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Tatyana Timofeeva


 Pictures from the album




The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




1.     Apple garden


Apple orchard

pink flowers,

pink flowers,

sweet dreams.


Apple orchard

on the shore of the pond

all the petals of water,

with Apple trees in harmony.


Apple orchard

ovary came from, and that's

garden harvest awaits.

Summer by the end comes.


August plodotvornym:

Apple gives

pink sides,

with leaf - Pappus.


Apple orchard

fantastically, as if in a dream.

Survive the disaster

it is necessary in a garden.


                  on 19 August 2006





2. Ducks


The reflection of the purple twilight

in the lake with clear water.

It came out of the tabernacles reed,

ducks soar after the other.


Feathers bright sparkles,

over-spreading wings

the bill is to whistle in the air cuts through,

Gordeeva become than the eagle.


Duck or duck - in nature

no production at all and not the game.

Soul is born in flight

and heights will be achieved.


August 21, 2006





3. Penguins


Penguins are the children of the ocean,

their babysitters - pink ice.

They dive, just-in bath

in the depths of the waters. Ah Yes the penguins!


But what slouch their backs?

And there somehow kosobuko...

As children are poor penguins,

who in the world is lonely.


                                                        August 21, 2006





4. Twelve months


1. January. Orthodox Christmas


All around the light and new:

the Church, houses, trees, Dali.

Christmas is coming of Christ,

and no place for sadness.





2. February. Window


And February sad and windy.

What holiday - Aquarius?

Outside the window, below, sweeps and laid.

Well, do not take it?





3. March. Thaw


March! Finally! Long winter

thawed slightly warm up.

And thaw chuckled, sang;

poured icicles at home.





                            4. April. Forest lake


Revived forest in April.

In the lake melted ice.

Green and blooming

beach, eat and dance.





                            5. May. Odessa. Big fountain


May in Odessa this summer:

sea splashing blue,

greens - as the fountain of living.

Lots of sunshine, colours, light.





                            6. June. Moscow. Vorobyovy Gory


Sparrow hills ridge,

castle University.

The bridge, and speeds run

Barge, the toiler rivers.





                            7. July. Pamir


The peaks of the majestic mountains huge

sparkling snow does not melt, no.

And the Pamirs hidden from prying eyes

mysterious and gloomy Tibet.





                            8. August. Moscow. Gorky Park


The Park of lovers and friends.

August. Hour heat of the day.

Falling down into the pool

jet rainbow wall.





                            9. September. In the village


September in the village. Indian summer.

Peace, prosperity, grace.

And, Golden Niva somewhere.

And sin until life to murmur.





                            10. October. Botanical garden


Track Botanical garden

studded with yesterday's glory.

October. Already in autumn coolness,

and on the bench is pouring rain scythe.





                            11. November. Moscow. Red square


The capital's Red square,

smart as to the parade.

But flags November't paddles,

and the stars of the Kremlin do not burn.





                            12. December. Christmas in Germany


Frameworks, and the town hall, and spires,

fabulous cosy town.

Kay and Gerda it probably lived,

running to skate on the skating rink.


                                                        August 21, 2006





                                      5. New year


The night when no one sleeps.

The Windows in the city did not go off.

Coniferous spirit reigns everywhere.

Life does not seem in vain.


Spruce is dancing with

the spire, wrapped in garland,

the branches shook, and on them -

all luxurious attire:


the stars, the suns, the balls;

here snegurka but...

And moments like gifts

Christmas - magic.


                                                        on August 23, 2006





                                      6. April in Bratceva


                            Away - the old manor house:

rotunda, portico, coordonare.

Carried away by the flood of ice

stream, irresistibly soon.


                            Remnants of snow on the hill

among the chestnut colored thawed patches.

Snags twisted roots.

And pine, as under the banner, stood up.


And, overturning, breaking and spoils

stream rotunda, the spire and a portico.


                                                        on August 27, 2006





                   7. A pond with swans at the Novodevichy monastery


                   Novodevichiy monastery

you beautiful swans seen?

In the pond, in the monastery of his

they live. At swans


there are cells - small houses such.

Perhaps, serve the Liturgy

they quietly in the morning.

For it is not right temple.


Their garments white, pearl.

And you - loving, friendly.


                                                        26 August 2006





                                         8. Moscow


                            Moscow. The metropolis. Giant.

The scale. The sizes. The volume.

Avenues, bridges, overpasses

gorge, community, faults.


The bends of the river banks,

the ridges of the surrounding skyscrapers.

The flying path bondage

bridge over the gaping abyss.


Space chilly landscape.

Trolley - interplanetary ship.

Shimmering, unsteady Mirage.

Alarming. Beckoning. Cherished.


                                                        August 28, 2006





9. First snow


Today, the first snow fell,

large flakes sprinkled.

Unexpectedly, suddenly, suddenly fell,

and at once fell asleep, all and all.


And went to a curb on the fence,

and "house" on the front garden.

And trembling by his touch

Rowan was touched, and point blank


large berries her

look, orange blushing.

And the twig, merging with it,

tit body shakes his.


And the air gust and bluish.

And flakes all fly, fly...


                            on September 19, 2006





10. Airport in Ulyanovsk


At the aircraft belly silver

tattoo: "S", and next to "Z",

and "93"and the ribbed

the wing on the runway shiny trail,


left at takeoff and landing

wheels on crutches chassis.

And he, I hope it's all right,

this "SZ", all in the ointment?


                                                        24 September 2006     





                            11. Suburban platform


Rails, running up

the ladder leading to the inevitable.

Semaphore signalling "go back";

fir emitting tenderness.


Pink highlights in the snow.

Grows dark. Clear and frosty.

In the schedule necessary line

looking for a citizen who is very serious...


Aside houses, woods...

On the platform the inscription: "the Reconstruction".







                            All over, all over grabs a glance

rave - luminous colors.

Any subject - everything in the world, all in a row

as a gem, as beautiful Prince in a fairy tale.


Ordinary Polyana in the dark

shines like a decorated Christmas tree.

All flexible, all kruglitsa on the list -

the hills, the road, the banks, the country roads.


Palette snow, rainbow jet,

dreamy Lancet ate,

the crown naklonilsya their -

even closer than it actually is.


Sunflowers and daisies, and a garden,

and the Crimea, and the Moscow platform

the seabed, and the port and a waterfall,

The Pamir mountains and the Alps is wonderful, miraculous.


All countries, all colors and all time

all equivalent and equal.

The Creator of countless names.

Features of the Divine countenance.


                            26 August 2006




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