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Sergey Zagraevsky


Ivanushka in the Land of tales


Book 1. The invasion of compolds

Book 2. Good and evil

Book 3. The double



Published in Russian: Сергей Заграевский. Иванушка в стране сказок. М: Алев-В, 2005. ISBN 5-94025-069-6




Book 3. The double







The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.








- Well, Vanya, I turn off the computer? Or else on the Internet will poletim?

- Wait, Serge, off! We also remember, wanted another site to see?

- Yes, well, look at some other time. We have the text in English is not read, but you seem more and physics did not.

- Yes, the English have with you the last time she asked, so we'll see soon, this text before class, and all. And physics... Andthe eight will not cause to the Board.

- Perhaps to the Board and will not cause, but the task that was at the house... Pomniki, vanyukha, Nina Stepanovna mentioned last time that task will be to check carefully to see?

- Like to say... And you decide%D

– Ага. Еще вчера.

– Так дай быстро списать, а потом посмотрим Интернет.

– Да ты что, Вань? Как я могу тебе дать списать? У нас же с тобой разные варианты!

- Exactly. Oh, Serge, I don't want to solve this task... ToAK summer vacation, it was good! And now two weeks training, but I still can not get used...

- Yeah, vanyukha, learned to do - it's not a double win, can I think!

- All kidding, but in vain! By the way, not I would have won then the doublegenerally known that in the world would have begun! Pre%

– Ой, спасибо Иванушке, отважному победителю компольдов, за наше счастливое детство!

Again, Sergei, just kidding! No, don't like me here, no respect! No thank you I will not say that I am a double won... And Cyclops, by the way, too! That'll leave you in the country of fairy tales, there is something I respect all! And love! And no bad marks in physics will not put!

- And what are you going to do in the country of fairy tales?

- Well, I find that! Of the Kingdom shall be! Look at Tsar Saltan I the most is%

– Править, Вань, тоже учиться надо. А тем более водить полки в бой.

- You're just like our teacher saying. But what they learn? King Pea generally illiterate, and in his Kingdom, I remember that all was well? And what his army was organized?

- It is king. You're not a king.

And well, that was not the king! Will not be king and President. I will build in the country of fairy tales democracy, I would choose, and I will issue decrees is to build a factory here, there factories%

– Ну, Ванюха, ты и загнул! Это Баба Яга, что ли, будет производить самолеты?

- And what, Baba Yaga could be some kind of Minister of civil aviation - won in a mortar his famously flies!

- And the factories gnomes will work?

And dwarves, and elves, and peasants. Enough of their Pashenko plough, it is necessary to modern life join! And where the labour force is not enough, the double will attract.

- That they all shot?

- Why is shot? Military kompoldy let them remain in their country of computer games, and I will draw peace. I will pay them and give living water - so why are they in someone shoot? Let the factories are working! Remember, Sergei, we are in a computerized economic game played? Here and factories, and plants, and transport, and the city, and money. And I have you, by the way, I won!

- A computer game to play is one thing, but life is quite another... Okay, joking - and will. So, vanyukha, go home to do physics? Or enter the Internet?

- Come to the Internet, physics survive. Maybe tomorrow will not check.

"Well, look, WAN. Two - I'm not guilty...

...Of course, the next day he received a d in physics. And it is fine just the two, and then another and long reprimand from Nina Stepanovna - say, Ivan thinks that it is possible to hope for a "maybe"that had not checked the task - and well, kind of like "carried", and in fact this problem is the key to a new topic, and if it is not met, then the study will be harder and harder, and catch up even more difficult, and in General, Ivan initially creates his own difficulties, and then solves them, and successfully - look at the controls...

- Yes, don't respect me here! - was angry with Ivan on the way home from school. - I tried Nina Stepanovna to talk so with the greatest Prince in the country of fairy tales! Go to the head from his shoulders down! No, his head from his shoulders is still too cruel... And in prison to put it would be still sorry... anyway, enough of these atrocities! Sent bs I manage some for%D

 Аленки дома не было – ее на пару дней забрала к себе бабушка. Папа с мамой были на работе. Иван уселся поудобнее в своей комнате и задумался:

- And why, actually, not to go to the country of fairy tales? Well, at least briefly, to mom and dad do not worry? At that time there a few days passed, and there are only seven minutes... And a few days there and you can talk with everyone, and understand whether there permanently move... I'm still not even know how time goes by, and in General all live! There's a mouse-the place and the frog-to the% Serega yesterday did not want to talk about it...

Ivan remembered his conversation with Sergey and angry again, although his friend certainly was not to blame or that no one knew how to live the country of fairy tales, or in the deuce of physics.

- Serega all the laughing, all joking with him was simply impossible to talk! Why, I wonder if he thinks I won't be able to live a normal life in the country of fairy tales? Sorry, I am with Merlin had no time on this subject, consult  : he probably knows everything, everything is still a great magician! And if they can live a normal life , so why would there not moving? And my father and mother will be offered in the%B 

From the pride of the greatest Prince and future President even got up from the couch and threw out his chest. Then he sat back and decided:

- Yes! Must try! In any case, it would be good to find Merlin and talk to him! But how to get into the country of fairy tales?

Ivan took out his grandfather's watches and examined them.

- When Merlin I was called to fight against evil, I translated the clock to seven minutes before the New year... Only it was the thirty-first of December, a lot of spin did not have... And now the middle of September, this is how much time to translate hours have? It is necessary to calculate the number of days before the New year, then multiply by the number of hours in the day... Tthousands any %D

And at this moment, Ivan said that under his eyes the hours, once enchanted Merlin and other wizards, spun faster and faster. Soon they flashed so quickly that they could not be detected. Then watch again went fine. They had seven minutes past ten.

- Wow! - Ivan jumped up. - Watches have understood, that I want to get into the country of fairy tales! And where the passage? It certainly should be, where is the book of fairy tales, that Santa Claus gave Alenka! How, then passed, and now will go, but where this book? Like Alenka it will not carried away, then in her room!

He ran into his sister's room. And indeed, in place of the book

Ни секунды больше не раздумывая, Иван шагнул в туман.





In the next moment Vanya has surfaced from the river in the same place as before - about the forest edge and bridges. Water is for some reason smelled strongly of oil.

- Something dreaming, apparently... Abouttkuda in the country of fairy tales oil? Maybe this oil find, while I was gone? And they with this oil do? - he wondered, getting out on the beach.

On the water, indeed, was a rainbow oil slick. The bridge is


- It is strange... Inkind would be to me the title of the President was not assigned... the Greatest Prince, commander of the regiment of the right hand, boyar - Yes, and President't remember... and cannot simply be called by the President - I will not choose... And if the President - then in the country of fairy tales Republic, but what there may be a Republic?.. Damn you, as in your mouth after that nasty oil... Who is it spoiled the river? And a forest some not so...

In fact, the forest was not the same as before. The autumn leaves were not Golden, and grayish-faded. It was perfect weather, clouds in the sky was not, but the sun still shone brightly. Ivan looked carefully and saw that the sky was covered with smoke.

- A smoke then why? The fire that?

Looking around a few times, Ivan saw, where was the smoke. Nearby, a river)%

Asphalt path wound through the forest towards the plant. Ivan went through it, trying to understand what happened in the country of fairy tales, why the river in fuel oil and the sky in the smoke. Nothing but a new attack of double, never thought of. But why would this kompoldy decided to put in honor of Ivan the memorial stone, and even named him President?..

Soon they heard the noise of engines. The path led to a large highway, which now and then raced cars. They looked like kompoldovskie, is composed as if from a small squares, but were quite peaceful and not sinister. Yes, and the passengers they were totally peaceful - no uniforms, no machines, no guns...

- Is still kompoldy? Again the country of fairy tales captured? - worried Vanya. - But why are they without weapons? Probably all of fantastic heroes destroyed, not fight with anyone here and disarmed! What to do, what to do? Now someone will see war of double cause, and all! It is necessary to quickly return back! I will Seryoga what happened, and b together

And then behind Ivan someone coughed. Vanya was unexpected and jumped aside. Turned around. Behind him on the path was a dummy. Dressed in a sweater, jeans and boots, with a bag in his hand, but still that same dummy. Marsh.

- Oh! Hey, dummy! - said Ivan, trying to understand why forest creature so strangely dressed.

Kikimora fell down and started beating my head against the asphalt, saying:

- HealthC... Zdravstvuite, your superior... Oh, you're told you not to call... Sorry... Sorry, brave winner of Compal... Oh! And so you told me you not to name, in order not to offend the double... Aboutth, forgive me, I can't read, to me about your decree cuckoo told me all mixed up! You are commanded to call you Mr... presidum... dent

Встань, кикимора, а то голову разобьешь! И объясни мне все по порядку, когда это я велел называть себя президентом?

Кикимора вскочила как ошпаренная, замерла по стойке «смирно» и забормотала:

- Oh, excuse me, your superior... Mr. proezd... Quintuple! I illiterate, your decree did not read! I told all cuckoo! If something goes wrong, it's her fault!

- Yes about the cuckoo, I already understood. Just something I of this decree do not recall...

"Of course, Mr. President... Mr. quintuple issued many decrees where he remembered about everyone!

- Well, Kiki%D

- And this is our great factory tires for cars! I own it working, that's changing soon begin! And you, Mr. quintuple, probably with the inspection to come?

- With the inspection, an inspection... And who else on this remarkable plant works?

- Well, kompoldy there, brownies, all forest monster... many Peasants, and even their horses at the machines are...

And kompold the%

– Конечно, нет! За этим наш директор завода следит, чтобы никто никого не обижал, и все хорошо работали!

– А кто у вас директор?

- How? Has Mr. quintuple not know? Oh, excuse me! Of course, Mr. quintuple knows, he just wants to check-eared hobgoblin! A dummy knows the Director of our wonderful plant! This is Mrs. sister Alyonushka!

- Wow! And brother Ivanushka?

- Mr. brother Ivanushka earlier helped sister to Alyonushka, and recently went on increasing, the servant is%


- Similarly, the Ministry! Excuse me, Mr. quintuple, I have to work late! Let the hobgoblin to go? And you do not believe that I spoke with the Lord of prezidentomthat he was without protection, that he just walked in the woods!

- Allow, allowT... nly tell me how I get into the capital?

"Where's your car, sir quintuple? Is your driver doesn't know how in the capital go?

Ivan initially taken aback, but then I found:

- M-m... D... Let the machine to the eye, not to rush... That sort about the country, inspect all those who like working, and then he'll start the car ride... And you, dummy, no one yet do not say that I met...

- Do not tell, don't tell anyone, Mr. quintuple! And in the capital to get very simple - you see, there on the highway bus stop? Soon the%

Непрерывно кланяясь, кикимора начала пятиться. Потом повернулась и изо всех сил помчалась в сторону «замечательного» завода, изрыгающего клубы черного дыма.





Ivan went along the road to the bus stop, still looking suspiciously at passing by kompoldovskie cars. But nobody paid any attention to him. And in the Windows machines flashed not only lifeless, as if composed of squares, faces the double, but quite lively person. Dark, concentrated, but alive.

At the stop loomed somewhat depressed figures. Among them were workers, and kompoldy, and some creatures, like whether at home, whether at the dwarves. Dressed were one hit - and in jeans and a peasant trousers and overalls, boots, and sneakers, and shoes. All were dirty and tired , apparently drove home after the factory shifts. No one %

Подкатил автобус, за рулем которого сидел компольд. Толкаясь и ругаясь, все залезли туда. В том числе и Иван.

Approached the guard, like a brownie. All were paid little silver coins. Vanya in his pocket, found a small detail that went well for travel: the conductor was so tired and sad that not even looked that the coin is put in his bag.

For the unwashed window glass floated plants, factories, construction sites and some ugly towns.

– Извините, этот автобус идет в столицу? – обратился Ваня к сидящему рядом пожилому бородатому рабочему.

– В столицу. А куда там тебе, парень, надо?

– Да мне бы в центр, к дворцу…

– К какому именно дворцу?

– К царскому.

- Which is the king?

"He probably presidential now! - realized Ivan.

- Oh, I see. Well, get to the last stop of bus station, then will pass a little along the street, and you will have the presidential Palace. And you, the guy was obviously a supernatural?

- Yes, unearthly. Here's capital want to see, "said Vanya.

- Well, I don't know what's there to see! Only if the palaces of any former boyars Yes princes. The Ministers are now, you know... Pof svali in our country of double, factories built near, earn money, build their palaces, and we work hard for nothing! And it is fine normal people were around, and that solid kompoldy! As I'm tired of their stupid faces! Look, look, %

– А живую воду откуда они берут? – спросил Иван. – Они же вроде без нее здесь вообще жить не могут…

- Gave them! What they need, and give out so much!

- Did you give out? For treatment, for example?

- Where there! They say if you want pure water, so for my money buy. And you know how much it cost? So much money for a hundred years does not work!

- And sooner than you do, the mill was?

- Yes, who does what. I, for example, in the realm of state-king Peas plowed the land. Here lie%

Распашу ль я, распашу ль я

Пашенку, пашенку!

Я посею, я посею

Лен-конопель, лен-конопель!

Тонок, долог, тонок, долог,

Бел-волокнист, бел-волокнист

Former farmer paused and furtively wiped away a tear.

- And what is now the earth is not plow? - asked Ivan.

"Who in our time of need farmers? All now korralduse technique makes! That has to go to the factories, together with kompoldami to work!

- Not directly life! - joined in the conversation another worker, younger, sitting on the bench behind. - I RA is    

- And, for example, in the country English fairy tales now also kompoldovskie plants? And in the German fairy tales? - asked Ivan.

- Eco " man, where have enough English and German fairy tale! - said work, which was once a peasant. - No, they say it is business as usual. Is it just us, Mr. President, damn it, the double invited the factories to build factories Yes! Oh, and built! The smoke, the dirt, breathe in rivers but the lakes not iskupatsya, come from the factory, fall to sleep like the dead, and the next morning back to the factory!

- Mr. President? Ivan?

- Ivan, Ivan! By the way, boy, you're at it very similar! Do you know? It must be the same as can be!

- It happens, it happens... I do not understand: he himself had once won the double, what he decided to invite them?

- And who knows, a former brave winner of double!

- Why do the former?

- What are you, boy, heard about the presidential decree, which he commanded not nae%  

Kompold blankly looked at him and said nothing. Apparently, the issue was too complex for the mind of computer games.

"You see? And these brainless creatures can offend?.. Okay, so long, man. We go. And you until the end, remember?

- I remember, I remember. Thank you great.

The window of the bus pulled dreary factory outskirts of the capital. Dirt, rubbish on the streets, withered leaves of rare trees, the smoke from factory chimneys, fences curves of peeling boards, ramshackle huts, downcast people, gloomy kompoldy... In General, the sight was so depressing that Vanya turned from the window and began to try to understand that the President controls this%D

Came up with the only logical idea: someone very like him, he disguised himself as a brave winner of double, seized power in the country, declared himself President, invited the double and built factories. No other explanation for what happened in the country of fairy tales, could not come up.

- But how could it happen that none of my friends here didn't notice the trick? - puzzled Vanya. - Neither Tsar Saltan, neither the king Peas, nor Kashchey the Immortal, nor Vasilisa the wise, nor a magician Merlin... How is that? Country Russian fairy tales killed in smoke and soot, people are suffering, and no one noticed, nobody brought pretender to clean water, no one n the%B  

The bus drove up to the last stop. Ivan went out and walked along the street in the direction pointed to an elderly worker.





During the time that John was not in the capital of Tsar Saltan, the city has greatly changed. Here and there among the low wooden houses stuck out ugly high-rise buildings and factory chimneys. The streets were full of cars. Everything was gray and smoky. Somewhere dullness concealed bright advertising, but the overall impression was so-so. Especially for Ivan, who last form

- Wow, what this impostor has brought the country! - not a little angry Vanya, barely dodged than by car, which is also sprinkled it with dirty water from puddles. - Although the capital could maintain a clean and beautiful, but it's here all how disgusting! Well, now I come to the Palace and will expose the nefarious deceiver! I am also in the country of fairy tales all know - and kings and heroes, and the wizards! See me, will understand that brave winner of double - this is me, and all will go well!..

More and more incensed, Ivan went to the main square. The former Palace of Tsar Saltan, and now the presidency, has been rebuilt so thoroughly that Ivan did not immediately recognize him. Stone, wood, concrete, glass - it was all mixed up as fanciful and shapeless, and that the building was hard to call. They were surrounded by densely arranged artificial trees in tubs.


- Its a Palace laundered, vile impostor! And the country all the smoke and soot! - hissed Vanya through his teeth.

At the entrance to the Palace were two guards. Judging by the bushy beard, once they were archers, only now wore no coats, and in neat black uniforms with some stripes.

Ivan decided first to stand aside and watch, who will be part of who enters the%

– Это же господин президент! Быстро зови главного начальника охраны! А я побегу докладывать!

Ran to the van, stood at attention and began:

- Mr. President, allow me to inform you during your absence is no accident happened...

At this time, the doors of the Palace ran Goblin. Dressed in the same black uniform, but with the other stripes. Apparently, he was chief of the guards. Also ran up, pushed the security guard, was low bow

- Mister President! How so? You went into the city without protection? Yes I look - and changed... And how you left so that the protection you not noticed? Let me take you to your rest... Aboutx, sorry, still can not get used... In your residence! Or you want more work? Then let me take you to the office!

- Well, let's be ushered into the office. Will train more and see who is the country of Russian fairy tales to such condition brought! - Ivan said sternly. However, the severity was affected - actually he was glad that all immediately recognized him, and that everything was resolved so simply. A pretender, probably saw from the window, as this Ivan comes to the door, and ran away!

Goblin led by Ivan the long corridors of the Palace. Meet now and then came across some officials in jackets and ties, kompoldy in tails and cauldrons - exactly as from the economic computer game in which they had recently played with Sergey.

Goblin all the time shouting: "make way, is Mr. President!". Passers drew back to the walls and bowed, some immediately hid behind the doors of their rooms. A couple of times someone tried to run up to Ivan with some papers to sign, but the Goblin barked, that the President "went to the people and tired that he will sign tomorrow. The officials bowed and from

Да-а, ну и наделал тут делов самозванец! – бурчал Иван себе под нос, глядя на всю эту бумажную беготню. – Развел бюрократию, а страна…

Agreement about the country he had not. With the words: "Please, Mr. President!" Goblin revealed to him the huge doors. Ivan entered the reception room, where sat (immediately jumped up and bowed) several officials and the double. Goblin ran forward and gave him another big door with a large bronze plaque "PRESIDENT". Ivan walked up there and died.

Struck not room, though he had seen such only on TV. Struck him that a huge Desk sat... himself. The same thin, such as freckles, the same unruly curls... Tnly Ivan were sweater and jeans, and his double - black suit, white shirt and tie. But from his shirt pocket hung point is

Double rose. On the door of the room, his eyes bulging, stood Goblin, followed crowded officials and kompoldy, pulling the neck to get a better view of what is happening.

Double stood up. Imperiously told the Goblin:

- Please, close the door. From the other side.

The door slammed shut.

A few seconds Ivan and his twin stared at each other. First to break the silence%2

– Ну что, самозванец, испугался? Все, кончилось твое правление! Пришел настоящий победитель компольдов!

– Я самозванец? Нет, Иван, ты ошибся!

– Я, что ли, самозванец?

- No, why not? You, Ivan, the greatest Prince, the winner of double, commander of the regiment of the right hand, boyar, and so on.

- Something I didn't understand. If I Ivan, the greatest Prince, and so on, who are you?

- Ivan, the greatest Prince, winner of double, commander of the regiment of the right hand, boyar, and so on, and now the President of Russian fairy tales. And the difference between us is that I'm the President, and you're not the President.

Vanya did not understand. Sat in a deep chair and said:

"Listen, John, or who you are there! What you're President, and I am not the President, me, and so clearly. And thank God that I am not the President - I would be ashamed to govern with dirty rivers and black smoke from the sky! But I won the double! And Cyclops! And that to me Tsar Saltan bestowed the title of greatest Prince! And the king Peas - the title of the first boyar!

- You, Ivan, %D 

– Ну, ты даешь! Как же это так?

"Well, then, listen, Ivan, from the very beginning, - said the double, sitting in a chair across Vani. - Remember you told Sergei, he wanted to be President of the country of fairy tales, to build factories and all that?

- Remember. Only you know where it is?

- Yes because I have is you! And this time I was told all this Seryoga. Well, consider that we are together he races is%

– Получил, получил. Так выходит, во время разговора с Серегой я раздвоился?

- Well, something like that. You're then wanted to move to the country of fairy tales? So moved.

- It turns out, it was not I moved... Or moved to a strange...

- What, are you hoping to move to the country of fairy tales, as a new apartment? No, it does not happen. Believe that I - your image, who lives here in Dreamland. And you don't belong here. Come into my world and correcting

– Я-то двойку исправлю, а вот как ты исправишь все то, что натворил в стране сказок?

– И что же я такого натворил?

"I don't understand? Lean out the window, what about ignorance and filth! What are all the dark! No country of fairy tales, and Promzona some! And kompoldy around, look disgusting!

- Well, if you, Ivan, did not like the industrial zone and kompoldy, why do you then said Sergei, he would like to set up factories and plants, to invite the double to work for them and so forth? So I%

– Да, действительно, хотел… – Ваня схватился за голову. – И что же теперь делать?

- Nothing! Everything is fine! Go back to itself, and in a year or two I went to visit! Just a new aviation plant will be ready! Fly on the plane - no composites.comand produced in the country, Russian fairy tales! So to say, domestic production! By the way, you know, who supervised the construction of the plant? Baba Yaga! Remember, you -- I... said Sergei that it is possible to appoint the Minister of civil aviation? I did just that. And Granny is coping very well!

- No! - Ivan jumped up from his chair. - Then I showered Seryoga stupid - so what, the country of fairy tales now all my life to suffer? No! I will not let you continue to destroy nature! And people are forced to work in factories near kompoldami! While all will not be here in the old way, it does not go anywhere!

- Do not go away? - ominously asked the double, rising too.


– Значит, мешать мне собираешься?

– Собираюсь!

– Ну, смотри, Иван. Хотел я с тобой по-хорошему, а не получается…

– И что? Арестуешь меня? Казнишь? В темницу заточишь?

- Why? We now all this is abolished, no killings, no prisons, only the insulators have...

- Well, convert, convert, if you have no conscience!

- But what is the conscience? When running the country, there is not the conscience... the Problem is something in the other. Here we have democracy now, all under the law, and I am not able to decide who to put in the prison and for how long. And you have%D

- How are you, all turns out to be difficult! - mockingly said Vanya.

- What did you think? It's all just the kings is just that, and head from his shoulders. And I'm the President, I have everything on the law on the court... But the judge says to me " well, you never know who is different, so what is all like President in the insulator plant? And say, let him go on his way, no need to touch it again... And have a teba the

– Ну и отпустишь, никуда не денешься!

– Но ты ведь не успокоишься и мешать мне будешь?

– Я же сказал – буду!

– Послушай, Иван! А давай все-таки попробуем решить все по-хорошему, по-родственному!

- On a relative? And what do you suggest, their relatives?

'Well; if you don't want to listen to me, that I should go while the going's good, so listen to your friends.

"What friends?

Instead of answering the call double clicked on the table. In the doorway appeared a Goblin. Uncertainly applied to both:

- What would you command... ordered... Lord... the Lord?

- Urgent gather, dear Goblin, a meeting of the Council of Ministers. - said the double. - To all the Ministers were there!

- Mr. President, let me ask: attendance is mandatory for all or not? Koschey the Immortal now leads the meeting of Directors of factories, and Vasilisa the wise takes ambassadors of Chinese fairy tales...

So let interrupt their meetings and receptions! Yourself, dear Goblin, you see that the matter is important and urgent! So all and send to: turnout is strictly necessary!


– Так что, у тебя в министрах не только Баба Яга, но и Кощей, и Василиса? – удивился Иван.

– И не только они. Сам увидишь. Скоро все соберутся, а ты пока, если хочешь, почитай газеты.

- Tales of the country now has a newspaper?

- And how? Now, look.

Newspapers have been very monotonous and boring. Messages about how much some plant produced products as grain was threshed kompoldovskie tractors and harvesters, how many planes participated in the last military parade, many of double moved to live in the country, Russian fairy tales, skol

Пока Ваня просматривал газеты, двойник молчал. Потом спросил:

- Well , you did not change his mind stop me? Look, as at us in the country of fairy tales.

- In your Newspapers, their relatives, you really all right! Did you train in the country - and not a machine protection, and on the bus! Since people talk and find out how he lives! On the double nasty look! On fences and barracks! On the black smoke from the chimneys! The forests blackened!..






The meeting room was a huge room, which appeared as if from the same film about the life of millionaires, and that the presidential office. Around a long polished table in the leather armchairs were Ministers.

He entered the room, Ivan is so confused that he has lost the gift of speech. They were not only Koschey, Vasilisa and Baba Yaga, but the Tsar Saltan, and Ivan-tsarevitch, and Ivan the fool with his older brothers, and uncle Chernomor, and Ilya Muromets, all in strict business suits. On one of the chairs perched male scientist without a costume, but in a bow tie. The only unfamiliar faces were two kompolda in bowler hats and tails - evidently, from some of the economic game.

Seeing Ivan and his twin, all stood up, looking at them. Ivan wanted to rush to greet his friends, but his double ahead:

"Sit down, sit down, Sirs! And you, dear counterpart, sit down! Here a free chair!

- Yes what I'll double? You double! - cried Ivan.

- Well, who among us counterpart, and who is not, we the Ministers of the Lord, and help

– Ставь, ставь! – сказал Иван, плюхаясь в предложенное кресло.

"Well, gentlemen, Ministers, there was an uneasy situation. Before you two Ivan - I have this. Everyone thinks that he is the one who won the double and Cyclops. In principle, this is true. As it happened , whether it is a country of fairy tales, that it was amazing things. It is important that I - the President, but he is not the President. However after all, you're not pre 

– Не президент, и не собираюсь им быть! – отрезал Ваня.

"You see, Sirs: I - the President, but he is not only the President, but also believes that we properly manage the country of fairy tales. Believes that it is necessary to close all the factories, all the factories, to evict all of the double and return to what it was before, with the kings. You think so? he asked Ivan.

- Yes, I think!

"Well, Sirs, now you all C is%B

- Of course there are! What do you mean, friends? Who are you listening? Yesterday I... Tabout is for you yesterday and a long time... no Matter... showered Seryoga stupid things that should be in the country of fairy tales do in modern factories to build, the double invited to work... And that the President would like to become... And here in the country of fairy tales came my way was this... Became the%

– Почему же невозможно? – подал голос Кощей. – Очень даже возможно.

- How is that possible? Breathing is nothing! And oil everywhere! Go, Koschey, bathe in the river, and I look at you!

- Yes I have in the Palace a large pool! The biggest in the country of fairy tales! - Koschey not miss the opportunity to brag. - So why do I stream?

- How? Uncle Chernomor! After all, your sea, I suppose, too, all in black oil! Not hateful to you?

"I don't know... "replied the warrior. - I recently went to the fleet inspection, but, you know, the Navy is no need in the sea itself to climb, that men have...

"And you, Ilya Muromets, the same opinion?

- And what? We uncle Chernomor always as one, is a deep bass voice answered hero, a black suit that looked like it will spread across the seams on a powerful biceps. - And nothing you, my good fellow, want to get rid of a double. I, as Minister of war, I can say that they are excellent soldiers - hardy, Executive, disciplined...

- A forest you are not shaking the

- Yes, when I walk, breathe the air? My Ministry to manage! And if me to hear the birds singing want, I better go to the zoo!

- Tsar Saltan! Surely you do not want things to be like before? You also this President was overthrown - and you did it hurt?

- Why is overthrown? We just agreed that everything should be in a new way, and decided that Prince Ivan l is%8

"But Prince Ivan is me! 'cried Ivan in frustration.

But the double calmly and confidently replied:

"You, Prince Ivan, no one argues. But I, too, Prince Ivan, and this, too, nobody argues.

"I deny it! I! You're just my way! You appeared in the country of fairy tales, when I Seryoga talking about the factory and the double! So I - this Ivan, and you - my copy!

- And I this is

– И зачем же ты ее там оставил?

- Well, for example, that mom and dad did not worry! This explanation suit you?

Vanya finally lost his head and was silent. A double continued:

- Yes, and whether we argue which of us whose copy? Here we are with you both here, and the honorable Ministers must make your choice. To do this, I'm all gathered, and immediately told everyone that the only difference between us is that I am the President of the Sabbath.

– Правда, правда! – раздались голоса.

- And you, Ivan, confirmed: am I right that we offer to all participants to make a choice - to live in the old way, as under the tsars or new?

- Correctly... And that, my friends, you like to be Ministers? I like that you have this President is in control?

- I like! Like very much! - heard on all sides.

- And you, Vasilisa the wise, like to be a Minister? - asked Ivan, already without hope.

Minister Vasilisa is still very similar to the physics teacher Nina Stepanovna, said the whole speech. It followed that the country's Russian fairy tales under the leadership of President Ivan flourishes that it now considered in all other countries of fabulous that many foreign kings and wizards exchanged with President Ivan ambassadors that now all live in m is%

It was so long that the cat scientist, before trying to listen, curled up in his chair and fell asleep. Double Ivan finally broke Vasilis:

- Thank you, thank you, Madam Minister! Well, John, I think you all understand? We got everything like everything, everyone is happy! Peace, friendship and accord! If you want to know, I even Nightingale the Robber and Tugarin Zmievicha forgive, they are now too busy affair. It would be good to you is the king of Peas to hear him all happy! But he retired, Minister of him did not work - everything-so the%B

Иванушка-дурачок и два его старших брата согласно закивали.

- All of the Lord? All supported? Can I put the question to a vote? - triumphantly said the double.

- Put... - hopelessly said Ivan.

- So, who is satisfied with the Board President, please raise your hand!

All Ministers raised their hands.

- Who is dissatisfied with the Board President and wants everything to be as it was, under the tsars, no factories, please raise your hand!

Neither of%

– Кто воздержался?

Ни одной руки.

– Объявляю результаты голосования: за – все, против – нет, воздержавшихся – нет. То есть единогласно.

Двойник выдержал эффектную паузу и повернулся к Ивану:

- Well, he will find the way home, or you hold?

- I find myself... - murmured Ivan, choking back tears. With difficulty arose from the chair - legs would not obey. Trying to keep my head straight, in sepulchral silence he left the room. Closing the door behind him, had to hear the words of his double:

- The meeting was over. Thank you all, all free.





Sadly looking down at his feet, Ivan walked the long corridors of the presidential Palace. Runs past the officials. Some saw Ivan, exchanged glances and whispering - probably already know about what happened.

"Excuse me, where's the door? - went to one of the officials Vanya.

- Over there, down the corridor to the right and then down the stairs. Sorry, but you can ask: you Mr. President or not Mr. President?

- No, I'm not Mr. President.

- And who are you? You like him...

- I'm sorry losers, had destroyed his laziness and irresponsibility country of fairy tales, samarri

Навстречу по коридору важно шел серый волк.

– Привет, серый! – рассеянно сказал Иван, пряча глаза и собираясь пройти мимо.

- Hi, hi, good fellow! - happily replied the wolf. - Haven't seen you! I heard that you like here now as the most important? The word for some, just can not teach... Proezd...

- President. No, wolf, I'm not the President. And I am not the President. Let my double right here, the new factory building, if all all like, all happy... And I am now on avtoboks the%B

– Извини, добрый молодец, но я совсем ничего не понял. Вижу только, что ты невесел, что ты голову повесил… Чем я могу тебе помочь? Может, тебя куда-нибудь отвезти?

- No, thank you... You're probably here for some business?

- Yes, I am told, have come to the Palace to go, some paper to sign, on which I reserved land in gratitude for the dedicated service... And I have to write, not to subscribe't know how, here's a foot can make...

- You see, a serious matter - paper to sign, a paw... TAK not about%

И в этот момент в конце коридора показался кот ученый, мчащийся огромными прыжками. Подлетев к Ивану с волком, он закричал:

- Brave winner of double! I understood everything! I was asleep when Vasilisa it said, and as they did, no one noticed that I was! And when I woke up, I heard that the President asked the Goblin, can I rely on him, whether he fully trust! That, of course, replied that it is possible! The President ordered him to take several Dowerin% not so! He never would have done so mean! So, this President is not the winner of the double, and an impostor! And you are the real Ivan!

- Well, thank you, cat scientist! - Vanya on happiness hugged and kissed the cat. - I'm not so sad to go home! Though me glad!

"I'm afraid brave winner of double, too early for us to rejoice! I once heard what the President talked with the Demon, so immediately jumped up and ran! And they now know that I know everything and tell you! And the Goblin has certainly raised the safety and chasing us! Yes, there they are!

Indeed, at the end of the corridor seemed a few quick steps guards. Seeing Ivan and cat, they went to the races.

Almost mechanically Vanya grabbed the cat scientist in his arms and jumped on the broad back of a wolf.

- Wolf, save me! Rather, the exit! Cat, stand by! - he cried, frantically grabs at the gray hair on his neck.

And the wolf lunged forward. The guards began to get guns, but the fugitives had already turned the corner of the corridor. Rasshiryaya gaping officials and gets in the way of the guards, the gray wolf raced toward the exit. Another twist... the Wolf had slipped, but survived... the cat almost fell, but Ivan was able to grab it by the tail... Inthe bottom of the stairs... Vanya nearly lane

– Стоять! Вы арестованы! Будем стрелять! – раздались крики охранников, стоящих у выхода. Один из них лихорадочно запирал двери.

Wolf, jump through the window! Maybe there are not armored glass! And close your eyes to splinters not to hurt! - screamed Ivan, bending the head - her and the cat.

Sound of breaking glass, and grey wolf jumped out. Shots... Eschool shots... But, of course, to get into racing madly down the street wolf was unreal.

From somewhere out of the corner flew patrol car p% 

– К лесу, серый! К лесу! Кот, где тут ближайший лес?

– Направо, потом все время прямо!

- Hearda wolf?

Panting mad jumps wolf didn't answer, but nodded. A sharp turn and at the end of long street struck trees.

Behind heartrendingly sirens - they overtook two patrol cars. On direct they raced faster wolf.

Gray, quickly turns out in the lane! And now the left - in the gardens!

Loop between the houses and per the

– Волк, давай зигзагами!

Jump to the left, jump to the right - and all the bullets whistled past. Another twist... and from the edge of the forest...

Panting, wolf delved into the thicket. Ivan cat barely managed to Dodge from the branches. A few more minutes, and the danger has passed: in such a thicket to catch up with them was impossible.

Reaching a small clearing, and the wolf stopped. Ivan and the cat climbed a scientist with him and, exhausted, he fell on the grass. Near fell gray.

Some time all was silent - came to his senses. The first to break the silence cat, who began to sing:

- Ravaged aside our wicked Lord, Lord,

As povybral he a villain, our young guys,

Our young guys in soldatushki,

And the red of our girls in the maid,

And matushkas the priests on RoboTask...

Vanya hastened to interrupt him:

- Thank you, cat, thank you. And you, wolf, thank you. You're just like in the adventure film from the chase went! Well, let's rest a little - and from house to house?

- What are the houses? - leader asked the cat scientist. - %D

Иван застыдился, что не подумал о коте и волке, но быстро нашелся:

- What are you, a cat! How do I abandon you now? I'm not some sort President! I had in mind - to my home. Alenka long ago kitty asks, and gray I'll give a dog. I'll say this now sverhporodistaya shepherd. And going in the mornings and the evenings to walk. And, wolf? Come to me?

The wolf wanted to say something, but the cat learned to beat:

"I'm afraid brave winner to the

- Hmmm... ToUDA go? Tell me, cat, and someone in the country of Russian fairy tales against the President of the self-styled? The elections were the same, then, were also candidates...

Yes whom the President appointed - those were the candidates! No, my good fellow, in our country we will not find. Even the king of Peas on the side of the pretender. And the king's sons in his Ministers is the%

- Well, if a Russian fairy tales no one will help, you can, in English will try to get? There is still a great magician Merlin, it is unlikely that the President supports... Me on the bus saidthat he has neither the plants, nor the double...

- I also heard that Merlin in the old way, "said the cat scientist. - He even forbade her to

– Так поехали к Мерлину! В какую сторону граница английских сказок?

- About there, "said the cat, little thinking and looking at the sun filtering through the gray haze. - Just know, brave winner of doubleas President of the border guards? The mouse does not slip!

- Well, the mouse does not slip, so the wolf could run! Do not get in close forests?

- We must, must try... Snye I a dark forest, he went straight to the country English fairy tales out... And here it is copses to get...

"Well, then let's go! Hey, gray wolf, rested?

- Yeah. Sit down, my good fellow. And you, kotyara, climbed, but not scratched.





Grew dark. Gray wolf ran it along the forest paths, then the edges of forest edges, then straight through the woodlands.

Ivan, already accustomed to shaking, looking around him. Nothing good to see him failed. That here and there rays of the setting sun clouded by smoke from factory pipe. That here and there on the fields were building some new plants. That here and there the coming of the%B

Cat constantly singing sad folk songs like: "don't you make a noise, mother of green Dubravushka, do not bother me, young fellow, Duma dumati", and this landscape looked even sadder. However, all attempts to stop a cat and shift his attention to something else, besides the songs, were unsuccessful.

But, finally, the cat joyfully said:

"Well, brave winner of double

 - Come on, cat scientist! Until dark for a long time! Went, until something visible, and there shall dwell in the forest, we will stay the night! Not to sleep in the open field! Look, look, kompoldovsky helicopter flies - probably looking for us!

"Maybe he just flies? - with hope said the cat. - Still, in a country of peace, friendship, harmony...

- Will you attack helicopter just to fly

– Поехали, добрый молодец, – отозвался волк.

Dark woods, indeed, was very thick and dark. The trees around the narrow forest path was a wall. There was no wind, and around it was so quiet the ringing in my ears. Even the cat scientist paused. It was the only breathing wolf.

Soon it was quite dark, and it became difficult to distinguish between the path and Dodge the branches. But then appeared ahead edge.

- Here and let us, the% 

They sat down near the middle of the edge. The wolf and the cat immediately fell asleep. Ivan did not want to sleep, but gradually the dream still overcame him. Leaning back against the warm side of the wolf, Vanya sweet sniffed.

He woke up from a wild howl coming from the forest.

- U-u! Ua-AU! A-a-a-a-a-a! - ominous howled from all sides.

Vanya for the first time in my life I understood that a man feels when the hair from fear stand on end. He jumped to his feet and began to look around. Jumped and the cat, and the wolf.

The night was completely dark - no moon, no stars. Around the edge of the wall were black trees. And from everywhere came a terrible howl.

Cat arched his back and began to hiss - just like a cat Baba Yaga. Gray wolf bared his teeth and growled.

"Do... Neujeli wolves? - asked Ivan.

- Maybe the wolves... - a trembling voice cat. - It is not one of our grey inAPA pageAnya Russian fairy tales... They were in fairy tales and about seven kids, and little Red riding Hood and the wolf and the Fox...

- No, this is not the wolves! Alone wolf 

– Кто же тогда может так выть?

– Ой, не знаю, отважный победитель компольдов, не знаю! – кот, трясясь от ужаса, прижался к ногам Ивана.

– У-у-у! А-а-а-у-а-а! У-у-у-у! – неслось из черного леса.

- And I think I guessed it! - Vanya said with relief. - It's Goblin figured that we will get to Merlin through the forest, and sent all the evil forest, terrorized us!

Sounds like a brave winner of double! - said the cat.

- Well, then there is nothing to fear! Now we'll show them! Well, wolf, show!

- What to show, my good fellow?

- As%2

The wolf sat on the back legs and howled. Roared so that if Ivan did not know that it is howling his gray one, he probably would in the metal from fear. The mighty howling blocked all the sounds coming from the forest, and the echo reflected from the wall of trees, it multiplies.

Gradually, the howling in the woods were silent. Stopped and the wolf.

"There! Understood, whose terrible howl? - Rado is%8

– Нашли, кого запугивать, – отважного победителя компольдов! – добавил кот.

И тут над лесом вспыхнули мощные фары и послышался быстро приближающийся гул вертолета.

Wolf, cat, soon went away! We gave, now us on this glade kompoldy catch! - Ivan cried, jumping on his back to the wolf and helping to climb up there is a cat. - Where there is a path? Cats also like to see well in the dark!

In the dark, but not in this, - said the cat. - Seems there was some light! Wolf, let's go!

Delving into the depths of almost invisible trail, they saw a grove, where they had been, was a bright spotlight. Then kompoldy began to fumble headlights and a spotlight in the forest, but, naturally, in this increasingly see nothing was impossible. After a couple of laps, the helicopter flew away.

Some time friends deep into the forest. The trail under the wolf's legs almost disappeared, the branches are increasingly was slapped in the face. Ivan asked the cat:

"Are you sure that this is the path that we need?

- How can you be sure in the dark, brave winner of double? - said the cat.

- So, maybe, let's get back on the edge? The helicopter flew for a long time, and as often as we would not get lost... Nvoracity, grey...

The wolf turned and walked back. One turn of the path, two, three... Vanya was seriously worried:

- I do not get lost if we are friends?

- Seems to get lost - almost unison said that the wolf and the cat.

- Well then, let's  

– Погоди, добрый молодец! Вон там, кажется, огонек! – радостно воскликнул кот.

- Similarly, the light! Wolf, let's go! Right through the woods, straight! Probably a fire, or some Ranger's cabin! Spend the night in the heat, and the next morning back to the path's go!

Wade straight through the thick woods the night was very hard. Then it had to Dodge the trees and close the face from the branches. But gradually the forest was becoming less and less. The light flashed ahead 

– Может, скоро в поле выедем? – с надеждой спросил Иван. – А это не деревня ли там?..

Но под волчьими лапами начала хлюпать вода. Деревья вокруг почти исчезли, а огонек все не приближался.

Water has already reached almost to his feet sitting on the wolf's back Ivan, when the cat said:

- This is not a village, my good fellow! And do not fire! This is a swamp! Quagmire!

- What kind of light in a quagmire?

- Probably, Goblin afflicted us bog Morok!

Exactly... erth, wolf, back up! - cried Ivan.

Wolf, stuck almost to his belly and tried to turn around. Did not work. One more the%B

Волк прохрипел:

– Пропали мы, добрый молодец, совсем пропали!

Кот в ужасе начал петь:

– Как душа да из груди выходила,

Eyes bright with the light farewell...

- Shut up, the cat! And you, gray, wait, now I tear, "said Vanya.

"Don't you dare! - roared the wolf. - Roared the wolf.

- Yes, still sinking, so it's better soon... And you, gray, will be easier - you look, and get out...

No way! Die - so together! - growled the gray wolf, making a desperate leap.

- Back does not work - so 

– Ай, ребята, навалися, раз! Ай, не шла, да пошла, раз! Вот еще навалися, раз! Ай, немного остается, раз! – запел (точнее, завизжал) кот ученый.

InLuke onadival in the dash all his great strength. They moved forward another meter, another two... Tossed swamp slime Ivan came to the waist. The cat had to take the hand, otherwise he would have his head. Wolf struggled craned his neck so as not to choke...

Another leap forward... And the roar of the gray wolf:

"Good lad, I think I stand on something solid! But they rolled... Ne would roll down... Now stand firmer... will Climb higher... Damn you, farther down again...

Finally, the wolf steadily rose on something hard." Water still reaches it before the belly, but it became much easier.

- So where are you, grey, standing?

"I don't understand... something long and sloping...

"Okay, now I'll check, "said Ivan. Put the cat on the wolf's back, and he slipped in the marsh mud. The water in the autumn the country of fairy tales and magic was at least, instant-drying, but still very cold. Ivan gasped, fell almost to his head, but managed to grab the neck gray and feel the%

– Так это же труба! Толстенная труба! – удивился Иван. – Откуда она здесь?

Сделал несколько шагов по трубе в одну, в другую сторону… Труба не кончалась.

– Прямо трубопровод какой-то…

I remembered brave winner of double! - said with a wolfish back cat scientist. - This is really the pipeline! It kompoldy began to build when they are going to trade with the English fairy tales, to put oil and gas! Then Merlin banned its merchants doing business with kompoldami, and they apparently abandoned the pipeline!

- Some%2 

- So it turns out that we can get into this tube and exit the country English fairy tales?

- It looks like that... Tnly, probably there inside the water...

- Why would it? This is not a water supply, and oil or gas? Then if he is not valid and there is no oil, no gas, there must be quite empty. Not far from my father's dacha was building a gas pipeline, so I

– И как же нам туда, внутрь, попасть?

– Подстанцию надо искать.

– Под… Над… Станцию… Что это за станция, отважный победитель компольдов?

- Such a small house on the pipeline, where it is inspected, serviced and everything. In short, it is necessary to go along the pipes until you come across the substation. In what direction the country English fairy tales?

Above the forest was dabbling in the dawn, so the cat recovered quickly from the sun and confidently said:

- Over there.

"Go grey, on a pipe that way, and only the%B

Пару раз волк соскальзывал с трубы и плюхался в болотную жижу. Потом забирался обратно и шел дальше. Но вот, наконец, болото кончилось. Труба ушла под землю, но ее направление было нетрудно проследить по широкой просеке в лесу.

- Come on, wolf, on the track. Just stay close to the edge of the forest to kompoldovskie helicopters have not noticed... And there, perhaps, and substation!

Cheered cat singing:

- Skok-poskok,

Young drozdok

On the water went,

Molodichku found

They sat down side by side,

Sat debugging...

Ivan expected that the station will be closed on the lock. But no - the door half-ruined house was wide open. Through a wide bell could look inside the pipe. It splashed the water, but seems to not reach the top.

- Well, let's try? I'll crawl inside to explore, and if that wolf, dragging me.

- How to pull?

- Delete the tail here, I'll grab him.

Grab a wolf tail and climb up had very quickly: the pipe was filled almost to the top.

- Yes, completely abandoned kompoldy this pipeline... Apparently not expect from Merlin to agree... Ndo that, can, it's for the best - Merlin will definitely be on our side! Let's go! If the pipeline %





Drove to the border quickly, passing along the road a few abandoned pipeline stations. Glade led to the cliff above the broad river. Ivan and the cat climbed out of the wolf and came to the edge.

There, beyond the river, is a country of English fairy tales! - solemnly said the cat scientist.

- Wait, cat, rejoice! If this is the border river, there should be kompoldovskie boats.


- Surely there is any modern means of observation. Will break into the water and immediately launches primchatsya! And the helicopters will fly! And the border guards with dogs will resort! No, the cat in the river so simply will not come and will not swim, I'm sure!

- Maybe try? - said the wolf. - Come, my good fellow, I'm going first, and if everything is normal - you-cat CPA%

– Да вряд ли я переплыву такую широкую реку. Еще и с котом ученым… Кошки же вроде боятся воды…

– Ну, тогда я все проверю и вернусь за тобой!

– Что ж, серый волк, давай попробу...

To finish Ivan did not, as near a familiar voice:

- Well, my dears, and got caught!

From the forest slowly went Goblin. Behind him was a row of double with guns blazing.

Ivan looked at the edge of the forest, coming out to a clearing on the opposite side. Kompoldy went from there.

In desperation, Vanya looked down is not whether to jump into the river with the OBRs the

А над просекой, откуда они только что приехали, появился боевой вертолет.

Иван, волк и кот замерли. Леший торжествующе заявил:

- Well, that's all, my dear twin of our Lord President. Ran - and will. And you thought uncle Goblin did not realize that if you go with their animals in the swamp is not drowned, then from there straight to the border to go? To Merlin, I suppose, would like to get? Well, we'll show you now Merlin! Hey, kompoldy, grab them! A will to resist  : "fire! Mr. President said that the cry for them!

Ivan did not even have time to realize that forced him to grab the cat to jump on the wolf and the cry:

- Come on, wolf, back to the substation! Rather!..

He expected kompoldy immediately begin to shoot. But no - they came from opposite ends of the forest and inevitably would have shot each other. And if someone tried to open fire from a helicopter, then hit would begin not wildly leaping wolf, and in his.

But the pilot had the sense to fly a little further and turn around. He now has nothing prevented

Пулеметная очередь… Еще одна… Но волк, кот и Иван уже влетели в полуразрушенную подстанцию.

- I climb the first! Wolf, follow me! - shouted Ivan, jumping down into the pipe, with a cat under his arm. The pipe was slightly below Ivanov growth, and the water in it was about the neck.

Wolf, barely squeezing in a narrow opening in the pipeline, sat down heavily in the water after Vanya.

- Wolf, you all? Went! The country is English fairy tales should be close...

The going was very difficult. The darkness was absolute. Full up straight in the pipe was not possible, so that water doesn't flood the person who had to bend his legs and throw back your head. Yes, and the water called dirty black oil liquid splashed in the tube, it was possible only with very large imagination. The cat had to sit on his shoulder, and at each step of wet tail is

Позади слышалось тяжелое дыхание волка – серому пришлось почти что ползти, вытянув кверху шею.

- Well, if only the water above did not! Then everything would have to go back and give up! - said Ivan.

The cat began to sing as usual, out of place:

- Get shackles me

Got me hard

For Hiking deleted zhite for free!..

However, the song quickly ended, as the rear was heard shooting - kompoldy also descended into the pipeline. Around paselk the%

И тут позади Вани раздалось бульканье и шлепанье лап по воде.

– Что случилось, волк?

"I don't know, my good fellow... the Pipe seems to be more did not, and I suddenly ceased to get feet to the bottom... Nlit have... "said gray.

- Probably, we are already in the country of English fairy tales, that's a wolf and decreased! - guessed Vanya.

- Similarly, a brave winner of double! It is only in Russian fairy tales gray wolf on a good youth carries, so it is only so big here! - said the cat.

- Excellent! I think kompoldy here for us not to slip... Tnly here would not sink - will be doubly hurt... listen, gray, hold out a little?

- Try... "replied the wolf, but it looks like he was choking. After all, his enormous strength, too, was there, in the country of Russian fairy tales.

Ivan stopped, dived under the wolf, and offered him a second shoulder. Gray though was the size of a dog, but was still very heavy. Vanya stumbled again... another... Pod the burden of a cat and a wolf legs collapsed while standing. And the worst thing was t

- No, I'll go... - understood Vanya. - Without animals, can be reached, but don't throw them here, that they drowned... What to do?

And then back came the roar of the rising water. Apparently, far behind them Goblin opened some tap and river water flowed into the pipe.

With one hand Ivan clutched the cat's neck, the other - the wolf. Water Val grabbed them, twisted and p is

Пустив в трубу воду, Леший собирался их погубить. Но получилось, что он их спас – волна вынесла их к ближайшей подстанции с такой скоростью, что они даже не успели захлебнуться.

When the overhead light flashed, Ivan emerged from the water. His painfully hit the wall bell, leaving the surface, but he managed to grab the metal bracket. Thus he had to issue a counter wolf. Gray pulled back into the tube.

Cote, grab paws at staples, and hold on! - Ivan cried, throwing the cat scientist up. Then he dived into the water %E

Водяной вал уже успел пройти, и вода была примерно на прежнем уровне. Иван сделал несколько лихорадочных гребков и схватился за волчий хвост – к счастью, серого не успело отнести далеко.

Wolf struggled, then was still alive. Ivan grabbed his tail with both hands and dragged him back to the exit. On the edge of the bell hung cat clinging to the metal bracket with all four paws, and wailed piteously:

- Chuzhedalnie native Siberian country

No honey drizzled,

No sugar sprinkled -

Tears flooded...

Snorting and spitting, friends climbed up. That cat, wolf PR%D





In the country of English fairy tales was all business as usual. A deep blue sky, Golden leaves, birds singing... Deven dilapidated pipeline substation did not spoil the picture, as was entwined with ivy.

However, for a long time to enjoy nature it once. As soon as his breath, Ivan stood on his feet and shouted with all his strength in English, calling on all her knowledge of a foreign language:

"Hey, birds! Most are flying to the great magician Merlin, tell him that here it is waiting for his friend Lord John!

The singing of the birds were silent, and the leaves came a sound of wings.

- Seems to understand me! Well, now sit, wait.

Long sit and did not have to wait. Soon the clearing from above down elf, dressed in a coat embroidered with gold.

Ivan jumped up and took the most solemn, how it was possible for a person from head to feet smeared with black oil and swamp muck. The cat and the wolf, smeared not less ceremoniously stood up right and left.

Elf bowed and said to scrap

- Before the great wizard Merlin to consider the admission of Mr. President of Russian fairy tales, he's wanting to know why Mr. President, to have such a strange appearance, why does he reveal himself in the country of English fairy tales by, inappropriate for high guest, and not whether Mr. President overthrown his subjects.

- What are you, elf! I am the President! - cried Ivan. - This is my sneaky double and sits in his Palace, and continues to destroy the country's Russian fairy tales! You tell a great magician, I yesterday... Ndo not know how many of you here time has passed... in short, tell them I said recently Seryoga... Well, sir Sergei... That would like to move to the country of fairy tales, to become its preside% must save the country from Russian fairy tales!

"Excuse me, Mr. President... Anddo not Mr. President -- I do not understand... You all to repeat everything I write, - said confusedly elf.

"But I understood everything, "said a voice behind him, very familiar van. - I have all heard and understood everything! Hello, Lord John, my dear friend!

Ivan turned. Surrounded by a wonderful glow, ode%D

– Здравствуйте, мистер Мерлин! – закричал Иван, бросаясь в объятия волшебнику. То же самое сделали и кот, и волк.

After hugs from friends incredibly grubby beard and mantle of the great magician got dirty swamp shade, but one stroke Merlinovskaya a magic wand and all four were absolutely clean. Another stroke - and right on the lawn there arose a small Palace, are more similar to old English cottage.

All went inside and sat in the comfortable living room. Elf lit the fire and brought all the tea - even the cat and the wolf. Bowed and walked away.

- How do you do, Lord John? As your sister if all it good? How is sir Sergey? - slowly started talking Merlin.

- Yes, Alenka and earrings are all right, but the country's Russian fairy tales... Nart afaithful, Mr. Merlin, you do not need to tell? You know what's going on in my siblings?

- I know, I know, my friend. I would have sent for you to VI to save your stories, but I thought that the President is VI, therefore, was very upset and disappointed.

- Still!

"Yes, l%

– Да ничего пока не решилось! Этот мой двойник так и управляет страной русских сказок, и как его свергать – непонятно!

- Actually, Lord John, settled for a lot. I thought VI became President and I lost a friend, and now I see that is not lost. And this is the most important thing! As there is a Russian proverb? 't have a hundred pounds...

- Do not have a hundred roubles, and have hundred friends! - suggested male scientist.

- But I, Mr. Merlin, lost their friends! All of them - well, except for% 

- Do not judge strictly friends, Lord John. After all, your double is also VI. And they love him just the same as you. And he took advantage of their love for their own purposes and deceived them - there is not their fault, his fault.

He did not just cheated! He made them fall in love with money and power! And now they are all Ministers, all the money earned, all happy with! And Vasilisa the wise, and Ilya Muromets, and uncle Chernomor, and Ivan-tsarevitch, and even Ivan the fool! And Koshcheev won the biggest pool in the country of fairy tales, and he care how much oil kompoldy merged in the river! And if only to% 

– Деньги и власть, лорд Джон, портили и еще более замечательных людей.

- And what to do now, how to deal with this President? Because then have and with my friends to fight... Towhen we were at war with kompoldami, was even easier - immediately clear where the enemy is, where each...

- Yes, I agree with you there. And I think that now is not possible war against your twin and a double. And the revolt of fantastic heroes against them is impossible.

'I am afraid so... uhx, if you could turn back the time, yesterday afternoon when I sat at Sergei... I wouldn't want him to speak, he wanted to be President of the country of fairy tales... that would be my double there does not appear, and it would be good... But, as told to me by my grandmother, would be's, Yes mouth grew beans...

- ...That was not my mouth, and a garden, "said the cat from the%8

– Да, если бы было возможно возвращать время назад… – вздохнул волшебник.

- Wait, wait, Mr. Merlin! We are in the country of fairy tales! Maybe there is some way to turn back the time?

- In ancient times this happened, and now this, of course, is not realistic.

"Why impossible?

- It is possible when all the magicians of all fairy tales come together and come to a consensus that we should return back time. Then

– Почему?

- Yes, if only because that sorcerers of Russian fairy tales Mr. Koschey the Immortal and Mrs. Baba Yaga is all happy and not want to return back.

- Hmmm...

Paused. After tea. Cote straightened up and took a deep breath - probably going to sing something. Ivan said that at least something to say, until the cat does not sing:

- Yes, in the old days everything was simpler - no

In the old days... ToAK else to say it in Russian? OldMr. trained cat? Yes, remember, thank you. So, in the most ancient times all the wizards got together and sent their magic in the sun, so it went in the opposite direction. And then there were hours, and it became possible to send the magic is not in the sun, and the clock. Then these times translated back as much as it was necessary to return the time.

- Gathered together? Sent the magic hours? They then became enchanted by it it was possible to transfer time ago?

- Yes, it had happened so.

- So here's watch! That's the same! - Ivan jumped up, pulled out his grandfather's watches and began waving them. - This watch is too enchanted! You, Mr. Merlin, when he returned to me after our victory over kompoldamithemselves saying that above them conjured all the magicians!

- Yes, it is true...

- And then Koschey ritual? And Baba Yaga?

"Yes... DThe

"Thank you, Mr. Merlin, for your kind words, but I'm afraid, is unlikely title of master of all magic would help me solve the problem in physics...

- What is the problem in physics? - surprised magician.

"It's not here, it is in the real world... And now we will not physics, and mathematics.

- A mathematician what, Lord John?

- We must consider how to translate hours... 'k... I came home from school and went into the country of fairy tales about half of the fourth... And from Serega yesterday I was going to leave at half past five, and then we sat for another hour... So, about the country of fairy tales I told him at half past five! It is necessary to turn the clock back exactly twenty-two turns!

- Please, give me to look in the%B

Между дедушкиными часами и глазами Мерлина проскочил электрический разряд. Великий волшебник потряс головой, протянул Ивану часы и сказал:

- Yes, I think that is enough. VI can start to translate them. But we have to first to say goodbye.

- Really... Ppoluchaetsya, it's time to say goodbye... listen, the cat and the wolf?

- May be, my dear friend, we will first trip to king Arthur? suggested Merlin. - He wanted to see you, but now we still have.

"No thanks... Just transmits

– …Лишние слезы. Я помнить, ви так сказать, когда ми прощались после победы над компольдами.

– Да-да. До свидания, мистер Мерлин. До свидания, кот ученый. До свидания, серый волк.

Vanya all hugged and shook hands with everyone , or rather the cat with the wolf, he shrugged his paws. Animals, could not understand what is happening and why brave winner of double leaves them so quickly muttered something and cried. Even wolf. Then a gray stood up on its hind legs, put his front Ivan shoulders and licked his nose is exactly like a dog.

- Do not worry! I will be back! - Ivan said with his head down so no one could see his tears. He began to translate hours ago.

One turn, two, three... DESAT... Twenty -- Twenty-two.

Watch jumped in the hands of Vani, hissed and sparkled. Room wrapped in mist. Then the fog lifted.

Ivan looked around, hoping to find a computer in the room Sergey. But no - he was in the same cozy living old English Merlinovskaya cottage.

The cat and the wolf happily embraced Vanya, and the magician said, surprised:

- Hello, Lord Joe

– Здравствуйте еще раз, мистер Мерлин… Видите, не получилось…

– Не получилось…

– Что же могло помешать?

– Надо подумать…

Думали долго. Кот опять попытался что-то запеть, но потом понял, что будет мешать думать, и замолчал.

"I think I realized what it was! - struck Ivan. - I saw my twin exactly the same time! So, there might turn some magical power!

- Perhaps this is so. Give me, Lord John, once a close look at your watch.

Electrical discharges between the eyes of the great magician and the Swiss grandfather clock increased. Then Merlin was returned hour%

Ви есть правы. Если ми не перевести на двадцать два оборота и часы вашего двойника, у нас не получится возвращать время.

"So, I have to get up hours of my siblings... Inukrasti and translate them... but how to steal a watch from the President? Probably no one thief can not do it...

- Thief does not have the strength. But this is by virtue of the fact on who is wearing... Sof Abel, as in Russian is called a hat, under which no one can see...

- The cap of invisibility?

- Yes.

- And you, Mr. Merlin

Йес. Есть.

– Но ведь у вас она наверняка английская, в стране русских сказок не работает…

"No, Lord John, I have a hat-invisibility is the Russian fairy tales, - cheerfully said the wizard. - I find it and keep from those times when he was Supreme commander in the war with kompoldami.

- Ur!..





Ivan and Merlin traveled to the country of English fairy tales in a modern silver car. Vanya was surprised at first, why a great magic 

Neat, clean, perfectly smooth highway led to the border of Russian fairy tales.

The pockets of Ivan and Merlin were diplomatic passports. Both were plain black suit, befit diplomats. Had to change my appearance: Vanya neatly combed forever unruly curls, and Merlin trimmed his beard and made a modern hairstyle. This is so transformed the great magician, that Ivan looked at him, first time giggling - of course, himself. Then he used and decided that Merlin 's even better.

In the suitcase, disguised with different clothes, lay the cap of invisibility. She acted only in the country of Russian fairy tales, so I her to wear a cross in it, the border was impossible. I had to pretend to be diplomats.

Merlin was driving, Ivan . The cat and the wolf remained in the Palace of the great magician. They begged to take them with him, but Merlin%2

"For committing the crimes declared wanted by the young man Ivan, like Mr. President. With the offender may be a cat and a big gray dog. For the capture of guaranteed compensation.

Wolf grumbled that he called them dogs, and calmed down. Cat remembered a saying "Rich Ermoshka - have a dog but the cat" and also calmed down, the tale%

Soon we came to a bridge over the river, which served as the boundary English and Russian fairy tales.

On the English side of the bridge smart, dashing elf in a bright red uniform, glanced at the passport, saluted and wished good luck.

They crossed the bridge and drove up to the gate at the side of Russian fairy tales. Machines around the barrier was not - apparently, no one was eager to visit the Deputy%

– Господа, прошу предъявить документы, выйти из автомобиля и приготовиться к досмотру, – обратился к ним одетый в серо-зеленый мундир толстый пожилой пограничник. Похоже, бывший стрелец.

- Hello, officer! Mi is the British diplomats, mi is not subject to customs and border inspection, "said Merlin, holding a passport - his and Ivan.

- Excuse me, gentlemen. Now I will check your documents, and you will be able to go, "said the other, leaving the glassed booth near the barrier.

- Withstand the passport check? - whispered to Ivan magician%

– Да, конечно. Они есть абсолютно официальные. Мое посольство в стране русских сказок также есть проинформировано и подтвердит наш дипломатический статус.

– Ну, тогда, кажется, все нормально!..

And back here came a grinding machine. Another second and the trunk is opened. There were pretty crumpled the cat and the wolf.

Ivan and Merlin jumped out of the car. The cat and the wolf was also out, shaking, as if out of the water.

- Sorry, friends! - plaintively said the cat scientist. - It's our fault! We are the gray wolf thought that may be helpful for the country, Russian fairy tales, and before climbed into the trunk! And now we have moved abroad, and the wolf has increased! And no longer fit in the trunk! We would have suffered, but the lock was broken and the cover is opened!

And to them was approaching the border guard. With him two kompolda with guns blazing.

"Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, but I owe you a short time delay.

- On what basis, officer? - said the wizard.

With you here these animals - the border guard pointed to a cat and a wolf.

- This is our diplomatic baggage that has immunity!

- Mr. diplomat, if these animals were in the trunk of your car, they would have been diplomatic baggage. But since they themselves set foot on the soil of Russian fairy tales out of your car and your Embassy, they are not under diplomatic protection, and I am obliged to draw up the Protocol.

The border guard bowed slightly and said:

- Is just a formality, it will not take much time and will not lead to diplomatic complications between our countries. Please come with me to the emergency room for the Protocol. Per car not to worry, it will be protected, and the border guard pointed to the double.

They stood near the car.

Ivan and the magician had no choice but to follow %

Все вошли в остекленную будочку. Пограничник начал искать бланк протокола. Посмотрел в ящике стола, в шкафчике… Бланка нигде не было.

- Wee told the officer that our retention is quite long! - dissatisfied said Merlin.

"Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, sorry... now, now... "muttered the guard, rummaging through papers.

- It seems that we still have to send to your government a formal complaint. We are good, but obviously will not work... - said Vanya n is%

– Простите, господа… Я никак не найду нужный бланк…

"Then let's assume that the animals remained in the trunk and not come out of it. Otherwise you have, the officer could be trouble for the delay of foreign diplomats, "said Merlin.

- Yes, ladies and gentlemen... Dthe l-going to think so... Now I'll take you to your car, so it was removed from the protection... Sorry for the inconvenience...

And at that moment the telephone rang. Former gunner answered.

- How is it? - rang out in a loud voice dynamics, which seemed very familiar to Ivan.

"Nothing in particular, Mr. Goblin no accidents... Sand there was only one car, that's just now miss her...

- What kind of car?

- Diplomatic. The two diplomats.

- Baggage looked?

- Mr. Goblin, I do not have the right to inspect the diplomatic baggage. But I saw that they were in the car there is nothing illegal. One small suitcase, cat and %

– Кошка? Собака? А сами дипломаты как выглядят?

– Ну, один совсем молодой, другой пожилой… Я бы даже сказал – старый…

– Немедленно арестовать всех! Вместе с кошкой и собакой!

- Mr. Goblin, the same British diplomats, they have all the documents are in order, and the Embassy has confirmed their powers...

- I said - arrested!

- Mr Goblin on a violation of international law, I can go only with the sanction of the President.

- We will sanction! Hold the line!

There was a pause. The policeman looked at the phone like a bomb

Ivan understood. Frantically looked around. The car Merlin duty two kompolda, besides the car was on the other side of the barrier. But from Russian fairy tales stood near a military vehicle rather strange type - like a big boat on wheels. Ivan saw this in some military magazine and remembered what he called a "fighting machine RA is

- While those kompoldy a machine understand what was happening, before it could be time to reach... WithLisesi, grey! - he whispered in his ear to the wolf. - How to clap their hands, beating down this border guard, don't let him move! And then run us out of that car!

In the handset rustling, and a voice came double Vanina:

- Mr. border guard, said the President. P is

– Слушаюсь, господин пре…

And then Ivan clapped his hands.

Wolf rushed to the border guard, knocked him to the floor, stood on his chest with his front paws and began to growl menacingly at his throat - just like a trained service dog.

- Mr. Merlin! Run with the cat out of that car and started the engine! And we have a wolf for you!

Ivan pulled out his lying on the floor of the border guard gun. Could not resist, not to shout into dangling telephone:

- Hi, their relatives! How are you?..

And ran out of the booth. The wolf behind him.

Merlin and the cat was sitting in a military vehicle. The magician tried to start the engine, which was sneezing and snorting, but refused to work.

Ivan and inLuke VSKoceli in the car. Ivan shouted:

- Come quickly!

- Lord John, the motor is not included. I believe that the car is produced in the country, Russian fairy tales and so do not have quality.

- Try, Mr. Merlin! Try the%

А от шлагбаума уже бежали компольды во главе с пограничником. Загремели выстрелы. Иван начал отстреливаться из пистолета, отобранного у бывшего стрельца. Но, конечно, никаких шансов против двух компольдов-автоматчиков у него не было. 

Is all my fault, my good fellow! And I have to detain them! - suddenly barked gray wolf and attacked the enemy. Kompoldy stopped, and all of these shots were directed into a wolf. After a few seconds before the turnpike was his metal statue.

But the magician in that time managed to start the engine. The car lurched forward.





Гремящая и чадящая машина мчалась по узкому, извилистому и очень неровному шоссе страны русских сказок. Вдоль дороги тянулись унылые леса с пожухлой листвой. Вдали то и дело мелькали фабричные трубы, в воздухе стоял запах какой-то химической гари.

Ivan and the cat sat together in the back seat and cried on the gray wolf. Cat wailing:

- Rolled away the red sun

Behind the mountains it Yes for high,

For lesochka it but for the dense,

For cloud it Yes for walking,

Frequent stars Yes podvolochnoye...

- Stop, my friends, so upset! - said Merlin. - If we return time ago,% D

Indeed, on the next pothole friends almost thrown from the seat.

- Yes, as we have now the right time ago? The cap of darkness stayed in the car, and without it - how to steal a watch my twin? - Vanya was in despair.

- 'll think of something, Lord John! Now hang on tight! For us will definitely be coming, but I see now where the bridge! Mi can hide under it!

The machine is

- Briefly mi, friends, we can hide here, "said the wizard. - They will realize that the road we do not, and will start all over... NADO to hide in the forest...

- It is useless, - sadly said Ivan. - Goblin roughly know where we are, and warn forest evil in all the surrounding forests. When we went to the wolf in the country English fairy tales, they have almost immediately discovered.

- Now if we could in this river float away! "said the cat.

- Exactly! We can sail on the river! "said Vanya.

- How, Lord John? We also have nothing floating!

- How not? And this car? It's fighting machine intelligence, I'm such a military journals seen! He can swim! You see what he has in front slant - like a boat! Then the back and screw should be! Yeah, there is a screw!

- Yes, now I understand why this machine is such a strange shape. But if we float down the river, we can notice from the helicopter.

- We cover up! Vaughn around-ear, closed the

– Меня, лорд Джон, всегда восхищал ваш аналитический талант…

"Thank you, Mr. Merlin, but do not now about the title of master of all magic! The once! Let friends, quickly breaking branches, while kompoldy not began to comb the whole neighborhood!..

Soon the car, thickly studded with Golden autumn branches, drove into the water. Switch rotation of the screw jammed, and the car did not want to move in the water. But apparently, the%

Кот радостно запел:

– Вниз по матушке по Волге,

Из-за желтого островочку,

Как плывет-бежит легка лодочка… 

Too soon it was impossible to swim the river made a sharp curve, then it had to bend around the stones and snags, and head over to constantly buzzing helicopters. Merlin was at the helm, peering intently ahead through the branches. Ivan initially helped him to manage, but then it turned out that the car runs strong. Fortunately, the car was found an old pot, the%

То там, то тут по берегам стояли заводы, сливавшие в реку свои отходы производства. На воде была радужная нефтяная пленка, рядом с машиной плыли какие-то помои.

- Here kompoldy vile! - grumbled Ivan, bending over to fill another pot. - Built up their factories in the country, the nature of ruin - though both would have done a good car! And then because neither himself nor the people...

- From skinny chicken - bad eggs, "said the cat scientist. Ivan and Merlin laughed - it was the first saying the cat, said OST is%

Вертолеты перестали гудеть над головой – видимо, друзья уплыли из местности, где велись поиски. Речка становилась все шире и шире, и волшебник прибавил скорость. Мотор чадил, чихал, но работал.

Ваня спросил кота:

- Don't know where we arrive on this river?

- To the sea, brave winner of the double.

- Well, thank you, cat! And then we did not know that any river eventually flows into the sea! Which is the sea?

- To blue.

- Where Lukomorye? And the house of the old man and the old woman?

- Yes.

- Well, well! Arrive there, visit our friends, we will think what to do next, like my siblings watch steal...

"I fear, Lord John, that the old man and his wife now also manage what some plants, shook his head a magician.

- Yes, with my siblings would become! He even Brigand and Tugarin Zmievich to some really put... I Wonder to what?..

- I think this is not important. I think it is important that the river is becoming wider and wider. May be, will soon be a sea.

This can't be a great magician! - confidently said the cat. - To the sea to swim very long time.

Ivan odule the

– Надо же, какие широкие реки в стране русских сказок! Прямо матушка Волга!

- It's very strange, brave winner of double! I don't recall that there was such a big river. Usually rivers are so wide, when they dam.

- Dam is the same thing that the dam? Well, then it will be a river and reservoir...

'Hush, my friends! - interrupted a magician. - Lord John, I think I hear the sound of falling water.

- Yes, this is%B

– Нет-нет, это есть шум воды. Такой шум обычно бывает у водяных мельниц. Может, впереди есть такая мельница?

Иван вгляделся вперед и ахнул:

– Там не водяная мельница, а большая плотина! Электростанция!

- And when kompoldy managed to build it? - surprised cat. - More recently, it was not!

- What's the difference when late... Mr. Merlin, turn to the Bank!

- I try to turn, Lord John! But this car seems to have stopped working motor!

- Still stalled? Try again to start!

- Do not start up! The machine is not driven! We are not the%8

– Ну, может, она невысокая… – с надеждой сказал Ваня, тревожно вглядываясь вперед.

– Очень высокая, лорд Джон! Это есть большая современная электростанция! Надо прыгать в воду и самим плыть к берегу!

- Will not sail... Ne time... We used in the dam would take...

And up here came the roar of the helicopter. Probably, double Ivan decided to expand the search area of the fugitives.

- Mr. Merlin! Cat scientist! Shoot the car all the disguise! And flap your hands to get us noticed from a helicopter and saved my life..

The wizard and the cat ran to pluck the branch. To attract attention, Ivan you the%8

They were noticed. The helicopter went to him and fell. There threw a rope ladder. Ivan put the cat on his shoulders and climbed up. Behind - the wizard. A second later the car rolled over the dam and with a terrible crash flew down. The blow in the car exploded gasoline. From under the dam up the pillar of fire, smoke and hot steam. But the helicopter had managed to fly away.

To climb a rope ladder hanging from it was very difficult, especially with a cat on his shoulders. And Merlin had easy - age is age. Fortunately, the helicopter began to pull the ladder up together with Vanya, a magician and a cat. They could only cling to the stairs.

In the helicopter cabin sat several computer soldiers. When

– Вы арестованы по подозрению в совершении государственного преступления, – сказал неживой компольдовский голос.





Ivan, Merlin and cat kompoldy treated impeccably polite. Quickly and professionally searched - nothing taken away, just to check whether weapons. But the gun Ivan threw, still intending to climb the ladder.

Friends sitting in comfortable chairs, surrounded by dark silent kompoldami, and looked in the Illuminatus%D

– Как вы думаете, что теперь будет? – спросил Ваня волшебника.

- I think, Lord John, that's okay. Mi is the British diplomats, our status is officially confirmed. If your counterpart wants to rule the law, he will be obliged to let us go.

- A shooting on the border?

- We were attacked, violated our diplomatic immunity, and mi are protected. Everyone have a right to self-defense.

"Ah, Mr. Merlin, if all was the Sabbath.

– Ну, зачем же так мрачно, лорд Джон?

- Yes, because I have him as a bone in the throat! And now he will not rest...

Cat plaintive singing:

- Winds of mine, you winds, raging winds!

Can't you, winds, mountains raskachati,

Gusli my harp, zvonchaty harp,

Can't you harp, I razveselili...

While the song lasted, the helicopter came in to land. Friends were invited to the exit.

The platform on which a helicopter landed, was surrounded by a high fence with barbed wire. Brightly shone the spotlight. Outside stood in a semicircle gunners - and kompoldy, and ordinary people. In the middle stood a stout figure, seemed to Ivan is very familiar. But the spotlight hurt my eyes, and anything he could not see.

But the voice that Ivan heard, he would not be confused with anything:

- Wow! And this disgusting type is similar to our Mr. President? Nonsense... Absolutely not like!

- Brigand! - he said Vanya.

- Yes, he is the most. But not a robber, and the chief prison... TFFU you, we have not dungeons... Head out... fine... insulator content caught Again... forgot what it's called... Yes, Now I remember! Arrested.

Nightingale came closer. He was dressed in a black uniform with many stripes. However, the coat was greasy not less than the coat, in which Ivan had seen Once The%B

– Ну, господа аглицкие посланники, прошу пожаловать в мой изо… изолятор! Проходи, плюгавчик... И ты, старик, проходи! Где-то я тебя видел, а где – не помню… А? Где я тебя мог видеть?..

Merlin did not deign to answer Nightingale.

- Both in single camera! - ordered the Rogue guards. - Well, then there is the camera drier, cleaner, so no bugs and rats... Inthe CoE still, foreigners... Come on, old man, come on! I have no time here with you sharpen fritters!

- VI does not have rights so rude to talk with the British diplomats - indignantly SC is%B

"Gee, well, you! You would be better, the old man said thank you, that I told you well treated! Not to beat, not to offend, no pick, Mr. President, wait! And I showed you would like to talk with the head of everyprison..."

Nightingale's eye fell on the cat.

- And this in the basement! Close it there, not to eat - let the rats catches! Some benefits of

Кот ученый начал что-то петь про темницы и кандалы. Один из охранников схватил его за загривок и утащил.

The camera, which was put Ivan was, indeed, almost completely dry and clean. Only in the corner of the ceiling dripping water. Bunks were made freshly laundered by the mattress on which Vanya and sat down.

"How odd! "he thought. - Nightingale right to itself not like! Very lovely! And the camera is good - at least compared to the kompoldovskoy dungeon on acute the%B

Time has passed not so much - Ivan't even have time to carefully consider the question of why "Mr. President" need to visit the prison, which is now an insulator. The door opened, and into the chamber entered his twin. Dressed as Vanya, in a simple black suit, which hung from his pocket a chain grandfather clock - more precisely, double grandfather clock.

For double the camera tumbled Nightingale. Behind him , a few guards. Vanya fundamentally did not get up from the mattress.

- Well, here he is, Mr. President. Here, many said that he was on you like, even in the Newspapers wrote! But really he don't look like! - was padaliniu Robber. - You see what he's nasty!..

Double snapped:

"Enough, sir master of the prison! Please leave me alone with the prisoner!

Nightingale bowed and went out, carrying C is%B

– Ну что же, присаживайся, родственничек! – ехидно сказал Ваня. – Видать, что-то у тебя не получилось, раз ты на переговоры явился! Присаживайся, присаживайся! Очень удобный матрас!

Двойник сел. Помолчал. Сказал:

"Yes, actually you're right. Did not work. I gathered the Council of Ministers, wanted to discuss current issues... And me and say - they say, nothing you want to destroy his twin, metal draw... Nothing you across the country in his hunt... this is not Good, honest... You're a brave winner of double, you have to rule fairly and honestly... And for a deceiver, we do not go...

- %D

– Да многие… Почти все… Ну, кроме компольдов, конечно…

– И Кощей?

- Yes, and Koschey... He said that if he was a wicked magician, it is most important would be the Palace with a swimming pool, and because he had a good magician, he is however important... And Vasilisa the wise immediately began to speak, that in the country of fairy tales factory there, factories there, kompoldy there, but not the truth... And nature die because they do not tolerate cheating... the Whole philosophy is%8

– Василиса-то? Да, она может!

– И знаешь, за что проголосовали?

– Нет еще.

– Ну, так знай: просят тебя во дворец прибыть и все заново обсудить.

– Что именно?

- Yes, all of what you said then! Factories close, the double evict their country of computer games and so on.

"What did you say when everything is so voted?

What I had to say. As I obey the decision of the Council of Ministers and immediately going for you.

- And do you really obeyed? And no tricks are not satisfied with?

- D-Yes  

- So fly along on your helicopter! What does the Nightingale and his car?

- N-no... P-let you will take the Nightingale... Nand my car...

- And maybe then we will go both in the car Nightingale?

- No!

- Why?

- It's necessary, "said the double, looking away.

- Oh, thought he had something nasty... - suspected Vanya. - Why is he trying to send me to the car, and he with me doesn't want to go? I do not whether he, as in spy movies, to give me some sort of crash?.. Well, hold on, their relatives! I will make you go along!..

Double stood up and shouted:

- Mr. chief of the prison!

At the door of the chamber appeared Robber.

- What would you Mr. President?

- Let me preparing my presidential helicopter, and you will take my siblings on his car in my presidential Palace!

"No, Mr. chief of the prison! Let ME preparing MY presidential helicopter, and you will take MY siblings on his car in MY presidential Palace! - said Ivan,%

– Да ты что? – закричал двойник.

– Нет, это ты что? – крикнул Иван еще громче. – А ну-ка, начальник изолятора, посмотрите внимательно, кто из нас президент!

- Do you not know your President? - yelled a double, but Ivan had time to shout the same thing happened almost in unison.

"Oh... And really the same person... " said the Nightingale. And caftans -- suits... the same... And watch?

And Ivan, and his twin got out of the pockets of Swiss watches and waved them in the air.

Nightingale confusion paused, scratching for%D

– Ну, если вы не знаете, что делать, тогда везите нас обоих в президентский дворец на своей машине! – предложил ему Ваня.

– Нет! Тогда мы оба полетим на вертолете! – крикнул двойник.

– Нет, на машине!

– Нет, на вертолете!  

- Chief of the prison, you decide! - had the sense to tell Ivan.

- So-o... - Robber excitement began to talk aloud. - Both of these presidential... Andif not... let not all the same to me? Let the Palace understand... They both need to take them to the Palace... Sthe means, I got to deliver, and if you don't deliver, you'll be my fault... But how to fly on this

– Значит, так! рявкнул он. – Господа президенты, или кто вы там! Оба поедете со мной во дворец на моей машине! Эй, охрана, ведите обоих во двор!

"Let's go! - happily said Vanya, leaving the chamber.

- No-o-o! Will not go! Don't go! - screamed and started a double strike, but the guards grabbed him by the elbows and dragged him along the corridor.





In the courtyard stood a big beautiful car. Nightingale proudly walked up to her:

- Here it is, my beauty! Own, by the way, not the state! Will have a masters OS is 

– Я! Я не хотел! – закричал двойник.

– Сажайте его назад!

Two fat guard - judging by appearance, former archers - stuffed stubborn President in the back seat and set down on both sides.

"Well, and you, Mr. one of the presidents, will ask forward! - invited Robber, sitting behind the wheel. Ivan sat.

The car slowly drove off and left the gates of the former prison, now insulator. No houses, factories around was not. Winding and completely empty highway went through the fields and rare woods.

- Long do we go? - asked Ivan.

"Well, at any coach would be long, but on my beauty will quickly domcom! - replied the Nightingale. - The capital not far away, there will pass a large field, it will be a big forest - and already the suburbs seem!

- Large forest? No need to go to a big forest! Stop! Please, stop! - shouted back double.

'What is it, sir one of the presidents? Why is 

– Не надо… Я вас прошу – не надо…

– Странный вы какой-то… Ну, давайте поедем не дорожкой прямоезжею, а окольною дороженькой, в обход большого леса!

– Нет… Это не спасет…

– Кого не спасет?

- We... uhwhat was going to happen when the machine will go through a big forest... And if she will go through a field, it will still happen, only in the field...

"I don't understand, "said the Nightingale to the guards. - He mumbles something, mumbles... something should happen... anything You understand?

- No, - replied in unison former archers and just in case moved to the dual%

– А вы? – обратился Разбойник к Ивану.

– Нет, не понял… Догадываюсь, что нечисто тут что-то, а понять не могу…

– Ну, тогда поехали дорожкой прямоезжею. Вон и большой лес уже начинается.

- No-o-o! Stop! - screamed double as cutting. - I'll tell you everything! Just stop!

- Yes, from what I have to stop? - dissatisfied said the Nightingale. - The road was empty, no cars, no one to go with the breeze does not interfere! Say what you want, or shut up, don't get to drive the car!

- Yes, this car is going to explode! Bomb in it! Bomb-%

Разбойник так сильно ударил по тормозам, что Ваня чуть не стукнулся о лобовое стекло.

– Не может быть! Откуда в моей машине бомба? – недоверчиво буркнул Соловей. – Кто ее мог туда подложить?


'Why, uncle Goblin need to enclose me a bomb? He's my friend!

- He did it on my order! To you and Ivan did not reach the city!

- That's the Goblin kept walking around my beauty, and then immediately went even didn't leave me, "muttered the Robber.

- Most all of the car! She is now going to explode! - hysterically screaming double.


Разбойник выключил мотор, и в наступившей тишине раздалось отчетливое тиканье часового механизма бомбы.

– Слышите? Сейчас взорвется! Все наружу! Скорее!

All jumped out of the car and rushed to the ground. Another second - and there was a terrible roar. In place of the car got a huge column of fire and smoke. Then, as if in slow motion, top started falling debris, which, fortunately, nobody was hurt.

First rose to his feet Nightingale.

- Oh, you rascal! - he cried Bannomu to double. - You ruined my car! My beauty! And I wanted to destroy! Blow up like with the car! Well, whether you are at least ten times the President, now I'll show you!..

Double jumped up and ran into the forest. Lying beside the guards do not have time to catch up.

- Catch him! Catch! - Nightingale cried, rushing in pursuit.

Former archers jumped to his feet and raced after them. All quickly disappeared into the dense forest. Ivan was left alone at the charred wreckage of "beauty".

- Not gonna get, "he decided. - There they are fat and clumsy! I would easily run away from them, and probably double my running as I do! Maybe I should have to help RA%D

The Nightingale and the former Musketeers back soon. Emphasis was limping and wiped sweat from his forehead.

"Well, miss terrorist? - asked Ivan.

- Who, Mr. President?

- Terrorists!

"Excuse me, Mr. President, and who it is - tararist?

- Terrorists! Which puts a bomb people!

"Oh, thisP... Oka what is missing... But I will catch, be sure to catch this Ter... tararista, which is similar to you! Excuse me, Mr. President, if I do something because it hurt! - said Rogue, bowing to Ivan. - Don't know how I didn't recognize that you are a real President! See, age, weakened eyesight! And now I see that this tararist 

"Okay, okay, Nightingale! Enough make up! Looks like it to me, are very similar, and that all our misfortunes! - Ivan said. - Let's better to think, as to the city will get... Pdivert walk or catch a ride going?

- How would you, Mr. President.

- It seems that the engine noise is heard!..

On the highway towards the city was driving the truck. Seeing the remnants of the blown up car the%B

 – Быстро вези нас в президентский дворец!

– А кто вы такие? – спросил компольд своим неживым голосом.  

– Я начальник темницы! Изолятора! А это господин президент! С охраной!

On the face kompolda, though composed of small squares not reflect any emotion. He nodded and said:

"Sit down, gentlemen. You, Mr. President, and you, Mr. chief of the prison, can sit in the cockpit. Protection may sit in the back.

The car started. The forest soon came to an end, and stretched dreary suburbs of the capital. The road became much worse. The truck slowly, straining roaring and jumping up on potholes. Ivan asked kompolda:

Since, the driver working?

"I don't know, mister President, - was the answer.

- As before, what did you do?

- I do not remember, Mr. President. Probably always been a driver.

- And live where?

- Yes, here, far away, in our hostel.

- And where they lived before?

- I do not remember, Mr. President. Probably always lived here.

- What are you, Mr. President, talk to him? - said the Nightingale. - He kompold! And they are all out of computer games, stupid and flawed!

- Well, you do not hurt him, he still helps us, ride us, "said Ivan the Robber.

– Да их невозможно обидеть! У них же нет никаких… этих самых… чувств!

– Неужели у кого-то может быть меньше чувств, чем у тебя, Соловей? – спросил Ваня ехидно. Но Разбойник не понял «подковырки» и гордо заявил:

- Of course it can! Here in these clubs computer! They do not know anything, can not do! Doing only what was in my game coming... coming... WithLysol I this word, but remembered... Long and very complicated...

- Programmed?

"Right, Mr. President! This is the word!..

The truck drove to the main street of the capital. Him a couple of times.

Подъехали к дворцу. Вышли из машины, не забыв сказать компольду «спасибо». Тот бесстрастно сказал «пожалуйста» и уехал.

"Call the head of security! - Vanya said two former Musketeers, standing at the entrance. Immediately out of the door ran Goblin.

"Hello, Mr. President! Zdravst... - seeing the Nightingale, the villain confusion stopped and froze.

- Oh, you mean forest vermin! Terr... Tararist! - cried the Robber, rushing to the Goblin with his fists. - My car blew up, me hot

The guards stationed at the entrance, stood up for his boss. The guards, who came with the Nightingale, for her. Through a second in front of the Palace was a lot of small. Everybody thrashed, tusili and pounded already not looking, who own and a stranger

Started to gather a crowd of onlookers. Ivan some time with a smile, watching the fight finally decided that the Goblin, and Solow%

– Приказываю прекратить побоище!

Потирая синяки и поправляя порванные мундиры, все вскочили и вытянулись по стойке «смирно».

– Эй, Леший! Немедленно извинись перед Соловьем за бомбу! – велел Ваня.

- Sorry, sorry, sorry, Nightingale... I would then you need revived, and I live water was a special surprise... Just so you had your car to explode... I'm Mr. President, his double in metal draw ordered, to the Palace did not get...

- It is not Mr. President, you ordered, and sneaky tararistthat it's not even like! - said the Nightingale. - And you believed, you old fool! And nearly blew Mr. President!

 - The old, my, an old -- And a fool, Oh, fool! - Goblin grabbed his head. - It turns out I own Mr. President, almost destroyed? Oh! It's a terrible crime against the state... Nand how many thousands of years, I now turn to the metal?.. Oh, forgive and bless you, Mr. President! - The Goblin fell at the feet of Ivan and started beating his head against the asphalt.

"Okay, L%  

Леший повернулся к толпе и закричал:

- Good people! I, Goblin, head of the total forest evil, I swear great, great oath that anyone ever will not cause harm!

- And you, Nightingale, a special invitation is necessary? - asked Ivan.

- I why should swear, Mr. President? I anyone bombs not handing!

- And how many dirty tricks you people done? Forgot? Or to remind you as you're in prison

– Я, Соловей-Разбойник, Одихмантьев сын, клянусь перед всем народом великой клятвой, что никогда… никогда

 – Никогда зла никому не причиню! – подсказал ему Ваня.

"Yes... Hard for me to say, Mr. President, but I'll try... D! Anybody will not cause harm! I swear!

- That fellow. See how simple it all, and you're afraid! All went into the meeting room. Goblin, pack of Ministers.





Ivan accompanied Nightingale and the Goblin came into the room. At the table sat everyone who was the last time. Seeing the President, got%D

– Садитесь, друзья, садитесь! – сказал Ваня. – И вы, Соловей и Леший, садитесь! Вот свободные кресла!

– Мы? – удивились Леший и Соловей. – Мы сроду за такими столами не сидели! И вообще, мы не имеем права… Мы же не министры…

- Well, there is hardly anyone following this meeting will be the Minister... And well, that there will be... sit down, Sit down!

The Goblin and the Nightingale sat tensely on the edge of the chairs.

"Well, friends? - asked Ivan to all the participants. - As told to my counterpart, let the meeting of the Council of Ministers considered open. And I would add: last Samedan

– Почему вы говорите, что оно последнее, господин президент? – спросил Кощей.

– С каких пор мы с тобой, Кощей, на «вы»?

Ну как же, господин президент… Вы же сами велели всем называть друг друга на «вы»…

"Not the President's me! And never was! And not going to be! And the President - my counterpart, who planted a bomb in the car Nightingale and disappeared! Now he runs somewhere in the forest!

- Not long to him run! I always find this tararista! Find and in prison... in the insulator plant! - said the Nightingale.

 - No, enough! - said Vanya. - No more prisons, no lock-UPS in the country of fairy tales! And my twin let him run around the woods until he was tired! A bored, so let him come to the square and publicly swore a great oath that never no more dirty tricks will not do, the power in the country to capture will not, of double invite the%

– Простите, господин президент… То есть прости, боярин Иван… В прошлый раз, когда ты был здесь вместе с твоим двойником, на нем был костюм, а на тебе – джинсы и свитер? – спросил Иванушка-дурачок.

 - Yes, but not a sweater, and a jacket.

- And are you offering to close plants and move all of the double back to their country of computer games?

- Of course, I am! And now I suggest it! I foolishly said Sergei, what should be in the country of fairy tales modern state to arrange, but now I see that govern a modern state without deceit and treachery impossible is%

- Yes, indeed, may be in the old way! - came the voice of Tsar Saltan. - In what has become a city, look disgusting! Everything is gray, sooty, around one factory kompoldy, domischi new ugly... ToAK are they called...

- Skyscrapers, 'said the king Vasilisa.

- Exactly! My heart bleeds!

- So sit down, Tsar Saltan, the NWO is%

– В музее, – сказал один из братьев Иванушки-дурачка.

– Ну, так бери его из музея, садись и управляй!

- Hardly Tsar Saltan can manage the factories, mills and kompoldami, - Vasilisa said thoughtfully. - And if they can, then only the same methods as the President ruled.

- Why should a country of fairy tales, these factories? Close them - and that's that! And farmers who are now working to dissolve home - let pesenki their open, Le the%B 

– А компольдов куда? – спросил кто-то из сидящих за столом.

- And back! - Ivan said. - Let them live in their country of computer games and nose do not seem to us! How, then, after our victory over Kapslokom! Nothing or something, we of double defeated? As it turns out - first win, then they themselves gave up!

- And cars? Planes? Highway? Airports? Newspapers? The power plant? - there were voices.

Ivan wanted to answer, but ahead of Tsar Saltan:

- For a thousand years without them live, so live for another thousand years!

- In a country of fairy tales, that it was old! - fashioned. - And it is no fairy tale, a story happens! Or some kind of science fiction! As in a modern? Fant... Vent...

- Fantasy, "prompted Ivan the fool.

"That's it! Fantasy! It is in the country fantasy let fly and space ships! And here it is not the place!

the Sabbath. 

– Кто там у нас пишет указы? – крикнул Иван, перекрывая шум.

– Василиса Премудрая.

- Excellent! Write, Vasilisa: I, the former President, ordered... Stop! If I am a former President, then I can't tell... Sthe means, write differently: " I, the President, ordered... Stop! I'm not the President, and never was!..

Vanya confused. But wise came to the rescue:

"Come, my good fellow Ivan, I quickly texts, and all you hear it. If everything will be all right,  

– Давайте, Нина Степановна… Тьфу ты, опять оговорился…. Давай, Василиса! Мы тебя слушаем!

Василиса несколько секунд подумала и начала:

I, Ivan Andreev son, brave winner of double, the greatest Prince, first boyar, commander of the regiment of the right hand, knight of the Grand order of, the holder of many other honorary titles and holder of many other awards, announced respected people that I am not the President and never by the President was not. In the country of Russian tales of the rules is not the President, and my DVO is%

 – Отлично, Василиса! – Иван захлопал в ладоши. Премудрая церемонно раскланялась и продолжала:

And now, when the country's Russian fairy tales won truth and justice, I command you to consider all the self-styled presidential decrees invalid.

Now all clapped.

- All factories and plants built by order of the pretender, commanded to close. All of the double command to evict their country of computer games. And continue to command obedience only IP%  

Vasilisa filed Ivan sheet of parchment. Tsar Saltan held out his quill. Vanya, nearly breaking unreliable instrument in writing, almost putting blot and almost broke vellum, carefully signed. The wise went out, saying that this heralds a decree to immediately announce throughout the country.

- Well, that's all, - said Ivan. - Your Majesty! Tsar Saltan! So far from the Museum did not bring throne, sit here, at the head of the table, and manage his Kingdom! Just remember, please, release from prison, prison those who were sitting, and above all the great magician Merlin and the cat scientist! And the gray wolf to revive not forget his statue, on%D

Слыхали, Соловей и Леший? Быстро выполнять! рявкнул царь. Те вскочили, поклонились и выбежали из зала.

- Your Majesty! We will go to our father, the king, Peas will announce his decree, and let him start his Kingdom to administer the state! - said Ivan the fool and his brothers. Bowed and left.

- And we too are leaving - creaking, lifeless voice said who was sitting at the table, two kompolda of economic computer games. - We are sure that you fail the%

Компольды вышли, не поклонившись.

- Difficulties in fact, may be, "said the Tsar Saltan. - Follow-ka, Ilya Muromets and uncle Chernomor, to his troops! Collect all the knights and archers, and commands them to watch carefully whether all the weapons pass kompoldywhen they leave! And personally make sure that neither the army nor the Navy nor the Palace guard, or in garrison remained h is%

– Слушаемся, царь-батюшка, – ответили богатыри.

"You, Prince Ivan, go to the factories, to ensure that all closed, neither one nor the left, and each worker to his land back, no one was hurt! And you Koschey and Baba Yaga, see that in all villages and towns of our all was quiet until kompoldy will not go away!

All left. In the courtroom only Vanya and Tsar Saltan.

- What would I n the  

- What are you, your Majesty? What are kingdoms? Enough drive the I! Well, not me, and my twin, but he did what I told boyar Sergius, when we had house sat at the computer! And rightly said to me then Serega - to administer the state, it is necessary to study...

- Well, then I'm liking the rank of Supreme commander!

"Thank you, your Majesty... Nabout to drive a shelf in the fight, too, need to learn... so I'm going to learn a deuce on the physics correct! So thanks for the rank, but I think it's time for me in the way to meet... Inonly from Merlin, a cat and a wolf wait, as if time I still have...

Ivan pulled from his grandfather's watch and looked at them.

- Not enough, of course, I have time. In the real world for almost six minutes of the seven had passed. But Merlin and the cat like rain, Nightingale them quickly bring. Well, that time in the country of fairy tales do not have to return back, that without it all was resolved... TAK that, your Majesty, I will go soon...

- Well, as a mn is%  

King clapped his hands. Ran officials - some have already changed the black suits on the livery and looked like ordinary servant.

Sultan began to give instructions and to sign the paper. At first Ivan tried to understand what and what, but then he got tired. It's been a long time, but the Nightingale came not.

- So if something had happened? "said Ivan.

- Now%2

– А может, я сам съезжу? – спросил Ваня.

"Don't, Supreme commander! Messenger faster Congress! And you can get through into the room and rest?

- But what are the apartments? Suddenly Nightingale betrayed us?


The messenger was not very long, then he ran out of breath:

"Your Majesty, I was in the former prison, they say, went boyar Nightingale with former prisoners in the car, long gone...

"And you itself for what there EXT is

– На вертолете, как положено!

– Так бери нашу лучшую машину и езжай навстречу боярам! Вдруг по дороге случилось что-нибудь? – сердито сказал царь.

Messenger sped away. Ivan excitement began to walk around the room to and fro. It seemed as if time has stopped.

But now, finally, a familiar voice:

- Hello, your Majesty Sultan! Hello, Lord John!

"Greetings, king-Tsar Saltan and brave winner of double Ivan!

In the doorway stood Merlin scientist and a cat. Between the PR, the%B

"Here, your Majesty, barely reached! I thought a ride great magician Merlin and the cat distinguished scholar with a breeze, but the beauty of my machine because this sneaky tararist blew up! I took the breech, and she broke down on the road, had to walk! Well, the Royal messenger met along the way! Thank you, the king-priest, that he sent a messenger! The robber bowed again and went out.

Ivan hugged Merlin and the cat. Came Tsar Saltan, first ceremoniously greeted Meronym, but then broke down and began to hug everyone.

- How do you feel, cat? All the rats in the basement were arrested again? - asked Ivan.

"I don't see a brave winner of doublewhy many people believe that they must catch mice and rats? - he said hurt the cat scientist. - From the Nightingale could have been a consumer attitude to the pet, but from you I was not expecting this!

- And what were you doing there in the basement?

- Well, sat down and talked.

- With whom?

With the rats. More there, to the%

Here in the hall burst into a gray wolf - as it turned out, his statue had to bring in the capital, and therefore Goblin found him and revived fairly quickly. Grey jumped for joy like a little dog, and wagged his tail, obliterating a couple of chairs and almost fell down the Tsar Saltan.

Hugs and kisses seemed to never end. But all sat down at the table. More precisely, the wolf sat on

Кот начал весело петь:

– Ну-ка, кумушка, мы покумимся,

Ай люли, люли, мы покумимся.

Мы покумимся, поцелуемся,

Ай люли, люли, поцелуемся.

Приходи, кума, киселя хлебать,

AI ljuli, ljuli, jelly to drink...

- Sorry, Mr. trained cat! - interrupted him a magician. - We have a very serious problem, and it urgently needs to discuss!

The cat stopped and tried to take the business view.

- Lord John! VI is well thought, before issuing a decree closing all the factories, the expulsion of all of the double?

- Y-Yes, "said Yves Is%B

– А ви представлять себе, какие могут быть последствия?

– Как это – какие? Самые хорошие! Небо станет чистым, в реках опять можно будет купаться…

- It is natural. But do wee hope kompoldy voluntarily leave? The owners voluntarily closed their factories and return the land to the peasants under cultivation?

- N-hope, uncertainly said Ivan.

- Well, I hope not, - said sadly Merlin. - And if I were in your place, I'd rather have a little factory and suffered kompold the%

- You are right in many ways, a great magician - joined in the conversation Tsar Saltan. - Of course, we will have difficulties. But I foresaw when told my boyars closely monitor the closure of factories and plants, and heroes for the disarmament of double. And I think that all will be well. So far, at least, to me any news about the resistance have been reported.

"Well, your Majesty, you have know better. And I, with your permission, must leave. In my country, English fairy tales there are many merchants who traded with kompoldami, inspite of my ban. I think that these merchants will not be satisfied. I should be there and solve problems that may arise.

And I have to go, my friends! - said Ivan.

As already?  

– У меня осталось очень мало времени… Надо ехать…

- Lord John! I'm going to fly to his helicopter, he had me waiting in the yard! Maybe you take the aisle in your world?

- Yes, I own a helicopter to Supreme commander Ivan can cause! - the king said.

"No, thank you, Mr. Merlin... Withth-thank you, your Majesty... close Here, let the wolf will take me... Long goodbye...

- ...More tears, - prosep%

All went into the yard. Embraced. The wizard went to the helicopter. Ivan, again kissed crying cat, sat on the gray wolf. All waved to each other by the hands, legs and tails, shouted some words of farewell that was not heard because of the roar Merlinovskaya helicopter.

Sagittarians have had time to change the somber black uniforms in a red coat with gold embroidery, with a deep admirer%





Моросил мелкий осенний дождик. Впрочем, никаких неудобств он не доставлял – капли, как и положено воде в стране сказок, мгновенно высыхали.

Kompoldy disappeared. Factory stopped to smoke. Everywhere happy person, sometimes cheerful company of former workers sang songs. Cars on the streets almost no have already appeared peasant carts.

Wolf passed the empty bus and ran onto the road. Around stretched fields and woods. Here and there were visible smokestacks, but the smoke from them would not come. The sky was covered with low-lead-gray clouds, but still, this greyness looked completely different than the smoke.

Despite the bad weather, the foliage was not gray-yellow, Golden - apparently, the rain washed away with her soot.

Wolf passed slowly creeping cart. Sitting on her peasant Ivan seemed familiar. He cheerfully waved his hand Vanya, and immediately remembered - with the farmer and then tired workers, they talked on the bus.

- Hi! Where to go? - Ivan cried.

- Home! To plough! - was the answer.

And I'm home!..

Pulled up to the bus stop near the factory tires for  

- Well, it seems, everything ended well. And Merlin was afraid that we kompoldami fail! - Vanya said happily. - You know what, wolf, let's I'm here to stop, come down for a walk in the woods...

- Or maybe you still drop off the river?

- Yes does not it is necessary, wolf, thank you... Praudus one, breathe air, will say farewell to the country of fairy tales... I still have some in the

– Ну, тогда до свидания, добрый молодец! – сказал волк, понурив голову.

– До свидания, серый! – Иван обнял и поцеловал волка. – Мы еще обязательно увидимся!..

The wolf turned and ran back to the city, now and then looking around. Ivan stared after him and waved. Then he went on a forest path that led to the river.

The rain stopped. Under legs rustle of autumn leaves. His heart was surprisingly warm and well, despite the sadness of parting with the country of fairy tales.

Ivan sat down on a stump. Some sat and thought about physics%

И в этот момент откуда-то сбоку, из леса, раздались неживые компольдовские голоса:

– Это человек?

– Да, это человек!

- Shoot!

Ivan automatically jumped to the side, and the bullet flew past. Another shot... Igive you one... But Vanya had raced through the woods, up hill and down Dale.

"What is it? That could happen? From here kompoldy? Why do they have weapons? - all these thoughts swirl flew his head while he, gasping, pushed his way through the branches. Chase didn't seem to be.

Suddenly he stumbled on something alive and soft. I flew head over heels, breaking his jacket and hurt his head on the roots of a large tree. And I heard a familiar voice:

- Mr. mister quintuple? Is it you?

"Hey, dummy! - Vanya said, slowly coming to himself. - What happened?

- Oh, Lord quintuple... We 've got trouble... the Factory tires for cars closed...

- What kind of trouble that the plant was closed?

- And this, without all that work left!

- And you needed this kind of work - in smoke, fumes, Gary?

- I have a no... I'm in the swamp was good... And now %

– Зачем? Убирались бы подобру-поздорову в свою страну компьютерных игр!

- They don't want there, they want to stay here! And they are living water to issue had stopped, so that they in their country was on the brink and they're brutalized... Cohvatil at the plant a big barrel... what is it called... Cys... Cysts...

- The tank?

- Yes! The tank of living water! And now they drank the water of life, and even more brutalized, go in the forest and all the metal draw... Dand there they are! B is%

– А ты, кикимора?

– Я спрячусь под корнями, меня не найдут! А вы бегите!

Иван не заставил себя упрашивать и опять помчался через лес. В стволы деревьев вокруг него впились еще несколько пуль. Потом погоня опять отстала.

- Now where to go? - feverishly thought Ivan. - It would be necessary to make a big circle to the edge of the fall, where the passage in my world is open... Time is very little left!.. Or a way to try to quit? Find some Musketeers, tell them that here in the woods gang of double haunting! And it's so and will attack civilians country of fairy tales...

Ivan stopped and the%B

 – Надо идти к дороге! – решил он. – Может, времени и хватит… Должно хватить… Ну, хотя бы какую-нибудь машину или телегу остановлю, пусть в город передадут, что тут компольды

Wade straight through the forest was very hard. Ivan knew that he was lost, and tried to navigate by the sun, which just looked out. Finally caught and decided to go straight, so to say, on the off chance. Soon, a couple of times falling in the mud under the trees and thoroughly tearing clothes on the branches, but still came out on the highway, though very far from the bus stop.

Out on the road, Ivan saw a few carts, madly rushing toward the city. Sitting in them peasants whipped horses.

- Hey-Ho! Are you in town? - cried Ivan, rushing across.

- In the city!

- Tell her that in this forest wanders bunch of double and shoot people!

Yes there is some gang? They are everywhere! - cried the farmer, for a moment holding the horse. - Sit down, boy, the cart! Maybe we'll save!

"No thanks, I can not! I need to get home! - said Ivan.

- But what is now the home? Everywhere kompoldy!..

Shaken by Ivan jumped into the cart. L THE%B

Телега неслась по неровной асфальтированной дороге. Трясло так, что Ваня не только вцепился в борта обеими руками, но и скрестил ноги вокруг какой-то перекладины. Иначе бы вылетел.

Послышался гул вертолета.

- Most of all on the side of the road! In the shelter! Under the trees! - cried the peasants. And in time, so we heard machine-gun fire, and the bullets clattered on the pavement. One of the carts had not time to turn off the road and peasants on it turned into metal. Horse fright ran, aimlessly, taking a cart three statues.

On the road from the city appeared armored car. From it OTK the

– Эй, люди! – крикнул бородатый солдат из броневика. – Напрямик к городу нельзя пройти! Там к дороге вышли компольды! Мы еле прорвались!

- And where you're going, too kompoldy! - cried the peasants.

- A lot of them?

- A lot! Yes, there they are!

Because of the road turn left several cars with armed kompoldami. Bearded gunner fired a burst. Kompoldy turned and rushed back.

"Yeah, scared! - they all cried.

And then from behind a corner crept tank. A shot from a cannon and months is%8

Everything that happened after Ivan struck a terrible dream. Cart racing on the road, around the shells exploded every now and then on the asphalt with the ringing of the statue fell. Then the surviving peasants turned into the forest. Maddened with horror horse racing along the narrow forest paths. The cart made such zigzags, so it threw that Ivan remembered roller coaster, which once rolled Alenka. Hands and feet were numb to such an extent that Ivan thought that they have already appealed to the metal. The sky buzzed kompoldovskie helicopters firing into all living things.

The forest ended, the road stretched on the field. Until next copse was still far away, when the cart saw from the helicopter. Burst... Peasant waved his hands and fell , or rather fell his metal statue.

The helicopter turned around for a new approach. But Ivan managed to grab the reins and shouted:

- Hey, a horse, let's zigzags! Right! To the left! Again, right!..

Another %

While we drove through the woods, it was dark. In the distance the lights of the big city, surrounded by flashes of shots. The air was a continuous roar of cannon.

- Look, not captured kompoldy capital of Tsar Saltan! And there seems to be no shooting! Let's break right through the field! - Vanya said the horse.

And they flew directly over the field. Somewhere ed is%

Наконец телега вылетела на окраину столицы. Тяжело дышавшая лошадь перешла на шаг.

– Ну вот, кажется, уцелели. Здесь уже должны быть наши.

Их окликнули:

"Halt, who goes there? Specifically, who is going?

- My, my! - shouted Ivan.

"Well, if its so paddle here! Be careful so under fire not to fall! Kompoldy just right! For the former factory machinery for tire!

The voice seemed familiar to van. Turning the corner, he saw a small group of soldiers, who took the defense for fences and houses. Their chief came forward in the

– Алеша Попович, это ты? – сказал Ваня. – Привет!

– Здравствуй, верховный воевода, отважный победитель компольдов!

– Ну, нашел ты время для титулов… Лучше расскажи, что тут у вас произошло.

- See what happened. Kompoldy again attacked us. Nothing more to say.

- Well? Keep?

- Are still standing. Now they, of course, our capital city will not so easily capture, like last time!

- And the rest of the country?

I don't know. Say, someone else is fighting back, but you never know what they say! We are now standing here in defence and did not even know exactly what's going on 

 – А кто там сейчас – во дворце?

"I don't know... Deven don't know whether Palace - the center of the city kompoldovskie planes bombed the night... Go see for yourself... If anyone can find, so maybe come up with something, you do still know how to win the double... And if not find, come back here, we keep the defense together! Do you have a weapon?

- Nope.

- Sorry. I'd give the machine, but we ourselves lack. And if you come back - maybe by the time any of us will turn into metal, so take his weapon.

- Will turn into metal? And the water of life you not?

- There are very few.

- Well, Alesha. Hold on defense, but I will try to think of something. How can you better drive to the Palace?

- Right on the street, then at the fork to the left! Don't mix them up! There on the right, I think, already kompoldy abode! Toward morning exploration go...





The streets were empty and dark. In the Windows here and there where candles were lit. There were small groups of armed mountains is% 

The cart came to the king, then the President, and then again the king's Palace. The building was intact, but there was not a single glass. Apparently, a bomb exploded nearby.

At the entrance stood archers. Seeing Ivan, they saluted and opened the door.

- Tsar Saltan here? - asked Ivan.

- No, the Supreme commander.

- A Koschey The Immortal?

- No, the Supreme commander.


– Нет, верховный воевода.

– Ну, ладно. Где начальник дворцовой охраны Леший?

– Не знаем, верховный воевода.

– А кто вообще из бояр и богатырей здесь есть?

– Никого, верховный воевода. Только кот ученый и серый волк.

- And who will then direct the defense of the capital?

- They lead.

'Well, well! Where are they?

- In the throne room.

- This is where earlier there was a meeting room?

- Yes, the Supreme commander. You hold?

- Do not, I find myself!

Sped along the empty dark corridors, littered with shards of broken glass, Ivan flew into the room, dimly lit several candles. At the head of a huge table was PU is%8

Кот, глядя в пространство, напевал:

– Уж вы, ветры мои, ветерочки!

Вы не дуйте, ветры, на лесочки,

Do not sway, wind in the pine forest!

And so sickening pine stand:

Not water pine tempted -

Gornostaevka to the pine runs,

Evil Korenica were searching...

- So you are in charge of the defense of the capital city? - said Ivan.

The cat and the wolf jumped as scalded. Wanted to rush into the arms of van, but the Supreme commander was so terrible that they did. Stretched almost that at attention". The cat has salaatul:

- Supervises, brave winner of double... the defense rests everywhere, everything is as it should...

- Well, then tell me how the double storming the city!

- Do not know.

- And how many of our troops protecting the city?

- Do not know.

- And how much ammunition we have?

- Do not know.

- A living water?

- Do not know.

- And where is the king, nobles and warriors?

- Do not know.

- And what do you know?

- What the defense rests.

- Until the morning she could, and hold on, and at the first attack of double crash! - shouted Ivan. - So, so! Listen to my team: you, cat, looking for their friends-rats or mice or birds, or anyone you want, and send them to know what the country situation, where the king, nobles and warriors, and who else but us, kompoldam resists! You, wolf, running on the outskirts, g

Кот и волк умчались. Иван остался один. Подошел к окну.

The sky shone stars. The barrage of almost subsided. Before him spread out city. The city, which because of its stupidity and irresponsibility first almost choked in factory smoke, and now besieged kompoldami. Supreme commander nearly cried. Sat down in an armchair and began to carefully consider the blank walls, biting his nails. Actually, he learned to bite his nails in the included four

But to sit alone did not. In the room burst into the grey wolf, and behind him burst into Alyosha Popovich at the head of a detachment of Musketeers and residents. Bogatyr bowed Ivan, sat down at the table and began to give instructions - one to go on the Western border of defence and learn how it works, another is on the Northern line, the third - on ammunition, the fourth - in search of the living waters of the

"Maybe we shall defend the capital city? - he thought. - And then, suddenly, the king Peas reinforcements arrive... With his army was always stronger Saltanovskih... And Merlin will certainly help... he was right then was that I hastened to the decree... I had not evict a doubleand find my siblings and put his watch, to simply turn back time... But what now% 

Ivan pulled out his watch and looked at them. In the real world has been almost ten minutes. Passage of the country of fairy tales long closed.

- Home and I have just not to get... Well, mum and dad will come from work hours in three-four, and there will be in General a lot of time! We Merlin have time, and a double win, and some even pass in my world to think!..

Engaged in the dawn. Around the city was filled with shots - enemy went into the attack. Appeared in the air kompoldovskie planes and helicopters. Bombing began, and had to go to the basement. Alyosha Popovich went personally to lead the defense line of the main attack of the double, and Ivan was left alone with the gray wolf.

He returned the cat scientist. In his downcast view Willow Is%B

– Ну, рассказывай.

– Отважный победитель компольдов, я прямо не знаю, с чего начать…

– Начинай с начала и рассказывай до конца. Как сказала бы моя бабушка, самый ужасный конец…

- ...The best horror without end, "he finished for him a cat. - So, it all started with the fact that kompoldy were dissatisfied with the closure of factories...

"I know that. Further.

- And immediately across the country began small-scale riots. Kompoldy was seized living water, attacking people on armories... Da and his weapons they had a lot...

- I know that, too. Further.


– А можно, кот, без пословиц?

- It is possible... Towhen king, nobles and warriors dispersed in different cities, villages and hamlets have a double appeared a leader and combined them!

- What is the leader? Again Kapslok appeared?

"I don't know what exactly, but certainly not Kapslok, that in the country the English fairy tales living happily, good money that does not hurt anybody...

Cote, not always.

- Yes-d is%

– Всех?

- All brave winner of the double. Here are just Alyosha Popovich accidentally in the capital remained and so survived.

- A Koschey The Immortal?

He got into the plane, entered into a dogfight with kompoldami and was shot down... In stone shoot - only arrows to lose...

- And Baba Yaga?

- She arrived at her house with their animals to visit, but here at her and dropped a big bomb. %D  

– А царь Горох?

- No more of his Kingdom-state. All kompoldami captured. We alone in the country of Russian fairy tales were.

Ivan sat in the corner of the basement and put his head in his hands. On the top floor with a crash landed some heavy bombs. Apparently, they got into the Palace, as all around great slosh. From the ceiling crumbled plaster.

After a while the door opened, and in the basement is

Barely got to you, the Supreme commander. There ruins, all the lights... NADO go outside, but something quite the entrance to the basement tilted...

"We will go now... And why are you in my arms so cast down? - asked Ivan.

- Yes, all the same cartridges run out...

"And the hand is not cured?

- Living water is no more.

- So what? Is the end of defense?

- So, the end ofT... only the enemies of reason to cease fire. It seems as if waiting for something...

- Well, then, Alyosha, prepare the troops for a break from the city, until kompoldy again in the assault did not go...

And at that moment in came Sagittarius and reported:

- There - Parla... param...

- A truce?

- Exactly, parlementaire! Messenger from this, the -- the prese... President!

- Who? - chorus exclaimed Ivan, cat, wolf and hero.

- From the President!..

Silent scene did not last long. Vanya said:

"I thought it was my twin joined the double... there was no one...

He turned to the guards:

- We have stayed at least one clean front m%

– Нет, верховный воевода. Наверху руины, дворец разрушен.

"My costume completely broken... And dirty... 'k... Sagittarius! On Kaftan you seem to be pure and whole! Quickly take off, give it to me, and he can put on my jacket! Not coming in? On the shoulders making! Alyosha Popovich! What is the chain on your neck?

- The order.

- Give briefly vilified!

- Supreme commander, it can drop your dick, you're the king came over the high

– Да кто там будет смотреть, у кого какая степень! Не до того сейчас… Пошли наверх!

Making his way among the Smoking ruins of the Palace, they came to the square. It is surrounded by archers stood kompold in a bowler hat and coat - it seems that one of those that sat in the Council of Ministers.

Having the most proud and solemn, his chest with the order of Alyosha Popovich, Ivan walked up to him.

 "I hear you, parlementaire.

- Mr. Supreme commander! Mr. President

– И какие условия предлагает твой президент?

- It gives the right to your troops to leave the country, Russian fairy tales. All the civilian population, which wants to join you will get this right.

- And where do we go?

- You are ready to take king Arthur and the magician Merlin. You will be allowed free passage to the country of English fairy tales. Firearms, you'll have to pass, but swords, mine is%

– Что-то больно добрый твой президент! Это все его условия?

"No, not all. It requires a master's Supreme commander official and legal transfer of power in his country of Russian fairy tales.

- Ah, now I understand what he is good! He legitimacy wants to observe that he no longer edit is not! And what is to me a contract to sign?

- Yes. If you accept the terms and is ready to sign the contract, he is waiting for you at noon on a small hill near the city. He said you know this hill. From there opens a nice view of the city.

"Well, what... In principle, the conditions are acceptable...

Ivan thought. Bogatyr healthy hand tugged at his sleeve:

- Perhaps, the Supreme leader, we'll fight yet?

- Himself, Alyosha, you know what our position is.

- You know...

- Well, then the war is over. The envoy, tell your President that the Supreme commander Ivan accepts its terms.





Brightly shone the midday sun. Alyosha Popovich has built an army (or rather,%2

For the army was pushing a huge crowds, not wanting to remain under the authority of the double.

At the end of the street stood kompoldovskie patrols. Behind them rose the hill where once Ivan, Merlin and Sergey fought with the Nightingale and Tugarin. Now there waiting Vanya his twin. Earlier this hill was quite far from the city, but the capital with those on the Sabbath.

Как и полагалось верховному воеводе, Ваня стоял перед своим войском. Рядом расположились кот и волк.

Алеша четким шагом подошел к Ивану, отсалютовал здоровой рукой:

– Войска построены, верховный воевода.

- Thank You, Alexei. Wait a minute.

Ivan turned to the cat scientist and the gray wolf:

- You know that, friends? I think you don't need me to sign the Treaty to go. Scold forests to Merlin, and then suddenly my twin still some trick planned...

- How is it? - said the cat and the wolf. - We are nowhere without you!

"Ah, so? Then listen to my instructions: go to the great magician and tell him that I accepted the terms of the President and at noon signing a contract! What we have to freely flow into the country of English fairy tales! And if not miss, let Merlin and all the fabulous country are satisfied that the President of the international isolation!

- What are satisfied, as the%B

– Международную изоляцию! Ну, как бы это сказать попроще… Пусть они никогда не имеют никаких дел с этим обманщиком! Теперь поняли?

– Поняли.

– Выполняйте приказ!

The cat and the wolf, and stood silent for a few seconds. Then he turned and disappeared among the small suburban houses.

- Well, Alyosha, I went, "said Ivan. - When I wave my hand, then the contract is signed. Drop your guns and get out of town.

- And maybe even a few pistols a leave? "asked strong.

- Why? Still, we have no cartridges.

- Yes, they found a little at a dozen of the other warriors!

- No, it wouldn't be fair... the Contract is a contract...

On stiff legs Ivan headed for the hill. Kompoldy soldiers stepped aside and let him in. Went up the hill. On top was a large table covered with green cloth. At the table stood a double ironed in the French military, which hung from his pocket watch chain. Around, at a respectful distance, crowded kompoldy-chiefs - and in French%

"Well, Hello, John, "said the double. His voice was just incredible celebration. He seemed about to burst from importance.

- Hello, their relatives, - said Vanya.

- You're my everything labeled as their relatives, and I do not mind! We're with you, and actually almost family!

- Relatives, relatives... And don't feel sorry for you, as their relatives%

- Well, what can you do? Of course, the factories and their shortcomings... Nabout the thing! How would the male scientist, chop wood - chips fly!

- Hardly a cat would say such a disgusting thing... Nat the well, where's your contract?

- It is ready! Now we read it!

Kompold in a bowler hat and coat stepped forward and began to read:

- We, the high Contracting parties, p.%

– Поменьше о вышесказанном и нижеследующем! – прервал его Ваня. – Давай по сути!

- In fact here is that the Supreme commander Ivan declares invalid the decree, in which he declared President Ivan his counterpart, transferred power in the country, Russian fairy tales Tsar Saltan and king, Peas, and also ordered to close the factory and move all of the double. Supreme commander Ivan recognizes the legitimate authority of President Ivan and undertakes in the%

– Ну, предположим, объявляю, признаю и обязуюсь, – сказал Ваня. – А мой двойник…

– Думай, что говоришь! – перебил двойник.

- Well, well, well. Suppose, not double, but the President... He that undertakes to do?

- President Ivan gives the right forces Supreme commander Ivan to leave the country, Russian fairy tales together with the entire civilian population, which wants to join it - rapped kompold. - Supreme commander, Ivan, his troops, and acceded to the population will be allowed free passage to the country of English fairy tales honorary March, with banners unfurled...

- Well, more understandable. To rent a gun, leave the swords and spears... Well, their relatives, I am prepared to sign. Come on, kompold, his paper.

- Are you going to sign a standing? Come on, as expected, will sit at the table! - said the double. Apparently, he wanted very much to the atmosphere was festive as possible.

Both sat in a high chair at the table. Com is% 

Ivan stood up and waved his hand to Alyosha Popovich. Troops and citizens began to leave the capital.

"Well, that's all. We shake hands, "said the double, rising too.

- Like the heads of government in the TV! Maybe more and pens will exchange? - sarcastically said Vanya.

- And what? You can handle and exchange. Still, such a solemn moment!

- To the solemn, the%B  

И тут его осенило. Он повернулся к двойнику и сказал:

- Anyway, I think the time is really Grand! Not every day in the country, Russian fairy tales are everlasting contracts!

- Of course! - happily replied double.

- So maybe not only will exchange hands, but watch? The handle is a trifle, but the clock - the best memorable gift! I somewhere something was reading! And if I read it and you read it!

- Read cheat the%B  

– Что все равно? – спросил Ваня.

– Сейчас сам увидишь. Но сначала все-таки давай пожмем друг другу руки и торжественно обменяемся ручками и часами!

Shook hands, gave each other their pens, unfastened watch and exchanged them. A brass band played solemn music.

Ivanov troops and citizens already passed the hill. Vanya said double:

- So I was supposed to see? Show us more, and I to my troops need!

"What! - double pulled from his pocket a white handkerchief and waved to them.

Shots rang out. In the column, coming out of the city from all sides crept kompoldovskie tanks. The first in the metal touched Alyosha Popovich, after it began to pile up mountains of statues. Trying to escape, unarmed troops and citizens began to scatter in different directions, but the tanks were passed. No man could not break through the ring.

- What? - screamed Ivan my double. - And everlasting contract?

- The contract? And in the contract that said? - with cunning, " replied double. - I shall provide you and your troops unhindered passage to the country of English fairy tales! But they did not say WHEN I need it to provide! Here I am a hundred years from all and will revive and will provide a free pass!

Ivan indignation, outrage and horror speechless. Frantically WAP

Подошли несколько компьютерных солдат. Навели автоматы на Ивана. Вопросительно посмотрели на своего президента.

Double shook his head and said van:

- No, I will not let them draw you into the metal. Are you still with me is very similar, yet will lose respect for me... I thee in the metal will pay!

- Ten turns... feverishly thought Vanya himself. - To turn back the time, all you have twenty-two... Ne be mistaken... Twelve... Thirteen...

- Yes that t is%  

- Fifteen speed... Withsemnadcati...

Double pulled out his pistol, pointed it at Vanya and asked:

- Well, Ivan, have you anything else to say goodbye?

Twenty... Dvadtsat one...

- I do not want? Well then, goodbye!

Twenty - two! Goodbye!..

Watch tremble in the hands of Vani, hissed and sparkled. The arrows on them spun at high speed. All around and the

Then the fog lifted, and John heard a voice Sergey:

- Well, Vanya, I turn off the computer? Or else on the Internet will poletim?

Ivan looked around. He sat at the computer in the room of his friend. The clock showed half of the sixth, but the calendar date was yesterday. Time came back.

"Hey, Vanyukha! What are you thinking about?

- Nothing! - Ivan jumped up from the table. - Is turned off, try leaving! I ran home, I have the problem in physics to solve it! And ever! - hear? - never have to change anything in the country of fairy tales! May there always will all be old, as during the reign of Tsar Saltan and Tsar Pea! There are no factories, no cars, no the double!..

Sergey watched him in amazement.


Moscow, 2005.


© Sergey Zagraevsky




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