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Sergey Zagraevsky


My XX century


Chapter 1. “Soviet burgers”

Chapter 2. Vorkuta

Chapter 3. Sixties

Chapter 4: “Stagnation”

Chapter 5. Psychoanalysis

Chapter 6. Lenin, Party, Komsomol

Chapter 7. “Scientific career”

Chapter 8. Euphoria of epochs changing

Chapter 9. Arkady

Chapter 10. Commerce

Chapter 11. The loss of the bank

Chapter 12. Christianity




Published in Russian: Çàãðàåâñêèé Ñ.Â. Ìîé ÕÕ âåê. Ì.: Àëåâ-Â, 2001. ISBN 5-94025-009-2



Chapter 8. Euphoria of epochs changing



The following text was translated from the Russian original by the computer program

and has not yet been edited.

So it can be used only for general introduction.




Colonel Vasin arrived at the front

With his young wife.

Colonel Vasin called his regiment

And he said to them, let us go home,

We are fighting a war of seventy years,

We were taught that life is a fight.

But, according to new data intelligence,

We are at war with themselves.


I saw the generals

They drink and eat our death.

Their children are going crazy because

They have nothing more to desire.

But the earth is in the rust

The Church mixed with ash;

And if we want to be,

where to go,

Time to go home.


A range of burning torches -

Gathering all the lost parts;

And the people who shot at our fathers,

Making plans for our children.

We gave birth to the sound of marching,

We were threatened with jail,

But enough to crawl on his belly:

We have already returned home.


This train on fire,

We have nothing more to wait.

This train on fire,

We have nowhere else to run.

This land was ours

While we are not bogged down in the fight.

She'll die if it is a draw

It's time to return the land itself.


                                            Boris Grebenschikov




“Landmark event” in the life of the Department of Applied mathematics, MADI, and personally in my occurred in the spring of 1989. I even remember that in the court rang drops.

You may laugh, but it seemed it was a landmark event: the chair was the generosity of administration allocated a personal computer!

Specifically deterioration Bulgarian copy of famous IBM PC-XT. For those who understand: processor type 8086, with a frequency of 8 MHz. Was he even a hard drive, Winchester, capacity, as I remember, 10 megabytes (I'm typing these lines on a portable computer that has the settings listed more than once that way thousand).

But it was bad, unreliable, but the real “personalka”! And then they poured into the country rather wide stream and enterprises them everywhere began to be put.

Few of the Soviet programmers knew how to work for them, and in our Institute almost none. Famous (because the first book Figurnov “Working at IBM RS”, too, had not yet appeared. And here we are, that is, I and other programmers Department - We Kulyabko - bent upon this technique to master and to learn to deal with her our practical optimization problems.

There were familiar to enterprises where this technique has already been, we have them copied the minimum standard software, and off it went.

Ran out of my turbulent personal life, Esperanto, Japanese, Pogorelov theater and more. We sat at this “Pravetz” (so called Bulgarian computer) days and nights. And if my colleagues were waiting for house wives and children, I not especially waited, and sometimes I just stayed overnight at the Department, if not managed in the last subway train.

The guards, who walked with evening rounds, I already knew, and even their great shepherd at the sight of me, wagging his tail, but when I saw it the first time, I almost fainted. Imagine, I was sitting that way in the midnight hour on an empty chair, a silent Institute, absolutely stunned by the flickering screen, and suddenly the door opened noiselessly and silently is a huge dog!

Later, however, I'm used to and just never took off his shoes, when sleeping on the chairs, on the floor rats sometimes crossed, and shoes psychologically I felt more confident. And seven in the morning I woke cleaner.

The youth! 't even remember what I was eating, and have the same for two days not wash, not to shave and go to bed without undressing, without pillows and blankets! He tried to now...

But I'm the Department became a very respected professional. The computer was in the office, heads of Department, so I was aware of what is happening in the higher spheres.” Superimposing and solid head, Professor principles (the Kingdom of his soul) periodically came to me and said something like: “What task, Sergey decide?” and, getting absolutely incomprehensible reply like: “Develop a mask enter data in Dbase III Plus”, said, “well, Well, well” and ceremoniously removed.

Gradually try to work for “Pravetz” and other educators, we Mishutushkin and Kulyabko staged at the Department sort of refresher courses, to intimidate people, computer viruses, so without our permission does no one dared to include a computer...

In short, it was then, in 1989, I no longer feel like a boy and developing a complex before the “older guys”.

Experts in “desktops” was very little, and in the summer of 1989 I began to work as a programmer in some small traders computing. They went to hostels foreign students and buy computers, which last brought from abroad, and my goal was to test each computer. We did it together with Artyanovoy (traders were her friends), and honestly earned 50 rubles for each tested the computer with Irina brotherly divided.

By the way, “personalka” PC-at cost about seventy thousand rubles, that is, as two new cars “Zhiguli” on the market, and if we count on “gostsene”, then as ten...

There were days when we have computers with Irina tested on several pieces, but it did not last long, for the beginning wholesale supply and small traders “burned”. But then I first learned what not to believe in his pocket, and to have the opportunity to travel by taxi in a hurry.

And that summer I We Kulyabko smashed on the Ground Unitron huge order for development to the personal computer optimization of transportation.

Order amount was unimaginable for about thirty thousand (let me remind you that at this time I'm on the Department received about 170 rubles per month). We concluded this agreement, I believe, through our Institute Center NTTM (scientific-technical creativity of youth), but he gave the payroll is not ten percent, as it was accepted during Soviet times, and whether sixty, or seventy.

On the First trucking company were very solid computers - real PC-at, with 286-m processor, we mastered the latest database management system “FOXPRO”, again had to sit late at night, but we already had some experience, we somehow managed to do it and immediately after the New 1990 received the money. “Brother” had almost eight thousand rubles.

Remember how we came Mishutushkin and Kulyabko of the Center NTTM with thick wads of money in bags, dumbfounded looked at each other and did not know what to do with them. Once there was a nasty feeling that looks at you the whole world, and thinks money is taken away.





I knew exactly what he wanted: a car. As far as I remember, in our family there were some no, but the cars, and that from childhood fell on the “child”.

Eight thousand rubles at market cost, for example, the first ten years of “Zhiguli”. The same, if not less, “gostsene” cost new “five” or “eight”, but you can buy it was only enrolling in place for many years. Or buying a place in the queue for another fifteen thousand, and the market a new car worth the same twenty or twenty-five...

I was in a hurry - money “burning hands. No wonder I made a stupid - bought on the market in the southern port of the second “Zhiguli”VAZ-2102, beige “universal”, 1975. More prestigious than “Kopeyka” (VAZ-2101), but fifteen years. Its for sale, of course, bribed and put in order, but age is the age, and “pour” the machine was immediately.

Soon, in may 1990, I was unhurt miracle - my “kopeck piece for speed 100 km an hour burst brake hose, rear-wheel braking refused, from the front wheels always hindered only one (was too busy to fix), and threw me off the highway. I'm broke and riding in front of “Moskvich”, and the front of his “kopeck piece, and a tree beside the road (the latter suffered the least).

However, I got insurance (she even blocked payments broken “Moskvich”) and the car was fixed, but still “kopeck piece fell, spare parts for “gostsene” was not, in the markets they were expensive, high earnings too long, and I again had to “bomb”.

“Bombed” I until the spring of 1991, when I appeared again decent work, and when one day (that day, the right would still night!) some “clients” Caucasian species my neck threw the noose and took the purse, I decided not to risk and to “bomb” has ceased.

But I still can safely go to work (God forbid) and a taxi driver and mechanic - the most part of works on repair “kopeck piece for lack of money and care centers had to do everything myself. However, in electronics in modern cars, I understand a little, but if necessary will master no problem - after all, the candidate of technical Sciences.

It all sounds cheerful, but...

I little about what life was spared, but buying and almost three-year operation of this unfortunate “kopeck piece was one of those cases. Almost all the free time that I could in the years 1987-89 to devote drawing, writing poetry, or at least to improve the profession of a programmer in 1990-91 was to go on service of the car and “bombing”. How many hours and days lost are innumerable.

And even if I do some damage to the vehicle repaired is not himself, and struggled at the technical center “Varshavsky” or “Kuntsevskaya” (and the other was not in Moscow), is still the day was “a dog's tail.”

“Hitting” these technical center was a whole science. Generally speaking, their working day started at 7.30, and the people in order to get there during the day, stood in a line somewhere in 2-3 hours of the night. By the morning of the centers was formed line of cars, and the window taking orders - noisy place.

I have the car was registered to the grandmother Elena Alexandrovna, she had a disability, and formally, I have had a right to come without Queuing, and in fact I am the mad drivers a couple of times almost Nabil shameless face, and saved me only solid composition. Sometimes, however, managed to get through, but this does not mean that the service would be necessary spare parts, and that they were, still had to give “on a paw” wizard.

Gradually formed a circle of acquaintances of the masters, and a car to me for “chervonets” could at any time to put the line. If the parts were really, I gave them to “gostsene”, but “from above” had to pay so much, that worked the same market price. Nature, as we know, does not disappoint.

"Why not go to a parts store some technical center and buy a desired item? - can ask me.

Answer: in shops, as some technical center, and the distance, there was practically nothing. There could be based on any unmarketable parts that are broken once in a hundred years, but who needed them?

And no matter how much was given “on a paw” Soviet masters, they were insolent, as they had them run! Still, when I see that the service station master somewhere important to go to their highest cases, followed by side, like a dog looking into his eyes, minces “mere mortal” client, it makes me uneasy. And I'm ready to overpay, but to repair the car at a service, which will be a normal relationship, that is an elementary courtesy.

And I had two friends, both Sergey - Kazakov and Pestov. All of us were old machine, and we each other constantly helped - without this was impossible. For example, remondimeest car somewhere in Kuntsevo, went to eat (a technical center cooked shashlik), and some new item replaced the old. So we were watching the machines in shifts, replacing each other.

And if he remontiruesh car, without a companion gravely, " that something to hold, apply key “thirteen to seventeen”, and just to think together about how to Unscrew zakisshie nut...

I will never forget, how we with Kazakov late autumn, late at night, in the cold, changed my car drive shaft (the one that is under the floor of the body and passes the rotation from the engine to the rear wheels). Well, I tell you, lie down for a few hours under the car on snow and icy wind is something. We started at seven o'clock in the evening when it was still relatively warm, but the night had turned cold, but to leave work was a pity...

This repair. And gasoline? Behind him stood for hours in the queue, and I'm usually dressed in 3-4 hours the night, “bombed”. At night (as, however, and in the afternoon), gasoline could not be at all. But I knew in Moscow almost every gas station, I have to say it was easy for private cars there were a couple of dozen. Not refueled at the River Station - go “Dmitrovka” (Dmitrovskoye highway), there is no - go “Altushka” (the highway), there is an hour and stood, a forty liters flooded (more “in one hands” is usually not given), and skate. 100 km at the most economical driving...

What we just did! Buy gasoline for drivers of buses and trucks (those who went to the a-76), bought tickets, by hook or by crook refueled on the “state” gas stations. One of my friends over the numbers were put on paper with “public” letters, for private cars on hassaballah not served even coupons...

And how much money is “eaten” car! Almost all my wages went to him, and I was planning: here will get the money for a certain order - buy cardan shaft, and get there a down payment will change the generator... just like a joke, when a person comes to his neighbor and says:

- “Do you not find some bread? And then yesterday I bought a car”...

But seriously, before any tangible benefits must ripen, otherwise it starts to hang over you and becomes an end in itself.

Don't understand why I was holding on to this car. I with considerable dimensions always felt herself quite comfortable in public transport and taxi if necessary I have money enough. To carry sacks of potatoes, too, there was no need, so that could well do without cars.

But the inertia was so strong that only in the summer of 1992, when at night near the rest house of “Planernoe” my two tried to steal, burned the starter and stripped from it all valuable, I placed her on an eternal trick” and soon sold.

A new car, I started just over a year later, when he became engaged in a “real” business and the machine I was “laid on staff. Simply put, we need to look good and not very long trips. But the situation was quite different, and before we even get.





The taste of the money was not that sweet, but not disgusting. Still, when it is not always rummaging through his pockets in search of a lost dime, a certain number of problems in life disappears. In any case, in 1990, I felt it.

We then have the same We Kulyabko, Artyanova, Efremov and I began to wander on avtokombinaty in search of orders for the software. In Mostransekspeditsii need to optimize the traffic disappeared (the company realized that it is cheaper to book transport yourself), but somewhere (on the 1st and the 24th avtokombinatah) in 1990 succeeded in something of little things to make.

In the end, we decided to create his company, so that all orders to pass through it and not pay all the centers of scientific-technical creativity of youth” or “the inter-branch scientific and technical programs” (last abbreviated sounds like “MENATEP”, and the famous Bank increased from such a “center”).

What were these “points” system of taxation - I do not think that any, as the majority of the then “newly” enterprises. Was, in my opinion, the profit tax, and pass around, overestimated the costs, could not only idiot.

But here came the law “On small enterprises”. The Soviet system tried to modernize and to give people the opportunity to develop the private small business, leaving a big industry in the hands of the state. Eventually, of course, means of last began to go through the loopholes in the form of this “small business”.

Here we are in autumn 1990 decided to create a “small business”. The founders were five - the same Efremov, Artyanova We Kulyabko and I. I became Director, Artyanova - Deputy.

As we artyanovoy registered our “Research and production company “Nodeks laugh! It was necessary to bypass many of the district courts (firm, specializing in the registration, in 1990, was not yet), these instances are not used to the freedom of enterprise registration, everywhere spoke to us the highest chiefs, asked wild questions like: “how many jobs your company will bring to the area?”, we meandered, as snakes, and as a result, the company has registered.

The funny thing is that either in 1990 or in 1991 the company “Nodeks” has done nothing useful in terms of making money. Moreover, from the staff of the chair I broke away and stuck “to the Computing centre of glavmosavtotransa, which by that time was just a Mosavtotrans.





It began with the fact that one day in the spring of 1991, I was invited to CC Mosavtotrans “share experiences” work on exemplary First Avtokombinate. Due to the vast scale of Mosavtotrans his CC already in the seventies became an independent organization, which occupied a considerable three-storey building not somewhere, and on Sofiyskaya embankment, near Moskvoretsky bridge directly opposite the corner towers of the Kremlin. CC spun into a separate legal entity under the Soviet power, and after perestroika and did was in the “free floating”.

Interestingly CC Mosavtotrans was the fact that almost all senior positions (in the eighties and the Director) it took the Jews. This tradition went back to the early seventies, when the organizer and the head of glavmosavtotransa was legendary Joseph M. Goberman, slowly dragging myself to the wild number (hundreds!) “brothers by blood”. Satisfied he, of course, in the most “high-tech” space, i.e. NGOs of Mosavtotrans the Leningrad prospectus and in EC of Mosavtotrans on the Sofiyskaya embankment.

Goberman died in the early eighties, and the funny thing is that the Soviet tradition, his name was given to large trucking company, where I was in the near future have to work a lot. Over the Russian anti-Semitic realities near the intersection of the Moscow ring road and Volokolamskoe highway proudly hovered big neon sign: “Avtokombinat ¹ 36 named IM Him”.

However, the EC, I found only the remnants of the former Jewish companies - the majority in the late eighties left the country.

Organized by the EC was in a big way, typical for the Soviet love centralization. In the seventies it stood in the large computer of a series of EU, and there all avtokombinaty Moscow daily carried a bale of waybills. All of this huge number of operators (more than thousand) is punched on punched tapes and punched cards, input into the computer, cheated and betrayed, who the drivers as hitting, earned money spent fuel... Issued as generalized indicators, unimaginable mountains accounting and stuff like that, and all these papers and then went back to avtokombinaty.

In the eighties, that little to reduce the huge shipping costs mountains directions on Sofiyskaya embankment, on some of the largest avtokombinatah began to open branches CC Mosavtotrans to enter primary information, and then was driven not by a sheaf of papers on trucks, and relatively compact oft. The system, however, less of that did not - branches VC demanded higher maintenance costs, and final documentation still had to drive to the Sofia embankment...

When the company began in droves to buy personal computers, have avtokombinatov natural question arose: why all this complicated and expensive system, if possible all of the documentation process itself?

And in the early nineties avtokombinaty become one after the other “sliver” of the CC of Mosavtotrans, and the last he started convulsively, trying to keep them.

The Deputy Director of the computing centre Makovoz decided on this occasion to consult with me, and I painted a rosy picture of “binding” of avtokombinaty: let them handle the documentation in place, “personal computers”, but CC Mosavtotrans should be engaged in centralized development for these “desktops” software.

I was immediately introduced to the Director of the computer center Borzov, and soon I was asked to create a VC small enterprise engaged in the development of the software itself.

Developments I have already had many, though, of course, after “aerobatics” - optimize transportation - processing logs, accounting and other similar tasks were far less interesting and more routine. But in 1990 in parallel with the continuation of optimization work on the First trucking company I developed a program of inventory in the trust Tsentrospetsstroy“, so that the experience was.

It may seem odd: development of programs for accounting, warehouse account on personal computers... Did not buy a standard program, install it on your computer?

How do! Nothing like it! From standard programs were just the operating system MS-DOS and compilers for different programming languages. Well, unpretentious game “Tetris” and “digger”... Standard Russified accounting programs established firms have appeared only in the end of 1992 and have been very demanding the configuration of computers. And so it turned out that the development of my basic programs (such as payroll) and adjusting it for specific customer takes from quarter to half a year, maybe more.

For example, I worked out at the trust Tsentrospetsstroy “ - no tale to tell, nor pen to describe! There stood the Soviet personal “es-1840”where there was no hard drive, and only 2 floppy diskettes to 360 kilobytes. For those who understand computers: but do you understand how I managed to squeeze in there program of accounting and inventory control to the DBMS Dbase III Plus? Personally, I don't understand yet.

Trust, however, bought brand-new at the time the PC-at with a 80286 processor and a decent hard drive, but he spent exactly one day. The fact that the plug of the printer did not come to our outlets, and the EC has decided to issue globally, that is, cut it off and plugged in an ordinary Soviet. He confused the “earth” and “phase”, so 220 volts through internal grounding printer went on the electronic computer, where should be a half volts.

It burned so much that when I came to work, I feel sad open the computer case and showed embers.

The officer was off lightly in Soviet times, nothing but 10-20 percent deduction from wages for such things are not threatened. Besides, I think that privatization and inflation then all the “write off”, or seventy thousand rubles, the cost of the computer would read that the rest of your life.

And I had to work on “EU-1840”. But one good thing is not for nothing that our programmers (and indeed, scientists) are still appreciated all over the world: more no one is able to overcome all the difficulties associated with lack of resources, and to solve problems of minimally possible means...

And the funny thing is that later, in 1991, I had to decide on the “EU-1840” much more complicated optimization task of transporting furniture Mostransagentstvom. How much I spent on “vtiskivanie! In the end I managed it, but all was in vain - “normal” computers became cheaper so fast that within a year nightmare “EU-1840” simply written off as useless.





Note that at this time, I had almost ceased to paint and had stopped writing poems.

And not only that almost no time left - if desired time can always be found. I, frankly, is forgotten.

The euphoria of the first years of capitalism did not begin during the Gaidar reforms of 1992. It started with the ability to make “real” money, but it happened a little earlier, the year that way since 1989. Cooperatives, “small enterprises”, “joint ventures”, the first joint stock company...

And the thirst for earning money was so strong that the “buy-sell” threw all. A typical call of some associate Professor of Applied mathematics, senior research scientist Zagraevsky: “Sergey, there is a party in 500 video camera “Panasonic-12345” in the warehouse, such a performance, I can not find a buyer?” Sergei call up some friends, they call on... In the end, before serious negotiations is not reached even once.

Most large-scale “business” of those times - 1000 jeep Nissan patrol. I have a case of finding a buyer to rely one. Once it wanted to change the crumbling two-room apartment on “Nissan patrol” - no words!

Needless to say that a buyer I never found? Yes, and whether in fact these Nissan-Patrol” - God only knows.

However, the “first wave of capitalism” get rich quick, my good friend, former Deputy chief of the First EC avtokombinata. He took out a Bank loan, bought abroad lot of electronics, honestly, “ran”, earned, returned the credit, new Banks... then “given” without any collateral and any funny interest, profitability in trade was huge, and serious people, ready to deal with the goods, transport, customs, bandits and other components of this “business English”, had a unique chance to supererogate.

But I was not ready. Moreover, at the meeting with the Institute's friends in 1991 revealed that I was the only group who continued to work on the “programmer” specialty, with decent earning and was quite satisfied with his work.

When in 1993-98 years I was making much more decently and did far more serious things, I still always remember that this is temporary, and my ultimate goal is to earn something, throw the business and to deal exclusively with art.

And in 1990-91 - forgotten, became interested. Like thick wads of money.

But again I say that there is a silver lining. When the attitude to work as not the most pleasant duties, something that is incomplete, something not to bring to mind, in short, are “to a minimum.” And the result is also obtained usually minimal.

Of course, the lack of love for the work that you do, you can replace iron discipline, but a young man of twenty it still was not enough. It means that the problem (in this case, unfortunately, making money) I had a little, but to love.

Thanks studies extrasensory (us about them talking and talking) - they have restored the system of reference points. Thank you and Gaidar galloping inflation 1992 - all eaten packets of money, but I finally sobered.

In order partial justification, I note that all my work at a software trucking companies, despite full “commercialization”, proceeded in line with the “gathering material for a thesis. Yes and programming I am seriously interested in early 1989, that is, without any money - it was a fascinating exercise for the mind.

Incidentally, formally my employment history all this time lying on the chair, and I took it out soon, in 1996.

And in fact - in parallel with the creation of a VC of Mosavtotrans a small business I have not forgotten about his own chair, and in 1991 entered into through it (with the active participation of Professor Ephraim) one of the contracts associated with the optimization of delivery Mostransagentstvom of kitchen sets. I must say that the task was interesting, and I'm on it “rested” after routine accounting and stock control, although financially it gave only a tiny official salary. I think 190 rubles per month. Back in 1986, it seemed a lot of money, but wow...

Native chair, respectively, I won't be forgotten, was given a very honorable for my age the title of senior research fellow (remember me “heated soul” the fact that academician Sakharov in his Institute was also a senior research fellow) and included me, finally, in the plan of protection of dissertations.





If I spring of 1991 had experience, I work created “under my” small business “Transinform” at the computing centre of Mosavtotrans built would not and probably would have had an office opposite the Kremlin is not until the end of 1992, and much longer.

But then after the fight fists? In the end, again, it all turned out for the better...

But from the point of view of business mistakes I made a lot.

First, I poostorozhnichal and decided he is a small business does not lead. The fact that in Soviet times there was a ban on combining managerial positions, and I was the Director of the firm “Nodeks.

However, it seems that this ban is still not cancelled, but little of him who remembers. And then still have not learned to distinguish workable and unworkable laws, so I decided to play it safe and invited for the post of Director of the MP “Transinform” a good friend even introduced him to the Director CC Borzov.

A familiar thought and refused (afraid to run the business), and Borzov invited me in Director MP, former head of Department of automated control systems of glavmosavtotransa Vadim L. Andreeva, which recently sent in “nomenclature reference” - at the deputies to Borzov.

Frankly, I was happy with the offer, because the sixty Andreev was a real value and on avtokombinatah knew. Moreover, he was the contact and sociable person, and vast experience nomenclature work taught his excellent negotiation and not put on airs, where not necessary. By the way, and in communication with me he too never “forgotten” and not allowed myself authoritative notes. It is pleasant to note that for the two years of joint work we have not had a single conflict.

But there was Andreyev one minus - strangely enough for the old nomenklatura, long tongue. For example, when we first got in the Bank money to pay the entire VC knew who and how much. I tried to Andreev in this plan to fight, but to no avail.

In the end, Mr. Borzov, getting our wages once, later refused to do it. Of course, we had to go in communion with him in “black cash”, but then I had no idea about such a possibility - not I had in Soviet times experience “tsehovik”. A “disinterested” Director of the computer center was the first step to failure of the company, and even friendly relations with his first Deputy, Vladimir Makovoz, has not helped.

Secondly, and most importantly, I missed the point. Quickly received several orders for different avtokombinatah and took a job a couple of programmers, I have almost stopped marketing and busied himself in programming, rather than continue to dangle with Andreev in Moscow in search of new customers.

Andreev then all I knew, and he knew everything, and we really had the potential to “reach” several tens of motor transport enterprises. But at the end of 1991 began a wholesale privatization and mass change of leadership came new Director unfamiliar with Andreev, and most importantly - a rival to the much more powerful standard software.

Our advantage remained processing logs for “piece” of traffic, when there were complex and unique for each of the Unitron calculations, based on the route, mileage, type of cargo and many other indicators. But it soon ceased, since the vast majority avtokombinatov switched on an hourly system: give the customer the car for so many hours.

In the end we have only five or six large orders, and besides, I made another error: not fix prices in the “$” On new orders, I started to do it, but they were few. But the old order, we just went bankrupt, as in 1992 Gaidar began galloping inflation.

Was and still some bugs related to the relationship by CC. In fact, through our small business computing center was missing a large part of the money allocated for the repair of numerous equipment, and our task was with this money to pay salaries, leaving a certain percentage.

In 1991 the system worked, and in 1992, the state introduced frenzied taxes on the payroll that exist today. An experienced person would be without any questions, please send the money on some “left” cashed office, would receive cash minus a small fee per cent, with people paying “envelopes”and everyone would be happy. And then I about this mechanism did not know and pay “sub-optimal” taxes. In the end, the payroll for employees of EC has steadily declined and he was to work with me interested.

Started degradation MP “Transinform”. First of honorary office on the second floor, near the Director's office, Borzov we moved to the third floor, and then, in the winter of 1992-93, and even “closed shop”.

Andreev went into retirement, and I “brought to mind” several orders avtokombinatah, prudently transferred to our company “Nodeks” (though this time I realized).

To never return to this subject, talk about the future of VC: in the far wing of rented premises “real” businessmen, engaged in the supply of minibuses, and they know that the gift of time is not lost. “Interested” Borzov, began buying up shares and by the middle of 1993 were almost complete masters of CC, holding Borzov “for entourage.”

And the year in 1994, as I learned later, they got to share a controlling stake, immediately drove Borzov retired, threw all the great Soviet computer and made a great VC office complex. Indeed, a more prestigious location - opposite the Kremlin - is difficult to imagine.





During this time I managed to take part in the defense of the White House. Well, to take part is a strong word.

In fact “lucky” same country for my birthday - August 20! Apparently, in the midst of holiday and all sorts of tricks type of coups or collapses of the financial market does best - all that could prevent “troublemaker”, basking in the sun of the South.

It happened in 1991. 19 on radio “decision of the State Committee on state of emergency”, I, like all realized that something was amiss. Remember, in this Ordinance voiced the need to combat pornography... and this idiocy somehow remember the most.

I called my friend mark Dmitriev and offered to go to the center to see what's what. At all angles, of course, there were tanks, one of them for some reason turned the tower, and his gun almost demolished the roof of my car.

But he worked a McDonald's, where there was no queue - apparently, people decided that the “capitalist” institutions will take by storm.

Stop! No queues at McDonald's requires additional comments. The first so-called “fast-food restaurant” opened in the Pushkin square in the beginning of 1990. So that there is a “fast maintained”, was required to stand in queues from one hour to two - people are so tired of the Soviet misery that were willing to wait as much as you want, just “touch” to capitalism and to try to “big Mac”, which cost even then a lot - as I remember, three and a half. For comparison: in the production of table can be a meal for the ruble, and even less.

Mark Dmitriev differed even more solid build than I, and we usually “insolently” passed down the line, pretending that await us ahead of him. Stop two burly men no one dared.

And then on August 19 we drove to “Bigmachnoy” - and not a soul! We ate with gusto, and then even went to the tank and treated the soldier “Coca-Cola”. Then we drove to the radio (Mark there was appointed to some meeting), but has neither come nor drive - the coup, faithful to the legacy of Lenin, the first captured radio, Telegraph and Newspapers. We are in the day and drove to the publishing house “Pravda”, and it too was surrounded by armored personnel carriers.

I don't remember how the news spread that the White House has resisted, but knew about it all, and we decided to go there. I left the car on the Garden ring, and we came to a huge crowd, blocking the entire area. Just spoke Yeltsin... All this repeatedly shown on television, not worth telling.

The most memorable moment came when behind us, in the Park, and started a motor, and the crowd, electrified by the expectation of a tank attack, sharply turned in our direction. Frankly, it was scary when both shuddered and turned hundreds of thousands of people...

There was also an amusing case when in the evening the crowd dispersed, and I met... Volodya Solomatina, former Secretary of the Komsomol Committee MADI! From him I heard that he was a year ago left the party and in General, it appears, has always been a staunch Democrat. Given that no one was sure of victory at the end of protecting the White House, it all sounded very sincere.

Mark and I decided that day not to spend the night at the White House (in the evening there were some cases), and the next day, August 20 was my birthday. I was told that instead of celebrating all sat at the old gramophone and listened to “Bi-Bi-si” reports from the streets of Moscow.

Then, by the way, and was run over three former paratroopers,“Afghans” BMP (fighting machine of infantry). This BMP some idiot commander sent at night to patrol the Garden ring, which is at the entrance to the tunnel under the New Arbat people had blocked the trolley. BMP tried to move the trolley (the latter then stood in the courtyard of the Museum of the Revolution, that is, the English Club, where is he now, don't know), and it failed. At this time it ran up a few defenders of the White House, in order to close the peepholes and forced to surrender.

The next day, August 21, we mark in the morning again went to the White House. We have just gathered around him all night, but decided to first go and see how it matters.

People were again the sea, although much less than in the first day. But the barricades significantly increased and reached the Garden ring, appeared concrete blocks, stood around the trolley wheels with run-flat (as it turned out the night before, move them from place was beyond the power of even armored personnel carriers).

It was rumored that the tank battalion, on the eve of who took the side of Yeltsin, the White House wants to leave. To us with mark rushed a woman with a cry: “Young people, you have to stop, we headed crowds ran up to these tanks, us some captain explained that no one is not going anywhere, and we went on.

Not far from the building of the CMEA (now city hall) was the same “BMP-killer” with all hands. It turns out that the BMP, after she crushed three guys, all the same seized, and the crew was beaten so that those unfortunate soldiers were a clear bruises.

They sad sat in his BMP among the crowd (and somehow, without any security), just at this time on the radio said that the coup in full escaped, and remember, we mark these soldiers wished gave them to smoke and reported about the flight of the GKCHP. Those nodded blankly. Then they think the court acquitted - crushed-they are three “Afghans” really random...

And in the afternoon I went to the office of the Sofia embankment. Tank, who was standing nearby, had already left, and CC Mosavtotrans almost at full listened to the radio - just resumed the transfer of “Mayak”. Most of all rejoiced Makovoz Deputy Director - he has a son serving in the army, and in tank units, and he was terribly afraid that his son ordered to crush people.

...Bright summer evening, August 21, we with Vladimir walked through Moskvoretsky bridge, where else as far as hours ago there were tanks, and it seemed that began a new, happy life. Yes, I kid you not - the mood was like that.

And even if the coup was a performance, it still followed the fall of the USSR really completely changed the life of people. Well, at least outwardly. In 1988-91, respectively, of course, freedom has been, but still kind of not so...

Then a few months on all highways shifted asphalt - tanks smashed his cool, felt like going on a washboard.





In the spring of 1993 I finally thesis. This is a special story.

The thesis I wrote without any problems, a month and a half or two. “Practical material, to optimize the traffic I had by this time got a huge amount, and the number of so-called “acts of industrial introduction of scientific developments” I probably could have entered into the Guinness book of records”.

I have those avtokombinaty where something once implanted, and received from each of the relevant piece of paper saying that such and such software systems work successfully, and with a huge annual economic effect. I even bothered to come up with different wording, printed in all the acts were on the same printer in my office, so that it looked very funny.

The theme of the thesis was “Shift-day plan of transportations of container cargoes on personal computers.” I remembered mostransekspeditsiyu, and the First trucking company, and the task float kitchen Mostransagentstvom gave me even “scientific novelty”.

Was a “novelty” that the firm “model-heuristic method of Professor Ephraim did not give the desired accuracy, and I, without further ADO, became the “chase” the calculation of the plan twice with different criteria. It turned out that the so-called “quality plan” (the minimum number of cars to carry a maximum load) while dramatically improving. And brought under this “notion” a solid scientific base was already a matter of technique.

Everything seemed to be normal, but a bureaucratic system was “passing” the dissertation before the defense at the academic Council! If I was a graduate student,“the time”, I might these walking on an unimaginable number of instances did not seem to be a burden, but for Director of the company, with offices opposite the Kremlin it was hard. Even psychologically than physically. A Secretary is not going to send, everywhere must come himself, bow, and then present some small Souvenirs...

I suspect that this system exists to this day. However, it may be simpler, at least because the so-called “summary”, i.e. a summary of the thesis, it is possible to publish at its own expense anywhere. And in 1992 for the Institute's printing house has printed this tiny pamphlet, was required to collect many signatures until the rector. And so on.

And with the most protection surprisingly nervous.

Each thesis is expected to have two official opponents, who are chosen among friends, in “third-party organizations and, as a rule, write rave reviews about the value of the thesis for modern science. Or sign a pre-written paper...

And I have one of the opponents, the old Professor Kozhin, gave negative feedback, on the pretext that the thesis is too much... mathematical formulas! As it turned out, he could not stand the “school” my supervisor Ephraim and decided to spoil.

I never thought very simple methods of Ephraim someone can seem too “mathematical”, but Kozhin directly and wrote in response that it is a thesis for the degree of candidate of technical Sciences, physics and mathematics, and has no place on a motor academic Council.

I wonder why I did not immediately Efremov said that this opponent is potentially dangerous. Apparently, they never crossed many years, and he just forgot about it.

So indeed, Kozhin, writing a negative review, refused to go to the meeting of the academic Council! And without this protection could not take place - not to come could only opponent, who gave positive feedback. And to change the opponent was too late - summary showing the glorious names Kozhin was already printed...

But refusal to attend the defense was from Kozhina flagrant violation of academic ethics, and Efremov was phoning friends in common and ask “influence” Kozhin. In the end, apparently, after a few calls last became uneasy, and he decided to give the scientific Council of “open battle” - still just to break the protection meant in the near future and remain without graduates (but still something was paying), and oslovit themselves in the scientific world.

I sent the car for Kozhin, if only he had come. He came, gave, received a storm of opposition from a “team” of Ephraim and in the end, only I played the hand. Kozhin worked in some research institutes, and it turned out that MADI shnogo thesis offend people.

The scientific Council unanimously voted “for”, and the dissertation was sent for approval to the HAC - Higher Degree Commission. But negative feedback Kozhina in left, and my unfortunate thesis in Vake sent to a special expert Council, where “biting” the year.

In the end, in the academic rank of candidate of technical Sciences, I was approved in a year (plus or minus a day after defense, that is, in the spring of 1994, when I was working in “meat” business and Pro thesis does forgot. I was quite surprised when I received a call from the academic Council and invited to come for the “crust”.

But my grandmother, Lydia V. very happy. She had to live a little, and shortly before his death, was fulfilled her dream - grandson became a candidate of Sciences.





Case in MP “Transinform” went on as usual, and in 1991-92, I decided to use the office of the Sofia embankment of the complete program and in parallel to do business.

We artyanovoy was the same firm “Nodeks. She arranged for the chief accountant and his girlfriend invited us as a commercial Director husband of this friend. His name was Marat Vasilevich, he was a participant of the war, then went on business activities and became Deputy Minister of some machinery. In 1986 he was sent to Chernobyl, were led there by digging a tunnel, received a huge dose, three years spent in the hospitals with blood transfusions and transplants bone marrow, then, naturally, he retired and came to us.

And so began an unforgettable Saga of “KAMAZ”. No, not with the whole plant, but with specific concrete - this is such a huge pear in the truck, which is spinning all the time, so that the concrete't have time to harden.

At the end of 1991, Marat V. on his old connections managed to negotiate with the factory, and we have this concrete Hauler sold to the old “gostsene”, that is almost for nothing. My friend Sergey Kazakov it from Tatarstan drove safely, we have parked in my yard (paid Parking was still in Moscow there was almost no) and began to think what to do with it. More precisely, who sell.

We looked for a buyer three months - from January to March 1992. Gaidar was walking inflation, and we could not manage to nominate the best price - it was disadvantageous to us, the consumers. All this time a huge KAMAZ was standing in my yard among the “Muscovites” and “Lada” - that was a sight!

Of course, there was a theoretical possibility for him to find pay Parking, but we decided to not spend the money - they were catastrophically low. I, for example, and went on his seventeen year old (!) “kopeck piece, and was only saved by the fact that Marat V., using their endless acquaintances, found large parts (type propeller shaft) “gostsene”.

In the end, KAMAZ free guarded... my Granny Lidia Viktorovna. Watched him from the window and periodically avoided.

And sell it has helped in serious trouble, caught a Fluke. In a “perfect” night my grandmother is not provided, and that KAMAZ pulled the batteries. We artyanovoy and Marat V. Poehali and began to look for, where to buy them - in the beginning of 1992 in the shops were empty counters.

Marat V. remembered that he had in Krasnogorsk friend works plant Director cement (related to concrete trucks, i.e. on the basis of “KAMAZ”), it is called, is not whether there will be batteries, and it turned out that the Director just need concrete Hauler for a construction!

Soon the men came from the factory, put the batteries and KAMAZ took. And even money to the account of firm “Nodeks then safely received.

It was my first and last successful sales experience at that time. More us nothing major has neither buy nor sell. We tried to engage in wholesale trade, that is, to take on major stock clothes and shoes, and arrange for enterprises “sales”, but this business would bring more problems than money.

In short, when closed MP “Transinform” and the us at the end of 1992, the Sofia embankment “asked”, money for KAMAZ just ended, and our firm artyanovoy quietly ceased to exist.

Marat V. somewhere got a job as a consultant, Irina Artyanova found a very highly paid job in the Bank, and I finally felt the futility of business and resumed painting pictures along the way modifying a couple of orders avtokombinatah and thinking what to do next. I thought slowly, because at this time in our family again started a series of diseases and deaths.





Elena after the death of Moses Naumovich left alone. We, that is I, the mother and father visited her once or twice a week. She was always very pleased by my visits to her could always come and spend the night. Sometimes I even came late at night, lifted her from the bed, and she was still happy.

Grandmother was well over eighty. Despite her age, she was physically surprisingly sturdy man, to eighty-five every Sunday swam in the pool, made long walks in the Neskuchny garden, and in the summer he went to friends in Leningrad. I remember once she went to Abramtsevo cottages, late for the train, and I quickly drove to the station on my bike... the frame.

She still had published samizdat, only in the late eighties it had very few people was necessary. Roy Medvedev, during perestroika “Survilla”, Professor Lakin and several other “customers” died, and the company Naumovich Moses after his death broke. The only one who visited her grandmother and told the latest news is Elena Alekseevna green.

Besides started “glasnost” and began to publish all. But grandmother still managed to find something namesdatabase type: “And this bag from under rice, in which the bridge dropped Boris”... Remember the year that way in 1989, the future first President of Russia either dumped in a bag from the bridge, or whether he fell because of the influence of alcohol, and the bag idea. Both versions now look like complete nonsense, but then it all was actively discussed, and hands went above poems.

Anyway, the stereotype of “old lady” Elena could not match. One day I found her sitting on a bench near the entrance, she immediately began to make excuses, “sat down for a second, because the Elevator is not working and need a rest before climbing the stairs.” The floor was really high - seventh, so that the soul is not twisted - more than I did on the bench with the old ladies had not seen.

A bench at the door... Older “ladies”sitting on it, intuitively elect someone weaker, usually young people, and loudly hiss after them something like: “Each time a new girl... Oh, noneshnee!” On “respectable gentlemen” they looked upon with respect and washed their bones already out of earshot.

The house on the Leningrad highway shops was not - the entrance was on high “basement”, and they simply had nowhere to put. But was the “Board room”, and gathering of elderly ladies took place in it. But at least they were more or less isolated from passing into the entrance.

But on Gagarin square “run the gauntlet” was implemented in full. Someone, apparently, is so irritating that one night, both benches were taken away in an unknown direction. Not helped after a few days there appeared new, but already bolted to the wall thick wire. Someone from the “regulars shops” so they quickly found - still don't understand.

And my grandmother Elena read books. And she continued to read even after in March 1990 it had a stroke and she fell ill.

She was slightly affected the psyche, she was hardly able to move independently (we she was immediately transported to our house on the Leningrad highway, making it easier to care), but what is happening it is more or less aware of, and ability to read books not lost.





However, in 1987-1991 avidly read almost the entire country, although the spiritual development of the vast majority of it, unfortunately, affected little.

And yet, this reading was a real joy is not afraid of such big words. Survived! In Soviet times because they did not print even Joyce and Heinrich Boll! At last, for example, Soviet ideologists of the “offended”when he is in 1961 spoke about the Berlin wall, and immediately stopped flowing in print...

And then, besides cheap (literally and figuratively) of books like “How to become happy in bed,” Russia has filled a huge stream of this literature. And Zamyatin, and Platonov, and “Doctor Zhivago”, and the camp memoirs, “the Gulag Archipelago”and “Faithful Ruslan”, and various foreign literature.

But still it seemed that change happens slowly and gradually, and where they were, no one, of course, did not know. Yes, and the foundations of all this is not yet affected.

In 1987, for example, I was from the Department together with one Professor sent to either the November or on the first of may demonstration of workers. Remember, the collection was at the nth column on the Leningradsky Avenue (opposite MADI), and then we walked and walked on partitioned in the streets, from all sides flowed like a river, new tributaries, red Square, the flow was enormous, but his organization from this didn't have to suffer were all marked up, stood around the unimaginable number of policemen and agents in civilian clothes.

We passed over the area. Somewhere in the distance I could see the Mausoleum, he waved indistinguishable figures, everything was pathetic, boring and tiring physically. Stand up here in five hours and walk around the piercing cold of the morning from the “Airport” to “Novokuznetskaya”! I have nothing else, and the old Professor was pretty tired. And what were those who were carrying flags and banners? However, in MADI it was given to students and staff from such an “honor” had been released.

It is not surprising that Gorbachev's demagogy about “perestroika” and “glasnost” was seen merely as another campaign, for a rapprochement with the West (such attempts have been made and Khrushchev and Eisenhower in the late fifties, and Brezhnev and Nixon in the early seventies). Everyone knew that the USSR purchases in the West grain and everything else, and so the West today need. And tomorrow again lowered the “iron curtain” - and all...


Now we have the era of glasnost,

Comrade, believe - will take it

And the KGB

Remember our names!


This “popular” verse was then very popular. But the book came out, and all hurry to buy them. And suddenly disappear?

How much money I spent on the purchase of literature! Published then it all some cooperative publishing house, expensive, lousy, softcover, at some terrible yellow offset - so what? Anyway, it was a feeling, incomparable, - to hold, in the form of quite normal book, what I read once in a blind copy of samizdat.

As a historical anecdote: I remember a poem Mandelstam about Stalin “We live by themselves, not feeling the country” published in the newspaper native MADI, and all remembered a reference to this paper.

Why? Because of trouble for this poem has no one could be, once it is published in the official Soviet press. It's like they ask you in the KGB, why do you mentioned this verse in such a company, and you're proud of him:

- I read in the newspaper “For motor-road footage from such and such a date! And what we have allowed to quote the Soviet press?..

Bases were to collapse in 1989-90. When, in 1987 with the usual pomp celebrated the 70th anniversary of the great October Socialist Revolution (VOSR how the whole country is indicated in the notes on Marxism-Leninism), all began to subside, November parades gradually abolished, then in 1989 Gorbachev held the first Congress of people's deputies and in the ballots appeared several candidates...

Even a show of hands to stop taxi Muscovites became known as “vote for Yeltsin.”

But still, the end of Soviet power made itself felt outside of the “socialist camp” (the word then what!) The unification of Germany, the fall of regimes in the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland... it All happened in 1989-1990. Those were facts indicated a system crash.

But the final point raised in 1991.


I woke up at six o'clock,

Filled with happiness.

No gum from pants

And Soviet power.


This “political” mess known indecent ditties sung in August 1991. The fact that the Soviet regime was over, everyone suddenly realized only when it tried to restore the Vice-President of the USSR Yanaev with friends. In essence, the famous decree of the emergency Committee was composed of just plain “Soviet” style, but wow - it sounded so out of tune with the already far removed reality that half of Moscow rushed to the White House. It seems that Yanaev, Pugo and company so do not expect such a reaction (they are not supported even by the army)that escaped from the Kremlin surprisingly quickly.

Remember how in the beginning of 1992 terminally ill grandmother Elena, slightly aware of what is happening around him, suddenly said, “What luck that I reached the end of the Soviet power”.

Indeed, the Soviet dictatorship came to an end. The era of freedom. And may she tends to degenerate into anarchy, and let it very, very many are not happy, but it is. We are not afraid to talk and argue, and this is important.

And the economy... If in the Soviet time, half the country worked for war and these companies were in the end no one needs along with millions of their employees, making it easy our lives in the normal wait never had and still does not have.

And politically, the Soviet collapse sooner or later it had to happen. Even the Russian Empire was called the “prison of peoples”, and the Soviet Union not far away from her. I am personally very disappointed that in 1991, Ukraine was separated, but the Ukrainians can understand...

Then came the “shock therapy” Yegor Gaidar. I already told us that it is fully tested on myself: my then the company that produces software products, almost completely ruined, and I with her. New business connected with food, I began only in early 1993.

And so it happened that when 10 June 1992, after spending two years in bed for several days in intensive care, died Elena, we had no money to order a funeral coach.

Fortunately, even on the move were my seventeen-year-old “Zhiguli” of the second model is the “universal”. Grandmother was small, and the coffin was placed in the car. And all the friends and relatives (they turned out very little) in the crematorium Mitinsky went on an ordinary bus.

It was horrible - there was incredible heat, freezing in the morgue, of course, done poorly, but what could I do? So I drove my grandmother in her beige “kopeck piece, and her father was sitting on the floor (seats had to lay down and holding the coffin.

Survivors of my grandparents were only Lidia Viktorovna. She, by the way, forgetting past differences, and despite its own vosmidesyati age, helped take care of Elena Alexandrovna...





For my father the collapse of the Soviet Union coincided with the beginning of life in the “big science”.

Trust Mosoblstroyrestavratsiya “was not scientific, and production - emphasis on the architectural monuments to be “physical” recovery, and many interesting ruins and deep archival research had to do casually.

But by the mid-eighties he became something of a head of the Department, that is, was able to more or less independently to determine what to do. And so it happened that a restorer-production worker, he became a prominent historian of Russian architecture. Plus the Golden age of science under sixty, plus contacts, plus a complete lack of interest in the momentary earnings...

Wolfgang Volfgangovich has changed before our eyes. Ended periodic lying on the sofa every minute was on the account. And when I started the “market”, the trust has collapsed, architects went in a “free flight” and the father of scientific work was in demand - where there was already lying on the couch? Recognition is usually stimulates much better than the non-recognition...

I remember my father in the early nineties noted a strange and unprecedented situation: we both enjoyed taking place in the country and well-treated in the government. Never I never could have expected, and from the father and even more so. It is a pity that our government in recent years gives all the more reason to back...

As a mother, she shared the fate of the underground and at the turn of epochs. In the late eighties - the unprecedented rise of the reader and spectator interest up to the establishment in 1992 of its own poetic theatre. In the mid-nineties as an unprecedented downturn, when poetry was in Russia very few people want, as well as fine arts, and film...

In short, when the Soviet poet Inna Zagraevsky was an outcast literature, and after the collapse of the USSR all the literature was in the role of the anarchist.

This situation inevitably arises from the revaluation of values occurring in the mass consciousness of people from the spiritual realm in the material, and now when people once again remember the true art is unknown. But this fact, and much that is in a hurry. Service of muses, as you know, don't stand routine.

Inna Zagraevsky his word in the literature said, and after that was not her problem. Descendants will understand.





My career as a professional artist began about the same time - in 1992, when I published my first postcard.

The first time it happened by accident - my mom was going to publish a collection of his plays and asked me to draw a picture for the cover.

The play, which gave the book's title, was called “Heir”, was quite modernist even by today's standards and had the following content: in Lithuanian towns wanders strange young man and telling everybody that he is the heir of the Lithuanian castles. Someone he trusts, someone laughing, someone offends...

I am not going to retell the content of the plays ina Zagraevsky, would only say that I painted in watercolor on a piece of drawing paper is Lithuanian castle. In any case, the castle in my mind - I've never seen any castles in Lithuania, nor anywhere else, except for movies.

Based on the printing capabilities, my mother decided to print the images separately, the books separately, and then stick with his own picture on the cover.

Now, when at every turn offers a comprehensive choice of printing services, it may seem strange. But in 1992 printers were not enough, and in most stood nightmarish Soviet equipment, completely unable to reproduce the colors of my paintings. And so it happened that we published a book, if I am not mistaken, in the publishing house “Art”, and illustrations - in the printing house of the publishing house “Molodaya Gvardiya”.

Recent published “left” in a manner that is specific staff of the printing house, at night and during the “excess” money, and then they handed me copies of the gateway, also at night. But the print quality and color - without any computer verstek - they were given such that these reproductions look great and now, when the possibility of printing stepped far forward. People, as they say, to work for him.

And when we were preparing my image to print, it became clear that it looks like a postcard. Then my “autumn”and I asked on the back of a postcard print the name of the author and the title of the painting. Stuck, we not then all copies, and two hundred cards in the end I have left.

Then I actually was published in the same printing several types of cards, original watercolor painting almost life-size. I tried, in the end, it was like a reproduction of oil, but wrote watercolor on paper, because this picture fits into the scanner and not lost color depth when peresylke on the then polohovaci slides.

So I developed a specific style in watercolor - “deaf” fill, without radiographic paper, and very dense overprinting.

But, of course, frosty nights spent at the gate printing on Tsvetnoy Boulevard - it was something! The fact that we agreed with the masters usually two or three in the morning, and my "Zhiguli" has already been on an eternal trick, on the night taxi did not have enough money, so I came to the last subway train and waited. And if there were some delays in the process, it could last up to four or five in the morning, and I was sleeping on the benches tabloids, then jumped to warm up, and then he dozed. And then, having received a box with a print run, I drove them home on the first train station.

I wrote and “mounted”. The end of 1992 and the beginning of 1993 turned out to be extremely productive in terms of oil paintings on primed cardboard. On the canvas, I was saving - cost it dearly, and had little money. Fortunately, I then worked in small formats, and I size 50x70 cm was enough.

The picture I did not Bogatyrova, they were standing in the closet (good cardboard took up little space), and I occasionally showed their guests. Then one of the paintings, “the Crimean patio, still stuck in a frame and hung on the wall. A postcard gave - and friends, and employees, and even some business partners.

Then came 1993, when I started the “meat” business. Not surprisingly, painting pictures long gone by the wayside.

However, this year I already knew that my business more or less temporary, and sooner or later I'll leave them and the arts. The thought left me often, though usually took the form again of one of Chekhov's three sisters: “In Moscow! In Moscow!”

Naturally, I did not shout about it, folding his arms in a tragic pose. About this little known, and those who knew, believed that no more than rhetoric.





In the autumn of 1993 Granny Lidia Viktorovna down with a stroke. Bit disturbed coordination, but the mind remained clear. The only thing that appears is a kind of apathetic calmness, a protective reaction of the human psyche in the face of imminent death. Indeed, that person must feel, when almost all the peers and relatives have died, and he was terminally ill? And by the time of this generation of our family survived only a grandmother and one of her sisters, Nina.

Inna arranged Lidiya Viktorovna hospital litfund on Kashirskoye highway, as well as the house was a double, then she “lay down next to her, that her grandmother was not alone. Why do something about the hospital say it is “lie”, just like about the prison - “sit down”. Stunning act mother, I did not expect...

“Lay” them there for three months.

Note that the hospital had to be unimaginable amount of champagne, cognac and other drinks for doctors and nurses, and my grandmother once told me: “How is everything is expensive, thank God, that you do business”.

What mindedness! People generation Lydia Victorovna able to perceive the inevitable granted, without it they would have gone mad with terror during the civil war...

Interesting fact: the Professor and member of the CPSU Lidia Viktorovna in 1964, when I was born, went to Church, bought a small icon, and wrote on it: “God Bless you, my little one.

It's about the same width of views, typical for the Soviet-Russian women “middle class”. And money, and God, and business, and intrigue, and Stalin, and Christ - all mixed up in my head these people who wanted only one thing - that their children live better than them.

Well, let intellectuals arguing about where people should leave - in art, science or politics, and what the purpose of life is different from its meaning. And for Lydia Victorovna and millions like her purpose in life is to raise children - was intuitively clear, and they did everything to achieve it. To any conditions they quickly adapted and learned that children and grandchildren.

Died Lydia V. 1 December 1993.

After litfund we brought her home, but only for one day. She felt sick again, this time with the heart, the ambulance took her to Botkin, the next day began coma, a day after she died.

My mother sat by her bed - the orderlies from the morgue came only a few hours later, and when the grandmother was taken away, we waved her hand as if she's just somewhere to briefly leave. Who knows, though, for a long time we parted or not...

At the funeral Lydia Victorovna, despite the bitter cold, people were very many. Relatives and friends, and acquaintances, and neighbors. There were many of my friends - they knew how I treated my grandmother.

Two years later, in the same cold, dead last of the sisters detdomovets Peter, Nina. In life they Lydia were apparently completely different, but at the funeral of Baba Nina, I always thought that in the coffin lies Baba Lida. Death has identified some related features in their faces and made indistinguishable...

After the death of Lydia Viktorovna our family had simply ceased to exist - all dispersed to different parts of the globe. The mother went to Germany, and thank God she always dreamed about. Father first went along with it, and now travels back and forth in Germany for working historian of Russian architecture of cases still not enough...

However, finding people in different countries in our time, in no case does not interfere with their communication - then I go to mother in Germany, it is in Moscow, we meet on neutral territory - in a charming Czech Republic.

Who could imagine in the times of the iron curtain? Remember, as in the ascension in the poem of the sixties: “From the prison comes sometimes from abroad - never”... is it really ever end? God Forbid.

And the fact that our family had departed, apparently, was bound to happen - and mother, and father, and I eventually turned out to be completely self-sufficient people. No wonder, a lot invested in our generation Lydia Victorovna Peter, Mikhail Naumovich Zagraevsky, Moses Naumovich Averbuch and Elena Alexandrovna Kavelmaher. And, probably, each of us instinctively understand that the break is to undermine their work, their life.

Let us remember them. And let them be good in heaven - they deserve it.

The last words to me filled with very specific meaning and in any case are not banal phrase. My path to understanding this was long, and it's time to start a story about him.

Chapter 9. Arkady


© Sergey Zagraevsky


Chapter 1. “Soviet burgers”

Chapter 2. Vorkuta

Chapter 3. Sixties

Chapter 4: “Stagnation”

Chapter 5. Psychoanalysis

Chapter 6. Lenin, Party, Komsomol

Chapter 7. “Scientific career”

Chapter 8. Euphoria of epochs changing

Chapter 9. Arkady

Chapter 10. Commerce

Chapter 11. The loss of the bank

Chapter 12. Christianity



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