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Sergey Zagraevsky


Ivanushka in the Land of tales


Book 1. The invasion of compolds

Book 2. Good and evil

Book 3. The double



Published in Russian: . . : -, 2005. ISBN 5-94025-069-6




Book 1. The invasion of compolds





Ivan wastes a five-year old younger sister, who played a computer game based on the tale "Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka". It turns out that she was abducted by compolds - monsters from computer games, who occupied the Land of tales. Ivanushka goes to rescue his sister. He has a lot of dangerous and exciting adventures... And even after the victory over compolds Ivan has to save the Land of tales from a variety of misfortunes.
All this can be found in three books by Sergey Zagraevsky, united by one name - "Ivanushka in the Land of tales". These books
are intended for children and adults.



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




Mark Vasiliev,

without which this story

could not have been written


Chapter one



- MA-AMA! Can I still play on my computer?

"Enough, Alenka, too late.

- MA-AMA! Such an interesting game!

- Soon-nine! Remember, I promised to read to you at night tale?

- I don't want a fairy tale! I have ten of minutes to play!

- Tale do not want? Why? Today I wanted to tell you about the gray wolf and Ivan Tsarevich. Imagine coming out of the woods gray wolf and man's voice said: "the%

- Do not about Ivan Tsarevich! And there was no gray wolf, and in General in fairy tales is not true - the wolves are not able to haul people! Can I still play?

- It is impossible! Here's your brother when he was a boy, never played a computer and was very fond of fairy tales.

- Non-Avda! Vanya! Vanya! You, when I was a kid, loved fairy tales?

Ivan raised his head from the computer magazine and something unintelligible muttered. But, sister, if you already ran into the room, not expect any mercy. Will sleeve to pull, and in his ear itching:

- Vanya! Vanya! Tell her you didn't like the fairy tales!

- Never loved, never loved! is to Alenka was not bound.

- But it's just not true! - at the door of the room Ivan seemed mother. - Remember, Vanya, as I read the tale of Masha and the three bears? And remember - about Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka?

- Yeah. It is from this computer game or something, Alenka drags?

"I'm not talking about the game and about the story! It does not reflect "drags" - how many times you repeat it?

- And how to say?

"Well, like, really like...

- And it's not!..

The conversation degenerated to the intricacies of the Russian language and went away. Alenka surreptitiously ran into his father's room. If it is delayed at work, the computer was at her disposal both day and night.

However, Alena forbidden to play on the computer for more than an hour a day. Five year old girl repeatedly explained harmful computer games for health, but one hour is she still managed to bargain. But as the day and mom and dad were at work, this hour turned into two, three, and sometimes four.

Sometimes at Alena came to look after my grandmother, but most of it had to do to Ivan. After school he had to call her sister in kindergarten and lead her home. Vanya is, of course, did not like. But he endured it - there was no other way, yeah and used for five years from the date of birth sisters. In the end, his age would appear older and more solid, and the role of older brother gave for this wonderful opportunity.

We cannot say that Ivan looked how something solid in appearance. Short, thin, hair not too dark, not too light, nose, not too snub, but not too direct, freckles not too much and not too little, always grated on his elbows and knees clothes, always sticking out tufts, forever smeared ink hands, - in short, an ordinary schoolboy. And he learned usually - not five, but not on two.

To appear older, Ivan wore a watch. Not simple, and pocket. The most real, Swiss, with lid and chain. When he found the watch in my grandfather's Desk, they were covered with dust and didn't go for twenty years. The father gave the money to repair them, and since then Ivan proudly "light" magnificent pocket watch once famous firm "Storm". First, the school that gave him the nickname of "Brown" (called "Boer", and even "Buryak"), but then got used and, oddly enough, has to respect me. Only occasionally in the old days was called "Brown", but he was not offended.

The size of these watches were a large electronic timer, ten times harder, and got them and open the lid every time you wanted to know the time, it was very uncomfortable. But when Vanya, glittering chain over minced jumpers, Alenka led by the hand of a kindergarten, and it is important to explain to her something about device cars or computers, it felt almost an adult.

At home, he warmed lunch, fed Alenka (of course, not spoon - so spoiled by all the same nurse was not), he had dinner and sat down to do homework. As for sister began downright "computer Paradise": all this time dad's computer was in full possession Alenka.

If Ivan was able to make the lessons quickly, this does not mean that my sister would fight off the screen and seated for dolls or books. Next door lived Sergei, a friend and classmate of Ivan, and he was a very powerful and a modern computer.

In fact, neither Ivan, or Sergei "computer freaks" were not. Normal modern schoolchildren. Played football, and in the "war", and sometimes just wandered through the neighboring yards. But what a modern student is not interested in the achievements of modern technology?

It turns out that in doing (or not doing) lessons Ivan with all his dash to the second floor of the seventh door, where he lived Sergey. And friends before joining parents "climbed" on the Internet. Of course, in these cases, Alenka silent and parents complained that are left unattended, because it meant a chance to play and play!

- PA-PA! Today I never sat at the computer! "came a voice from the next room.

Hence, while her mother was led by Ivan educational talk about the harm of youth jargon, father went and found Alenka at the screen.

Mom kissed her son on the cheek, said something like: "You have me, Ivanushka, already quite large, but once so loved to hear stories, and went out. Then he looked into his father, asked a question about the lessons and successes in the development of new computer technologies, has compiled the answers and also went out, wished him good night and told me that Ivan didn't stay too long.

Ivan again took the magazine and started reading about the possibility of a new computer, incidentally mocking words mom. Tales! What tales! Here's the latest computer is really a fairy tale! Ivan was still a schoolboy, and remembers the days when computers were much weaker this. I must! And then to him about some fairy tale...

In early childhood Ivan loved fairy tales, but once in passing. Although heard a lot of them. He read them and grandmother, and mother, and even once told my father - seems to be something about the wizard Merlin.

- Merlin - is to encourage the study of child English, ' thought Ivan, going to bed. - I, too, to the stimulation! Here are instructions to the computer is the stimulus! Yes I would have such a word didn't know if I read books instead of magazines! And computer games? Dad, of course, correct in saying that this is a waste of time - but they develop strategic thinking and reaction! And what stories develop?..

Into the room came Mama, wished her beloved Ivan good-night, kissed it at bedtime, and Ivan was asleep, and not answering the question, what's developing stories.

Morning did not promise anything special, and the day too. Hike to the usual way to school, a normal school day (Andrei, a parasite on the back of desks shot out of the tube and got scruff - do not worry, we with Sergey him to the break showed an unusual step!), the usual approach for Alenka in kindergarten, regular road to home, a normal warming lunch today grandmother did not come.

Alenka refused to drink the compote - and all right, if he wants him drink water from the tap. There filter worth it, so nothing will happen. It's my mother would have groaned and began to lecture on sanitation and hygiene, and Ivan with his sister sentimental, but then Alenka neck sits. And if the stomach from raw water with her sister ache - maybe more, and longer, but it will be smarter. Just told my sister something like: "do Not drink, Alyonushka, the goat will be."

- Anushaka, I was just a little play in the bathroom dad, okay? is it suck up to Ivan did not tell my mother that water from the tap and saw that once again the whole day at the computer playing.

- Come on, come on, just do not bother me.

Problem in mathematics turned out to be extremely difficult. "Oh, " thought Ivan, puffing like a locomotive on a complex formula, people invented cars, planes fly, but somehow improve the training can not! No, that knowledge in mind to invest, as the program to your computer! Serega, know when to call? How is it now, I suppose, the Internet is sitting, hoping that I'll forgive him tomorrow! But I will not give! Let him give Masha write off - he then her portfolio got into the habit to wear, find someone to wear! If the student was, even if his eyes were large, and so redhead, some, a little, computers do not understand the nonsense all the time says...

So, for my thoughts about the problem, earrings and Masha from a parallel class, it took quite a long time. Suddenly Ivan noticed that the apartment somehow unusually quiet. Usually, if Alenka played in a computer, from my father's room came the sound of cheers, sighs of frustration, and sometimes even crying. However, Ivan it was never paid attention, and Alenka quickly fell silent.

- It's my mother, she's always crying for a long time, " thought Ivan, rising from his chair and going to see how things have Alenka. - Mother with her Lisp, so it's head and sits down. Or on the neck? Wondering where to sit comfortably?..

When John entered the room of his father, his sister was not there.

- Hid? Here again, I'll look for her! - Ivan turned to leave.

But something stopped him - indeed, this has never happened to Alenka at least for a moment just so distracted from your computer. And then suddenly began to hide? And it long ago, probably sitting hiding? And the computer is switched on, and the game it is running! And her favorite - "Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka", from which it drags... Damn you, that she likes... somehow doesn't sound... So where Alenka?

- Alenka! Alenka! And come on, get out! - Ivan cried, but somehow uncertain. - Alenka!..

Even knowing that there's something wrong, he paced the room, looked in the drawers, under the bed, went into the corridor, came into the room sisters, parents ' bedroom... Alenka was not there. There was total silence. If Alenka hiding, make sure you pretended to be a laugh, then a rustling, and everything is just rang with silence. Even the noise of the street seemed to be moved somewhere.






Ivan felt some unpleasant chill in the pit of the stomach: the sister disappeared. Disappeared mysteriously. If she left the apartment, the brother could hear the front door... Balcony! Vanya bullet flew back and looked down at the yard was quiet and deserted.

- It is a mystery, " thought Ivan, already thoroughly starting to worry, tossing around the apartment, looking into all the closets, on the mezzanine, and even a stove. Mystic... and... and...

Once again, she ran into Papa's room, Ivan slowed down and lost the gift of speech, repeating the last letter of the word "mysticism".

On the computer keyboard sat... frog. Common frog, green yellow, medium size. She sat quietly, clearly not going to jump off anywhere.

Mystic... and... and... the Frog... and... and... the toad? Why is she here?

All these thoughts swirl in my head flashed Ivan, but splashed out only inarticulate hiccuping, because the toad or frog) said:

- Oh! Where is it I?

Naturally, the clear answer from Ivan followed. Anyway, no answer. Then the frog, looking around, said:

- But where is it I? And who are you?

And... and... and... Ivan.

- Ivan-tsarevitch? Or Ivan the fool?

- N-n-no... Just Ivan.

"I - frog-wah.

- M-m-m... where m-m-mouse-n-n-a place? - out of Ivan to have something to say.

Mouse-a place for a long time was my neighbor, sorry, now we rarely see each other. As for you, then name is Ivan?

"Uh - huh.

- And this, by chance, not your sister stole?

- Who stole? - Ivan immediately gained the gift of speech, and even forgot about the fact that a talking frog on the keyboard of my father's computer is at least strange. "Do you know where Alenka!

Frog important looked at jumped to her Ivan and said:

- Well, I just can't say, but I just saw in the river.

- What other river? - screamed Ivan, frantically trying to remember where and when my sister last bathed.

- Yes, in our tale.

- And how did it get there in your fabulous river?

Is what I do not know, do not know that. But from the river she came up again, then her and drove away.

- Who took? And in General, that the river so - fabulous?

- Took some kompoldy, and the river - you that fairy tales do not read? Ordinary river, there are many such tales.

Ivan sighed. He did not understand anything. At the moment there was the question is not whether he is asleep and not a dream it to him. Pinching myself hard by the hand, Ivan has decided that it is not. Then, sitting on a chair next to the computer, he said as vejlevej:

"You see, frog-wah, I, unfortunately, unaware of what is happening in the country of fairy tales and what rivers flow. We are on the geography was not. I never heard about the double. This is reminiscent of the compote, whether the computer, but what's fantastic river?

"You probably don't know that we have recently occurred. Kompoldy attacked us. They are like people, though not all. We have about them and just say that they are from computer games. What a computer is and in which he plays the game - I'm not sure, but I think it's a great magician, since he made a double, and gave them so much crawling and flying creatures. Oh, our poor bear, Michael Potapitch! He tried to cope with them, but did not work! Where is he now?..

Frog wiped away a tear and continued:

- And Terem-Teremok our kompoldovskie monster is crushed, barely we mouse-the place was saved. Here I live now in the swamp Princess Frog. Where is it that with her - do not know. Mouse said that Princess like somewhere in the North, at the edge of Santa Claus, where kompoldy not reached. But this place does not know exactly, and not before her, poor thing. Recently, its one eyed monster just not moved, and three kompolda laughed and specially monster incited. Barely escaped, he said. To me in the swamp they are also on their monsters tried but bogged down, barely got out and went back home. But now that your sister was stolen.

- Kompoldy? 'asked Ivan, less and less faith in the reality of the situation, although he managed to pinch myself so many times that the hand appeared bruise.

- Yes, kompoldy. Imagine, got out somehow I from the swamp, decided in the river to swim, frolic in the open. And on the shore of some strange black double sit, waiting for something, their monsters standing around, urcat, huge eyes shining. Suddenly I see - from the river a little girl in a blue dress emerges, they are to her, grabbed her, she shouted: "Ivan! Vanya! Brother!". Those who%

- Where?

- But this I, Ivanushka, I do not know. Maybe the computer was taken?

- Yes, the computer that now, you sit on it now!

Is the computer? "gasped frog jumped up almost two feet and landed on her knees to Ivan.

He jerked his hand (in his early childhood he someone said that the frogs are warts), but then I picked up the frog.

"Hey, frog! Wah! Yes stop you tremble - it's just a computer, these are almost all the guys in our class! Tell me - and you-how come here?

"I just came to see where your sister came up, and suddenly found myself in thee, " answered the frog, suspicious glance at the screen. And there went out. Maybe I too will turn into kompolda from the computer and start all the pressure?

- Yes does not become you, don't worry. And to put pressure nobody will - there you're like a little girl.

- D-Yes, probably... Well, goodbye, Ivan, I'm too busy at home, said the frog, apparently, decided in any case disappear. Jumped up from his knees Ivan back on the table and then in the screen. There was a dull slap, wah hit his head on the glass, he jumped back and cried:

- Oh, I'm poor! Oh, my doom has come!..

Ivan picked up sobbing frog in his hands. Deciding that the best medicine for amphibians is the water, he ran with her to the bathroom, opened the tap and put under a stream of wah. That more or less calmed down, became something to say, but it is not quite Ivan politely interrupted him:

"Now shut up and let me think!

Frog obediently fell silent, and Ivan sat down on the edge of the tub and began to think. Yes, the problem was more complicated equations in two and even three unknown persons.

Of course, the wah was hard not to believe. But the frog inside a regular apartment on the sixth floor of a multi-storey house, still speaking the human language, it was nevertheless too. May be,

- No, it is not a robot - decided to Ivan, being due to computer magazines are more or less aware of new products in the field of robotics. - There are no robots do not know how. Look how wet, cold, shivering, says connected... Yes, and my sister really was gone...

So, if a frog is not lying - and it seems that not telling the truth - that his sister had stolen some kompoldy from your computer. What is this kompoldy is unknown, but my sister before the disappearance of sitting in front of the screen, and from there jumped out a toad. So, through the screen can be held? Where? Maybe this screen is really gets into some sort of fairyland? In principle, this could not be, but then actually there are some parallel worlds, which he read in science fiction books?..

But toad something back is not passed, his head on the screen hit. So, the passage was, sister went, the frog was gone and then something happened, and the passage was closed? And that could happen?..

- Yes all this nonsense! - Ivan cried, jumping up from the edge of the bathroom. - Nonsense! There is no country of fairy tales! And speaking toads do not exist!

"What?" said the frog, soak in the cool spray from the tap and

"Nothing, " said Vanya. - There are talking frogs, there are... I Think so... what to do...

And he began to think.

Well, let's pass was, but for some reason closed. When the frog first appeared on the screen was a game that was played by Alenka - some wood, the river... Yes, of course, because there Ivanushka kid was, but for Alenushka like a witch hunt... And what happens on the screen now?

Ivan ran into his father's room. The game didn't work - apparently, frog, when he jumped down from the keyboard, it was interrupted. On the screen glowed only figures on the current time. Ivan compared them with the grandfather clock and gasped:

- Already in two hours there will come a mother! And what I tell her? What Alenka gone? And the frog show? Oh, that would be!

What would Ivan didn't even want to imagine.

Again came the thought about the unreality of what is happening, he pinched the bruise on his arm, went into the bathroom, met eyes with the stress silent frog, came back into the room and sat down at the computer.

He decided restore%D

Ivan quickly passed several stages of the game - after all, he had learned much more than the five sisters. Besides, he began from scratch, but with the level at which Alenka stopped the day before, when her mother would not let her play "ten minutes'.

Soon on the screen appeared the forest and river. Ivan parallel with the game started to try fingers density of glass, but it remained cold and hard. Meanwhile, the heroine of the game, computer Alyonushka, passed along the rivers, jumping from stone to stone, safely escaped computer witches, and after another five minutes joyful music marked the exit to the next level of the game is already in some kind of Palace.

- Something is not right here, " he decided Ivan, looking up from the computer and once again ran into the bathroom to check if the frog and not a dream it to him. - Screen as the screen, nothing special. How Alenka something wrapped in there? Stop, and where the computer know that before him is Alenka? Naturally, on behalf of the player. So-o, sister always enters the name "Alenka"...

Ivan returned to the top level of the forest and river, typed on the keyboard player name "Alenka" and continued the game, periodically almost breaking his fingers on the screen. Again, nothing special happened, but the glass is so covered with fingerprints that had to run to the bathroom for a rag to wipe it. Frog sitting quietly in the sink. Probably, wishing to encourage, said:

"Don't worry, Ivanushka. I'm here quite comfortably, almost like a native attics.

- Does it really matter to you! Alenka gone! And mom will come soon! - Ivan cried, racing with cloth back to the computer. - What to do, what to do? feverishly he whispered along the way. - Aha! Alenka after all, writes "Alenka" through "e", still can not understand how the letter can be written so well read that way... Try again...

Again back to the beginning of that stage of the game and entering the name of the player "Alenka", Ivan continued every half minute carefully poking fingers into the screen. As it turned out, this was not necessary. "The passage was opened and so.





Nothing special - no flight, no impact - Ivan did not feel. Just a second ago he was still sitting at home behind a computer, but now surfaced from a small river in front of charming edge of the forest, surrounded by birch and aspen. Normal summer Central Russian landscape. From coast to water are log bridges. Cold water, fresh breeze. Perhaps even too%

- Br-p, cool, something growled to himself, Vanya, getting out of the water on the creaking planks. Near the edge was not as charming as it was all torn up the tire tracks.

Then came the roar of the engine, and on the edge of the edge seemed to open a military vehicle - these are sometimes referred to as jeeps. In it were three figures in camouflage suits, helmets, flak jackets, belted cartridge belts, with some countless pouches, holsters, sheath...

- Just like the soldiers of computer games, " thought Ivan, but around the whistling bullets: the soldiers saw him and, without thinking, opened fire. In Ivan, however, are aiming to shoot from the car, speeding through the muddy ruts on the forest edge, very hard, and the river was near.

Ivan dived in the same place where surfaced, and was at a table near the computer. However, upside down (both dived into the river), but still at home. And even completely dry.

Having stood for a moment on hands and gently knocking his head on the floor, he stood up, looked around and got ready to go to the bathroom to wash up and see if there is a frog.

But this time he was not enough, because the computer screen suddenly flew... one of the soldiers. As Ivan for a minute before him, head down. He stood on his hands, fell on the floor, loudly banging his helmet. A moment later he jumped up, sending a startled Ivan machine.

They say that in such situations in a fraction of a second person manages to remember the multitude of small parts. Another said that reminds all life. That's the thought Ivan, looking at the black hole rifle barrel and trying to remember something from your life and remember some small parts.

't work. Something Ivan in this soldier was strange - it all seemed to consist of small squares, facial features were some kind of too much rough, as if painted, and even machine - exaggeratedly large. As if the room put the poster on which was a picture of the hero of "war" computer games.

- But the frog was right! Indeed kompold some, ' murmured Ivan, but long looking at his computer soldiers gave no: shouting something unintelligible, he released in Ivan turn from his machine. Almost point blank range.

Ivan automatically jumped to the floor, even before I knew scared. Could not throw - instead of shots were heard only muffled popping, and the bullet hit the wall, broke a fan spray, leaving no traces.

The next turn is directed at Ivan, but he did not shock or pain is not felt. Bullets from "off-screen" world is clearly not acting in the real world is

The soldier hesitated - apparently decided that he wore under his shirt a unique bullet-proof vest. During this time Ivan was able to jump from the floor - and in time, as kompold again, shouting something in a strange language, dropped the gun and pulled the knife.

Does the real world "off-screen" knife, Ivan check did and did not hesitate to rush to escape. Computer soldiers ringing ammunition, ran after him.

Fortunately, there was so much ammunition that escape kompoldu she was in the way. By no less fortunately, Vanya, while searching for his sister, looking out onto the landing, and then forgot to lock the front door.

A bullet flew along the corridor (the frog, hearing the noise, came out of my shell and gazed with horror at the events of the bathroom door), Ivan ran to the staircase. If the apartment, the familiar and down, he managed to the pursuer, on the stairs kompold became his catch up. But one of the turns the computer soldiers caught flak vest over the railing, he embarked, he hit the wall, and during this time, Ivan had to press the button to lock the door and jump into the yard.

Apparently, kompold to read in Russian could not, as the inscription "To exit, press the button" nothing to him suggested, and he began to Bang on the door, worldly and not such species. Then he still thought of this button press, but during this time, Ivan had already run to the next entrance and dial the intercom number of apartments Serega.

- Well, rock out from its Internet, from the%B

"Who's there?

- I, Serge! I! Open up soon! 'cried Ivan, as he had already run out of the door and saw Vanya, and ran to him.

Serega opened the door for Ivan slammed in the face of the enemy.

Minutes later, Ivan and Sergey from a third floor window watched as the computer soldiers tried unsuccessfully to get inside. But attempts gradually became more and more sluggish, moved kompold slower and slower, then began to stagger, fell and began to deflate, as the punctured ball. In a few minutes on the asphalt he left only a spot of violet-brown.

"You seen? 'asked Ivan friend.

- Yes, it is strange, ' said Sergei. - Inflatable he? Or robot of some kind? Why is he the porch were full? For you, whether that, pursued? Well, you survived - and the young man, come, I tell you, this website will show you!..

- Sergei, you are, in my opinion, outlasted on the Internet! Ran rather to me! - Ivan cried, dragging his friend behind him down the stairs and at the same time trying E.

Sergey looked at Ivan as a madman, but obediently ran. By choosing the path of flak jacket thrown by kapolda on the stairs, panting Ivan pulled Serega in his apartment.

- Meet, " he said, almost breathless. Is Sergey. This frog-wah.

- Hello, my good fellow, " said Sergei frog. - And kompold somewhere? I've thought all was lost you, - she turned in the direction of Ivan, not noticing how Seryoga grew pale and leaned against the wall to keep from falling.

"I never cope with such! - boasted Ivan proudly looking and the wah and friend. At earrings, of course, a better computer, and Andrew, he is now well embedded - but never had he not with the enemy soldiers to fight, nor with frogs simply chat. There's just as much words can not pronounce.

- Oh, Ivanushka, and I now return to my swamp? timidly asked the frog, believed in some kind of special ability Ivan and stared at him with genuine respect, and even to the servility.

- But wait you with my little swamp - authoritatively Ivan said, walking into the room. The computer screen does not light - falling to the floor during the fight with the computer soldier, Ivan touched the wire and pulled it out of the socket.

- Well, even though the computer is not turned over, " thought Ivan. And thank God for that from the outlet he had withdrawn, and the passage was closed, and the others kompoldy here probe

How to search for her sister, Ivan imagined very weak, but it had to be done in the country of fairy tales. And there on the Bank of the river are probably two soldiers and wondering where the third disappeared. See Ivan again begin to shoot... And maybe their bullets and there are harmless? Or are only the fairy tale heroes? He drove in kompold Ivan whole place, and nothing... well, what if the two attacked him with knives? As that first?.. Because of it's left arms!

On the floor and lay machine thrown computer soldier, and Ivan took him in hand.

It is not hard - like plastic, consisting, as are kompoldy of small squares. Much like a toy. And those soldiers probably the same. How many times Ivan was playing "war" does not count. So why not play now? If the bullet would be harmless and kompoldy attacked him with knives (also, probably, toys), then back into the river Ivan us

- Serge! Yes, come here! "he called friend, who at that time started with a frog long conversation, trying to find out, to whom and how they managed to train such a small robot as a good knowledge of human language. - And you, wah, too, come here! It is necessary to do something, Alenka look! Sergey, do you think I'll be able from the machine gun in the country of fairy tales?

"What kind of country of fairy tales? - Serge came up with interest, looking for weapons.

- Then I'll explain, or the frog here will explain. Be a friend, turn on the computer and run the game "Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka", while I understand how to shoot.

Was easy to understand - at first pulling the trigger was heard all, and bullets flew by small sparks at the ceiling. Frog in horror jumped almost a meter, and Sergei turned so sharply that almost knocked over the computer.

- All right, all right, " he comforted them, Ivan.

But he was suddenly questioned that's all right. Suddenly in sacranie" computer machines act like real? And suddenly he's in which case back will not have time?..

We cannot say that Ivan in the real world differed with some kind of heroism. Quite the contrary - if between classmates started a fight, he preferred not to participate in it, and to separate them.

The only case when we had to fight quite often, is Andrei, but this was a special case. He and a couple of his buddies constantly "teased" Ivan Sergei, and recently began discord and Masha from a parallel class, which Serega wore portfolio. It turned out that Andrey was also not averse to make friends with Masha. So usually fighting began between Sergei and Andrei. Connect some of Androginnyh buddies, and Ivan was forced to intervene, preliminary having someone to hold grandfather clock.

In short, there were scratches, and bruises, and once even had to "Shine a black eye". However, Ivan the house lied that they are all class swept the school yard, and he accidentally fall into the eyes of the handle of a broom. Otherwise mom would be nervous, but it was worse than any bruising.

But then it was quite another.

- And if you shoot me down in the country of fairy tales, then it will be fabulous or actually? - asked myself Vanya just too dark matter. - How to check it? And anyway, maybe call the police? Or at least wait for mum and it would be better and dad?..

But Ivan imagined, as he tells his parents about the incident, and realized that he did not believe, and begin looking for Alenka phoning hospitals and rescue service. And if it's to tell somebody else, you probably just have to go to school for mentally retarded children.

A frog is present she, poor thing, will begin in the laboratory study, and will not see it more than his birthmark swamps, and even more attics crushed kompoldami. And as to rescue Alenka chances altogether lost.

Yes, and yet sin is not checked, no toy whether the machines at the double. Maybe you have nothing to fear? Otherwise you will then be ashamed that frightened to go to rescue his little sister...

- No, - loud and possibly important Ivan said, putting picked up on the stairs wearing a flak jacket and taking a hand machine. "I just Alenka kompoldam not give up. Well, Sergei, let me sit down at a computer is%

Sat down at the keyboard and went into the game under the name of "Alenka", he began to play, trying not to let go of the machine. And not in vain - he managed to enter the "pass" and emerge from the "off-screen" river together with the weapon.





Two computer soldiers wandered along the river Bank and cautiously looked around. Ivan has decided to open fire first, standing waist-deep in water and not getting out

But Vanya could not shoot. Or scared, or confused, but only your finger on the trigger of the machine as if struck dumb and resolutely refused to obey. Even thinking about a toy gun and unreality didn't help.

But kompoldy, unlike Ivan, was not afraid and not confused. One of them was still looking the other way, but the second saw Vanya and immediately opened fire.

Ivan something pushed the first in the chest, then his left hand. Instinctively, he still pulled the trigger and shot up to as long as the machine is not empty store.

Electronic soldiers broke into thousands of small squares and disappeared without a trace, leaving the land of two large patches of violet-brown, with which lay pistols, rifles, flak jackets and helmets - in short, all their weapons.

"Well, exactly as in a computer game, " thought Ivan, barely getting out on the catwalk. The left hand is not obeyed. - And me, they kind of got it! Well, how is it?

"How is it", he realized, just his eyes lowered. The bullet caught in a bulletproof vest, left the spot, but no harm caused. But with a bullet caught in an unprotected left hand, things were much worse.

In a fantastic world acted on the bullet-tale, but not in the toy. The hand was... metal. Metal in the literal sense of the word - and to touch, and the color of cold steel.

- Well, and what I will continue to do so with an iron hand? Maybe that will take place in the real world? asked himself Vanya.

Dived back into the river and rose from the floor in his apartment. Hand and left rail.

- Well, what will I do with this hand?

This question is asked Ivan after told Seryoga and frog all that happened. He was so fascinated, vividly describing his exploits, he forgot about the iron hand and remembered it only at the end of the story.

- Yes, when you had such a the%B

- Second? Just a second? But that's fine - it means that in the country of fairy tales time is much slower than us! I can go to look Alenka, and here Mama, can be, and will not have time to go back to work! Just what I'll do with an iron fist? And anyway, even if we find Alenka, as with the hand to live?

- Wait, wait, do not despair, - Sergei muttered, already beginning to understand what is happening. "You say everything is like in a computer game? Killed enemies disappear, leaving the body armor and weapons? Hence, if the hero was wounded, he must somewhere nearby to choose "kits" and to improve their health. In computer games usually it happens! You should look for "first aid kit"! Let's go there! I run the game!

"And I? said the frog. - Ivan, brave winner of double, can I be with you? Can you give me back my tower-chamber?

'No, ' said Ivan, who is handling the brave winner of the double" very flattered. - Get into his jacket pocket.

The friends sat together at the computer and started to play "four hands". More precisely, three, because one arm was made of metal and did not obey.

A few minutes later Ivan and Sergey already emerged from the river in sacranie" and climbed on the catwalk. The first moment it was wet %

On the edge was quiet. About computer remind the soldiers only dirty-purple spots lying around the weapon and standing near the car.

- Oh-Oh-Oh, good fellows, this is a monster! "came from his pocket hysterical scream frogs.

"Not a monster, and a car! It kompoldy arrived!

- On it? So it's something like a horse?

- Yes.

- So we, too, can it go?

- I can, I can.

- And it manually? Do not throw us?

- Yes inanimate it!

- What, what?

- Inanimate! Well, who should sit order and go.

- So we can go on it, where I want?

- Can. But where to go? Where Alenka was taken not remember wah?

- Was taken to the woods and all.

- And can, to go to the North? - said Ivan. - You, frog, said there kompoldy not all captured? Maybe find someone who knows what's going on? I wonder in what direction North?

- It is necessary to look at the trees, from which side the moss grows - Sergei went to carefully studied kompoldovskoe weapons. - The cow seemed to be always either grazed, or lie either head to the North, or tail. Remember, WAN, we learned of Mary Vasilievna passed?

- Well, you give, Serge! What then cows? You'd better first aid kit was looking for.

- Yes, I have looked around, no. We went to the car, maybe it will find.

"Listen, kompoldy some of their disappearance? They're a video game there with them, probably, link some electronic...

- Moreover, let's hurry.

The car, like all kompoldovskoe, consisted of small squares, but in General was quite similar to the present. In any case, the present and the steering wheel, and

In the first aid kit - a large plastic Bank with the red cross were no bandages and tablets, and splashed some clear liquid.

- Yeah, I'm so afraid - sadly said Ivan. There are no medicines. Just Bank lay in the rain, and water dripped...

- It is unclear how water could natech in closed plastic jar, - said Sergey.

- And maybe this living water? - asked the frog out of his pocket. - I heard about this.

- WAN, indeed, we are in the country of fairy tales! Maybe the frog says the case? - encouraging Serega. - Try, try!

- What to drink it? Poisoned, and all. At school I remember that a poster: "do Not drink tap water!", and Bacillus drawn?

- Do you have any hand back down, still it got iron.

Ivan carefully lowered into the water finger of his left hand, which immediately revived.

- Hurrah, hurrah! Living water! Let's whole hand!

Generously poured living water hand took the same form, and even blue ink stains with homework in math eclipsed. Ivan grabbed revived hand gun and felt that he was ready to shoot any of double and find Alenka, where would it not hidden installation%

However, the fun quickly passed when he heard the roar of jet engines, and low over the trees flew a few planes.

- Fighters - sadly said Sergei. - The most modern. And imagine, WAN, as technology in computer games? And all sorts of monsters, and all the soldiers how much? So, probably, and tanks do they have? Listen, toad, have you seen a monster with long noses and... how would you explain... ribbons type of tracks on the sides?

I'm not a toad! 'replied the frog. - At us in the country of fairy tales frogs only all sorts of wicked stepmother turn!

- And what score you, Sergei, was in biology that you're a frog from toads can't distinguish? - slyly added Ivan, though he also did not remember the difference.

- Sorry, sorry, sorry, dear frog. Now, will not do you good to say, did you encounter monsters with long noses, inside which go kompoldy?

- Yes, such an abomination and crushed my tower-chamber!

" . And you, sir, WAN, 'm going to do one here when the double - tanks and planes? Perhaps there is even space ships! Remember, we are in one such game is played? We'd better go back. Wait till your parents, hold it here, and let them think what to do. Maybe the police will cope? Or the army?

- What are you, Sergei, that there can make the army? They're no equipment through our passage is not dragged! Even if we believe and will go one by one here, what will they do? Well, let's shoot some monsters, chisel a few tanks and kompoldy will urging spaceship, some sci-Fi laser saranut. Anyway, imagine what the world begin? And that, Alenka-it will be in the end?

- Yes, your hand from one bullet iron became good, found a first aid kit in the car! And if you here from the grenade you will get into such a statue would become that fit in the square will be put. The monument to the fallen hero of Swiss watches in the belly! And count up, heavy bomber they'll send - after all this video game was also! He some cruise missiles%

- Good fellows, but can still go to the North, the edge of Santa Claus? There is someone from the country of fairy tales left me mouse-the place said, ' interrupted their wah, which, of course, could not appreciate the gravity of the defeat of a cruise missile.

- But where is your North, green? - angry Sergey. - Go, look for a brave winner of double, from which side the moss on a tree grows, and go though the North pole, and I went back. As you wish, but I'm not involved... And you, sir, WAN, think how this bassoon will go through the forest? And where did you think? Where is the home of Santa Claus? I remember in my childhood I read somewhere in Lapland. Interestingly, it is closer or farther Chukotka? Happy journey, just look, hunger't die on the way. And I am not sure that you have enough gasoline. Is that living water will fill the car?

- Wait, wait, Serge. You know, like let's proceed? You go back and sit in my apartment and if my mother would come, but I will not tell her what's what, will show how the passage open, and let the police or cause there any special forces. First aid kit so I'll hide under a tree - if in an iron statue will turn, find and relive.

- So let's kit I'll take%2

Take it, just have to be me living water to bring with them - suddenly Alenka too so bewitched?

- And in that pour?

- Look in the car some bottles have? Interestingly, drinking kompoldy or not?

Maybe kompoldy nothing drank (frog is said that in the country of fairy tales eat and drink only when kings arrange a feast for the whole world). In any case, no bottles in the car was not there.

- Come on, Serge, home, change into something out of the water chest, and I will come back here - decided to Ivan. - Get dressed warmly, and bring my compass to the North along the moss on the trees. And you, frog, wait for me here. Or go to my swamp - in principle, I already understood everything, thank you for about Alenka said. What do you risk it?

- What if you, Ivanushka, will be able to defeat all Compal

"Well, this certainly happens only in fairy tales!

- And what we have here is not a country of fairy tales?

- What a tale! sadly Ivan grinned, looking up, where high in the sky again flew several aircraft. - In General, frog, want, stay here and wait for me, and want to, go to his swamp.

In short, well you into the swamp! "bleated Serge, and they dived in the "pass".





How many "fantastic" time - it was not known because of the famous Swiss watch Ivan tales of the country did not go. In reality, the transfusion of living water, searching for winter jackets and compass took about five minutes.

Another mother called and said that for half an hour delayed, asked how things. Ivan possible calmly said that everything is fine, and quickly hung up, fearing that the mother wants to say a few words to her sister.

Then Ivan started the game and dived in the "pass". Sergei, as decided, stayed at home, wishing goodbye "no luck".

When Ivan got on log bridges and looked around, frog waiting for him on the shore, not one. Nearby sat mouse.

- You, probably, mouse-a place? 'asked Ivan, getting out of the water.

- Yes. And you, Ivan - brave winner of double?

Yours would lips Yes honey to drink! - remembered Ivan favorite saying of my grandmother. - I would Alenka find, let alone win over kompoldami just will not work. They won and the planes are flying and tanks.

- Do you know how the gray wolf to ride. Prince Ivan went.

Vanya vaguely remembered that the gray wolf in some tale someone somewhere drove, and how to and where necessary. Perhaps, indeed, the country of fairy tales is better to go on a fabulous means of transportation? Yes, probably, but where to go?

- Frog-wah! You said that kompoldy who stole my sister, were black?

- Well, not quite black, and dressed in black, and on the head, too, black hat.

- Caps or hats?

- And what hat?

- For all that it is hard to talk with fantastic heroes, " thought Ivan sadly. - I know nothing, understand nothing. Here they could not do anything when these kompoldy they were attacked. Probably fell down before the gun, to the%

But aloud he just did not say, and patiently drew in the sand hat. It turned out that this is exactly what was in his head "black" double.

And I say, they are our shouted to each other that Alenushka caught?

- No, you! Where did you get?

- You said, they shouted "there, Alenka!"

"Yeah, something like "there", but not our way.

"Maybe, "Jess"? In English?

"That may be so. And what does it mean?

- "Yes".

- And why the Yes means Yes?

Ivan did not deign to answer wah and sank into meditation. Kompoldy, dressed in black suits and hats, is certainly some spies from some other computer games, so they are in English among themselves and communicate. But if they talked to each other the word "Alenka", it means specifically hunted because of his sister. Why five-year Alenka could p

No, now go by car on the tracks of the kidnappers is useless - and traces of a certain left. It should be our way to Santa Claus in Lapland, and this car is certainly not ideal, Serge was right.

- Mouse-place, tell me, and where to find the gray wolf?

- Yes, there is very close to seven days ' journey, not more. I'll show you, because you promised us with the frog chamber's back.

"What I promised? And wow far - seven days? Oh, this is your mouse step, then wherever you went. By car, we quickly get there.

"What car?

- That there is a monster, " suggested the mouse frog. - Brave winner of double its tamed, and it will take it wherever he wishes. It has already given him the living water, so he came to life hand wounded in mortal combat with kompoldami.

- Living water? Oh, how nice! - happy mouse. - By the way, the gray wolf, too, need this water, because it all began iron, after kompoldy have been chasing him for three days and three nights. He thought the thick of the forest deaf to hide, but they had let loose their flying monsters that kind of huge dragonflies. There is since our volchishko.

- Hmm - Ivan looked at the small flask of living water. - Well, okay. If a mouse, you know the way to the wolf, the show. Sit down here - and it showed in the front seat of the car.

- Oh, how? In the monster?

"Well, sit down with me in my coat pocket, if you are afraid, " he held her hand, and the mouse is moved into it, and then turned in his pocket. - And you, frog go?

- Of course, brave

Perhaps, on this car start from the first attempt Ivan would not have succeeded, but this car was out of a computer game, so no problem there. Even the engine did not have to start. A slight press the pedal and the car rattled and quite smoothly moved.

- Well, where to go?

- Right, right there, on the track! "squealed the mouse, and they went.

Seven days of travel for the mouse were not too short and to the car, especially on such terrain. The engine roared, and the car leapt on the roots, hardly overcame small streams, maneuvered between the trees, and at the intersection of some of the ravine the blow was so strong that the mouse and the frog almost went out of your pockets.

Finally, the car stopped,%2

- Here is the thicket, happily reported mouse. - Now a little walk and get to the gray volchishki.

"Volchishko" was a huge volchischem his back (or rather, back metal statue) was almost on the shoulders Ivan. He stood motionless in the woods, cold steel Shine. His head was raised, wool rearing, teeth bared, as if he was still suffering from unknown enemies firing at him from the helicopter.

- Well, well, " said Ivan. - Huge-what. So on Alenka living water will not. Okay, maybe it won't happen. Not because it was stolen kompoldy to iron statue to turn?..

He began gently pour in a handful of living water and wet the surface of her iron statues. A lot of water went to "handle" rearing coat. Ivan was afraid that a "cure" is not enough.

First revived head (snout immediately accepted, if I may say so, quite good-natured expression), then spin. The wolf waited patiently for Ivan to "work" all four feet, shook himself like a dog coming out of water, and said in a deep bass:

- Well, thank you, my good fellow.

- Wait, wait, grey wolf, I'm not yet finished my tail. And not completed yet - pure water over.

- Well, it's nothing, and with such a tail can live. It's better than most stand to frighten birds. Say, good fellow, than I can help you.

- Yes to Lapland would... " he said and stopped. In the distance they heard the noise of the motor. In the land occupied by kompoldami, this does not Bode well.

"Oh, I have not taken out of the machine guns! - Ivan with all his hurried back. And in time - ran to the car, he saw two approaching tank. There was time only to grab a gun and run back into the thicket.

Because of the trees he saw a tank drove up to the abandoned car, looked out of the hatch kompold-tank and started something pass them to someone on the radio. The second tank by all the rules of military art stood close to guard first. His gun turned slowly from side to side, as if threatening the surrounding forests.

Back road was not.

In Lapland, and

Last Ivan, of course, not said, and thought. Still, the wolf is a wolf, besides a huge difference.

- The country of Santa Claus? "replied the wolf. - Do not get me there you take, my good fellow.

- Why?

- Yes I am abroad of Russian fairy tales can you not taken away. More Karelian fairy tales begin, and there is my strength will not work, I can not there good lads on itself %D

Ivan tried to remember something of Karelian folklore. 't work. Looked at the compass. Arrow spinning around the face and did not want to stop. No wonder - what is an ordinary compass to work in the country of fairy tales, if there's even a grandfather watches you go?

And where there then, after the country Karelian folklore look Lapland, when the compass is not working? Indeed, seven pairs of boots bear, seven staves wiped...

- Well, wolf, as you say, whether to Lapland to fly some Firebird? A stupa with the godmother? And maybe the blue sea to swim can you? As there is the wind on the sea walks and drives the ship?

- Yes no you not to Lapland will take, good fellow! There's only Santa Claus lives, nobody's more magic there is not valid. While kompoldy the country of fairy tales did not bring to us because in Russian tales, too, sometimes the dwarves went, elves flew - and none of them magic wand we have not worked. Somehow I had to drive away the evil one giant of German fairy tales - there was a mountain growth, and we immediately shrank. I'm a little growl, a couple of times bitten, so he immediately ran away from us. Then the German dwarfs came and thanked say, until she was so scared that this giant that became quiet, corrected, ceased little gnomes offend and shepherds and sheep scare!..

The wolf was fascinated by the story, fun clicked huge teeth, but Ivan interrupted him:

"Then we'll talk about the giants, you are our hero! There kompoldy now trail in the woods will find, and they are worse all the giants of all fairy tales, combined! I have to go!

"Where, my good fellow? the wolf stood almost at attention". - You only tell!

- M-m-m... And do in the country of fairy tales, only%

- I from one bird-Tits heard that Baba Yaga and lives in his hut, ' squeaked from the pocket of Ivan mouse.

Baba Yaga? Why is it kompoldy not turned into metal?

"I don't know, " replied the place. - There close to her hut now winged kompoldovskie monster take off and land, and as she got along with them - how do I know?

- It turns out, there airfield near? Interesting... then Went to Baba Yaga, maybe she would tell anything to help...

- Go, - replied the wolf. "Sit down, my good fellow, just hold on tight.

What beautiful look on the back leaping wolf could only fabulous Ivan, Ivan realized immediately. Shaking so that he was forced to seize a thick coat on the neck of the beast, my machine on his back. Then he realized that the belt of the machine can be used as a bridle, throwing him over the head of a wolf.

It became a little easier, and Ivan even started to look around.

Dense forests give way to sparse woodland, and sometimes by wide margins. Endless plain of gently sloping hills. Birch, oak, spruce, aspen. In short, the classic landscape of Russian fairy tales.

In the field of the wolf ran (learned by bitter experience - afraid of the helicopters will notice, - said Ivan), but sometimes through the trees, open spaces of almost to the horizon.

At some fields were empty, but some were already some ugly, whether military, whether factory buildings, not fabulous, but rather the computer type. It seems kompoldy settled

Gray wolf ran silently, only occasionally growled angrily at the sight of enemies.

- And why it took kompoldam the country of fairy tales? 'thought Ivan, trying to escape from the frantic shaking. "Maybe they -- how there... living space in computers missing? Okay, let's see... Maybe Baba Yaga something tells...

"Hey, frog-wah, mouse-a place! Long ago in your country kompoldy attacked? he tried to find out from their "passengers" e

- Recently, Ivanushka.

- To be exact?

- Or seven years ago, or seventeen or seventy...

"Okay, okay. Hang in there tight.

- Do not understand how they have time, here goes, " continued Ivan. However, when all these stories were composed? In our opinion-a thousand years ago. And when computers appeared? Only-only. Of course, by the standards of all these frogs and mice kompoldy recently attacked! And who are they, I wonder controls? Maybe Alenka needed someone who manages, and he therefore any special agents sent it to steal? Why? If in the tales it was clear there any abduction beautiful princesses... But some computer games...

The reasoning of Ivan interrupted wolf, staying on the edge of a large field so sharply that the rider almost flew through his head.

- Come, my good fellow. There in the forest path, it leads straight to the hut of Baba Yaga. I do not know whether I with you to see your aunt to go - she has a cat and crow live is they don't love me, as you will see - the howling will be, cawing, noise, commotion... Maybe you yourself, Baba Yaga better get along...

- Yes, wolf, it's better you're with me don't go. Wait for me here. I slowly to the house will come, will check what's what. I have a machine just in case there, so if you hear shots - then run to the rescue.

"Got it, my good fellow. I'll wait.

Taking up arms, he went deep into the forest, where barely noticeable wound path.





Ivan made their way along the path, and then ducking, in order not to run on its branches. Behind the trees, a glint.

- Probably, the hut is at hand, ' thought Ivan. Suddenly, behind him came a squeaky voice:

- You, my dear, don't turn around, and control a throw, and then immediately get a bullet.

Ivan stopped for a moment, then put the gun down.

- That's fine. Now go ahead, my dear, for this tropinochke. You'll see a hut, tell her to turn around, as expected. And he did not dare look back.

The cabin looked like in the pictures of the books of fairy tales, and there was a chicken knife is%

- And now comes inside. I now climbing frame entangle not to jerk.

In the hallway on Ivan immediately fell web - specifically, the network of fairly solid ropes. Attempt to free it was useless.

- Well, my dear, now I know who you are and where you going, and then the red button clicks and double call. And let them talk to you, what you at the airport it took. And not want to tell - voronushka my'll islet, my cat you will escarpit. See, sharpening his claws on you get along, you want white chest apart, removing the heart.

Ivan turned as I could with the web. Before him stood the old nasty kind, with a hooked nose wrinkled and disheveled, but dressed in a military jacket and armed huge kompoldovskim gun. Cat and crow (both black, considerable size and very frightening appearance) sat, greedily looking at Vanya.

- Hello. You Baba Yaga? 'said Ivan, trying to remain calm and prudence.

- Who Baba Yaga, and to whom the guard at the airport! "replied the old woman.

- Very nice. And I Ivan. And, mind you, not Ivan Tsarevich and not Ivan the fool, and people from the real world. And I promise to entangle you have no rights, and especially may not bring your animals.

"You see, my dear, the right to speak, - smiled Baba Yaga. - Tell me more, why to the airfield granted. Maybe you're lucky and live ostanes the

- CT-R! I am afraid, grandmother, Oh how afraid! Chorus-well that kompoldy they claimed, and then they stood there, straight as much mid-rdtse going down. Especially Ivan-Tsarevich I do not HP-rawilsa - would have pecked, if he was not an iron! And you, grandma, I did Ivan quickly-PGG Cluny, while iron and he was not?

- Wait, wait, my little darling, naklyueshsya else. And you, the cat, until potoci their claws, handy soon. Well, Ivanushka, the talk will either keep quiet?

- Of course, talk, grandmother. I don mountain, and you want me to take kompoldam!

- And what Woe to you, my dear?

- Yes, I come to you to the goriushka their share, help get! You think I kompoldov airfield was needed? Me good advice needed! My sister kompoldy stolen! And you want me good fellow, a cat and sheep to hunt, and then kompoldam be put in prison for ever!

Ivan did not think that can be so inspired. Even in school lessons

- And you, grandma, my good fellow, first fed, watered, the reason we are side by side and talked for debugging, then you would be free, to press the red button or press!

Ivan decided that the play should be the weak spot of Baba Yaga - in habits. After all the tales she had a thousand years puts the good lads at the table, fed-watered. A kompoldovsky airfield guard recently started...

And, it turned out that Ivan was almost right.

- Well, my dear, I will remove from you pautinochka, drink, eat, sit side by side, talk debugging, and then I will decide whether to execute or pardon thee, " said Baba Yaga.

Web crawled away somewhere upwards. Ivan sat at the table, Baba Yaga - on the contrary, holding a pistol. Next to her on the log wall was nailed a large shield with a red lamp and alarm button, who looked at the background of damp moss-covered logs, as a modern car with African hut.

Cat and crow sat behind Ivan, ready to pounce at the first suspicious movement on his part.

- Thank you, grandma, for bread and salt, for your hospitality! Who else, besides you, help my sorrow for you!

- Kompoldy, my dear, will help you.

- Oh, no joke so, my grandmother, my heart bleeds.

- Yes, I'm not kidding, Ivanushka. Okay, eat, drink Yes, Yes tell me.

On the table at once came dish cakes and a pitcher of milk. However, had a synthetic form.

- Probably, Skatert-Samobranka, " thought Ivan, demurely taking the hands pie and taking another bite, were absolutely tasteless. - Probably not for normal people food in the country of fairy tales... Or here my body lives on normal time, and there, I suppose, only a few minutes passed, I was hungry and had no time... But it is, and then my grandmother would be offended...

And Ivan ate cakes, and drink milk, but told how kompoldy stolen Alenka. He did not invent - and so the whole story so far it seemed unreal, and still sometimes he hoped that now wakes up in his room - asleep on the task of mathematics, it happens. And from my father's room happily POPs Alenka and report on the passage of the next level to the

But the story is, unfortunately, was absolutely real. He sat in the hut of Baba Yaga, and it was sent to the gun.

Baba Yaga listened without interrupting. When John had finished, said grimly:

- Yes, why it took your sister to his Excellency Kapsloku.

- Who is who? Kapsloku? And who is this? Where is he? Also kompold?

- But that you, my dear, never know, Yes I hardly know. He hired me to guard the airport, I guard. What bosses thought - he, the authorities know better.

- So this is superior of double?

- Well, something like that.

- And you-you, grandma, this Kapsloka seen?

- No, of course. No it's not seen.

- And how he hired you?

- Oh, Ivanushka, many want to know, will not you it's to the good.

"Well, Granny, all the same to me now with my grief in prison sit forever eternal, infinite, so at least I know: Baba Yaga for my innocent suffering a lot of money gets in the gold-velvet-silk bathing, kitty his best meat from the supermarket... ugh... from shops merchant feeds. Think then: don't suffer in vain, though well-fed cat, voronushka fed.

- And that, my dear, you see, do you like the cat out my? - cheered Baba Yaga.

Is not the word, grandma! - exclaimed Ivan. - He's so smart! And thoroughbred! I was recently at an exhibition of cats, such pedigree seen. The same is true of the Siberian-Persian! And besides, this... whatever it is...

Siberian-Persian-British cat tried to purr but instead he uttered a sound like the roar of a tiger. But he was clearly pleased.

- And voronushka-your! Just so pretty! What feathers, what a sock, and true angel be have a voice! - Ivan went on, feeling that the mood of Baba Yaga and her monsters changed in his favour. - Lucky you, grandma, with the animals!

- Lucky, lucky, my dear. Since you asked, as his Excellency Kapslok I was able to hire him if I don't type%

- And for me to get more gold?

- No, Ivanushka, just my work so to catch anyone on the airfield without permission Peeps. Paths else there, my cabin does not escape.

- So, maybe, grandmother, you let me, once it is on your salary will not be affected?

"What I get for it, my good fellow?

- Purchase or something that you need? D-Yes, I have a ransom, " he sighed, pulled out his grandfather's h is%

- Come on, come on, show me! Gold?

- No, not gold, but the Swiss still...

- Hmm - Baba Yaga thoughtfully lowered the clock in the pocket of his jacket. - Can actually let you go, my dear?

- Let go, let go, Granny!

- May I give you advice? You sort of advice was...

"Yes, Yes, of course!

- Well, what about your sister, Alenushka - do not blame me, dear, do you suggest I can not. His Excellency Kapslok knows what to do. And you, Ivan, my counsel is this: when you are forever in prison to sit quietly itself lead, with kompoldami not swear, then you and the extra bread crust will feed, and rats sometimes to drive away will be, and the fetters easier wear.

- Grandmother! Grandma! Don't say that! Could you do me good fellow, vile kompoldam rent?

- Yes you, my dear, seems to have forgotten who I am.

- How? You Baba Yaga.

- That's it. And what Baba Yaga in fairy tales? Evil or good? Fair or unfair?

"Well... Perhaps the evil and corrupt... But you are not?

"No, no, of course, Ivanushka, I very kind and very honest - sarcastically said Baba Yaga. "You don't jump at it, " she added, pointing a gun at Ivan and pressing the red button on the remote call protection.

The failure of diplomatic talks threw Ivan in frustration. He dropped his head on the table and stood, waiting for the flashing red lights, the blare of sirens and the arrival of a detachment of the double.

But a minute passed, two, three... nothing.

Became worried and Baba Yaga. Press the red button again, again... Nothing.

"Well, Ivanushka probably need us to peshochkom kompoldam to go. Not working for some reason my red button. Oh, reach out. Near here, even for a walk last.

- Oh, Granny, and not repugnant are you for the enemy to work? A thousand years had been the mistress herself, and now you kind Excellency orders.

- And how do you know, dear, that I enjoyed myself mistress something to be? I am now a firm's salary goes, do what I ordered, not thinking about anything. You know as well? said Baba Yaga, getting up...

And immediately fell with a crash to the floor.

Falling, she dropped the gun. Ivan rushed to arms and managed to catch it before him in the back clutching a cat and a crow. But it has already helped armor is

- Hands up! And tell your beasts, to let go! - Ivan cried, sending weapons to Baba Yaga, getting up from the floor.

The role instantly changed. Now Ulila and fawned Baba Yaga:

"Here I raised his hands, Ivanushka, and raised. But do not shoot. And you, my pet and voronushka, move away, but it will shoot my good fellow, I am certain of it, shoot, and will not have a grandmother, and no one will feed you, serotinus!

"Sirotinushki" left fruitless attempts to bite the bullet-proof vest and ran off into the corner of the room. Even hiss and CAW stopped.

- 'k, grandma, and now%D

"Nothing, Ivanushka.

- Santa Claus is alive and well, not captured it kompoldy?

- Not captured. He lives in his Lapland, is...

- And aircraft kompoldovskie only in the country of Russian tales of the summer?

- No, why? Everywhere.

- And someone besides you, airfield guards?

- No.

"Then quickly lead me to the airport, and so that none of the double on the road is not caught, and that the first bullet - yours!

- Ah, Ivanushka, no way to Lapland and Father frost going? On the bird kompoldovskoy? Such a good fellow, as you all on the shoulder, no doubt. Perhaps the stupa you my best to give? Not worse than these birds flying!

- No, lady, do not deceive me. Your magic after all is only valid in the country of Russian fairy tales?

- Yes.

- So, correct me wolf explained. And stupa, it turns out, also flies only in the country of Russian fairy tales, and I have to Lapland. So that lead to the aircraft. Yes, grandfather clocks lend. And my machine picked up? Too come on!

- Oh-Oh-Oh! suddenly she heard from underneath her voice is very familiar to Ivan. - Oh-Oh-Oh, help me, Ivanushka, brave winner of double!

Ivan looked under the table and saw a frog, which, as about the mouse, in the confusion forgot. Wah lying on the floor and barely breathing.

- Ah, it's you, muck green under my feet climbed, so I fell? - angrily said Baba Yaga.

"Shut up, old woman! - Ivan cried. - Wah, so that you slipped the infamous traitor?

- For me, Ivanushka, on me. Oh, all the bones ache, my doom is near!

- And a place where? - his jacket pocket, where sat a mouse, too, was empty.

- And narushenii, my beloved friend, and did in the metal touched, the thread from the red button biting!

- Well, then tell me all about. Well, grandma, where you got that living water?

- Have I none, Ivanushka, the living water. That snake soup is please. And the living water only double feature.

"The double is, you have no? How is this so?

- No, my good fellow, no. The word of honor. They do not give me his living water, not trust, afraid that I'll bring someone.

- Seems too good is%B

Ivan wanted to crawl under the table behind the wah, but he guessed that they would be unable at this time to keep in sight Baba Yaga. Hesitated, but quickly found:

- Well, brute babkins, here! Fast! You, Raven, a frog on his wing baggage, gently from under the table got it, and you, cat, mouse find and bring here! But take care not to eat on the road, it is metal volvulus quarrels!..

The cat and the

Getting back grandfather clock, putting them in his shirt pocket, having stuffed on pockets the frog, iron arm and a gun, he waved his gun barrel:

"Come on, Granny. And the beasts let your home sit down. Shut the door carefully.





Of course, in the real world Ivan never dare to hijack the plane. But the tale of what is happening gave him courage and confidence as if he were playing on the computer. And on the planes of the computer games he well knew how to fly, fly, and onto the screw and reactive, and military and civilian... and "steal" computer the aircraft also had...

And Alenka kidnapped really, and who, besides him, could she help?..

- Daleco to Lapland, and there, staring, Santa Claus will tell you where my sister to look for, " thought Ivan, making his way along the path behind Baba Yaga. "Maybe he knows why Alenka generally kompoldam needed...

Baba Yaga honestly (and I tried to trick!) brought Vanya to the edge of no fenced airfield, which kompoldy placed on the big wood glade. Protection, indeed, there was no - apparently, "his Excellency Kapslok" a betrayer completely trusted.

Grew dark. Over the field stretched fog.

Ivan Baba Yaga went unnoticed for several aircraft a variety of models standing at the edge of the woods. Fog is a reliable cover, but just could not see the runway.

- So long break, " thought Ivan. - I wonder if anyone in the country of fairy tales is broken - also turns into a statue? Or on the metal pieces away, and then we have to sprinkle the water of life, all grown together? By the way, where is the living water?

Living water quickly found - first aid kits were almost in each plane. Ivan did not even wash the mouse and the frog, but just dipped them in the kit. Immediate help.

The living place and recovered wah began vying to tell about their feats.

Even when Ivan was entangled in a rope wide web, they managed to slowly climb out of pocket, and began to wonder how the red buttons, which was going to press Baba Yaga. Saw that from her somewhere is a thread, and decided that there should be a bell that calls to%D

- It was a wire, you current possessed, I wanted to tell Ivan, but realized that then have to explain what electricity is. Silent, trying to understand what the plane is more like the computer game, in which he recently played.

"I feet Baba Yaga specially climbed that it slipped! - boasted the frog.

- Well done you, well done! - mechanically repeated Vanya, selecting the desired plane. That seems to be this jet fighter like...

He threw in a cabin all first aid kits with living water, he climbed inside, quickly became comfortable with the management (fortunately, the plane was thereby) and clicked the button to power the motors.

Motors bred. Ivan little shy at first - after all it was almost a real airplane. But then I remembered that the plane is still not present, and from a computer game, which means that you just concentrate on the management and not to pay attention to anything else. As in a computer game fly and fly here.

Besides, everything around was covered with fog, so that the control still had the instrument.

The runway was clearly visible on the radar (devices in the computer were the most advanced fighter). Ivan quite easily brought her plane and took off. Still in the game, from which was that the fighter he once was able to pass the levels of "Lieutenant" to "Colonel".

Compass on the dashboard of the plane worked regularly, and Ivan took a course exactly n the%B

The frog and the mouse took their places in Vanino pockets, were quiet and seems even fell asleep. The plane was flying well, not pitching. The land is gently floated under the wing. Fearing pursuit, Ivan scored the maximum speed and pondered the question: where did he actually fly?

- North-then won a huge - remembered Vanya geography lessons. - Where would I look Lapland? And right would in reality it was all - as it is in the country of fairy tales, probably, and the card is not so... But if the plane flies in the country of fairy tales, and autopilot must be given fabulous?

Indeed, after a few clicks of the different buttons on the radar screen flashed card. Understand for it anything except the location kompoldovskih aerodromes, it was impossible, but bases in the North of the enemy was not.

"Now, really kompoldy North is not captured! Well, I'll fly think I'm right in the center of the unoccupied area, and we'll see...

It took a little lie is

The radar display showed that Ivan began to delve into the "white spot". Enemy planes reason for there not fly Vanya and remained circling around their airfields.

- Scared, we decided to Ivan.

But at that moment, the plane suddenly zachihali and stopped both the motor and the glass was covered with ice.

Ivan looked at the dashboard - the fuel was enough. What happened?

The plane was falling fast. Ivan pressed the button ejection - did not work. Under the wing stretched endless snowy plain. Equal enough to try to land the plane, even with a dead engine. In addition, alternative and was not.

- Hold on tight! "he called out to passengers in the pockets of his jacket and he struggled grabbed the wheel.

Saved deep snow, which crashed fighter. The blow was gentle, and Ivan only slightly hit his forehead on the glass cockpit. For some time the aircraft was crawling through the snowdrifts, raising the white eddies, and then gently stopped.

- Our plane landed at the airport of Lapland! - grimly joked Vanya. - Well, the trouble we, the mouse-the place and the frog-wah! Now look out, look around, and we will think what to do...

Look out failed, as the cost a little half-open window of the cab, as in the face of Ivan struck such a cold, what it is in life not felt.

He slammed the glass, Ivan realized that in itself is%

- Oh, Ivanushka, something chill blew! Just Lapland! - fun squeaked mouse.

- Yeah, so light, crisp frost! The end of us all now from this frost will come, and the metal we will become, without any kompoldovskih bullets!

Two of his pockets he heard a squeak of horror. Trying not to pay attention, Ivan frantically wondering what to do.

Time for reflection was not enough, as the cold has already climbed under his jacket and unpleasant pinched nose. After another couple of minutes nose lost sensitivity, despite the active rubbing. Numb hands. It became dark eyes. The mouse and the frog silent, crouching in the far corners of pockets.

Suddenly Ivan exclaimed:

- We have the living water!

Thought that pure water on such a cold, frozen. But there is a first aid kit from the blow scattered around the cabin, were filled with normal water. With some difficulty opening the hoary hands one of them, Ivan took a huge gulp, no longer thinking about the sinister school poster "do Not drink tap water!".

The water was quite unpleasant and slightly musty taste. But it was very warm, despite the fact that the dashboard had already disappeared under the thick layer of ice.

Having watered the living water mouse and frog, Ivan knew that death from the cold until the storm - had a lot of kits. Then he again opened the window of the cab and looked out. Snowy plain glistened and sparkled in the low polar sun. No soul, no smoke or any other sign of life. All the dead and deserted.

Ivan decided to try the depth of snow - it would be better not Probab the%B

From the bright sun eyes ached, but flushing the water of life immediately helped. Vanya sat in the cab comfortable. No more or less salutary thoughts never came. Span words: tundra, ice, polar bears, reindeer, Arctic foxes, partridges, lemmings... by the Way, what lemmings? Something like they were in biology class... animal Migration... Adaptability to the natural environment... And the mouse is not it? Exactly, something like mice! But not in the snow as they live... Probably dig burrows in the ground under the snow...

- Mouse-place! And do you have relatives among the lemmings?

"What I remember.

- A friend?

- Yes, I do not know who these lemmings!

- Oh, the darkness. Well, listen: lemmings is like the mice live in the tundra, digging under the snow hole. In any case, in our world. But probably because they occur in a matter of Chukotka fairytales - hence, there should be. In short, you need something, mouse, go under the snow mink lemmings look. AND THE%B

- And as I under the snow so mink'll be looking for? There are dark!

- Well, mouse, you know best how to look for mink - you're a place. And look, there are gauge plane plowed! Climb on them, maybe they will find. And if not, come back, we will continue to think.

Mouse paused, then said resignedly:

"Well, Ivanushka, see, my share of this - the Gulf in Northern Lapland, without my cottage?, no cute little wood! Give only live to drink some water at last!

Plenty drunk, mouse cheered and bravely jumped into the snow.

Stretched wistful expectation. In order to pass, Ivan again tried to find a frog, as is life in the country of fairy tales. For example, how often bear sits on the tower-chamber. Or, for example, if Ivan married Vasilisa the wise, then at all whether it lives or not. But the clear answer to receive it was not possible - only something like: "So, we lived himself and lived, and if we who will marry whom, living happily and good money".

Then Ivan tried to explain wah what a computer is and how it works, but soon gave up and said it was the highest level of magic and the frog has not yet grown to its understanding. Wah respectfully silent and went to sleep, after stating that she did something she becomes dormant in winter, as any self-respecting frogs and even frogs.

Time was unbearably slow, and Ivan went to sleep. He dreamed that next to his plane landed stupa with Baba Yaga, and she sarcastically said:

"You Santa Claus needed, Ivanushka? And you wait for the New Year! On the New Year to all the kids comes Santa Claus! Hello, Grandfather frost, cotton beard!

- Leave, the traitor! - Ivan cried in his sleep, trying to reach for the gun and thinking that on such a cold, he is unlikely to shoot. He pushed his foot stupa, tried to push and Baba Yaga, but she dodged. Deftly you the%8

Ivan from resentment and disgust awake. And was almost speechless with fright. Through the icy glass cockpit looked at him a huge face, over which a thick branched antlers.

Muzzle some time looking through the glass, then thrust into the cabin, to the extent permitted horns, and asked dumbfounded Vanya:

"Is that you, Ivan, who is called brave winner of double?

Ivan it, Ivan! "came a familiar voice, and has appeared between the horns mouse-a place. Running in the face of a deer, she jumped down and landed deftly on his shoulder Ivan. - And this, Ivanushka, reindeer! His Grandfather frost sent!

"Wow, cool! "said Vanya. - Would you like a deer, live SIP some water? Tired, probably from the road? And you, little mouse, get a drink. Tired, probably of Santa Claus looking for?

- Yes was looking for something I'm very long. Almost all the time, visited lemmings, honey-beer drinking. And they sent messengers to Santa Claus, about the brave winner of double told, and the reindeer behind you, Ivanushka, sent. Wow that was wise of the lemmings-then go look! I almost immediately found a hole - they are there, it turns out, everywhere! When you're all double win and those

- Well, this is still far away... - murmured Ivan, repicheva in the pockets of the jacket happy mouse, sleepy frog and a first aid kit with living water. Slung the rifle over his neck and climbed into the back of a huge deer, which was more gray wolf three times. However, but it would be convenient to hold the horns.

And the reindeer rushed forward, raising clouds of snow. He ran much more smoothly than the gray wolf, but around the snow is nothing to be seen. However, looking at the endless plains was not for that, and Vanya only surprised that the deer so confidently finds a way - because no reference points, but snow all around.





Ivan was expecting to see tor is%

At the entrance stood two men in sheepskin coats, hats and mittens, scarves wrapped to the eyes, but kept in the hands curved swords, from which scattered around hundreds of sunbeams.

When John got out of the deer, they are about to ask something in a strange language. Vanya decided that it would be better to remain silent, and took the most important kind. Still, once Santa Claus is sent for a brave winner of double reindeer, therefore, protection should be aware of.

And so it happened - one of the guards bowed Ivan opened the door, and the second saluted him with a sword, and went inside, inviting me to follow him.

Inside it was very warm. The guard threw a scarf from the face - he was Arab appearance. Vanya had no time to wonder why Santa Claus protect the inhabitants of southern countries, because there was a pleasant female voice:

"Hello, Ivanushka, glad to see you. My name is Vasilisa the wise.

At the entrance to the great hall stood a woman dressed in a dress and a kokoshnik, but very similar to Nina Stepanovna, a teacher of physics at school, where he studied Ivan and Sergey.

'Delighted, ' Ivan tried ceremoniously bow, somewhat shy jackets, tattered beasts Baba Yaga.

- Oh, The Frog Princess! "came a voice from his pocket. - I do not worshiped I'm with you meet, my darling Princess!

Frog (apparently woke up in the warmth) jumped out of his pocket and Ivan ran into the arms of Princess Frog. Yes, it was her, because in the twinkling of an eye "Nina Stepanovna" turned into a frog with a thin gold crown on his head.

Hugs and kisses amphibians lasted long enough. During this time Ivan was able to look around.

In the hall stood a long table, at the head of which is

To the left of them there were three dwarf, too, with gray beards. Right - cat, the size of the one who lived, Baba Yaga and Ivan tore his jacket. Only he was black, and this is reddish-brown and not so disheveled.

A short distance away sat the woman Eastern type, chilly wrap herself in a shawl, although the house was very warm. Next to it - blonde virgin is

On the beams under the ceiling were several owls and bats.

Do not wait until the frog happy with the meeting, Vanya put the machine in the corner of the hallway and entered the hall.

- Hello. My name is Ivan.

Santa Claus looked up, said, "Oh, very nice" and dozed off again.

The second old man rose from the table, briskly walked to Ivanushka, shook his hand and introduced himself:

- Koschey The Immortal.

Lady Eastern species rose and bowed:

- Scheherazade.

The girl had the snow Maiden - about that Ivan had already guessed.

The dwarves and the cat (scientist - understood Vanya) nodded, sitting down. Ivan sat between Koshcheev and Tsarevna-Frog, which again turned into Vasilisa the Wise.

Frog, which is not the Princess, jumped up on the bench beside him.

"Eat, drink, Ivanushka? asked Vasilisa.

"No thanks, I'm hungry. Baba Yaga cakes with milk meal.

- Frau... Mrs. Baba Yaga? - with a German accent they asked. - Mr Ivan, please, please tell everything from the beginning!

Ivan, still intimidated by such a solid company, said from the beginning until the moment when the engine of his plane stalled over Lapland.

- Stalled, you say? cheerfully Koshcheev. - As it should be. No wonder I was advised to Santa Claus so cold to arrange - to kompoldy not bother. They're on their bird-aircraft for you here do not fly, afraid to know that im not here to live! Hear, frost, works well your cold!

Santa Claus woke up, something grunted, chewing his lips and fell asleep again. Koschey said apologetically:

- Do not think, that it is not age. Just for the New Year, I know how hard he has? How many children have to get around and congratulations! So tired of our grandfather so that then the whole year, not himself. And the age - that we, the fabulous age? I won far immortal! And that my death at the end of the needle, needle in the egg, the egg is in a duck, a duck in a hare, hare in the chest, chest oak and so on - you e%

- And you, Koschey, nothing was boasting - sarcastically said Vasilisa the wise. - There will be a double any special spaceship, they hit us with the other planets, and will not help us cold, and you become immortal piece of iron! Do you know how many computer games out every year? Surely somewhere in a spaceship that will be. Yes, and Santa is not the same as before.

- How Much%D

- The same but not the same. Here you are, Ivanushka, in fairy tales ever believed?

- Well, frankly speaking, not very. Maybe only when I was very young.

And in Santa Claus believed?

- Believe. But too long - that way five years.

- And your Alyonushka in Santa Claus believe? She's, you said five years.

- No, of course!

- A computer game to play like?

Yet, do not drag.

"You See, Koschey? sadly said Vasilisa. - So children of all the earth gradually, gradually, but stories cease to love, and in Santa Claus to believe. But computer games for them the greatest joy! And then you'll say that Santa Claus is not weakened? It kompoldy soon will arrive! So at best to sing for us, Koschey in prison, along with Merlin, and at worst...

- What the great Merlin in prison? - leader asked Ivan.

- But what he's great! said Vasilisa with bitterness. Owls under the ceiling indignantly zaehali. "And you shut up, gossips! Merlin at least in their country of English fairy tales could kompoldami wrestle, but instead, he talks to them on the go. Thought Kapsloka convince the country of fairy tales do not touch, something about the proper upbringing of children would say. A Kapsloku don't care about the education of children, it, on the contrary, are scumbags should sculpt!

- What other scumbags? - woke up Santa Claus.

"Yes, you go to sleep, grandfather, sleep! Thugs are those who without a hat in winter walks or at the computer long time playing! - Vasilisa not a little parted. - And let kompoldy Merlin, in his dungeon, in heavy chains, forever and ever! And many who still Bang! And who would not be caught, those turned into metal. Here's the Genie out of the Arabian nights was saved - saw them, Ivanushka, at the entrance? And those who are behind this Desk is%BBaba Yaga, you know, the service kompoldam went. A few more brownies, mermaids, frogs and small animals quite small forests and ponds but hiding. Well, maybe someone else has survived-who is absolutely harmless for the double. And that's all.

- And why Merlin could not Kapsloka hoodoo? "asked Ivan.

But because all the magic of Merlin is only valid in the country of English fairy tales, and Kapslok something we have lived! In Russian fairy tales!

- Strange. Why did he choose us?

- Probably, because in our fairy tales there are no all-powerful wizards as Merlin. Is that Koschey the Immortal, and then it all and then win. Yes, Koschey, no offense. We major in Russian fairy tales usually kings, and what then gain from the king? Rat collect? Gathered. And the king of Peas, and Tsar Saltan. Our ratification with bows and arrows, and kompoldy with machine guns and grenade launchers. We have thirty-three knights, and they have tanks and aircraft - wise fully justified his nickname, good reading all the modern technology. - Even the Nightingale, together with our heroes on the battlefield came out, and also could do nothing against them.

- The Nightingale?

- Remember, Ivanushka, a tale about Ilya Muromets? - joined in the conversation male scientist. - From there, and Brigand:

...And that is whistling Nightingale Yes-Solovieva,

He shouts, the villain-robber, animal.

And from him whether the whistling of Solovieva,

And from him whether the animal pokrik

Those all the grass, which ant-ate,

Dark lesushki to land is inclined,

And that the fellows there - so all the dead lie...

- Something in my childhood I read, - remembered Ivan.

- Read? It's good that at least something was reading! said Vasilisa. - As it is soon to children in General, tales will stop reading! And then these children will grow up to become mothers and fathers. Do you think they will tell their children stories, if they themselves in their childhood did not read? Of course not. Thus, humanity, and forget the stories. All will play on computers.

Vasilisa sighed and continued:

And then people are surprised that the kids in the terrorists but in the bandits are. Stop playing child in the computer monster himself becomes so. We are dying from the double - well, we are fabulous, but these people do not mind?

- Wait, wait, Vasilisa the wise, Ivan could not apply to "Nina Stepanovna" to "you". - Tell, please, what do you think, why Alenka something Kapsloku needed?

"It's not your sister he needed, and power over the world! The country of fairy tales he had already seized, soon to you, people will reach. Maybe through Alenka and get going.

- How is it?

- But you never know Thu Jerusalem.

Said Scheherazade:

- Come to me, o wise that Sheikh valiantly with this kompoldami fought and died in the cross of death. It is now at the edge of the unknown, gleaming as the cold Damascus steel.

"You see, Ivan! Kapslok worse Dracula, once even this ghoul to fight it became.

- And Baba Yaga?

- Every family has its black sheep. Koschey as in the tales too negative hero, with much negative Baba Yaga, and that he invented, Santa Claus to kompoldovskuyu technique here froze! And then they immediately and Lapland would have captured.

- Tell, please, Vasilisa the wise, wah me this could not explain: how do the country of fairy tales lives? For example, the bear sat on the chamber - and then what? Or kill someone in the story - which he go? Or, for example, if you married Ivan Tsarevich - so that you are well and living together for a thousand years? And if, m-m-m... sorry... if she is divorced, what, fairy tales end?

- Frankly speaking, Ivan, I mean it can not explain. And no one can, because none of us knows. Bear on the tower-chamber, sometimes sits, then the poor little animals have to rebuild. But none of us dies - and about the living water and you know. As for Ivan Tsarevich, matchmakers it to me until you were sending. And where is he now, and do not know.

Vasilisa blushed slightly, and furtively wiped away a tear. Ivan tactfully said nothing, though, and heard of Baba Yaga that Ivan Tsarevich kompoldy turned into metal. Mouse with a frog too silent. And the wise went on to say:

- In General, each of the fantastic hero has his own life. Sometimes we go to each other's homes, talk about this and that. It happens that quarrel, but then must make it up... and live. Specifically, lived until kompoldy not attacked.

- And why do all started with these kompoldami? Where Kapslok come from? Who is he? As it looks?

- Well, we lived, lived, not grieve. Recently, a small number of new countries to the country of fairy tales appeared - computer games. We did not pay attention - we often new countries appeared. Tales of the peoples of Africa, Latin America, New Zealand - a few people compose stories! And these kompoldy behaved at first quietly, modestly, some were all gray. Well, not quite sulfur is%B

- Black-and-white, - said Ivan. It screens on computers that used to be such. Maybe kompoldy - the same.

- Yes, probably. Then the leader they have appeared, Kapslok, and went on our kompoldy war. The Kapsloka nobody saw some say even that do not, and kompoldy all by themselves. But this is unlikely. See, Baba Yaga told you that Kapsloka works. And Alenushka your not just stolen.

- It is clear that not just like that! Ivan jumped up from the table. - We speak, and Alenka something Kapsloka! Tell me where to find it?

- We do not know, " replied the dwarves.

- And who knows?

The answer Ivan was silence, broken only measuring posapyvanie Santa Claus. Vasilisa the wise of grief even turned into a Frog Princess and hid under the table.

- Wait, wait, Nina Step... Vasilisa the wise! 'cried Ivan. "You said that Kapslokom met Merlin!

"Yeah, " came from under the table.

"So he must know where Kapslok!

- Yes, but Merlin in prison.

- Maybe somebody knows where dungeon? There Baba Yaga me this dungeon threatened...

- On the island of Buyan, " said the cat scientist.

- And where is this island?

- In the blue sea.

- And where is the Blue sea? We are on location were Black, Yellow, Red, some other color... And Blue do not remember.

- What are you, Ivan, the tale't remember? Once there lived the old man and the old woman in the blue sea...

- And where is this old man and the old woman? And where is the blue sea? You're a male scientist with curved seashore, where the green oak?

- From there.

- A far cry from the blue sea?

- Next.

- And do you want to visit his native Lukomorye? In which case you pretend to be normal cat, you kompoldy and not touched. And there look about may, and to the island of Buyan get somehow.

- Well, basically, I'm here in the furnace of Santa Claus, not bad. But Lukomorye I would love to visit...

- So fly there!

"On what?"

To fly was not on anything - even if Santa briefly reduced the cold, the plane Ivan would not be able to rise into the air after a "soft" landing. Rescued Koschey:

- Vasilisa! Yes, you get out from under the table, threw off my himself frog skin

- Boots? "asked Ivan. - I am a gray wolf said that in Lapland there is no magic from Russian fairy tales is not valid. He also said that among the Russian fairy-tales and Lapland are tales of Karelia, who did not understand how to pass.

- About the fact that some magic fairy tales do not work in others, the wolf told correctly. But in geography, it is apparently not good, " he Chechenia Koschey. - In Lapland, except Karelian folklore, yet the German border, and there is a direct road to the Russian. And in the German fairy tales, I remember a lot of talk about the seven-League boots? So in Lapland you'll ride on the reindeer, and then leaps peshochkom through German and Russian tales and the blue sea!

- So where is the closet? We must look for boots! - Ivan was no longer sitting on the ground.

- We ask the gnomes look, " said Koschey. "You'd better tell me, my good fellow, as people fly airplanes?

- How? Mmm... Well, motors pushing the plane, the wings are based on the air, and the plane flies.

- And how all this managed?

- Well, it's hard to explain. Show right.

- Do you draw, while dwarves are looking for boots. That's right there on the table. The coal from the furnace. And then himself in the air in the tales of the summer, and the plane can not.

- Do you think you can learn to fly a plane in the picture? And an artist from me so-so... okay, okay, now try to draw, - Ivan was afraid that Koschey offended and will not give boots.

Throwing coal on the table clumsy scheme jet, Ivan asked:

- And do you have some fabulous compass? And then I did not work, but as I find my way?

- So I did, Ivanushka, you will go, and I whole country of fairy tales know! - proudly said the cat scientist. - So the road will show you, the main thing, not sapnisi, not spodnicy. I went at some point in seven-League boots? It's not easy, Oh, how difficult!

- Well, hardly it is more difficult than to fly a plane!..





While Ivan had not understood that do not specifically try to keep balance, each step in the seven-League boots could hardly. Then it turned out that we should just go without thinking about what the next touch the ground happen somewhere over the horizon.

Anyway, the trip was very tedious. On the shoulders of Ivan hanging bag, in which sat a heavy cat scientist and showed the way to the curving shore. Pockets postponed the mouse and the frog, in any case not willing to part with the "brave winner of the double"kit with living water, gun Baba Yaga and several rejuvenating apples that reason that he is caring the%B

The cat was always humming some gloomy Russian folk songs like: "And all the wreaths, Oh, over the water, and my drowned, and all the mates, Oh, yeah come home, but I did not come."

- Yes you stop, cat scientist, and I feel sick! "begged Ivan. - Would you sing something fun!

"Please, " said the cat, and began to sing: "Ah, Kalinka, Kalinka, Kalinka, my!". When he reached the words: "You go, my cow, home, damn, my poor little head, down, Ivan realized that gay Russian folk songs should not wait, and asked the cat to tell a story. Story was about a bun, which eventually ate the Fox. Also as a fun. Ivan, clenching his teeth and stepped forward.

Tundra was over, began the forest. Vanya was afraid at first to descend on the trees, but a fabulous vehicles in the country of fairy tales worked fine - boots carried him along the intricate curves, deftly avoiding all obstacles. The speed was such that occasionally occur kompoldovskie patrols were unable to understand that it's flown by.

The cat has finished the tale of Kolobok and again began to sing plaintive, occasionally interrupting the singing and commanding, take the left or right.

Sea appeared suddenly, and Ivan on another "giant" step a little in it is not rushed. Barely slowed, falling and breaking knees. Injured and palms and elbows. However, first aid kit with living water quickly helped, but now not only torn jacket and trousers.

- Oh, my mother scold! "sighed Vanya. "Nothing, only to find Alenka. Hey, cat learned where to go? Where the island of Buyan?

In it there is a cat pointed to the endless sea.

- And how to swim?

"I don't know, Ivanushka. Swam before our boats there, and now some kompoldovskie monster black. There, you see on the horizon, one such - with tentacles?

- The cruiser is, as the tentacles - a gun. And certainly there is full of submarines. Listen, the cat, and that if we call a goldfish? And ask for three wishes to do?

- Yes, if anyone could click, but wishes to make, you know, what's going to?

- There is already happening-knows-what! "Ivan said, and flung himself on the ground that he had not noticed floating along the shore patrol boat. Cote, tell the old man, somewhere? Maybe he us the fish will happen? They are still one and the same tale...

Hut it was still standing when I to Santa Claus at the North to go. What if he, as Baba Yaga, the double is now?

- Well, maybe it is, can not serve, and try to find it necessary. Come on, cat, show the way.

Ramshackle fishing hut stood not far from the sea. At trough (actually broken) sat ancient old and something washing.

- Hello, my grandmother. We would see your husband, - Ivan bowed and cat.

- Whom? The old man? And it is by the sea, look for those misochko, net scores!

Bitter experience, Ivan went to mysochku roundabout way, clutching a gun and expecting at any moment kompoldovskoy ambush. The cat was a little behind, crouching and listening to every sound. But all was quiet.

Thin, stooped long-bearded old man intently laid out on the ground just hauled network. Absolutely empty.

- Well, as the catch, grandfather

- Previously, remember, the fish were found, well caught, ' added the cat.

- Oh, my, my, and what a catch today? I see that you are not of the double those most, so I can tell you, as it is: this iron monster scare all the fish, no catch!

- Wow, grandpa, what a nuisance! But before something better, probably lived here?

- Hm-m-m... And you, dear, for yourself-then who will? - grandfather must have feared that he kompoldovskie spies.

- And we are travelers turn, happiness in a strange storonychne went to look for, here is tired and stopped, you talk! Ivan felt the same inspiration, as when standing, tangled in the hut of Baba Yaga. Only now he was free, and no it is not threatened, except kompoldovskogo cruiser on the horizon.

- But there is no happiness nonche in our own party! - supported his cat. - All kompoldy evil trample all looted, all trod! To live, we do not grieve, but live, straw chew!

- That's like a blue sea to go, maybe there really is? Maybe there is no fishing is not offend no one to fish do not be alarmed? But, grandpa? Do not take us with you your old lady, and not to go there all together for the blue sea of happiness to look for?

- Where me, dear, go for? Here I have a house and the net, and the old woman trough its broken. And then - suddenly worse? Suddenly there and that we will not? No, dear people, you must go where you want, and I have to throw nets again. See, all drew a blank? Oh, my strength gone! Oh, old age is no fun!

- Wait, wait, grandfather. I will help your grief! Force, you say no? And I live here vodichka in store!

SIP from kompoldovskoy kit instantly transformed the old man. His eyes gleamed, and his back straightened, and even the muscles played under the faded linen shirt.

- Ahh, thank you, dear man! Well, now I and two, and three times per day net to throw! Now that we are full, we are an old woman! Isn't there and her little drop of living water, to have fun, has become kinder?

- You can, grandfather. Take all of the medicine Cabinet, don't be shy. For a long time you and your old lady enough. And rejuvenating apples take one yourself, one old woman. The only thing I have for you, grandpa, please be.

- What, my dear man? All I can do!

- Yes goldfish me was polical, would ask her three wishes me to do. And then, grandpa, don't know just like me with comrade mo%

- Will-happen will happen, my dear man. What's your name?

- Ivan.

"Well, Ivan, wait with your friend here on the Bank, and I'll call the fish.

The old man went to his waist in the sea and started to shout something.

- He began to click goldfish. Came up to him fish, said, "What do you want, old man?" - he began to tell the cat.

Indeed, shortly into the small waves something flashed brightly. The old man waved his arms, inviting Ivan to come closer. Ivan also went deep in the sea.

Fish did not resemble those "Golden fish", Cote

"Well, Hello, Ivan. What do you want?

- Hello, goldfish. Here I wanted to ask you three of my desire to fulfill.

- And what is Stati I need your desires to do?

"No, no, a fish, you owe nothing to anybody but me especially. Just thought I, who me through the blue sea transports?

- Well, let's take. This one wish. Why do you want two?

- It is usually in fact three wishes!

- Oh, you sly, Ivan, but I still smarter. Tell us who you are and what you want, then I think, to follow your three wishes or not to do.

- Oh, he was not! "thought Ivan. - Tell it like it is. This old man would be frightened to fight kompoldami and fish-what? Who in the blue sea will? And in General, should be the same in her heart ache for the country of fairy tales...

And he began to tell. The story was long, well, that water in the sea was warm.

Fish a while paused, then said solemnly:

- I will fulfill your three wishes, Ivan. I myself am tired of these black iron fish of double. What do you want?

- But can you fish, my sister back?

"No, John, you can't. She's double, and above them my magic has no power.

- Moved me then through the blue sea on the island of Buyan, and then decide what to do next.

- I move you can, but only one.

Ivan sighed and returned to shore and told the cat, a frog and a mouse to wait for him in the hut the old man and woman. Grandfather promised to take care of the animals, feed-water and sleep to lay, said he always wanted to have a house living creatures, and the old woman will take a SIP of water of life, will eat the Apple of youth and will mellow.

Frog and mouse weeping bitterly. The cat, with a sense of saying: "You went to war, left me to grieve, too sobbed.

With a heavy heart Ivan turned to the sea and said:

"Well, fish, endure.





A moment later Ivan was already in a strange rocky shore. The sea was still quiet, but the surf here felt much stronger than Lukomorye. Hardly down to the water on large boulders, Vanya called:

- Fish! Fish! You here?

- Here! "came the voice from the mod is%

I'm the second will you wish later!

He almost said, "Wait for me here, but he realized that the fish may be deemed a second wish. Okay, so I guess that must be close, since it may at any time call.

Vanya began to climb the cliff. Up led path.

- I wonder how big the island of Buyan? And then I wander on it in search of the prison a couple of weeks... " thought Ivan, trying not to stumble. - And lonely something here, grimly! That would sit a place and wah in their pockets - all the more fun it would be! Yes, and they helped cool - he remembered the victory over Baba Yaga and hike the%B

Find dungeon was very easy - Ivan saw her, when I went to the high coast. The huge castle towering over the surrounding area, suppressing its size and black.

- Well, and what to do? - Vanya asked myself this question probably for the hundredth time. - How can you be? I would be a mouse - snuck would be in prison for Merlin, asked him where this Kapsloka search. And to me that this castle was stormed? Stop! Lock-it seems, computer! Exactly - though made of plastic! And in computer games and more serious met... And there first player to give only a pistol, and my pistol, rifles and ammunition is full, and the living water is still a lot... One problem - kompoldy the shots heard, help will call...

- And what can help me Rybka? "continued Ivan. - Maybe, some special weapons? How do! She did kompoldovskogo do not know how, give any bow or spear... what she did know how, but someone transferred somewhere? Trough the new old woman can give, fabulous palaces can build... And the sea storm arrange... Here! Storm! This is what I need - the shots will not be heard! And the storm and lightning is an electronic interference! Maybe talk radio kompoldy not be able to...

He quickly ran down the path, at the risk of tripping and breaking his neck. Stumbling over rocks, ran into the sea, and began to shout:

- Rybka, Rybka, where are you?

- What do you want, Ivan?

- Storm! The storm! Lightning! Thunder! In short, as in a fairy tale: black sea storm! 'cried Ivan and barely had time to jump out of the water.

Raise such a wave, what he had ever seen, and when he walked back along the path, he was nearly blown off by the wind. Lightning flashed as shots of cannon fire, the thunder, like a jet fighter, and the rain poured down, down.

- Buckets - somehow doesn't sound, " he said to himself, Ivan, hiding her face from the rain and make their way to the castle in the deep ravines. - Hose? From a water-cannon? In-in, it's much more modern. We ought to fight for the living water a little SIP...

After a SIP, he felt much braver, went to the castle gate and knocked. The door opened, and she ran a computer monster. Ivan, did not hesitate and wasted no time for reflection, a short turn turned the monster in dirty violet stain. Then went aside and waited - the experience he acquired in computer games. Ran it is%B

In a small room were several computer soldiers, and Ivan was opened on them quick fire. All enemies were only spot. None of them managed to shoot.

Collecting ammo and found in the closet, two first aid kits, Ivan went on. Outside the booming thunder echoing laminating the vaults of the castle and drowning shots.

A great variety kompoldy raised guard the prison, was not different. Mobs armed with fireballs, and soldiers with machine guns. Even a grenade at them was not. And the reason the guards corresponded computer games - more specifically, no. Maybe in a computer game, which was the castle, is set to low level of complexity.

Ivan moved forward through the gloomy corridors, shooting, hiding, running, shooting again.

Once the fireball hit him in the leg, and she immediately turned into metal. Falling to the floor, he made a few shots monster become a dirty purple stain, then use one of the kits. Leg alive, but the leg and left hanging charred threads.

"Nothing, nothing, " he murmurs to himself, Vanya. - Maybe me some fabulous Dunya-Tonopah%

A punch in the jacket was no longer do, because after a while fireball fell to Ivan breast - monster popped out from behind the corner and managed to fire first. Vest saved, but the jacket formed a huge hole burnt. Well, even a frog and a mouse in his pocket is not sitting, and the grandfather's clock Vanya prudently tucked under the body armor.

Having cleared of a double first floor, he thought, to go up or down? Actually, he needs to be in prison, and she is probably at the bottom.

And he went down. The endless spiral staircase led seemed to the center of earth. Most worryingly, there is no thunder was heard, and the shots were supposed to draw the attention of all the double in this dungeon.

But Ivan guessed what to do: seeing the end of the corridor of the first kompolda, he opened fire from a distance. That blur on the floor. And then Ivan started shooting almost target hearing the noise, all new monsters and new computer and the soldiers ran out into the hallway and fell under fire. More precisely, turned to purple-brown spots.

Ivan has already begun to fear that he will not have enough ammunition, but longer kompoldy run out.

- Is that all? - Ivan gently moved along the corridor, picking up ammo and trying not to step on the nasty spots. Yes, it seems, that was all.

At the end of the corridor was a low door, barred. Vanya few shots broke it and went inside.

The prison was so

- Who is here Merlin? - wanted to ask Ivan, but realized that it's necessary to save all. People in this state he could not even see on TV, and heroes of fairy tales. In prison, was fifteen or twenty creatures, absolutely did not have the human species, overgrown with moss and very real. And some have already started to sprout and pale-green grass. Prisoners of silence - apparently, they did not have the strength to speak.

Vanya began to break their chains by machine shots, at the same time reflecting:

- And how do I have them all away I'll take out, if they could barely move? There is probably still full of double! Oh, got it! With me is the living water! Enough to each according to his throat or not?

With difficulty, but enough. Moss began to crumble with the prisoners, they straightened up and began to speak in different languages, but Ivan interrupted them

- Who is here Merlin?

"I... I have a Merlin - in broken Russian, said one of the prisoners, with unkempt grey beard to the floor, tall and thin (though a fat one in the prison was not). He was dressed in the remnants of the mantle with faded gold stars. - A VI is who?

"I Ivan. All - attention! Listen to my team: all who are able to hold a weapon, go to gather in the corridor flak jackets, machine guns and pistols, and then come back here, I'll teach them to handle. Mr. Merlin, and I wanted to ask a question: where Kapslok? Somewhere on the upper floors of the castle? You met him? - Ivan match their words, gestures, and to the best of their knowledge of duplicating them in English.

- No. He is somewhere... in the mountains. I met him... in the mountains.

"But you've met in the country of Russian fairy tales? And unless there is a mountain?

- Jess. There.

- Well, Yes, I remember, over mountains, valleys... Well, Mr. Merlin, go for weapons. And here's the Apple of youth, and how you learn to shoot when you have such a gray beard?

After a few minutes in the dungeon already heard the shots. Especially good at a pretty rejuvenated Merlin and bearded, handsome, looked like an Arab Sheik. Quite well and the rest. Stayed only one prisoner, but he was unable to keep a weapon in his hand - it was a huge brown bear.

Seizing the moment, Ivan asked him:

"Are you, by chance, not Michael Potapitch?

"The very same.

- Just sit down again at the tower-chamber, get at me!

The bear was hunched his head into his shoulders and on any walked away just in case.

- So! All understood how to shoot and how to recharge? 'asked Ivan, although it was clear that he understood it. - All wearing vests? Forward! Don't forget to look for ways to chest of living water!

He decided not to seize the castle - sooner or later, the storm was over, and it is easy Kapslok'll bet with aviation and Navy. We had to break out and get to the coast, and there Ivan had hoped to help fish - because he still had one wish.

Kompoldy, descended from the upper floors on the first and confused wandering among the dirty purple spots were literally swept away by friendly fire released. Razbiras in the surrounding rooms in search of first-aid kits, going again, order lossless went out and walked over to the blue sea, on the path of healing the wounds of living water.

No car chases have not yet been. Storm everything%

Ivan caught up with Merlin asked, shouting down a storm:

- That VI, Mr John, do you think?

But you don't know. The fish-then all of us to the other side will not survive, then ship it must ask. But that's how we in such a storm sail?

- Oh, this is possible. Here Sinbad the Sailor, - Merlin pointed to a handsome Arab.

- At least this lucky!..

Going to the raging sea of opportunity close, Ivan shouted with all his might:

- Fish-a! Fish-a! Are you ready to fulfill my third VC%D

After some time in the distance was heard:

- What do you want-Oh, Willow-EN?

- Ship hath need of good! To twenty people in it the blue sea to swim! In the Creek puts it, the fish, there is quiet! And my personal request to you - relax the storm a little!

Now it was the turn of Sinbad the Sailor to serve as instructors. He climbed into the ship, like whether to over pot-bellied boat, or too thin Caravel, all fled in different directions - to set sail. The powerful voice of Sinbad overpower the noise of the storm, he confidently command of a mixture of Arabic, Russian and English languages. Especially carefully pulling ropes bear, occasionally glancing anxiously at Ivan.

Everything is wiped his hands, that they were iron. The little blonde boy named Hansel (from the German fairy tale), which still was not much good at lifting the sails, Ivan appointed doctor to treat the water of life. It has helped my sister Gretel from the same tale, too little and blonde.

- What nefarious this Kapslok! Very young children in prison planted! - Ivan whispered, furiously pulling the rope under the guttural cries of Sinbad. - Indeed, for something special to him Alenka needed, once its in the prison was not... Where is she, where she holds Kapslok? Mountains now look right. Never mind, we find only swim to...

- All, except Michael Ibn Potap, down into the hold! "Sinbad. Ivan has decided not to listen - after all he was mainly here - and stayed on the deck, firmly grasping some unfamiliar gear.

The ship creaked heavily, out of the Cove to the open sea. Sinbad the Sailor stood at the tiller. The sails were raised and trembling in the wind, like a taut string.

When the ship struck the first wave, Vanya decided that all was lost, and started wondering what will happen in the country of fairy tales, if drown in the sea. Probably, the king will enter the sea and he was in some seaweed privrat%D

But then came the second wave, third, fourth... the nose of the ship is plunging into the abyss, then climbed high in the air. Foam mountains rolled across the deck, trying to wash navigators. But they held firm and Ivan, and Sinbad, and the bear.

Stuck to the ship, surfacing from beneath the waves, like a huge whale.

- Do not be deceived by fish, a good ship! - shouted Ivan the Sindbad. It is unlikely that %

No aircraft or submarines enemy do not have to fear, and cruisers, probably, the storm did not go to sea. And if she came out, would not have noticed - visibility was close to zero, and the wooden boat sure it was very difficult to see on the radar. Especially when the storm makes such electronic interference.

Soon after the storm began to subside gradually. Either the fish heard the request of Ivan, or just decided that enough is not always the same wind to howl and lightning. But perhaps the Tsar sea storm tired, the sun felt like.

And the ship rather gently curving up on the shore, just a few nautical miles (Ivan now considered himself to be a sailor) from the hut, the old fisherman. Sinbad the Sailor, really knew his business.





Green from pitching and stuffiness of the hold began to climb the liberated prisoners. Everyone rushed to embrace and Ivan, and each other, shouting something in a different language. A confused crowd went ashore.

A drink of living water to everyone - and the host of Vani has quite a dashing appearance, if it was possible to say about a handful of incredibly ragged and dirty people (and not less ragged and dirty bear). Even moss is not totally overwhelmed.

However, Ivan also looked, to put it mildly, not the best way. Anyway, jacket and trousers was more like rags. Well that they were old and my mother is still going to throw them away.

Vanya was used to the role of commander, he wanted to order all line up in single file. But he changed his mind, remembering that in the prison could be princes, and the princes and kings - even offended. And as to "build" a little Hansel and Gretel and it would be funny at all.

About tsars, Ivan was right, because to him there and then went skinny old man, remains, despite his lo is%8

His wisest -- his Majesty king Arthur... provides... granted to you, Mr. John, the title of knight... as it is in Russian... a knight of the round table! Stand on one leg!

Ivan almost burst out laughing, but held back and stood on one knee, as he saw in the movies. King Arthur for lack of a sword struck him painfully on the shoulder with the barrel of the gun and said something else, not me

Merlin began to explain van, on what benefits and privileges he now has the right as a knight of the round table. But the newly-made knight of the broken Russian, the great magician knew only that he is now entitled to sit in the presence of the king.

Ivan wanted to ask Merlin to repeat what has been said, but did not. Came another white hobo with thin and long beard, wrapped around my neck like a scarf. Said in flawless Russian:

- What's your name to call on thy father, my good fellow Ivan?

- Andreevich.

- I, Tsar Saltan, reward you, Ivan Andreev son, the title of the greatest Prince of the Kingdom-state, rank of commander of the regiment of the right hand and the great order of the first degree! However, he sadly waved his hands, now I have none of that, but when we win the double, we all will again! And then he will sit you, Governor, Prince Ivan, sit in my boyar Duma, and thou shalt reign, my govern the state!

- Actually, I live in another country, your Majesty Sultan. Moreover, it is unlikely that I will have time to sit in the boyar Duma. Soon the control of mathematics, to prepare necessary, " said Ivan is not quite polite. But thank you, thank you, " he hastened to add, seeing how sincerely upset king. About to graduate from school, then we'll see. And now we have to go. Daylight to the house of the old man to find.

The sun had already disappeared behind the forest, when stretched out in a long chain of detachment went to the hut, the old fisherman. Here they waited not so Grand, but even more warm meeting.

The mouse and the frog made huge leaps, trying to peck Ivan least in the chin. Had to take them in his arms and kiss - what kind of warts, which are supposedly from frogs!

Then the place and wah saw the bear and rushed to kiss him, and went to the van cat scientist and said:

- I got to write a tale about Ivan brave winner com

...And what was Ivan the great heart

With the machine Sich, with a machine gun to beat,

Yes nd he broke all the force of a great...

"Don't, don't! Too early for me back in the epic heroes have Alenka to return home! - Vanya said, being, however, very flattered. Oh, would see Serge all these honors! What Serega - and the Director of the school it would be nice to see, and then all the swearing, cursing...

Decorum came joyful and youthful man and an old woman, Ivan brought the bread and salt. Well, it's just as in the tale

One of the saved, the enormous growth and the incredible biceps posing as Achilles (the legends and myths of Ancient Greece - remembered Ivan), began loudly and solemnly to say something totally incomprehensible for anyone from the audience. Thank God, Merlin interrupted him and led him away somewhere aside.

The old woman made of linen pants and shirt. It has become disguise those most in need. The old man made a fire and began to cook the soup.

It was quite dark. All sat in a circle around the fire.

First fun discussing the details of salvation (different languages never stopped anyone). Then Little Claus from Andersen's fairy tales sang something in Danish. Then the cat scientist howled quite unpleasant voice:

- I'll put the cat in the carriage

Or maybe in the tarantass,

Take your girlfriend

All some people off!..

Then he began to sing Nurgun Bootur the Rapid from the Central Asian epic - in contrast to the cat, amazingly beautiful voice.

And everybody was very happy and safe and comfortable. Besides Ivan. Alenka something never found...

Ivan tried to sleep but could not sleep. And is not wanted. Apparently, his body still lived on real time, rather than fantastic.

Next sat Merlin, asked:

- That VI, Lord John, now do you think?

- Alenka search. And Kapsloka. Alenka him, no doubt. Tell us, Mr. Merlin, details where and how you met Kapslokom.

The story of Merlin was long, but mostly because every sentence required two or three iterations: Russian, English, and then again in Russian. And yet, and Ivan constantly asking questions, whether he ultimately realized. In fact, as Merlin told this.

Previously kompoldy could only live in their country of computer games. In the country of fairy tales, they instantly turned the%

After drinking the water of life, kompoldy immediately took the body. Therefore, and in all their kits living water - they need it constantly. (At this point of the report Ivan remembered how blur on the asphalt kompoldovsky soldiers, who jumped from the screen of his computer and went after him to the entrance of Sergey).

And then Merlin said, as kompoldy receiving water of life, started the war. The Plant Is%B

English tale kompoldy no hurry to attack - apparently, knew that against the magic of Merlin to fight very hard.

Great magician sent to kompoldam one of his owls, learn what they want kompoldy and is it possible to resolve the matter peacefully. He did not waiting and preparing for war, when suddenly owl brought him only respectful and friendly letter, signed "ruler Kapslokom.

"The Governor wrote that has the only goal - to establish in the conquered countries of fabulous peace, order, and prosperity, as the heroes of fairy tales blossomed, behaving abominably and does not obey his superiors. And he, Kapsloka, my heart aches, when and children in the real world start because of this bad behavior. That, they say, many believe that teenagers are thugs and terrorists, played computer games, so no, it's all because in early childhood tales don't teach kids in order. For example, in Russian fairy tales always wins the younger son, Ivan the fool and wise elder sons lost. No good!..

In the letter Kapslok invited Merlin to meet, to see how wonderful the country lives of Russian fairy tales under the leadership of the "ruler", and to conclude peace for ever.

And I poveril, Stari durak! Hoped to convince Kapslok! - almost cried the wizard.

On the border of Russian and English fairy tales has big mountains - probably here in the Russian language and the saying "Behind the mountains, valleys". Kapslok offered to meet in these mountains - right at the border. Merlin agreed and came there.

The meeting was scheduled to pass, but suddenly blew damp and chilly wind, the rain started, and Kapslok, instead of coming to the meeting, sent a Merlin helicopter and an invitation to visit his mountain mansion "eagle's nest".

Great oath sworn Kapslok ensure magician full security, and Merlin agreed to be a guest of the "ruler".

Natural is

No mansion in Kapsloka was not. The helicopter sat on some ground among the mountains. Immediately ran up several double in black.

With Merlin were three elves. Kompoldy few shots from a pistol immediately turned them into metal.

The magician was blindfolded, and put a gag in my mouth, put the chains and led into a large cave. Sonorous, but lifeless voice from somewhere from the

"Sorry, Merlin, I had to do so with your elves, but I did not promise safety. Only to you. I know that in the country of fairy tales cannot violate a great oath. I will not break, and you will be safe. But you see, Merlin, the time is now difficult - don't know where to wait for trouble. Suppose you go on the path, stumble, fall, hit, but I promised you security! So, I break a great oath? No! In complete safety you can only be in my dungeon.

Soon Merlin was taken by helicopter to the prison on the island of Buyan. In the absence of the great magician kompoldy easily conquered the country of English fairy tales, and then all the rest. In Lapland.

Is there anything I know about Kapslok - Merlin finished his story.

- Yes, but not much. And as with it to struggle? What do you think, Mr. Merlin?

Mi can start gverilya... guerrilla war! To take kompoldy weapon! And take the water of life! And make a living... living all those who had been converted to the metal! And then mi can capture "eagle's nest"!

Ivan replied:

- Even if we manage to kill all the double, knock all the tanks and shoot down all the aircrafts, Kapslok will not sit in his "eagle's nest" and wait until we get there before him. Run away and will continue to create havoc. Maybe we better go on expeditions to Central Asia - in which there is the desert, the source of living water? Grab this source, and kompoldy gradually die out themselves. Or will move to their country.

- Very good... Very good idea! Lord John, I am impressed with your analytical talent! Sorry, I don't have time to reward after your heroic capture prison, because you have been awarded too many kings. But now let me welcome you to the title of master of black, white, and other magic!

"Thank you, Mr. Merlin, thank you. Only I'm afraid that a hike in the desert zai is

- And your sister, what would have happened not, then we can revive the living water.

"But Alenka Kapsloku need for something so special about what we don't know!

Merlin thought. Paused. The sea is engaged in the dawn.

Master black, white, and other magic, the greatest Prince, commander of the regiment of the right hand, cavalier of the order of the great and the knight of the round table sighed:

- Oh, I'm afraid, until we get to this desert, home mom work will return...

- How to say VI, Lord John? I do not understand.

"Okay, okay. Maybe I have time before the arrival of my mother. That Is%B

To correctly pronounce the name of the complex Nurgun Bootura Rapid Ivan did not have time.

At a fire a shell burst. The song ended, the hero of the Central Asian tales blackened crater, which sparkled with silver glitter metal statue.





Ivan better than others familiar with the effect of modern weapons, jumped first and saw a rosy light of morning twilight on the beach crawling five tanks firing on the move.

A second shell fell, then a third, then another and another.

They shot and from the sea: a few boats and some larger warships approached, raising a wave.

Rare birch near ran computer soldiers, firing from automatic weapons and machine guns.

King Arthur has issued some militant old English cry, waved his gun as a sword and rushed towards the enemy. Another bomb turned it into metal.

Rushed to the attack and Merlin. And several other people.

- Where? Where? With guns against tanks? 'cried Ivan hard. "Back! All back! To the forest! Look to the - there's double nope! Defend running!..

Indeed, one edge of the clearing where the cabin was an old man (it was - it came just two rounds), went to deaf often. But before the thicket was far away, and had to flee under fire soldiers double of birches. Yes and tanks quickly catching up.

But there was no other way.

Mouse! The frog! Hide somewhere! 'cried Ivan, was grabbed by the hands of German children, Hansel and Gretel, and ran to the woods. Near the cat ran scientist and long-haired knight Roland of the French fairy tales.

All of them ran to the side of the thicket. First one, then another fell, turning into metal. Survivors who do not, watch it once.

- Wah and a small place to hide, " he whispered to Ivan on the run. - And the kids I Kapsloku no longer give. How much they suffered in prison, and again? No! If only the legs do not fall...

The legs do not fall. Burst of birch had the upper body. Unfortunately, Ivan, when sitting by the fire, took off his armor.

Instantly numb hands, shoulders, waist and neck. Knight Roland, running alongside, shouted something in French and fell, or rather fell his metal statue. Cat screamed, but continued to run. Only much slower and has three legs, as the fourth - iron - run prevented.

Heavy pyhtevshy behind Michael Potapitch turned and ran to the birch grove, menacingly market is%8

Escaped anyone else - Ivan did not see. The neck is numb, and turn your head back was impossible. The last effort he plunged into the thicket, dragging the kids, then tripped over a root and fell, breaking his nose. Climb already failed: both hands were metal and did not obey, the loins are not bent.

Kids (thank God, whole and intact) was also lying on the ground, not

- Save water, we have a little, ' murmured Ivan, trying to catch his breath. It was difficult, because his nose buried in the ground, and not to roll over, or turn your head without success.

Neither Hansel, nor Gretel in Russian did not understand and did not spare the water. First revived hands of Ivan, then back, then neck, then stopped aching bloody nose. Then drink the living water, and Ivan felt himself properly. Physically. But at heart it was disgusting, as never before in my life.

Hansel started treatment cat due:

- Rang here SAVELKI ostrinia,

That is not the stones with steep mountains pokatilsja,

Rolled off their golovushka gallant...

Ivan, almost crying, went aside and leaned against the large birch tree, and began to ponder what to do next.

Of the weapons he has only a pistol, selected at one time, Baba Yaga. Living water ends. That squad is unknown, but obviously nothing good.

And that he's all his fault, he! Do not think that we should sink the ship on which they sailed to the island of Buyan! Naturally, kompoldy found it, and to track the further path is already a technical matter. And no, to immediately go to the forest, - sat near the fire to sing! Straight tourists, but the guitar was not enough! So sit through... And even the guard did not put the commander of the regiment of the right hand!

Thought, and not give it all, and not to return home? And then let the police dismantled in the end, that he was hired to kompoldami fight the country of fairy tales to save? Also I found the knight of the round table! In fact his case is in school to learn, won control of mathematics soon...

But Alenka? What will happen to Alenka? And that still contemplating this Kapslok?..

"Okay, IDT

"Where, my good fellow? - asked the cat scientist.

- In the mountains, Alenka search. Or Dzungarian desert, grab the source and leave Kapsloka without the living water.

- Brave winner of double! - this title in the mouth of a cat after all that happened sounded like mockery. - Are you hoping for almost one, almost without weapons, now with these kids, grab the source of living water, or cave Kapsloka? He now knows that came brave winner of the double, and probably tripled the protection...

- Yes, you're right. With kids in any case not to go there. But here I leave them, too, can't... And what if they take home with me? At the same time and see how things are there... cat, you're a scientist, everything about the country of fairy tales know. And do you know where the action tale about Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka happened?

- About you know.

- And if not around, and accurately? Entrance to my house only opens there.

- Well, it's somewhere on the river.

- Where is this river?

- M-m... Volga river is wide and long... Mother Klyazma, you narrow and dirty... Mother Kama, you not flow directly... yeah! Brave winner of the double, I remembered where this river flows into the sea. Then, if you follow it up, we can find a place where brother Ivanushka was a kid.

- Where is it?

- In seven-League boots, it would be close, but... Maybe a week, maybe more. Not a favorite but in the path-path, not a favorite, but in the far...

"We are still with the kids... And maybe the hut of Baba Yaga closer?

- The Hut Of Baba Yaga? But she is a traitor and is guarded by the enemy airfield! - cat, apparently, decided that brave winner of double after the defeat of the detachment lost memory.

"Yes, Yes, the hut of Baba Yaga! There, near the forest, which must wait for the grey wolf - unless, of course, it kompoldy not noticed, and again in the metal is not turned!

- So it's quite close. Oh, path is the path that short, from the torture chambers Yes to the slaughterhouse...

- Yes you stop, finally, his introductions to the nerves to act! Went! Hansel, Gretel, go. Go! Or whatever German...

They came really fast. Ivan even tired - probably in the real world a little more time. And kids are not capricious, kept pace - probably after kapslokovskoy dungeon difficulties seemed to them to baby talk. Besides, Ivan recalled that in the German fairy tale Hansel and Gretel wandered through the woods, deceiving or spiteful stepmother, or the evil in%D

Cat scientist, fortunately, all the way offended silence, only sometimes hissed through clenched teeth, go to the right or to the left. I must say it for all their propensity for idle chatter knew the forest paths and led by Ivan with the kids to the little wood near the hut of Baba Yaga, having passed all kompoldovskie posts and patrols.

Gray wolf slept, and so tightly that I had tol is

But it quickly cleared up, and within a few minutes they sat on a huge back.

Only, my good fellow, be a witness, I Tomcat warned that if he gave me a bit of a scratch, I will remove it, and let not offended, " said the wolf displeasure. - Though I am not a dog, but cats can't stand!

- Not a scratch, not a scratch. I had it on his back to his prison. Come soon.

- Where?

- Back to that often, where you are in the metal kompoldy paid!

"Yeah, I understand. Come, my good fellow.

And again started shaking mad. Ivan with one hand supporting Hensel, the other Gretel, and on his back he was sitting cat scientist, so all the way, it took only one thought - how to keep his balance and fall.

He did, however, be noted that since that time they went to the airfield, computer buildings on the fields became even more. Kompoldy habitable in the country of fairy tales very quickly. In some places was already buzzing chainsaw - wood was felled.

Trip Ivan seemed an eternity. The arms and back numb to such an extent that Vanya was afraid they would not have turned into the metal without any kompoldovskih bullets. But now, finally, it seemed same thicket, where he washed the wolf living water.

- Well, now where, good fellow? "asked the wolf.

- And now we find traces of the car, where I arrived.

There were not only signs, but the car itself. Kompoldy threw him into the forest.

- Clogged, parasites, forest - angered Ivan. "Well, come on, gray wolf, over that way. Then it will be a small gully, stream, woods, and then the stream. Yes fast you! "he cried, because it seemed far away, two tanks.

The wolf ran on all feet. Kompoldy noticed him and began to squeeze out of their tanks full speed. Then, realizing that the wolf they don't catch up to,%

However, although the tanks and kompoldy with the mind of computer games, but to call for help on the radio they still thought of. Over the forest there was a combat helicopter.

Grey wolf, breathing heavily, making such huge jumps that sometimes seemed that he was flying over the earth. That edge, that's a familiar Bank of the river...

Machine-gun fire from a helicopter picked up fountains of water of owls is%

- Wolf, jump into the water out of those bridges! And dive! Hold on tighter!..





Even in a second floor apartment of Ivan was a lot of small. The worst of had a cat, as it was at the bottom. It lay in the German kids and Ivan, and on top of all this lay the gray wolf, waving in the air with all four paws - apparently intended to cross the river "like a dog". Fortunately, in the real world, the wolf was about the size of a dog, but it would just all crushed.

Mashenka from a parallel class pulled the computer from the outlet, cutting off the chase.

- Masha! Where are you from here? "asked Ivan, getting out from under the wolf and rubbing his bruised forehead.

- Sergei asked to sit, said: "As a computer seem Ivan, pull this cord, suddenly chasing Vanka." I thought he was on the Internet with a head that something happened, but wow! And what is this dog? Oh, and what a pretty kitty! Can I smoother? And the name of kids?

- Here's Jay - said Ivan, but aloud, of course, did not say - still Masha rescued them from the pursuit, not confused, the computer is off, the passage was closed. - Thank you very much, Masha. Dog is better not iron, and kitty, too. Kids named Hansel and Gretel, they say, only in German, but the dog and cat you will be presented.

The wolf and the cat shook himself and bowed gallantly, however, trying to keep each other away.

- Hello, beautiful. I the gray wolf.

- Hello, Maria. Let me introduce myself: cat scientist.

- Hello, Hello. Oh, and they have you, Vanya, and humanly say? What a science-it came! Even from the computer pop up...

- Yes, Masha. Science works wonders. Where Serge?

- Home run, something on the Internet wanted to see. They called me, said, "Quickly here, sit here, but as the screen seem Ivan, pull this plug from the mains socket, suddenly chasing the%B

- Yes, Mash, you have said, I already understood.

- WAN, as I may, I learned kitten still smoother? And then the dog... Well, in the sense of a wolf?

- Yes you have them and ask. By the way, how much time? - Ivan began to rummage in his pockets. - Where there grandfather clock? Like a... Oh! Mom comes in less than an hour! I ran to Sergei, maybe something together we can think.

Masha had considered it unnecessary to ask permission from the cat and began to stroke, noting in passing:

"You might at first, WAN, washed... And changed...

Ivan looked in the mirror and gasped. His jacket charred hole in the back all so tattered that is visible shirt is also charred in the holes from kompoldovskih bullets. Pockets bulging, instead of trousers rags, face in the mud splashes, unkempt hair, and a gun sticking out of his pocket. And on top of all this glitter famous Swiss watch, against which the mud seems dirtier.

While he was washing and dressing, wondering where to hide the scraps of clothing, appeared Serega.

- Wow! Vanyukha! Excellent! It does a gray wolf! Look, Mary, not to rubles gained! And Alenka where? This Alenka? It seems that otherwise look...

- Do not Alenka it, and Gretel of German fairy tales. And you, Mash, really, stop Ironing wolf!

"Nothing, nothing, even pleasant, " said grey wolf, depicting on the face of some semblance of a smile.

- So where Alenka? - said Sergey.

- Kapsloka. It's kind of like the chief among them. Lives in the mountains, where mountain - some I know, but the protection they had him a lot, but I only have a gun. Was the detachment, it was Merlin, Tsar Saltan, king Arthur, a lot of people. But we were defeated.

Ivan did not specify how and why defeated his squad, and continued:

"Only these German Babes are left. And the cat with the wolf. So I think, maybe the source of living water to capture that all kompoldy themselves bent? They happen to be without this water can not!

- And you think that they have only one source? "said Sergei.

"Yes. Actually, they probably have every fairy country.

- Of course! Indeed, in almost every tale someone someone sprinkles water!

- So, it is useless - sadly said Ivan. - All sources do not capture.

" . Listen better, sir, WAN, I tell you what. While you were away, I'm on the Internet climbed. We do this game for your sister found on the Internet, remember?

- Of course.

- But the game's not just opens the passage! This game is a trap! We'll quietly pass, because armed and understand what was happening, but initially kompoldy Alenka your waiting for? And because she played under the password "Alenka"? So it is specially "the trap for Alenka! More precisely, for Alenok - not for your own sister is specifically hunted, did not know who this game from the Internet to download!

- Well, Yes.

Well, I came to this site went, to see who the author of this game.

- And what?

- Empty. Neither the author nor any other data.

- Well, thank you, Sergey, for the information. And you thought, there will be written: "I steal little girls!", and the caption: "Kapslok. Address - the country of fairy tales, the number one thousand one"! And the telephone information, as there getting Alenka!

- Wait, wait, WAN, not psihol. There was another clue: on this site, except the game "Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka", was still only one. For some of the Sabbath.

- And what can we help the game is about vampires?

"Listen! I had it a little bit to play. There is the sense that you're a vampire, you must fly a bit in the woods and fields, to find a victim, suck it, and then fly into a cave. Once arriving in the spacious and bright room, and there you welcomed a white silhouette and calculates prize glasses. And then again, all over again, only new victims - a man, the animal is%B

- In game sucks! "exclaimed Ivan.

- Stupid something stupid, just look: the game is about Alenka - passage in the fairy world. A game about vampires, can also creates a passage somewhere? Maybe it can be to find this Kapsloka?

- Well, you tried? Passed somewhere?

- Tried. Nothing happens: play, fly, and then all over again. Still, for it can catch. For example, to search in the country of fairy tales cave, which fly into vampires. There's a game, by the way, the cave was like in some similarity of the mountains, so everything looks like.

- And as though the vampires look like? In horror movies are all bad people...

"Yes, sir, WAN less had to skip the lessons of biology, " said Sergei, a triumphant look. Vampires are small creatures such as bats. Specially in Wikipedia looked. Fresh blood of animals and birds feed on. How it is taken is not said. It is unclear who he gives his blood suck, they are also small, a few centimeters in length. Dismissed - and all, and even slapped like a mosquito.

- Maybe someone was kind enough to give, group regrets - sadly joked Ivan. - Well, the cat and the wolf, go to the mountains to look for a cave with vampires?

The wolf nodded and grinned menacingly, all kind expressing readiness to tear to shreds any computer monsters. But the cat, after a second of thought, said:

- Brave winner of the double, I am ready to go with you anywhere, but let me draw your attention to the fact that some of the river waiting for us tanks. And around the cave Kapsloka certainly a lot of tanks. And aircraft.

- Yes, tanks, planes... And I only have a gun... And the living water is almost over... Maybe all mom and dad to wait and to call the police?

Hung heavy silence. Masha stopped stroking a cat and a wolf. Carefully watched friends.

Sergey apparently caught her eye and bravely said:

"I'll go first, sir, WAN, and tanks distracted. I also have kompoldovsky gun - I was picked when we first aid kit on the banks of the river were looking for. Run down to the woods and I will be there to shoot. And you with animals in some time%D

- And if so hurt that you have no time to use water? Or water is not enough?

- Well, then you find her sister, and then come back for me and revive. And if we both lost, then you, Masha, remember me and the scores do not give portfolio to wear. Be good, plug the computer into an outlet. Wang, run the game.

Masha looked at him with silent adoration, and when he disappeared in the computer, quietly wept.

"Nothing, Masha, will be ours! - encouraging its Ivan. Turned out though, and in rhyme, but hardly sincerely. - Look, the male scientist and gray wolf: I jump into the screen and you for me once just the same way you do. And you kids, stay at home. The house, the house! Understood? Masha, take care of them if anything. Teach them the Russian language. Or the German Embassy occupies, tell me that children are lost. Embassy address in the phone book find. Or call in the background.

And he jumped into the screen.





To my surprise, on the banks of the river, Ivan found Sergei, quietly talking with some military. Stood around and sat for another twenty or thirty soldiers. A whole platoon. With pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers, in camouflage overalls, helmets, flak jackets - all as expected.

- Wow! Maybe kompoldy repented? Or Serega betrayed? "asked Ivan, getting out of the river and just in case, taking out a gun.

- Vanyukha! cried Sergey.

- Lord John! - said the "military", rushing to meet Ivan.

All the "soldiers", discordant shouting in different languages, too rushed forward.

- Mr. Merlin! You are alive! Ivan could not refrain from tears, embracing a magician.

- Alive, Lord John, alive! - Merlin also wiped away a tear. - And me sir Sergei was told that VI is alive! What is happiness!

Ivan felt in the neck something wet and cold: it jumped on his back frog-wah. Deftly jumped on his shoulder, wedged between him and Merlin and began to kiss Vanya. However, it fell and the magician. Then there is jumped and mouse.

From the river appeared cat scientist and the gray wolf. This greatly aroused the joy of meeting.

By Ivan approached king Arthur. Yes, Yes, he is safe and sound. And absolutely unlike the metal statue, which became after the explosion kompoldovskogo projectile. Said with difficulty, but in Russian:

"I rejoice... to see... my knight of the round table.

- And most of the Prince, the commander of the regiment of the right hand! - was there and Tsar Saltan.

"But how... Your Majesty... Not

- Thank you for this Supreme commander, Merlin, - said it is important Tsar Saltan. He led a campaign against the double according to all the rules of modern military science, brought a lot of living water, conquered many lands and raised all the dead in the unequal battle with curving.

And the old man? And the old woman?

- Of course! And now a new cabin with them. Large and spacious. And, of course, a new Jerusalem.

- And what about the ships of the enemy? Tanks? Planes?

- Oh, now they already know where it is better not to poke his nose, with a smile said Merlin. Mi resurrected many of our friends have seized several military bases, we now have their tanks and their planes, many of guns, antiaircraft missiles, other weapons.

"But how did you do it?

- Remember, mi with you then want to start a guerrilla war? Several people after the battle of curving survived mi gathered in the thicket. We had three machine guns and pistols. Walked past the platoon of double, mi it was turned into the spot, took up arms and chest. Then mi tanks attacked, captured four. Sinbad the Sailor learned to drive tanks, and several dwarves learned to drive. And when mi first captured airfield, from Lapland flew Mr Koschey the Immortal who VI explain how you can drive a plane. Now he is our chief pilot and teaches flying elves. We now have a lot of pilots!..

- Ivan Andreev son! - Tsar Saltan with a very solemn views interrupted Merlin. I ordered my blacksmiths forge great order of the first degree, which you have been awarded on the eve of the battle of curving. Receive him - and he put on his neck Vanya big star on thick gold chain.

- Thank you, thank you, ' said Ivan, and suddenly saw Serega, standing alone nearby. - Mr. Merlin! Your Majesty! And are you aware that Sergey, George's son, was ready to sacrifice their lives and enter into an unequal battle with korraldusele tanks and helicopters in order to prevent a full and final victory Kapsloka? That only his exceptional analytical skills helped to guess that in kompoldovskih kits is the living water?

Merlin and their Majesties immediately pelted by rain Serega awards. Well, of course, no such honor as Ivan after capture capslocky prison, but all the same, and the rank of commander of the regiment left hand, and third degree of the great order, and a baronial dignity, and a bachelor of black and white magic, which is also good.

Ivan during this time, managed to come to Mihail Potapitch and shake f%D

- And on the tower-chamber still not dare to sit down more! - just in case he decided to remind the bear Ivan.

"No, no, Ivanushka! Let him sit, and then we get bored! - twittered the mouse and the frog. - That's whack confirm.

He went hedgehog, introduced himself, shook Ivan by the hand, confirmed that Yes, if the chamber periodically to sit down, then the boredom of its inhabitants begin to quarrel with each other.

- Well, then sit down, Michael Potapitch, but carefully - allow Ivan.

Around stormed the weight of the%B

Ivan approached by a tall slender girl, dressed in military uniform, leading by the hand a boy of five to seven years. Said carefully, as if memorized the text:

- Hello, my good fellow. My name is Alenka, and my brother - your namesake. We are very grateful to thee for all that thou has done for us. Kompoldy drew us into the metal, and now thanks to you we live. Now my brother is someone to be - at Prince Ivan, brave winner of the double.

- Come on, you! That's all Merlin quickened.

- Did you save Merlin from prison. So, it's all thanks to you...

Ivan did not realize that before him Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka of the tale, on the grounds of which was the same computer game. When I did, his mood was spoiled. Yes, of course, the girl and the boy not guilty, that Kapslok for some reason chose to trap it is their story. But in a fairy Alenushka brother Ivanushka next, and his sister both was not, and now no...

Ivan has been very hard on the heart. He mumbled something neutral kind and went away.

The gray wolf to the side talking to Ivan Tsarevich-as you can see, its metal statue, which once feared crow Baba Yaga, found and revived.

Ivan came to him. Said with the utmost politeness:

"Sorry, namesake, can, I'll distract gray wolf?

- Yes, of course, Prince Ivan.

Grey wolf, a ride-just you me old memory to the mountains on the border of Russian and English fairy tales. I want my sister to help out.

"Sit down, my good fellow. Take, where you say!

Ivan was about to jump on the wolf's back, came as Merlin and Sergey.

- Where are you going? "asked Serge.

- Guess with three times! You go have fun, sing songs, ranks and decorations are getting, but I have to save Alenka!

- Wait, wait, Lord John! Mi with sir Sergey talked a lot about how best to find a cave Kapslok. If VI is to go to the gray wolf, Wi did not get, because Kapslok there is still very strong and in the mountains he has a lot of soldiers and military equipment. Wee better to fly on the DRA is

"And where exactly? We must also explore first!

"You, sir, WAN, I think about you all forgotten? Was rasplakalsya as a girl! - said Sergey. - By the way, we are here with Merlin, while you are there going to dive into the screen that has all the owls and bats for exploration was sent to monitor the vampires! And we already know where this cave! And the dragon already knows, right there you will bring!

- Excellent! - p is%

- It is now Koschey the Immortal equip at the airport, where there is a cottage Baba Yaga, " said Merlin.

- The same airport? Surely he was captured? Hurrah! And what about the infamous traitor?

- I do not know, Lord John. It is the responsibility of the chief pilot Kashchey the Immortal. Go there. I now call the helicopter for you.

- No, thank you. I used to - the gray wolf! That, wolf, is not yet tired to carry me to the hut of Baba Yaga?

- What are you, my good fellow! Let's go!

Gray, only, for God's sake, gentler!..





The road was the same, but how much has changed all that Ivan had seen around! Computer building lost almost all fields, in some places fabulous Pahari has leaned on the ploughs. Now and then there was heard the song:

"We sowed millet, sowed!

Oh bits Lado, sowed!..

- Will raspadu I will raspadu l I

Pashenko, Pashenko!..

The sun was shining, birds were twittering, and even the grass was as if greener.

A couple of times met the military on the cars, but only cheerfully waved rushing to the wolf. Hence, our, fabulous!

Ivan once had the feeling that he was asleep. After just recently had to sneak forests, holding guns at the ready, and now - what happiness is, go to the liberated earth!

However, when they came to the hut of Baba Yaga, Ivan just in case checked the gun so to speak, out of habit. He thought that now out of the bushes you will hear a squeaky voice, demanding to drop the weapon and not look back.

Not heard. Instead of the cabin came a few elves, led by Kashchey the Immortal.

Koschey changed - as if eaten a whole basket of apples rejuvenating. Trimmed his beard, dressed. In Lapland it was a shapeless gray sweatshirt, and here the old man looked like in the picture. Pressed a sky-blue flying form with some orders and insignia it was amazing. Same shape, although modest, was on the elves.

The meeting was NESCO

"Well, Prince Ivan, went to the airport, waiting for you dragon, " said the Koshcheev.

- And Baba Yaga where? "asked Ivan.

- Underground, is tied indestructible, the court waiting for a formidable among lichens and spider-bloodsuckers. And the animals it there vile sit awaiting execution.

- The court? Penalty?

- Of course. And how?

- M-m-m... And if I could talk to her?

"Yes, Prince Ivan, you can do anything. Elves, bring me the infamous grandmother!

- And beasts!

- Yes, and the animals give.

Baba Yaga, dressed in rags and fetters entangled indestructible (like polished steel cables), had a very pathetic. However, the moss has not yet begun foul, but was close to that. Even she could not speak from weakness. Cat and crow was no better.

Ivan nearly cried. He remembered the prison on the island of Buyan. He recalled how he first saw Merlin, king Arthur, Tsar Saltan, German kids. He remembered what they were like... And realized that there is no treachery in the world does not deserve such a terrible dungeons, and even more punishment.

And in General, what could be the harm of Baba Yaga, when kompoldy retreated so the%

Previously, he was a little shy in front of Koshcheev, but he could not resist. Took the most solid form, puffed out his chest with the order of Tsar Saltan and Swiss grandfather clock, took a deep breath and blurted out:

- And that you came back with Immortal? Kompoldovskuyu prison? Think you're the chief-pilot, so you can make fun of poor old women and unhappy animals? Baba Yaga long ago repented! Even when guided me to the airfield, so I flew to Lapland! And cat, and even then voronushka kinder! In short, listen: I, the greatest Prince, commander of the regiment of the right hand and a knight of the round table, command you to immediately release Baba Yaga, to give her a job at the airport, and animals it to the point to put!

Koschey and so flush did not differ, but then became completely white as snow. Wanted to argue, but Ivan did not give:

- Hey! Elves! Living water is?

"Yes, Lord John.

- Fast kit Baba Yaga and the beasts of her! Full! And the shackles off! Immediately!

The elves lingered a moment, then looked at Ivan, Koshcheev. Then he rushed to obey.

Baba Yaga, the cat and the crow began to thank Ivan, but that they were interrupted:

- Then, then. Where Koschey, your dragon? Went! Yes no traces you from malice, looked b is

Koschey led Vanya to the airfield, creaking through his teeth:

"Well, Prince Ivan, his own hand - Bishop, said - done. But I'm afraid I do mischief we still Baba Yaga, Oh how do mischief, when kompoldy back our land grab!

- How to capture? We've been there and tanks, and planes!

- And spaceships-no! Remember, Vasilisa the wise say? Will be a double any particular spacecraft, and they hit us from other planets! Himself know how many computer games out every year, so probably somewhere in a spaceship that will be.

- Then why still not hit? Even now, it's games with spaceships full...

Apparently not work until there is something Kapsloka. Maybe force lacks both the ground forces to control, and space. Perhaps such a powerful weapon in spaceships that is afraid to offend his - he still has troops very much. But when we just squeezed if and fluttering it from space some superlaser! Merlin-your further his nose nothing sees, thinks, so Kapslok and surrender!

"Okay, okay, Koschey, I know what you Merlin's not like he's a good magician, and you, I'm sorry, angry. But he does the army have! Look how much land has been released!

- Collect... Freed... intellect and cunning must act! And the force will always be another power! That's when I look at him as he would with spaceships fight... So, Prince Ivan, now you all hope.

- At me again?

- And to who? If I was younger, but would be understood in computers, he would fly Kapsloka search. And do not find that sooner or later the end of our country SC is%

Special beauty of Snakes, of course, did not differ, but the view was quite awesome. The size was a small single-seater. Goals, as expected, there were three, out of the mouth was smoke, occasionally flashed flames.

Said Hello. Snake gave Ivan his huge paw, Ivan shook her gently, trying to keep a little to one side - suddenly dragon stumbles and crush?

The serpent said that he knows everything, imagine where the cave Kapsloka, and ready to get there. To understand the dragon was not easy, because all three heads managed to talk simultaneously. However, Koschey managed to whisper to Ivan that fact speaks more to the right head, the average tends to idle chatter, and the left - to the scandal.

On the back of the Serpent was strengthened anti-aircraft gun - swivel chair and a machine gun.

- This is my idea, " said Koschey proudly. - You'd fly to where the vampires, and they certainly will be attacked. In General, Prince Ivan, the Serpent knows the way, first aid kits with living water under the seat in the aircraft for a double we have drawn. Will arrive to the cave, and there really is oriented himself. If chisel, try to make it to our site will find, to revive in case. I was knocked out seven times, three times enlivened! - Koschey not miss the chance to brag. - As they say, to horse!

- More precisely, the snakes, " said Ivan, getting a chair on the back of a dragon.

Snake waving huge wings, took off and flew over the treetops. Ahead of him in the side of the double flew several aircraft, which were Koschey and elves.

Meet them up kompoldovskie fighters. At high altitude the fight began. Who's who won, Ivan did not see carefully watch it once. On the horizon, there were mountains.

The pilot of one of the enemy planes saw dragon, and tried dived at him, but missed. Fighter brushed the tops of trees and fell with a crash into the forest. Others were attracted kompoldy fight with planes Koshcheev, and apparently did not look down.

The mountain was fast approaching. Kite flying confidently, almost pitching, just turns a little ears. The heads of each other about something animatedly talking, but Ivan asked them to keep silent in order not to quarrel, and didn't forget where to go.

Of course, these mountains can be called only when the mountains are very big imagination. Neither snow-covered peaks, or steep precipices, neither of dark rocks. Ridge high hills covered with forests, in some places the cliffs, some steep slopes - that's all mountains.

Bottom of the shooting, and shooting literally from behind every tree. Around the whistling of bullets and shells. We see the troops have Kapsloka was still very, very much.

The bullets did not break through thick scaly Serpent, but in one of the wings hit by a shell, and it was half-metallic. Dragon staggered and nearly fell into a tailspin, but Ivan took time out from under the seat kit and splashed on the damaged wing of the living water. The flight was good.

- Fly zigzags, dragon! 'cried Ivan. Snake did. Now get to them has become much hard%

And then there were vampires. Ivan grabbed the anti-aircraft machine gun and opened fire.

- What's Serega read in Wikipedia that they have a length of several centimeters? Such a blast - and not get away! They, of course, a computer, but still very healthy... ' thought Ivan, trying to put a turn at least one ugly creature, resembling a huge and very toothy bat.

He gradually got used and even began to fall. In any case, no vampire has failed to come close to Ivan at a distance bite. But they became more and more, and they would try to fly up from behind and snap behind his back. And one managed to catch the tail of the Serpent, and has opened his mouth to him cling.

- Dragon, as you have there with the flame? Let's go the whole hog! 'cried Ivan, knocking vampire on the tail of a Snake only successful shot.

All three jaws began to spew flames and smoke, making for an irresistible vampire fire barrier. Ivan turned and began firing just before trying to clean the rear sector of the vile creatures.

But a vampire still managed to sink her teeth into his finger Ivan. However, for long. Ivan shook his hand, bounced bloodsucker, but the finger instantly became metal. Even worse was the fact that the affected region has been increasing rapidly. After a few seconds numb arm to the elbow, then to the shoulder. It looks like a vampire injected a strong poison.

Not for a moment to throw gun Ivan could not - it dived many more creatures. And with one hand and shoot, and get first-aid kit could only juggler from the circus.

- Dragon, zakladiv Virage... Make a circle! Three hundred and sixty degrees! And fire, more fire!..

Hardly Snakes something understood in geometry, but turn laid precisely such a need. In the eyes of Ivan's not that dark - blackened, but he for a moment was able to stop the shooting and try to get first-aid kit.

Dropped one plastic jar... Climbed for the second... Poison quickly spread through the body. Already went stiff neck, metal crept down to the waist. Ivan knew that if he dropped the second and first aid kit, then the third will not be able to get it.

Miraculously, not dropped. One hand does not work, so the lid opened teeth. Took a giant gulp - so they once with Sergei drank kvass. Poured OST%

But vampires have been more and more, and they have adapted to maneuver the Snake, and pricked up their attack almost simultaneously from all sides: from the tail, side and top. Even if Ivan was not one gun, and three, to rebut it would be extremely difficult. And the consequences of a single wound Vanya had time to feel full.

He realized that he had left only a couple of minutes. One, two bites, he will not be able to shoot, and hope there will be only that Snakes will carry back to his metal statue. On the other hand, without antiaircraft cover dragon, too, is unlikely to last long under the poisonous teeth vampires...

One of the bloodsuckers Ivan stared into his sleeve and pulled the flap - thank God, until the skin is not pulled. Flew off with a piece of cloth in his mouth. Immediately rushed him to several of his brothers and began to snatch prey. Started the fight, and the ball flew out of vampires down somewhere.

Ivan remembered that I had read something similar about how traveler thus strayed from his haunting pack of wolves, throwing them a backpack, a hat, gloves. They squabbled for each subject and for a long time was late, and he managed to get to shelter.

Hats and mittens Vanya was not, the helmet was necessary not to bite his head. Shoes would not have been able to shoot - too far to reach. Then Ivan threw bloodsucking one of the kits of living water. Helped. Another first-aid kit, another... All no longer be - should be left to the extreme case... For kits flew gun Baba Yaga... What else to distract the vampires?..

Ivan tore off the order of the Tsar Saltan and threw it far away. A good third of the attackers threw for bright stars were shining.

It became much easier, but still bloodsuckers were too much.

- What else throw creatures that? feverishly thought Ivan. - Watch! Grandfather clock! Oh, what a pity... But my grandfather would understand me and not offended...

Hours followed the order, flashing no less bright and distracting number of vampires.

The cave was approaching. Ivan between machine gun bursts turned around, trying through the flames and smoke to consider whether there is enough wide, this cave

- Dragon, pick up a little wings and fly inside!

Under the roar of fire, bullets whistling, humming and the flame war cries of all the three goals they got into the cave.

Another second - and the noise stopped. They fell on the carpet.





Yes, Ivan fell to dragon is on the carpet. These rooms Vanya sometimes seen in movies about millionaires - it was like an expensive luxury suites of the hotel.

In the corner stood a computer, for he was a whitish translucent silhouette. From this computer Ivan with the Serpent, apparently, and took off.

Dragon, disappear to the%8

White silhouette stood up from his chair. On the computer screen flashed soldiers, tanks, planes and spaceships.

In the room flew dozen vampires. Seeing Ivan, the creature rushed at him. Reach for the gun he had not. Several mouths have fought for unprotected hands and feet...

But their teeth on the hardness reminded bath washcloth and no harm was done.

But still it was very disgusting. Ivan, waving hands, jumped down from the back of the Serpent. I looked around, though vampires flashed before my eyes and tried to grab his nose and ears.

Outside the window could see the tops of some skyscrapers. Hung on the wall clock. Ivan noticed that they were mean, this was not the country of fairy tales, so teeth computer vampires didn't work. Looks like they were real apartments some expensive hotel.

Dragon rose from the floor and rushed to the nasty flying creatures. Here in the real world, the fire from his mouth does not cause them any harm, but eventually he managed to drive each of them in a corner and swallow. From the screen periodically flew new bloodsuckers, but less and less, and a Serpent grabbed them on the fly. Having finished with the last dragon tried to bite a white silhouette, but his teeth just chattered in the air - silhouette was absolutely incorporeal.

After several futile attempts to swallow white silhouette, the dragon sat bewildered middle of the room and waited for further orders.

A silhouette stood motionless, gazing at Ivan. Or, at least, turning in the direction of Ivan, as neither the eye nor the faces of the silhouette was not.

Ivan broke the silence:

- Kapslok! Where Alenka? Alenka! See?..

Silhouette sat down at the keyboard, type the phrase and the computer rather clumsy translated:

- You speak Russian?

"Yes, " said Ivan.

- You are the man And

"Yes, Yes!

- I, as you know, call Kapslok.

- What do I care about your name! Where Alenka? - Ivan cried, not located on a long conversation, and even through the computer screen.

- I do not understand, " appeared on the screen.

- Give me the keys! - Ivan rudely pushed the white silhouette (more precisely, the silhouette of himself moved away because pushing it was like pushing a fog). Second was accustomed to a specific contact klavito%

- Where my sister Alyonushka?

- Oh, you are her brother! said the screen. - I underestimated your ability. But your sister, I can not give you, I need it for great things. And you told me you can do nothing. The dragon for you and your weapons against me are powerless. I now call in reinforcements, and you die. Therefore, I demand to immediately leave the premises.

Ivan wanted to rush to beat the silhouette, but realized that it was useless. Then he got on the keyboard fingers, trembling with rage:

- Kapslok, even if you call a thousand of your double, it will not save. Their weapons are not valid, and the Serpent tear them to shreds. One by one, as you exit the screen.

- You didn't understand me. I'll call my guards from the real world, they are in the adjoining room. I give you one minute to return flight.

Vanya unpleasantly was the gnawing fear. One thing the country of fairy tales, where he seemed to have somehow got used to the battles and dangers. And quite another - the real world. As well as this type now presses a hidden button and call any of assassins? There certainly is no living water will not help...

Or lying Kapslok? If in the next room were the guards, would long ago have rushed to the noise until the dragon caught vampire...

- Kapslok! - posted by Ivan somewhat uncertain, but, fortunately, the trembling of the fingers harder to identify than a tremor in his voice. - Even if you call all the mafia world, I will have to break your computer, and your troops in the country of fairy tales will lose control and stop.

- Briefly. I have a lot of money, I buy a new computer and copy the entire program.

- Talking, R is

Posted by:

- A minute passed, Kapslok. Calls its security, but know that I will first ask the dragon to look out the window and let a little fire and smoke. Will come firemen and policemen, will see you and will pass to the laboratory for testing. Or to the Museum of science and technology. Understood? Now I'll give you a minute to think.

The silhouette was thinking the right moment, then typed:

"Yes, Mr Ivan, you can pick up your sister. It is in the back room down the hall. The key in this drawer.

- Dragon, look not to repulse Kapslok! - Ivan cried. He grabbed the key, ran down the hall and opened the door.

There sat his sister - almost in tears. I sat and considered some colorful fashion magazines.

- Alenka!

- Vanya! Vanya! Finally! And then I did not understand what was going on! I am certain types brought back here and put in this room! At first I wanted to break the door, but it is strong. Then I wanted to knock out the window, but it is too strong, and there is very high. Then I found these logs and began to watch them. They are so interesting! Here, look! I want those shoes! Tell your mother that gave me such!

- Give, give! Come along! the time in the real world was going on as real, and to her mother's arrival home was very little.

They ran into the big room.

- Oh, and this dragon? Real? - twittered Alenka.

- Fairy tale. Good and not bite - Ivan put his sister in a chair at the back of the Serpent, buckled straps. I had to sit beside him and instruct Gorini the

- And suddenly upon us now pounce all kompoldovskie planes? Or anti-aircraft guns shot down? No, Alenka not risk it.

Sat down again to the screen and typed on the keyboard:

- Kapslok! Disable all of its troops! And I'll smash your computer, and they shut off!

- If you break my computer, you sister did not get into the country of fairy tales, wrote silhouette.

- So what? Somehow the house and so get there! In turn our Embassy, we were on the plane home will be! And I ask Snake spit fire out of the window, will come firemen and the police, and you will pass the lab! Come on, turn off all quickly! Count to three, then break the computer!

In confirmation of his words Ivan seized computer Kapsloka and raised it above the floor.

- Again! Two! Two and a half! ...

Then the silhouette began to close the game program. One after the other. The game tanks, to play with airplanes, playing with armies, the game with submarines, a game with spaceships, play with monsters, playing with helicopters, a game with spies, one game with armies...

Ivan watched closely and shouted:

- And this! And this! And this, too!

Along the way he was thinking:

- If I'll fly with Alenka, Kapslok these game starts again, and all kompoldy again activated. We can, we'll fly home and go, but what then Merlin and Koschey will do? Look at Kapsloka on the computer any games with spaceships... Again, because the country of fairy tales capture. And will wait until some Alyonushka will fall... No! I better go home until I caused. I already big, we find that his mother said. Alenka back, and well...

Dragon! - he turned to a Serpent. - Take Alenka to Merlin, he'd show her how to dive into the river to get home. And tell him - let all of our once attacked the double! Computer Kapsloka they are not managed! Hear, Alenka, you also tell if the Serpent which will forget. And hold on tight I remember how we were riding on a roller coaster? And Mama don't say anything, and if you ask about me, tell me what I have Serega do the math... And you, dragon, then come back here for me. Forward! Take her all three heads straight to the screen!

Snake dived and disappeared.

Ivan little breather. Then again sat down at the computer and typed:

- Kapslok, why do you need all this needed? The country of fairy tales capture, Alenushka to steal?

- Mr Ivan, you do not have a need to know. There is nothing to tell you.

- Yes, you understand, Kapslok, you have no other choice. You're still lost. I still will not let you take back the country of fairy tales and izdevat

Silhouette still, apparently, considering the situation. Ivan stood up and again pretended that he was going to break his computer.

- Okay, Mr Ivan, I tell you everything. I am not a man. I have a computer mind. I don't know how formed within the Internet, but I wandered through the wires, looking at how people communicate (the program has translated the word "communicate"). And I really wanted to become man, to me all the respect and love. But I didn't know how it is possible that all the respect and love. And then I through the game program with vampires came out in the country of fairy tales. And I realized that you can win this country with the help of computer army. I this country to grasp easily, only Lapland remained. But I have found a good online game about the war of the planets, there is good spaceship, and I would soon be captured and Lapland.

Silhouette silent (or rather, paused in typing on the keyboard). Then he continued:

- I liked to run the country of fairy tales, and I decided to manage the country and people in the real world. But I am not a man, does not have the body, can't speak, and live a normal life in the country people, I can't. With the water of life I can be here, but not in the form of man. I over the Internet took a lot of money from banks, took a room in an expensive hotel, set himself the best computer, but I lacked the human body. And then I wrote a children's computer game "Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka". She created a similar passage in the country of fairy tales, as my first game about vampires. I wanted to trap got a young girl or boy, and I began to live in their body for many years.

- And why the game is a trap you wrote it on the Russian fairy tale?

- Russian fairy tales have great power, and it only helps to open a passage in the country of fairy tales.

- Why were such complexity - to open a passage only when the game went under the name of "Alenka"? continued asking Vanya (naturally, in writing).

- Mr Ivan, the opening passage in a parallel world - it is very complicated. In the game with vampires it happened by accident - coincided some parameters, which I do not know. But in the game, "Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka" terms of opening passage performed only if the girl played Alyonushka included under his own name, and she had a brother Ivan. For the opening of the passage need much of a coincidence, then there is great strength and energy. This energy also had to help me to settle in your sister.

- So what? Would get you the body Alenka, and what then?

- I had to understand how a computer body can live in the human. I almost understood it and was ready to settle in your sister, but you distracted me, freeing Merlin and jeopardize my computer army.

Silhouette paused, apparently thinking about whether or not to disclose their plans for the future. Ivan eagerly wrote:

- And what then?

- Then I would create a lot of game-trap for all ages, would take away all the people, playing my game-trap, and settle into their body my computer soldiers, vampires, monsters, and others. My kompoldy may be in the real world, they have no real body, and their weapons not to act. And if I inspire them in the body of these people, I would be a great art is%

- The order? Kids put in prison is a right? - writing rebelled Ivan, remembering Hansel and Gretel.

- Sometimes for the good order to sacrifice the interests of individual persons.

- Wait, Kapslok! You said you wanted to you all loved and respected?

- Yes.

- Is it possible to love and to respect a man who puts kids in prison?

Silhouette froze for a long time. Then uncertainly wrote:

- Probably, it was too. No need to put children were.

- A Alenka steal - not too? A Merlin lured to negotiate and put in prison - not too? And bring the whole country of fairy tales in the iron statue - not too? Who will love you for it? Who will be respected? Kompoldy yours? They love and respect don't know how. And statues, by the way, too.

Kapslok still silent. Ivan went, as many hands are tired of typing:

- In the country of fairy tales, one of Baba Yaga began to cooperate with you, and that's because of money. You this was necessary? And you think people in the world someone will love you with your computer monsters? No! Maybe someone will sell for money, as Baba Yaga. And that's all.

Ivan gave his fingers a couple of seconds of rest and continued:

"And then, eventually, you are in the country of fairy tales war lost. And people in the world the more you lose. No, Kapslok, you have to be corrected. If corrected, and you will love, and respect the will.

- And how do I correct, Mr Ivan? - humbly wrote silhouette. It seems that even sincere.

Ivan paused. Really, what to do with this flawed computer intelligence? In the world of people he can not live on the Internet - does not want. Keep him well - even some crap come up, not out of malice, but simply foolish. Again, for example, wants to force people to love themselves...

The thoughts were interrupted by the dragon. He flew out of the screen so fast that Vanya barely had time to leap aside. This time the Snake stopped time, contriving not hit the opposite wall.





The dragon was not alone. In a chair on his back sat great Merlin himself. The parties settled down two Genie similar to those in Lapland guarded the house of Father Frost. And with the same swords. Only those were in hats with ear-flaps and fur coats, but these - in turbans and tunics and trousers. However, maybe these were the Jinn, only dressed for the weather.

Changed, and Merlin: it was not in a green protective suit, and a long black gown and cap - Ivan are seen on TV at the ceremony of the international scientific awards. And the chair on the back of the Serpent was not from anti-aircraft installations and conventional airplane.

Kapslok seeing a magician and Jinn, went to the far corner and froze.

- Hello, Mr. Merlin! - tale%

- Hello, Hello, brave Lord John. I heard VI to captivate Kapslok?

- Well, something like that. And how are things in the country of fairy tales?

- Oh, there is a complete victory! Kompoldy thanks to your heroic feat had lost control and confused, and mi went forward and forward. Now mi have released tales of Central Asia, will soon reach the Mongolian and Japanese! It is difficult to list what titles you assigned the kings and wizards liberated countries, but I wrote it down and I want you to read.

- Then, then, IIA

- And what happened to him to decide? Here are the Jinn it now, take it, put in a jar and take in the country of the Arabian nights.

- Why?

"Why what? To drop the jar on the bottom of the ocean.

- That he had lain there for ever?

- Yes, of course. A VI, Lord John, to have a different opinion? I first want to make Kapslok in metal and put the statue in the edification of future invaders, but then decided that it is too cruel.

- Too harsh? But in a pitcher for the ever - not too harsh? What are you, magicians, all that if such bloodthirsty? I understand Kashchey the Immortal angry. He and the tales of such. But you?..

Merlin surprise seemed speechless. Ivan then grabbed his hand and dragged him to the computer where the screen was highlighted a conversation with Kapslokom.

- Here, read! Man wants to improve, and you have it in a jar on forever!

Merlin read. Paused. Then he said:

- Lord John, VI is right. Let me a moment to talk to Kapslok.

- Yes, but I still call home. Hey, Kapslok, come here! Fear not! Is there a phone? As from here to call for international communication? Interneshnl phone!

Kapslok, looking at Merlin and the Jinn, timidly approached the keyboard and typed the code of the HSE. Ivan ran to the phone and quickly dialed the right number, and his home number.

- Hallo! Hello! Alenka! You're home?

- Yeah.

- Serega there?

"No, he went to yourself - you have it like doing math.

- Clever you are with me, Alenka. German children in the country of fairy tales sent?

- Sent.

And mother came?

"Not just yet.

- Okay, maybe I even have time to go home before her arrival. You, Alenka, clean there, chairs apart. Only the computer is not on and out of this game does not come out, but I can not go back through the country of fairy tales, and I have here in the Embassy to apply! And hear, if it comes Mama, distracting her with something that the computer turns off! And she don't sit down to play, and then again in the passage would delay

- Yes, now I have never in my life for any of the computer game will not sit down!

"Okay, okay, clever, clever.

- VA-Ani, and where can I get books with fairy tales? I want to read about the dragon, and about Alyonushka, and about the great magician Merlin, and about with Hansel Gretel!..

"Come back, will you book. All, all, yet! Ivan put the receiver down, because Alenka, if not interrupted, could talk on the phone forever.

While talking to Vanya, Merlin was explaining something Kapslok

"Well, Mr. Merlin, decided something? - came over Ivan.

"Yes, Lord John, decided. Kapslok cannot become a person in the real world, he cannot become a man, and in the computer world. But he can become a man in the country English fairy tales. My magic can make it man. He will live honestly.

"Fine." And now let Kapslok come to the computer. It is necessary after all to close all the passages, and then some other regular rogue take advantage of them.

"But as VI, Lord John, can close the passages themselves if VI is here? You also have to go home.

- That I have already come up with!

Ivan sat down at the keyboard and wrote:

- Kapslok, I run a program full erase all of your games, just put the timer on it - to make money immediately, and in an hour.

Silhouette obediently sat down at the computer. Ivan turned to the Serpent:

- Dragon, you will be able to take us all at once? Me, Merlin, Kapsloka and Jinn?

Left head howled and began to shout something about the violation of occupational safety rules dragons. Average launched into a long discussion about the dangers of overloading after objectsa vampires.

But right interrupted them

"How far is to bring so many people?

- Close, very close, " said Merlin. - Just before the pass, which forms the border of Russian and English fairy tales. And this here is very near. You see, Lord John, he turned to Ivan, is there, and my English magic works in full force, and the dragon Gorinich from the Russian fairy tale can fly.

- It is clear. Well, Snake, will take?

- And what, Jinn themselves can not fly?

- Yes they are only in the country of the Arabian nights can fly!

- Well, okay. Once close, will take all of five.

- Kapslok, set a timer to erase all the programs? Well, let me see, incredulous, " said Ivan. Everything was correct. - I run! The time has gone!.. Dragon, are you ready? Kapslok let them sit in a chair, and he made out of the fog, they will not resist! Mr. Merlin, I ask you here, on the neck, you'll show the way to the Snake pass. Jinnah sit behind me on the tail! They all sat down? The EAP is%

"I know that, ' muttered the Serpent and dove.

They flew out of the cave and soared. Pass, indeed, was very close. Dragon, dissatisfied hissing all three heads, gently landed on a modest sort of Alpine meadows.

Passengers left the Snake back. The dragon shook himself and settled down to rest on the fresh green grass, humming to herself for three voices:

- Oh, mountain mountain rocky,

And on the mountain grass, grass is%

There was a warm summer breeze. Shining sun, the sky ran several small transparent clouds. Red, purple, blue flowers as if fire in the warm sunshine. Far below to the horizon stretched forests and meadows. Right from the Russian fairy tales, to the left - from English.

Merlin went to the left side of the field and took a very solemn and stately appearance. He tore a small blue flower, which immediately turned into a magic wand, like a thin glowing neon tube. He called Kapsloka, said some short spell, and touched his forehead with a stick.

There was a hiss and a shower of colored sparks, up a column of smoke. A moment on the spot whitish silhouette was charming long-haired young man. For some time he looked around, then said in English (Ivan almost all understand):

- And I wanted to destroy all this beauty! Thank you, great Merlin, that you saved me from this crime and made man!

- Thank the Lord John, not me. It was he who turned you in person. And I just gave you a new outer shell.

The young man approached Ivan and said very long and difficult English phrase. From her Vanya did not understand almost nothing, but with a sense Kapsloku shook his hand. Then he turned to everyone else.

- Mr. Merlin, I have little time. I have to fly home. The passage opened, while the computer Kapsloka not erased the game. Dragon, you Alenka drove to the river?

- Drove.

- Take me who%

- What are you, my good fellow! You - anywhere!

"And you, Mr. Merlin, how then can reach from here? Send for your Snake?

- Oh, Lord John, this is no problem! The country English fairy tales I can fly anywhere, and if in other countries may cause the helicopter by radio. We are now thanks to you all to know all the nerve! Oh, and I almost forget to return it to you - and Merlin took from his pocket watches. The ones his grandfather!

"Oh, thank you! How do you find them?

- One of the heads of the dragon Gorinich noticed how VI to leave them to distract vampires. I sent her an owl and a bat in the search, and they found your watch. They did not go, and I, along with other tales of magicians around the world to repair them using magic. Unfortunately, we are unable to find your great order of Tsar Saltan, but mi find. And if not, blacksmiths forge you a new one.

Ivan nodded. Wanted to ask something... to Say something very important... But the right words never come to mind. I tried to see how it is Merlin and other wizards managed to get watches from the real world to go to the country of fairy tales. But his eyes suddenly filled with tears as if hung in a white shroud.

We managed to squeeze out from itself:

- Well, I have... to fly.

- Lord John! And what about king Arthur, Tsar Saltan, Tsar Pea, other kings and wizards? They prepare the ceremony! I will not even have time to read your list of new awards and titles! For example, the Caliph Harun al-Rashid welcome you to the rank of Grand vizier...

"T - thank you, Mr. Merlin, thank you, ' said Ivan faltered. And, all the kings and wizards give great thanks. Only, you know... My dad always says: the parting of excess tears. Don't -- don't no solemn speeches, titles, titles... And then cry Grand vizier at the farewell ceremony, and will then remember everything about him as a crybaby!

Ivan tried to brush away quietly rolling down her cheeks tears, and to have Merlin had no memories of him as a crybaby. But quietly failed, because tears were too many.

However, the tears flowed and the face of the great magician. He wept and Kapslok. Even Jinn furtively wiped her eyes edges turbans.

John and Marilyn silently embraced. Last handshake with the Jinn, with Kapslokom, and Ivan climbed into a chair at the back of the Serpent.

- V back, Lord John! I believe! "called Merlin, waving a black cap. - I believe! Mi will be waiting for you!

- Say Hello to a mouse-the place and the frog-wah! Ivan tried to drown the noise of the wings of the Serpent. - And the cat scientist! And the gray wolf! And man and an old woman! And with Hansel Gretel! And Koshcheev! And Vasilisa The Wise! And all! Tell them that I'll be back!..

Snake looked up from the earth. Figures on the pass became smaller and smaller, until she disappeared from sight.

No kompoldovskih planes need not be feared, and dragon quietly flew at high altitude. Under his wing, slowly floated forests, meadows, rivers, streams... there is visible near the blue sea. And there's begins Lapland tundra...

The country of fairy tales. The ancient and beautiful. Indeed, what could be better tales in childhood was telling mom!

- the Sabbath.

- Home, " answered Ivan. - Home.




Book 2. Good and evil


Moscow, 2002.

Sergey Zagraevsky




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