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Galina Snitovsky

The spiritual light. Painter Sergey Zagraevsky


Sergey Zagraevsky. 12 months. October, Botanichesky Garden






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So it can be used only for general introduction.




In art, whether poetic words, music or paint, are the two main creators of "ruts". Some people have my admiration for the beauty and harmony of the universe, as if otstraivayas from the hardships of life on earth. Others reveal, emphasize, and sometimes hypertrophic dark forces, thus striving to turn people against abominations of life. How does the experience of mankind, both ways are correct. And yet, those that are light and good, more sink into the soul. These include the artist Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY, for his art - is the purity and transparency, it's the music subtle relationships, playing secret strings. He is considered an artist in the style of "naive", has its roots in childhood.

And indeed, the work of the painter written majeure colors of childhood, with joy of the first discovery, spontaneity and clear view of the world - painting "Christmas gifts". Sometimes depicted "sin" touching imperfections, like prescribed unsteady hand of a child ("Fountain with fish in Potsdam") and the natural primitive compositions ("Balloon").

It is considered that the work style of "naive" does not pretend to a depth of content and philosophical view of being just "what you see is what I sing." What is it "sings" our artist "naivist"?

Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY picked up a brush in four years, in 1968, and learn the basics under the direction of Tatiana Mavrina and father an architect, but now only the last two years spent in Moscow six solo exhibitions, including three in the House of Artists, one in Manege, other rooms and the latest, the autumn of 2000, the Gallery of Artists on Triumph Square.

Look closely at the creative meeting of the artist and think: is it only naive it "naive"?

First of all the content: stories portrayed before us from the simple to the rich and varied. Here, rural Russia ("Winter in Kiseleva"), urban life ("The last trolley bus") and industrial ("The airport in Ulyanovsk). Here and in the "fruit of travel: strange cities, sea and country (" Delphi "," Penguins "," Alps "). Visible and recognizable architectural rarities ("Church of the Intercession on the Nerl"), seasons (October, the Botanical Garden ") and holidays (January, Orthodox Christmas"). Spacious multi-faceted and beautiful world of Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY their content.

We turn now to intonation, tone and portrayed every right to say: I sing, I love you. And like many artists, because so generous with his palette on the lyrical tone ("Steps of Spring), elegiac reverie (" April. Forest Lake "), songs (" Eye in the village Konstantinovo ") and epic (" Volga "). Sometimes an artist comes to philosophical meditations ("Lighthouse", sending the light of salvation).

The idea of the power of human affairs, the motif of overcoming the elements seen in such paintings as: "Port", "dam", "Moscow. Krimsky Bridge "," White Castle "(on a high rock on which the squall struck the sea). A special attraction gives work ZAGRAEVSKY wealth of imagination, whether it is radiant, falling from the sky Star ("New Year"), life on the deep sea ("sea bottom") or multi-colored rainbow of water ("Waterfall").

And sometimes "works" kind of unexpected detail, which attracts attention: furry tree in a landscape grows at an angle to the horizontal, which breaks the monotony adds dynamics reveals thrill of space. In many scenes the viewer sees is not normal, round and fuzzy, like a flying saucer sun, with a yellow heart, whether it's some sort of yellow eye from outer space watching our Earth. And in these parts - a rare combination of naturalness and magic.

A few words say about the song in the artist's paintings, often it is built on contrasts and counter, and the logic and dynamics of these protivoform has a clear and transparent justification. Here, for example, linen Moscow. Krimsky Bridge ": a whimsical, soft line of the river, stretching, intersects with a rigid line of the suspension bridge, industrial creations and is supported by a clear geometry of the house-quadrangles. Work "Winter in Kiseleva: space filled canvases fields distant copses, rounded hills on the horizon and pretty rural little houses. And all this quiet grace of the highway is cut by an arrow, which, as it withdraws from the world of comfort in a distant and unknown.

In general, it seems, the artist appeals to the motive of the road and as a compositional device and as a philosophical point, and after Pushkin, he "experiences" as a way for the road of life.

The composition of paintings ZAGRAEVSKY interesting characters work. Painting "Forest Glade": in the center of a generalized forest vegetation, far away tree trunks, and in the foreground as a symbol of two large strawberries. Cloth "apple orchard" is filled with flowering trees, and the foreground doing a great pink-purple flower of apple, as if revealing the beauty and essence of the spring garden.

Landscape ZAGRAEVSKY inherent amazing musicality and literally every leaf is shed melody: a lofty, spiritual ("New Jerusalem"), familiar, songs ("Suburban platform"), a powerful and spacious (Volga) - it sounds something unconscious and exciting, which is enclosed music.

Thus, the artist has set itself a task of great art and solves them with talent.

Paintings by Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY, with his spiritual light, radiant colors, optimistic outlook are the viewers of the artist, who boldly and independently goes his own way.