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William Meyland




Sergey Zagraevsky. KALYAZIN



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.



Drawing on the child can to say that he can't. Can otherwise to draw and paint by Sergei Zagraevsky – I don't know. Anyway, it's very fancy "fell into childhood" and consistently seeks to get into line cheerful masters naive art. In this self-confident of his power and, alas, his weakness.

Once in the 70-ies in the halls of the magnificent and unique Museum of children's art in Yerevan I caught myself the dual feeling of admiration and irritation. Many works of children seemed to be equal, and often superior in decorative and color qualities of some works of Armenian artists, presented in the halls it is as unique in our country of Museum of modern art. It was work has reached the end of solar expression. Before me there were many small Minasov the Avetisyan, Akopov of ananiadou, Gayane of Khachatryan etc. showing an adult manner, which is there is nowhere to develop further and to improve. I'd be curious to know what happened in the future with these all the little virtuosos of Armenia. Surely they have less to rejoice and learned to suffer, but whether they retained the ability to be creative.

"Childishness" Zagraevsky at first rejoice, but the abundance of this "childishness" tires, and it's tiring accumulate at least multiplications what they saw. At Zagraevsky there is some found and zatverdzhennia plastic goodness, which, in my opinion, interferes the development of his art. Besides the obvious, for example, uniformity depiction. All is bright. All rings and starts to cut eyes.

The artist sets and decides compositional problems, develops its own techniques, his hand is recognizable. All this so. But when the scenery in the scenery stays the same stretched orange-red "apelsinovyy" the sun, when the usual black-red-blue-yellow-green range are not well versed in the intricacies of navigation, when the paint turns into color but not in flavor, all together is inevitable weakens my positive audience emotions and faith in a joyful naive. Naive not it can be annoying. He has a different nature – the nature of generosity, and not perseverance.

Watercolor Zagraevsky is easier and quicker, and not only because it is small in size and transparent. Such is the nature of this ancient material remaining attractive up until the drinker, the artist saves it the fluidity and delicate relationship with the paper. Sorry that hasn't been invented such paints, brushes, canvases and cardboards, which were sometimes quenched with excess creative head.

I my participation in the General artistic life, there are no claims against active isdestroying personality of Sergei Zagraevsky. But in relation to his creativity I would like to see more live changes – successes-failures UPS-downs, i.e. any deviations from the established process of writing close each other "baby" pictures.

Alas, to teach anyone the internal change is impossible. This action extremely independent, especially if a person tries to preserve the purity and spontaneity of perception of the world. Everything methodology limp, in addition to providing the individual complete freedom expression. But to believe in creativity and creative update of our lives – in this human luxury I nor the artist Zagraevsky nor to deny themselves not can.

"Art Newspaper", ¹ 50 (81), 11-17 Dec. 2000