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Sergey Zagraevsky


My XX century


Chapter 1. “Soviet burgers”

Chapter 2. Vorkuta

Chapter 3. Sixties

Chapter 4: “Stagnation”

Chapter 5. Psychoanalysis

Chapter 6. Lenin, Party, Komsomol

Chapter 7. “Scientific career”

Chapter 8. Euphoria of epochs changing

Chapter 9. Arkady

Chapter 10. Commerce

Chapter 11. The loss of the bank

Chapter 12. Christianity




Published in Russian: Çàãðàåâñêèé Ñ.Â. Ìîé ÕÕ âåê. Ì.: Àëåâ-Â, 2001. ISBN 5-94025-009-2



Chapter 9. Arkady



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




I was walking on the street unknown

And suddenly I heard Raven gray,

And the moans of the lute and distant thunder.

Before me was flying tram.


As I jumped up on his step,

It was a mystery to me,

In the air, the fiery path

He left and in the light of day.


He raced a storm dark, winged,

He lost in the abyss of time...

Stop, the driver,

Stop the car now.


Late. We skirted the wall,

We slipped through a grove of palm trees,

Over the Neva river, after the Nile and the Seine

We rocked by three bridges.


And promelknuv a window frame,

Threw us after inquiring glance

Old beggar - of course, the same

What died in Beirut year ago.


Where am I? So languid and troubled

My heart beats in response:

See the station where you can

In the spirit of India to buy a ticket?


The sign... blood is filled with letters

Glass - “Green”, - I know, there

Instead of cabbage and instead Swede

Dead heads sell.


In the red shirt with a face like udders,

The head cut off the executioner and me

She lay with the other

Here, in the slippery box at the bottom.


And in lane wooden fence,

House with three Windows and a gray lawn...

Stop, the driver,

Stop the car now.


Masha, you lived here and sang,

To me, the groom, carpet weaving.

Where is now your voice and body,

Could it be that you died?


How are you moaning in his parlor,

I'm with powdered oblique

It was presented to the Empress,

And did not see you again.


Now I understand: our freedom -

Only beating out the light

People and shadows stand at the entrance

In the Zoological garden of the planets.


And once the wind familiar and sweet,

And after the bridge, fly with me

Rider's hand in an iron glove

And two hoofs of his horse.


Faithful stronghold of Orthodoxy

Isaac is etched in the sky,

They will hold a prayer service for the health

Masha, and a memorial service for me.


And all my heart forever gloomily,

And breathing hard, and it hurts to live...

Masha, I never thought

What can be so loving and sad.


                                                        Nikolai Gumilev

                                                        “Strayed tram”




I think that Carlos Castaneda was read by many, but only heard something about him almost everything. Some refer to him as an idol, others - as a villain, and still others use his book as a textbook on “practical magic”, and others consider them harmful, both in theory and in practice...

Actually Castaneda - personality is so mysterious that no longer get anything to say about him. Lack of information does not even allow to call it ambiguous, complex and controversial figure - as well as, indeed, he all of their classes with Don Juan made up, and actually lived a kind of a homebody-writer, sometimes went to Mexican resorts - all?

Personally I am sure that I did not invent it, but why impose readers their point of view? Personality traits Castaneda for us, ultimately, unprincipled. Accept his book as a literary fact and then stop.

Therefore, I will not talk about Carlos Castaneda, and to himself.

But before turning to the substantive part, I still want to briefly tell those Castaneda did not read about him and his books - too often we have to think about them.

Who Castaneda was read - do not turn over the page, because I want to focus on a number of fundamental things.

It all began in the early sixties, when Carlos was a graduate student of anthropology at the American University and came to Mexico to gather material about the local traditions, rather, on a cactus-hallucinogen called “peyote”.

And once at the bus stop, he was approached by a well-dressed old Indian and offered to help with the “gathering information”. The Indians, after eating “peyote”, staged a sort of group meditation sessions, and don Juan (the so-called Indians) proposed a “hold” Castaneda at this event and give it a try “peyote. It was the first but not the last step to long-term studies Carlos with don Juan.

It turned out that don Juan - so-called “nagual”, that is the head of a group of sorcerers, the aim of which is the joint preparations for the transition to other worlds.

The matter is that, according to the concepts of Mexican sorcerers, the world is a different form of energy. A worldwide energy, energy of the Universe, has a form similar to an eagle. “Eagle” - call it.

This “eagle” gives a piece of his energy with every living creature, that it has passed its way into one of the forms of existence of the world, learned something, something learned and in the time of his death he gave this realization “the Eagle”. Thus, the goal of “heads” is constant improvement. So it turns out that we received from him a bit of energy, we have initially put the craving for knowledge.

Moreover, we can use this knowledge not only in the unknown and incomprehensible to the “eagle”, but also, so to say, “personal”: know your energy so to learn how to manage it and at the moment of death.

And in the latter case, the main and most complex task is not to lose the awareness of ourselves as individuals, not to give their energy to the “Eagle”, not dissolve in it, and to go next, in some other form of existence of the worlds, and used “there” experience “here”.

These other worlds (or form one of the world - as you like) exist anywhere, including on Earth, but in totally different dimension. The purpose of the magician - they “look”at the same time and in the “eagle” to see and to understand how to behave at the moment of transition.

Moreover, continuous learning along the way makes a huge perk in this world. But everything is good in moderation, because passion tremendous capabilities of the magician on Earth (instant move from place to place, the control mentality of people, healing, transformation and so on) takes a lot of energy, and it may not be enough to work on the principal - point of death, that is, transition to other worlds. And then swallow “eagle” a magician for a sweet soul, and would not help him that he could not fly good plane.

This theory and practical problem magician is to learn how to do all this. There are a huge number of ways, including classes with “peyote”. Many drugs, especially some hallucinogens, make people “relax” and release a large amount of energy that can be directed to realization. Something like “doping”.

But the lessons of don Juan with Castaneda based on the “peyote” very long. Then came trips to the mountains (the so-called “places of power”) and Carlos enter into a state of heightened awareness is without any drugs. Despite the unavailability of such practices and “non-combat” nature, Castaneda did more and more successes.

A trained him don Juan “naguals”, that is, Carlos was after he left to form his own band “warriors”, to lead them to engage with them. He started to do that is not always successful and very confused. From his books should not whether he succeeded. A lot of memories about Castaneda, often dubious, too, does not give the full picture on this topic.

But there is no doubt that in the eyes of the readers of the books of Castaneda cowardly, weak, and not think about the future, the young scientist has become a powerful magician.

That's all, if you can just briefly retell the contents of twelve large volumes. Books written with incredible honesty and sincerity, we describe all the experiences, all the fears...

Officially it is considered that Carlos Castaneda died of liver cancer at the age of 72 years in his home in California in June 1998.





The man who could become my “don Juan” (and perhaps he was), I met the late autumn of 1990.

Once in a damp, drizzly Sunday, my mother decided to go to the near Khimki market (I already lived in the apartment grandmother on Gagarin square, but most of the time is still spent on the River Station).

I don't remember what exactly we went there. For anything - there was a time of General shortages.

On the market, we walked through the lane, where they were selling animals, and that his mother, much more outgoing than I am, talking to a lovely couple who sold fish. Called them Arkady and Marina years they were a little over thirty, that is a little older than me.

Interestingly, I did not know the name or Arcadia, or Marina.

Apparently, the conversation began as standard: they offered to buy the fish, the mother said she does not understand the fishes, they said that it is easy and if you want you can learn, and so began to talk. Then I went up, and we agreed that evening with her mother will come to them, and they tell all the details, but if you want pick up the fish, aquarium and more.

And strangely enough, my mother decided to try to do aquarium and the evening came to Arcadia and Marina. They lived not far - New Khimki.

Their apartment is worth mentioning separately. There were three rooms: one lived Arkady and Marina, in the second - fish, in the third - mother and ten-year-old son Marina. Even they had two cats, a few muskrats (balcony), and later they had a huge St. Bernard.

It is not surprising that “public life” of the family was held only in the kitchen. In the room, Arcadia and Marina, I was invited much later, as they are somewhat embarrassed that the furniture, in addition to the wardrobe and the mattress was not there.

They looked quite standard and harmonious couple: phlegmatic, thoughtful, Arkady and lively, “business” Marina. Arkady somewhere worked some guidance, then no, they lived in breeding and selling fish.

This business they had put on a very Grand scale: the whole room was full of huge aquariums, which were carried out billionaire discus, and elite labeo, and standard swordtails and gourami, and simple guppies, and a lot of different catfish, etc. They something specific to eat, stabbed them some hormones, so they thrive...

My mother had long wanted to fish. Many years ago she was going to do it and even bought dvadtsatiletnej aquarium, but it gathered dust on the cupboard. In the end, I bought that night, Arcadia and Marina a few fish and a relatively small, but almost “professional” aquarium - liters, I think, a hundred.

By the way, the Council beginner aquarists: the most important thing is reliable aquarium. One hundred liters - quite small, but it's ten gallons of water! Now imagine that the glue line broke and ten gallons spilled on the floor in your apartment! Remember what a global catastrophe happens when inverted polutoralitrovom maker, and if even a small aquarium repair in himself and several of your neighbors is practically assured. And if the aquarium - litre five hundred?

In order to close the topic with fish, I would say that the aquarium I have been short, less than a year. But I have three aquariums and a lot of fish - and the brothers of the sword, and neon, and ACAR, and gourami, and telescopes... None of the aquarium, thank God, not cracked and leaked.

I slept under the constant hum of compressors - aquariums stood on the table beside my bed. But, by the way, this noise was even pleasant and soothing. I even now there is little room fountain, and if I am due to some noise in the street can't sleep, I turn it on, and it smoothes all other noises. And for example, recently I was in the Crimea, where close to plowshares disco, and for the same purpose had to turn the water on in the tub. However, at night on the impoverished Ukraine water was off, but by that time I already had time to fall asleep. Share with readers of this “know-how”.





His mother after an evening visit to the first day of our acquaintance was at Arcadia and Marina a couple of times, and then accidentally.

And I began to go there quite often. Their house, with the outer ugliness and neuyutnosti was mysteriously attractive - for example, childhood friends, Marina came to him to play cards, and this is despite the fact that Arkady, nor Marina did not play. So we were sitting in the kitchen as the scenery, these charming little thirty years the Lord quietly complained about the failed “buy”, and when it became late, mother Marina them as children, kicked, and it was all very funny.

Soviet “kitchen” life! Not even imagine how in a small kitchen, a standard new building of the eighties at the same time fits so many people. Friends Marina played at cards, we Marina arcade and something spoke, Marina's mother cooked, and in parallel they together with Marina scolded the child for some regular two, walked around the cat, sometimes flew young St. Bernard, amicably were driven out to the corridor, for he endured everything in their path...

Gradually I learned that Arkady once engaged either in-Shu, or kung-fu (actually it's almost the same, only u-Shu - a full range of exercises, and kung fu-specifically the art of fighting). Arkady was a “brown belt” (black - next), and studied it with some “real” Chinese. By the way, I first learned from him that now knows, probably, every schoolchild: u-Shu - primarily a spiritual practice, working with... Well, let's say, the “biofield” - this term was more familiar to me then.

And Marina is sometimes insisted some grass on Russian folk methods, fed their son when he was sick, saying some spells...

I, frankly, “with all due respect, thought, and bio-field, and the more spells pure quackery. As, however, and the mass telesessions unpleasant Anatoly Kashpirovsky, which at that time was actively conducted.

When Arkady I once told me that he (Arkady, but not Kashpirovsky), is a professional psychic and worked in a company consultant is on extrasensory, I am out of respect for my dear Arcadia just shrugged and mumbled something neutral, polite. And when in conversation actively involved Marina and told how they Arkady once was late to save boss from robbery (later “pointfile”) and for this they were dismissed, I considered all this Frank legend or quackery.





A “breakthrough” I had a one night either in late winter or early spring of 1991.

Stress for the skeptics - I was absolutely sober, because I had to go home at the wheel. And because we Arkady lived on opposite sides of the ring road and I had to pass the post of GAI, then the more I never risked.

Let me stress again for special skeptics - no drugs then neither wide nor in the narrow use was not, and I smoked only “Java”, preferably “Java” - remember that in Soviet times cigarette “Java” was produced by factories “Java” and “Ducat”, and the last one they did for the same 40 kopecks, but worse.

And for extra credit skeptic, I note that in my head everything was in order.

That night we went to Arkady talk about extrasensory, I openly expressed his disbelief “at all”, and he offered me something to show.”

We went into the room, he turned off the light and asked me to look closely at his hand, where the vein, and the maximum relaxation (detent) eyes. I did, and suddenly saw... running his hands along the multicolored sparks. He started asking me what color they are, and I answered with almost one hundred percent “hit”. Or, he said, what color will now be, and it was so.

There is a term “moment of truth”. Something like this, I suddenly felt. How many years have passed, and these colored sparks remember in detail.

And for that, I understood the nature of what is happening, Arkady me a very detailed and easy to understand (he knew how to do it) all explained. And that night, and for a few of my subsequent visits. After the experiment with the sparks I listened to it already without internal skepticism.

Note that the question “how can this be?” I have never occurred. I felt that to me a new world, and the question: “where is he?” would be just as stupid and irrelevant, as, for example, when studying the Japanese language, “why is such a character is written so-and-so?” No, in principle this question is fine, but called it still should not be the teacher of language, and to historians of linguistics, and the views of historians on the subject can not be the same.

Moreover, even the question: “why do the vast majority of people knows nothing about what power?” I did not arise. I, for example, never doubted the impartiality of art, but it still always remained the prerogative of the elite...

Still, higher education gives people the ability to accept almost any science. Attended a course, passed the practical exercises, systematized in his head - and all the next “science” has passed. And achievement in her professionalism - is the next stage, which may never come.

So, absolutely quiet and businesslike, I'm psychic at that time and took: decided to do - and do.

I will say, though it sounds immodest: I was positively different from ever doubting and relaksiruyushaya (at least, in the books of Carlos Castaneda, and certainly with me that the Arcadia deal was relatively easy. In any case, the “theoretical studies”.

In practice, things are much more complicated, but more on this later.





In the Soviet era to the “psychic” was published a huge number of books and perhaps now these explanations to most readers seem elementary basics. So I, unlike Castaneda, I will not quote verbatim his “don Juan” - Arcadia, and I did not conduct any records.

As I now understand, Arkady taught me something close to the Buddhist Tibetan psychic practice - judging by the oft-repeated mantra “Om Mani Padme hum”, it was. However, in order to meet the scientific integrity, I will refer only to the words Arcadia.

So, in Arcadia, all the objects and elements, including people with his mind, psyche and spirit - a certain energy structures of various complexity. That is, consciousness and matter - is primarily energy.

The man has seven energy centers, or chakras, located along the spine. Each radiates energy of a certain color available for the “vision” psychics. Flowers, respectively, also seven, and for simplicity, they are the colors of the rainbow. Around them, and so “see”. Remember: “Every Hunter Wishes To Know Where White And Blue”?

Lower chakra - Muladhara, located in the coccyx, emits a red color. The composition of its energy close to the energy of the animal world.

Next - Svadhishthana, is located on the bottom of the stomach, her energy is a bright orange color, sexual.

Next - manipura, the solar plexus, yellow energy, physical strength.

Next - Anahata, the region of the heart, green energy. It is “responsible” for energy “emotional outburst”.

Next - vishudha”region of the thyroid gland, blue (actually a blue-green) color, energy, intuition.

Next - ajna chakra of the mind, the “third eye”. The one symbol that Hindus themselves paste on the forehead. The color, the idea is that blue, but so bright that it seems silver.

And finally, the top chakra Sahasrara, the crown of the head. Color seems to be purple, but in fact, the structure of this chakra is difficult to “see” her energy is our relationship with the cosmos, and it is most difficult. No wonder it another name - “tysyachelistny Lotus flower”. Try to consider a thousand petals!

As you probably realize, “level” chakras increases from the bottom up. Each person has a certain “preferred energy”, but, for example, on one of the two lower chakras are able to “work” all (even without realizing it), and then - depending on level of development. Physical strength, cardiac impulses, intuition, reason, the universe.

There are several levels of perception of the world in General and above in particular. It is a physical (available to all, it is our usual perception of the world), broadcasting (usually these are the “biofield”, which even can be measured with special equipment), astral (it “works” most of psychics, it allows you to “see” the structure and color of the energy of the chakras), mental (it is already possible to comprehend the essence of the universe, and some more higher levels. The fifth level, for example, often called karma, and inside it psychics may be able to predict the future.

In itself, the presence of one or another level of perception does not mean the ability to him “to live and work.” That is the entrance to the “state” is the first stage and the second and the most difficult - to master them. For example, to master the opportunity provided to us by our habitual physical world, often takes years, and even the whole life.

And new levels of perception - new worlds, new possibilities...

Frankly, I still doubt that someone able to look above the fourth, the mental level, even all the “breakthroughs” Castaneda went no further. Mexican sorcerers (in any case, don Juan) in the future, and especially in its “karmic” option is not believed, and believed everything that happens depends primarily on ourselves.

But perhaps the greatest fortune-tellers type Vanga were able to work, at least on the fifth level. And the Buddha seems to be able to reach the ninth level, that is, in theory, had just an incredible opportunity.

However, it is my personal doubts about the possibility of the attainment of higher levels is due to lack of information on this topic. I, unlike St. Augustine, who “believed to know”, profess the opposite thesis: “I know, to believe”. I am also in the perception of higher physical learning from Arkady not believe it. Well, maybe, a little - in the air, and that was because my mother is sometimes facilitated headache, running his hands around his head...

Have you noticed that I mixed in a single explanation Castaneda and Buddha? This is not an accident. You can spend as many Parallels between the attitudes of Mexican sorcerers and Buddhism are innumerable. Although, of course, and terminology, theory and practice are completely different.

In particular, in Mexico “awareness” is broken only two levels - normal and “high”, although in fact the Buddhist concept of “work” at every level-from physical to mental. And yoga in India, for example, the clock stood on his head, which in Tibetan Shaolin monastery of the monks was not required where the attainment and development of the energy structures walked through military exercises, and goals pursued not quite peaceful. And so on.

Both Buddhism and Hinduism, and Mexican magic diverse and varied not less than Christianity, along with all the many heresies. Orthodox, old believers, Catholicism, Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anglicanism, Arianism, Monophysitism, Nestorianism... Can you believe the East and the ancient culture of Latin America case less “thin”?

Therefore, what is called meditation, it is difficult to determine unequivocally. In the broadest sense, this purposeful work on development and knowledge of power structures. Someone in the end is sitting in the Lotus position, someone is standing on his head, some days on hunger strike, and anyone taking drugs like peyote.





That same spring, week after two or three after my “breakthrough”Arkady asked me to go in earnest - “dive”. For sustained input into a state of “heightened awareness” Arkady, when previously worked with the “Chinese”, used the so-called “soma”, and he asked me to go “soma” together.

What is the “catfish” - do not know yet. Clearly, this sort of drug. Perhaps even some of the well-known and commonly used, because for its manufacture are used, in particular, Solutan (cough) and zinc powder. Now even in the Newspapers sometimes write about various forms of “homegrown” drugs, and such components somewhere mentioned.

The main argument in defense of Arcadia “soma” was that it used “Chinese”, with whom he worked, and, unlike other drugs which had not led to dependence.

Actually, of course, the drug is a drug, and depending on “catfish” led, and how. And thank God that I can not stand organically any addiction, and only drugs.

But about all under the order.

I must say that Arkady warned me about specific gravity and insecurity of these classes. Moreover, he never called himself the “teacher”, but “a senior student,” that is simultaneously engaged himself, though at a more advanced level, and the situation is not completely controlled.

But I was back there? I went to classes gradually began to take quite seriously and was grateful to Arcadia for the offer to go with him and Marina.

I have bought Solutan them - the remaining components. The first lesson we decided to spend a relaxed atmosphere - in my home, and it wasn't Gagarin square and River Station. My mother and grandmother Lydia left for a holiday home, and at my disposal was grandmother's apartment. An additional argument in favor of the River Station was that we were going to do all weekend, and next door to the “River” lay with stroke grandmother Elena, and I helped my father to take care of her.

I mean that the state of “heightened awareness” did not exclude the implementation of the “domestic” Affairs. Then I did the car in this condition led.

And the first time it was so. Arkady gave me drink about a teaspoon of “soma”, which he had prepared ahead of time at home, and proposed that I lie down on the couch and relax. During this time they are with Marina in the kitchen, too, adopted the “soma” (as I later learned, they are freaky stabbed himself in Vienna), sat in the chair and waited.

Fifteen minutes later started something amazing. All things seemed began to radiate brightly colored light. Worth a closer look - and these flows were lost, but with unfocussed eyes they look incredibly. There was a feeling that all this “see” a kind of inner perception. Sometimes needed to focus (or rather relax) and configure a “vision” again, but it was quite easy.

Arkady Marina was very glad that I have so immediately turned to enter the state of astral vision, and began practical exercises. Specifically, I worked with Arkady, and Marina usually sat and build some energy schemes.

And if to be more exact, most of the time I was alone, and Arkady periodically asked that I “see”, and gave some useful tips”.





Well, how to describe what I have learned in this lesson and the next two-three? Move the “look” matchbox or swinging lamp - this is simple, pure strength exercises. From any location in the body (usually in the chakras) emerges kind of tentacle, which can be fitted, push and generally to do anything.

Of course, not all so is simple - you should be able to concentrate energy. Even to matchbox moved at least a couple of millimeters, took about ten minutes, after which I felt like a squeezed lemon.

And for a little up in the air, required enormous concentration of energy, and I'm never learned. Yes, and Arkady do not know how.

But, for example, we have little training in “kung fu”. Arkady showed me what is the “energy club”, “energy fog” and several standard fighting techniques. Have you seen films about the Shaolin monastery, where monks in the battle in front of him waving his hands? They're churning energy “shots” of the enemy and confuse him.

By the way, you know, like karate and other Oriental men inflict blows on the belly? They are taken there is energy “Manipura” - chakra power, and send it to you. Candle way to extinguish hand up candles't get it, and the flame goes astray.

And if you do not have enough energy “Manipura”, connects energy “Svadhishthany”, that is, sexual chakra. Ultra-skilled fighters fighting energy and Muladhara, and the higher chakras.

But this rough exercises that they can do and in ethereal vision. Much more “delicate matters” were training for the radiation energy of a certain color, throws each other “energy balls” with information, “the light” of certain chakras, watching the man as x-rays... the Latter, incidentally, was the most difficult, and I had no time to learn it. As, however, and “vision” through the wall.

In principle, all in a state of “immersion”, that is, in the astral vision, do not be so difficult. Moreover - and without “soma” is produced. Just see and feel “as necessary”. Concentrate on some of the chakras and begin to feel what she gushed her energy. And then - can this energy somewhere to go, something to do with it, mix with the energy of the other chakras...

But, of course, all required skill, training, training. When feeling the ability to control energy is going to need to do something almost (for example, to tune in to the energy of a wave of another person or even just “see” his energy state), it appears that he has “seen” no streams of energy, and in the best case a small spark, and to define anything on them is problematic. Naturally, this requires a good energy in contact with man, and it is very difficult, even if he is not trying to “close”.

It turned out that my main “working” chakra “vishudha”, that is intuition. And I have become pretty well “telepathic” experiences - such as asking someone to open in the log any picture and carefully examine it, and “reads” this picture of the human brain as a matrix. Or is asked to make a flower, and guess what. Or the color of the rainbow, but it was quite easy.

And yet, for example, Arcadia have been visiting his friend on some aquarium fact, I took him by car, and I almost did not explain where to go - I'm pretty good “reads” the route with his energetic. But this complex experiment I could do only with Arkady, but simple pictures could “read” and have close friends, and without any “soma”.

I'll try to explain how come the answers or “read” pictures. Indeed, it was the sense that they come from somewhere in the area of the thyroid gland (which is “vishudha”) and move upward to the brain. The information appears in the same small sparks, and if relaxed, then on the basis of their evolved a General impression. But if I tried to give it a deliberate and calculated response (ie, using a poorly developed “third eye”) - all error was provided.

The same thing applies to my astral vision at all. It also appeared from somewhere in the region “thyroid” and to the higher chakras almost never reached.

What to do - that is my natural energy structure. Would be the ability and time, would develop and higher chakras - Ajna and Sahasrara”.

But the possibilities and time was not there.





All triumphant such as “I've learned something and that something” turned out to be crossed in one sentence: to pay for everything. Fee has been considerable, and I realized this is the first “immersion”.

Arkady, of course, was not as “perfect warrior”, as don Juan. I am not aware of any negative aspects of his personal life, but in the astral world, he had very serious “unhealthy” interest - sex. Yes, the so-called astral sex, and they with Marina began to deal with them at the first opportunity.

I will explain. To practice astral sex absolutely no need for any physical contact, nor any physical gratification. And besides, it's not “phone sex”.

There are also “Svadhishthana - sexual chakra, the center of the generation of sexual energy! Two partners just enclose these their energy on each other, join their “Svadhishthany” energy flow " you got your astral sex. Due to differences in the structures of male and female energies begins imbalance, leading to overflow into each other powerful energy flows. If the partners are well coordinated, it can come and “astral orgasm - mutual closure of all the chakras.

This is not what is called “Kundalini” - disclosure of all the chakras, the full involvement of the energy body and its inclusion in the global energy system. To feel the Kundalini, and the more learned from this experience some real knowledge, it is necessary for this long to go and meditate on the energies of the cosmos, and not the opposite sex.

But, anyway, the feeling of “astraseksa” strange and really close to sex. In this way, no external signs of sexual arousal may not occur.

Well, first of all it was necessary “to pay for the pleasure” in the form of astral sex Marina and Arcadia. Any transfer of energy, including the astral plane, accompanied by a loss, and there is no doubt that this is the first day of school for lack of experience was in the role of “energy supply”.

Arkady and Marina, quietly secluded in a room and sampling “astraseksom” (as if the apartment walls - an obstacle to energy flow), evening said goodbye to me and went home. Sex is sex, and after him, the partners usually a decline in strength and unwillingness to continue the knowledge of the world. Nature, as we know, does not disappoint.

And in Arcadia, and Marina was unpleasant property hold each other scandals at the same astral level, that is, “intuicii” in each other certain shortcomings and try to correct them by force. A scandal is the generation of negative energy that is always bad, especially in parallel with “astraseksom”when all protection removed.

In short, the first night of class they left and I was alone at home. The total energy tone flat and me after their “intimate” fell sharply, and “swap” from outer space, I did not yet know how.

What a nightmare was that night!

One cannot say that it was a drug “othodnyak” - I've worked on “soma”, and nothing like that happened. I just did not fully understand how to protect themselves from harmful and negative energies, and that night I was really scared.

Anyway, that man lived for many years on an extinct volcano, and then geologists told him that the volcano had not died out, and, in principle, at any moment can start eruption - I think a couple of sleepless nights this man is ensured.

In addition, a new world, a new perception of things brought subconscious fear of such force that, frankly, a little “roof did not go”. Never never happened to me anything like it before or since.

You think, why young children often cry and cry, and because any trifle? But the fact is that the world is for them a new, unfamiliar, and they think: what if he really Grey Wolf ate little Red riding Hood? And if you have babies, God forbid, a little stomach ache - so for him it meant death to the world, he did not know where the pain is and what it means! That screams at the top of his sickly lungs: “help!” But what does he have to do?

By the way, such fears have been beautifully described by Castaneda, but he felt them at night in the mountains, and I am in a familiar and childhood friend of the apartment on the River Station, which was doubly unpleasant. Carlos even though he could at any time to give up, to get into the car and return to Los Angeles, and run from your own home - it was too much.





However, there is a silver lining. I for these some nightmarish night hours has mastered many receptions “Energozashita and apartments, and himself.

Generally speaking, the most simple and primitive generator of negative energy - blockage of old things, especially heterogeneous. That is, for example, old clothes do not give such effect, if it is not cluttered up with shoes, notebooks, and especially anything metal. Such “batteries” I found the apartment has a great variety.

Were radioactive and somewhere on the street, but slightly, and it was enough to simply put along the walls “energy shields”. By the way, the easiest, most “popular” way to put the screen is widely and with soul” to the cross (or cross a source of energy).

So I'm up all night and walked around the house, dug through the rubble, broad gestures, baptizing corners, struggling (and there was almost no) generating energy in our chakras and “smearing” her on the walls. I could not sleep either that night or the next.

By the way, I “brought to light” to a friend - I've always been slightly uncomfortable, but I could not understand why. As it turned out, that through him I purposefully “tricks” our mutual friend, jealous me his wife. Next day, when I told it Arcadia, it was revealed that he was the gentleman well knows that he is a trader marijuana and passing a psychic.

I not alarmed, for example, that Dima (so-called friend of mine) my guests are sometimes mechanically something moves or moves. And that night I saw that in the headboard of my bed was sent a powerful energy gun”that began in the pile of junk on the staircase, focused peephole, and along the corridor in two screen - mirror and reflector-heater (remember, there were similar to radar).

And I'm still wondering what it Dima several times touched and dropped this poor reflector. And he then lifted it and turned, as “must”...

And I think that Dima was not guilty, had his “zombie”. He had a very fragile psyche, as his first year at College in a fight a sharp blow on the head, he had a severe concussion, and started something “wrong”. It sometimes seemed that he sometimes “the blue” started to freak out... and in the student group he got it - he was studying in my school, but on the other specialty, and not hit it off with him - the leader of the male part of the group.

In the end, with Dima at the Institute was about the same as me in school. Course on the fourth I even had to take it “attracted go to his sport sector of the Komsomol Committee, and then to spend his old age “explanatory talk” about the non-offending valuable Komsomolskaya frames. I must say, that worked.

And then, several years later, Dima came under the influence of the “pot smoker”. I do not know whether he gave Dima drugs, or just subdued on the astral level. But talk with Dima after that I could not and would not.

More about sorting out the debris.

If someone is reading these lines, get into cupboards and rubbish surrender it to the “Red Cross” or nursing home - will be right.

But if someone is going to get rid of old books - this is in vain. The book contains information that has its own power structure, much more powerful and sophisticated than the paper on which it is printed.

Therefore, if to speak about positive or negative power of books, the book book strife. For example, I still do not have in my house any legal literature. Grab the criminal code and think it is concentrated human misery. I think that You intuitively feel, what of it is scary background. Right Chernobyl, and not a book! For fun the other hand, take a volume of Pushkin and compare.

And, of course, useful and sometimes even a little bit, but to move furniture. This process is much healthier energy apartments. And dust, dust - this is really the source of all bad things!

In this sense, it is good to have a pet such as a cat or dog - it confuses the harmful field does not allow them to settle and to stabilize. Yes, and from the man himself superbly animal pulls negative “charges”. But due to idle and unpredictable life, except for fish in times of Arcadia and white rat about the same time, I was nobody.

Another useful information: “background” negative energy generally has a black and grey-brown color that is dirty, formed from many layers of those or other wastes, including the human psyche.

But if You strictly beat pure yellow, pure blue, the other color or bright white energy - know that you “have to deal with a person, specially generated it to attack you. Here already crossed the walls are not enough, we must move away from the blow (really helps a trip to the country, in the rest house) or introduce so-called “duplex”, that is, to create multi-layer (consisting of different kinds of energy) egg-shaped shell that punch was a challenge.

And well, paradoxically, in the soul attacker to send far away, preferably on a textbook three letters. This will generate a counter-release of negative energy, which is concentrated the entire centuries-old experience of the Russian people. No matter how funny, it helps a lot and is applicable not only to the enemies of psychics and to the detractors of all kinds and colors.

And most importantly: so you do not have the feeling that he is helpless and weak, and walk around angry psychics and think, how to destroy him, and bring a salutary thing as “egregore.

Simply put, “egregors” are such large-scale energy structures as art, religion, literature, chemistry, physics, engineering, Commerce, business, administration, earning money and other People working in similar structure or the associated common value system, in varying degrees, is included in its energy path, and in the same degree is under its protection.

And not necessarily big businessmen or politicians to start a “normal” psychics for energy security - to protect the very thing they serve. If this were not so, officials, policemen, prosecutors and presidents Chah and pined least in the eyes of the continuous “shooting” negative energy of millions of poor and disadvantaged citizens, but it's still not there.

Within each “egregor, of course, is facing a lot of local energy fields of its members, but this is somewhat different relationships and rules of the game”. But the impact on “egregor” from the outside and, for example, to hire a professional psychic in order to convince a Bank to give loans or make an official to leave the “plum”, - idea, almost doomed to failure. The power of any “egregor” exceeds the power of all psychics world combined.

And if people do not believe in other ways of influencing others, except to fatten the muzzle or bullets, then it break anything other than very few people under force. Also a form of “egregor - inertia and disbelief. Armor, by the way, not weaker than any “two-way areas”.

And not in vain all my fears after the first session ended on Monday morning - I waited for my “egregor” in the form of office on the Sofiyskaya embankment.





But the fee for the knowledge of new worlds has not ended. This time, both for myself and for my “paid” Arkady.

After the first lesson we two weeks is not met, and psychic practices are not engaged in two months. Sometimes the conversations were theoretical and all.

During this time, Arcadia and Marina is a new “energy supply” - a young, quiet couple with their first-floor hallway. I frankly explained Arkady, I'm on the role of “feeding” have ceased to come, as it became too independent...

The second lesson on “soma” we spent together with this nice couple, in their apartment. They had a small child, who at this time surprisingly quiet sleep.

Classes were much less productive than the first time since Marina arcade, and almost all night engaged in astral sex, and I was sitting in the kitchen with owners and act as “senior student.” And the next morning we Arkady and Marina went to dig potatoes.

Digging potatoes, somewhat unusual for me, and for Arcadia, had the following origin: in the summer of 1991, the government of the RSFSR (the Russian Federation, but headed by Yeltsin) allowed unauthorized “capture” the abandoned farm fields with a promise in the future to register under one condition: they must something be grown. As I remember, was “standard” of the legal absurdity - the three “captured” one hundred per person.

In the family of Arcadia and Marina got fifteen hundred, and they were “captured” in a wonderful location, near Khimki, near Moscow canal. I think that very soon there were “asked”.

And then we Arkady slightly fumbled, I realized that this game is not for us (especially after a sleepless night) and it is better to hire for a bottle of alcohol “Royal” tractor to plow.

But I have on this trip were the warmest memories - beautiful weather, good “vision”, no “othodnyaka. I studied a fantastically diverse and powerful energy of the Sun, and then Arkady showed me the principles of laskowska, instead of using the rod shaft spade...

And still something was wrong. Apparently, the relationship Arcadia and Marina began to crumble, and they were trying to “protect” the lessons of that stuff. Specifically, the astral sex. And this is the same as “drown sorrows in drink: weakened defense, acute senses and gets worse.

I, thank God, had to learn how to protect themselves from the energy vortexes raised attempts to Arcadia and Marina restore relationships. But protection from teachers deprived classes the most important - to promote the knowledge of opportunities of the astral world. Yes, and Arcadia was not up to me, and not to study at all...

Don Juan was a powerful incentive to study Castaneda - he had no right to leave this world, not preparing their successors. That was the old order, established by the Mexican sorcerers.

Arkady anything like me never say more than that - hardly thought about the ultimate goal of training. And when there is “art for art's sake”, then the first serious obstacle can occur breakdown.





The final reckoning occurred in the last “dive” (I forget how many there were but few, three or four). In this lesson from Arcadia and Marina took place as a serious conflict that the next day Arkady went to my parents (they lived at the other end of Moscow).

Marina shouted that he was a drug addict and not “soma“ cannot engage in any normal sex, let alone extrasensory. And the most terrible, that she was right. Not sure about sex, but about a psychic - Yes.

From the calm, sensible Arcadia gone.

Before the conflict with Marina, he tried to start a quarrel with me. Moreover found nothing better than to ask (as if without any sarcastic), not involved I astral sex with Marina. Let me remind you that this happened during the lessons, in the state of “immersion”, and, accordingly, had enormous “psychic” dimension.

This was an attempt to power the attack on me. And who attacked - arcade!

But he was so weak that the “punch” I could not. I “closed” and softly said no. The conversation ended. Perhaps then Arkady something similar to find out from the Marina, and it was one of the causes of their conflict...

And I looked at Arcadia, understood that these activities should be stopped.

And I myself a huge mental burden “dive” was quite distracting at work - because of the sleepless weekend I Mondays barely moved and came to himself only by the middle of the week.

In short, in Khimki I never went to a couple of times saw the phone on the determinant of Arcadia (he called from his parents, Khimki phone was not), but in my presence at home these calls do not fall.





Talking to any of the arcade or the Marina, I wish were not there for very long.

Marina it has not emerged, but the Arcadia one time I missed. More precisely, our “dive”.

Two recent studies, we tried to learn the so-called “assemblage point” energy “center of gravity”, outside the body, near the left shoulder. The shift of the assemblage point shift gave the entire energy structure, which in theory has great potential until you change the appearance. It was (on the astral level) if not higher, it is very “high class”, and I sometimes regret that the lessons so abruptly interrupted.

Therefore, when the arcade a few months before I got through, he told that he parted with Marina and suggested to resume classes, I agreed, although, frankly, felt that nothing will come of it.

Arkady came to me on Gagarin square (outwardly it looked quite normal, we about something insignificant spoke, he took fifty rubles for the purchase of components for “soma”, we agreed to call in a couple of days, and he disappeared.

Somewhere else a month later he called and apologized and said that his money was “stolen”, but he'll have somewhere to get something, and then he will buy and we will posnimaem.

Needless to say, that I understood everything, said, “Yes, of course, and the more he didn't call because “I realized that I understood”?

I'm not a bit sorry for this was “fifty kopecks” - don't remember how much I was earning and what was the scale of prices, but remember the insignificance of this amount. And sorry I was Arcadia, of course, if I may regret it.

I think that most intelligent and subtle man destroyed first of all the lack of spiritual guidance. Without them, the learning process has turned into getting pleasure from the process of “immersion”, and it is already dependent. A somewhat more complex than conventional drugs, but in fact the same.

And any relationship, as we know, leads to the degradation of personality.

Arkady and then, apparently, was the same that any addict (and alcoholic) at an early stage: it seems outwardly nothing has changed, but the disabled such things as elementary decency, honor, conscience, and so on.

Maybe he “scrambled” and it now all right? So want to believe it...

However, may I throw a stone in Arcadia for his lack of “spiritual guidance”? At the time, and I have been with them, to put it mildly, not very much, and the “astral” (or drug) depends saved me the only thing that I had programming, work on avtokombinatah, Commerce...





Generally speaking, classes extrasensory as such I quit then was not going. At that time, in 1992, have become, like mushrooms, appearing every course of magic, meditation, healing...

I tried to resemble something similar.

With a pair of these courses, I went for another “introductory lectures, I realized that I had nothing to do.

But here is my “combat friend” Artyanova, whether on my feet, either by itself, became fond of that stuff. Her friend was familiar, who taught the system of yoga, and we decided privately she has to work out.

We are engaged in three-four in some small gym hotel “Central”. The teacher (he forgot her name) was a quiet and pleasant woman of forty, soul who loved his work, constantly meditated and because several inhibited take notice. However, to deal with it was psychologically very comfortable.

But, unfortunately, not more.

Classes are conducted on standard yoga techniques - sitting and lying in a very awkward position along with meditation. For me, these postures have been particularly painful, because due to the continuous training with weights, I increased a lot, but extremely inflexible muscles.

Theoretically, I understand why all these postures are needed. First, some mutual arrangement of the chakras can influence the generation of a particular energy. Secondly, people, focusing on the fact that in these positions hold, Willy-nilly “off” and from others and from their own “side” thoughts. And then the “vision” is easier to enable.

That may be so, but I managed to work with Arkady!

We were without any yoga postures for three to four classes were much more than this lovely lady for a dozen or two. With the latter, we do not even reach the astral vision, in the best case switched broadcast. Gently poured streams of silver “prana”, but they were so weak that neither of which management could not be and speeches.

Yes, I understood that with Arkady we achieved an incredibly rapid progress with the help of a drug that is very dear price. And yet walk in the classroom in the hotel “Central” to the already achieved level could only several months, and years, and I started to wonder: what's next and still be worth the candle, that is, the time spent?

And one day I decided that the game is not worth the candle.

Become a professional psychic - and what? To earn this money? Since his earnings, given the considerable competition and harm of such a profession for the psyche - voltage something huge...

To continue the knowledge of the world? Frankly, hardly training with this lovely lady to add something to my level of knowledge about the world - it is very poorly represented himself anything other than a purely “technical” methods of yoga meditation. And the fact that I managed to understand during training with Arkady, by and large, I had enough.

So I stopped playing. And in the hotel “Central”and psychic practice altogether.

For another couple of years, I sometimes meditate myself, but from my side it is not intended to learn something new. I could not, and don't much like. So, out of habit...

At best I could barely touch” to the astral vision, that is, to perceive the chakras as slightly luminous area and energy as a rare colored sparks. In the mental world (i.e. the mental level of perception) I did not managed to visit.

According to Castaneda, and even a number of books, people there had to look like a bright egg-shaped shell with “energy tentacles, and the world as a huge number of luminous filaments stretching to infinity. But this I imagine only theoretically and very vague.

However, in the ethereal vision I could be more or less stable, but it is virtually impossible to read the “psychic” information from the outside world. You could “play around” silver energy ball with colored sparks, but not more.

But I since then, like a cat, I see in the dark. Sometimes you walk through the dark forest road and feel that my eyes Shine as lights.

And (more importantly): I started to trust your intuition and, frankly, I rarely have trouble. And the birth of ideas and decisions, as before, came as though from the thyroid gland...

But most importantly, I realized that the world is not confined to our usual order of things. Understood, felt, saw - call it what you want. Let's just say peeped through the crack of the door to another world, not having it either live or work, or really understand anything.

But I realized that he is. That objectively there is some essence of things hidden from our “reasonable” understanding. With our ordinary, physical perception of the world is not the “ultimate truth”.

That was enough for the next step, but he was made a few years later. And in the beginning of 1993, my life has swung to the right, swinging to the left”.


Chapter 10. Commerce


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