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Natalia Ziganshina

For the sake of art



Published in Russian: , 182, 2006 .


Sergey Zagraevsky Autumn in a village

Sergey Zagraevsky. AUTUMN IN A VILLAGE




The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




Most of the man surprised mismatch voice and appearance. The high soft voice with whimsical intonation went skinny timid intellectual in glasses. Externally 42-year-old man, whose name is Sergey Zagraevsky similar to the former athlete weightlifter: high, broad-shouldered, bald-headed. In General, self-confident man.

- I am an artist, art historian, theologian and businessman. - So he says, when he was asked about his kind of activity. - Some artists go to work as porters to earn money, but I do business.

From 10.00 to 19.00 the artist in an expensive suit sitting in an office opposite the Danilov monastery and manages a large advertising company. After 19.00 on weekdays and on weekends Sergei removes the costume, and begins to live the life of a theologian, writer, art critic, Chairman of the Union of artists and arts editor of the rating. But first and foremost he is an artist. Images Zagraevsky some like it, some not, but they certainly haunting.

That's floating pleasure boat on the Moscow river, on the background of the Kremlin walls, the sides disagree on water waves, the sky is shining oval sun, like scrambled eggs. But the Moscow metro, which is more like some fairy-merchant's mansion. "Autumn in the country showers bright round leaves and bright happy flowers, very similar to those that draw children of primary school lessons of drawing.

Sergei Zagraevsky grew sickly thin boy in school was always being insulted for being so weak, and for being a Jew. The turning point in his life came when he went to MADI. It was then that he began to eliminate child complexes: actively involved in sports and even became a Komsomol activist. Then there was a postgraduate thesis (according to Sergey, written by himself, without help).

Active work was continued until 1998, while default is not brought about changes in the Russian economy. The Bank, whose leadership was Sergei, like many other Russian banks, ceased to exist. And then Zagraevsky decided to become a professional artist.

- What do you draw? - asks Sergey.

- Draw a dog.

- I don't paint animals, let me draw you a boat.

He takes the white office A4 paper and a ballpoint pen rapid jerky movements draws curls waves, the boat with a sail and the sun in the background. Then, after thinking a little, takes one sheet of paper and draw a dog that is.

- The cat is like a little bit - I noticed.

- Oh, look at her ears like a dog, a dog - confidently says the artist. Then he puts the number in both figures, signs and gives me.

On the wall in his office hangs a picture painted with oil: Livadia, cypress, building with columns, lots of sun and, as always, bright colors.

- And that, buy your paintings?

- Yes, take, I sold a few dozen of his works. My paintings hang permanently in the CHA, and they can buy anyone.

- How do you have time: start a business, and art?

- I am a lonely man, who therefore have enough time for everything: at work, and creativity.

- As far as I know, it was you who created the Russian Union of artists and is its Chairman today.

- Yes, I created this organization in 1999, and she happily lives to this day, enjoys the credibility and actually protects the rights of artists. We are totally free legal support to members, and to our securities very seriously and carefully apply in state structures. Our organization already have a tried and tested methods of "pressure". Trade unions are a unique public associations. They are designed to protect the rights of their members, which means that any trade Union - a priori opposition to the Executive.

In came a woman of average height in a black suit and sunglasses and gave Sergey some folder.

- Here's my Secretary-referent. We have been together for 20 years of work. More horns sold together, and now doing commercials.

In other words, as an artist, you have failed?

- Why? Just the fact that I came in art, the beginning of the complete collapse of the art market and stop opening new names. Now most of the new names are mostly children, someone from the masters. Mostly comes stock sixties, they enjoy an excellent reputation and authority. All attention is now thrown to the other side - it's an antique. Shops seethe, they open up new names, has now raised a large reservoir of minor artists of the XIX century. But in the contemporary art, where there is a commercial risk, - a complete standstill.

- And what, descendants will know who the attention!? How do you think?

- Since I work in a large number of related areas, I have a chance that Zagraevsky found still be as a public figure, and me already many people know. A Zagraevsky as an artist, most likely, likely in a given historical epoch has not. I have a very unique style, many it annoying. Now is not my time. That's twenty years later - we'll see.