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Anatoly Ivanushkin

Meet: Sergey Zagraevsky, the creator

of the Artists trade union



Published in Russian: , 9 (233), 2001 .




The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.



I met with the artist Sergei Zagraevsky on one of his personal exhibitions in the Central house of artists. However, this acquaintance was shaposhnoe. I had to write about the exhibition in "Narodnaya Gazeta", but limited survey of paintings and account opening words of the artist before opening. I just shook hands with him, introduced themselves, but to ask him about anything not been billing me and lacked experience. But then suddenly out of the Newspapers and TV, I began to learn that Zagraevsky - more than the artist. I-XX centuries, it has a category FOR, which means "a professional artist with individual handwriting, demanded art market and the public. He is already in the top half of the rankings, but he only 37 years.

- Mature part of a person's biography begins with the Institute. You famous artist, did not graduate Surikov, not at art school, and....

- Moscow automobile and road. Studied on a speciality "automated control systems". I gave in to pressure parents, who believed that a child needs a practical education. And in the eighties it was synonymous with technical. It's funny how much has changed since the specificity of professions! Now practical education is Economics, Finance, law, but certainly not a science and technics. What is now the famous Institute that Bauman? Probably the same thing with ballistic missiles and submarines - quietly rusting and falling apart...

- Your line of fate can be called exotic. You have tried many things in life to stay on the ball. Could you broadly to remind about the past passions and Hobbies?

- About MADI I mentioned. Komsomolskaya "career" started at the Institute from public office fizorga. I chose it, probably because of the extremely small number of males in my group I was most suited for this role is gradually made themselves felt dumbbells, which I was interested. Then, with no fright ran last at regional competitions, I was encouraged to sport the new post of Chairman sportsoveta faculty. And in the beginning of the third year already was "democratically elected" to the Committee VLKSM MADI responsible for sport and mass work.

I confess that I consciously become "an active member of the Komsomol"to have a chance to get a decent distribution after graduation. And got - I left the Department. Rolling to work in the "mailbox" I had no desire. I even defended received the degree of candidate of technical Sciences, but this happened not once, with a delay for a year when I had this degree was needed, as dead poultices. My grandmother, Lydia V., however, was happy that his grandson has learned...

The business then was fond of. With varying success, but soon broke out in 1998 default.

- The "skin" psychic really been?

- Stripper. Once acquainted with Arcadia - a professional psychic who worked in the same company as a consultant to the miracle. From him I learned that all the objects and elements, including man with his mind, psyche and spirit - a certain energy structures of varying complexity. The man has seven energy centers, or chakras located along the spine.

Level chakras increases from the bottom up. Each person has preferred? energy, but, for example, on one of the two lower chakras are able to "work" all, and then - on the level of development. The greatest fortune-tellers type Vanga were able to work, at least on the fifth level. This theory.

Arkady has taught me a few lessons learned "immersion", i.e. entry into the state of astral vision. I learned how to move the "look" matchbox or swing pampas, a little up in the air.

But the psychic all the same, I avoided. It required a lot of time, effort. To become a great psychic somehow wasn't in my plans and dreams.

- And finally, as you become an artist? Do not suddenly then?

- Painting I under the leadership of father, an architect and a great Russian artist Tatyana Mavrina started very early. Father Wolfgang Volframovich, as most graduates of the Institute of Architecture, had a great schedule set by hand. When it without any line drawing huge sketches of churches, I was breathtaking. And the animals that he just painted on small sheets of paper, we then hid with his mother and collect. Not only that they were written masterfully - even in them and soul was present.

My mother Inna being the candidate of Sciences, working professionally literature. And somehow, releasing a collection of his plays, she asked me to draw a picture for the cover. Step one of the play takes place in Lithuania, so I painted watercolor on a piece of drawing paper Lithuanian castle.

When we were preparing my image to print, it became clear that it looks like a postcard. Then my "autumn"and I asked on the back of a postcard print the name of the author and the title of the painting. Stuck, we not then all copies, and two hundred cards in the end I have left. Then I issued in the same printing several types of cards, original watercolor painting in almost life-size.

- In painting, you are a representative...

Naive art. He paid tribute to Henri Rousseau, Niko Pirosmani. My naivizm, as critics say, is rooted in his childhood. Maybe because people are now seeking a bright and kind, tired of the blood, eroticism and concrete.

You were only one of my show, just as was held in Moscow my six personal exhibitions, including three in the Central house of artists, and one - in the Manege.

- You are the Creator of the Professional Union of artists. Tell us about it.

- It was formed in February of 1999. Objective - to protect the rights of artists. The Union shall not engage in exhibition activity, primarily to legal protection, to make sure that no one attempt on his right. The Union has helped many, work in this area abound.

One more direction of activity of the Professional Union of artists - care about earning professionals. I initiated the release of the rating of artists. These artists are dying of hunger, and hacks - thrive. So, rating, compiled by well-known art critics, all put into place. A talented artist must have its price. Rating gives the viewer, buyer tools, scientific approach to assessing this or other paintings or sculptures.

My rating has already passed through three editions. In fact, all artists have recognized him. There have been comments, any wishes. Much has been addressed in the latest release.


P.S. the author A. Ivanushkina:

More than once I have been visiting Bulat Okudzhava. Conversation with him was published in "people", in other publications. During the last meeting, shortly before his death he gave me devetintsi about the artist Zagraevsky.


Tomorrow is with whom


Think of the art is eternal.

Of course, with Zagraevsky,

With one of the vernal.

He, when write pictures,

God moves his hand.

God is always his assistant.

Such Sergey artist.


B. Okudzhava.


The newspaper "Our life", 9 (233), 2001