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Sergey Zagraevsky


My XX century


Chapter 1. “Soviet burgers”

Chapter 2. Vorkuta

Chapter 3. Sixties

Chapter 4: “Stagnation”

Chapter 5. Psychoanalysis

Chapter 6. Lenin, Party, Komsomol

Chapter 7. “Scientific career”

Chapter 8. Euphoria of epochs changing

Chapter 9. Arkady

Chapter 10. Commerce

Chapter 11. The loss of the bank

Chapter 12. Christianity




Published in Russian: Çàãðàåâñêèé Ñ.Â. Ìîé ÕÕ âåê. Ì.: Àëåâ-Â, 2001. ISBN 5-94025-009-2



Chapter 11. The loss of the bank



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




One and the same dream

I began to repeat:

I dream that I

the train behind.

One way to winter

the station is gone,

A fast train my

walked, walked, walked.

And I want to run

behind him - and can't,

And I feel a dream,

that still running.

And in a closed circle

interlacing lines

The rotation of the earth

moves us -

The rotation of the earth,

rotation fields,

Rotation away

birches and poplars,

Poles and wires,

sidings and bridges,

Passing trains

and passing trains.


But that still trouble

and, apparently, not without reason,

With no good to me

other trains.

I need only one

that I was comfortable,

There my table light

the speed of shaking.

They love to go - so go,

a cut - so spur of the moment,

It buzzes like an oven

red and hot.

He's all I want,

the passion and his enthusiasm,

I remember the car

I have not forgotten the number.

He is listed with snow,

he's in the corner and smoke,

I sentenced

life to him.


I need this snow,

me sweet that smoke

High riser

over all their experiences.

And I want him

run - and can't,

And I feel a dream,

that still running,

And in a closed circle

interlacing lines

The rotation of the earth

moves us...


                                                                        Yuri Levitinsky




If you count from the beginning of summer of 1995, I went to banks for nearly a year until “caught” for Rokobank. It happened quite by coincidence.

I differ by some annoying (which in General is a plus). In the autumn of 95-th me rokobanke “sent” (as usual, proved unreliable pledge), but I managed once again to get through to the Vice-President Ruslanova, forty year old man with a black moustache handsome man with the habits of an Eastern Prince, who said that the Bank is moving, and after moving (in three months), saying, go, “let's try something out”.

Usually it was a polite form of denial, but the Bank really has moved to a new huge building in New Cheremushki, and in the spring of 1996 I decided to remind about themselves. After several weeks of dial-up Ruslanova I was finally appointed “audience”. Ironically, successful.

Then I even understood why. Rokobank extremely quarrelsomeness, and at this time Ruslanov in Alliance with another Vice-President, Teterin just survived the previous President. The latter took Teterin, complete with advanced alcoholic liver cirrhosis, which is fully trusted Ruslanova in questions of using the funds of the Bank.

The authority Ruslanova was almost unquestioned. “Almost”, because, he had enemies, soon opening a new round of struggle - calm inside Rokobanka never was.

The funny thing is that for all that the Bank was proud to be among the ten largest in the country, was the main operator on the market of cash currency in Russia by the volume of received foreign loans was second only to that of Vneshtorgbank, and also the first Russian banks got into their shareholders EBRD - European Bank for reconstruction and development.

And in the spring of 1996 Ruslanov and his “right hand” Yartsev, the relatively modest position of Deputy Director of the credit Department, has created a subsidiary company Rokobanka - Rokodom “ - and began looking for her business partners.

Then I turned up, that is our mark holding company “Granit”.

“Real money” the Bank already had a few, but were enormous Western line of credit - Rokobank “was famous for its exceptional reliability”, and under its guarantee our foreign trade contracts propecial almost all major banks of the world. Annually Rokobank tested very “cool” in the world of audit company “Coopers & Lybrand”, wrote exclusively positive conclusion, and the West, with all his ears, they listened to...

And so began a joint activity “Granite” and “Rokodoma. Afraid to tire the reader, therefore, bring sophisticated financial scheme only in the most General terms: Bank guarantee Rokobanka allocated to the company Rokodom“, she exhibited them Western banks, the foreign partners we “Granite”, and the last was delivered to “Granite” meat and dairy products, knowing that they in the case of the collapse of the firm “Granit” in any case, the money will pay the West Bank, then the latter will receive them with Rokobanka.

Still a description of the scheme was very cumbersome. And it's only in the most General terms, without referring to no transport, no insurance, no customs, no sales!

It is not clear how such a complex schemes leaders “Rokodoma, just retired officials of foreign trade, the only “merit” of which was that they knew Ruslanova and Yartseva from Soviet times, could effectively observe experienced traders - Marc and me. But everything went smoothly - we were not interested in the deterioration of relations with Rokobanka and the breach of any warranty.

Soon, this scheme has changed one of the actors place a trusted firm Rokodom “won the newly created firm Rokoprodukt, and her head was none other than yours truly. That is, ironically, turned out that I, as a representative of the Bank “supervised” for mark...





All of this happened not once, through a long intra-recrimination, in which, besides me, the manual “Rokodoma and several leaders of the Rokobanka, participated very colorful gentleman by the name Sidorov.

Oh, Alexander Sidorov was “cool”! Being older than I was only six years old, he had visited the Deputy Director of some large defense plant, then engaged in the export of metal and in 1996 was the head of the holding “METALTECH is one of the largest in Russia in this sector. Since he began Rokobankom joint business for the year before - in “Metallica” and Rokobanka was common interests in the Belgorod region.

The latter was the largest in the country GOK (ore mining and enrichment plant), then there is a huge cut in the ground where an open way mined iron ore, which is then enriched and delivered, in particular, to Magnitogorsk metallurgical works. And there Rokobank also had their own interests.

What interests? And the most direct: through loans tied to his company.

The process of “binding” was quite tricky. In principle, the Bank has received from the company in the mortgaged property or any money, gave credit. If the Deposit is reliable, then the Bank may then “sleep”.

And what if the company is profitable for the Bank's interesting, but “cool” (a type referred GOK) and does not want to give anything as collateral? Or can give any rotary excavators, with whom the Bank and then do absolutely nothing?

But then and effective scheme of “binding” of the enterprise: may your Deposit will be purely formal, but that the Bank is able to continuously monitor, do you use his money on purpose, to blow their financial flows through it, and the delivery of the goods (in this case, metal) - through “trusted” by the Bank (in our case - the same Rokodom “or “Metalac”).

And since you have to constantly monitor that requires additional costs, not only pay loan interest, but also share the profits.

It turns out that the passage through the holding Rokobanka financial flows and commodity supplies the largest enterprises in the country meant that in addition to credit interest huge profits.

Remember the term of the time “Semibankirshchina”? Indeed, commercial-type monsters Menatep, ONEKSIM, Inkombank same Rokobanka this way “moves” the most various branches of Russian industry, and only the August 1998 crisis mixed all the cards.

So, Sidorov, on the basis of large-scale joint Affairs closely “friends” with the leadership Rokobanka - Teterin Ruslanova Yartseva and other. Any questions in the Bank, he decided one phone call and was virtually equal partner banks ' top managers”.

The office he was great - storey mansion in the Arbat lanes. He flew Alexander only “aircraft-salon” (remade “Yak-40”), traveled to the protection of an armored 600-m “gelding” and had all the other attributes of the “slope”. And personally, of course, he was a man of great energy power, and his bright, clear eyes, does not make the impression of “fish”.

It's funny that Sidorov, with such a Russian-Jewish family names, yet professional and businessman, was an ardent supporter of the Orthodox religion and constantly sponsored some temples. For example, in the Belgorod region, he financed the construction of one of Russia's largest cathedrals. Rokobank in honor of his “spin” on a lot of money, and even the “Granite” a couple of times in his letters paid for “small” costs of the local Archbishop...

Even more funny that Alexander Mikhailovich was a personal psychic, because he was nervous for the years of business has acquired heart failure, and, for all its “Orthodox” thought the best remedy nightly meditation sessions.

However, Sidorov “right hand” in the firm was his brother Ilia Kogan (he, unlike Alexander Mikhailovich, took the surname of the father). Now, Elijah was fond of saying: “Let Sasha suffers stupidity, but God is still there”...

Also, by the way, a curious thing: Ilya Mikhailovich seemingly was the complete opposite of his elder brother, had the image of a “deadhead”, but he gave an equally hard look as transparent eyes. Generally speaking, the look of a professional businessman, and the more Russian - is the subject of a separate psychological research.





In the fall of 1996 Sidorov grappled with the heads of the company “Rokodom” for influence on Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine, “pushed” to them, and incidentally have decided to deprive their earnings, connected with the joint activity with the company “Granit”, that is with mark and me.

He did this correctly - first “drove a wedge between me and guide “Rokodoma, and then he offered me to create and lead a company Rokoprodukt (in the status of one of the subsidiaries Rokobanka) and conduct all Affairs with the “Granite” not through Rokodom“, and through Rokoprodukt. Moreover managed to agree on this with Ruslanova Yartsev. As the latter has accepted the removal from the “Granite” their offspring, “Rokodoma, still do not understand. Apparently, leading Sidorov much larger case, decided by little things not to quarrel.

For my part Sidorov it was an offer that cannot be refused” (directly on the “Godfather”). I agreed, registered a company Rokoprodukt, became its Director and began to work closely with Sidorov.

He decided to “bind” to yourself and Rokobanku food industry of the Kursk and Belgorod regions, and for that he needed a qualified specialist like I was considered. In the framework of the “Rokoprodukt” my partnership with Sidorov was formally equal " fifty - fifty, and in fact I had something of a “Junior partner” in one of the areas - food industry.

Undoubtedly, the winter of 1996-1997 was the top of my commercial career, personal well-being and the “social status”. Flights Sidorov on the “aircraft-shops”, the delivery of cars to the aircraft, techniques from the governors, the best restaurants, the best rooms in the best hotels, optionally, best “girls” and others.

About the company I'm not saying their Directors to potential investors libutil and took us at the highest level, as for example, the Director of the enormous mining and processing plant, king and God in the city, when the plane Sidorov took off, stood with his corps and protection at the end of the runway and waved the disappearing plane.

I lived at that time in the country, has also made a very expensive private house in a sanatorium near Moscow “Otradnoe”, and Sidorov was constantly surprised that I go without driver and without the guard, and even to relieve the country in some sanatorium instead to move to government “Pine forest”, where in a cottage he lived, Teterin and Ruslanov, as far as time was free cottage “a little less”...

Strange, but I was already feeling brevity and unreality of such a lifestyle, and a kind of intuition kept me from mad money spending type of rental cottages in “the Pine forest”, the purchase of the prestigious foreign cars and immediate transfer to superaphic Sidorova on the Arbat, where I was offered Politeia. On the contrary - I tried to earn money to save for a rainy day, but that he will come, for some reason I did not doubt.

So I went to the relatively inexpensive Honda, sitting in our mark office on Tishinka and Sidorov said that these are my habits “old mafia-butcher” - not light up.

By the way, acted, and even inspired respect. “Professional”...

And its “dry law” permanent “libations” Sidorov the environment, I explained that “drank her at the meat, but now I can not drink because of hypertension, and it is also to act - I was not offended. However, in this case, I am a soul and not twisted.

Dmitriev, mark looked at my Alliance with Sidorov extremely nervous. Formally, he was not offended by that - the import of meat and dairy products regularly funded, I like disappearing for days at rokobanke and continued to disappear... But humanly speaking, he certainly felt that I was interested in a powerful and extraordinary personality Sidorova.

Was it the part of Mark is jealous - probably, Yes. And after a series of conflicts with him, I decided to move to Sidorov on Arbat, but then there was another accident prevented me to do it and restore my relationship with mark. Specifically, in April 1997 occurred in rokobanke new outbreak of fighting for power, this time between Ruslanova and Sidorov.





Sidorov always did not like my self in dealing with bankers - Ruslanova Yartsev, and when he began the fight for absolute power in Rokobanke, I was “unreliable element”, and he decided to get rid of me.

No, in no case, not physically. Sasha, strangely enough, despite the many big words, was hardly capable of any “physical” address. It is possible, of course, that he was capable of, but always preferred not to translate “the cold war” in “hot”, and even more so with me, not completely understandable to him by the man from the world of the grocery business.

Frankly, I do not know that it is not shared with Ruslanov Sidorov. I think that the sphere of influence at the same smelter.

And for me, this conflict has the following consequences: Sidorov in one day, he met with me and mark Dmitriev, invited me to send a packet of shares of “Rokoprodukt”... Mark, the General management of the company - also, and most remain something of an Executive Director.

We have mark were serious friction, but the offer Sidorova sounded so strange and unexpected (almost before I Sasha sat until eleven in the evening and discussed the plans for further work)that mark was suspected some kind of trap, and preferred to “play” on my side. This was expressed in the fact that he did not say Sidorov neither “Yes”nor “no”, and proposed to meet again to discuss prospects for joint work.

And I went straight to Ruslanova, within half an hour got an appointment (which was difficult, but the case was urgent) and has informed, that, say, hurt, Rokoprodukt taken, to work not give, and if Ruslanova need help, I always welcome, and if not, I'm not remain.

The risk of engaging my tough stance against Sidorov, of course, was I knew not, continue to be friends with Ruslanov Sidorov or not. But it turned out that not continue, although Sidorov on that memorable meeting with Marc was trying to convince us of the opposite.

Ruslanov I immediately suggested “improvement” is to lead a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Bank, which meant that the status of almost a full-fledged Bank employee's salary at the level of Director of the Department. I agreed. Refuse to quit the business and then (and the moment was convenient) I somehow thought have emerged - so caught up in the intrigue...

As for the “Alliance” Sidorov and Marc, he, as expected, was from the side of Alexander's net “showing off” - he was not up to the food industry, metallurgy would understand... Their talks were sluggish and a couple of weeks have stopped themselves.

Soon, I solemnly announced Ruslanova Yartsev and that “Mr. Dmitriev has stopped communicating with Sidorov and agreed to continue to work with Rokobankom. All were very happy, mark paid a visit to the Bank and was treated kindly in every way.

In order not to waste time for registration of a new company, Ruslan “gave” me as much existed since 1991, a wholly owned subsidiary company Rokobanka - Rokosplav. It hung a few “tails” in the form allocated once credits and several tons of metal in stock, but for old loans I, naturally, did not answer, and metal managed to sell quickly - just put his Deputy on the phone and it in a couple of weeks found a buyer. Metal was more than a year, the price I found almost without regard to inflation, that is very cheap, and technically even got some small profit.

In a word, and mark, and Ruslanova everything went as before, with one exception - in the Bank ran out of money.





Probably, they have not ended entirely, but, apparently, every “squeezed” the member of the management Rokobanka something “carries with him”. Yes, and if not carried away, still in the Bank took place unimaginable mess - enterprises, especially the Bank's shareholders, well-played by differences in management and in no hurry to return the loans taken. And the interest paid extremely faulty.

With the departure of the Bank Sidorova situation is not stabilized.

President Teterin was though an alcoholic, but cunning and intelligent man, and knew that to lead mnohocetnym quarrelsome team Rokobanka can only according to the principle “divide and rule”. Excessive strengthening Ruslanova did not suit him, and for months during lying Teterina in hospitals acting President was not Ruslanov, and the other Vice President, Ostapov, which is in conflict Ruslanova and Sidorova, as it turned out, was on the side of the latter.

In particular, in the “Rokosplav I put things in order, being in the rank of “acting Director”because the order on my appointment a few months spent at Ostapova on the table, he is fundamentally not signed, Ruslanov to sign “personnel” had no right, Teterin and constantly was in the hospital.

But in the late summer of 1997 Ostapov taken a bold step to his undoing. One day he went to the leadership of the Central Bank and said that Teterin drunk and the Bank does not manage, Ruslanov and Yartsev issue unsecured loans, the Bank makes a loss and, in General, is on the verge of collapse, so the above gentlemen must urgently be dismissed from the manual and enter the “temporary administration” of the Central Bank.

He apparently did not believe, and “knock” Teterin, for the latest on the next day came from the hospital to the Bank and signed decrees: the first dismissal Ostapova and his supporter, Director of the credit Department, and the second - on the appointment Ruslanova acting President and Yartseva - Director of the credit Department. And then went to ache more.

Naturally, the order on my appointment as Director of the company Rokosplav was signed Ruslanova very soon.

However, the documents about my appointment at Ostapova lost and had to re-fill the questionnaire. As I said, the Director of a wholly owned subsidiary of the company was considered to be an employee Rokobanka in the rank of Director of the Department, that is was taken on the work of the Bank's personnel Department, received in the Bank's salary and even was attached to some elite clinic. In the latter, however, I never had time to visit. It was not until diseases...

I no questionnaire was not completed ten years and greatly amused when in came in Rokobank from Soviet times “personal tally sheet frames” on trip abroad was allocated just three lines, and it was necessary to specify where you were, when and with what purpose. By the time I had a lot of trains and in travel, leisure, and briefly wrote: “there in Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, great Britain, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Switzerland, France, Nigeria, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland...

However, particularly fun failed, because I, listing these numerous trips, understood that it was not “made” of them are nothing but a vague General impression from standard tourist “attractions” and memories of the five star hotels, restaurants, beaches and wild races on motorways. The exception was one trip to Istanbul-Constantinople in 1994, but I went alone and specifically to watch architecture. And the rest is quite “new Russian” pastime.

I remember a slight chill on the skin: how deeply I was wrapped...





Started my last period and rokobanke, and in business.

In the autumn of 1997 I had the rank of almost a full representative Rokobanka had set sail. My task was to search for reliable partners in the food and agricultural sectors, to join with them in joint activities together to develop business plans and to get under their funding Rokobanke.

In the case of a customer financing I had to watch, as if he did not “split” and pocketed the money. In case of danger of such incidents, I was obliged to immediately inform the Bank's management, that they were “pressured” to the client by means of the security service, almost entirely composed of retired colonels “power structures”.

A very unpleasant thing was that when I headed the firm Rokosplav, my supervisor was not Yartsev and the Director of financial markets Department Larionov - contribution Rokobanka equity firm Rokosplav” referred to its competence. The situation immediately became an occasion for many intrigues, because I am used to dealing with the Director of the credit Department Yartseva and went on to dealing with him, and Larionov annoying.

I think that from the political point of view it was my mistake - in Yartseva had a trusted company, the same Rokodom“. With the leadership after the last “divorce” Sidorov I managed to make peace, but the former friendship, of course, was not, and I, when I stopped financing programs, was a kind of “lean”.

But business is business: while the funding was going to violate the scheme of mutual relations was bad and wrong, so I continued, as before, to work with a bunch of “Yartsev-Ruslans.

Interesting was the couple! Fifty years Yartsev, former nestorovic, small growth, as would be nice, as would be the kindest, as though democratic and relatively accessible to visitors gentleman was the complete opposite of high forty years handsome Ruslanova, differing unimaginable belmonto to which it was necessary to make an appointment for a week and then all the same to wait for several hours in the waiting room...

But these gentlemen worked hard! Neither commercial nor public enterprises, or in other banks I didn't have to see people every day come to work at 8 : 30 am and leave not earlier than nine, but even sit up late at night. However, Ruslan came later - at 8.45, although he probably would have been easier on those fifteen minutes...

Sometimes I Yartseva met in the Bank at 8 am used to that Ruslanova in the -- the hour of the night, and also in the Bank. But for me, these cases were sporadic, and for them is almost the norm. By the way, I understand why managers Rokobanka worked in such a crazy way: because of the constant intrigue, they did not trust anyone and all his contacts tremendous organizations loopback.

And what the Bank was the environment, says this detail: “thin” financial schemes or emerging intra-Bank “PE” I Ruslanova Yartsev most often discussed, walking down the hallway or lobby for they were afraid that their offices tapped. And someone - not the interior Ministry or the Prosecutor's office, and his own security service!

My contemporary Larionov in order to protect from listening to loud usually included tape - seems to have met two young men, sitting, listening to classical music, something under her talking quietly...

Larionov by the way, I am grateful. At first we had a great relationship, and I to the music of Beethoven learned a lot about interbank “kitchen”.

But all serious questions I still had decided through Yartseva, and Larionov one day in early spring 1998 still broke down and turned me into an open confrontation, that is offered to write a letter of resignation at own will.

I would, incidentally, wrote with pleasure - even then the thought of leaving business nagged me “the full program”, but I had a number of outstanding liabilities, and I immediately “complained” Ruslanova (I believe it was already occupying the place of the President Teterina). Ruslanov stood at my side and the “siege” Larionov. The funny thing is that the move on his part, seems to have an extra incentive - I had an affair with an elegant lady from his Department, which he himself had...





But it was a little later, and in the autumn of 1997 I began the search of reliable partners for Rokobanka.

I must say that my independent search immediately became shoveling questionable projects that are in incredible numbers I began to “push down” then Ruslanov, Yartsev, Larionov. They started me to “recommend” to take a job in the “Rokosplav one or the other of their acquaintance, but I just do not care - staffing allowed, and among the recommended proved to be extremely competent and “grasping” people.

But the lowering of the firm Rokosplav dubious project was alarming. In his time Sidorov, holding me “explanatory talk” about the futility of my frequent visits to the Bank, warned: “Serezha, bankers I don't need you, they have their schemes of work and they come to you they never will include, they will use your projects for their own purposes, and you will push aside any rubbish”. I have to state that smart and experienced Sidorov eventually turned out to be rights.

However, by the beginning of 1998 I managed from dozens (!) really hopeless endeavors to define three, with real prospects and profitability of the poultry sector was able to “fix” to Rokobanku most of the poultry farms near Moscow), wine bottling in Belarus (it was very advantageous due to the preferential taxation) and production of building sealant at the NPO Lavochkin. Last to the food industry does not apply, and not even remember who the bankers ' brought to me,” the initiators of this project.

And, I repeat, of the dozens of initiatives! And each had to check, go to a place, to understand the situation, to study the business plan, financial plan, but not everywhere I could send someone from the staff - usually had at least once, but the trip itself.

Unfortunately, the “efficiency” is low in most businesses - from ten encounters with real results bring two or three. Others, however, not entirely lost in vain, they provide guidance in the subject and some experience.

But if Rokobanka the number of pointless meetings and trips passed acceptable limits, because most of my potential partners didn't take my words as the truth in the last instance, and constantly went to the reception to Yartsevo, and even to Ruslanova - I couldn't they ban! Bankers would listen to them, then called me and said with annoyance that, say, again, was so-and-so, he's got some new proposals, you'd deal with him, and then he gave me “got”... And all of the new range.





And most importantly, that even the beginnings of the real one did not work either, because in early 1998 rokobanke money ran out completely and finally.

It was extremely unfortunate that directly to me nobody had said a thing, Ruslanov, nor Yartsev, nor Larionov. They spoke about the following: “Now, now, the next loan Committee is your project will definitely consider it! Oh, the credit Committee had to consider only the first two of the project, and your on the agenda was the third! Oh, Yartsev was on a business trip, and without it, your project will not have to consider, because only he was aware of details”... And so for weeks if not months.

This whole situation began to resemble my barren walking on banks in 1995, with the only difference that in 1998 I went not in different banks, and in one, was not a foreign businessman and almost full employee Rokobanka, and was considered a “person Ruslanova”. Many clerks middle managers (heads of departments and divisions) talk to me “in her own way” and also surprised that all projects slowed, not a single firm Rokosplav.

At this time, my situation was strange and a half. I still held together with mark office on Tishinka, all day propada in the Bank. Bankers many months didn't provide me with the office building of the Bank under the pretext that the “Rokosplav one-two rooms a little, and we must build a separate office, which required special financing, which, naturally, was not. Developed projects of building multiple barriers that in the wrong lobby of the Bank, in an unfinished Assembly hall. I met with builders, spent time on it...

Visits became less frequent, I traveled often to Moscow region - not yet dead Nadezhda “tie” to rokobanku poultry farm in the Moscow region.

And we have with mark started a joint project in Kaluga region. In the stunning beauty of the place (in the woods near the Oka) in Soviet times was built huge milk factory and in 1997 he was in the same state as the majority of businesses that were built without taking into account local features. It was considered that this plant will milk is brought from several nearby areas, and in the early nineties and region link was broken, and the number of livestock has decreased dramatically.

Frankly, this poverty, as in this remote area of the Kaluga region, I have not seen anywhere else. For example, adult children for bread have not sent was a real risk that they will not inform the bread to the house and eat on the way. A car was so small that they have been reminded, basically, the wheels of “Zhiguli” on peasant carts. No, drove trucks milk, “Volga district authorities and militia “UAZ”.

It was funny that exhausted long inaction of local inspectors calculated the time of the passage of the Moscow merchants, exhibited somewhere temporary sign “40 km/h”, hides with the radar and take the penalty with Frank admiration...

At the works the emergence of Muscovites, potential investors, was met with great joy, and when there was made a populist step - payment by the company “Granit” the wages of employees of the enterprise (by the way, very small) - at the General meeting at the end of 1997, the vast majority of votes by the Director of the plant was elected “our candidate”, member of the Board of Directors of “Granite” Vladimir Hackulo.

Overcome with the help of then-powerful authority Rokobanka resistance “visiting Muscovites” to regional and district administrations, I went about his business, and mark - my leaving Volodya “on farm” near Kaluga. Milk at the plant matter, not only from the neighboring farms, but also from distant farms area - works began to pay for products on time.

Here would start investing in the restoration of strong import line for production of condensed milk, but rokobanke money was gone. The “dynamite” with the others. But Adulov, albeit reluctantly, but was stuck in the Kaluga region, fed combine with promises of rapid investments, received from the collective farms milk, organized at the works of its processing in milk powder sold him in Moscow on the refrigeration plants on old connections “Granite”, and eventually feed the plant not only promises, but any kind of salary.





The recent explosion of intrigue in the Bank took place in early 1998, when Ruslanov, finally persuaded the largest shareholder in the fact that the President Teterin unable to lead the Bank. So it is, in General, and it was very bad, and the prospects looked rosy: now Ruslanov take into your hands, and soon the Bank will have the money...

Ruslan became President, Yartsev and Larionov - Vice-presidents, but the money did not appear. As I remember, Ruslanova General meeting of shareholders approved as President on April 30 and may 7, the Bank has introduced a “temporary administration”. By law, the Central Bank of Russia in case of a threatened position to Finance any Russian Bank had the right to dismiss the President and put the lead “their” rights.

Don't know what “dark mysteries” took place. Perhaps the Bank continuous changes of leadership was really brought up to handle“. Perhaps these shifts gave the Central Bank the opportunity to find among the largest banks “weak link” - Rokobank - and capture him with the remaining funds. Was Ruslanov aware of the impending action by the Central Bank? Was this action was planned and carried out by himself? Whether it was a retaliation by Sidorov? Or Ostapova? Or Teterina?

A lot of options. Probably no one will ever know who actually “brought down” Rokobank and actually created a precedent in August default.

As possible and “state” option: to Rokobank foreign credits was allocated more than a billion dollars, and it is likely that his example was tested the reaction of the West to the loss of invested money. Apparently, “the experiment is successful, if a few months later, in August 1998, the robbery of the West has already happened across the country.

On this subject I can say: it is not surprising that any investment of the West in the Russian economy are doomed to quick loss. Our professionals are so naive foreigners will turn around your finger, that no international superogatory type “Coopers & Lybrand” will not reveal any violations. Interestingly, it has undermined the credibility of the recent collapse of Rokobanka to them for many years tested and down (in the Bank even had a few rooms where they were constantly experts), and wrote only positive conclusion? Do they not lost their clientele?

Simultaneously with the West have been robbed millions of Russians, but then our country was a great experience ever since Stalin's times. Thank God, rokobanke least there was virtually no deposits...

And personally for me it was not that the poor - an ugly situation. In may-June 1998, the news of the interim administration in rokobanke swept all our partners, and we were “throwing” everywhere at the first opportunity.

All aggravated by the fact that I was not informed in time about the difficulties of the Bank and, accordingly, was not able to correctly build policy officials and businessmen, with whom I had to deal with.

Instead of tying “informal” relations that are similar to my “party” to 1993-94 years at the meat, I spoke as a representative of one of the largest Russian banks, it has had to “play in the slope”. Also recently I have always been organically unpleasant, and professionals feel perfectly false.

There were exceptions, but with the collapse of Rokobanka my image will inevitably fall - has become too closely connect my name with “Rokosplav. And on the restructuring policy of the time was not - I learned about the introduction of rokobanke “temporary administration” in conjunction with all of the business world...

And if in respect of the co-owner of meat and dairy holding people instinctively refrain from dishonest (from a business point of view) actions, against the Director of a subsidiary company of dying Bank - of course not.





All this lasted until the beginning of September 1998.

The August crisis, collapsing financial markets and destroyed half the country, put all points over “and”bankers ' no need to pretend that there is a chance to reorganize Rokobanka, began the process of bankruptcy, and people began to leave in droves. Someone somewhere was arranged, some not.

Senior management Rokobanka led the new Bank, and, probably, good feeling, and with most of the employees is the “middle class” was the same as with the whole country: a sharp decrease in revenues and the dashed hopes for the future.

The retailers have suffered less - they are not so dependent on financial markets, and the jump in inflation hit only those who for years 1996-98 calm “relax” and stopped to tie their rates to the dollar. He survived, and the holding of Mark, although sharply reduced turnover and in the beginning of 1999 was a little to shift the financial and legal activities. But, for example, all our efforts to restore the milk factory in the Kaluga region went ashes - learning about the problems rokobanke, the management of instantly paralyzed the work of the plant, starting the process of bankruptcy.

Against hatkulova was prosecuted because he learned about the collapse of the Bank, he felt “slack” and started haggling “left” products in your pocket. Having brought the case, he disappeared.

We have been visited by police from Kaluga to spend mark in our office searched, I had to “resolve issues”, as in the bad old days, and it was in the spring of 1999, that is, I was Chairman of the Union of artists.

The only thing that this visit all amused - investigator, big and curvy lady of rank in Maori, was a non-standard sexual proclivities and pestered Elena - chief accountant Mark. And all this was very unpleasant, because they came with a pile of net orders, pre-signed by the local Prosecutor, and could do many things. But in the end, all problems have been solved, and even hatkulov, realizing that it is better “to be”, eventually got off lightly and relatively low cost...

There were more minor problems associated with the “transition period”, but, thank God, were resolved as well. Although worst-case scenario, any of these problems could lead to catastrophic consequences - business is business.

And in August-September of 1998 I decided to leave him.

In conditions of a stable operating company “quit game” is usually not easy, but the collapse of the Bank created for this unique opportunity.





In my “biography of the artist” was such a specific episode: once, in 1999, at one of my shows to a duty critic came a lady and suggested that the businessman Zagraevsky wrote such a bright and juicy pictures to get away from the thought of it at any moment can kill.

Critic has poehala, did not want me to talk about this, and telling, was very surprised when I was with this statement completely agreed. At the opening of the next exhibition I even read about this poem ascension:


In the evening, night, day and morning

Thank you, that died yesterday.


A bullet hit by enemy candle.

Thank you for the sacred rite.

The enemy on the shoulder - the long-awaited brother,

Thank you, that died yesterday.


Thank you died yesterday

The garden that the old house and the terrace,

I would be yesterday, day before yesterday,

And in the morning blossomed medlar!


And never used in my life was not included

You that call sin by force -

Clean as sins go,

The house is spread out - but it's the volshby!

I would not know how you fresh in the morning!

Would you Wake a man,

The same umonepostizhimo!

Thank you, that died yesterday.


Defeat is black. Black hell.

Need to read the verdict, not grumbling.

It is necessary, as Brumel, start with “damn”.

Thank you, that died yesterday.


Existence is like a sister.

No we do magic error,

Life is just a favorite, because

Thank you, that died yesterday.


For the right not hostility, and volshby,

Maybe tomorrow will say “time”,

So scribbled with pen smile:

“Thank you, that died yesterday.”


But to live by the principle, “thank you, that died yesterday in theory can be arbitrarily long, but in practice, sooner or later begin to think: let not yesterday, but if you still today or tomorrow? What then?

By Carlos Castaneda called it “to use death as an adviser. And the Council “my” death was unequivocal: “If you and I will meet today or tomorrow, in a year no one but your parents, beloved woman and couple of friends, you remember, for all have much to do and not to you. So imagine my brother, myself...

For some time I have “my” death said something like: “Thanks for the advice, I know all this, here's a little bit more, a little bit - and give up the business, and art exclusively. But you understand that I can't leave him right now, when I tied in such and such interest, such amount of money, such a partner. With you, dear, very soon, if you throw everything now. So wait...

So we are with her and waited for “several years.

My situation was brought to the logical extreme point in unremarkable film that I saw on TV a year that way in 1995, and even the names I do not remember.

The main character - old, fifty, a professional killer. He works at the infamous mobsters, though he is certainly not an angel. How many people he is for his long working life, “ruin” - do not count. And at the same time he works in painting, dreams throw killerskim “work”leave “to rest” and, finally, to hold its first exhibition. One day he comes to the chief and asked him to “let go”. He tells him that of course he deserved it, but here's one last job - and all...

I don't remember what was this last job, as usual, it was a rocket, someone tried hero of the film either outbid, or kill... In the end, the hero as the job is running, and whether the chief, or his successor (seems chief killed) his “let go”. Say, you are pure of obligations to the “organization” and is free.

And “happy end”: exhibition, great room, lots of spectators, reporters...

Even then, I remember, I have a question: how to show an unknown artist once come so many people? And even if he did not spare money on advertising, how he “presents”to the audience interested? As a former Hitman? Then why he was surrounded by reporters, not the police?..

But, apparently, it is because of this dubious “happy end” I was thinking again: and when did I? Indeed, in the fifty - no time to get publicity! And at forty? And in thirty-five?..





There is a notion of “age of Christ”. Can't say that there is something magic, although the opinion of many generations that with a man thirty-three years is a breakthrough, creates a psychological (or energy) background. Approximately the same happens, for example, with the horoscopes: when you since childhood repeat that, since you are on the zodiac lion, and the Dragon year, you should have a strong character and a hot temper, in the end something like that tends to emerge...

20 August 1997, I turned thirty three, and, accordingly, I was in the “age of Christ” for another year. “The August crisis” occurred on 17 August 1998, that is, three days later I had to come to pass thirty-four. Thank God, is not only a “must have”, but also successfully accomplished.


Autumn evening was. The sound of rain glass

Decided all the same I - a painful question,

When in my office, a huge and vague,

Came the gentleman. For him - a shaggy dog.


On a chair by the fire sat a guest is tired,

And the dog at his feet, sprawled on the carpet.

Guest politely said, “do You still not enough?

Before the Genius Destiny's time to accept, SOR.


“But in old age - the return of youth, and the heat...” -

So I began, but he persistently interrupted:

“It is the W: insane Lenore Edgar.

Of no return. - Yet? Now all I have said.”


And strange: the life was a delight, storm, hell,

And here - in the evening - with a stranger alone -

Under this business, long calm,

She had the much easier for me...


The gentleman left. But the dog with me incessantly.

In the bitter hour at me they kind eyes,

And tough paw on his knee,

As if says: “it is Time to accept, SOR.


Alexander Blok wrote this poem in 1912. Let me explain that “insane Lenore Edgar” - the heroine of the famous poem by Edgar Allan PoE, the one where the hero with Linor parted, suffering, dreams to find her, and then to it the crow flies, and repeats the word, went down in history: “Nevermore”. The latter means “never again”, but in Russian it sounds like something less ominous and hopeless, and not like the crow CAW...

But fundamentally different. Block felt retirement age in... 32 years - that is how much he was in 1912. And this Unit, stately blooming beauty, not associated with surrounding his poems!

And Mandelstam's poem “January 1, 1924”:


Two sleepy Apple-a-century ruler

And clay beautiful mouth

But to limp hand aging son

He, dying, falling...


An aging son, Osip, the next day (2 January 1924) must be fulfilled 33.

Can't say that I'm his age has ever perceived as old age. On the contrary, I and in 1998 he felt, now I feel like a totally young and speaking stamps, “full of energy”. Moreover, I adhere to the principle of our years - our wealth”.

But the bullet in my head all ages are more submissive than love, and that is why I decided not to tempt fate. “Before the Genius Destiny's time to accept, SOR...

"Why so gloomy - bullet in your head?

Yes, because I worked in rokobanke, was in a very unpleasant situation. I was with her solid position of Director of subsidiary company and insignificant real influence at any moment could be just the man who fell under the distribution. For example, someone wanted to seriously scare bankers - please: today the Director of your subsidiaries, and tomorrow you...

During the meat business it was, strangely enough, less relevant, although there is someone wanting to “put pressure” on the Mark, could do so at the cost of his partner. But to understand who of us with mark was responsible for what was required time and long negotiations. And during this time we have been able to understand what was happening, and to take precautions.

And in the case of the Bank situation to me was totally unpredictable. A man should not fear death, but to use death as an adviser must.





Having made the decision to go out of business, I, naturally, did everything possible to avoid leaving a “tail” in the form of unfinished business, and in August of 1998, I was hoping that they would not be. The time for departure was really unique, and sin not to use them.

In September, I finally completed everything, said goodbye to the bankers (they, too, “Packed suitcases), and started organizing his first solo exhibition.

But in a “perfect day” in the late autumn of the same year I got a call father (he briefly came from Germany to Moscow). He said that came to him from Rokobanka two elderly gentleman said that I supposedly owe the Bank a huge amount of money, and asked to convey, so I called them up. These gentlemen were themselves very correctly, though, and asked “threatening” questions like: “And if he is married? And if he has any children?”

To the honor of the father be told that he took what happened very quietly (at least outwardly). These gentlemen, he explained that to me speaks little and my problem does not go, but I only said that, he says, “you still figure it out what's what...

Of course, I immediately phoned, who left these gentlemen, and found that one of them was a former Deputy Director of security Department of Rokobanka after removal of the former leadership was working on a temporary administration.

I, the retired Colonel was familiar with the Bank since, and our telephone conversation started with my wicked reminder that if you now something with me, God forbid, happens, he will be guilty because “lit up” in front of witnesses. He correctly apologized and said that my application a Bank employee was only registered address (as registered I was in the apartment of the father), so he came back and.

The next day we with this gentleman met, and I found “interesting” things.

In 1996-97 were working on a major contract for the import of meat products, under which a Rokoprodukt (my first company when Rokobanke) was exhibited Bank guarantee. Money for the ship consignment of goods in accordance with the then active financial schemes received from the buyer, as usual, to the correspondent account of Rokobanka, but for unknown reasons the Bank's accounting were not held. It is characteristic that in 1997, “on the hot tracks” I knew nothing (the problem was purely intra), and then suddenly surfaced.

I ask the question, what is it with my old company, and the more I personally, “bezopasny” explained that this money in the end proved to be reflected in the Bank accounting as a duty of “Rokoprodukt”, through which was exhibited Bank guarantee and the Director of which I am in 1997 was. Accountants, without further ADO, “hung up” on the one who is closer...

I, fortunately, found documents confirming that all the necessary payments by the buyer have been made, and showed them “bezopasniku. He promised to investigate and, indeed, for a while all was quiet. Unfortunately, this quiet and reassured me, but since I already had a lot of cases related to art, I happily forgot about it.

And in vain. Apparently, “bezopasny was nothing to understand (he soon resigned from the Bank), and this “duty” has remained in the Gazette. A little later the interim administration “EN masse” won in arbitration all matters, including, as it turned out, and against the firm Rokoprodukt.

I was very surprised when, in mid-1999, I was told that the Bank within the framework of bankruptcy procedures put the stock exchange a number of other debts and debt firm Rokoprodukt. However, surprised - not quite the word. It was really dangerous.

“Debt”, confirmed by the arbitration court, meant that sooner or later he will go from a Bank to bankrupt some new people, and they will try to get it back (or at least “write off”) in all possible ways, not much knowing where it came from. There is a writ of execution to the company Rokoprodukt, is its Director at the time of occurrence of “duty” (1997), and whatever else is necessary?

A huge amount of this “debt” means that no matter how I view the new business is not engaged, I personally have never been to cover. Can you imagine the amount of payment for the ship's party of meat!

So when worst-case scenario the situation becomes unpredictable.

In any “civilized dismantling” (hardly compatible concepts, but still) to my no claims would not be. But before it could reach any “showdown”, I could easily prove to be a highly undesirable person, the same “middle”, which “remove” - will be on one and “duty” to hang, and all issues will be solved by themselves.

And the example I had before my eyes - Teterin, President Rokobanka. He died in the beginning of 1999 (the official diagnosis don't know, but, most likely, cirrhosis), immediately against him a criminal case and immediately shut down “for the death of the accused”.

So that the situation does not seem so bleak, to say that Teterin hardly anyone “helped” die - in recent years, he really was very bad. Anyway, “clean” physically actually optional: it is enough to compel “hide”, and the result is the same.

But I got used to rely on any cases until the worst. However, the real way I had only one: to wait for the attack (and that it will happen sooner or later, I had no doubt - it is very high has been my experience in this area), show some documents and try to resolve the matter on the possibility of peacefully.

While that means “peace”: once the money is in the Bank's correspondent account, but have not been on Bank accounts, then blame someone from bankers, who exactly? The President? Chief accountant? Director of a Department? One of the minor clerks? There was malice or simple bookkeeping error? And have passed since two years...

't it be easier to, again, “remove” Mr. Zagraevsky and blame everything on him than to rake unimaginable mountains financial documentation for multiple correspondent accounts once one of the largest Russian banks? Someone, of course not, but someone could turn out to be easier. It all depended on who “come”. Only had to wait.





And so it happened that almost all of 1999, I was under the “sword of Damocles”. For me, it was no longer theoretical, and practical sense continuous time pressure and a real need to do everything quickly and deeply.

Hence, perhaps, and unimaginable amount (or seven, or eight) my personal exhibitions in 1999, and the rapid start of activities on “public field” (as Chairman of the Professional Union of artists and the chief editor of the ART newspaper), and start working on my first (not yet published) book on the history of ancient architecture...

I was in a hurry, hurry. It was important to establish a “base”to make it work no matter what happens to me personally.

If God willing, I will write about my life in the world of art and art history. Yet I do not feel that distance that would allow me to do it. Of course the situation is not yet stable, today's friends tomorrow can become enemies, enemies and friends... To the same people with whom you communicate, you learn better and better and, accordingly, every day take them in new ways.

In short, now about my life in the art of writing early.

Let me just say that my painting style has changed very little since 1992 (and by and large, and since childhood). I over the years spent in business, learned to separate the art from the ugly realities of life, and my bright happy pictures could not affect any setbacks, intrigue and trouble.

To the last I used to. I'm used to the constant risk. So I can not say that the “sword of Damocles” in the form of “debt” of “Rokoprodukt” so strongly pressed to the subconscious mind, and not so had to endure, to the same on any “concepts” I was right.

And really, in the end, it all ended peacefully and in all senses bloodless. The new owners of “duty” were absolutely normal traders, “raked” credit portfolio Rokobanka and in autumn 1999 the country, finally, to “Rokoprodukt.

We met with them, talked, I showed the necessary documents, and we signed an agreement about the lack of mutual claims. Why are they so easily it went in, they had plenty of other problems, they were not interested in a conflict with the previous leadership Rokobanka (anyway, about the non-existent debts and doubtful Bank accounting entries), and I helped them to “resolve issues” one loan, in the course of which at the time was.

All this happened within a month or two, had the character quite Mirny (at least by the standards of Russian business) and ended almost on the eve of the Millennium - New 2000. About the same time I moved from joint with mark office on Tishinka in art Studio on Shabolovka. And so it happened that, together with the twentieth century ended my “walking in business”...

No wonder whether the reader, have read in annotation to the book about the fact that I am not only an artist but also a theologian, what about theology I haven't said a word except the story about communion with the Russian Orthodox Church concerning the customs privileges?

Perhaps the reader will notice it is reasonable that theology - the science is not easy, it takes years of study, and here the story almost ends - and no “scientific approach”. It is clear that during the years of business could have been “thinking about the soul”, but it is unlikely Mr. Zagraevsky nights pored over theological works, as the morning wore a tie and went to the office...

And the reader is absolutely right. If I'm in 1993-98, and distracted from business, solely on the drawing, and sometimes at night he painted. However, usually I have been painting on holidays and weekends. For example, a series of “Twelve months”, written in the first half of 1998, I still think the top of his creativity...

But there was one “but” - I recalled that in the early nineties, I was doing that stuff. But as I Carlos Castaneda came to Jesus Christ - read the last Chapter.


Chapter 12. Christianity


© Sergey Zagraevsky


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