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Dmitry Smolev

The Moon or sixpence?



Published in Russian: ,  29.12.1998 .


Sergey Zagraevsky  Jerusalem, the Western wall





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Sergei ZAGRAEVSKY, Ph.D., and even an entrepreneur who recently taking something for the businessman is not typical. Day and night, oil painting on canvas, suits from all of this personal exhibition (now in the Central house of artists - the third time in four months), publishes postcards and booklets with samples of their "izoproduktsii. In parallel would drop to all sorts of officials from the art with the question: "What's all this about the artists involved?", referring to take active part. Now, however, is not rife - disappointed. Bureaucrats cut off from the masses, not feel the breath of life.

It seems that not only Platonov and Avtonov, but also own Gauguin can give birth to our land. To the world recognition while far away, but Sergey is a man able and energetic. Moreover, before his French counterpart, there is a certain margin: Paul Gauguin in this age, not on what Tahiti is not intended as any exotic Zagraevsky've seen plenty.

So, having met them at the exhibition represented Alpine landscape or Jerusalem to the "wailing Wall", do not take them for the fruit of the imagination. More precisely, it is still the fruit of the imagination, but the heated natural impression. Not less fantastic than the eruption of the African volcano looks at Zagraevsky, say, the Crimean bridge through Moscow-river. The pedants there is no need to look for comparisons in the dusty window next door is still not like. Or even "the Last trolley, also from the city life in its outer form.

However, the art of Sergei Zagraevsky no colored dark romanticism. It is painted seven colors of the rainbow, what and why not depicted. The palette of the artist's newfound bright, but without unnecessary details. More and more attracted to the color of factory production. Why, indeed, to ruin a good paint mixing with the magic name - "volkonskoit" or "thioindigo"? The topics of these paintings excite simultaneously wafting suspicions - what would? Adult after people, and draws a snowman and Christmas trees.

You'll see, Sergey Zagraevsky will ever recognized painter. Or unrecognized, that in his own way cute. Or something, though again entrepreneur. There is nothing wrong to be an entrepreneur. But the artist better.