he wants to see his bride -

Olga, the daughter of Pskov magistrates Gleb Lukic.

Warriors believe that the daughter of the governors - a good fiancee

for so noble a young nobleman,

for father Olga noble and rich,

It takes a high military position,

and most importantly - beautiful girl Olga hardly find

around Pskov, and maybe in Russia.

Yes, this is the most beautiful Maid of Pskov,

What is our song.

Like most women of Pskov,

Olga is named in honor of the famous princess,

Russia ruled in the capital, Kiev,

in the days when And this country

It has not yet been baptized into Christianity.

And this princess went to Constantinople

and there took a holy baptism under the name Helen,

but in Russia it still continued to call Olga.

And because the Princess was a native of Pskov,

in this city, it was glorified

almost on a par with the Blessed Virgin Mary,

that in Russia called the Mother of God.

About Princess Olga many legends and stories,

and apparently, it was a decent ruler.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of the pre-Christian Russia.


And then, finally, we meet with Olga Glebovna -

bride Gavrila Aleksic and heroines of our songs.

The very next day after departure

from the camp at the mouth of Narva

Gabriel enters the house Gleb Lukic,

and the bride greets her fiance.

In fact, Olga's beauty is admirable,

probably even in our native Germany, few of these beauties,

and perhaps did not have,

because Russian women are renowned all over the world, God -

and among good Christians, and among the infidels.

Olga seventeen years,

she was not very tall, not too thin, not too full.

Big bright eyes, straight white teeth,

chiseled features, a beautiful blond braid,

kind smile, good manners -

In short, it has everything that can charm

so noble and worthy young nobleman,

how Gavrila Aleksic.

And really, fascinated by Olga Gabriel he was right,

as soon as it was first seen,

when I passed through Pskov

on the way to the place of their service at the mouth of Narva

and I went to the city governor with some princely mission.

Then he offered his hand and heart Olga.

Gleb Lukic agreed to give the daughter of Boyar,

and we decided to get married in three months,

after Gabriel arrange a military post at Narva

and return to Pskov.

When the young lord brings into this city

Baron Werner von Endorf

and is the home magistrates

Gleb and his daughter Olga decide that the groom

I have come a long time, and it is necessary to prepare the wedding.

But Gabriel, barely greeted, says:

"Gleb Lukic, I arrived on an urgent matter.

I'm on the boat - shipwrecked

The knights,

He is still unconscious, he had a high fever,

but most importantly - with him I found a letter

Master of his order from the Swedish king,

and we must decide what to do with the sim letter. "

Gleb immediately understands the importance of the incident,

orders to bring the knight to his house

and invites the best healers of Pskov,

so that he died,

and the works of Gavrila, who brought him to Pskov,

They were not in vain.

The doctors examine the knight

allowed him the blood, the use of all sorts of drugs

and say that his life is out of danger,

but he needs rest and care.

They are right,

and the provincial commander Werner von Endorf remains alive.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of Pskov healers.


A governor with a letter Hleb joined Lukic slyly:

caused Yevgraf, a master of secret affairs,

and the slightly warmed royal seal

and carefully separated it from the parchment.

Due to the fact that the letter was soaked, it was easy.

So that read Russian,

except fraternal greetings and kind words Swedish king

against an ally - Master Dietrich von Gruening:

"I agree that now is the grace of God

now is a good time for the undertakings

noble cause treatment Novgorod

the true Catholic faith.

It's time we bring to Holy Cross

at least the northern regions of Russia.

We have been going to do these things.

Devil intrigues of Batu Khan ahead of us

and subjugated this very country,

but now the Lord has arranged,

that Khan is distracted by the war in the south of Russia,

and he was not to Novgorod,

and our simultaneous attack on two sides

This city does not hold out.

I struck the north-west - through the city of Ladoga,

and let the Livonian Order will cause a blow

from the south-west - through the city of Pskov.

And we will do so in early July this year.

My army will lead the first of my earls * - Ulf Fasi,

I send him, and the young earl Birger Magnusson.

All the areas that we will be able with God's help

to bring into the fold of the Holy Catholic Church,

I propose to divide for justice:

let everyone owns that won.

But finally decide who got what lands,

still better after our victory.

I do not doubt that the Lord gives it to us. "

The letter said these things and much more,

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

Instead of writing about the details of the King Master.

* Breakfast princely title.


Old crafty governor Gleb

these things by reading a letter, invents,

how to cheat the King and Master.

He tells Evgrafov fake letter:

pick the same ink and fix the month of July to August

so that in the Livonian Order thought

Swedes attacked in August,

themselves attacked at the same time rather than in July.

Forge a letter was easy:

Fortunately for the Russian and unfortunately for the good Catholics,

the month of July has been written in Roman numerals VII,

and it was necessary to substitute only one dash,

so I figure VIII turned - August.

I would like to call this very villainous forgery,

but it is fair to admit,

that Russian only protected:

Although Byzantine faith, surely false,

but over the centuries deeply rooted in Russia,

and these lost souls do not know what they do,

all the forces opposing the adoption

the true Catholic faith.

So and Gleb, and Gabriel, and Eugraph

operate with a clear conscience.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of that made and still makes Russian

oppose us.


Evgraf neatly seals the letter -

just the same, slightly heated seal -

and puts on chest Baron Werner,

who was still unconscious.

Meanwhile, Gabriel hastily saying goodbye to Olga

and immediately sent to Novgorod,

Prince Alexander warned that in July will attack the Swedes,

attack and Livonians -

or in August, when the trick Gleb Lukic succeed,

or, God forbid, also in July.

Prince graciously accepts Gavrila Aleksic

and thanks for the intercepted letter.

Gabriel was going to go back to Pskov,

but the prince told him to stay in Novgorod

and participate in the preparation of the prince's retinue

and the Novgorod troops

to repel the attacks of the Swedes and Livonians.

Gavrila upset that distant day will see Olga,

but can not do anything:

homeland defense Khakee for him.

He just sends Olga birch bark

that is very fond of her,

but I had to wait with the wedding until after the war.

He soon bitterly regret

that until July I did not find time to go to Pskov,

get married and carry the young wife

Novgorod and Pereslavl-Zaleski.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not that the Lord could arrange, but did not accept.


And in Pskov provincial commander Werner von Endorf

finally recovers.

His first movement - check with him whether the letter.

A letter with him. He calms down and looks around.

Before it presents a fascinating vision -

bright face beautiful Olga.

She and her kind soul helped the healers to care for Baron

and when he came to himself,

It was next to his bed.

Werner hears her melodious voice:

"I'm glad you came to, the noble knight."

She says it in Latin: father gave her an excellent education.

"Where am I?" - Asks the Baron.

She said that after he was picked up on the shore

frozen, battered against the rocks, unconscious,

nobleman Gavrila Aleksic brought him to Pskov in order to cure,

and now, with God's help, he gradually recovers.

"And where is he lord Gabriel?

May I thank him for salvation? "

"He is not here, he went to Novgorod, for some urgent business."

"And who are you, beautiful?"

"Glebovna Olga, the daughter of Pskov magistrates and groom Gavrila."

"And I'm Baron Werner von Endorf Zegevoldsky provincial commander."

Then Werner again falls into oblivion

and wakes up the next day.

He is already much better,

and he wants to talk to himself governor.

Gleb Lukic is soon.

Knight thanks for saving him and asks for help

to get to Riga.

Voivod for the kind of arguing with him,

He says that the brave knight would have to still undergo treatment,

but really Gleb wants provincial commander

quickly drove to Riga forged letter.

So Werner is in the house of the magistrates long -

less than a week.

Every day the baron talks to Olga,

continue to care for him.

She tells him about Russia, he told her - of Germany,

no differences in faith or other disputes

they do not touch,

and their conversation quiet and friendly.

Then equip the ship for the Russian Baron,

Werner says goodbye to Gleb and Olga,

thanks them, asked to convey his gratitude

and her savior - Gavrila Aleksic,

Olga wished a happy family life with Gavrila,

and warriors include Baron rook on the hands,

for he is still very weak.

Already the beginning of May, the weather is beautiful,

and the ship without incident to come to the shore of Riga,

but that is not far - only two days' journey.

Werner under the arms lead to master.

Baron says that survived the shipwreck,

Russian and rescued him.

Then Werner passes the royal letter

and sent to the hospital - dolechivatsya.

Master Dietrich von Gruening,

read the message of King Eric,

It lends itself to a clever trick Gleb Lukic,

It does not suspect anything amiss

and assigns the trip to the land of Novgorod

not the beginning of July and early August.

Preparing orders for war is being slowly,

For a lot of time until August.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than on how prepared the Livonian Order

to install fire and sword the true faith in Russia.


Komtur Werner treated in the Riga hospital.

He has time to think about everything that happened,

and he could guess that it is necessary to warn the Master,

that a few days, when he was unconscious,

royal letter could do anything,

and it should be carefully checked.

Instead, Werner discovers,

he can not forget about the beautiful Maid of Pskov Olga.

He is always thinking about it,

her image is in front of him,

and he dreams of owning it.

Baron understands that these dreams - are forbidden,

because he entered the Order, he gave monastic vows,

and the person is not good to wish the bride,

who saved your life.

The commanders of the drives themselves an image of Olga,

exhausting the body of prayer and fasting,

that very commendable for a knight-monks,

but, unfortunately, Werner little help.

Soon Baron leaves hospital

and begins his duties komturskim:

prepares his valiant knights for a military campaign,

which, as we know, is due to start in August.

And this activity a little distracting Baron

from thinking about Olga.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than on how to perform Werner von Endorf

their duties komtur Zegevoldskogo.


Ready to march, and the brave Swedish earls

Ulf Fasi and Birger Magnusson,

appointed by the king as chief

in the campaign against Novgorod.

They are loaded on ships many siege engines,

intending to primarily take the city Ladoga

with its strong stone fortress -

only in Russia.

These things do not mean that in Russia there are no other fortresses,

simply they are all built of wood,

and shortly before these events, contact

wicked Batu Khan took them one by one:

siege machines swept the wooden walls with rolls,

and then Tatars easily broke into the fortress.

So what if the Swedes were able to subdue the stone Ladoga,

then take the wooden Novgorod it would be much easier.

The army and Ulf Birger eight thousand soldiers -

not as much as we would like,

but the earls are confident that together with them

Russian hit in the Livonian Order.

They do not know that the letter was forged by the king,

and the Order of preparing an attack in August.

Jarls confident in the fact that unexpectedly attacked,

and do not know that, thanks to intercepted the royal letter

Russian prince Alexander prepared to repel an attack

and has placed numerous outposts

along the Neva River, which the Swedes simply can not be avoided.

And when, in early July

Swedish ships are included in the Neva estuary,

Alexander learns about it the next day.

News of any movement of troops of the Livonian Order

the prince did not arrive, and Alexander understands

the trick Pskov magistrates failed,

and the Order of attacks in August.

So the prince boldly throws towards Birger and Ulf

and all his princely retinue, and the squad Novgorod,

all seven thousand horsemen.

It could collect and more

but it goes to the Swedes so hastily,

Novgorod militia that does not have time to join him.

Along the way, the Russian army passes Ladoga

and it joins the ranks of the militia thence,

even thousands of four.

With such a large margin strength,

also knowing all about the movements of the enemy,

also taking advantage of the surprise,

For earls and Ulf Birger

did not expect a counter-strike Russian -

only the most mediocre commander on the ground Alexander

I could not win.

And Alexander incompetent commander, of course, was not,

and say that the Lord has turned away from the Swedes in the Battle on the Neva,

I think, not quite right.

It would be truer to say that the Lord has turned away then,

when Werner von Endorf ship caught in a storm,

Royal letter appeared in Russian,

and they managed to cleverly forged.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of the inscrutable ways of the Lord.

* Now, Staraya Ladoga.


Jarls Ulf Birger and get up to camp

at the confluence of the Neva river Izhora

They are waiting for news about the actions of their allies - Livonians.

But here comes Prince Alexander Men.

Unfortunately, as the earls were not ready to strike Russian,

not stood on the right and on the left bank of the Neva -

where Russian was easier

to get close to the camp on the land.

And suddenly, on the move, with a loud battle cry

Russian attack on the Swedes.

Marines raise the alarm,

but Ulf Birger and still do not have time

build his army,

and every warrior is protected where it caught the attack.

Honor and praise the valiant yarlam:

they manage to prevent panic,

Swedes and slowly retreating to their ships.

Camp with all the good they have to leave,

but they do not capture or burn the Russian court.

After all, if the Swedes lost their ships,

their whole army to come to the inevitable end.

To the ship breaks only one Russian soldier -

already familiar Gavrila Aleksic.

This is the first big battle of the brave young nobleman,

and it shows itself at its best:

no dismounting, the ship enters the gangplank,

other warriors behind him,

he single-handedly fought with dozens of Swedes,

it is thrown into the water, his faithful horse dies,

Gabriel himself wounded: his sword cut through the arm.

Despite the pouring blood,

Boyar rises, select the bank and continues to fight,

but he still can not set fire to the ships.

Jarl Ulf Fasi, clutching the wound on his face,

which he paid himself Prince Alexander,

commanded departure.

With God's help the Swedes manage to take

almost all their wounded

and even a few dozen of those killed -

Unfortunately, only a fraction of the hundreds of victims.

Having experienced the bitterness of defeat,

earls sent his ships back to sea,

on the way stopping at one of the islands at the mouth of the Neva

and burying their dead.

Former army with clerics

proper funeral service of the deceased.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not that the fallen on the battlefield Catholics, of course,

They will rest in the righteous.


Russian, who won on the Neva, rejoice.

Alexander and his army returned to Novgorod

and received the honorary nickname of "Nevsky".

Gavrila Aleksic wants to go right after the Battle of Pskov -

play wedding with his beloved Olga,

but unfortunately, his wound is inflamed.

Burning heat of the young nobleman brought to Novgorod,

his favor the best princely physicians,

and the prince to cope on a daily basis about his health.

When Gabriel finally comes to his senses,

Alexander Yaroslavich produces it in tysyatskiye,

and this is a very high position - "Head of thousands."

Prince also bestow his cloak from his shoulder -

in Russia it is considered the highest award.

Gets Gavrila from Alexander, and large areas of land,

and the share of taken from the Swedish production.

Brave lord already going to his bride, Olga,

but then he learns that Pskov

conquered by the army of the Livonian Order.

We need to talk in detail about

how these things happened the conquest,

so strongly influenced the fate of all the characters

our song about the beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights.


When in Riga, comes the news of the defeat of the Swedes on the Neva,

Master of the Livonian Order Dietrich von Gruening

first of all wonders:

why Sweden has acted in July?

She's like going to perform in August!

And then there comes a messenger from King Eric

with the message that comes through in lines indignation:

"Why are you, the allies did not support us?

We warned you in the letter,

sent to the provincial commander Werner von Endorf

that attack the Russian barbarians at the beginning of July! "

Wise Master understands that there is something wrong with the letter,

which brought him to spring Baron Werner,

It needs to find these things in an archive

and invites its masters of secret affairs,

not less skilful than Derpt Eugraph.

Ribbons master carefully examine this parchment,

and their verdict is:

the seal was broken, the letter was forged.

Werner von Endorf soon appears

before the Chapter of his order,

and angry Knights of Christ of Livonia

require an answer from him, where she could take And this is a fake.

Werner says that after a shipwreck

several days lay unconscious,

and when I came, was a letter with him.

"But while you were unconscious,

a letter could take and forge anyone!

Do you, the provincial commander von Endorf, did not see it? "-

It sounds harsh voice of a master.

"I understand ..." - bewildered provincial commander said.

"And if you knew, why he did not warn us about this?

We have just checked the letter,

revealed a fake and told the Swedish king,

that Russian know about our plans!

Maybe it would not have began to attack

or in July or August!

And now it turns out, my brother Werner,

that our plans are thwarted by your fault,

and on the Neva River killed hundreds of good Catholics Swedish!

What can you say in your defense? "

"Just my brother and master,

that after the shipwreck and the ensuing fever

I was very weak. "

"But because of you and did not have to fight

or do anything else that requires much effort.

Just had to figure out

that you could pick up a letter at a time!

What prevented you think about it? "

We know, that prevented the knight think:

the image of the beautiful Maid of Pskov Olga.

But Knight is guilty: prefers to keep silent about this,

standing in front of the Chapter, with downcast eyes,

and only said: "I confess and pray for forgiveness.

My sin is great, and repentance as great. "

Humility Baron Werner

touches the hearts of the members of the chapter,

and von Endorf imposed punishment

only in the form of sacramental

at the Riga Dome Cathedral.

Werner thinks lightly,

and already intends to bow out and get out of the meeting room,

but the Master said:

"My brother Werner von Endorf, I believe that you are not worthy

high rank komtur Zegevoldskogo.

I suggest Chapter of Orders

dismiss you from this title.

There are members of the chapter objections?

Does anyone believe that the Baron can be left in the provincial commander?

No one does not think so?

Well, then, I am expressing a unanimous general opinion:

Background Endorf transferred to ordinary knights.

Go, my brother Werner, with the world. "

Disgraced, degraded, angry Baron

Zegevold sent to the castle,

Now no longer as provincial commander, but as a simple knight.

In his place, appointed another knight of this castle -

Baron Johann von merengue,

who does not like von Endorf,

For much older, he joined the Order of much earlier,

He has long claimed to be a place komtur

and oppressed bossing Werner

who took this place, bypassing Johann.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of Johann von Merengene.


Chapter of Orders continue meeting.

Worthy Livonian knights contemplating

on further actions to bring Russia

true to the Holy Cross Catholic.

And here appears the Count Adolf von Rozenkampf,

the oldest member of the Order of the Knights of Christ of Livonia,

having so many services to the Order,

like probably no other.

He said members of the chapter:

"At trick godless barbarians we can answer

cunning in the name of the Lord.

Since the Russian altered the date on the letter from the beginning of July

at the beginning of August,

and the attack they will be expected at the beginning of August.

And if we do not attack at this time,

the barbarians decide that war in general will not.

or if you will, in a year or later.

We will strike them in the end of August,

and the impact will be a surprise. "

Master supports it

and he says that the attack is not only unexpected,

but also cleverly arranged.

And he bids to find Prince Yaroslav.

Wherein ye ruler we have to say

with mixed feelings:

On the one hand, we have enjoyed the fruits of his betrayal,

On the other hand, always disgusting betrayal,

no matter in whose favor it is made.

This prince long before the events described here

rules in Pskov,

but showed sympathy to the Holy Catholic Church,

for that he was exiled

and he lived on the territory of the Livonian Order castle in Otepaa *.

When the Order of the Sword fighting

by Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich,

right then in Novgorod,

Pskov exile Yaroslav

I was on our side,

but it was captured by the Russian in the unfortunate for us

Battle of the River Embach, which Russian name Omovzhey *.

He was lucky he was not executed as a traitor,

Yaroslav Vsevolodovich swore eternal friendship,

He was pardoned and released,

but immediately after the conclusion of peace once again moved to Livonia,

where he received the Order of the holdings in the vicinity of the adagio.

He did not completely break off relations with their homeland

and he called himself a Russian prince,

but served us, Catholics, faith and truth

and even, say, secretly took the true Catholic faith.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of the Pskov Prince-defector.

* Also Odenpe.

** In 1234.


Preparing to reflect the attack Livonian Knights

at the beginning of August,

Alexander Nevsky put military barriers

along the Novgorod land border with the Order.

And because of the expected attack did not happen,

warriors in still overshadowing the end of summer

not so vigilant,

and many of the local militia

all went home.

Meanwhile, the master of the Livonian Order

instructs Prince Yaroslav:

take a few Russian soldiers, deserters,

pass them off as his retinue,

secretly sneak past the barriers of forests

and enter to Pskov from Novgorod.

This prince must pretend

that has long been returned to Russia, and now

Grand Duke Vladimir Yaroslav Vsevolodovich

allegedly sent him to reign in Pskov -

to help Alexander of Kostroma, Novgorod ruling.

On behalf of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich

manufactured fake security certificates.

Of course, fake diplomas - not a very beautiful act,

we can say sin

but this sin is pardonable,

for the legitimate interests of the Holy Catholic Church.

And Yaroslav hits the road.

Wise Master plan is executed:

Prince safely pass all the barriers,

Pskov enters not from the west and the east,

and presents the city council,

that is the advice of eminent citizens,

artfully forged security certificates.

Citizens are very surprised,

but do not dare to go against the will of the Grand Duke.

However, the governor Gleb Lukic immediately sends a messenger

Alexander Nevsky with the news of an unexpected entry

Prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich Pskov.

Nevsky, in turn, is also very surprised

and sends a messenger to his father Yaroslav Vsevolodovich,

in order to know for sure whether the Prince of Pskov pretender.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not on where to jump many messengers,

besides, until they jump,

Pskov already captured soldiers of the Livonian Order.


Take Pskov helps that

that Yaroslav, voknyazhilsya there,

It calls on the governor of the city Gleb Lukic

and asks where are troop barriers

and how much in them warriors.

Voivod is forced to tell the prince,

and Jaroslav immediately sends the Livonian Order in secret messenger

a description of where and what the barriers are delivered.

It is understood that after the bypass these barriers

It is not too difficult for the Order's troops.

Having served a prayer service at the Dome Cathedral,

Christ's warriors for the campaign.

They number eight thousand,

among them - and the Livonian Knights of Christ,

and militia cities of Riga and Dorpat *

Estonians and militia **.

With troops moving and powerful siege engines.

The soldiers brutally tormented by blood-sucking insects,

hourly risking drown

in the vast marshes of the Pskov land,

quietly bypass barriers and a few villages

and go to the advanced fortress Novgorod land -

Izborsk, only a day's journey from Pskov.

In Izborsk army is divided:

most of it is still under the walls of the fortress,

where very few defenders,

in the same order of reserves and siege machines.

The smaller the part headed by the Master

goes further - to Pskov.

Humanity Dietrich von Gruening

and the hope of being in this city,

faithful Catholics Prince Yaroslav

Master forced not to begin the attack,

without offering the defenders of the city to surrender.

And in any case we have to wait Dietrich

the main forces and the transport of siege engines

out of Izborsk,

taken by storm on the second day of the siege.

The released knightly troops

attack from behind on Russian screens,

for the most part still unsuspecting,

and destroy them.

And now, at Pskov going all Sash army

drive up and siege machines.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than on how to skillfully fight

Nice true adherents of the Catholic faith.

* Today, Tartu.

** Estonians.


Prince Yaroslav Vladimirovich wants to surrender Pskov,

referring to the supremacy of the besieging forces.

On his side - posadnik solid Ivankovic,

who understands that if the city will be taken by storm,

the inevitable fires,

and from Pskov is nothing at all to stay,

because the weather is hot, and it will be impossible to fight the fire.

We forgot to explain that in Russia called Posadnik

as head of the council, such as our mayor.

But the governor Gleb Lukic convinces the townspeople,

that the city is well protected, and its soldiers are numerous,

and the Chamber prohibits the prince and mayor to surrender.

Dietrich von Gruening is about to begin the attack,

but then it comes to good news

the death of the Pskov magistrates:

Gleb stood on the city wall and was struck by an arrow.

Boom was released not crossbowmen and archer,

and arrived not from without, but from within the city,

hitting the governor is not in the chest and in the back.

Most likely, it released some of the people

Prince Yaroslav.

Gleb's body lay in the Holy Trinity Cathedral,

On the third day, as expected, funeral service and be buried,

and on the same day Pskov Veche

at the insistence of the prince and the mayor agrees to surrender.

The city gates are opened,

and the army of the Livonian Order comes in Pskov.

I would like to say that the knights Pskov greeted with joy,

but put it this way - would be to sin against the truth:

Byzantine faith is deeply rooted in the hearts of the Russian people,

and our missionaries is very difficult

bring them to the Holy True Cross.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about any unfortunate misconceptions

Russian adhere to their faith.


Werner von Endorf is located in the part of the troops,

which immediately came under the walls of Pskov,

and Baron could not manifest itself either in the capture of Izborsk,

any subsequent battles.

So it's still not the provincial commander, and an ordinary knight.

Going to Pskov with his brothers in Christ,

Werner performs the task Master -

together with other soldiers

provincial commander under the command of Johann von merengue

checks whether all the defenders of Pskov handed over their weapons.

And in the evening von Endorf is sent to the home of the city magistrates.

He does not expect to find,

how he had taken and the forged letter,

because knows that Gleb Lukic killed.

He just wants to see Olga Glebovna.

No, he's not going to break the vows,

but he pulls it,

and do anything with him, he can not.

Should we blame him for what he went there?

Probably still do not have.

And not just because we are told not to judge

Our Lord Jesus Christ,

And also because, having come to this house, Baron saves the honor of Olga.

And since our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

we must describe in detail,

happened that night in the house of the late governor.


Baron Werner knocking. No he does not answer.

The door was not locked, he pushes it and goes inside.

On the ground floor is unoccupied,

and the second can hear some strange sounds,

if someone is trying to scream with his mouth clamped.

Werner runs up upstairs

and sees the four volunteer Dorpat

Olga intend to dishonor.

She was naked, holding her two, one grips the mouth,

and one undressed and, God forgive me, ready to sin.

With sadness we say that although these militias

and confess the true Catholic faith,

but behave like real villains.

So we will call them.

So, valiant Baron came just in time.

He puts his hand threateningly on the hilt of his sword

exclaims a voice of thunder:

"What do you do the wicked?

Do you not know that the Master Dietrich

strictly forbade looting and violence? "

About robberies Werner remembered by chance:

Another militiaman at the time groping for chests.

Perhaps if all the villains were armed,

Baron and not be faint:

still five to one - too

even for a highly experienced soldier as background Endorf.

But, fortunately, with only two weapons villain

two others removed their swords, so they do not interfere to keep the victim,

and one general almost completely stripped.

And the view of the mighty knight,

dressed in a white cloak the Order

with images of the red cross and the sword,

It brings them fear.

Taking advantage of the confusion villains

Olga escapes and runs into another room,

weeping bitterly and bashfully shut hands.

I must say that its image

It sinks deeper into the soul of Werner

in this moment, when he sees her naked.

The militiamen angry grumble

but prefer to clean up and leave.

I would like to believe that they have repented

and not go looking for another victim,

and atone for their sins,

how these things befits a good Catholic.

In believe that, unfortunately, it is difficult,

although blessed not seen but have believed.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not on the individual regrettable cases

looting and violence on the part of Christ's army.


That evening, Werner, to give Olga a calm,

right away, advising her to lock the door

and not to let anyone, saying to all,

the house supposedly allotted komturstvu Zegevoldskomu.

The next day he visits her.

She weeps bitterly for his father,

Baron calms her, saying,

that her father had fallen as a brave warrior.

Visiting Werner Olga and in the following days,

difficulty finding the time for this,

because it is one of the detachments of guards Pskov

and should almost always be on the streets -

One afternoon, at night,

and it is very difficult to be away,

he's no longer provincial commander, and ordinary knight.

When meeting with Olga, he feels,

that his love is stronger and stronger.

But he remembers that

that her fiancé Gabriel rescued him after a shipwreck,

and the time Werner did not express their feelings.

But this time comes after

Baron decides to ask Olga about that unfortunate letter,

which was taken from him and forged.

Olga, perhaps, would not have anything to tell a knight,

but grateful to him for the salvation of the militia-villains

considers that a fake letter - low and dishonorable act,

and most importantly - annoyed at Gavrila because,

that he did not find time for a little while to come to Pskov

before the war.

Probably, many women in her place would have thought the same,

and could also issue a state secret

due to frustration on the male inattention.

And Olga decided to tell the truth knight,

we are with you for a long time already know:

a letter from the unconscious Baron

Gabriel took and passed the governor,

he invited the master secret affairs,

they have something to do with this letter,

and then returned his knight.

I must say that for a smart and visionary Werner

the revelation of this story did not:

he thought that there was something like,

just do not know what this was, and Gabriel,

which he considered to be his selfless savior.

And since our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

then we say that Werner is no longer considers itself bound by

Gavrila gratitude for saving

and with a clear conscience Olga Glebovna offers his hand and heart.


"But you're a knight of the monastic order,

unless you can marry? And to whom - to the Orthodox? "-

He asked Werner Olga.

"For you, I will go out of order,

you accept Catholicism, we are with you get married,

and I'll take you in Bavaria, in my ancestral castle Endorf.

We will have a lot of children, and we will be happy! "-

so it meets the Baron Werner.

She asks to give her time to think:

she does not want to break the promise to Gavrila.

But Russian Boyar far

it is not known how bravely he fought in the Battle of the Neva

and any awards received,

and for women, to be honest, these things is very important.

Werner Olga is obliged to save my honor.

She does not know that the Baron demoted from komtur

and there was only an ordinary knight,

She does not know, and then,

how modest and not rich castle Endorf.

But we will not blame Olga in prudence,

especially on a windy,

and because our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

it is only to say that it agrees to the proposal of Werner.


Maybe you want to know,

Is Werner broke the knight of Christ,

Olga their vows -

in the sense that directly call

It does not allow shyness?

Say briefly: no, not broken.

He waits when he can get away from the Livonian Order

and enjoy the beautiful Maid of Pskov,

without changing their conscience.

But when Baron von Endorf comes

to their provincial commander Johann von Merengenu

and the wish to leave the Order,

provincial commander does not allow to do these things.

Werner insists:

"Nobody has the right to forbid to leave the Order

noble knight, and free. "

"In you I have the right to prohibit the war,

and forbid "- gleefully tells him Johann.

Why did maliciously? - Yes, because, as we remember,

he does not like Werner.

Then sent to Baron von Endorf

to Master Dietrich von grüningen,

but hearing about the same thing from him:

"In order to leave the war is tantamount to betrayal."

Do nothing, Werner von Endorf remains in the order.

And the war with the capture of Pskov, in fact, does not end there.

By November, the Order army accumulates additional forces,

waiting, when the rivers, lakes and swamps

will rise a solid ice,

And out of the Pskov - to continue to fight.

He goes with his army and Baron Werner.

Saying goodbye to Olga, he asks him to wait

and offers immediately accept the true Christian faith,

without waiting for their engagement,

because he knows that all the people of Pskov

soon will pay to Catholicism,

and refused - to evict from the city and give to the slaves.

I do not know how justified such drastic measures

for those who do not profess

the true Catholic faith,

but our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not for us to discuss, let alone condemn

charitable actions medal servants of the Lord.


Werner Olga listens and accepts Catholicism

in one of the many churches of Pskov,

which was given the true Roman consecration

in the first days of the rule of the Livonian Order.

So lovely Maid of Pskov

I am looking forward to her fiancé,

thoughts are already imagining himself Baroness von Endorf.

A brave Baron von Endorf

in November of the same battles under the walls

Another Russian fortress - Koporye.

This is not the south-west of Novgorod, Pskov like,

and to the northwest.

How do you manage the Order army

so quickly and without a fight to reach

and threaten Novgorod and in this respect?

Why does not prevent these things Alexander of Kostroma,

famous in the Battle of the Neva?

You and these things may seem strange,

but, in spite of the war,

in spite of the threatening danger of death city,

despite the glory of the winner of the Swedes,

Novgorod Chamber shortly before

banished prince Alexander Nevsky,

and he retired to his home town of Pereslavl-Zaleski.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not on the causes of the expulsion of the prince obstinate Novgorod.


We are all the time talking about the three brave and noble knights,

but so far met with only the two of them out.

Soon in our story and will be the third,

and yet the first two

and are far from the beautiful Maid of Pskov,

and from each other.

Gavrila Aleksic forced to leave in Pereslavl-Zaleski

along with his Prince Alexander.

Boyar rushed to Pskov at least a scout,

in order to see and maybe take away Olga Glebovna,

but the prince forbade him these things,

saying that no matter tysyatskogo -

wading in the night in a city occupied by the enemy.

Gabriel could not comply.

I could not disobey his boss

Baron Werner von Endorf

when the provincial commander Johann von merengue commanded him

Koporje stay in and watch out for the construction of the fortress,

which I decided to erect the Livonian Order

on the site almost completely destroyed during the capture.

Build a fortress this very quickly,

Werner and because of their employment manage to escape to Pskov,

in order to see his sweetheart Olga,

just once or twice, and then not for long.

Hurry erecting a fortress in Koporje leads to,

that it does not build in stone and wood,

and it will not sustain the next attack,

which will follow a year later.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about the unreliability of wooden castles.


The whole year there are no battles:

good Catholics grow roots in Pskov, Izborsk and Koporje,

gathering forces to strike at Novgorod.

Maybe it would be better to Magister

lead a more decisive combat actions,

and try to take Novgorod in the summer,

since he is very close.

But Novgorod - a huge city,

able to put twenty thousand warriors militia,

and the glorious army of Christ Catholic -

not more than ten thousand.

With such a preponderance of forces Russian does not matter,

stone fortress in Novgorod or wood:

Novgorodians, seeing the enemy,

can go to fight in the field

Ribbons and crush the army of his strength.

Can I ask you a question:

Why not come out to defend Novgorod

Pskov, Izborsk and Koporje?

The answer is simple: for the same reason,

why banished Duke Alexander Yaroslavich:

Among Novgorod no unity,

many of them sympathetic to Catholicism,

many believe that it is better to be vassals of the Livonian Order,

than vassals of the state infidels Tatars

many people simply do not like Alexander Nevsky

and his father Yaroslav Vsevolodovich,

Considering that these princes encroach

the ancient liberty of the free city.

And as citizens, in order to show their convictions,

put on clothes colored ribbons,

the city takes over the party "red" -

the color of the coat of arms of the grand dukes of Vladimir,

the party of "white" - the color of medal raincoats,

the party of "blue" - the color of the coat of arms of the ancient Novgorod.

Almost like "hippodrome party" in ancient Rome

and the Byzantine Empire.

And these differences hinder citizens unite,

but the master understands

that at the sight of the Order of the troops under the walls of Novgorod

they can unite,

And this union would not in favor of the attackers.

So he prefers to wait

and grow roots in the already conquered Russian cities.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not that was right or not Master Dietrich,

without risking immediately go to Novgorod.


Speaking of Koporje, we mentioned the next attack -

a year after the capture of the city,

nice Livonian knights of Christ.

This attack taking Russian in November

Next, in 1241 the birth of Christ,

and this is their first retaliation in this war.

On the rivers, lakes and marshes have already established a solid ice.

Supervises Russian none other

the prince Alexander Nevsky:

Novgorod is still united and again invited him.

No, you'd better master Dietrich

I went to Novgorod in the summer,

when the city was torn by internal strife,

and now it's too late:

in the army of Novgorod, the strong princely retinue,

fifteen thousand experienced warriors,

and in the Order's army - perhaps ten thousand,

and they are scattered in different cities.

In addition, Alexander Nevsky true to himself

and causes a sudden and powerful blow.

Koporye defenders, among them Baron Werner,

They did not even have time to get ready for defense.

Having received from the sentinel signal that the enemy is close,

they are in disarray sprint onto the unfinished walls

and seeing how numerous its enemies,

They understand that their cause was lost.

No siege engines have no Russian,

but they immediately, without regard for losses

and even offered to give up the knights,

begin to climb the walls of the fortress Koporskaya.

Among the strikers - and Gabriel Aleksic,

personally leading the battle in their thousands.

Would not that Gabriel and Werner,

brides beautiful Maid of Pskov,

Koporye meet on the walls,

and in an open and honest battle will be decided,

which of them have the Olga?

Maybe if our song

It was not true and fictional,

we would describe this fight,

but in fact the Lord judged differently.

arrow shot by one of our well-aimed crossbowmen,

strikes Gavrila Alexits neck.

His wound is very heavy,

he falls, choking on blood,

and at first glance no different from the dead.

Let us not forget that there are frosts,

although not the most violent by Russian standards,

but still strong

Gavrila and can die if not by blood loss,

then from the cold.

And if one of the noble and brave knights,

in love with the beautiful Olga,

give soul to God,

we will have to finish

our song about the beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights:

Knights will be left only two,

one of them had not even appeared in our songs,

and we will never know who he is.

But our song ends,

For several Russian soldiers immediately nobleman attributed to the doctor,

Gabriel and the will of God remains alive.


Sash commands troops in Koporje

already familiar Johann von merengue,

Zegevoldsky provincial commander.

Realizing that continuing would be useless defense,

This brave warrior, however, does not give up,

and collects the remains of troops at the city gates.

The fact that the Russian immediately went on the attack,

instead began the siege and surround the city from all sides,

It gives many valiant knights,

including provincial commander Johann and Baron Werner,

to be saved:

they sit on the horses, open the gates

and break out of the fortress in the direction of Pskov.

Hooked attack Russian did not even pursue them.

So Werner is again in Pskov.

He was appointed head of one of the units

city guards,

and he has nothing stopping to visit Olga Glebovna

and dream with her about

that immediately after the conclusion of peace

Baron will leave the order, and they will play a wedding.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and it is time we finally meet

with a third of them.


Having said that, nothing prevents Baron Werner

visit Olga Glebovna,

to prepare for the care of the Order

and his marriage to the beautiful Maid of Pskov,

we're a little sinned against the truth:

something still stirs.

Or maybe not sinned, because not interfere with something, but someone.

And this "someone" - Count Leopold von Rieneck

kind of nice Lyudovingov,

belonging to the younger branch landgraves Wartburg.

He was tall - even higher Werner and Gavrila,

strong, well-built, fair-haired,

young - he's only twenty-four years.

Due to its high birth

he was part of the Embassy of the Holy Roman Empire

with the Order of the Knights of Christ of Livonia.

Imperial ambassador, Duke Heinrich von Bamberg

on the eve of the new forty-two years old

directs Count von Rieneck from Riga to Pskov,

Ambassador Leopold in order to notify all that is happening there.

Shortly before formed in Pskov

separate komturstvo,

and Heinz von Meyershtadt, provincial commander of Pskov,

He considers it his duty to settle Count von Rieneck

one of the best town homes.

The choice falls on the house of the late magistrates Gleb Lukic.

On the eve of a bright Christmas,

opening forty-second year,

Leopold comes to a squire and three servants,

bleschit power, beauty, youth and wealth,

Armor Venetian work,

bright blue cloak beautiful candle

embroidered on it family crest.

One graph sword is probably as much,

as all the military equipment of Baron Werner.

Olga, if not blinded by the glitter of the graph,

the impression he makes on it.

However, since it does not show,

warmly welcomes Leopold von Rieneck

and provides it with the best of the rooms.

Good rooms are for squire and servants.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about how to place Olga's guests.


Not only Count Leopold impress Olga:

it also makes an impression on Earl

and their beauty, and their manners,

and when they begin to talk in the evenings -

and your mind, and a good knowledge of Latin.

And Baron Werner in one of the winter evenings

He comes into the house of Olga Glebovna,

included in the common room and sees that the Count is sitting there,

drinking wine and talking with the beautiful Maid of Pskov.

Olga is one to the other:

"Count Leopold von Rieneck, a member of the imperial embassy,

my guest.

Baron Werner von Endorf Zegevoldsky provincial commander,

my fiance".

She still does not know what Werner is no longer provincial commander.

Noble Knights bowed stiffly,

and Werner Olga go upstairs.

Leopold remains at the bottom, beside himself with rage.

He envies Werner that he has

such a beautiful woman,

he is indignant because of the fact that Werner

violates the vows,

and even Earl points out,

Werner Olga presented a komtur Zegevoldskogo,

Although Leopold, being well aware

in the affairs of the Livonian Order,

knows that the provincial commander Zegevoldsky -

Endorf no background, and the background merengue.

That evening Count Leopold preferred to remain silent,

but he has matured cunning plan.

The next day he finds komtur Johann

and he says that Werner von Endorf knight his komturstva,

spending time with a woman,

breaking the vows

and forgetting their responsibilities for the protection of the city.

Johann is enraged

and wants to immediately call for the punishment of Werner,

but Leopold cleverly says,

it is better to catch the offender in the act of the Order of the debt,

so that he could not shirk responsibility.

And the count promises to send to the provincial commander servant with a report,

once again see von Endorf house Olga Glebovna.

Johann von merengue is pleased to

Count offer.

With pleasure, since, as we remember,

provincial commander does not like Werner.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not whether the received count and well-provincial commander.


After a few days and all occurs

conceived as the Leopold and Johann.

When Werner Olga sitting next

on the upper floor of the house late the governors,

holding hands and talking about love,

them breaks Baron von merengue

with several Knights.

"Who are you, and what you're doing in my house?" -

Olga asks.

"I Zegevoldsky provincial commander" - responds Johann.

"! So the provincial commander Zegevoldsky" -

It shows it to Werner.

"Who told you this, dear lady?"

"Sam Baron Werner von Endorf".

"In this case, it is an impostor!"

Olga turns to Werner:

"Have you lied to me, you provincial commander?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, "- says the knight, after a long silence.

"So maybe you lied to me, and that you Baron

with the family castle? "

Werner is silent, but for him sarcastically responds provincial commander Johann:

"Baron-he, of course, Baron,

Only about a family castle, he slightly exaggerated.

actually Endorf -

rather large village house than a castle,

and farmers in this impoverished estate is almost gone.

Besides, as far as I know,

even of this modest possessions knight Werner

belongs to only a small part,

For the family of his father of seven children,

and he - the youngest son. "

"Is it true?" - Asks Werner Olga.


Hearing this, the lovely Maid of Pskov very upset.

Maybe it's not very good,

What is of great importance for her wealth,

but what can you do, is that her character:

she knows that it is very beautiful,

and like many young beauties,

believes that its beauty - a gem

requires framing wealth and luxury.

Enjoying produced at Olga impression

provincial commander Johann Werner says:

"Where are you right now is to be my brother in Christ?"

"The city guard ..."

"And where are you? The woman? What about your vows?

I forgot that we Sash charter you have no right

even talk to a woman?

Come with me, we will decide what to do with you. "

And leads unfortunate, disgraced,

sadly bowed his head Werner.

However, Olga says goodbye to the Baron,

his wealth - not the main thing for her,

and she will be waiting for his return.

Still, he and she is very depressed.

The next day

Order of Christ of Livonia Werner von Endorf Knight

transferred from the Pskov city guards

on patrol outside the city walls, on the distant approaches to Pskov.

Living in a distant patrol, marching in the icy tent -

not something that in a cozy town house,

especially in Russian cold.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of what in Russia, cold winters:

these things, and so we all know.


Count Leopold von Rieneck triumphs:

it has served its purpose,

Baron Werner has fallen in the eyes of Olga Glebovna,

and the count begins to take care of this beautiful Maid of Pskov.

He gives her oriental brocades, Indian pearls,

Frankish shawls and more.

Leopold noble, rich, occupies a high position,

is not married and is not bound by monastic vows,

Olga therefore inclined to accept his advances.

Together they walk the Pskov -

Olga is also very like it,

because she could not walk around the city with Gavrila

because of its eternal employment,

and Werner - because of his religious profession:

Livonian Order knight could not afford

appeared on the streets together with his girlfriend.

Leopold Graf, on the contrary,

proud to be with him - such a beautiful lady.

He even went a couple of times with her to Mass

in the city of the Blessed Virgin Mary -

former Russian Trinity Cathedral.

Count not bother disapproving glances of Pskov,

many of which have not accepted the true faith,

despite the threat of eviction and appeal to the slaves.

Whether serious intentions von Rieneck,

if he was going to marry Olga Glebovna?

Initially, he probably did not think about this,

but then it begins to feel something akin to love.

How deep and strong ability to love

people such as graph -

We will not speculate,

because our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and love everyone experiences in their own way,

and it is impossible to measure.


Meanwhile, the war continues.

Master Dietrich von Gruening,

knowing that Prince Alexander Nevsky saves power

to attack Pskov,

in February, he will leave for Riga for reinforcements,

charged with protecting the city of Pskov komtur

Heinz von Meyershtadtu

and relying on the courage and resilience of the defenders.

Master of calculation is as follows:

Alexander Siege of Pskov, the siege drags on,

and then medal army suit from Riga

and unexpected blow on the Russian rear.

The fact that the Prince will go to attack Pskov

as well as going on the attack Koporye -

on the move, without any siege engines, regardless of the loss -

Master can not imagine,

because it understands that the Pskov fortress is much more powerful,

than Koporskaya,

and defenders of Pskov, is many times greater.

But in March, Alexander does so,

Dietrich von Gruening expected the least:

attacks on the move, without any siege engines,

regardless of losses.

First of all, our cutting-edge swept patrols.

Baron Werner von Endorf komanduschy one of them,

time to send a messenger to Pskov,

so there preparing for the defense,

he bravely fighting the Russian cavalry warriors,

sends to hell at least half a dozen enemies,

but stunned by a blow on the helmet battle-ax,

It is captured.

All those who were with him, or die,

or also get trapped.

The next day begins the attack to Pskov.

Russian soldiers climb the city walls

the ladder,

if not paying attention to the arrows flying from the top,

nor pouring burning resin.

"My God, what kind of people!" -

in shock repeats Count Leopold,

destroying his good sword

Russian climbing wall - one after the other.

Earl, of course, insolent and artful,

but his courage, as they say, does not hold.

Fortunately, the Russian boom is not punched

his Venetian armor, and he was not even wounded.

"We have to hold out until the evening!" - Shouts his knights

provincial commander Heinz von Meyershtadt.

"Hold on!" - Meet the valiant knights,

including Count Leopold.

Hold on. But the next morning resumed Russian attack,

exactly the same way - regardless of anything else, at the cost of enormous blood.

So goes another day.

The loss of the glorious Catholic host large:

killed several dozens of noble knights

and hundreds of militias.

Russian bear much greater losses,

but did not back down, do not start the siege,

and preparing for a third attack.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of how little value the Russian prince Alexander

the blood of their brave soldiers.


The night before preparing the third attack

Prince Yaroslav again commit treason,

only this time betray the Livonian Order:

It runs from the Pskov fortress to Alexander Nevsky,

bows his distant relative in the legs,

He calls the "father", although the older twice,

and swears allegiance forever.

Alexander promises forgiveness Yaroslav

and reign in the towns of Torzhok and Bezhetsk,

if he manages to convince the provincial commander Heinz surrender.

Yaroslav himself sent to the castle

a proposal to surrender,

after beforehand dying sacrament,

because they do not hope to come back alive.

But the provincial commander of Pskov, knowing that at the end of defense forces

and the main force did not have time to go orders,

forbids his knights to kill defector

and sent to negotiate with Prince Alexander.

Prince meets Heinz very kindly,

He says that he appreciates the heroism of the defenders of the city,

and offers a honorable surrender terms:

Orders and soldiers with arms and banners,

as well as all the people of Pskov, who want to join them,

will have the right to leave the city.

Apparently, the number of casualties among the Russian soldiers

Yet it turned out too high,

and Prince Alexander does not want to continue the bloodshed.

The defenders of Pskov fainted, suffered huge losses,

and the provincial commander receives Prince conditions.

Already in the morning begins the outcome of good Catholics from Pskov.

Prince fulfilling its obligations:

Russian do not touch the exhaust,

only accompany their gloomy views.

In the evening in Pskov there was none of those,

who would like to leave, but did not go away,

and on the same evening in the city are included Russian troops.

Many of the hastily abandoned houses light up -

someone is not extinguished the torch, someone has removed from the furnace coals

and some may even be specially lit,

so the house is not got enemies.

But the Lord has compassion on Pskov from a large urban fire:

still stand cold weather, no wind,

and the fire flares up slowly and do not spread to neighboring buildings.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about how good Catholics gave way to Russian Pskov -

hopefully not forever.


You may ask, what has become

located in Pskov with Count Leopold and Olga.

This you will find out later,

now fair to talk about

that at this time does Gavrila Aleksic.

After all, our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and the noble and courageous Russian Boyar

still loves Olga and worried about her fate.

As we remember, Gabriel was seriously wounded

when taking Koporye.

When Alexander Nevsky went to Pskov,

Boyar has only just begun to recover,

but he insisted to be with the army.

In the campaign, as he sat on the horse,

its two sides supported the soldiers.

In a bloody two-day battle for Pskov

he took no part,

but he watched as it fights a thousand,

and gave the necessary orders.

When the medal troops went from Pskov,

he was busy with his own affairs voivodship

and I did not think to look carefully,

who among the townspeople joined the Order.

Soon it turns out, that this was indeed a fatal mistake

brave young nobleman.

When the Russian occupied city,

Gabriel is immediately sent to the home of the late Commander,

but in place of the house he sees only ashes

and weeping old voivodship servant Klima,

who knows since the days when he was alive Gleb Lukic.

"Where Olga that her?" - Asks Gavrila.

"Trouble, oh, trouble, noble lord!

She left it with the damned Germans!

She had to take them bogomerzkih faith

and now she was afraid of retaliation and left! "


"No, I went to see her first Baron Werner von Endorf

and then Count Leopold von Rieneck,

and she went with sim Count. "

"What do you mean - go? What was that? "Between them

"I do not know, Gabriel Aleksic, I do not know.

And together with the Baron, and with Count

She spent a lot of time in his room,

and even with the Count and walked around the city,

and even visited the infamous Latin Mass. "

"Breshesh!" - Boiled Gabriel.

"Breshet dog, my lord! I'm old, and my days are numbered.

Despite threats rejected God Latins,

I kept their Orthodox faith with her and die,

so why should I sully his conscience lie? "

"Wait, wait, Klim! How do you say was the name of Baron? "

"Werner von Endorf".

"So it's very German, which I saved in the mouth of the Narva!

And now, as I've heard, he's a prisoner!

All good-bye, old man, I have no time. "

And Gabriel out, leaving the ashes of Klima.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about the fate of the unfortunate old servant.


Werner von Endorf is located together with other prisoners

in a guarded camp near Pskov.

Baron is very worried about the fate of Olga,

For rightly he believes that the Russian will be severely punished

those compatriots who took Catholicism,

and if they know that the groom Olga - German

It s certainly not big trouble.

He ponders how to escape from under the guard and get to Pskov,

in order to save his bride.

But here in the camp is a Russian nobleman,

Werner is, withdraws to the side and says,

excitement confusing Latin, German and Russian words:

"Tell me what you did with The Maid of Pskov, Olga!"

"Please tell me who you are."

"I am Gabriel Aleksic! I suppose I've heard about me? "

"I have heard, of course. You Holguin former fiance. "

"Why did the former?"

"Because Olga is now my fiancee."

I would like to convey details

further conversation Gavrila and Werner,

but we will not succeed,

For the Knights, voicing mutual accusations and reproaches,

frequently used expressions,

worthy carpenters or sailors *

but not of noble birth people,

and such expressions are not suitable for our sublime songs.

"I saved you, a German dog, at the mouth of the Narva,

you were not ashamed to withdraw my bride? "-

screams Werner Gabriel Aleksic.

Baron is not lost:

"I would be ashamed, Russian barbarian,

if because of your treacherous act with the royal letter

I have not been disgraced and deprived komturstva! "

"No you, Latins, I did not call to attack our land!

And if gathered treacherous attack,

so be prepared to

that someone can be smarter and more agile you are,

and intercept your message! "- strongly objects to Russian.

At some point, even it may seem,

that Gabriel drew his sword and kill Werner

but my lord is still too noble,

to kill an unarmed,

and causing the Baron to a duel.

Werner receives a call,

But the generosity did not allow him to immediately fight

with his rival, still very weak after being wounded,

and it offers first find Olga,

He disappeared as he had time to tell Gabriel,

together with Count Leopold von Rieneck,

and then they will find the perfect Maid of Pskov,

I have to go into battle with each other.

Gabriel understands that without Werner Olga

the Latins it is hard to find,

therefore agrees with the Baron.

But the Knights had to postpone the search,

because the war Livonian Order

by Prince Alexander Nevsky continues

and the Russian army, barely rested in Pskov,

It appears in the campaign.

Gabriel is sent with his thousands,

Werner also together with other prisoners transported to Novgorod.

Our song - about the beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

but still we have to tell in detail

the last campaign and the last battle of this war,

So much in the fate of the heroes of our songs.

* In the original - "sailors of lower rank", but for simplicity we will refer to them sailors.


The Battle of Lake Peipus ice * or ice battle

which took place in early April

1242 from Christmas,

and that the Russian name "Battle on the Ice"

we are well known.

About her run a variety of rumors -

for example, that each of our soldier had

a huge number of Russian - not less than sixty

that killed twenty of our knights,

and they have fallen not from enemy weapons,

and failed under the thawing spring ice.

Perhaps, if it were so,

and then talk about this battle would be nothing,

and the memory of it would have been not so long.

I think we should tell her the truth,

no matter how bitter it may be.

The army of the Livonian Order

numbered about twelve thousand people.

Russian was fifteen thousand - seventeen

and could be even more if not for the terrible loss

incurred by the capture of Pskov.

In that year the spring was unusually cold even for Russia,

and ice at Lake Peipus was still strong,

no one under it is not falling down.

Falls through the ice our knights in another battle with the Russian,

which occurred much earlier -

in 1234 from the Nativity, at Embach River.

On this battle we have already mentioned:

it took place before the arrival to Russia of Batu Khan.

Jaroslav Vsevolod, who was then still

It was not the Grand Duke and the rules in Novgorod,

attacked the Order of the Sword near Dorpat,

troops met at the River Embach ice

and the Lord turned away from us:

ice could not resist our knights,

It had a much more heavy weapons than the Russian.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of the almost forgotten the Battle of the Embach,

after which Russian then moved

a considerable part of the bishopric of Dorpat,

so back to the infamous Battle of the Ice.

* Lake Chud.


Shortly before the Battle of the Ice vanguard of Alexander,

sent to ravage and plunder the land allied to us Estonians,

He met with the Order's troops and was defeated.

But Nevsky, still indifferent to the loss,

I prefer not to go to his aid,

a retreat for the decisive battle on the ice of Lake Peipus,

Russian name is Lake Peipsi.

I wanted a decisive battle

and Vice-Master of the Livonian Order Andreas von Felfe,

Instead of remaining in Riga Dietrich von Gruening,

and also led his army into the lake space.

Now, I am thinking about this battle,

usually respond very disrespectful

the late Andreas von Felfene -

that he had not owned a martial art,

because I got into the same trap,

which still gave Hannibal the Romans at Cannae:

Andreas Knights built their "boar's head" -

wedge formation, unifying peshtsev and cavalry,

He pressed the enemy army in the center,

and Russian hit right and left,

and good Catholics to avoid the full environment

could only begin to retreat,

transformed into a rout.

But in fact, Andreas von Felfe well remembered,

What happened at Cannes,

and his idea was far more subtle:

well, he thought, knowing his opponent

Alexander Nevsky and his manner of attack recklessly,

Andreas hoped that the prince will arrive and at this time,

and was about to strike forward,

to cut in half the attacking army and destroy piecemeal.

Nevsky is deceived expectations Vice-Master:

slightly moved his army forward,

lured order to counter punch,

but immediately she stopped and took up defensive positions,

thrusting archers regiment.

The prince left behind their regiments,

standing on a high cliff above the low and the deserted shore of the lake,

in order to see everything that happens in the battle,

and time to file his troops the necessary signals.

Vice-Master also stood behind their regiments,

but not on the dais, and lake ice,

and from his seat I could not see the battlefield,

did not realize that the Russian

They were not going to attack and defend,

and he did not have time to stop and rebuild the Order army

Apparently, Andreas And this led error

to the memorable "Gangnam on Lake Peipus"

sent by the Lord only as a punishment

for our grievous sins.

And now the Russian chase on the ice good Catholics,

chopping them up and taking prisoners.

Killed not twenty or thirty noble knights,

and several hundred.

Dorpat and Riga militia - even more, about a thousand.

Hundreds of our soldiers taken prisoner.

Vice-Master Andreas with most of the troops

with God's help, I was able to escape,

escaped and zegevoldsky provincial commander Johann von merengue,

but among the prisoners were

and former Pskov provincial commander Heinz von Meyershtadt,

and the old Count Adolf von Rozenkampf,

and one of the heroes of our songs - Count Leopold von Rieneck.

As Leopold was on the ice of Lake Peipus, we learn later,

in the meantime, we note only that his Russian captivity

it is very important to our story,

why are we so told in detail about the Battle of the Ice,

despite the fact that our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights.


"Triumph! Glory to the winner! Triumph!"

These cries of huge crowds do not sound in ancient Rome,

and in Novgorod, where Alexander Nevsky returns

with his army.

We are not just remembered Ancient Rome:

Prince decided to spend his triumph after the Battle of the Ice

namely Latin.

So he enters the city on a richly decorated white horse,

him riding his boyars, including Gavrilo Aleksic,

bravely fought on the ice of Lake Peipus

ahead of their thousands, in the heart of the Russian troops,

on the edge of the impact of the Livonian Knights,

and thus the grace of God remained unharmed.

For moving the boyars princely retinue,

and then led a huge crowd of prisoners

led by the most noble

and senior knights,

among them Count Leopold.

Baron Werner in this crowd there:

those who were captured before the Battle of Lake Peipus,

It has long been in Novgorod,

and they did not withdraw from the city,

so then enter the following triumphant.

And without them in the procession of prisoners abound.

We can assume that Werner was lucky:

he Baron and former provincial commander could get

among the most notable prisoners,

unwillingly involved in the triumphal procession,

and his fate would be the same had been so terrible.

Talking about the terrible fate, we mean

do not need to go through the main street of Novgorod

under the shouts and jeers of the crowd,

but that Nevsky decided following the example of the ancient Romans

the most notable of prisoners put to death,

and the execution was scheduled for the next day after the triumph.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not on what the customs of pagan Rome

our sinful Christian times,

and which are pleasing to God.


Notable prisoners still do not know what in store for them.

They were placed in an area of Mound -

princely castle near Novgorod.

The rest of the prisoners, including Werner,

They are in the same area, just a little distance away.

Everywhere lit bonfires, the prisoners are heated,

For frost although it ended, but still cold.

And in the evening after the triumph of Werner von Endorf

Count Leopold afar sees and runs to him.

Sentinel does not come close to Baron, but he shouts:

"Count, where Olga? What with her?"

Leopold did not deign to answer him, and proudly looks away.

"Well, you do not want to talk to me,

so maybe a boyar Gavrila talk "-

Werner decides and asks the chief guard

Gavrila Alexits track on an important and urgent matter.

The chief refuses, saying that he had no time.

Werner takes away the sin of the petty lies and says,

that this thing - a great national importance.

Then the head of the promises that the morning will look nobleman.

On the morning of the most illustrious captives somewhere gone,

and later in the morning in the courtyard appears Gavrila Aleksic:

"Well, what happened, a Latin?

You should have reminded me of a smaller

bogomerzkih of its existence "

"Boyar, these words to anything.

Our fight will take place during that whatever the cost,

so come to behave honorably in front of him.

I called you because I saw Count Leopold von Rieneck. "

"Where?" -

"Here, in the Settlement, including the most illustrious prisoners,

and now all of them taken away, where - I do not know. "

"On the execution of their taken away! Quickly there! Maybe even have time!

Warden, I take this for a German state business!

Give him a horse! "

The guards do not dare to argue tysyatskogo,

and now Gabriel and Werner furiously jumping on the Novgorod bargaining,

where a crowd of thousands gathered,

present the prince with all his retinue,

and prepared a terrible punishment for the shells.

It is in ancient Rome, notable prisoners

just cut the head,

in Novgorod have decided to do is barbaric -

arrange miserable captives Catholics penalty is not easy,

a fierce and painful.

Death waited seven noble knight,

and for each of them it was prepared by a special kind of penalty:

quartering, impalement,

burning at the stake, breaking bones on the wheel,

cooking in boiling water, hanging upside down,

tearing horses.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and we will not talk about the Russian barbarism,

the more that the painful punishment often occur

and in our imperial city.


Related victims have already supplied to the high platform,

which are terrible penalty guns,

and then pushed through the crowd and Werner Gabriel.

"Here he is!" - Shouts Baron von Endorf Boyar,

pointing to Count Leopold.

"Where Olga Glebovna, German dog?" -

hear a powerful voice Gavrila.

Graf, despite the desperation of their situation,

quickly realize what was happening, and shouts back:

"I'll tell you where Olga, if you save from penalty!"

Gabriel turns to Alexander of Kostroma:

"God-loving prince, I ask mercy of this German".

The crowd transfixed, listening to an angry response Nevsky:

"Boyar Gavrila Aleksic, I remind you that there is a war,

and generosity to his enemies be early, and the bad. "

But Gabriel never retreated before any enemies,

nor to anger the prince:

"And yet, Prince, I insist.

You recently said that there is no reward,

that would be worthy of my labors.

So here it is, the reward is this: Give this man to me. "

"Gabriel, I have in the army of many brave soldiers,

and many of them do not deserve less reward than you,

I just always delighted to see you.

but after such a strange request to spare a Latin

my grace will stop! "

"I am ready to accept the loss of your favor, Prince."

"Suppose he takes his German" -

Alexander said to the guards, and turns away from the nobleman.

Count untie and push to Gavrila Aleksic,

remaining six doomed to death

continue their sorrowful way to the scaffold,

even dying without receiving absolution.

Besides Leopold von Rieneck,

happily I managed to escape the monstrous death-agony

Only the old Count Adolf von Rozenkampfu,

whose heart just broke when hanging upside down,

and another knight,

whose name, unfortunately, it remains unknown:

He fainted in horror for a moment before,

his limbs began to stretch

four powerful horses,

and no longer feel anything.

All other full drank the cup of suffering.

We could tell you,

how many hours of suffering on the stake Heinz von Meyershtadt,

they could not restrain cries of pain

other noble knights:

who - varyas in boiling water, one - grief over low heat,

who - looking at his severed hands and feet.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and we omit the details of the monstrous,

which can hurt humanity any good Christian *.

* The fact that the Russian prisoners tortured six knights, with reference to the German chronicler wrote SM Solovyov in "History of Russia since ancient times."


"Are you happy, a Latin? I saved you from death with a price!

Now tell me, where Olga! "- Refers to the Count Gabriel.

"Right here talking?

Do not you see that I'm barefoot and dressed only in a shirt?

I'm cold! "- Is responsible Leopold, shivering,

and perhaps suffering from terror.

"Okay, come to me!" - Says the lord

both knights and leads to his house.

The servants bring food and wine, clothing for the graph,

and these three noble and brave knight

They sit and talk,

if you can call a conversation the conversation,

full of hatred and vicious accusations.

"Yes, I took Olga from Pskov!

As she took the true faith,

it would be very hard when Russian sovereignty ", -

Earl begins his story.

"You're lying, German dog! - Gabriel interrupts. -

And your faith is not true,

and Olga took her not a good life!

Then he would repent and return to Orthodoxy! "

"If I am a German dog, you - Russian dog.

And about why Olga took our faith -

it is a question to Baron Werner, not me.

I was not even familiar with this then the beautiful Maid of Pskov ".

"This is a thing of the past, we have already talked about it with Gavrila,

and we will fight for Olga to fight,

when we find it - rumors Werner. -

Then dare to what her faith abide. "

"Yes, we have agreed with Baron,

so tell me where Olga,

Then promise me to forget about it

and when the war is over, go on all four sides, "-

Earl says Gabriel.

"Wait a minute, Russian! Do you think

I'm so easy to give in excellent Maid of Pskov

you or Baron?

I love her and I'm going to marry her!

And she loves me, I'm sure! "

"Why are you so sure?" -

chorus and ask Gabriel Werner.

"Because she chose me to Baron Werner,

and before the preferred Werner Gavrila.

So, all the laws of logic,

that she chose me! "

"The logic of a woman's heart and incompatible,

but I'm ready to be with you, Count, to fight for Olga,

before or after the fight with Russian Boyar -

I do not care!" -

yells the Baron Werner, forgetting about humility,

befitting a member of the monastic order of knights.

"And I do not care, and I will kill you, Baron,

and this self-satisfied impudent Leopold! "-

He echoed Gabriel.

"Yes, I'll kill you both! Who are you against me

and my martial arts?

Give me a sword, do take swords, and get started!

Who's first? "- Jumps up from his seat count.

But Werner Gabriel, and it was stopped:

"We first need to find Olga,

and then we will fight each other to death!

Where Olga, Earl? Only you know it! "

"I'll tell you, but first let us give the word of knighthood,

that will not cause any harm to each other,

until we find Olga.

And then let it be, as the LORD judge

and solve our faithful swords. "

"You have my word," - says the Baron Werner.

"You have my word," - says the lord Gabriel.

"And I give you my word," - says the Count Leopold.

Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us not to swear,

but, as we can see, this is my covenant noble knights bypassed,

not giving the oath, and the word.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than on the interpretation of the covenants of the Lord Jesus Christ.


"And if anyone of us will go himself to seek Olga -

? secret from the other two "-

Gabriel asked, looking at the graph:

Of course, he is referring to him.

"Yes, these things is considered a violation of this word,

and let the offender is responsible for it before the Lord,

and in front of people.

Lord neispovedim court,

and upon the earth, those of us who will be deceived,

so find a way to punish the offender, "-

said Werner, too, looking at the graph.

"Yes, of course" - he hissed through his teeth Leopold

and grimly continued his story:

"So, I offered to go to Olga from Pskov together

and she agreed.

Time to pack there was very little,

because it was necessary to leave the city until the evening:

then it had to enter Russian barbarians. "

"Be careful in expressions, German heathen" -

She warns him Gabriel.

"Let us behave nobly, chivalrous,

and not to offend each other: we're given the word, "-

Werner says.

"Well, not barbarians, but just Russian.

I got a horse for my ladies,

and we together with our troops went in Izborsk.

They settled at the inn.

Soon Izborsk approached the main forces of the Livonian Order,

with them was my boss at the Imperial Embassy

Duke Heinrich von Bamberg

and he ordered me to go to the Order's army

in the long march to the lake Peipus instead,

because he cruelly cold. "

"Well, you have flimsy, Latins, bosses - inserts Gavrila -

our princes, "or whether the case.

"Not surprising. Barbara has always been famous

! power and health "-

Count grins and continues his story,

ignoring the indignant glances Gavrila

and disapproving glances Werner. -

"Whatever it was, I had to go in the campaign,

Olga left at the inn.

Before the battle on Lake Peipus

Vice-Master Andreas offered me to stay

behind the troops in his entourage,

but I found it unworthy of a valiant warrior

and fought in the front ranks,

and when the flight began,

my horse slipped on ice and fell and crushed my leg.

So I was taken prisoner. You know the rest. "

Of course, my lord and baron like to ask the Count,

Is Olga retained girlish honor

but both as agreed, do not,

because they understand that the graph does not miss a chance

hurt them in any way say,

that honor lovely Maid of Pskov lost, and it was with him.

So why suffer unnecessarily?

Instead, Gabriel asks:

"Do you know, Count, why burned the house of Olga?" -

"I know of course. He set fire to my squire

on my orders.

When we Pskovityanka already hit the road,

I quietly told his faithful servant Ilmar

go back and do it.

Then Ilmar reported to me in the presence of Olga,

that house somehow caught fire,

and he allegedly tried to put out, but could not.

Olga, of course, wept bitterly. "

"What you're low man and a criminal!

Why did you do it? "- Asks Earl Baron Werner.

"So that Olga had nowhere to return to,

and she rather agreed to become my wife.

Then it will be the home of my family castle "-

Count answers.

Werner Gabriel and look at each other:

them, despite their mutual hatred and a different faith,

so I want to deal with the insidious Leopold!

But the word is the word, they can not break it.

After all, our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

a noble and brave knights

it should keep his word.


So, Werner Gabriel and Leopold are in Novgorod,

and Olga - in Izborsk, occupied by the troops of the Livonian Order.

So before making peace our heroes

can not meet with the beautiful Maid of Pskov.

Gabriel behaves truly chivalrous:

It makes for Werner and Leopold pledged through foreclosure,

who should receive for them the princely treasury

both for prisoners

and leaves them to live in his house,

he himself goes to led them to a thousand:

whatever his relationship with Prince Alexander,

Acting tysyatskogo a nobleman has not been removed.

House Gavrila Alexits large,

Werner Baron and Count Leopold live in different rooms

and with each other is not talking.

Only almost a month Gavrila

He invites them to talk in the common room

and he says that the Livonian Order sent ambassadors

with a request to end the war,

and peace is concluded.

Order is forced to return to Novgorod

all the conquered land.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than the details of the conditions of peace,

put an end to a long and bloody war

for the true Catholic faith against the Byzantine.


After the conclusion of peace, our heroes are forced to

more months to stay in Novgorod for two,

while princely officials are not discharged security certificates

for Werner and Leopold:

because of the abundance of prisoners is done for a long time.

Gabriel urges officials

but they are not eager to serve tysyatskogo,

who fell out of favor with the prince.

It was only in mid-summer, the German knights, finally free.

Gabriel announces to Prince Alexander,

the wound, resulting in the capture of Koporye allegedly opened

and he needs to leave Novgorod for the correction of health.

Prince gives permission.

And here are three brave and noble knight

sent in Izborsk,

under the terms of the world returned Russia

and already occupied by Russian troops.

The money sent from the Livonian Order,

Werner and Leopold returned Gavrila

paid for their bail,

hired servants, and good horses.

Gabriel also takes with him on a journey of two servants.

In short, anything, our heroes need not suffer.

They're coming, hardly talking to each other:

what to talk about?

Everyone knows that he will fight to the death,

everyone understands that the opponents are experienced and skilled,

and everyone wants to reward -

hand and heart of the beautiful Maid of Pskov.

Should the summer heat,

Russian road completely impassable in spring and autumn,

dried out, and the way to Izborsk is easy.

Gabriel on the road all the time humming something in Russian.

"What is this song?" - Asks the Baron Werner.

"Oh my beautiful country."

"And what it meant?" - Wondered Count Leopold.

Boyar takes:

"Oh, the light is bright and beautifully decorated Russian land!

Many beauty glorified you

lakes much fame, rivers and springs revered,

mountains, steep hills, high oak forests,

clean fields, marvelous beasts,

a variety of birds, countless great city,

nice villages, monastery gardens,

temples of God, and the princes of the terrible,

boyars honest, many princes.

All of you is committed, the Russian land,

on the Orthodox Christian faith! "*

"What nonsense! - Says Leopold.

All this and we minnesingers about our land

more beautiful singing! "

Gavrila offended silent,

and the rest of the way, our heroes go in silence.

but our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not in what disgusting spirits

and a mutual hatred

travel passes.

* In the original manuscript recognized the famous "Tale of the Ruin of the Russian Land" is translated into German, so we here do not translate word for word, and give the corresponding Russian text.


In Izborsk our heroes waiting for bad news:

at the inn, where Count Leopold left Olga,

it does not exist.

The owner of the inn tells them:

"When peace was concluded

and the city learned that the Russian will soon come,

most residents exulted,

but many who took the Latin faith,

feared retribution for apostasy

and went after the Order's outgoing army.

Gone from Izborsk and your Maid of Pskov ".

"Gone? I do not leave? I left her a horse! "-

Count Leopold surprised.

"By order of the Master, this minion of Satan,

All the horses were taken for the needs of the passing troops,

Olga and took the horse.

I also chose two horses,

Yes Livonian heathen be damned forever. "

"The army of the Order moved to Riga,

hence, Olga, likely somewhere in there, "-

Baron says Werner, ignoring

to curse innkeeper.

Our heroes frowning at each other

and nod: "We're going to Riga? - Yes, in Riga. "

And they go into this glorious city.

Passing military posts on the border of Russia and the Order

in peace is simple,

and our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than what is presented letters of these knights at the border.


On the way to Riga Count Leopold uluchaet Minute

and whispers Baron Werner:

"Let's get rid of the slowly nobleman Gavrila:

the Russian us with you only a hindrance.

Excess rival us to anything,

and for good Catholics to kill infidels -

venial sin, and can, and do not sin.

One stab and ready. "

"But how can you offer it to me!

Firstly, my lord Gabriel - not heathen!

It belongs to the Byzantine faith

which, like ours, we have apostolic succession!

Secondly, he also saved you in Novgorod from the painful death!

Third, do not mean anything to you

given all of us the word "? -

so it meets Werner.

"Yes, I'm just kidding," - muttered the count,

It pretends that nothing happened,

and they go on.

And our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not the road of Izborsk in Riga

the more that the path has not been anything else

worthy of our attention.


On arrival in Riga Count Leopold

immediately sent to the Bishop's Castle

and thanks to its high position

a member of the Imperial Embassy

It is arranged in one of the rooms for the guests of honor.

Werner Gabriel and lodge at an inn near the castle.

Fair to say that the graph was prepared to intercede,

to Werner and Gabriel also housed in the castle,

but Leopold refused proudly satellites,

so as not to feel obligated to the hated rival.

Soon Baron von Endorf found

with their brothers in the Order

and gets the message, in a sense, a sad, in some not:

Bavaria gave up the ghost

Uncle Werner, aged Baron Heinrich von Fussing

and leave a legacy to our hero

all his immense fortune

Fussing and a large castle near Passau.

His children have not had the noble old man,

and of all the sons of his sister, Baroness Ilsa von Endorf

he most loved young - Werner

and he always paid to him in return.

So suddenly the Baron Werner

of the poor knight became rich

and received the right to call, in addition to background Endorf,

Fussing background.

Werner von Endorf background Fussing

which for brevity

Yet we call the old way - background Endorf

orders at the Dome Cathedral funeral prayer for his uncle,

but, to be honest, the thought of Baron occupied by others:

immediately upon arrival to Riga

three noble and brave knight

begin searching for a great Maid of Pskov.

In search of taking part and their servants,

Riga and many friends Werner and Leopold.

More than once our heroes have raced at one time or another inn,

where someone saw a woman named Olga,

or women like appearance,

although, of course, it is not so amazingly beautiful.

And every time it turned out that it is not the same.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than the details of the search of Olga in Riga.


A few weeks later our heroes finally smiles luck:

Ilmar, servant of Count Leopold,

He speaks with an old widow-merchant's wife Agafia,

previously lived in Pskov,

but immediately after the capture of the city by our valiant knights

accept the truth of the Catholic faith and moved to Riga.

Agatha says Ilmar,

knew that the late governor Gleb

He knows and his daughter,

and not so long ago, a month ago, I met her

at the Riga trading:

Olga Glebovna bought just a cheap bread

She was dressed very shabbily, and generally looked like himself.

She told Agafya that recently came to Riga

after the Order's retreating army

and lives at the inn "The Peter".

The money she is almost there, because on the way it is if robbed,

whether they robbed.

The old merchant's wife even suggested

Olga herself lost money

and shy to admit it.

According to the widow said she wanted to take part in the fate of Olga

and even invited her to come somehow,

in order to think together about what to do next.

But Olga did not come.

Clever and supervisory Ilmar seemed

Agatha that Olga really did not invite:

widow and so hard life was in Riga,

and, as they say, to hang around your neck

daughter of the late magistrates she was nowhere.

But most importantly - accurately remembered the widow,

Olga lived at the inn "The Peter".

There and in a hurry, our heroes, after hearing the story Ilmar.

And our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

not whether to actually was prepared

Pskov old merchant's wife to help his compatriot.


At the inn "The Peter"

Located in Riga harbor

and so poor that it soon m ozhno called a flophouse,

Groin servant Gavrila, a week earlier already asked

The Fair Maid of Pskov, Olga,

and a host of Biburga Peter said that this did not know.

Perhaps these things discrepancy in the host words and widow Agafya

It could alert our heroes,

but they do not attach any importance to this:

maybe Pahom something not explained Peter

or misunderstood the answer,

For this very bad servant says in Latin,

and German and he does not own.

And here are three brave and noble knight

They come to the inn on the harbor,

It says they should live here Olga,

marvelous beauty woman from Pskov,

and describe her appearance.

"I do not know this", - says the owner.

"Well, of course you do not know! She told a merchant's wife,

that lives here "- insist noble knights.

"Yes Yes! - Recalls, finally, Peter. - Lived here I am,

But recently, about a week ago, I had gone. "


Peter is thinking long, then he said:

"In Palestine".

"She did not have the money, how could she leave?"

"She hired Hospitaller Order to care for the sick,

and this award just sent a ship to the Holy Land

with godly mission support there the hospital,

and it is sailed on it. "

"I Could not find a hospital close?" -

surprise says Baron Werner.

"Probably not found. She waited for some knights,

but it does not seem to wait. I do not have it? "

"What's your deal, commoner?" - Angry Count Leopold.

"You do not confuse anything, Peter?" - Asks Gabriel,

but the owner stands firmly on its:

"If in doubt, ask in the Order of the Hospitallers,

it will tell you exactly when the ship sailed. "

Our heroes tsedyat through his teeth thanks

and sent to the big house,

occupied Riga Hospitaller brotherhood.

We could tell a lot about the glorious activities

Military Order of St. John's Hospice,

better known as the Order of the Hospitallers, or Knights of St. John,

but our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of pleasing to the Lord and the Holy Virgin Mary

Order of Hospitallers.


In Riga fraternity of the Order of St. John

noble knights soon find out,

A week ago, the ship sailed to Palestine

under the command of Baron Joachim von Fersen

with those who wished to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem

and care for the sick, orphans, homeless,

the elderly and the wounded

in there the charitable institutions of the Order.

He was among Send Pskovityanka Olga,

could not be found:

Many pilgrims boarded the ship on the last day,

even without going to the residence of the brotherhood of the Hospital,

and contract directly with Baron von Ferzenom.

It is regrettable that in our time

Many may be surprised that in 1242 the birth of Christ

Hospitallers served in Jerusalem:

they say, is the Holy City was not lost

even half a century before the events described by us?

Was not he captured infidel Sultan Saladin

even in 1187?

This forgetfulness is regrettable.

Recall that memorable effort

Friedrich von Hohenstaufen,

Holy Roman Emperor

and King of Germany and Sicily,

in the twenty-ninth year he was returned to Jerusalem

holy crusade host,

and almost without bloodshed, through the use of

contradictions between the infidels Mohammedan rulers.

The Emperor Frederick on arrival in Palestine

there were only three thousand soldiers,

but he happily escaped the great battles,

He was crowned King of Jerusalem

in the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre.

Almost all Mohammedans voluntarily left the city,

and Jerusalem once again became a Christian,

except in a few places,

that the followers of Mohammed blasphemous

presumptuous and unfair to their revered shrines.

However, far from Palestine Catholic countries

Then, it seems, not even quite believe

in return, the Holy City

and almost did not support the tremendous efforts of Frederick.

Yes, and the Emperor, to be honest,

soon he sent all the forces

on the barren and ungodly fight

His Holiness the Pope and Ligoyu Lombardy in Italy.

The fight was so acute that the primate of the Holy See

in the thirty-ninth year of his Majesty excommunicated from the church,

and seven years later Ecumenical Council

He declared deposed Emperor Frederick.

We should not forget that at the same time, in the early forties,

the borders of the Holy Roman Empire

threatened godless Tatars -

the ones who conquered Russia.

In short, his Majesty was not to Jerusalem.

But Catholics was lost soon the Holy City,

will be discussed in due time,

because our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not the thorny history of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.


Upon learning that the ship of the Hospitallers,

which should be a great Maid of Pskov,

a week ago left for the Holy Land,

three noble and brave knight looking at each other

and nod: "We go to Jerusalem? - Yes, in Jerusalem. "

"Maybe we can catch this Joachim von Fersen

still on the way, "- said Gabriel Aleksic.

"Yes, but we must hurry and sail tomorrow" -

adds Werner von Endorf.

"I agree, let us now conclude our business in Riga

and in the meantime let us hire a servant of the ship ", -

concludes Count Leopold von Rieneck.

Maybe the decision of our heroes

It was too hasty,

maybe it would be worth to verify the words


try to find someone who could know exactly

who exactly went to Palestine with the knight Joachim,

rather than rush headlong into distant lands.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble, brave

and, most importantly, the young knights,

instead of three years of seasoned elders

and three master detective cases.


So, the next day scheduled departure.

In the evening lord Gabriel writes

and sends a letter to the Russian merchants carriageways

his Prince Alexander Nevsky.

In the family letter he declares that he considers it his duty

make a pilgrimage to Palestine,

in order to thank the Lord for healing

from heavy wound received under Koporie,

and therefore resign from the duties tysyatskogo.

That evening Count Leopold sent

to his superior, the imperial ambassador

Duke Heinrich von Bamberg,

and he announced that he was going to Palestine,

in order to worship the Holy Sepulchre

and thank the Lord for salvation

from a painful punishment in Novgorod.

Duke encourages these things will,

but asks the graph on the way stop in Speyer *

where at this time it is the Emperor Frederick,

in order to convey the message of His Majesty

and to report on the work of the Embassy.

Count promises to do so and says goodbye to the Duke.

That night the Baron Werner sent

to the Master of the Livonian Order Dietrich von grüningen.

Masters generally should not immediately take the Baron,

since according to the order's discipline

must apply to the supervisor before -

Zegevoldskomu komtur Johann von Merengenu,

but there is a special case:

Master would not mind

get at the disposal of his order

such a huge state,

Werner left some of his late uncle.

Therefore Dietrich welcomes knight von Endorf,

She invites him to forget past grievances

The commanders and become one of the new locks on the ground Estonians.

But Werner is firm in its decision:

"Master, you promised,

that let me leave the order at the end of the war,

and now, when the war is over,

I want to return to secular life,

And in order to atone for the sin of adding to oneself

monastic vows,

I have to go to the Holy Land. "

On this background grüningen nothing to argue,

and he let von Endorf with the world.

And here are three brave and noble knight free.

As befits a caring sons

they write letters to parents

that they will be pleasing to God pilgrimage

in the Holy Land.

The next day, our heroes sail from Riga to Lübeck.

The way overland from Livonia in the Holy Roman Empire,

unfortunately not possible,

since blocked a hostile pagan Lithuania

and Catholic, but not very friendly Poland.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about how difficult are the relations

Livonian Order with neighboring countries.

* Also Speyer.


The ship once again Gabriel sings his favorite song

about light and beautifully decorated Russian land,

many renowned beauties.

This time Werner and Leopold

listen more carefully.

Baron, a little mastered the Russian language during captivity,

He draws attention to the words at the end of the song:

"And in those days - the trouble Christians"

and asks: "What is it about"

"On the Tatar conquest" - meets Gabriel.

"You are Russian, are to blame for that,

that you have won the Tatars - enters conversation count. -

For a long time to accept the truth of faith

and opposed the pagan at the same time with us,

good Catholics!

Our forces would be incalculable,

and we have been together invincible!

Now, bear with, Russian, Tatar yoke,

crawl before vile pagans on their knees! "

"Nobody knows what is best -

to crawl on his knees in front of Khan or before the Roman Pope -

Boyar objects. -

As you Latins behaved forty years ago

the capture of Constantinople, that is, Constantinople?

How to behave in the conquered Russian cities, in the same Pskov?

Tatars even the Orthodox faith is not touched,

and you are right all our churches in Latin develops,

and people are forced to pay Latinism.

That's my fiancée Olga paid.

Now it is necessary to look for, and all your fault.

That hey, you win and the Tatars,

and you are sad songs sing a different tune. "

"I do not win - proudly says Count Leopold,

which I have learned from the Duke Heinrich von Bamberg

all the latest news. -

Capturing Russia, Khan went further,

devastated many cities in Poland, Moravia, Hungary and Croatia,

He reached the borders of the Holy Roman Empire,

but then the power of God's grace nasty dried up,

fiends turned back

and we had to be content

full subordination of Russia. "

Werner, in spite of the hatred of Count Leopold,

I agree, as a Catholic with a Catholic:

"Yes, the Lord judged indeed true:

no country professing the true faith,

not captured and does not become a vassal of the godless Batu.

And I think that is God's punishment

it was sent to Russian

for distorting the Christian faith,

just as it was once sent punishment Byzantines

a valiant crusading armies,

who took Constantinople. "

Gabriel hissed through clenched teeth, not defrocked monk

judge the inscrutable ways of the Lord,

and he goes to his cabin.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of reasoning now Knights

about deserved God's punishment

for apostates from the true Christian faith.


God's ways are, of course, the mysterious,

but then I thought of itself suggests,

that the Lord himself is opposed to that,

to our heroes caught pilgrims Hospitallers

led by the knight Joachim von Ferzenom.

In August, the East Sea is already the weather is unstable,

and suddenly sharply colder,

It rises a strong north wind.

Taught by bitter experience, Baron von Werner

and he had no objection to the ship's captain

take shelter in the nearest harbor - the Polish city of Gdansk,

and convinces a need Gavrila and Leopold.

Count first calls Baron coward

in response Werner says,

that match them in any case have to fight,

and the main reason for the future of the fight -

beautiful Maid of Pskov -

It added one more - an insult.

Gabriel stands on the side of Werner,

says that Baron extensive experience in maritime navigation,

that he saved it in the mouth of the Narva River after the storm,

and ready to believe apprehension and captain, and Werner.

It is foolish to sink all at once, not finding Olga.

Count reluctantly concedes.

In Gdansk, travelers have to spend

a few days,

until the weather improves.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not on whether we should consider

such a delay in the path of God fisheries,

or only reasonable care on the part of the knights now.


However, the delay in Gdańsk is not the last.

Arriving in Lübeck, our heroes sit on the horses

and the magnificent imperial roads

go to Speyer.

It's a bit away from the direct route to Italy,

where they will sail to Palestine,

but Count Leopold said to his companions,

that first he must perform a task

Duke Heinrich von Bamberg

and receive an audience in Speyer

his Imperial Majesty,

and it may take several days or even a week.

"How is it per week? We were not exactly catch up with the Hospital! "-

resent Gabriel and Werner.

"We're unlikely to catch up with them after

How to lose so much time in Gdansk

because of the cowardice of Baron von Endorf.

Another delay it does not matter,

and I do not want to ruin his career at the court of His Majesty:

such a beautiful lady, as Olga,

to be the wife of a prominent imperial lord

instead fallen into disfavor, and nobody wants a loser

tysyatskogo like the former or the former provincial commander. "

Werner Gabriel and gnash their teeth with rage,

especially Gabriel,

once rescued ungrateful graph from a painful punishment

at the cost of his position at the princely court,

but do nothing they can do, because chivalry associated word.

And our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not on how far from the first time,

Count the words of Leopold severely wounded soul

Baron Werner and nobleman Gavrila.


In Speyer, our heroes spend a week or even more.

Werner and Gavrilo again reject the proposal of Count

to stay in the house for the guests of honor

and live at the inn.

Count settles at the imperial palace, solves the case,

and finally comes to his rivals

in good spirits:

"You can go on!

I received an order of His Majesty Friedrich

to go to the Holy Land

not only to thank the Lord for his miraculous escape

from the monstrous atrocities of Russian barbarians,

but also to get acquainted with the local situation

and return it to report to the emperor!

His Majesty himself said,

that the hot climate of Palestine will be useful to me

after severe frosts of Russia,

and with an affectionate smile he remembered the words of the prophet Zechariah:

"Flee from the north, saith the Lord!"

That's right, losers!

I find in the Holy Land the perfect Maid of Pskov,

then I do the godly deed,

Russian barbarian killing Gavrila and defrocked monk Werner

then back to the Empire and become prominent nobles

and my wife, the Countess Olga von Rieneck,

It will shine in the royal court! "

Listening unrestrained boasting Leopold,

Werner Gabriel and trembling with rage,

but again do nothing can not.

And our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than on how the words of Count Leopold

again severely wounded soul

Baron Werner and nobleman Gavrila.


On the way from Speyer to Venice to our heroes

The grace of God is accompanied by beautiful weather,

they successfully elude Alpine passes

and stop for the night

in the South Tyrol town of Bozen *.

"They say women here are hot! -

Count Leopold said to his companions,

I am sitting with them at dinner. -

I agreed with the owner of our inn,

he lead me some beauty.

Would you like to join?

It can result in three and,

it will not prevent the extra money! "

"But how can you offer us this!

Are not you ashamed of whoredom Tyrolean girl,

when your heart has to be beautiful Maid of Pskov! -

outraged and lord Baron. -

Why do you Olga, if you do not observe fidelity to her?

And the more you why because of her

risk their lives in the battles,

if you have enough beautiful women? "

"It is strange that you are at such a noble origin

so obscure and ignorant! - Meets the graph. -

Olga - a lovely lady,

which should be at each knight,

and everything else - the call of sinful flesh,

from it can not escape.

And I will kill you, not only because of Olga,

but also because I was deeply disgusted such hypocrites as you.

Okay, do not want tirolek beauties - what you like, do your worst.

Yes, there is already a host like some.

All I went. Till tomorrow!"

Werner, deeply disturbed behavior Leopold,

Gavrila says:

"We have to sail on the ship,

and slowly push this brazen libertine in the sea

It will be easy. Maybe you do it?

You're Russian, that you our honest word chivalry? "

But Gabriel Aleksic says:

"You, German, vain think,

that we, Russian, unfamiliar concepts such

a knightly honor and decency.

I gave my word and I will keep it.

Who knows how behaves Count!

He told me, of course, deeply disgusted,

and you, frankly, disgusted no less:

I'm not going to forgive you,

that you, using his position invader Pskov,

I stole my bride Olga

and turned it into bogomerzkih Latin faith. " -

"You stole my letter to the Swedish king

to the Master of the Livonian Order

and certainly he was in his forgery!

Is this a decent act? "- Asked Werner.

"I have heard this saying francs:

In war as in war.

I told you that no one has called you, the Latins,

attack my country,

and in that letter it was said about the attack.

Upset plans of the enemy - it is pleasing to God,

and it's not dishonesty and stratagem. "

Werner knows that the object

in bitterness leaves the table and goes to sleep,

even without finishing dinner.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about which of our heroes

I could not sleep that night and for what reasons.

* Also Bolzano.


The next day Gabriel and Werner

repeatedly knocking on the door of Count Leopold,

but in response to hearing that delays an extra day

no longer has any value,

and he wants before a long journey

fully satisfy their carnal desires.

Driven to fury Gavrila

even he is going to break down the door,

but Werner does not allow him to do so,

respecting modesty although harlots,

but still ladies.

Only the next day, the young,

but, unfortunately, the selling Tyrol

quietly slips out of the room count.

And now he is ready to leave.

Four days' journey from Bozen,

and three noble and brave knight

enter the glorious city of Venice.

How well they look

in the prime of youth and beauty,

on their magnificent horses,

surrounded by servants and squires!

Count Leopold dressed in a blue cloak with golden lion

family crest landgraves Wartburg.

Boyar Gabriel - in a scarlet cloak,

Welcome Prince Alexander Nevsky

for heroism in the Battle on the Neva.

At Baron Werner - white cloak

with images of the red cross and the sword,

symbol of the Order of Livonian Knights of Christ.

Such a cloak he is entitled to wear, although it left the order,

and these things right given to him for life:

This parting gift Master Dietrich,

made, I think, not without ulterior motive,

that the valiant and rich knight Werner, wearing this cloak,

will most remember about the Order

and perhaps one day will want to again

take monastic vows and return to the ranks

Knights of Christ of Livonia,

Order donating his huge castle Fussing.

On the streets of Venice, few passers-by do not turn

and watched the cavalcade

led by the "white", "scarlet" and "blue" knights.

The fact that our heroes are not hiding their wealth,

and will soon play with them a cruel joke,

for they are very attracted the attention of others,

including those whose attention would be better not to draw.

Yes, to be so luxurious, prosperous,


our heroes have little time.

If they were in charge, what privations they will

very soon!

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

but not about why the Lord did not let people know,

what awaits them in the future.


The Venetian harbor, our heroes find out

the ship of the Order of St. John

under the command of Baron Joachim von Fersen

She sailed to Palestine, just three days ago:

I had to wait very long for a favorable wind.

"If you had not delayed us all first in Speyer,

and then in Bozen,

We have already met with Olga! "-

Count has been criticized Baron and lord.

But Leopold answers them:

"You what, hypocrites,

You do not want to fulfill their Christian duty

and to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land?

And as long as we still go there,

and the meeting with the beautiful Maid of Pskov let take place there.

Take a good harbor and fast ship

and, God willing, we will arrive in Palestine

even before the Hospitallers.

Pray in the temple of the Holy Sepulcher all their sins,

and I can in good conscience marry Olga,

and you - with a clear conscience to fall from my trusty sword.

So everything that God does is for the better. "

To object to the word count of the pilgrimage to Palestine

Werner and Gavrila nothing,

and to unrestrained boasting of his companion

they have become accustomed.

And our heroes are hiring a small, light and fast galley

and they are going to go the next day.

This time, thanks to the Lord,

Earl did not detain them,

satisfying his carnal desires low

with some young Venetian.

Werner advises to wait for the departure of the merchant caravan

and join him,

because he knows that in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas

many pirates

and alone it is difficult, if not impossible,

protect yourself from them.

But Leopold Baron again accuses of cowardice,

and this time Gabriel stands on the side of the graph:

"The caravan departs only a week,

Why waste so much time?

* Perhaps the pirates will not meet,

besides our fast galley, and the villains are unlikely to catch up with her. "

The word "random" is difficult to translate into our language,

but it is often used Russian,

when to take risks, anger merciful Lord.

The captain, a native of Venice,

also agree to take the risk.

Perhaps, when we know what will happen soon,

the very next day after the departure,

we seem suspicious,

that middle-aged and experienced captain

so readily agreed to take the risk,

not even need to increase fares

and the passage of numerous horses:

horseback riding because not only our heroes,

and their servants and squires,

and several horses were taken considerable luggage.

We seem suspicious and then,

that this captain, when everything is ready for departure,

suddenly remembers that he has not repaired a torn sail,

and asks to postpone the departure of the day.

But then our heroes, of course, do not think about it.

And of course, they can not know,

that on the eve of their departure from a small cove

near Venice

It leaves large, well equiped, Fleet

Military Gallery, where there are no flags,

and her team, though armed,

but did not like the brave soldiers of His Majesty

or any of the orders of chivalry.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than concerning this strange ship,

where our heroes will be soon.

* In the manuscript and it is written: Avos.


The day after the departure of this strange vessel

raises the sail and the ship of our heroes.

Rowers approximately flap their oars,

helping the weak, but the tailwind.

Werner, Gavrila and Leopold,

could possibly alert,

Captain leads them do not ship on the high seas,

and in view of the Italian coast, though at a great distance,

and he always looks towards the land,

as if waiting for something.

But brave knights do not pay attention to it,

sit in the great cabin, drink fine Tuscan wine

and idly quarreling.

"Olga has to be the wife of a rich man

and in no way to deny themselves,

therefore the Lord is on my side, "-

As you might imagine, this is another bragging

Count Leopold.

"Stop it, finally! - Irritated Baron Werner. -

Since the will of God, I received an inheritance

my kind uncle Heinrich von Fussing

I hardly poorer than you. "

"Well, now it began to show off! - Gabriel is angry. -

Yes Prince Alexander I granted so much land

after the Battle on the Neva,

as you, the Germans, and did not dream

your small landholdings!

My country is great and rich, it has a lot of land,

not what your German!

And I can provide Olga Glebovna

decent life, even by the standards of Count Leopold! "

That's what they say are three brave and noble knight,

not being afraid to anger the Lord such a conversation,

praising vanity wealth.

But not for nothing that our Lord Jesus Christ said:

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth,

where moth and rust doth corrupt,

and where thieves break in and steal. "

And here it is, the confirmation of the prophetic words of the Lord:

shoot in the cabin servant Ilmar and Groin

and excitedly say:

"For us chasing some big ship!"

Knights quickly climb onto the deck.

'There is a military vessel without flags is to intercept us,

it has much more speed, it catches up with us,

and our captain had not even ordered the rowers

increase the pace. "

Our heroes rush to the captain:

"What's the matter? What kind of ship? "

"I do not know, noble knights."

"But it's a big war galleys,

unlike the imperial.

What do these things have to ship from us? Is not it a pirate?

If it catches up with us, we can not be good for:

team there are several times larger than ours.

Veli rowers to increase the tempo, Captain! "

Team captain,

but if the ship began to move faster, then only slightly.

"You have not the rowers, and sleepy flies!" - Shouting our heroes.

Captain justified:

"They are tired after a previous voyage

and did not have time to relax.

Yes, this great ship will still catch up with us, as no oars! "

"Then - to fight!"

"Which fight?

I will not sacrifice themselves and their sailors!

Fight, noble knights, if you like, and we thank you! "-

so says the captain, trembling with fear,

or just pretending to tremble.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about the strange behavior of the captain.

In addition, we have now realize that his behavior -

It is not strange,

just this Venetian likely to conspiring with pirates.


When a large galley approaching closely,

rowers both ships folded oars, so as not to break them,

Pirates throw hooks interlock court

and dozens of villains jump on the ship's deck,

in which our heroes are sailing.

Leopold, Werner and Gabriel, as well as their servants and squires

already put on armor, take weapons

and stand on the deck, lined up in a circle,

hiding behind shields and exposing long swords.

Some pirates immediately rush down to the cabins,

in search of what you can profit.

But the majority of robbers surrounds our heroes.

Not a treacherous-Venetian captain nor his sailors

no one even pays any attention.

The captain of a pirate ship,

short and stout, middle-aged Lombard,

from the height of his deck

loud voice offers our heroes

surrender to the winner.

The noble and brave knights look at each other,

then they say in unison: "No!"

"Then die," - rumors captain

signs to their villains, and fight to the death begins to boil.

Of course, if it was in an open field,

then our knights could not resist

against a variety of pirates,

some of which are also quite adept at battle.

But luckily for the graph, Baron and nobleman,

deck is narrow and uneven, preventing the mast and rigging,

and at the same time of the attackers may approach them

Only about ten people,

and this is just a little more than three to one,

and believing servants and squires - and even less.

All are fighting tooth and nail,

but in spite of the desperate situation,

our heroes are looking at each other:

how to hold the sword in the fight against rivals

the hand and heart of the beautiful Maid of Pskov?

Suddenly, the Lord will save them from the pirates,

they get to Palestine, find Olga

and will fight a duel with each other?

Then the knowledge of the favorite methods of fighting opponents

very able to come in handy.

However, do not forget them and strike the attackers,

and even in a few minutes

It grows around the mountain of bloody corpses,

but from the defenders killed only two servants.

Then the main pirate

seeing that it turns against him

and he loses nothing of its people,

recalls robbers and tells him to shoot

its many archers.

Powerful armor these arrows do not pierce,

but all the servants and squires,

including the familiar and Ilmar Groin,

die immediately.

Give rest to the souls of the Lord died heroically

good Catholics with the saints,

and may God have mercy on the misguided souls He those

who belongs to the Byzantine faith.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not on the commemoration of the prematurely deceased.


A few minutes later the captain of a pirate ship

orders to stop shooting and turns to our heroes:

"Sooner or later the boom fall into the joint of your armor

or in the slot in your visor, and you will perish!

It is better to surrender, gallant knights

and I promise to keep you alive! "

"And freedom?" - He cries Gabriel,

from head to toe drenched someone else's blood.

"Okay, I promise, and freedom,

respecting your martial arts! "

"Well, we give up?" - Asks the lord of his companions,

also filled with blood from head to head,

and also, thanks to the Lord, a stranger.

"Yes, you have to give up, - said sadly Count Leopold. -

otherwise we then just shoot like mad dogs, and everything. "

"The idea of ​​surrender gives me disgust,

but fight on would be suicide,

and our Holy Church considers suicide a sin "-

these are the words of Baron Werner.

"Well, if even our bravest of mortals do not mind putting,

it really necessary to give "- grins Gavrila,

retain the ability to joke,

in spite of the desperate situation.

However, the love of a good joke, as you know,

generally distinguished Russian,

they can even laugh at themselves,

which often helps them to endure adversity.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of the distinctive features of the Russian people,

which, looking at Gavrila Aleksic,

it is very difficult to call barbarians.


The noble and brave knights, with a sigh of regret

raised visor, kiss their swords

and put the gun on the deck.

For Leopold, Werner and Gavrila immediately pounce enemies

grabbed by the arm and lead to the pirate ship.

"I did not think the losers that you are strong fighters -

Count Gavrila says calmly and Werner. -

With you it will be difficult to handle in a fight for Olga. "

"Can you say the same thing - Gabriel nods graph -

and about a martial art, and about the losers.

It seems that you, too, turned out to be a failure,

German valiant knight. "

"Well, we'll see," - grins Leopold. -

You have not forgotten that we promised freedom? "

"Not very much, I believe the promises of the pirates," -

Werner sighs.

And our heroes appear

the captain of a pirate ship.

Pirates, meanwhile, continue fumble in their cabins

and take away all the things and money that has not yet had time to pick up.

Weapons, of course, too.

According thrown gangplank

on a pirate ship gone all chivalrous knights.

Ships are disengaged and swim in different directions.

Note that none of the villains

even I never touched any captain-Venetian,

nor his sailors, or their property.

Is not this the best proof that the wily Venetian

I was in cahoots with the pirates?

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of when and where this bogomerzkih Judas

He received his thirty pieces of silver.


"Who are you, noble brave?" - Asks the main pirate

surrounded by his villainous team.

"Count Leopold von Rieneck."

"Baron Werner von Endorf".

"Boyar Gavrila Aleksic from Pereslavl-Zaleski."

"You're Russian, or what? I did not think that Russian friends with the Germans.

And I'm Cesar from Como, - says the captain. -

Want Knights, do to my ship?

I need these brave warriors, like you. "

"First of all, God forbid anyone be friends like we are,

and secondly, you promised us freedom, Lombard! "-

Leopold tells him.

"Nobody in the world is not free us of the pirates!" -

exclaims the chief pirate by cheers

their nefarious slave.

"Well, what kind of freedom - to rob and kill?

No, maybe someone like that,

but we are not one of those "- proudly says Gabriel.

"You do not speak for others, Russian,

especially since you, as it turns out, not friends at all!

You do not want - so maybe the Germans will want. "

"I do not want to!" - Almost in unison say the Count and Baron.

"Well, so much the worse for you.

I just do not have enough slaves at the oars.

Send so stubborn on rowing deck to Murad. "

"But you promised us freedom!

Did you, did not keep her promise? "- Outraged graph.

But the wily Captain is ready to answer -

apparently, he is not the first time such a perfidy:

"I promised you freedom,

but he did not say when you get it!

So you get it through five years. No, in ten. "

Pirates happily laughing, one of them adds:

"They killed a lot of our,

so let them get on the freedom of the world!

Let vzdernem them from the yardarm or drown! "

"No, I promised to spare their lives,

besides, we need strong and healthy rowers

For a large campaign "to be -

She stops him captain.

"And do not you ashamed, Cesar,

loot and to enslave their fellow believers?

Or are you not a Catholic? "- Accuses the captain Werner.

"Of course, I am a Catholic, and a good Catholic.

Every time he passed the temple of our faith,

I come back to donate a lot of money,

and the priest lets me all my sins,

without asking questions about my craft.

So I have nothing to be ashamed of. "

"Wait, wait, Lombard! We are rich and noble people,

and you can get a large ransom for us! "-

Count Leopold offers.

"Redemption - it's good,

but for this you will have to contact with his,

it takes a lot of time,

and we do not stand a long time in any harbor,

and winter in remote and secret places.

So with the repayment is unlikely to succeed. "

"Since we sell in any slave market,

and we agree to buy back from the new owner, "-

Gabriel does not calm down.

"But what I sense to sell you?

Slaves-rowers I need to!

Besides, if I'm selling you, then break a promise

give you the freedom to ten years! - Captain laughs. -

All clear? This is the last of our conversation:

Not my rules to speak of low slaves.

By Murad them! "- Is the main pirate

and he goes to his cabin.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of the tricky and treacherous Captain-Lombardi.


Pirates of the tear with our heroes

armor and clothing until the underclothes,

and drag the Knights on a rowing deck,

where they met Murad, tall and fat-Egyptian Arabic:

with a face like a mask knight's helmet.

He gives Werner, Gavrila and Leopold

some dirty pieces of canvas - cover nakedness,

with two guards he puts them on his feet

and tightly Rivets heavy chains,

and sat on the oars in different parts of the ship,

so that they are not even able to communicate among themselves.

But maybe it's for the best,

For when they hate each other

communication would only worsen their already grave share.

A share-rower servant truly great.

Food - at best a rough chowder,

at worst - moldy biscuits.

Water - often musty, with a disgusting smell.

Sleep - a few hours a day on the bare boards,

and he often interrupted shouts of overseers,

if it is necessary to urgently take up the oars.

Clothes - same in all weather conditions:

shred canvas around the hips.

The work - hard,

because the rower is only to delay and lose the pace,

which discourages drummer -

and first in his back hits the paddle, which is behind him,

and then it falls upon the lash of a whip of the overseer.

Our heroes - strong young warriors,

hardened in battles and campaigns,

but one thing - without tiring ride on the horse,

wear a heavy armor and swing your sword,

and quite another - to roll a huge paddle.

In addition, before they all respected,

they were servants, money, home,

house as a servant-rower - galley

and the attitude of the slave about the same,

as stray dogs, and sometimes worse.

Many times it happens that our heroes, as well as other rowers,

fall from exhaustion and overheating,

Murad and treats them differently -

effusions of a large tub of sea water,

and then raises the kicks and blows of the whip.

Not surprisingly, the three noble and brave knight

in a month look frayed and skinny.

Their hands - bloody blisters, back - scarred by the whip.

However, the same look and the rest of the slaves,

which on a large pirate ship more than fifty.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of a heavy share-galernika slave.


September in the Mediterranean in the year was hot.

Werner tolerate heat better than Leopold and Gabriel,

for he is a native of Bavaria,

which is warmer than in the Wartburg and Pereslavl-Zaleski,

but Baron extremely hard.

A haggard and emaciated Count Leopold

soon forgets about chivalry

and asked Murad to pass the captain,

he agreed to go to the pirates.

The graph does not speak Arabic,

Murad and does not know any other language,

or pretends not to know,

and did not transmit the captain.

Leopold starts screaming,

trying to attract the attention of Cesar Lombardi,

which is far from the rowers - on the aft superstructure.

Then Murad, do not understand what was going on,

either very good understanding,

but not wanting to be left without a strong rower,

caves on Count terrible blow fist.

Leopold falls unconscious.

Average "medicine" in the form of tubs with sea water,

then a few strokes whip -

and the once proud Count Leopold von Rieneck

It comes to life and humbly take up rowing,

wiping the blood from his broken face.

And everything goes on as before.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about how many merchant ships of the pirate galley

I managed to rob before winter.


Remember them only about a robbery attempt,

which led to a severe injury of the main pirate.

In fact, a cunning Lombard Cesar risked wasting

and I preferred to attack only those ships,

the capital of which warned him in advance,

that float travelers with rich and valuable cargo,

while the weak protection.

After Judas-Venetian, who passed the pirates of our heroes,

I was in fact insidious treachery

not the first and not the last.

But here Cesar, sailing near Malta

He notices a lone merchant nave, going forward,

and can not resist the temptation to attack.

Catch the big slow-moving ship fails quickly,

especially because the wind is very weak,

and the nave is almost not moving.

But when a pirate galley coming to him

The thieves are already preparing to land on it,

there begins this shooting from heavy crossbows,

that a good quarter of the strikers immediately falls

either dead or wounded.

Falls and captain Cesar, which does the same,

what was once a Gavrila under Koporie:

arrow hits in the neck.

Bleeding Lombardi referred to the cabin,

Location Captain intrudes his assistant, the Jew Isaac

galley turns and rushes away from the ship,

which was so powerful protection.

What drove the nave for pirates remain a mystery,

it does not matter for us,

because our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not that carry the Mediterranean

merchant ships.


While Captain Cesar slowly and painfully recovering,

our heroes are not even any hope of escape

from the fate of the slaves-rowers:

Even if they manage to find a way to bypass Murad

notify the mate of their wish to become pirates,

Isaac still has the right to liberate slaves.

And do not feel such a desire and Werner Gabriel:

They rightly believe that it is better to be a slave

bloody blisters on his hands,

than to engage in predatory godless affair.

As for Count Leopold, it is decided to be patient

and wait some cases convenient,

the more so because the fate of the galley slave

still better servant of fate, for example, in a quarry:

because the speed is very important for a pirate ship,

does not give weaken the rowers,

Only some can not stand the heart,

but our heroes, thank God, with the heart is all right,

because they have spent in the galley or ten years,

when their bodies have time to completely wear out,

and less than six months.

Several times even Murad suits their rowers "dances":

so called vile orgy

flare up when the captured ships, a lot of women,

and pirates, to satisfy his lust low,

give some of them slaves.

Most often, after the "round dance" of women either die,

either maimed for life,

because they have to know not only the rough intercourse

with dozens of lustful men,

stoskovavshihsya for female flesh,

but also all sorts of abuse by now men -

hitting, pinching, biting, strangling, wringing hands

and more about what is better to keep silent.

Skinned, broken fingers, torn chest,

bulging eyes, ears bitten off, broken teeth -

all this in addition to a strong internal damage,

obtained with such multiple carnal intercourse,

often it reduces poor women to the grave,

they are right there - in the waves of the sea.

Of course, not all the rowers take part in the "dances"

this disdain even Count Leopold,

not to mention the Baron Werner and nobleman Gavrila,

but our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of unsightly details of life-galernikov slaves.


Do the three noble and brave knight

The Fair Maid of Pskov Olga

while when they turn their heavy oars

or look at what they get up to fellow rowing

with the unfortunate captives during the "round dance"?

To say that our heroes are not up to Olga's -

would be to sin against the truth.

Of course, they are about it and think, and remember,

and looking eyes on the spacious deck rowing

their rivals on the future possession of it,

But all of this, including the upcoming matches,

now is not important,

For the purpose of our other heroes - just to survive.

And it is that, thanks to the Blessed Virgin, alive.

Come winter - the storms,

and Isaac takes the ship

in a secluded cove somewhere in Cyprus

galley hauled ashore and clean the bottom of the shell.

Of course, it is done by slaves,

Pirates simply rest and gain strength

before new campaigns.

Although Cyprus winter and soft, but still cold,

even sometimes the snow falls,

Murad and willy-nilly give slaves

warm coats, so they do not freeze to death.

at the bottom of the cleaning work is not as hard as rowing,

and three brave and noble knight,

finally, are able to communicate with each other.

"You should have seen who you like" -

grins Count Leopold,

looking at the lean and bearded

Baron Werner and nobleman Gavrila.

"Yes, you look at yourself," - Knights meet him.

"You should see, but sorry, no mirrors."

It's nice that our heroes do not lose their presence of mind

and in the soul of even welcome the opportunity to talk to each other:

because the people on the ship side by side with them

much lower origin.

Knights said that it would be necessary to run,

Only it is not clear how to do it:

on their feet are still heavy chain

and the supervisors do not reduce an eye on them.

"What you could not become a pirate?" -

sarcastically asks Count Gavrila.

"Wait, Russian galernik,

I did not become a pirate - so become a supervisor.

Arabic I've learned:

beside me to paddle sits Arab

I do not disdain to speak to him.

Soon I will be able to negotiate with Murat,

and as soon as the overseer place available, take his.

But supervisors often get free,

sooner or later, I get it, and I,

And you, losers, and will die at the oars,

Olga and I will get even with no fights. "

"To me, to be the overseer -

worse than a pirate -

Werner says glumly. -

And why do you hope to take this place, Earl?

Do Not wanting? "

"Because I'm tall and strong,

supervisors must be exactly such,

in order to be respected and feared. "

"Would you at your height and strength a bit more modest,

so the price you would have had no "- grins lord Gabriel.

The conversation is interrupted:

Murad is suitable, and the Knights quickly return to work,

so as not to deserve a beating.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not that starts in 1243 after Christ,

It passes the winter,

and a pirate galley re-sail.


It turns out that the Count Leopold boasted not in vain:

it immediately after departure from Cyprus

It does manage to become a supervisor.

A little before one so unworthy people,

beaten and humiliated his own kind,

not only I got free and got it:

using the fact that supervisors are not chained,

he escaped from the ship and kill the other supervisor,

who tried to stop him.

And Murad and mate Isaac

and the captain himself-Lombard Cesar,

slowly recovering after injury,

They were furious, but what could they do?

Cyprus - a large island,

look at the man in it - like a needle in a haystack,

the more so because the pirates were afraid to deviate far from the coast,

so as not to fall to the soldiers of the kingdom of Cyprus.

Moreover - there was a danger that escaped overseer

bring Cypriot troops into the parking space pirates.

In short, the villains were forced to immediately turn off all the work,

galley down on the water and sail ahead of schedule.

And now we have to look for Murad

two new supervisors.

One of them becomes Count Leopold von Rieneck.

He manages to convince Murad that noble knights -

most reliable overseers,

because they can give a word that does not run away, and they will keep it.

But there is another difficulty.

In fact, on the pirate galley dominates tolerance:

for example, the captain - Catholic assistant - a Jew,

and many adherents of the Byzantine faith

and Mohammedans and Gentiles.

But fleeing was a Catholic,

and Mohammedan Murad then escape requires

to all his supervisors were of the same faith with him,

otherwise, he says,

he can not trust them completely.

And what do you think?

The Count, without batting an eye

and, it seems, without feeling remorse,

alters the true Catholic faith!

Murad takes away the chain,

and one of the pirates, who once was a mullah

quickly conducts the rite.

It is unlikely that this rite Mohammedan concepts valid,

since it holds no ordinary mullah, a pirate,

whose hands are in blood is not something that the elbow and to the shoulders,

but apostasy Count

this does not become excused.

Before pirate-Mullen and all Mohammedans,

that were on the ship,

Leopold raises his hand and says three words of the Shahadah -

the so-called "chief of the Muslim testimony"

It sounds something like this:

"I know, I believe with all my heart, and acknowledge in word,

that there is no god but the One Creator - Allah,

and Mohammed - his last messenger. "

That fell as low Leopold von Rieneck.

But we are in the galleys, thank God, have not been,

and we do not know - maybe slave labor-rower

can really bring good Catholic

to such extremes.

But Werner Gabriel, and so did not!

However, the Lord judge us all.

And if anyone is interested, whether the column was supplied

vile diavolova printing - circumcision

then we say that the cunning Leopold was able to escape her happily:

this disgusting ritual for Mohammedans desirable

but not required,

and Count Murad assured that circumcised later

when they are present in the mosque, not in the galley.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not what abominable rites accompanied the adoption

godless faith of the false prophet Mohammed.


It remains one seat still vacant overseer

and Count, which can now be called so only conditionally,

For Mohammedan can not have the title of count,

suddenly decides to do a good deed - as he understands it.

First, it is suitable to the Baron:

"If you want, Werner, I zamolvlyu for you word Murad?

I am convinced this stupid Egyptian

that noble knights - the best supervisors.

So throw paddle accept Mohammedanism,

let infidels word that you will not escape,

and all you will be fine! "

"No, an apostate, I'm not going overseer,

I do not want to beat and humiliate poor people! "

"So you'll die the same for this paddle!"

"Better to die with a clear conscience,

than to live stained with "! -

proudly meets von Endorf.

"Well, in vain, Baron, - says Leopold. -

Okay, row yet, but we'll see. "

Count sent to the other end of the rowing deck,

where works Gabriel Aleksic,

Boyar makes the same offer as Werner,

and hears in response to the word,

that we here can not lead,

because our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

but Gabriel refuses apostate

in very rough terms,

not suitable for our sublime songs.


As a result, the second space overseer

It occupies an Arab, who was sitting next to the graph at the oars.

It takes the spring passes the summer,

our heroes are working in the galley for a year.

Count Leopold otelsya overseer, stout,

shouts on rowers no worse Murad,

and his scourge - a real storm unfortunate slaves.

Baron Werner and Boyar Gavrila

It gets from it beats no less than the others:

Leopold fears that Murad suspect him in pity

slaves of noble birth

and return back for a paddle.

But then there is something least expected

and Werner, and Gabriel.

Already come autumn, pirate galley soon for the winter,

and suddenly a calm and quiet at night,

when the galley is sailing in the Mediterranean Sea

and tired rowers sleep a dead sleep,

Leopold Werner slowly wakes, give him a piece of a saw,

stolen somewhere in the ship's big farm,

and whispers: "Baron, you have two weeks

the fact that their chain nadpilit

so that it can be broken.

Keep it a secret from the neighbors:

Among them may be traitors. "

Werner silently hides chip saws

in the folds of their loincloth.

The same graph then says Gavrila

and gives the same chip.

Two weeks baron and lord sawing their chains.

It is not easy, because you can only cut,

once the rowers neighbors are asleep, and overseers far.

But now, finally, almost sawed with God's help chain

a jerk - and they will fall.

Two weeks later, in the same quiet and peaceful night,

Count on duty again on the rowing deck.

He goes to Werner and whispers to him:

"All is ready?"


"As quietly take off the chain, and follow me."

They fit together to Gavrila,

and this lord is also free from the chains.

Leopold said: "Now let's go to the assistant Isaac.

To the captain's cabin Cesar difficult to get noticed,

but we need weapons, lots of it, not only in Cesar,

but in Isaac. "

Our heroes make their way to the cabin mate.

The door is locked. Leopold knocking.

"Who's there?" - Is heard a sleepy voice.

"Stand up, Isaac, Captain urgently calls", -

Earl says in Arabic:

Isaac, a native of Palestine, knows this language.

Grumbling that it raises in the night,

Assistant comes out of his cabin

and then meets his death:

Gabriel kicks him in the head with his fist, wrapped a chain scrap.

Three noble and brave knight come inside,

remove from the walls there hung sabers and daggers

and begin to capture the pirate ship.

The forces they have, of course, is not the same as before,

but on their side - unforgotten martial art,

suddenness and the darkness of night.

They are moving slowly and carefully on the upper deck

and accurate blows of swords and daggers

kill everyone who is there.

Then quietly enter the large room where the pirates sleep tight

and cut the throat of all sleeping.

The same did with the overseers and Murad.

From villains were no survivors,

except Captain Cesar, whom the Count decided not to kill,

in order to arrange the execution of the morning.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not a bad show, which now represents the

galley, drenched with blood like a slaughterhouse.


All slaves violently happy emancipation.

Our heroes give them the tools so that they shot down the chain,

and here we are all free,

thrown into the sea pirates corpses

walk around the gallery, looking for something to eat, what to wear,

Many are searching for money and valuables.

There comes the morning.

Captain Cesar, stretching out of his cabin

and he did not immediately realize what had happened:

Galleries run by some people he does not know.

Finally he smekaet that the ship is captured,

He rushes back to the cabin for a weapon,

but he was immediately grabbed.

"Good morning, Lombard! -

mockingly says Earl approached. -

How did you sleep?

I specifically ordered you not to wake him,

so that you get a good sleep before

both go to hell! "

And Leopold refers to the former slaves:

"What death will execute the bastard?"

"Hang! And quartered! Throw in the sea! "- Voices.

"No, it's all - too easy death.

Let's give him a "dance"! - Comes up with a graph.

"Shame on you, you're a gentleman!

Villain to kill quickly and all! "-

Leopold tries to stop Gabriel.

"And the prince Alexander noble you think?

Why did not you stop him,

when he was preparing in Novgorod

a painful punishment for the prisoners of the Knights?

No, let insidious liar Lombard

will receive their just deserts! "

"You've given my word,

When it becomes a supervisor ... "-

trembling voice accuses Cesar Leopold.

"Do you remember what I gave the word? What will not run away!

So I do not run away!

And not a word to capture the galley, I did not give!

You, Lombard, think I'm stupider than you?

Remember how you promised us freedom

and he managed not to break his promise,

at the same time more than a year after keeping us in bondage,

as long as we do not let go! "-

exclaimed the Count, and turns to former slaves:

"Proceed to the" round dance "! Who is first?"

And Lombardi penalty begins.

Gabriel and Werner with disgust removed the cabin.

We will not describe the reasons of humanity,

that came up with each of the former slaves,

in order to cause suffering to the former captain.

Our song - about the beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of by how much time was thrown into the sea

lifeless and shapeless piece of bloody meat,

which was recently Cesar from Como.


After the execution of our heroes come together on deck.

They're neatly trimmed, clean-shaven, well dressed.

Werner even tracked down his cloak Livonian Order.

Leopold and Gavrila their coats have not found:

apparently, they have already sold, as well as knights' horses.

Swords owned Boyar, Baron and Count,

also not found, but they took the other, slightly worse.

"I did not have time to express to you my deep gratitude,

Count von Rieneck "-

ceremoniously says Baron Werner.

"Yes, Leopold, thank you" - echoes Gabriel.

"Well you, what thanks here!

I do something for myself and tried:

than to swing a whip in the galley,

better to be the imperial dignitary

with a beautiful wife, Olga. "

"You go again!

Win fights first, and then brag "-

grin Gabriel and Werner,

I must say, without the offense:

apparently accustomed to the style of the graph.

"Yes, to a meeting with Olga is still far.

For example, I do not know where we are now,

In addition, somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Does anyone of you knows a navigational "? -

asks Leopold.

"I heard that the sea determine the location

the sun and the stars,

but do not know how to do it ", - says von Endorf.

"And I do not know" - rumors Gabriel.

"And I. Let's look, who knows, among the freed. "

They searched but did not find.

We decided to just go to the north,

Still on the northern Mediterranean coast,

almost all countries - the grace of God Christian.

They waited for the night, find the North Star,

the benefit of the sky was cloudless,

and sailed in that direction.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than on how these knights were the galley in the Mediterranean Sea.


And then, finally, after a few days of leisurely swimming -

leisurely, because the wind is still weak,

and paddlers are now no whip

and they do not tighten -

galley driven by our heroes,

It found a large warship Empire of Nicaea.

Now the empire no longer exists,

and few people remember about it,

and in those days it was the most powerful

state in Asia Minor.

Once in 1204, the birth of Christ

our valiant crusading army

It took Constantinople,

survivors fled the Byzantine rulers

We were able to establish and strengthen the new state

with its capital in the city of Nicea.

I do not know for what sins the Lord turned

by good Catholics,

after two hundred and fourth year ruled Constantinople

and create around this city of the Latin Empire,

but nikeytsam using Bulgarian Kingdom

It managed to win all the wars

with sim worthy, but, unfortunately, now

no longer existing Catholic state,

reclaim Constantinople and Byzantium to recreate,

and even stronger than it was

up to two hundred and four.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about the history of Asia Minor states.


Captain Nicene ship preparing for a fight,

but from the deck of the galley greeting him waving,

and he understands that before him are not enemies, but friends.

Having brought his ship back to back,

he met with our heroes.

After hearing the story of the former pirate galleys,

He landed on her military unit

led by an experienced skipper

and tells him to move toward Smyrna * -

largest seaside town of the Empire of Nicaea.

This proved to be close, just a couple of days' journey.

In Smyrna freed slaves are going to go ashore,

but unexpectedly delayed:

it turns out that because of the difficult situation,

caused by the war with the Latin Empire,

freedom to receive only those

who profess the faith of the Byzantine,

adopted in the Empire of Nicaea.

The rest will have their freedom to work:

they go to the end of the war at the disposal of the imperial troops

and will build fortifications, to serve the soldiers,

care for horses

and engage in other ancillary works.

Again, rowing military galleys.

However, if anyone wants to take the Byzantine faith,

then immediately get freedom.

Probably no one would not be surprised if he finds out,

that Count Leopold von Rieneck immediately agrees

to accede to this faith,

whose supporters call themselves "orthodox"

presumptuous claim

to the only correct religion.

"Where a false belief, there is another,

Orthodoxy and even better than Mohammedanism,

I have been forced to accept.

Anyway, sooner or later we will come to Jerusalem,

where I repent and atone for all their sins:

The best place for this is not ", -

Count silently justified before his companions.

Note justified,

rather than states in his favorite manner something like:

"I do what I want, and do not meddle, losers in my business."

And Werner, and Gabriel

and they are already looking at each other, and at the count

without the old hatred.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

instead of how changed their attitude to each other

our heroes after the slavery in the galleys.

* Now Izmir.


But back to the acceptance or rejection of Byzantine faith.

Gavrila Aleksic and so it professes,

it does not have any difficulties.

And here at the Werner von Endorf difficulty appear,

and very serious,

for he is faithful to his godly convictions,

He refuses to take someone else's faith.

Leopold tells him that there is nothing wrong,

they will repent and return to the true faith

Met in the first Catholic church.

And Gabriel is trying to convince the Baron,

Byzantine belief that supposedly closer to the precepts

Our Lord Jesus Christ.

But even if the count and lord were the greatest

Byzantine preachers,

instead malosveduschimi theology warriors

they failed to persuade the relentless Baron

to change their faith.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than admirable firmness of opinion

such a true Catholic, as a background Endorf.


And here are three brave and noble knight are separated.

Werner and other former slaves to pirate galleys,

I did not want to change their faith,

send in a large caravanserai near the harbor,

which contain protected.

Graf Leopold and several other ex-slaves

also under the protection lead to the church,

where they take the Byzantine faith.

A Gavrila Aleksic before the official Nicene

baptized by Byzantine and Greek reads "Creed"

then he gets free and goes somewhere in the city.

But when Leopold after confession and communion,

accompanying the transition to the Byzantine faith

without the guard comes out of the temple,

it turns out that the outside is waiting for him Gabriel.

"Well, hello, Orthodox" - jokes lord,

knowing which of the column "Orthodox"

and then he says is serious:

"I see where taken away our Baron. Come help out. "

Perhaps someone is waiting, Leopold begins to convince Gavrila

Werner left in Smyrna

and sent to Jerusalem to search for Olga without it:

say, one opponent will be less.

But, oddly enough, the graph does not say anything,

on the contrary - thanks for the promptness Boyar

and at the late evening

It goes through the narrow streets of Smyrna

to the place of imprisonment of the new baron.

Caravanserai, where they hold slaves, poorly protected,

only two guards at the entrance,

but quietly get close to them is impossible:

A door leads to a narrow passage between two walls.

Then count and lord, daggers hidden under the clothing,

walking leisurely approach to the guards

and ask the way to the harbor:

say, get lost in the twilight.

Those starting to explain,

but immediately feel that their necks to the charge of daggers.

Count Leopold whispered in Greek:

"We need only one person, his name is Werner.

He wore a white cloak with a red cross and the sword.

Lists of newly arrived slaves

certainly has not made up,

and it is unlikely your boss will notice the disappearance of Werner:

one servant more, one less.

Will bring this person - get a good price,

withdraws - get hit with a dagger. "

The guards agreed, but they have and there is no other choice.

One of them is a hostage,

another comes in and takes the Baron soon.

Gavrila and Leopold honestly give the guards, almost all the money,

trapped on the pirate galley.

But Werner does not want to go,

until the release of all the others,

who sits in a caravanserai and suffering for the faith.

Boyar and Earl say to him:

"We have too little money to someone else to buy back.

Of course, we can now kill the guards

and to release all the prisoners,

but then tomorrow at Smyrna raised alarm, we will be looking

and in a strange and unfamiliar city, we will hardly be able to escape. "

Werner tries to protest, but Gabriel and Leopold

both sides picked up his arms and gone.

Baron still too weak after the galley slavery,

to resist the mighty Count

and Boyar, who is weak, but not enough

for Russian generally more hardy,

we stored the Lord Germans.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

rather than on how well or badly did the count and lord,

sparing the guards and rescuing the Baron, but

leaving many of his comrades in the Galley slavery

to fend for themselves and Nicene authorities.


The pursuit of our heroes, thank God, no,

and they quietly thinking about how to continue the journey to Jerusalem.

Ships coming to Palestine,

in Smyrna not usually stop,

but pass through the city on foot pilgrimage caravans.

Leopold, Werner and Gavrila

passers show a large caravanserai,

where pilgrims spend the night Catholics.

Despite the war with the Empire of Nicaea Latin,

Pilgrims pass freely in both countries:

it is a tradition from the time of the Byzantine Empire

and the first crusades.

Our heroes, skilled and experienced warriors,

happy to accept the protection of the

first encountered them pilgrim caravan:

On the way there are many thieves,

and although pilgrims are under the protection of the Lord,

but they themselves also have to think about his defense.

The caravan has a Catholic priest, and one of them

Leopold let the sins of apostasy

and returns the count to the true faith,

imposing on him a penance in the form of a pilgrimage

in the Holy Land,

where the caravan and sent.

There comes a rainy Anatolian winter

and pilgrims are moving very slowly,

for mountain passes in winter are especially dangerous,

road through them covered with snow,

and worship the Holy Sepulchre and are crippled,

and the sick, and the elderly, women and even children.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not about who does and for what reasons

charity pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


However, the winter campaign has its advantages:

At that time, the robbers do not usually attack the caravans,

and rest and divide the prey.

No robbery

God's grace is not experienced and caravan

in which the characters of our songs are.

These things all the more gratifying,

because their way is restless

Iconium, or Rumsky Sultanate.

These things Mohammedan state arose

after the conquest of Asia Minor of the Byzantine Empire

wicked Turks,

and the time of arrival of the heroes of our

owned a considerable part of Asia Minor

and neighboring countries.

However, this sultanate ten years

before these events, contact

assaulted the same pagan Tatars,

who ravaged and conquered Russia.

At first it was no more than raids,

but in the same forty-second year, when there was a

we described the Ice Battle on Lake Peipus,

Tatar warlord Baiju

He started against the Sultanate of Rum big war.

Tatars have won half of this Mohammedan countries,

and it became the supreme ruler of the same Batu Khan,

who ruled and Russia.

The rest of the sultanate was paying considerable tribute.

famine in the country,

crowds of refugees wandering from east to west,

trying to escape from the terrible invaders.

And in our time we have all the Sultanate -

Tatar vassal state.

As we can see, the Egyptian penalty in the form of incorrect Tatars

sent not only to those who profess the faith of the Byzantine,

but also those who profess Mohammedanism.

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

and not how God is just.


Tired, hungry and shivering pilgrims

slowly moving eastward.

In front of the caravan goes Turks conductor

and immediately after him - the Baron Werner von Endorf

Count Leopold von Rieneck and nobleman Gavrila Aleksic.

It is cold and damp. The dampness even weak frosts

transferred more difficult than the bitter cold in dry weather,

and when compared with Russian Anatolian winter,

it is not yet known what is worse.

Our knights chilly wrap up in coats,

but gaze forward:

if there was any danger?

Does the conductor leads in some den of robbers?

However, the Turks warned

he first die in which case,

and Count Leopold sometimes pricks him with a dagger in the back,

to convince the seriousness of the warnings.

But, thank God Almighty, quietly.

Our heroes, despite the difficult conditions of the campaign,

feel fine:

after galley food even scanty meal pilgrims

Werner and seems Gavrila delicacy,

and Earl, a former supervisor at the ship

and Pete is much better,

so intoxicated with freedom,

that he does not care, abundant or scarce food.

Gavrila again begins to sing his favorite song

a bright and beautifully decorated Russian land,

and indeed, brave knights can now

relax a little bit,

dream about meeting with Olga and talk to each other.

Note that their conversation is much more friendly,

than they were before.

For example, the Count and the Baron with a smile said to Gavrila,

that the Tatar warlord Baiju,

fulminatory Sultanate of Rum

and exciting city in the country -

a vassal of Batu Khan, the prince Alexander Nevsky,

and if the servants of God Leopold Werner and fall into the hands of the Tatars,

let the lord would say a word for them.

Gabriel answered also laughing:

"Look at your behavior,

especially on the noble Earl behavior

sometimes allow themselves to noble deeds. "

Laugh laugh, but we knew our heroes,

that all will be in the near future, so,

Gavrila and will have to bow to the godless Batu Khan

and for himself, and for his German companions!

But our song - a beautiful Maid of Pskov

and love to her three noble and brave knights,

but not about why the Lord does not give people know exactly

what awaits them.

In addition, we used to have already mentioned

about the inscrutable ways of the Lord.


Only a part of the poem is translated.




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